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Zude Expression, Zude Soul Urge, Zude Inner Dream


Definition funny of Zude:

urbanSomething you say when that one guy shows up to your group.


urbanSomeone who is a big nerd who plays video games, mainly during parties. Or just a nerd. verb; zuding = in the act of being a zude

urbanJerm: "OMFG!, were all trying to play beer pong. but bass is trying to play WOW. what a fuckin' zude..." Jerm: "this is such a kick ass party" Bass: "OMG guys i have uber micro, and my lvl 60 mage just got an epic piece of his set" Bass: "Guys, ill be up here in my room running UBRS while everyone else is downstairs having a good time partying" Jerm: "O.K. fuckin' zude..." Jerm: "Yo Bass, you tryin to goto Stoner's party?" Bass: "My guild is about to run MC" Jerm: "Fuck MC... theres guna be lots of beer and naked girls" Bass: "If i keep running MC all night i might accumulate enought DKP to get a good staff for my lvl 60 mage. You guys go on ahead without me" Jerm: "God damn you're such a fuckin' zude" *Bass is on the computer the whole night* Stoner: "Wheres Bass?" Jerm: "He's in his room zudin' it up" Stoner: "What a fuckn' zude..." *you see a car full of nerds* Jerm: "Zudes in a car!" Stoner: "Zudes on the loose!" Chube: "Zude patrol!"

urbanother forms include "zood" "zewd" and "z00d". A term for one who infatuates himself with video games or computers in general even while other more socially involved events are occuring.

urbanAlex: Yo stoner you there? Stoner: Away message: WOWIN IT UP Alex: Goddam zude I wanted to get drunk Stoner: Tim you want to take a walk? Tim: Let me get like 3 more deaths, I just headshotted like 4 people with my deagle Stoner: Fucking zude.

urbancyberpunk form of dude


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Books about Zude:

booksCollection of Lei Zudes Comics- II (Chinese Edition) by Lei De Zu (Jan 6, 2009)

booksbeyond the self - the players on Chen Zude autobiography by Chen Zude (1991)

booksstar activist: I lost to Zude (paperback) by YANG DA MIN (1991)

booksNo polarographic for - Chen Zude game Collection (1)(Chinese Edition) by CHEN ZU DE (Jan 1, 2000)

booksThe power of love - Zude poetry (poetry the Zude book in English is an Indian against the 2004 version)(Chinese... by SONG ZU DE ZHU (Jan 1, 2000)

booksChen Zude Go twenty Bureau (Memorial Edition)(Chinese Edition) by CHEN ZU DE (Jan 1, 2000)

booksChen Zudes Famous Composition - The First Series - 4 Volumes in Total (Chinese Edition) by Chen Zu De (Aug 1, 2012)


Wiki information Zude:

Song Zude
Talent manager, TV Producer, Film producer, Person, TV Actor, Film actor

Song Zude, known as "the King of Media Hype", is a famous person in the entertainment circle of mainland China. From 2002 to 2008, his accusations and allegations toward different celebrities have been responded by national attention. Song, renowned...

Chen Zude
Man, Deceased Person, Person

Chen Zude was a Chinese professional Go player. He was also the President of the Chinese Chess Association. He died of cancer on November 1, 2012.