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Events History

498-After the death of Pope Anastasius II|Anastasius II -Pope Symmachus|Symmachus is elected Pope in the Lateran Palace, while Antipope Laurentius|Laurentius is elected Pope in Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore|Santa Maria Maggiore.

845-The first King of all Brittany -Nominoe, defeats the Frankish king Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon near Redon, Ille-et-Vilaine|Redon.

1307- Pope Clement V -issues the papal bull ''Pastoralis Praeeminentiae'' which instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest all Knights Templar|Templars and seize their assets.

1574-Discovery of the Juan Fernández Islands -off Chile.

1635- Dutch Formosa|Dutch colonial forces -on Taiwan launch a Dutch pacification campaign on Formosa|pacification campaign against Taiwanese aborigines|native villages, resulting in Dutch control of the middle and south of the island.

1718-Off the coast of North Carolina -Kingdom of Great Britain|British pirate Edward Teach (best known as "Blackbeard") is killed in battle with a boarding party led by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

1812- War of 1812 -17 Indiana Rangers are killed at the Battle of Wild Cat Creek.

1837-Canadian journalist and politician William Lyon Mackenzie -calls for a Upper Canada Rebellion|rebellion against the United Kingdom in his essay "To the People of Upper Canada", published in his newspaper ''The Constitution''.

1858- Denver|Denver, Colorado -is founded.

1864- American Civil War -Sherman's March to the Sea

1869-In Dumbarton -Scotland, the clipper ''Cutty Sark'' is launched

1908-The Congress of Manastir -establishes the Albanian alphabet.

1928-The premier performance of Maurice Ravel|Ravel -s ''Boléro'' takes place in Paris.

1931- Al-Mina'a SC -established in Iraq.

1935-The '' China Clipper -', the first plane to offer commercial transpacific air service, takes off from China Clipper flight departure site|Alameda, California, for its first commercial flight. It reaches its destination, Manila, a week later.

1940- World War II -Following the initial Greco-Italian War|Italian invasion, Kingdom of Greece|Greek troops counterattack into Albanian Kingdom (1939–1943)|Italian-occupied Albania and capture Korçë|Korytsa.

1943- Lebanon -gains independence from France.

1954-The Humane Society of the United States -is founded.

1963-In Dallas|Dallas, Texas -US President John F. Kennedy is Assassination of John F. Kennedy|assassinated and Texas Governor John Connally is seriously wounded. Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald is later captured and charged with the murder of both the President and police officer J. D. Tippit. Oswald is shot two days later by Jack Ruby while in police custody.

1967- United Nations Security Council Resolution 242|UN Security Council Resolution 242 -is adopted by the United Nations Security Council|UN Security Council, establishing a set of the principles aimed at guiding negotiations for an Arab people|Arab-Israeli peace settlement.

1973-The Italian Fascist organization Ordine Nuovo -is disbanded.

1974-The United Nations General Assembly -grants the Palestine Liberation Organization observer status.

1975- Juan Carlos I of Spain|Juan Carlos -is declared List of Spanish monarchs|King of Spain following the death of Francisco Franco.

1977- British Airways -inaugurates a regular London to New York City supersonic Concorde service.

1986- Mike Tyson -defeats Trevor Berbick to become youngest Heavyweight champion in boxing history.

1987-Two Chicago television stations are Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion|hijacked -by an unknown pirate dressed as Max Headroom (character)|Max Headroom.

1988-In United States Air Force Plant 42|Palmdale, California -the first prototype Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit|B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is revealed.

1989-In West Beirut -a bomb explodes near the motorcade of Lebanese President René Moawad, killing him.

1990-British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister -Margaret Thatcher withdraws from the Conservative Party (UK) leadership election, 1990|Conservative Party leadership election, confirming the end of her premiership.

1995-'' Toy Story -' is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.

2002-In Nigeria -more than 100 people are killed at an attack aimed at the contestants of the Miss World contest.

2003- 2003 Baghdad DHL attempted shootdown incident -Shortly after takeoff, a DHL Express cargo plane is struck on the left wing by a surface-to-air missile and forced to land.

2004-The Orange Revolution -begins in Ukraine, resulting from the presidential elections.

2005- Angela Merkel -becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany.

2012-Ceasefire begins between Hamas -in the Gaza Strip and Israel after eight days of violence and 150 deaths.