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Day History: December-5

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History of Deaths

63 BC- Publius Cornelius Lentulus Sura -Roman politician

1082- Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona -(b. 1053)

1355- John III, Duke of Brabant -(b. 1300)

1560- Francis II of France -(b. 1544)

1570- Johan Friis -Danish politician (b. 1494)

1624- Gaspard Bauhin -Swiss botanist and physician (b. 1560)

1654- Jean François Sarrazin -French author (b. 1611)

1663- Severo Bonini -Italian organist and composer (b. 1582)

1749- Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Vérendrye -Canadian commander and explorer (b. 1685)

1758- Johann Friedrich Fasch -German violinist and composer (b. 1688)

1770- James Stirling (mathematician)|James Stirling -Scottish mathematician (b. 1692)

1784- Phillis Wheatley -Senegalese-American slave and poet (b. 1753)

1791- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -Austrian pianist and composer (b. 1756)

1819- Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg -German poet and lawyer (b. 1750)

1870- Alexandre Dumas -French author and playwright (b. 1802)

1887- Eliza R. Snow -American poet and songwriter (b. 1804)

1891- Pedro II of Brazil -(b. 1825)

1895- Gall (Native American leader)|Gall -American tribal chief (b. 1840)

1918- Schalk Willem Burger -South African commander, lawyer, and politician, 6th List of Presidents of the South African Republic|President of the South African Republic (b. 1852)

1925- Władysław Reymont -Polish author, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1867)

1926- Claude Monet -French painter (b. 1840)

1931- Vachel Lindsay -American poet (b. 1879)

1940- Jan Kubelík -Czech violinist and composer (b. 1880)

1941- Amrita Sher-Gil -Hungarian-Pakistani painter (b. 1913)

1942- Jock Delves Broughton -English captain (b. 1883)

1946- Louis Dewis -Belgian-French painter (b. 1872)

1950- Sri Aurobindo -Indian guru and poet (b. 1872)

1951- Shoeless Joe Jackson -American baseball player and manager (b. 1887)

1951- Abanindranath Tagore -Indian painter, author, and academic (b. 1871)

1953- Jorge Negrete -Mexican-American singer and actor (b. 1911)

1953- William Sterling Parsons -American admiral (b. 1901)

1955- Glenn L. Martin -American pilot and businessman, founded the Glenn L. Martin Company (b. 1886)

1961- Emil Fuchs (baseball)|Emil Fuchs -German-American lawyer and businessman (b. 1878)

1963- Karl Amadeus Hartmann -German composer (b. 1905)

1963- Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy -Indian-Pakistani politician, 5th Prime Minister of Pakistan (b. 1892)

1964- V. Veerasingam -Sri Lankan educator and politician (b. 1892)

1965- Joseph Erlanger -American physiologist, neuroscientist, and academic Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1874)

1966- Sylvère Maes -Belgian cyclist (b. 1909)

1968- Fred Clark -American actor (b. 1914)

1969- Princess Alice of Battenberg -(b. 1885)

1969- Claudius Dornier -German businessman, founded Dornier Flugzeugwerke (b. 1884)

1973- Robert Watson-Watt -Scottish engineer, invented the radar (b. 1892)

1975- Constance McLaughlin Green -American historian and author (b. 1897)

1977- Katherine Milhous -American author and illustrator (b. 1894)

1977- Aleksandr Vasilevsky -Russian marshal and politician, Minister of Defence (Soviet Union)|Minister of Defence for the Soviet Union (b. 1895)

1979- Jesse Pearson (actor)|Jesse Pearson -American actor, singer, and screenwriter (b. 1930)

1983- Robert Aldrich -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1918)

1986- Edward Youde -Welsh-Chinese sinologist and diplomat, 26th Governor of Hong Kong (b. 1924)

1989- John Pritchard (conductor)|John Pritchard -English conductor (b. 1921)

1989- George Selden (author)|George Selden -American author (b. 1929)

1991- Robert Karvelas -American actor (b. 1921)

1991- Richard Speck -American murderer (b. 1941)

1993- Doug Hopkins -American guitarist and songwriter (Gin Blossoms) (b. 1961)

1994- Harry Horner -Czech-American director, producer, and production designer (b. 1910)

1994- Günter Meisner -German actor (b. 1926)

1995- L. B. Cole -American illustrator and publisher (b. 1918)

1995- Charles Evans (mountaineer)|Charles Evans -English mountaineer, surgeon, and educator (b. 1918)

1995- Gwen Harwood -Australian poet and playwright (b. 1920)

1995- Lisa McPherson -American Negligent homicide|homicide victim (b. 1959)

1998- Albert Gore, Sr. -American lawyer and politician (b. 1907)

2001- Franco Rasetti -Italian-American physicist and academic (b. 1901)

2002- Roone Arledge -American sportscaster (b. 1931)

2002- Ne Win -Burmese general and politician, 4th President of Burma (b. 1911)

2005- Edward L. Masry -American lawyer and politician (b. 1932)

2005- Kevin McQuay -Australian businessman (b. 1949)

2005- Frits Philips -Dutch businessman (b. 1905)

2006- David Bronstein -Ukrainian-Belarusian chess player (b. 1924)

2007- Andrew Imbrie -American composer (b. 1921)

2007- George Paraskevaides -Greek-Cypriot businessman, co-founded Joannou & Paraskevaides (b. 1916)

2007- Karlheinz Stockhausen -German composer and academic (b. 1928)

2008- Alexy II of Moscow -Estonian-Russian patriarch (b. 1929)

2008- Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu -Romanian politician (b. 1928)

2008- Nina Foch -Dutch-American actress (b. 1924)

2008- Anca Parghel -Romanian singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1957)

2009- Vimolchatra -Thai princess (b. 1921)

2009- William Lederer -American soldier and author (b. 1912)

2010- Alan Armer -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1922)

2010- John Leslie (pornographic actor)|John Leslie -American porn actor, director, and producer (b. 1945)

2010- Don Meredith -American football player, sportscaster, and actor (b. 1938)

2011- Peter Gethin -English race car driver (b. 1940)

2011- Gennady Logofet -Russian footballer and manager (b. 1942)

2012- Sammy Arena -American singer (b. 1931)

2012- Dave Brubeck -American pianist and composer (b. 1920)

2012- Geoffrey Clatworthy -New Zealand activist (b. 1939)

2012- Eduardo J. Corso -Uruguayan lawyer and journalist (b. 1920)

2012- Michael A. Gorman -American lieutenant and politician (b. 1950)

2012- Nakamura Kanzaburō XVIII -Japanese actor (b. 1955)

2012- Sarah Kirsch (musician)|Sarah Kirsch -American singer and guitarist (Fuel (hardcore band)|Fuel, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Fifteen (band)|Fifteen) (b. 1970)

2012- Elisabeth Murdoch (philanthropist)|Elisabeth Murdoch -Australian philanthropist (b. 1909)

2012- Oscar Niemeyer -Brazilian architect, designed the United Nations Headquarters and Cathedral of Brasília (b. 1907)

2012- Yves Niaré -French shot putter (b. 1977)

2012- Ignatius IV of Antioch -Syrian patriarch (b. 1920)

2012- Doug Smith (footballer born 1937)|Doug Smith -Scottish footballer (b. 1937)

2013- Fred Bassetti -American architect, founded Bassetti Architects (b. 1917)

2013- Iryna Charnushenka-Stasiuk -Belarusian long jumper (b. 1979)

2013- William B. Edmondson -American diplomat, United States Ambassador to South Africa (b. 1927)

2013- Monte Fresco -English photographer (b. 1936)

2013- Barry Jackson (actor)|Barry Jackson -English actor and stuntman (b. 1938)

2013- Nelson Mandela -South African lawyer and politician, 1st President of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1918)

2013- Danny Matt -German-Israeli general (b. 1927)

2013- Colin Wilson -English philosopher and author (b. 1931)