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Famous Birthdays

841- Bernard Plantapilosa -French son of Bernard of Septimania (d. 885)

875- William I, Duke of Aquitaine -(d. 918)

1212- Emperor Go-Horikawa -of Japan (d. 1235)

1366- Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk -English politician (d. 1399)

1394- Ulugh Beg -Persian astronomer (d. 1449)

1459- Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1519)

1503- Antonio Francesco Grazzini -Italian author (d. 1583)

1599- Anthony van Dyck -Flemish painter (d. 1641)

1609- John II Casimir Vasa -Polish son of Constance of Austria (d. 1672)

1663- August Hermann Francke -German clergyman, philanthropist, and scholar (d. 1727)

1684- William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath -English politician, Secretary at War (d. 1764)

1712- Edward Moore (dramatist)|Edward Moore -English poet and playwright (d. 1757)

1720- Nicolas-Henri Jardin -French architect, designed the Yellow Palace, Copenhagen|Yellow Palace and Bernstorff Palace (d. 1799)

1723- Charles Carroll (barrister)|Charles Carroll -American lawyer and politician (d. 1783)

1728- Anton Raphael Mengs -German painter (d. 1779)

1759- Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp -(d. 1818)

1797- William I, German Emperor -(d. 1888)

1808- David Swinson Maynard -American physician (d. 1873)

1812- Stephen Pearl Andrews -American author and activist (d. 1886)

1814- Thomas Crawford (sculptor)|Thomas Crawford -American sculptor, designed the Statue of Freedom (d. 1857)

1817- Braxton Bragg -American general (d. 1876)

1818- John Ainsworth Horrocks -English-Australian explorer, founded Penwortham, South Australia|Penwortham (d. 1846)

1837- Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione -(d. 1899)

1842- Mykola Lysenko -Ukrainian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1912)

1846- Randolph Caldecott -English illustrator (d. 1886)

1846- James Timberlake -American lieutenant, police officer, and farmer (d. 1891)

1852- Otakar Ševčík -Czech violinist and educator (d. 1934)

1857- Paul Doumer -French politician, 14th President of France (d. 1932)

1866- Jack Boyle -American baseball player (d. 1913)

1868- Robert Andrews Millikan -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1953)

1869- Tom McInnes (footballer born 1869)|Tom McInnes -Scottish footballer (d. 1939)

1878- Michel Théato -Luxembourgian runner (d. 1919)

1880- Ernest C. Quigley -Canadian-American football player and coach (d. 1960)

1884- Arthur H. Vandenberg -American politician (d. 1951)

1885- Aryeh Levin -Lithuanian rabbi (d. 1969)

1886- August Rei -Estonian politician, Head of State of Estonia (d. 1963)

1887- Chico Marx -American actor and singer (d. 1961)

1892- Johannes Semper -Estonian poet and scholar (d. 1970)

1896- He Long -Chinese marshal (d. 1969)

1896- Joseph Schildkraut -Austrian-American actor (d. 1964)

1899- Ruth Page -American ballerina and choreographer (d. 1991)

1901- Greta Kempton -American painter (d. 1991)

1902- Johannes Brinkman -Dutch architect, designed the Van Nelle Factory (d. 1949)

1902- Madeleine Milhaud -French actress (d. 2008)

1903- Bill Holman (cartoonist)|Bill Holman -American cartoonist (d. 1987)

1907- James M. Gavin -American general and diplomat, United States Ambassador to France (d. 1990)

1908- Jack Crawford (tennis)|Jack Crawford -Australian tennis player (d. 1991)

1908- Louis L'Amour -American author (d. 1988)

1909- Gabrielle Roy -Canadian author and educator (d. 1983)

1910- Nicholas Monsarrat -English sailor and author (d. 1979)

1912- Wilfrid Brambell -Irish actor (d. 1985)

1912- Karl Malden -American actor (d. 2009)

1913- Sabiha Gökçen -Turkish pilot (d. 2001)

1913- Tom McCall -American journalist and politician, 30th Governor of Oregon (d. 1983)

1913- Lew Wasserman -American businessman and talent agent (d. 2002)

1914- John Stanley (cartoonist)|John Stanley -American author and illustrator (d. 1993)

1914- Donald Stokes, Baron Stokes -English businessman (d. 2008)

1915- Georgiy Zhzhonov -Russian actor (d. 2005)

1917- Virginia Grey -American actress (d. 2004)

1917- Irving Kaplansky -Canadian-American mathematician (d. 2006)

1917- Paul Rogers (actor)|Paul Rogers -English actor (d. 2013)

1918- Cheddi Jagan -Guyanese politician, 4th President of Guyana (d. 1997)

1919- Bernard Krigstein -American illustrator (d. 1990)

1920- James Brown (actor)|James Brown -American actor (d. 1992)

1920- Werner Klemperer -German-American actor and singer (d. 2000)

1920- Ross Martin -Polish-American actor (d. 1981)

1920- Lloyd MacPhail -Canadian politician, 23rd Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island (d. 1995)

1920- Fanny Waterman -English pianist and educator, founded the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition

1921- Nino Manfredi -Italian actor (d. 2004)

1922- John J. Gilligan -American politician, 62nd Governor of Ohio (d. 2013)

1923- Marcel Marceau -French mime and actor (d. 2007)

1924- Al Neuharth -American journalist and author, founded ''USA Today'' (d. 2013)

1924- Yevgeny Ostashev -Russian colonel, pilot, and engineer (d. 1960)

1924- Bill Roost -English footballer (d. 2013)

1924- Bill Wendell -American television announcer (d. 1999)

1925- Gilles Pelletier -Canadian actor

1927- Marty Blake -American basketball player and manager (d. 2013)

1928- Carrie Donovan -American journalist (d. 2001)

1928- E. D. Hirsch, Jr. -American educator, author, and critic

1928- Ed Macauley -American basketball player (d. 2011)

1929- Mort Drucker -American illustrator

1929- Yayoi Kusama -Japanese painter and sculptor

1930- Derek Bok -American lawyer and academic

1930- Pat Robertson -American minister and broadcaster, founded the Christian Broadcasting Network

1930- Stephen Sondheim -American composer and songwriter

1931- Burton Richter -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1931- William Shatner -Canadian-American actor, singer, director, and producer

1931- Leslie Thomas -Welsh author (d. 2014)

1932- Els Borst -Dutch physician and politician, Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 2014)

1932- Larry Evans -American chess player and journalist (d. 2010)

1933- Abulhassan Banisadr -Iranian politician, 1st President of Iran

1933- May Britt -Swedish-American actress

1933- Linden Chiles -American actor (d. 2013)

1934- Sheila Cameron -English lawyer and judge

1934- Orrin Hatch -American politician

1934- Larry Martyn -English actor (d. 1994)

1935- Frank Pulli -American baseball player and umpire (d. 2013)

1935- M. Emmet Walsh -American actor

1936- Ron Carey (labor leader)|Ron Carey -American union leader (d. 2008)

1936- Roger Whittaker -Kenyan-English singer-songwriter and guitarist

1937- Angelo Badalamenti -American composer

1937- Armin Hary -German sprinter

1937- Jon Hassell -American trumpet player and composer

1938- Rein Etruk -Estonian chess player (d. 2012)

1940- Dave Keon -Canadian ice hockey player

1940- Haing S. Ngor -Cambodian-American physician, actor, and author (d. 1996)

1941- Billy Collins -American poet

1941- Jeremy Clyde -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Chad and Jeremy)

1941- Bruno Ganz -Swiss actor

1941- Cassam Uteem -Mauritian politician, 2nd List of Presidents of Mauritius|President of Mauritius

1942- Bernd Herzsprung -German actor

1942- Jorge Ben Jor -Brazilian singer-songwriter

1942- Dick Pound -Canadian lawyer and academic

1943- George Benson -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fuse One)

1943- Nazem Ganjapour -Iranian footballer and manager (d. 2013)

1943- Keith Relf -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Yardbirds, Renaissance (band)|Renaissance, and Armageddon (A&M band)|Armaggedon) (d. 1976)

1945- Alan Opie -English opera singer

1945- Eric Roth -American screenwriter and producer

1945- Peter Williams (physicist)|Peter Williams -British physicist

1946- Don Chaney -American basketball player and coach

1946- Richard Faulkner, Baron Faulkner of Worcester -English politician

1946- Rivka Golani -Israeli viola player

1946- Rudy Rucker -American mathematician, computer scientist, and author

1946- Harry Vanda -Dutch-Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Easybeats and Vanda & Young)

1947- George Ferguson (architect)|George Ferguson -English architect and politician, 1st Mayor of Bristol

1947- James Patterson -American author

1947- Maarten van Gent -Dutch basketball player and coach

1947- Tony Pope -American voice actor (d. 2004)

1948- Wolf Blitzer -German-American journalist

1948- Randy Jo Hobbs -American bass player (The McCoys and Montrose (band)|Montrose) (d. 1993)

1948- Andrew Lloyd Webber -English director and composer

1949- Fanny Ardant -French actress

1949- Brian Hanrahan -English journalist (d. 2010)

1950- Goran Bregović -Bosnian guitarist and songwriter (Bijelo Dugme and Jutro)

1950- Mary Tamm -English actress (d. 2012)

1950- Jocky Wilson -Scottish darts player (d. 2012)

1952- Des Browne -Scottish politician, Secretary of State for Scotland

1952- Bob Costas -American sportscaster

1952- Jay Dee Daugherty -American drummer and songwriter (The Church (band)|The Church)

1954- Tommy Hollis -American actor (d. 2001)

1955- James House (singer)|James House -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1955- Lena Olin -Swedish-American actress

1955- Pete Sessions -American politician

1955- Valdis Zatlers -Latvian politician, 7th President of Latvia

1956- Generosa Ammon -American wife of Daniel Pelosi (d. 2003)

1957- Jürgen Bucher -German footballer

1957- Stephanie Mills -American actress and singer

1958- Wayne Bloom -American wrestler

1958- Laurie David -American activist

1958- Pete Wylie -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Crucial Three and The Spitfire Boys)

1959- Carlton Cuse -Mexican-American screenwriter and producer

1959- Avraham Fried -American singer-songwriter

1959- Matthew Modine -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1960- Tarmo Laht -Estonian architect

1960- Lauri Vahtre -Estonian historian and politician

1962- Villano V -Mexican wrestler

1963- Deborah Bull -English ballerina

1964- El Felino -Mexican wrestler

1965- John Kordic -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1992)

1965- Emma Wray -English actress

1966- Todd Ewen -Canadian ice hockey player

1966- Artis Pabriks -Latvian politician, 11th Minister for Defence of Latvia

1966- Brian Shaw -American basketball player and coach

1966- Pia Cayetano -Filipino politician and lawyer

1967- Mario Cipollini -Italian cyclist

1967- Bernie Gallacher -Scottish-English footballer (d. 2011)

1968- Euronymous -Norwegian guitarist and producer (Mayhem (band)|Mayhem) (d. 1993)

1968- Arve Henriksen -Norwegian trumpet player

1970- Andreas Johnson -Swedish singer-songwriter

1970- Leontien van Moorsel -Dutch cyclist

1971- Iben Hjejle -Danish actress

1971- Keegan-Michael Key -American actor

1971- Will Yun Lee -American actor

1972- Shawn Bradley -German-American basketball player

1972- Cory Lidle -American baseball player (d. 2006)

1972- Elvis Stojko -Canadian figure skater

1973- Beverley Knight -English singer-songwriter and producer

1973- Joe Nedney -American football player

1973- Christopher Wheeldon -English dancer and choreographer

1974- Marcus Camby -American basketball player

1974- Philippe Clement -Belgian footballer

1974- Kidada Jones -American actress and fashion designer

1974- Gert Peens -South African-Italian rugby player

1975- Anne Dudek -American actress

1975- Jason Fletcher -American sports agent

1975- Cole Hauser -American actor

1975- Jiří Novák -Czech tennis player

1976- Teun de Nooijer -Dutch field hockey player

1976- Kathryn Jean Lopez -American journalist

1976- Kellie Shanygne Williams -American actress

1976- Reese Witherspoon -American actress and producer

1977- John Otto (drummer)|John Otto -Canadian-American drummer (Limp Bizkit)

1977- Joey Porter -American football player

1977- Tom Poti -American ice hockey player

1979- Aaron North -American guitarist (Jubilee (band)|Jubilee and The Icarus Line)

1979- Juan Uribe -Dominican baseball player

1980- Shannon Bex -American singer-songwriter and dancer (Danity Kane)

1980- Pamela O'Connor (figure skater)|Pamela O'Connor -Scottish ice dancer

1981- Mims (rapper)|Mims -American rapper

1982- Piá (footballer born 1982)|Piá -Brazilian footballer

1982- Enrico Gasparotto -Italian cyclist

1982- Michael Janyk -Canadian skier

1982- Kyle Kingsbury -American mixed martial artist

1984- Piotr Trochowski -German footballer

1985- Mayola Biboko -Belgian footballer

1985- Jakob Fuglsang -Danish cyclist

1985- Mike Jenkins (American football)|Mike Jenkins -American football player

1985- Justin Masterson -American baseball player

1985- Kelli Waite -Australian swimmer

1985- Chris Wallace (musician)|Chris Wallace -American singer-songwriter and producer (The White Tie Affair)

1986- Jeon Boram -South Korean singer and actress (T-ara)

1986- David Choi -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1987- Björn Barrefors -Swedish decathlete

1987- Ike Davis -American baseball player

1987- Jairo Mora Sandoval -Costa Rican environmentalist (d. 2013)

1988- Tania Raymonde -American actress

1988- Rottyful Sky -South Korean singer and actress (d. 2013)

1989- Ben King (cyclist)|Ben King -American cyclist

1989- Eva Pereira -Cape Verdean runner

1989- Ruben Popa -Romanian footballer

1989- J. J. Watt -American football player

1990- Lisa Mitchell -English-Australian singer-songwriter

1992- Jessie Andrews -American porn actress

1994- Kolohe Andino -American surfer

1994- Aliaksandra Sasnovich -Belarusian tennis player

1995- Nick Robinson (American actor)|Nick Robinson -American actor

1996- Gig Morton -Canadian actor

1997- María Fernanda Herazo -Colombian tennis player