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Events History

254- Pope Stephen I -succeeds Pope Lucius I as the List of popes|23rd pope.

304-Roman Emperor Diocletian -orders the beheading of the 14-year-old Pancras of Rome.

907- Zhu Wen -forces Emperor Ai of Tang|Emperor Ai into abdicating, ending the Tang Dynasty after nearly three hundred years of rule.

922-After much hardship, Abbasid -envoy Ahmad ibn Fadlan arrived in the lands of Volga Bulgars.

1191- Richard I of England -marries Berengaria of Navarre who is crowned List of English consorts|Queen consort of England the same day.

1328- Antipope -Antipope Nicholas V|Nicholas V, a claimant to the papacy, is consecrated in Rome by the Bishop of Venice.

1364- Jagiellonian University -the oldest university in Poland, is founded in Kraków, Poland.

1510-The Prince of Anhua rebellion -begins when Zhu Zhifan kills all the officials invited to a banquet and declares his intent on ousting the powerful Ming Dynasty eunuch Liu Jin during the reign of the Zhengde Emperor.

1551- National University of San Marcos -the oldest university in the Americas, is founded in Lima, Peru.

1588- French Wars of Religion -Henry III of France flees Paris after Henry of Guise enters the city and a Day of the Barricades|spontaneous uprising occurs.

1619- Netherlands|Dutch -Diplomat|statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was sentenced to death for high treason.

1689- King William's War -William III of England joins the League of Augsburg starting a war with France.

1743- Maria Theresa of Austria -is crowned Queen of Bohemia after defeating her rival, Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor.

1780- American Revolutionary War -In the largest defeat of the Continental Army, Charleston, South Carolina Siege of Charleston|is taken by Kingdom of Great Britain|British forces.

1797- First Coalition -Napoleon I of France conquers Venice.

1821-The first major battle of the Greek War of Independence -against the Ottoman Empire|Turks is Battle of Valtetsi|fought in Valtetsi.

1862- United States|U.S. -federal troops occupy Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

1863- American Civil War -Battle of Raymond: Two divisions of James B. McPherson's XVII Corps (ACW) turn the left wing of Confederate States of America|Confederate General John C. Pemberton's defensive line on Fourteen Mile Creek, opening up the interior of Mississippi to the Union (American Civil War)|Union Army during the Vicksburg Campaign.

1864-American Civil War: The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House -Thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers die in "the Bloody Angle".

1865-American Civil War: The Battle of Palmito Ranch -The first day of the last major land action to take place during the Civil War, resulting in a Confederate victory.

1870-The Manitoba Act -is given the Royal Assent, paving the way for Manitoba to become a Provinces of Canada|province of Canada on July 15.

1881-In North Africa -Ottoman Tunisia|Tunisia becomes a French Protectorate of Tunisia|French protectorate.

1885- North-West Rebellion -The four-day Battle of Batoche, pitting rebel Métis people (Canada)|Métis against the Canada|Canadian government, comes to an end with a decisive rebel defeat.

1926- UK General Strike 1926|1926 General Strike -In the United Kingdom, a nine-day general strike by trade unions ends.

1926-The Italian-built airship '' Norge (airship)|Norge -' becomes the first vessel to fly over the North Pole.

1932-Ten weeks after his Lindbergh kidnapping|abduction -the infant son of Charles Lindbergh, Charles Jr., is found dead in Hopewell, New Jersey, just a few miles from the Lindberghs' home.

1933-The Agricultural Adjustment Act -is enacted to restrict agricultural production by paying farmers Subsidy|subsidies.

1935- Bill W.|Bill Wilson -and Bob Smith (doctor)|Dr. Bob Smith (founders of Alcoholics Anonymous) meet for the first time in Akron, Ohio, at the home of Henrietta Siberling.

1937-The Duke and Duchess of York are crowned as George VI|King George VI -and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother|Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Westminster Abbey.

1941- Konrad Zuse -presents the Z3 (computer)|Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automatic computer, in Berlin.

1942- World War II -Second Battle of Kharkov: In eastern Ukraine, Red Army forces under Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launch a major offensive from the Izium bridgehead, only to be encircled and destroyed by the troops of Army Group South two weeks later.

1942-World War II: The U.S. Tanker (ship)|tanker -''List of shipwrecks in May 1942#12 May|Virginia'' is torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by the German U-Boat U-507.

1942- The Holocaust -1,500 Jews are sent to gas chambers in Auschwitz.

1945- Argentina|Argentinian -Labour movement|labour leader José Peter declares the ''Meat Industry Workers Federation|Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne'' dissolved.

1948- Wilhelmina of the Netherlands|Wilhelmina -Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands cedes throne.

1949-The Soviet Union -lifts its Berlin Blockade|blockade of Berlin.

1949-The western Allied-occupied Germany|occupying -powers approve the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany|Basic Law for the new Germany|German state: The West Germany|Federal Republic of Germany.

1952- Gaj Singh, Maharaja of Jodhpur|Gaj Singh -is crowned Maharaja of Jodhpur.

1955-Nineteen days after bus workers went on strike action|strike -in Singapore, Hock Lee bus riots|rioting breaks out and seriously impacts Singapore's bid for independence.

1955- Austria -regains its independence as the Allied-occupied Austria|Allied occupation following World War II ends.

1958-A formal North American Aerospace Defense Command -agreement is signed between the United States and Canada.

1965-The Soviet spacecraft -''Luna 5'' crashes on the Moon.

1968- Vietnam War -People's Army of Vietnam|North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces attack 1st Australian Task Force|Australian troops defending Fire Support Base Coral, east of Lai Khe in South Vietnam on the night of 12/13 May, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides and beginning the Battle of Coral–Balmoral.

1975- Mayagüez incident -The Cambodian navy seizes the American merchant ship {{SS|Mayaguez}} in international waters.

1978-In Zaire -rebels occupy the city of Kolwezi, the mining center of the province of Katanga Province|Shaba (now known as Katanga). The local government asks the U.S.A., France and Belgium to restore order.

1981- Francis Hughes -Hunger strike|starves to death in the Maze Prison in a Irish republicanism|Republican campaign for political prisoner|political prisoner status to be granted to Provisional Irish Republican Army|Provisional IRA prisoners.

1982-During a procession outside the shrine of the Virgin Mary -in Fátima, Portugal, security guards overpower Juan María Fernández y Krohn before he can attack Pope John Paul II with a bayonet. Krohn, an ultraconservative Spain|Spanish priest opposed to the Second Vatican Council|Vatican II reforms, believed that the Pope had to be killed for being an "agent of Moscow".

1986- NBC -debuts the current well-known peacock as seen in the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration.

1989-The San Bernardino train disaster -kills four people. A week later an underground gasoline pipeline explodes killing two more people.

1998-Four students Trisakti shootings|are shot at Trisakti University -leading to May 1998 riots of Indonesia|widespread riots and the fall of Suharto

2002-Former US President Jimmy Carter -arrives in Cuba for a five-day visit with Fidel Castro becoming the first President of the United States, in or out of office, to visit the island since Castro's 1959 Cuban Revolution|revolution.

2003-The Riyadh compound bombings -carried out by Al Qaeda, kill 26 people.

2006- May 2006 São Paulo violence|Mass unrest -by the Primeiro Comando da Capital begins in São Paulo (Brazil), leaving at least 150 dead.

2006- Iranian Azeris -interpret a cartoon published in an Iranian magazine as insulting, Iran newspaper cockroach cartoon controversy|resulting in massive riots throughout the country.

2007- 2007 Karachi riots|Riots -in which over 50 people are killed and over 100 are injured take place in Karachi upon the arrival in town of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

2008-An 2008 Wenchuan earthquake|earthquake -(measuring around 8.0 magnitude) occurs in Sichuan, China, killing over 69,000 people.

2008- U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement -conducts the Postville Raid|largest-ever raid of a workplace in Postville, Iowa, arresting nearly 400 Immigration to the United States|immigrants for identity theft and document fraud.

Famous Birthdays

1401- Emperor Shōkō -Japanese emperor (d. 1428)

1496- Gustav I of Sweden -(d. 1560)

1590- Cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany -(d. 1621)

1622- Louis de Buade de Frontenac -French-Canadian soldier and politician, 3rd Governor General of New France (d. 1698)

1626- Louis Hennepin -Flemish priest and missionary (d. 1705)

1670- Augustus II the Strong -Polish king (d. 1733)

1700- Luigi Vanvitelli -Italian architect and engineer, designed the Palace of Caserta and Royal Palace of Milan (d. 1773)

1725- Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans -(d. 1785)

1739- Johann Baptist Wanhal -Bohemian composer (d. 1813)

1754- Franz Anton Hoffmeister -German composer and publisher (d. 1812)

1755- Giovanni Battista Viotti -Italian violinist and composer (d. 1824)

1767- Manuel Godoy, Prince of the Peace -(d. 1851)

1803- Justus von Liebig -German chemist (d. 1873)

1804- Robert Baldwin -Canadian lawyer and politician, 3rd List of Joint Premiers of the Province of Canada|Premier of West Canada (d. 1858)

1806- Johan Vilhelm Snellman -Finnish philosopher and politician (d. 1881)

1812- Edward Lear -English author, poet, and illustrator (d. 1888)

1814- Adolf von Henselt -German pianist and composer (d. 1889)

1820- Florence Nightingale -Italian-English nurse (d. 1910)

1825- Orélie-Antoine de Tounens -French lawyer and explorer (d. 1878)

1828- Dante Gabriel Rossetti -English poet and painter (d. 1882)

1829- Pavlos Carrer -Greek composer (d. 1896)

1839- Tôn Thất Thuyết -Vietnamese mandarin (bureaucrat)|mandarin (d. 1913)

1840- Alejandro Gorostiaga -Chilean colonel (d. 1912)

1842- Jules Massenet -French composer (d. 1912)

1845- Gabriel Fauré -French pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1924)

1850- Henry Cabot Lodge -American historian and politician (d. 1924)

1859- William Alden Smith -American politician (d. 1932)

1867- Hugh Trumble -Australian cricketer and accountant (d. 1938)

1869- Carl Schuhmann -German gymnast (d. 1946)

1872- Anton Korošec -Slovenian politician, 10th Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (d. 1940)

1873- J. E. H. MacDonald -English-Canadian painter (d. 1932)

1874- Clemens von Pirquet -Austrian pediatrician (d. 1929)

1875- Charles Holden -English architect, designed the Bristol Central Library (d. 1960)

1880- Lincoln Ellsworth -American explorer (d. 1951)

1885- Paltiel Daykan -Lithuanian-Israeli jurist (d. 1969)

1886- Ernst A. Lehmann -German captain (d. 1937)

1889- Yvonne de Bray -French actress (d. 1954)

1889- Otto Frank -German-Swiss businessman (d. 1980)

1892- Fritz Kortner -Austrian-German actor and director (d. 1970)

1895- William Giauque -Canadian-American chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1982)

1895- Jiddu Krishnamurti -Indian-American philosopher and author (d. 1986)

1899- Indra Devi -Latvian yoga instructor (d. 2002)

1900- Joseph Rochefort -American captain and cryptanalyst (d. 1976)

1900- Helene Weigel -Austrian-German actress (d. 1971)

1903- Wilfrid Hyde-White -English actor (d. 1991)

1905- Édouard Rinfret -Canadian lawyer and politician, Postmaster General of Canada (d. 1994)

1907- Leslie Charteris -English author and screenwriter (d. 1993)

1907- Katharine Hepburn -American actress and singer (d. 2003)

1910- Johan Ferrier -Surinamese politician, 1st President of Suriname (d. 2010)

1910- Charles B. Fulton -American judge (d. 1996)

1910- Dorothy Hodgkin -Egyptian-English biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1994)

1910- Gordon Jenkins -American pianist and composer (d. 1984)

1911- Charles Biro -American illustrator (d. 1972)

1912- Henry Jonsson -Swedish runner (d. 2001)

1914- Bertus Aafjes -Dutch poet (d. 1993)

1914- James Bacon (author)|James Bacon -American journalist and author (d. 2010)

1914- Howard K. Smith -American journalist and actor (d. 2002)

1916- Albert Murray (writer)|Albert Murray -American author and critic (d. 2013)

1917- Frank Clair -American-Canadian football player and coach (d. 2005)

1918- Mary Kay Ash -American businesswoman, founded Mary Kay|Mary Kay Cosmetics (d. 2001)

1918- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg|Julius Rosenberg -American spy (d. 1953)

1919- Gerald Bales -Canadian organist and composer (d. 2002)

1921- Joseph Beuys -German sculptor and illustrator (d. 1986)

1921- Farley Mowat -Canadian environmentalist and author (d. 2014)

1922- Marco Denevi -Argentinian author (d. 1998)

1922- Murray Gershenz -American actor (d. 2013)

1922- Bob Goldham -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster (d. 1991)

1922- Roy Salvadori -English race car driver and manager (d. 2012)

1924- Maxine Cooper -American actress (d. 2009)

1924- Alexander Esenin-Volpin -Russian-American mathematician

1924- Tony Hancock -English actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1968)

1925- Yogi Berra -American baseball player and manager

1926- John Shipley Rowlinson -English chemist and academic

1926- Viren J. Shah -Indian politician, 21st Governor of West Bengal (d. 2013)

1928- Burt Bacharach -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer

1928- Henry Cosby -American songwriter and producer (d. 2002)

1929- Sam Nujoma -Namibian politician, 1st List of Presidents of Namibia|President of Namibia

1929- Dollard St. Laurent -Canadian ice hockey player

1930- Jesús Franco -Spanish director and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1930- Tom Umphlett -American baseball player and manager (d. 2012)

1932- Joel Joffe, Baron Joffe -South African-English politician

1932- Derek Malcolm -English historian and critic

1933- Andrei Voznesensky -Russian poet and author (d. 2010)

1935- Felipe Alou -Dominican-American baseball player, coach, and manager

1935- Johnny Bucyk -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1935- Hoss Ellington -American race car driver (d. 2014)

1935- Gary Peacock -American bassist and composer

1936- Guillermo Endara -Panamanian politician, 32nd List of Heads of State of Panama|President of Panama (d. 2009)

1936- Tom Snyder -American journalist (d. 2007)

1936- Frank Stella -American painter

1937- Beryl Burton -English cyclist (d. 1996)

1937- George Carlin -American comedian, actor, and author (d. 2008)

1937- Susan Hampshire -English actress

1937- Miriam Stoppard -English physician and author

1938- Terry Farrell (architect)|Terry Farrell -English architect, designed the KK100 and SIS Building

1938- Paul Huxley -English painter

1938- Millie Perkins -American actress

1939- Cyril Chantler -English pediatrician and academic

1939- Jalal Dabagh -Kurdish journalist and politician

1939- Miltiadis Evert -Greek politician, 69th List of mayors of Athens|Mayor of Athens (d. 2011)

1939- Reg Gasnier -Australian rugby player and coach (d. 2014)

1939- Ron Ziegler -American politician, White House Press Secretary (d. 2003)

1940- Dominic Cadbury -English businessman and academic

1940- Norman Whitfield -American songwriter and producer (d. 2008)

1942- Ian Dury -English singer-songwriter and actor (The Blockheads and Kilburn and the High Roads) (d. 2000)

1942- Michel Fugain -French singer-songwriter

1942- Billy Swan -American singer-songwriter

1942- Dragoljub Velimirović -Serbian chess player (d. 2014)

1943- Linda Dano -American actress

1943- Tom Sawyer, Baron Sawyer -English academic and politician

1944- Brian Kay -English singer, conductor, and radio host (The King's Singers)

1944- Chris Patten -English academic and politician, Secretary of State for International Development

1945- Alan Ball, Jr. -English footballer and manager (d. 2007)

1945- Nicky Henson -English actor

1945- Ian McLagan -English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Small Faces Faces (band)|Faces, and The New Barbarians (band)|The New Barbarians)

1945- Patrick Ricard -French businessman (d. 2012)

1946- L. Neil Smith -American author

1946- Daniel Libeskind -American architect, designed the Imperial War Museum North and Jewish Museum, Berlin|Jewish Museum

1947- Michael Ignatieff -Canadian journalist and politician

1947- Micheline Lanctôt -Canadian actress, director, and screenwriter

1947- Catherine Yronwode -American author and illustrator

1948- Dave Heineman -American captain and politician, 39th Governor of Nebraska

1948- Richard Riehle -American actor

1948- Joe Tasker -English mountaineer (d. 1982)

1948- Steve Winwood -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic (band)|Traffic, and Blind Faith)

1950- Bruce Boxleitner -American actor and author

1950- Gabriel Byrne -Irish actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1950- Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws -Scottish lawyer, academic, and politician

1950- Jenni Murray -English journalist

1950- Louise Portal -Canadian actress, singer, and director

1950- Billy Squier -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1950- Renate Stecher -German sprinter

1951- George Karl -American basketball player and coach

1951- Joe Nolan -American baseball player

1951- Rosalind Savill -English historian and curator

1952- Valerie Caton -English diplomat, Ambassadors from the United Kingdom to Finland|British Ambassador to Finland

1952- Norbert Stolzenburg -German footballer and manager

1952- Nicholas Underhill -English lawyer and judge

1953- Neil Astley -English author, poet, and academic

1953- Kevin Grevey -American basketball player

1954- Rafael Yglesias -American author and screenwriter

1955- Kix Brooks -American singer-songwriter (Brooks & Dunn)

1956- Bernie Federko -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager

1956- Sergio Marchi -Canadian politician

1956- Asad Rauf -Pakistani cricketer and umpire

1956- Glenn Robbins -Australian actor

1957- Ziya Onis|Ziya Önis -Turkish political economist

1957- Lou Whitaker -American baseball player

1958- Andreas Petroulakis -Greek cartoonist

1958- Eric Singer -American drummer and songwriter (Kiss (band)|Kiss, Avantasia, Badlands (American band)|Badlands, and Eric Singer Project)

1958- Dries Van Noten -Belgian fashion designer

1959- Mark Davies (Bishop of Shrewsbury)|Mark Davies -English bishop

1959- Ray Gillen -American singer-songwriter (Badlands (American band)|Badlands, Blue Murder (band)|Blue Murder, and Sun Red Sun) (d. 1993)

1959- Ving Rhames -American actor and producer

1959- Deborah Warner -English director and producer

1960- Paul Arcand -Canadian journalist and producer

1960- Lisa Martin -Australian runner

1961- Jennifer Armstrong -American author

1961- Paul Begala -American political adviser and television host

1961- Thomas Dooley -German-American soccer player and manager

1961- Billy Duffy -English guitarist and songwriter (The Cult, Theatre of Hate, and The Nosebleeds)

1961- Lar Park Lincoln -American actress

1961- Bruce McCulloch -Canadian actor, director, and producer

1962- Emilio Estevez -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1962- Brett Gurewitz -American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Bad Religion, Daredevils (band)|Daredevils, and Error (band)|Error)

1962- April Grace -American actress

1963- Panagiotis Fasoulas -Greek basketball player and politician

1963- Gavin Hood -South African actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1963- Stefano Modena -Italian race car driver

1963- Charles Pettigrew -American singer (Charles and Eddie) (d. 2001)

1963- Jerry Trimble -American actor and stuntman

1963- Deborah Kara Unger -Canadian actress

1963- Vanessa A. Williams -American actress

1964- Geechy Guy -American comedian

1964- Pierre Morel -French director and cinematographer

1966- Stephen Baldwin -American actor, director, and producer

1966- Bebel Gilberto -American-Brazilian singer-songwriter

1967- Joe McKinney -Irish actor

1968- Mark Clark (baseball)|Mark Clark -American baseball player and coach

1968- Tony Hawk -American skateboarder and actor

1968- Scott Schwartz -American actor

1968- Catherine Tate -English actress and screenwriter

1969- Kim Fields -American actress, singer, and director

1969- Igor Kováč -Slovakian hurdler

1969- Kevin Nalty -American comedian and blogger

1970- Mark Foster (swimmer)|Mark Foster -English swimmer

1970- Jim Furyk -American golfer

1970- Samantha Mathis -American actress

1970- Steve Palframan -South African cricketer

1970- Mike Weir -Canadian golfer

1971- Jamie Luner -American actress

1972- Doug Basham -American wrestler

1973- Kendra Kassebaum -American actress and singer

1973- Bobby Kent -American murder victim (d. 1993)

1973- Travis Lutter -American mixed martial artist

1973- Lutz Pfannenstiel -German footballer and manager

1973- Robert Tinkler -Canadian voice actor and screenwriter

1974- Marc Capdevila -Spanish swimmer

1975- Jonah Lomu -New Zealand rugby player

1975- Lawrence Phillips -American-Canadian football player

1976- Kardinal Offishall -Canadian rapper and producer

1977- Graeme Dott -Scottish snooker player

1977- Rebecca Herbst -American actress

1977- Aivar Priidel -Estonian footballer

1978- Jason Biggs -American actor and producer

1978- Malin Åkerman -Swedish-Canadian model, actress, and singer

1978- Aya Ishiguro -Japanese singer and fashion designer (Morning Musume and Tanpopo)

1978- Wilfred Le Bouthillier -Canadian singer

1978- Josh Phelps -American baseball player

1978- Hossein Rezazadeh -Iranian weightlifter

1979- Andre Carter -American football player

1979- Callum Chambers -Australian footballer

1979- Robert Key (cricketer)|Robert Key -English cricketer

1979- Erdinç Saçan -Dutch businessman

1979- Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers)|Steve Smith -American football player

1979- Aaron Yoo -American actor

1980- Romina Arena -Italian-American singer-songwriter

1980- Keith Bogans -American basketball player

1980- Felipe López (baseball)|Felipe Lopez -Puerto Rican baseball player

1981- Hannah Ild -Estonian singer-songwriter and pianist

1981- Dennis Trillo -Filipino actor and singer

1981- Lorena Bernal -Argentinian-Spanish model and actress

1981- Erica Campbell -American model and actress

1981- Rami Malek -American actor

1981- Kentaro Sato -Japanese-American composer and conductor

1982- David Thaxton -Welsh actor and singer

1983- Charilaos Pappas -Greek footballer

1983- Alina Kabayeva -Russian gymnast

1983- Yujiro Kushida -Japanese wrestler

1983- Virginie Razzano -French tennis player

1983- Francisco Javier Torres -Mexican footballer

1983- Brett Wiesner -American soccer player (d. 2014)

1984- Tommaso Reato -Italian rugby player

1985- Tally Hall (soccer)|Tally Hall -American soccer player

1985- Paolo Goltz -Argentinian footballer

1985- Andrew Howe -Italian long jumper and sprinter

1985- Jeroen Simaeys -Belgian footballer

1986- Im Dong-Hyun -South Korean archer

1986- Jonathan Orozco -Mexican footballer

1986- Mouhamed Sene -Senegalese basketball player

1986- Emily VanCamp -Canadian actress

1987- Liu Hong (athlete)|Liu Hong -Chinese race walker

1987- Kieron Pollard -Trinidadian cricketer

1987- Gianluca Sansone -Italian footballer

1988- Marky Cielo -Filipino actor and dancer (d. 2008)

1988- Marcelo Vieira -Brazilian footballer

1989- Eleftheria Eleftheriou -Cypriot singer and actress

1990- Florent Amodio -Brazilian-French figure skater

1990- Jacory Harris -American football player

1990- Oliver Kragl -German footballer

1990- Tobias Strobl -German footballer

1992- Malcolm David Kelley -American actor and singer (MKTO)

1995- Luke Benward -American actor and singer

1995- Kenton Duty -American actor, singer, and dancer

1995- Irina Khromacheva -Russian tennis player

1996- You Xiaodi -Chinese tennis player

1997- Odeya Rush -American actress

1998- Tornado Alicia Black -American tennis player

History of Deaths

1003- Pope Sylvester II -(b. 946)

1465- Thomas Palaiologos -Byzantine emperor (b. 1409)

1634- George Chapman -English poet and playwright (b. 1559)

1641- Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1593)

1684- Edme Mariotte -French physicist and priest (b. 1620)

1699- Lucas Achtschellinck -Flemish painter (b. 1626)

1700- John Dryden -English poet, playwright, and critic (b. 1631)

1708- Adolphus Frederick II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz -(b. 1658)

1748- Thomas Lowndes (astronomer)|Thomas Lowndes -English astronomer (b. 1692)

1759- Lambert-Sigisbert Adam -French sculptor (b. 1700)

1784- Abraham Trembley -Swiss zoologist (b. 1710)

1792- Charles Simon Favart -French playwright (b. 1710)

1796- Johann Uz -German poet (b. 1720)

1801- Nicholas Repnin -Russian general and politician, Governor-General of Baltic provinces (b. 1734)

1842- Walenty Wańkowicz -Belarusian-Polish painter (b. 1799)

1845- János Batsányi -Hungarian poet (b. 1763)

1856- Jacques Philippe Marie Binet -French mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (b. 1786)

1859- Sergey Aksakov -Russian author (b. 1791)

1860- Charles Barry -English architect, designed Upper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester|Upper Brook Street Chapel and the Palace of Westminster (b. 1795)

1864- J.E.B. Stuart -American general (b. 1833)

1867- Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Gerhard -German archaeologist (b. 1795)

1878- Anselme Payen -French chemist (b. 1795)

1876- Georgi Benkovski -Bulgarian activist (b. 1843)

1884- Bedřich Smetana -Czech composer (b. 1824)

1907- Joris-Karl Huysmans -French author (b. 1848)

1916- James Connolly -Scottish-Irish general (b. 1868)

1925- Amy Lowell -American poet (b. 1874)

1931- Eugène Ysaÿe -Belgian violinist, composer, and conductor (b. 1858)

1935- Józef Piłsudski -Polish field marshal and politician, 15th Prime Minister of Poland (b. 1867)

1944- Max Brand -American author (b. 1892)

1944- Arthur Quiller-Couch -English author, poet, and critic (b. 1863)

1956- Louis Calhern -American actor (b. 1895)

1957- Alfonso de Portago -Spanish bobsledder and race car driver (b. 1928)

1957- Erich von Stroheim -Austrian actor, director, and producer (b. 1885)

1963- Richard Girulatis -German footballer and manager (b. 1878)

1963- Robert Kerr (athlete)|Robert Kerr -Canadian sprinter (b. 1882)

1966- Felix Steiner -Russian-German SS officer (b. 1896)

1967- John Masefield -English poet and author (b. 1878)

1970- Nelly Sachs -German poet and playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1891)

1971- Heinie Manush -American baseball player and coach (b. 1901)

1973- Art Pollard -American race car driver (b. 1911)

1978- Robert Coogan -American actor (b. 1924)

1979- Ileana Sararoiu -Romanian singer (b. 1936)

1985- Jean Dubuffet -French painter (b. 1901)

1986- Elisabeth Bergner -Ukrainian-Austrian actress (b. 1897)

1986- Alicia Moreau de Justo -English-Argentinian physician and politician (b. 1885)

1990- Chen Kenmin -Chinese-Japanese chef (b. 1912)

1992- Nikos Gatsos -Greek poet and songwriter (b. 1911)

1992- Robert Reed -American actor, singer, and director (b. 1932)

1993- Omond Solandt -Canadian scientist and academic (b. 1909)

1994- Erik Erikson -German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst (b. 1902)

1994- John Smith (Labour Party leader)|John Smith -Scottish-English politician, Secretary of State for Trade (b. 1938)

1995- Mia Martini -Italian singer (b. 1947)

1999- Saul Steinberg -Romanian-American illustrator (b. 1914)

2000- Adam Petty -American race car driver (b. 1980)

2001- Perry Como -American singer and actor (b. 1912)

2001- Alexei Tupolev -Russian engineer, designed the Tupolev Tu-144 (b. 1925)

2003- Khalid al-Juhani -Saudi Arabian terrorist (b. 1975)

2003- Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan -French-American diplomat (b. 1933)

2004- Syd Hoff -American author and illustrator (b. 1912)

2005- Martin Lings -English author and scholar (b. 1909)

2005- Monica Zetterlund -Swedish singer and actress (b. 1937)

2006- Hussein Maziq -Libyan politician, Prime Minister of Libya (b. 1918)

2006- Gillespie V. Montgomery -American general and politician (b. 1920)

2007- Dadullah -Afghan commander (b. 1966)

2007- Teddy Infuhr -American actor (b. 1936)

2008- Robert Rauschenberg -American painter (b. 1925)

2008- Irena Sendler -Polish nurse and social worker (b. 1910)

2009- Antonio Vega (singer)|Antonio Vega -Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Nacha Pop) (b. 1957)

2012- Jan Bens -Dutch footballer and coach (b. 1921)

2012- Paul Cyr -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1963)

2012- Ruth Foster -American actress (b. 1920)

2012- Tor Marius Gromstad -Norwegian footballer (b. 1989)

2012- Neil McKenty -English-Canadian talk show host and author (b. 1924)

2012- Eddy Paape -Belgian illustrator (b. 1920)

2013- Mr. Kenneth -American hairdresser (b. 1927)

2013- Gerd Langguth -German political scientist, author, and academic (b. 1946)

2013- Bill Miles -American director and producer (b. 1931)

2013- Constantino Romero -Spanish actor and game show host (b. 1947)

2013- Kenneth Waltz -American political scientist and academic (b. 1924)

2013- Peter Worthington -Canadian journalist (b. 1927)

2014- Cornell Borchers -Lithuanian-German actress (b. 1925)

2014- Marco -Italian cardinal (b. 1925)

2014- Jacinto Convit -Venezuelan physician (b. 1913)

2014- Keith Crisco -American businessman and politician (b. 1943)

2014- H. R. Giger -Swiss painter, sculptor, and set designer (b. 1940)

2014- Tom Hafey -Australian footballer and coach (b. 1931)

2014- Sarat Pujari -Indian actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1934)

2014- Hugh Smyth -Irish politician, Lord Mayor of Belfast (b. 1941)

2014- Lorenzo Zambrano -Mexican businessman and philanthropist (b. 1944)