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70-A Roman Empire|Roman -army under Titus Siege of Jerusalem (AD 70)|occupies and plunders Jerusalem.

878- Louis the Stammerer -was crowned as King of West Francia by Pope John VIII.

1159- Pope Alexander III -chosen.

1191- Third Crusade -Battle of Arsuf

1228-Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor|Frederick II -landed in Acre, Israel|Acre, Palestine and started the Sixth Crusade, which resulted in a peaceful restitution of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

1303- Guillaume de Nogaret -takes Pope Boniface VIII prisoner on behalf of Philip IV of France.

1571- Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk -is arrested for his role in the Ridolfi plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots.

1631- Battle of Breitenfeld (1631)|Battle of Breitenfield -(Thirty Years' War) Swedish troops commanded by Gustavus Adolphus win a decisive victory over Catholic Forces.

1652-Around 15,000 Han Chinese|Han -farmers and militia Guo Huaiyi Rebellion|rebel against Dutch Formosa|Dutch rule on Taiwan.

1695- Henry Every -perpetrates one of the most profitable pirate raids in history with the capture of the Grand Mughal ship ''Ganj-i-Sawai''. In response, Emperor Aurangzeb threatens to end all English trading in India.

1706- War of the Spanish Succession -Siege of Turin ends, leading to the withdrawal of French forces from North Italy.

1764-Election of Stanislaw August Poniatowski -as the last ruler of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

1776-According to American colonial reports, Ezra Lee -makes the world's first submarine attack in the ''Turtle (submersible)|Turtle'', attempting to attach a Time bomb (explosive)|time bomb to the hull of HMS Eagle (1774)|HMS ''Eagle'' in New York Harbor (no British records of this attack exist).

1778- American Revolutionary War -France Invasion of Dominica|invades Dominica in the British West Indies, before Britain is even aware of France's involvement in the war.

1812- French invasion of Russia -: The Battle of Borodino, the bloodiest battle of the Napoleonic Wars, was fought near Moscow and resulted in a French victory.

1818- Charles XIV John of Sweden|Carl III -of Sweden–Norway is crowned king of Norway, in Trondheim.

1822- Pedro I of Brazil|Dom Pedro I -declares Independence of Brazil|Brazil independent from Portugal on the shores of the Ipiranga Brook in São Paulo.

1857- Mountain Meadows massacre -Mormon settlers slaughter most members of peaceful, emigrant wagon train.

1860- Italian re-unification -Garibaldi enters Naples.

1864- American Civil War -Atlanta, is evacuated on orders of Union (American Civil War)|Union General William Tecumseh Sherman.

1873- Emilio Castelar y Ripoll -becomes President of the First Spanish Republic.

1876-In Northfield, Minnesota -Jesse James and the James–Younger Gang attempt to rob the town's bank but are driven off by armed citizens.

1893-The Genoa C.F.C.|Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club -to become one of the oldest Italian association football|football clubs, is established by British expats.

1895-The first game of what would become known as Rugby league|rugby league football -is played, in England, starting the 1895–96 Northern Rugby Football Union season.

1901-The Boxer Rebellion -in Qing dynasty China officially ends with the signing of the Boxer Protocol.

1906- Alberto Santos-Dumont -flies his 14-bis aircraft at Château de Bagatelle|Bagatelle, France for the first time successfully.

1907- Cunard Line -s {{RMS|Lusitania}} sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, England, to New York City.

1909- Eugène Lefebvre -crashes a new French-built Wright Model A|Wright biplane during a test flight at Juvisy, south of Paris, becoming the first aviator in the world to lose his life in a powered heavier-than-air craft.

1911-French poet Guillaume Apollinaire -is arrested and put in jail on suspicion of stealing the ''Mona Lisa'' from the Louvre museum.

1916-US federal employees win the right to Workers' compensation -by Federal Employers Liability Act (39 Stat. 742; 5 U.S.C. 751)

1920-Two newly purchased Savoia-Marchetti|Savoia flying boats -crash in the Swiss Alps en route to Finland where they would serve with the ''Suomen Ilmavoimat'', killing both crews.

1921-In Atlantic City, New Jersey -the first Miss America Pageant, a two-day event, is held.

1921-The Legion of Mary -the largest Consecrated life#Apostolic congregations|apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, is founded in Dublin, Ireland.

1922-In Aydın -Turkey, independence of Aydın, from Greek occupation.

1922-The Bank of Latvia -established.

1927-The first fully electronic television system is achieved by Philo Farnsworth -

1928-The first Tour de Pologne -began.

1929- HL Kuru|Steamer ''Kuru'' -capsizes and sinks on Lake Näsijärvi near Tampere in Finland. 136 lives are lost.

1932-The Battle of Boquerón -the first major battle of the Chaco War, commences.

1936-The last surviving member of the thylacine -species, Thylacine#.22Benjamin.22_and_searches|Benjamin, dies alone in its cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania.

1940- Treaty of Craiova -Romania loses Southern Dobruja to Bulgaria.

1942-First flight of the Consolidated Aircraft|Consolidated -B-32 Dominator.