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Day History: September-5

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Events History

917- Liu Yan (emperor)|Liu Yan -declares himself emperor, establishing the Southern Han state in southern China, at his capital of Panyu.

1590- Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma|Alexander Farnese -s army forces Henry IV of France to lift the Siege of Paris (1590)|siege of Paris.

1661-Fall of Nicolas Fouquet -Louis XIV of France|Louis XIV Superintendent of Finances is arrested in Nantes by Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan|D'Artagnan, captain of the king's musketeers.

1666- Great Fire of London -ends: Ten thousand buildings including St Paul's Cathedral are destroyed, but only six people are known to have died.

1697- War of the Grand Alliance -: A French warship commanded by Captain Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville defeated an English squadron at the Battle of Hudson's Bay.

1698-In an effort to Westernize his nobility, Tsar -Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards for all men except the clergy and peasantry.

1725-Wedding of Louis XV of France|Louis XV -and Maria Leszczyńska.

1774-First Continental Congress -assembles in Philadelphia.

1781- Battle of the Chesapeake -in the American Revolutionary War: The British Navy is repelled by the French Navy, contributing to the Siege of Yorktown|British surrender at Yorktown.

1793- French Revolution -The French National Convention initiates the Reign of Terror.

1798- Conscription -is made mandatory in France by the Jourdan law.

1812- War of 1812 -The Siege of Fort Wayne begins when Chief Winamac's forces attack two soldiers returning from the fort's outhouses.

1816- Louis XVIII of France|Louis XVIII -has to dissolve the Chambre introuvable ("Unobtainable Chamber").

1836- Sam Houston -is elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas.

1839-The United Kingdom declares First Opium War|war -on the Qing dynasty of China.

1840-Premiere of Giuseppe Verdi -s ''Un giorno di regno'' at La Scala of Milan.

1862- American Civil War -The Potomac River is crossed at White's Ford in the Maryland Campaign.

1862- James Glaisher -pioneering meteorologist and Henry Tracey Coxwell break world record for altitude whilst collecting data in their balloon.

1864- François Achille Bazaine -becomes Marshal of France.

1877- American Indian Wars -Oglala Lakota|Oglala Sioux Tribal chief|chief Crazy Horse is bayoneted by a United States soldier after resisting confinement in a guardhouse at Fort Robinson in Nebraska.

1882-The first United States Labor Day -parade is held in New York City.

1887-A fire at Theatre Royal in Exeter -England kills 186.

1905- Russo-Japanese War -In New Hampshire, United States, the Treaty of Portsmouth, mediated by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, ends the war.

1906-The first legal forward pass -in American football is thrown by Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University to teammate Jack Schneider in a 22–0 victory over Carroll College (Wisconsin).

1914- World War I -First Battle of the Marne begins. Northeast of Paris, the French attack and defeat German forces who are advancing on the capital.

1915-The pacifist Zimmerwald Conference -begins.

1918-The original publication of the Cheka -decree, "On Red Terror".

1921- Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle -party in San Francisco ends with the death of the young actress Virginia Rappe: One of the first scandals of the Hollywood community.

1927-The first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit -cartoon, ''Trolley Troubles'', produced by Walt Disney, is released by Universal Pictures.

1932-The French Upper Volta -is broken apart between Ivory Coast, French Sudan, and Niger.

1937- Spanish Civil War -Llanes falls to the Nationalist faction (Spanish Civil War)|Nationalists following a one-day siege.

1938- Chile -A group of youths affiliated with the fascist National Socialist Movement of Chile are assassinated in the Seguro Obrero massacre.

1941-Whole territory of Estonia -is occupied by Nazi Germany.

1942- World War II -Japanese high command orders withdrawal at Battle of Milne Bay|Milne Bay, the first major Japanese defeat in land warfare during the Pacific War.

1943-World War II: The 503rd Infantry Regiment|503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment -lands and occupies Lae Nadzab Airport, near Lae in the Salamaua–Lae campaign.

1944-Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg -constitute Benelux.

1945- Cold War -Igor Gouzenko, a Soviet Union embassy clerk, defects to Canada, exposing Soviet espionage in North America, signalling the beginning of the Cold War.

1945- Iva Toguri D'Aquino -a Japanese American suspected of being wartime radio propagandist Tokyo Rose, is arrested in Yokohama.

1948-In France, Robert Schuman -becomes President of the Council of Ministers|President of the Council while being Foreign minister, As such, he is the negotiator of the major treaties of the end of World War II.

1957- Cuban Revolution -Fulgencio Batista bombs the revolt in Cienfuegos.

1960-The poet Léopold Sédar Senghor -is elected as the first President of Senegal.

1960- Muhammad Ali -(then Cassius Clay) wins the gold medal in the Boxing at the 1960 Summer Olympics|light heavyweight boxing competition at the Olympic Games in Rome.

1961-The first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement|Non Aligned Countries -is held in Belgrade.

1969- My Lai Massacre -U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley is charged with six specifications of premeditated murder for the death of 109 Vietnamese civilians in My Lai.

1970- Vietnam War -Operation Jefferson Glenn begins: The 101st Airborne Division|United States 101st Airborne Division and the South Vietnamese 1st Division (South Vietnam)|1st Infantry Division initiate a new operation in Thừa Thiên–Huế Province.

1970- Jochen Rindt -becomes the only driver to posthumously win the Formula One List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions|World Drivers' Championship (in {{F1|1970}}), after being killed in practice for the Italian Grand Prix.

1972- Munich massacre -A Palestinian terrorist group called "Black September Organization|Black September" attacks and takes hostage 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics|Munich Olympic Games. Two die in the attack and nine die the following day.

1975- Sacramento, California -Lynette Fromme attempts to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford.

1977- Hanns Martin Schleyer -is kidnapped in Cologne, West Germany by the Red Army Faction and is later murdered.

1977- Voyager program -Voyager 1 is launched after a brief delay.

1978- Camp David Accords -Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat begin peace discussions at Camp David, Maryland.

1980-The Gotthard Road Tunnel -opens in Switzerland as the world's longest highway tunnel at {{convert|10.14|miles|km}} stretching from Göschenen to Airolo.

1984- STS-41-D -The Space Shuttle Discovery|Space Shuttle ''Discovery'' lands after its maiden voyage.

1984- Western Australia -becomes the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment.

1986- Pan Am Flight 73 -with 358 people on board is Aircraft hijacking|hijacked at Karachi International Airport.

1990- Sri Lankan Civil War -Sri Lankan Army soldiers Eastern University massacre|slaughter 158 civilians.

1991-The current international treaty defending indigenous peoples, Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 -comes into force.

1996- Hurricane Fran -makes landfall near Cape Fear (headland)|Cape Fear, North Carolina as a Tropical cyclone|Category 3 storm with 115 mph sustained winds. Fran caused over $3 billion in damage and killed 27 people.

2012-A Sivakasi factory explosion|firecracker factory explodes -near Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, killing 40 and injuring 50 others.

2012-An 2012 Afyonkarahisar arsenal explosion|accidental explosion -at a Turkish Army ammunition store in Afyonkarahisar|Afyon, western Turkey kills 25 soldiers and wounds four others.

Famous Birthdays

699- Abū Ḥanīfa -Iraqi scholar (d. 767)

1187- Louis VIII of France -(d. 1226)

1201- Alix, Duchess of Brittany -(d. 1221)

1319- Peter IV of Aragon -(d. 1387)

1540- Magnus, Duke of Holstein -(d. 1583)

1567- Date Masamune -Japanese daimyo (d. 1636)

1568- Tommaso Campanella -Italian poet, philosopher, and theologian (d. 1639)

1638- Louis XIV of France -(d. 1715)

1666- Gottfried Arnold -German historian and theologian (d. 1714)

1667- Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri -Italian priest, mathematician, and philosopher (d. 1733)

1694- František Václav Míča -Czech conductor and composer (d. 1744)

1695- Carl Gustaf Tessin -Swedish politician and diplomat (d. 1770)

1722- Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony -(d. 1763)

1725- Jean-Étienne Montucla -French mathematician and theorist (d. 1799)

1735- Johann Christian Bach -German-English composer (d. 1782)

1750- Robert Fergusson -Scottish poet (d. 1774)

1769- John Shortland -English commander (d. 1810)

1771- Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen -(d. 1847)

1772- Fath-Ali Shah Qajar -Iranian king (d. 1834)

1774- Caspar David Friedrich -German painter (d. 1840)

1775- Juan Martín Díez -Spanish captain (d. 1825)

1781- Anton Diabelli -Austrian composer and publisher (d. 1858)

1787- François Sulpice Beudant -French mineralogist and geologist (d. 1850)

1791- Giacomo Meyerbeer -German composer (d. 1864)

1792- Ours-Pierre-Armand Petit-Dufrénoy -French geologist and mineralogist (d. 1857)

1806- Christophe Léon Louis Juchault de Lamoricière -French general (d. 1865)

1817- Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy -Russian poet, author, and playwright (d. 1875)

1818- Edmund Kennedy -Australian explorer and surveyor (d. 1848)

1826- John Wisden -English cricketer (d. 1884)

1827- Goffredo Mameli -Italian poet and songwriter (d. 1849)

1831- Victorien Sardou -French author and playwright (d. 1908)

1833- George Huntington Hartford -American businessman (d. 1917)

1836- Justiniano Borgoño -Peruvian soldier and politician, 57th President of Peru (d. 1921)

1847- Jesse James -American criminal and murderer (d. 1882)

1850- Jack Daniel -American businessman, founded Jack Daniel's (d. 1911)

1856- Thomas E. Watson -American lawyer, publisher, and politician (d. 1922)

1862- Denis St. George Daly -Irish polo player (d. 1942)

1867- Amy Beach -American pianist and composer (d. 1944)

1871- Friedrich Akel -Estonian physician and politician, Head of State of Estonia (d 1941)

1872- V. O. Chidambaram Pillai -Indian lawyer and politician (d. 1936)

1873- Cornelius Vanderbilt III -American general and engineer (d. 1942)

1874- Nap Lajoie -American baseball player and manager (d. 1959)

1876- Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb -German field marshal (d. 1956)

1876- Abdelaziz Thâalbi -Tunisian politician (d. 1944)

1880- José María of Manila -Spanish-Filipino Roman Catholic blessed (d. 1936)

1881- Otto Bauer -Austrian politician, Foreign Minister of Austria (d. 1938)

1881- Henry Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron Wilson -English field marshal (d. 1964)

1883- Otto Erich Deutsch -Austrian musicologist and scholar (d. 1967)

1888- Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan -Indian philosopher and politician, 2nd President of India (d. 1975)

1892- Joseph Szigeti -Hungarian violinist (d. 1973)

1897- Morris Carnovsky -American actor and singer (d. 1992)

1897- Arthur Nielsen -American market analyst, founded ACNielsen (d. 1980)

1897- Ella Schuler -American super-centenarian (d. 2011)

1899- Humphrey Cobb -American author and screenwriter (d. 1944)

1899- Helen Creighton -Canadian author (d. 1989)

1901- Florence Eldridge -American actress (d. 1988)

1901- Mario Scelba -Italian politician, 33rd Prime Minister of Italy (d. 1991)

1902- Darryl F. Zanuck -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1979)

1904- Vera Bradford -Australian pianist and educator (d. 2004)

1905- Maurice Challe -French general (d. 1979)

1905- Arthur Koestler -Hungarian-English journalist and author (d. 1983)

1905- Justiniano Montano -Filipino politician (d. 2005)

1907- Sunnyland Slim -American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1995)

1907- Layne Britton -American makeup artist and actor (d. 1993)

1908- Josué de Castro -Brazilian physician, geographer, and activist (d. 1973)

1908- Gloria Holden -English-American actress (d. 1991)

1908- Joaquín Nin-Culmell -German-American pianist and composer (d. 2004)

1909- Hans Carste -German pianist and conductor (d. 1971)

1909- Bernard Delfont -Russian-English talent manager (d. 1994)

1909- Archie Jackson -Scottish-Australian cricketer (d. 1933)

1910- Leila Mackinlay -English author (d. 1996)

1910- Phiroze Palia -Indian cricketer (d. 1981)

1912- John Cage -American composer and theorist (d. 1992)

1912- Kristina Söderbaum -Swedish-German actress and photographer (d. 2001)

1912- Frank Thomas (animator)|Frank Thomas -American voice actor, animator, and screenwriter (d. 2004)

1913- Conny Stuart -Dutch actress and singer (d. 2010)

1914- Stuart Freeborn -English make up artist (d. 2013)

1914- Gail Kubik -American violinist, composer, and educator (d. 1984)

1914- Nicanor Parra -Chilean physicist, mathematician, and poet

1916- Frank Shuster -Canadian comedian, actor, and screenwriter (d. 2002)

1916- Frank Yerby -American-Spanish author (d. 1991)

1917- Pedro E. Guerrero -American photographer (d. 2012)

1917- Sören Nordin -Swedish Harness racing|harness racer and trainer (d. 2008)

1918- Luis Alcoriza -Mexican actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1992)

1918- Bob Katter, Sr. -Australian captain and politician (d. 1990)

1918- Jean-Marie Poitras -Canadian politician (d. 2009)

1918- Buddy Williams (country musician)|Buddy Williams -Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1986)

1919- Elisabeth Volkenrath -German SS officer (d. 1945)

1920- Peter Racine Fricker -English-American composer and educator (d. 1990)

1920- Fons Rademakers -Dutch-Swiss actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2007)

1921- Murray Henderson (ice hockey)|Murray Henderson -Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2013)

1921- Jack Valenti -American businessman, created the Motion Picture Association of America film rating system|MPAA film rating system (d. 2007)

1922- Denys Wilkinson -English physicist and academic

1923- David Hamer -Australian captain and politician (d. 2002)

1923- Ken Meuleman -Australian cricketer (d. 2004)

1924- Paul Dietzel -American football player and coach (d. 2013)

1925- Justin Kaplan -American author (d. 2014)

1927- Paul Volcker -American economist and academic

1928- Joyce Hatto -English pianist and educator (d. 2006)

1928- Damayanti Joshi -Indian dancer and choreographer (d. 2004)

1928- Albert Mangelsdorff -German trombonist (United Jazz + Rock Ensemble) (d. 2005)

1929- Bob Newhart -American comedian, actor, singer, and screenwriter

1929- Andriyan Nikolayev -Russian general, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2004)

1933- Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa -Chilean archbishop

1934- Carol Lawrence -American actress and singer

1934- Dennis Letts -American actor (d. 2008)

1934- Kevin McNamara (politician)|Kevin McNamara -English politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

1935- Johnny Briggs (actor)|Johnny Briggs -English actor

1935- Paul Josef Cordes -German cardinal

1935- Werner Erhard -American author and philanthropist, founded Werner Erhard and Associates and The Hunger Project

1935- Helen Gifford -Australian composer and educator

1936- Robert Burns (politician)|Robert Burns -Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 2014)

1936- John Danforth -American politician and diplomat, 24th United States Ambassador to the United Nations

1936- Jonathan Kozol -American sociologist, author, and educator

1936- Bill Mazeroski -American baseball player and coach

1937- Antonio Valentín Angelillo -Argentinian footballer and manager

1937- Meg Beresford -English activist

1937- Dick Clement -English director, producer, and screenwriter

1937- William Devane -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1937- Colin Wesley -South African cricketer

1938- John Ferguson, Sr. -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager (d. 2007)

1938- Doreen Massey, Baroness Massey of Darwen -English politician

1939- Claudette Colvin -American nurse and activist

1939- George Lazenby -Australian actor

1939- Clay Regazzoni -Swiss race car driver (d. 2006)

1939- John Stewart (musician)|John Stewart -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Kingston Trio) (d. 2008)

1939- George Tremlett -English author and politician

1940- Valerie Howarth, Baroness Howarth of Breckland -English politician

1940- Raquel Welch -American actress and singer

1941- Dave Dryden -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1942- Denise Fabre -French television host

1942- Werner Herzog -German actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1942- Eduardo Mata -Mexican conductor and composer (d. 1995)

1943- Dulce Saguisag -Filipino politician, 10th Secretary of Social Welfare and Development (Philippines)|Filipino Secretary of Social Welfare and Development (d. 2007)

1944- Dario Bellezza -Italian poet, author, and playwright (d. 1996)

1944- Gareth Evans (politician)|Gareth Evans -Australian lawyer and politician, 33rd Minister for Foreign Affairs (Australia)|Minister for Foreign Affairs for Australia

1945- Al Stewart -Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

1946- Dennis Dugan -American actor and director

1946- Margaret Howell -English fashion designer

1946- Freddie Mercury -Tanzanian-English singer-songwriter and producer (Queen (band)|Queen and Ibex (band)|Ibex) (d. 1991)

1946- Loudon Wainwright III -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

1947- Mel Collins -Manx saxophonist, flute player (Kokomo (band)|Kokomo)

1947- Chip Davis -American pianist, songwriter, and producer (Mannheim Steamroller)

1947- Buddy Miles -American singer-songwriter and drummer (The Electric Flag and The California Raisins) (d. 2008)

1947- Kiyoshi Takayama -Japanese mobster

1947- Bruce Yardley -Australian cricketer and sportscaster

1948- Benita Ferrero-Waldner -Austrian lawyer, politician, and diplomat, Foreign Minister of Austria

1949- Clem Clempson -English guitarist and songwriter (Humble Pie (band)|Humble Pie, Colosseum (band)|Colosseum, and Bakerloo (band)|Bakerloo)

1950- Rosie Cooper -English politician

1950- Cathy Guisewite -American cartoonist, created ''Cathy''

1951- Paul Breitner -German footballer

1951- Michael Keaton -American actor and producer

1951- Patti McGuire -American model

1953- Victor Davis Hanson -American historian and journalist

1953- Herman Koch -Dutch author and actor

1953- Eiki Nestor -Estonian politician, Minister of Social Affairs (Estonia)|Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia

1953- Paul Piché -Canadian singer-songwriter

1954- Richard Austin (cricketer)|Richard Austin -Jamaican cricketer

1954- Frederick Kempe -American journalist and author

1956- Roine Stolt -Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Flower Kings, Kaipa, Transatlantic (band)|Transatlantic, and The Tangent)

1957- Rudi Gores -German footballer and manager

1957- Peter Winnen -Dutch cyclist

1959- Frank Schirrmacher -German journalist (d. 2014)

1960- Candy Maldonado -Puerto Rican baseball player, manager, and sportscaster

1960- Dayo Wong -Hong Kong comedian and actor

1961- Marc-André Hamelin -Canadian pianist and composer

1962- Tracy Edwards -English sailor and coach

1962- Peter Wingfield -Welsh-American actor

1963- Juan Alderete -American bass player and songwriter (Racer X (band)|Racer X, The Mars Volta, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, The Scream (band)|The Scream, and Big Sir (band)|Big Sir)

1963- Kristian Alfonso -American figure skater and actress

1963- Jeff Brantley -American baseball player and sportscaster

1963- Taki Inoue -Japanese race car driver

1963- Jonathan Phillips (actor)|Jonathan Phillips -English actor

1964- Frank Farina -Australian footballer and manager

1964- Sergei Loznitsa -Belarusian-Ukrainian director and screenwriter

1964- Ken Norman -American basketball player

1964- Amanda Ooms -Swedish actress

1964- Kevin Saunderson -American DJ and producer (Inner City (band)|Inner City)

1965- David Brabham -Australian race car driver

1965- Chris Gore -American actor, producer, screenwriter, and critic, co-founded ''Film Threat''

1965- César Rincón -Colombian bullfighter

1966- Terry Ellis -American singer (En Vogue)

1966- Achero Mañas -Spanish actor, director, and screenwriter

1966- Milinko Pantić -Serbian footballer and manager

1967- India Hicks -English model

1967- Matthias Sammer -German footballer and manager

1967- Jane Sixsmith -English field hockey player

1968- Serhiy Kovalets -Ukrainian footballer and manager

1968- Dennis Scott (basketball)|Dennis Scott -American basketball player and sportscaster

1968- Robin van der Laan -Dutch footballer and coach

1968- Brad Wilk -American singer-songwriter and drummer (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, and Greta (band)|Greta)

1969- Leonardo Araújo -Brazilian footballer and manager

1969- Mark Ramprakash -English cricketer and coach

1969- Dweezil Zappa -American singer, guitarist, and actor (Zappa Plays Zappa)

1970- Kim Hye-soo -South Korean actress

1970- Liam Lynch (musician)|Liam Lynch -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, puppeteer, and director

1970- Mohammad Rafique -Bangladeshi cricketer

1970- Johnny Vegas -English actor, director,producer, and screenwriter

1971- Adam Hollioake -Australian cricketer and mixed martial artist

1972- Shane Sewell -Canadian-American wrestler and referee

1972- Guy Whittall -Zimbabwean cricketer

1973- Paddy Considine -English actor, director, and screenwriter

1973- Alexandra Kerry -American actress, director, and producer

1973- Rose McGowan -Italian-American actress and singer

1974- Rawl Lewis -Grenadian cricketer

1974- Ken-Marti Vaher -Estonian politician, Minister of the Interior (Estonia)|Estonian Minister of the Interior

1975- Rod Barajas -American baseball player and manager

1975- George Boateng -Dutch footballer and manager

1975- Randy Choate -American baseball player

1975- Matt Geyer -Australian rugby player and coach

1976- Tatiana Gutsu -Ukrainian gymnast

1976- Richard Marsland -Australian actor, screenwriter, and radio host (d. 2008)

1976- Carice van Houten -Dutch actress and singer

1977- Rosevelt Colvin -American football player and sportscaster

1977- Joseba Etxeberria -Spanish footballer

1977- Minoru Fujita -Japanese wrestler

1977- Nazr Mohammed -American basketball player

1978- Laura Bertram -Canadian actress

1978- Chris Jack -New Zealand rugby player

1978- Sylvester Joseph -Caribbean cricketer

1978- Yu Nan -Chinese actress

1978- Zhang Zhong -Chinese chess player

1979- John Carew -Norwegian footballer

1979- Stacey Dales -Canadian basketball player and sportscaster

1979- Stewart Holden -English scrabble player

1979- Salvatore Mastronunzio -Italian footballer

1979- George O'Callaghan -Irish footballer

1980- Franco Costanzo -Argentinian footballer

1981- Nina Eichinger -German actress

1981- Daniel Moreno -Spanish cyclist

1981- Ann Marie Rios -American porn actress

1981- Filippo Volandri -Italian tennis player

1982- Alexandre Geijo -Spanish-Swiss footballer

1982- Sondre Lerche -Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1983- Eugen Bopp -Ukrainian-German footballer

1983- Pablo Granoche -Uruguayan footballer

1983- Antony Sweeney -English footballer

1984- Yulia Peresild -Russian actress

1984- Chris Anker Sørensen -Danish cyclist

1985- Ryan Guy -American soccer player

1986- Colt McCoy -American football player

1986- Pragyan Ojha -Indian cricketer

1987- Pierre Casiraghi -Monacan son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover

1987- Melissa Haro -American model

1987- Andres Koogas -Estonian footballer

1987- Silvestre Rasuk -American actor

1988- Denni Avdić -Swedish footballer

1988- Felipe Caicedo -Ecuadorian footballer

1988- Nuri Şahin -Turkish footballer

1989- Elena Delle Donne -American basketball player

1989- Kat Graham -Swiss-American actress, singer, and dancer

1989- José Ángel Valdés -Spanish footballer

1989- Ben Youngs -English rugby player

1990- Antonio Esposito (footballer born 1990)|Antonio Esposito -Italian footballer

1990- Angy Fernández -Spanish singer and actress

1990- Francesca Segarelli -Dominican tennis player

1990- Lance Stephenson -American basketball player

1990- Kim Yuna -South Korean figure skater

1990- Franco Zuculini -Italian footballer

1991- Skandar Keynes -English actor

1993- Gage Golightly -American actress

1995- Tehilla Blad -Swedish actress

1995- Caroline Sunshine -American actress, singer, and dancer

1995- Szabina Szlavikovics -Hungarian tennis player

1996- Richairo Živković -Dutch footballer

History of Deaths

590- Authari -Lombard king (b. 540)

1165- Emperor Nijō -of Japan (b. 1143)

1201- Constance, Duchess of Brittany -(b. 1161)

1235- Henry I, Duke of Brabant -(b. 1165)

1548- Catherine Parr -English wife of Henry VIII of England (b. 1512)

1607- Pomponne de Bellièvre -French politician, Chancellor of France (b. 1529)

1629- Domenico Allegri -Italian singer-songwriter (b. 1585)

1734- Nicolas Bernier -French composer (b. 1664)

1786- Jonas Hanway -English merchant and philanthropist (b. 1712)

1803- Pierre Choderlos de Laclos -French general and author (b. 1741)

1803- François Devienne -French flute player and composer (b. 1759)

1836- Ferdinand Raimund -Austrian actor and playwright (b. 1790)

1837- James Ruse -English-Australian farmer and criminal (b. 1759)

1838- Charles Percier -French architect (b. 1764)

1857- Auguste Comte -French sociologist and philosopher (b. 1798)

1876- Manuel Blanco Encalada -Chilean admiral and politician, 1st President of Chile (b. 1790)

1877- Crazy Horse -American tribal leader (b. 1849)

1898- Sarah Emma Edmonds -Canadian-American nurse, soldier, and spy (b. 1841)

1901- Ignacij Klemenčič -Slovenian physicist and academic (b. 1853)

1902- Rudolf Virchow -German anthropologist, pathologist, and biologist (b. 1821)

1906- Ludwig Boltzmann -Austrian physicist and philosopher (b. 1844)

1912- Arthur MacArthur, Jr. -American general (b. 1845)

1917- Marian Smoluchowski -Austrian-Polish physicist and mountaineer (b. 1872)

1920- Robert Harron -American actor (b. 1893)

1922- Georgette Agutte -French painter (b. 1867)

1926- Karl Harrer -German journalist and politician (b. 1890)

1930- Robert Means Thompson -American soldier, businessman, and philanthropist (b. 1849)

1931- John Thomson (footballer)|John Thomson -Scottish footballer (b. 1909)

1932- Francisco Acebal -Spanish journalist, author, and playwright (b. 1866)

1932- Paul Bern -German-American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1889)

1934- Sidney Myer -Russian-Australian businessman, founded Myer|Myer Stores (b. 1878)

1936- Federico Borrell García -Spanish soldier (b. 1912)

1936- Gustave Kahn -French poet and critic (b. 1859)

1942- François de Labouchère -French soldier and pilot (b. 1917)

1945- Clem Hill -Australian cricketer and footballer (b. 1877)

1948- Richard C. Tolman -American physicist and chemist (b. 1881)

1953- Richard Walther Darré -Argentinian-German agronomist and politician (b. 1895)

1954- Eugen Schiffer -German politician, Vice-Chancellor of Germany (b. 1860)

1955- Haydn Bunton, Sr. -Australian footballer and coach (b. 1911)

1965- Tom Johnston (Scottish politician)|Thomas Johnston -Scottish journalist and politician, Secretary of State for Scotland (b. 1882)

1966- Dezső Lauber -Hungarian golfer, tennis player, and architect (b. 1879)

1970- Jochen Rindt -German-Austrian race car driver (b. 1942)

1972- Alan Kippax -Australian cricketer (b. 1897)

1972- Yossef Romano -Israeli weightlifter (b. 1940)

1972- Moshe Weinberg -Israeli wrestling coach (b. 1939)

1973- Jack Fournier -American baseball player and coach (b. 1889)

1975- Georg Ots -Estonian actor and singer (b. 1920)

1977- George Barnes (musician)|George Barnes -American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (The Three Suns) (b. 1921)

1977- Marcel Thiry -Belgian poet and activist (b. 1897)

1979- Alberto di Jorio -Italian cardinal (b. 1884)

1980- Don Banks -Australian composer (b. 1923)

1982- Douglas Bader -English captain and pilot (b. 1910)

1984- Adam Malik -Indonesian politician and diplomat, 3rd Vice President of Indonesia (b. 1917)

1984- Jane Roberts -American psychic and author (b. 1929)

1988- Gert Fröbe -German actor and singer (b. 1913)

1989- Philip Baxter -Welsh-English engineer and academic (b. 1905)

1990- Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon -English diplomat (b. 1907)

1990- Jerry Iger -American cartoonist and publisher, co-founded Eisner & Iger (b. 1903)

1990- Ivan Mihailov -Bulgarian politician (b. 1896)

1991- Sharad Joshi -Indian author and poet (b. 1931)

1992- Fritz Leiber -American author and poet (b. 1910)

1993- Claude Renoir -French cinematographer (b. 1914)

1994- Shimshon Amitsur -Israeli mathematician and scholar (b. 1921)

1994- John Newman (Australian politician)|John Newman -Australian politician (b. 1946)

1995- Benyamin Sueb -Indonesian comedian, actor, and singer (b. 1939)

1996- Basil Salvadore D'Souza -Indian bishop (b. 1926)

1997- Leon Edel -American author and critic (b. 1907)

1997- Georg Solti -Hungarian conductor (b. 1912)

1997- Mother Teresa -Albanian-Indian missionary, and saint, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1910)

1998- Fernando Balzaretti -Mexican actor (b. 1946)

1998- Ferdinand Biondi -Canadian radio host (b. 1909)

1998- Willem Drees, Jr. -Dutch economist and politician, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Netherlands)|Dutch Minister of Transport (b. 1922)

1998- Verner Panton -Danish interior designer (b. 1926)

1998- Leo Penn -American actor and director (b. 1921)

1999- Alan Clark -English historian and politician (b. 1928)

1999- Allen Funt -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1914)

1999- Bryce Mackasey -Canadian politician, Postmaster General of Canada (b. 1921)

2000- Roy Fredericks -Guyanese cricketer (b. 1942)

2000- Abdul Haris Nasution -Indonesian general and politician (b. 1918)

2001- Justin Wilson (chef)|Justin Wilson -American chef and author (b. 1914)

2001- Vladimir Žerjavić -Croatian economist and academic (b. 1912)

2002- David Todd Wilkinson -American cosmologist and astronomer (b. 1935)

2003- Gisele MacKenzie -Canadian-American singer and actress (b. 1927)

2005- Roberto Viaux -Chilean general (b. 1917)

2007- Jennifer Dunn (politician)|Jennifer Dunn -American politician (b. 1941)

2007- Paul Gillmor -American lawyer and politician (b. 1939)

2007- Thomas Hansen (musician)|Thomas Hansen -Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1976)

2007- D. James Kennedy -American pastor and author (b. 1930)

2007- Nikos Nikolaidis -Greek director and screenwriter (b. 1939)

2009- Gani Fawehinmi -Nigerian lawyer and activist (b. 1938)

2010- Hedley Beare -Australian author and academic (b. 1932)

2010- Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo -Belgian-Dutch poet and painter (b. 1922)

2010- Shoya Tomizawa -Japanese motorcycle racer (b. 1990)

2012- Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu -Turkish-Bosnian footballer (b. 1986)

2012- Eric Deeral -Australian politician (b. 1932)

2012- Ian Dick -Australian cricketer and field hockey player (b. 1926)

2012- Victoria Fyodorova -Russian-American actress and author (b. 1946)

2012- John Oaksey -English jockey and journalist (b. 1929)

2012- Joe South -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1940)

2013- Edwin Bideau -American lawyer and politician (b. 1950)

2013- Robert Farrar Capon -American priest and author (b. 1925)

2013- Geoffrey Goodman -English pilot, journalist, and author (b. 1922)

2013- Isamu Jordan -American journalist and academic (b. 1975)

2013- Rochus Misch -German SS officer (b. 1917)

2013- Mireya Véliz -Chilean actress (b. 1915)

2014- Simone Battle -American actress, singer, and dancer (G.R.L) (b. 1989)

2014- Kerrie Biddell -Australian singer and pianist (b. 1947)

2014- Bruce Morton -American journalist (b. 1930)

2014- Wolfhart Pannenberg -Polish-German theologian and academic (b. 1928)