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Day History: October-31

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Events History

475- Romulus Augustulus -is proclaimed Western Roman Emperor.

683-During the Siege of Mecca (683)|Siege of Mecca -the Kaaba catches fire and is burned down.

1517- Protestant Reformation -Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

1587- Leiden University Library -opens its doors after its founding in 1575.

1822-Emperor Agustín de Iturbide -attempts to dissolve the Congress of the First Mexican Empire|Mexican Empire.

1861- American Civil War -Citing failing health, United States|Union General Winfield Scott resigns as Commander of the United States Army.

1863-The Maori Wars -resume as British Empire|British forces in New Zealand led by General Duncan Cameron (British Army officer)|Duncan Cameron begin their Invasion of the Waikato.

1864- Nevada -is admitted as the 36th U.S. state.

1876-A monster cyclone -ravages India, resulting in over 200,000 deaths.

1913-Dedication of the Lincoln Highway -the first automobile highway across United States.

1913-The Indianapolis Streetcar Strike of 1913|Indianapolis Streetcar Strike and subsequent riot -begins.

1917- World War I -Battle of Beersheba (1917)|Battle of Beersheba

1918-World War I: Dissolution of the Austria-Hungary|Austro-Hungarian Empire -

1922- Benito Mussolini -is made Prime Minister of Italy

1923-The first of 160 consecutive days of 100º Fahrenheit -at Marble Bar, Western Australia.

1924- World Savings Day -is announced in Milan, Kingdom of Italy|Italy by the Members of the Association at the 1st International Savings Bank Congress (World Society of Savings Banks).

1926-Magician Harry Houdini -dies of gangrene and peritonitis that develops after his vermiform appendix|appendix ruptures.

1938- Great Depression -In an effort to restore investor confidence, the New York Stock Exchange unveils a fifteen-point program aimed to upgrade protection for the investing public.

1940- World War II -The Battle of Britain ends

1941-After 14 years of work, Mount Rushmore -is completed.

1941-World War II: The destroyer {{USS|Reuben James|DD-245|6}} is torpedoed by a Nazi Germany|German -U-boat near Iceland, killing more than 100 U.S. Navy sailors. It is the first U.S. Navy vessel sunk by enemy action in WWII.

1943-World War II: An F4U Corsair -accomplishes the first successful radar-guided interception by a United States Navy|USN or United States Marine Corps|USMC aircraft.

1944- Erich Göstl -a member of the Waffen-SS, is awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, to recognise extreme battlefield bravery, after losing his face and eyes during the Operation Overlord|Battle of Normandy.

1956- Suez Crisis -The United Kingdom and France begin bombing Republic of Egypt (1953–58)|Egypt to force the reopening of the Suez Canal.

1961-In the Soviet Union -Joseph Stalin's body is removed from Lenin's Mausoleum|Vladimir Lenin's Tomb.

1963-An explosion at the Indiana State Fair Coliseum (now Fairgrounds Coliseum|Pepsi Coliseum -in Indianapolis kills 74 people and injures another 400 during an ice skating show. A faulty propane tank connection in a concession stand is blamed.

1968- Vietnam War -October surprise: Citing progress with the Paris peace talks, US President Lyndon B. Johnson announces to the nation that he has ordered a complete cessation of "all air, naval, and artillery bombardment of North Vietnam" effective November 1.

1973- Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape -Three Provisional Irish Republican Army members escape from Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, Republic of Ireland aboard a hijacked helicopter that lands in the exercise yard.

1984-Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi -is assassination of Indira Gandhi|assassinated by two Sikh security guards. 1984 anti-Sikh riots|Riots break out in New Delhi and other cities and nearly 10,000 Sikhs are killed.

1998- Iraq disarmament crisis -begins: Iraq announces it would no longer cooperate with United Nations weapons inspectors.

1999- Yachtsman -Jesse Martin returns to Melbourne after 11 months of circumnavigation|circumnavigating the world, solo, non-stop and unassisted.

1999- EgyptAir Flight 990 -crashes into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 217 people on board.

2000- Soyuz TM-31 -launches, carrying the first resident crew to the International Space Station. The ISS has been crewed continuously since then.

2002-A federal grand jury in Houston, Texas -indicts former Enron chief financial officer Andrew Fastow on 78 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, Conspiracy (crime)|conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to the collapse of his ex-employer.

2003- Mahathir bin Mohamad -resigns as Prime Minister of Malaysia and is replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, marking an end to Mahathir's 22 years in power.

2011-The global population -of humans reaches seven billion. This day is now recognized by the United Nations as Day of Seven Billion|Seven Billion Day.

Famous Birthdays

1291- Philippe de Vitry -French composer, poet, and theorist (d. 1361)

1345- Ferdinand I of Portugal -(d. 1383)

1391- Edward, King of Portugal -(d. 1438)

1424- Władysław III of Poland -(d. 1444)

1599- Denzil Holles, 1st Baron Holles -English politician (d. 1680)

1620- John Evelyn -English gardener and author (d. 1706)

1632- Johannes Vermeer -Dutch painter (d. 1675)

1636- Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria -(d. 1679)

1686- Senesino -Italian singer and actor (d. 1758)

1692- Anne Claude de Caylus -French archaeologist (d. 1765)

1694- Yeongjo of Joseon -(d. 1776)

1705- Pope Clement XIV -(d. 1774)

1724- Christopher Anstey -English author and poet (d. 1805)

1737- James Lovell (Continental Congress)|James Lovell -American educator and politician (d. 1789)

1795- John Keats -English-Italian poet (d. 1821)

1815- Karl Weierstrass -German mathematician and academic (d. 1897)

1825- Charles Lavigerie -French-Algerian cardinal (d. 1892)

1827- Richard Morris Hunt -American architect, designed the New York Tribune Building (d. 1895)

1831- Paolo Mantegazza -Italian neurologist, physiologist, and anthropologist (d. 1910)

1835- Adelbert Ames -American general and politician, 27th Governor of Mississippi (d. 1933)

1835- Krišjānis Barons -Latvian author (d. 1923)

1835- Adolf von Baeyer -German chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1917)

1838- Luís I of Portugal -(d. 1889)

1847- Galileo Ferraris -Italian physicist and engineer (d. 1897)

1848- Boston Custer -American soldier (d. 1876)

1851- Louise of Sweden -(d. 1926)

1856- Charles Leroux -American balloonist and parachutist (d. 1889)

1860- Juliette Gordon Low -American founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (d. 1927)

1875- Eugene Meyer -American businessman and publisher (d. 1954)

1875- Vallabhbhai Patel -Indian lawyer and politician, 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India (d. 1950)

1876- Natalie Clifford Barney -American poet and playwright (d. 1972)

1880- Julia Peterkin -American author (d. 1961)

1883- Marie Laurencin -French painter and illustrator (d. 1956)

1887- Chiang Kai-shek -Chinese general and politician, 1st List of Presidents of the Republic of China|President of the Republic of China (d. 1975)

1887- Newsy Lalonde -Canadian ice hockey player and lacrosse player (d. 1970)

1888- Napoleon Lapathiotis -Greek poet (d. 1944)

1890- Susie Gibson -American super-centenarian (d. 2006)

1892- Alexander Alekhine -Russian chess player (d. 1946)

1895- B. H. Liddell Hart -English soldier, historian, and theorist (d. 1970)

1896- Ethel Waters -American singer and actress (d. 1977)

1897- Delma Kollar -American super-centenarian (d. 2012)

1902- Abraham Wald -Romanian mathematician and economist (d. 1950)

1908- Muriel Duckworth -Canadian activist (d. 2009)

1912- Dale Evans -American singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2001)

1912- Ollie Johnston -American animator and voice actor (d. 2008)

1914- Joe Carcione -American activist and author (d. 1988)

1914- John Hugenholtz -Dutch designer (d. 1995)

1915- Jane Jarvis -American pianist and composer (d. 2010)

1916- Count Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg -(d. 2012)

1917- William Hardy McNeill -Canadian historian, author, and academic

1917- Gordon Steege -Australian soldier and pilot (d. 2013)

1918- Ian Stevenson -American-American psychiatrist and academic (d. 2007)

1919- Magnus Wenninger -American mathematician and author

1919- Daphne Oxenford -English actress (d. 2012)

1920- Dick Francis -Welsh-Caymanian jockey and author (d. 2010)

1920- Joseph Gelineau -French priest and composer (d. 2008)

1920- Dedan Kimathi -Kenyan rebel leader (d. 1957)

1920- Helmut Newton -German-Australian photographer (d. 2004)

1920- Fritz Walter -German footballer (d. 2002)

1922- Barbara Bel Geddes -American actress, singer, and author (d. 2005)

1922- Illinois Jacquet -American saxophonist and composer (d. 2004)

1922- Anatoli Papanov -Russian actor (d. 1987)

1922- Norodom Sihanouk -Cambodian politician, 1st Prime Minister of Cambodia (d. 2012)

1925- Lawrence A. Cremin -American historian and author (d. 1990)

1925- Lee Grant -American actress, director, and producer

1925- John Pople -English chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2004)

1925- Robert B. Rheault -American colonel (d. 2013)

1926- Jimmy Savile -English radio and television host (d. 2011)

1928- Cleo Moore -American actress (d. 1973)

1928- Andrew Sarris -American critic and educator (d. 2012)

1929- Eddie Charlton -Australian snooker player (d. 2004)

1929- Bud Spencer -Italian swimmer, actor, and screenwriter

1930- Michael Collins (astronaut)|Michael Collins -American general, pilot, and astronaut

1930- Booker Ervin -American saxophonist (d. 1970)

1931- Iivo Nei -Estonian chess player

1931- Dan Rather -American journalist

1932- Katherine Paterson -American author

1932- Jacques Pic -French chef (d. 1992)

1933- Phil Goyette -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1933- Iemasa Kayumi -Japanese voice actor (d. 2014)

1933- Narriman Sadek -Egyptian wife of Farouk of Egypt (d. 2005)

1934- Fillie Lyckow -Swedish actress

1935- Ronald Graham -American mathematician

1935- David Harvey -English-American geographer and academic

1936- Michael Landon -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1991)

1937- Tom Paxton -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939- Tom O'Connor (comedian)|Tom O'Connor -English actor and game show host

1939- Ron Rifkin -American actor

1939- Ali Farka Touré -Malian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2006)

1940- Craig Rodwell -gay rights pioneer (d. 1993)

1941- Dan Alderson -American scientist (d. 1989)

1941- Derek Bell (racing driver)|Derek Bell -English race car driver

1941- Werner Krieglstein -Czech-American philosopher and academic

1942- Eduardo Castrillo -Filipino sculptor

1942- Dave McNally -American baseball player (d. 2002)

1942- David Ogden Stiers -American actor and singer

1943- Elliott Forbes-Robinson -American race car driver

1943- Paul Frampton -English-American physicist and academic

1943- Aristotelis Pavlidis -Greek politician

1943- Brian Piccolo -American football player (d. 1970)

1944- Sally Kirkland -American actress and producer

1944- Otto Wiesheu -Bavarian politician

1945- Russ Ballard -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Argent (band)|Argent)

1945- Brian Doyle-Murray -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1946- Norman Lovett -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1946- Stephen Rea -Irish actor

1947- Deidre Hall -American actress

1947- Frank Shorter -American runner

1947- Herman Van Rompuy -Belgian politician, 66th Prime Minister of Belgium

1948- Michael Kitchen -English actor and producer

1949- Mart Helme -Estonian journalist and diplomat

1949- Bob Siebenberg -American drummer (Supertramp and Bees Make Honey)

1950- John Candy -Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1994)

1950- Zaha Hadid -Iraqi-English architect, designed the Bridge Pavilion

1950- Jane Pauley -American journalist

1950- Antonio Taguba -Filipino-American general

1951- Nick Saban -American football player and coach

1951- Dave Trembley -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1952- Bernard Edwards -American bass player and producer (Chic (band)|Chic and The Power Station (band)|The Power Station) (d. 1996)

1952- Joe West (umpire)|Joe West -American professional baseball umpire and actor

1953- Michael J. Anderson -American actor

1953- Lynda Goodfriend -American actress

1953- John Lucas II -American basketball player and coach

1954- Ken Wahl -American actor

1955- Michalis Chrisochoidis -Greek lawyer and politician

1955- Susan Orlean -American journalist and author

1955- Eduardo V. Manalo -Filipino religious leader, Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo

1956- Bruce Bawer -American poet and critic

1956- Christopher de Leon -Filipino actor, director, producer, and politician

1956- Anders Lago -Swedish politician

1956- Roberto Malone -Italian porn actor and director

1957- Brian Stokes Mitchell -American singer and actor

1957- Shirley Phelps-Roper -American lawyer and activist

1957- Robert Pollard -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Guided by Voices)

1958- Jeannie Longo -French cyclist

1959- Michael DeLorenzo -American actor, singer, and director

1959- Mats Näslund -Swedish ice hockey player

1959- Neal Stephenson -American author

1960- Arnaud Desplechin -French director, cinematographer, and screenwriter

1960- Luis Fortuño -Puerto Rican lawyer and politician, 9th Governor of Puerto Rico

1960- Mike Gallego -American baseball player and coach

1960- Reza Pahlavi -Iranian prince

1961- Alonzo Babers -American runner and pilot

1961- Kate Campbell -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1961- Peter Jackson -New Zealand actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1961- Larry Mullen, Jr. -Irish drummer, songwriter, and actor (U2 and Automatic Baby)

1963- Dunga -Brazilian footballer and manager

1963- Mikkey Dee -Swedish drummer and songwriter (Motörhead and King Diamond (band)|King Diamond)

1963- Johnny Marr -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Electronic (band)|Electronic, and The Cribs)

1963- Fred McGriff -American baseball player and radio host

1963- Dermot Mulroney -American actor, singer, and producer

1963- Rob Schneider -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1964- Frank Bruni -American journalist and critic

1964- Colm Ó Cíosóig -Irish drummer and songwriter (My Bloody Valentine (band)|My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star, and Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions)

1964- Marco van Basten -Dutch footballer and manager

1964- Darryl Worley -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1965- Paul du Toit -South African painter and sculptor (d. 2014)

1965- Blue Edwards -American basketball player

1965- Denis Irwin -Irish footballer and journalist

1965- Rob Rackstraw -English voice actor

1966- Ad-Rock -American rapper, producer, and actor (Beastie Boys and BS 2000)

1966- Joseph Boyden -Canadian-American author

1966- Koji Kanemoto -Japanese wrestler

1966- Annabella Lwin -Burmese singer-songwriter and producer (Bow Wow Wow)

1966- Mike O'Malley -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Jon Wurster -American drummer and radio host (Superchunk and The Mountain Goats)

1967- Petros Gaitanos -Greek singer

1967- Vanilla Ice -American rapper, producer, and actor

1967- Buddy Lazier -American race car driver

1967- Irina Pantaeva -Russian-American model and actress

1967- Adam Schlesinger -American bass player, songwriter, and producer (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy (band)|Ivy and Tinted Windows (band)|Tinted Windows)

1968- Antonio Davis -American basketball player and sportscaster

1969- David Coburn -American actor and singer

1970- Linn Berggren -Swedish singer-songwriter and producer (Ace of Base)

1970- Mitch Harris -American guitarist and songwriter (Napalm Death, Defecation (band)|Defecation, and Meathook Seed)

1970- Johnny Moeller -American guitarist (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)

1970- Nolan North -American actor

1970- Rogers Stevens -American guitarist (Blind Melon)

1970- Steve Trachsel -American baseball player

1970- Nicky Wu -Taiwanese actor and singer

1971- Alphonso Ford -American basketball player (d. 2004)

1971- Tom Smith (rugby union player born 1971)|Tom Smith -English-Scottish rugby player and coach

1971- Ian Walker (footballer)|Ian Walker -English footballer and manager

1972- Shaun Bartlett -South African footballer and manager

1972- Matt Dawson -English rugby player

1972- Grigoris Georgatos -Greek footballer

1973- Paul Abrahams -English footballer

1973- Christopher Bevins -American voice actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1973- Tim Byrdak -American baseball player

1973- David Dellucci -American baseball player and sportscaster

1973- Beverly Lynne -American porn actress and producer

1974- Muzzy Izzet -English-Turkish footballer

1974- Roger Manganelli -Brazilian-American singer-songwriter and bass player (Less Than Jake and Rehasher)

1974- Natasja Saad -Danish rapper (d. 2007)

1975- Fabio Celestini -Swiss footballer and manager

1975- Keith Jardine -American mixed martial artist and actor

1975- Johnny Whitworth -American actor

1976- Guti (footballer)|Guti -Spanish footballer

1976- Piper Perabo -American actress and producer

1977- Sylviane Félix -French sprinter

1977- Séverine Ferrer -French singer

1978- Inka Grings -German footballer

1978- Emmanuel Izonritei -Nigerian boxer

1978- Martin Verkerk -Dutch tennis player

1979- Ricardo Fuller -Jamaican footballer

1979- Simão Sabrosa -Portuguese footballer

1979- Saaphyri Windsor -American model and actress

1980- Samaire Armstrong -Japanese-American actress

1980- Alondra de la Parra -Mexican-American pianist and conductor

1980- Marcel Meeuwis -Dutch footballer

1980- Eddie Kaye Thomas -American actor

1980- Nicole Neumann -Argentine fashion model, actress and vedette

1981- Irina Denezhkina -Russian author

1981- Lollie Alexi Devereaux -French-Canadian actress, singer, and dancer

1981- Steven Hunter -American basketball player

1981- Frank Iero -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (My Chemical Romance, Pencey Prep, and Leathermouth)

1981- Selina Jen -Taiwanese singer and actress (S.H.E)

1981- Mike Napoli -American baseball player

1982- Jordan Bannister -Australian footballer and umpire

1982- Justin Chatwin -Canadian actor

1982- Tomáš Plekanec -Czech ice hockey player

1983- Adam Bouska -American photographer and activist, founded the NOH8 Campaign

1983- Katy French -Swiss-Irish model (d. 2007)

1983- Sitashma Chand -Miss Nepal Miss Nepal 2007|2007 Winner

1984- Scott Clifton -American actor and singer

1984- Pat Murray (American football)|Pat Murray -American football player

1984- Amanda Pascoe -Australian swimmer

1984- Nicole Rash -American model

1986- Chris Alajajian -Australian race car driver

1986- Christie Hayes -Australian actress

1986- Sean Paul Lockhart -American porn actor and director

1987- Nick Foligno -Canadian ice hockey player

1987- Jean-Karl Vernay -French race car driver

1988- Cole Aldrich -American basketball player

1988- Sébastien Buemi -Swiss race car driver

1988- Jack Riewoldt -Australian footballer

1989- Warren Weir -Jamaican sprinter

1990- Lil' JJ -American actor and rapper

1991- Sven Kaldre -Estonian basketball player

1992- Vanessa Marano -American actress

1995- Joana Valle Costa -Portuguese tennis player

2000- Willow Smith -American actress and singer

History of Deaths

1147- Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester -English son of Henry I of England (b. 1000)

1214- Eleanor of England, Queen of Castile -(b. 1163)

1448- John VIII Palaiologos -Byzantine emperor (b. 1390)

1641- Cornelis Jol -Dutch admiral (b. 1597)

1659- John Bradshaw (judge)|John Bradshaw -English judge, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1602)

1723- Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany -(b. 1642)

1732- Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia -(b. 1666)

1733- Eberhard Louis, Duke of Württemberg -(b. 1676)

1744- Leonardo Leo -Italian composer (b. 1694)

1765- Prince William, Duke of Cumberland -(b. 1721)

1768- Francesco Maria Veracini -Italian violinist and composer (b. 1690)

1860- Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald -Scottish-English admiral and politician (b. 1775)

1879- Jacob Abbott -American author (b. 1803)

1879- Joseph Hooker -American general (b. 1814)

1884- Marie Bashkirtseff -Ukrainian-Russian painter and sculptor (b. 1858)

1913- William Evans-Gordon -English politician (b. 1857)

1916- Charles Taze Russell -American minister (b. 1852)

1918- Egon Schiele -Austrian painter (b. 1890)

1920- Alphonse Desjardins (co-operator)|Alphonse Desjardins -Canadian businessman (b. 1854)

1925- Max Linder -French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1883)

1926- Harry Houdini -Hungarian-American magician and stuntman (b. 1874)

1926- Philip Schuster -American gymnast (b. 1883)

1929- Ilm-ud-din -Pakistani murderer (b. 1908)

1929- António José de Almeida -Portuguese physician and politician, 6th List of Presidents of Portugal|President of Portugal (b. 1866)

1929- Norman Pritchard -Indian-English hurdler and actor (b. 1877)

1931- Octave Uzanne -French journalist and author (b. 1851)

1939- Otto Rank -Austrian psychologist, author, and educator (b. 1884)

1946- Gabriel Gabrio -French actor (b. 1887)

1952- Chit Hlaing -Burmese lawyer and politician (b. 1879)

1959- Jean Cabannes -French physicist (b. 1885)

1960- H. L. Davis -American author and poet (b. 1894)

1972- Bill Durnan -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1916)

1972- Marcia Healy -American actress (b. 1904)

1973- Malek Bennabi -Algerian philosopher and author (b. 1905)

1975- S. D. Burman -Indian singer-songwriter (b. 1906)

1977- C.B. Colby -American author (b. 1904)

1980- Jan Werich -Czech actor and playwright (b. 1905)

1983- George Halas -American football player and coach (b. 1895)

1984- Eduardo De Filippo -Italian actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1900)

1984- Indira Gandhi -Indian politician, 3rd Prime Minister of India (b. 1917)

1985- Anton Christoforidis -Turkish-Greek boxer (b. 1918)

1985- Nikos Engonopoulos -Greek painter and poet (b. 1907)

1985- Poul Reichhardt -Danish actor and singer (b. 1913)

1986- Robert S. Mulliken -American physicist and chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1896)

1988- John Houseman -Romanian-American actor, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1902)

1988- Alfred Pellan -Canadian painter (b. 1906)

1991- Gene Anderson -American wrestler (b. 1933)

1991- Joseph Papp -American director and producer (b. 1921)

1992- Gary Rippingale -English ice hockey player (b. 1974)

1993- Federico Fellini -Italian director and screenwriter (b. 1920)

1993- River Phoenix -American actor and singer (Aleka's Attic) (b. 1970)

1995- Rosalind Cash -American actress and singer (b. 1938)

1996- Marcel Carné -French director and screenwriter (b. 1906)

1998- Elmer Vasko -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1935)

1999- Greg Moore (racing driver)|Greg Moore -Canadian race car driver (b. 1975)

2000- Ring Lardner, Jr. -American journalist and screenwriter (b. 1915)

2001- Régine Cavagnoud -French skier (b. 1970)

2002- Lionel Poilâne -French banker and businessman (b. 1945)

2002- Michail Stasinopoulos -Greek jurist and politician, List of heads of state of Greece|President of Greece (b. 1903)

2002- Raf Vallone -Italian footballer and actor (b. 1916)

2003- Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer -Indian singer (b. 1908)

2003- Richard Neustadt -American political scientist and historian (b. 1919)

2005- Hal Anger -American biophysicist and engineer (b. 1920)

2005- Mary Wimbush -English actress (b. 1924)

2006- P. W. Botha -South African politician, State President of South Africa (b. 1916)

2006- Peter Fryer -English journalist (b. 1927)

2006- Amrita Pritam -Pakistani-Indian author and poet (b. 1919)

2007- Ray Gravell -Welsh rugby player, sportscaster, and actor (b. 1951)

2008- Studs Terkel -American actor, historian, and author (b. 1912)

2009- Mustafa Mahmud -Egyptian physician and author (b. 1921)

2009- Tom Wheatcroft -English businessman, founded the Donington Grand Prix Exhibition (b. 1922)

2009- Qian Xuesen -Chinese scientist (b. 1911)

2010- Maurice Lucas -American basketball player and coach (b. 1952)

2010- Ted Sorensen -American lawyer, 8th White House Counsel (b. 1928)

2011- Flórián Albert -Hungarian footballer and manager (b. 1941)

2012- Gae Aulenti -Italian architect and designer (b. 1927)

2012- June Blundell -New Zealand wife of Denis Blundell (b. 1921)

2012- Brian Cobby -English actor (b. 1929)

2012- John Fitch (racing driver)|John Fitch -American race car driver and engineer (b. 1917)

2012- Alexander Kibrik -Russian linguist and academic (b. 1939)

2012- John H. Reed -American politician, 67th Governor of Maine (b. 1921)

2012- Teri Shields -American actress and producer (b. 1933)

2012- Konstantin Vyrupayev -Russian wrestler (b. 1930)

2013- Toby Bluth -American animator, director, and production designer (b. 1949)

2013- Walter Brown (actor)|Walter Brown -New Zealand-Australian actor (b. 1927)

2013- Chris Chase -American actress and author (b. 1924)

2013- Gérard de Villiers -French journalist and author (b. 1929)

2013- Jagadish Ghimire -Nepali activist (b. 1946)

2013- Trevor Kletz -English chemist and author (b. 1922)

2013- Johnny Kucks -American baseball player (b. 1933)

2013- Andres Narvasa -Filipino lawyer and jurist, 19th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (b. 1928)

2013- Bobby Parker (guitarist)|Bobby Parker -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1937)

2013- Charles Suckling -English biochemist (b. 1920)