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Day History: October-28

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Events History

97-Emperor Nerva -is forced by the Praetorian Guard to Adoption in ancient Rome|adopt general Trajan|Marcus Ulpius Trajanus as his heir and successor.

306- Maxentius -is proclaimed Roman Emperor.

312- Battle of the Milvian Bridge -Constantine I defeats Maxentius, becoming the sole Roman emperor.

456-The Visigoths -brutally sack the Suebi's capital of Braga (Portugal), and the town's churches are burnt to the ground.

969-Byzantine general Michael Bourtzes -seizes part of Antioch's fortifications. The capture of the city from the Arabs is completed three days later, when reinforcements under Peter Phokas arrive.

1061- Agnes of Poitou|Empress Agnes -acting as regent for her son, brings about the election of bishop Cadalus, the antipope Honorius II.

1344-The lower town of Smyrna -is captured by Smyrniote crusades|Crusaders.

1420-Beijing is officially designated the capital of the Ming dynasty -on the same year that the Forbidden City, the seat of government, is completed.

1492- Christopher Columbus -discovered Cuba on his first voyage to the New World.

1516- Battle of Yaunis Khan -Military of the Ottoman Empire|Turkish forces under the Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha defeat the Mamluks near Gaza City|Gaza.

1531- Battle of Amba Sel -Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi again defeats the army of Dawit II|Lebna Dengel, Emperor of Ethiopia. The southern part of Ethiopia falls under Imam Ahmad's control.

1538-The first university -in the New World (in present-day Dominican Republic), the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, is established.

1628- French Wars of Religion -The Siege of La Rochelle, which had lasted for 14 months, ends with the surrender of the Huguenots.

1636-A vote of the Great and General Court -of the Massachusetts Bay Colony establishes the first college in what would become the United States, today known as Harvard University.

1664-The Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot, later to be known as the Royal Marines -is established.

1707-The 1707 Hōei earthquake -causes more than 5,000 deaths in Honshu, Shikoku and Kyūshū, Japan

1775- American Revolutionary War -A British proclamation forbids residents from leaving Boston.

1776-American Revolutionary War: Battle of White Plains -British Army forces arrive at White Plains, New York|White Plains, attack and capture Chatterton Hill from the Continental Army|Americans.

1834-The Battle of Pinjarra -is fought in the Swan River Colony in present-day Pinjarra, Western Australia. Between 14 and 40 Aborigines are killed by British colonists.

1835-The United Tribes of New Zealand -is established with the signature of the Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand|Declaration of Independence.

1848-The first railroad in Spain between Barcelona -and Mataró is opened.

1864- American Civil War -The Battle of Fair Oaks & Darbytown Road (also known as the Second Battle of Fair Oaks) ends: Union Army|Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant withdraw from Fair Oaks, Henrico County, Virginia|Fair Oaks, Virginia, after failing to breach the Confederate States of America|Confederate defenses around Richmond, Virginia.

1886-In New York Harbor -President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty.

1891-The 1891 Mino-Owari earthquake|Mino-Owari earthquake -the largest inland earthquake in Japan's history, strikes Gifu Prefecture.

1893- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky|Tchaikovsky's -Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky)|Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, ''Pathétique'', receives its première performance in St. Petersburg, only nine days before the composer's death.

1904- Panama -and Uruguay establish Panama–Uruguay relations|diplomatic links.

1915- Richard Strauss -conducts the first performance of his tone poem ''Eine Alpensinfonie'' in Berlin.

1918- World War I -Czechoslovakia is granted independence from Austria-Hungary marking the beginning of an independent Czechoslovak state, after 300 years.

1918-A new Polish government in Western Galicia (Eastern Europe)|Galicia -is established.

1919-The United States Congress|U.S. Congress -passes the Volstead Act over President Woodrow Wilson's veto, paving the way for Prohibition in the United States|Prohibition to begin the following January.

1922- March on Rome -Italian fascists led by Benito Mussolini march on Rome and take over the Italian government.

1928-Declaration of the Youth Pledge -in Indonesia, the first time Indonesia Raya, now the national anthem, was sung.

1929- Black Monday -a day in the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which also saw major stock market upheaval.

1940- World War II -Greece rejects Italy's ultimatum. So, Greco-Italian War began. Italy invades Greece through Albania, marking Greece's entry into World War II.

1942-The Alaska Highway -(Alcan Highway) is completed through Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska.

1948-Swiss chemist Paul Hermann Müller|Paul Müller -is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the insecticidal properties of DDT.

1958- John XXIII -is elected Pope.

1962-End of Cuban missile crisis -Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev orders the removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba.

1964- Vietnam War -U.S. officials deny any involvement in bombing North Vietnam.

1965-'' Nostra Aetate -', the "Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions" of the Second Vatican Council, is promulgated by Pope Paul VI; it absolves the Jews of Jewish deicide|responsibility for the death of Jesus, reversing Innocent III's 760 year-old declaration.

1965-Construction on the St. Louis Arch -is completed.

1971-Britain launches the satellite -Prospero (satellite)|Prospero into low Earth orbit atop a Black Arrow carrier rocket, the only British satellite to date launched by a British rocket.

1982-The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party -wins elections, leading to the first Socialist government in Spain after death of Francisco Franco|Franco. Felipe González becomes Prime Minister-elect.

1990-The Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic -holds the first multiparty Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia|legislature election in the country's history.

1995-Two hundred eighty-nine people are killed and 265 injured in 1995 Baku Metro fire|Baku Metro fire -the deadliest Rapid transit|subway disaster.

1998-An Air China -jetliner is hijacked by disgruntled pilot Yuan Bin and flown to Taiwan.

2005- Plame affair -Lewis Libby, Vice-president Dick Cheney's chief of staff, is indicted in the Valerie Plame case. Libby resigns later that day.

2006-The funeral service takes place for those executed at Bykivnia -forest, outside Kiev, Ukraine. Eight hundred seventeen Ukrainian civilians (out of some 100,000) executed by Bolsheviks at Bykivnia in 1930s – early 1940s are reburied.

2006-A group of ferocious activists of Bangladesh Awami League -attacked one of their rival political party meeting in Dhaka with oars and sculls and killed their 14 activists.

2007- Cristina Fernández de Kirchner -becomes the first woman elected President of Argentina.

2009-The 28 October 2009 Peshawar bombing -kills 117 and wounds 213.

2009- NASA -successfully launches the Ares I-X mission, the only rocket launch for its later-cancelled Constellation program.

2013-Five people are killed and 38 are injured after a 2013 Tiananmen Square attack|car crashes -into barriers just outside the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

Famous Birthdays

1017- Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1056)

1510- Francis Borgia, 4th Duke of Gandía -Spanish priest and saint, 3rd Superior General of the Society of Jesus (d. 1572)

1585- Cornelius Jansen -Dutch bishop (d. 1638)

1667- Maria Anna of Neuburg -(d. 1740)

1690- Peter Tordenskjold -Norwegian admiral (d. 1720)

1693- Šimon Brixi -Czech composer (d. 1735)

1703- Antoine Deparcieux -French mathematician (d. 1768)

1718- Ignacije Szentmartony -Croatian priest, mathematician, astronomer, and explorer (d. 1793)

1733- Franz Ignaz von Beecke -German composer (d. 1803)

1767- Marie of Hesse-Kassel -(d. 1852)

1793- Eliphalet Remington -American businessman, founded Remington Arms (d. 1861)

1804- Pierre François Verhulst -Belgian mathematician (d. 1849)

1815- Ľudovít Štúr -Slovak philologist and politician (d. 1856)

1837- Tokugawa Yoshinobu -Japanese shogun (d. 1913)

1839- Edward P. Allen -American captain, lawyer, and politician (d. 1909)

1845- Zygmunt Florenty Wróblewski -Polish physicist and chemist (d. 1888)

1846- Auguste Escoffier -French chef and author (d. 1935)

1854- Jean-Marie Guyau -French philosopher and poet (d. 1888)

1860- Jigoro Kano -Japanese martial artist (d. 1938)

1864- Adolfo Camarillo -American-Mexican rancher and philanthropist (d. 1958)

1867- Sister Nivedita -Irish-Indian nurse, educator, and author (d. 1911)

1875- Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor -American journalist (d. 1966)

1877- Joe Adams -American baseball player and manager (d. 1952)

1879- Channing H. Cox -American politician, 49th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1968)

1880- Wilhelm Anderson -Belarusian-Estonian astrophysicist (d. 1940)

1881- Vin Coutie -Australian footballer

1881- Bruno Söderström -Swedish pole vaulter (d. 1969)

1884- William Douglas Cook -New Zealand horticulturalist, founded Eastwoodhill Arboretum (d. 1967)

1885- Velimir Khlebnikov -Russian poet and playwright (d. 1922)

1889- Juliette Béliveau -Canadian actress and singer (d. 1975)

1891- Ormer Locklear -American pilot (d. 1920)

1892- Dink Johnson -American pianist, drummer, and clarinet player (d. 1954)

1896- Howard Hanson -American composer, conductor, and educator (d. 1981)

1897- Edith Head -American costume designer (d. 1981)

1901- Eileen Shanahan -Irish poet (d. 1979)

1902- Elsa Lanchester -English-American actress and singer (d. 1986)

1903- John Chamberlain (journalist)|John Chamberlain -American historian, journalist, and critic (d. 1995)

1903- Evelyn Waugh -English journalist and author (d. 1966)

1904- George Dangerfield -English-American historian, journalist, and author (d. 1986)

1907- John Hewitt (poet)|John Hewitt -Irish poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1987)

1908- Arturo Frondizi -Argentinian lawyer and politician, 32nd President of Argentina (d. 1995)

1909- Francis Bacon (artist)|Francis Bacon -Irish painter and illustrator (d. 1992)

1912- Richard Doll -English physiologist and epidemiologist (d. 2005)

1913- Douglas Seale -English-American actor and singer (d. 1999)

1914- Glenn Robert Davis -American lieutenant and politician (d. 1988)

1914- Jonas Salk -American biologist and physician (d. 1995)

1914- Richard Laurence Millington Synge -English biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1994)

1916- Pearl Hackney -English actress (d. 2009)

1917- Jack Soo -American actor (d. 1979)

1921- Azumafuji Kin'ichi -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 40th Yokozuna (sumo)|Yokozuna (d. 1973)

1922- Gershon Kingsley -German-American pianist, composer, and conductor

1922- Simon Muzenda -Zimbabwe politician, 1st Vice President of Zimbabwe (d. 2003)

1922- Butch van Breda Kolff -American basketball player and coach (d. 2007)

1924- Antonio Creus -Spanish race car driver (d. 1996)

1925- Ian Hamilton Finlay -Scottish poet, sculptor, and gardener (d. 2006)

1926- Bowie Kuhn -American lawyer and businessman (d. 2007)

1927- Cleo Laine -English singer and actress

1927- Roza Makagonova -Russian actress (d. 1995)

1928- Iry LeJeune -American accordion player (d. 1955)

1928- Ion Mihai Pacepa -Romanian general

1928- Bill Rodgers, Baron Rodgers of Quarry Bank|Bill Rodgers -English politician

1929- Marcel Bozzuffi -French actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1988)

1929- Virginia Held -American feminist philosopher

1929- John Hollander -American poet, critic, and educator (d. 2013)

1929- Joan Plowright -English actress

1930- Bernie Ecclestone -English businessman

1932- Spyros Kyprianou -Cypriot politician, 2nd President of Cyprus (d. 2002)

1932- Suzy Parker -American model and actress (d. 2003)

1933- Garrincha -Brazilian footballer (d. 1983)

1933- Michael Noakes -English artist

1935- Alan Clarke -English director and screenwriter (d. 1990)

1936- Charlie Daniels -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1936- Carl Davis -American-English conductor and composer

1937- Lenny Wilkens -American basketball player and coach

1938- Kenneth Best -Liberian journalist, founded ''The Daily Observer''

1938- Howard Blake -English composer

1938- Dave Budd -American basketball player

1938- Gary Cowan -Canadian golfer

1938- David Dimbleby -English journalist

1938- Richard Gott -English journalist and historian

1938- Bernadette Lafont -French actress and singer (d. 2013)

1938- Anne Perry -English author

1939- Jane Alexander -American actress and producer

1939- Andy Bey -American singer and pianist

1939- Miroslav Cerar -Slovenian gymnast

1940- Susan Harris -American screenwriter and producer

1941- John Hallam -Irish-English actor (d. 2006)

1941- Curtis Lee -American singer-songwriter

1941- Hank Marvin -English guitarist (The Shadows)

1942- Abdelkader Fréha -Algerian footballer (d. 2012)

1942- Kees Verkerk -Dutch speed skater

1943- Cornelia Froboess -German actress and singer

1943- Charo López -Spanish actress

1943- Jimmy McRae -Scottish race car driver

1944- Coluche -French actor (d. 1986)

1944- Valentine Cunningham -British professor of English language and literature

1944- Gerry Anderson (broadcaster)|Gerry Anderson -Irish radio and television host (d. 2014)

1944- Dennis Franz -American actor

1944- Anton Schlecker -German businessman, founded the Schlecker|Schlecker Company

1945- Elton Dean -English saxophonist and keyboard player (Soft Machine) (d. 2006)

1945- Wayne Fontana -English singer (The Mindbenders)

1946- John Hewson -Australian economist and politician

1946- Wim Jansen -Dutch footballer and manager

1947- Stewart Purvis -British television executive

1948- Telma Hopkins -American singer and actress (Tony Orlando and Dawn)

1949- Bruce Jenner -American decathlete and actor

1949- Tracy Reed (American actress)|Tracy Reed -American actress

1950- Sihem Bensedrine -Tunisian journalist and activist

1950- Ludo Delcroix -Belgian cyclist

1951- Ronnie and Donnie Galyon -American conjoined twins

1951- Peter Hitchens -English journalist and author

1951- Joe R. Lansdale -American martial artist and author

1952- Annie Potts -American actress and producer

1953- Pierre Boivin -Canadian businessman

1953- Desmond Child -American songwriter and producer

1955- Bill Gates -American businessman, co-founded Microsoft

1955- Digby Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham|Digby Jones -English politician and businessman

1955- Indra Nooyi -Indian-American businesswoman

1956- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -Iranian engineer and politician, 6th President of Iran

1956- Dave Wyndorf -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Monster Magnet)

1956- Volker Zotz -Austrian philosopher, scholar, and author

1957- Marian Bell (economist)|Marian Bell -British economist

1957- Christian Berkel -German actor

1957- Stephen Morris (musician)|Stephen Morris -English drummer (Joy Division, New Order, and The Other Two)

1957- Zach Wamp -American politician

1958- Concha García Campoy -Spanish journalist (d. 2013)

1958- Ashok Chavan -Indian businessman and politician, 16th Chief Minister of Maharashtra

1958- William Reid (musician)|William Reid -Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Jesus and Mary Chain)

1959- James Keelaghan -Canadian singer-songwriter

1959- Randy Wittman -American basketball player and coach

1960- Mark Derwin -American actor

1960- Landon Curt Noll -American computer scientist

1962- Scotty Nguyen -Vietnamese-American poker player

1962- Erik Thorstvedt -Norwegian footballer

1962- Daphne Zuniga -American actress

1963- Lauren Holly -American-Canadian actress

1963- James Miller (parachutist)|James Miller -American pilot (d. 2002)

1963- Eros Ramazzotti -Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1963- Sheryl Underwood -American comedian, actress, and talk show host

1963- List of Playboy Playmates of 1983|Verónica Gamba -Argentinian model and actress

1964- Andrew Bridgen -English politician

1964- Onofrio Catacchio -Italian illustrator

1965- Jami Gertz -American actress and producer

1965- Miyako Yoshida -Japanese ballet dancer

1966- Steve Atwater -American football player

1966- Andy Richter -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Aris Spiliotopoulos -Greek politician

1967- Monica Chan -Hong Kong model and actress, Miss Hong Kong|Miss Hong Kong 1989

1967- Kevin Macdonald (director)|Kevin Macdonald -Scottish director, producer, and screenwriter

1967- Julia Roberts -American actress and producer

1967- John Romero -American video game designer, co-founded Id Software

1968- Chris Broussard -American journalist and sportscaster

1968- Caitlin Cary -American singer and violinist (Whiskeytown)

1968- Marc Lièvremont -French rugby player and coach

1969- Javier Grillo-Marxuach -Puerto Rican screenwriter and producer

1969- Ben Harper -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Relentless7 and Fistful of Mercy)

1970- Greg Eagles -American voice actor

1971- Roxana Briban -Romanian soprano (d. 2010)

1971- Caroline Dinenage -English politician

1971- Leonidas Sabanis -Albanian-Greek weightlifter

1972- Terrell Davis -American football player and sportscaster

1972- Brad Paisley -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1973- Montel Vontavious Porter -American wrestler

1973- Aleksandar Stanojević -Serbian footballer and manager

1974- Braden Looper -American baseball player

1974- Vicente Moreno -Spanish footballer and manager

1974- Joaquin Phoenix -American actor and producer

1974- Dejan Stefanović -Serbian footballer and coach

1974- Dayanara Torres -Puerto Rican actress and singer, Miss Universe 1993

1975- Daniela Urzi -Argentine fashion model

1976- Keiron Cunningham -English-Welsh rugby player and coach

1976- Martin Lepa -Estonian footballer

1976- Simone Loria -Italian footballer

1977- Olga Vassiljeva -Estonian figure skater

1977- Lauren Woodland -American actress and lawyer

1978- Marta Etura -Spanish actress

1978- Justin Guarini -American singer-songwriter and actor

1979- Natina Reed -American rapper and actress (Blaque) (d. 2012)

1979- Martin Škoula -Czech ice hockey player

1980- Kanzi -American bonobo

1980- Christy Hemme -American wrestler, singer, and ring announcer

1980- Dimitri Liakopoulos -Greek actor

1980- Agnes Obel -Danish singer-songwriter and pianist

1980- Alan Smith (footballer, born 1980)|Alan Smith -English footballer

1981- Solomon Andargachew -Ethiopian footballer

1981- Milan Baroš -Czech footballer

1981- Nate McLouth -American baseball player

1981- Nick Montgomery -English footballer

1982- Jeremy Bonderman -American baseball player

1982- Enver Jääger -Estonian footballer

1982- Mai Kuraki -Japanese singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer

1982- Anthony Lerew -American baseball player

1982- Matt Smith (actor)|Matt Smith -English actor

1983- Jarrett Jack -American basketball player

1983- Joe Thomas (actor)|Joe Thomas -English actor and screenwriter

1984- Bryn Evans (New Zealand rugby union player)|Bryn Evans -New Zealand rugby player

1984- Obafemi Martins -Nigerian footballer

1985- Troian Bellisario -American actress

1986- Anthony Griffith -English footballer

1986- Aki Toyosaki -Japanese voice actress and singer

1987- Frank Ocean -American singer-songwriter (Odd Future)

1988- Edd Gould -English voice actor and animator, founded Eddsworld (d. 2012)

1988- Kim Un-Guk -North Korean weightlifter

1989- Camille Muffat -French swimmer

1991- Lucy Bronze -English footballer

1992- Maria Sergejeva -Estonian figure skater

1992- Lexi Ainsworth -American actress

1996- Jasmine Jessica Anthony -American actress

1997- Sierra McCormick -American actress

2004- Miss Beazley (dog)|Miss Beazley -American dog of George W. Bush (d. 2014)

History of Deaths

312- Maxentius -Roman emperor (b. 278)

457- Ibas of Edessa -Syrian bishop

1225- Jien -Japanese monk, historian, and poet (b. 1155)

1312- Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Germany -(b. 1262)

1412- Margaret I of Denmark -(b. 1353)

1568- Ashikaga Yoshihide -Japanese shogun (b. 1539)

1639- Stefano Landi -Italian composer and educator (b. 1587)

1646- William Dobson -English painter (b. 1610)

1661- Agustín Moreto y Cavana -Spanish priest and playwright (b. 1618)

1676- Jean Desmarets -French author, poet, and playwright (b. 1595)

1703- John Wallis -English mathematician and cryptographer (b. 1616)

1704- John Locke -English physician and philosopher (b. 1632)

1708- Prince George of Denmark -(b. 1653)

1716- Stephen Fox -English politician (b. 1627)

1740- Anna of Russia -(b. 1693)

1754- Friedrich von Hagedorn -German poet (b. 1708)

1755- Joseph Bodin de Boismortier -French composer (b. 1689)

1763- Heinrich von Brühl -German politician (b. 1700)

1768- Michel Blavet -French flute player and composer (b. 1700)

1787- Johann Karl August Musäus -German author (b. 1735)

1792- Paul Möhring -German physician, botanist, and zoologist (b. 1710)

1792- John Smeaton -English engineer, designed the Coldstream Bridge and Perth Bridge (b. 1724)

1800- Artemas Ward -American general and politician (b. 1727)

1806- Charlotte Turner Smith -English poet and author (b. 1749)

1818- Abigail Adams -American wife of John Adams, 2nd First Lady of the United States (b. 1744)

1841- Johan August Arfwedson -Swedish chemist (b. 1792)

1857- Louis-Eugène Cavaignac -French general and politician, 26th Prime Minister of France (b. 1802)

1877- Robert Swinhoe -English ornithologist and entomologist (b. 1835)

1879- Marie Roch Louis Reybaud -French economist and politician (b. 1799)

1899- Ottmar Mergenthaler -German-American inventor, invented the Linotype machine (b. 1854)

1900- Max Müller -German philologist and orientalist (b. 1823)

1914- Richard Heuberger -Austrian composer and critic (b. 1850)

1916- Cleveland Abbe -American meteorologist (b. 1838)

1916- Oswald Boelcke -German captain and pilot (b. 1891)

1917- Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein -(b. 1831)

1917- Dimitrios Votsis -Greek politician (b. 1841)

1918- Ulisse Dini -Italian mathematician and politician (b. 1845)

1929- Bernhard von Bülow -German politician, List of Chancellors of Germany|Chancellor of Germany (b. 1849)

1939- Alice Brady -American actress and singer (b. 1892)

1952- Billy Hughes -English-Australian politician, 7th Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1862)

1957- Ernst Gräfenberg -German-American physician and gynecologist (b. 1881)

1959- Camilo Cienfuegos -Cuban soldier (b. 1932)

1963- Mart Saar -Estonian organist and composer (b. 1882)

1965- Earl Bostic -American saxophonist (b. 1913)

1969- Constance Dowling -American model and actress (b. 1920)

1970- Baby Huey (singer)|Baby Huey -American singer-songwriter (Baby Huey & the Babysitters) (b. 1944)

1973- Taha Hussein -Egyptian historian, author, and academic (b. 1889)

1973- Sergio Tofano -Italian actor, director, and playwright (b. 1883)

1975- Georges Carpentier -French boxer and actor (b. 1894)

1975- Oliver Nelson -American saxophonist, clarinet player, and composer (b. 1932)

1978- Rukmani Devi -Sri Lankan singer and actress (b. 1923)

1986- John Braine -English author (b. 1922)

1987- André Masson -French painter (b. 1896)

1989- Henry Hall (bandleader)|Henry Hall -English bandleader, composer, and actor (b. 1898)

1990- Erich Göstl -Austrian SS officer (b. 1925)

1993- Yuri Lotman -Russian-Estonian historian and scholar (b. 1922)

1997- Paul Jarrico -American screenwriter and producer (b. 1915)

1998- Ted Hughes -English author, poet, and playwright (b. 1930)

1999- Antonios Katinaris -Greek singer-songwriter (b. 1931)

2000- Andújar Cedeño -Dominican baseball player (b. 1969)

2001- Gerard Hengeveld -Dutch pianist, composer, and educator (b. 1910)

2002- Margaret Booth -American screenwriter, producer, and editor (b. 1898)

2002- Erling Persson -Swedish businessman, founded H&M (b. 1917)

2004- Jimmy McLarnin -Irish-American boxer (b. 1907)

2005- Eugene K. Bird -American colonel (b. 1926)

2005- Bob Broeg -American journalist (b. 1918)

2005- Raymond Hains -French photographer (b. 1926)

2005- Tony Jackson (basketball, born 1942)|Tony Jackson -American basketball player (b. 1942)

2005- Fernando Quejas -Cape Verdean-Portuguese singer-songwriter (b. 1922)

2005- Richard Smalley -American chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1943)

2005- Ljuba Tadić -Serbian actor and screenwriter (b. 1929)

2006- Red Auerbach -American basketball player and coach (b. 1917)

2006- Tina Aumont -American actress (b. 1946)

2006- Trevor Berbick -Jamaican-Canadian boxer (b. 1955)

2006- Marijohn Wilkin -American songwriter (b. 1920)

2007- Jimmy Makulis -Greek singer (b. 1935)

2007- Porter Wagoner -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1927)

2008- Buck Adams -American pornographic film actor-director (d. 1955)

2009- Taylor Mitchell -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1990)

2010- Liang Congjie -Chinese historian and activist, founded Friends of Nature (China)|Friends of Nature (b. 1932)

2010- Gerard Kelly -Scottish actor (b. 1959)

2010- James MacArthur -American actor (b. 1937)

2010- Jonathan Motzfeldt -Greenlandic politician, 1st Prime Minister of Greenland (b. 1938)

2010- Ehud Netzer -Israeli archaeologist, architect, and educator (b. 1934)

2012- Merry Anders -American actress (b. 1932)

2012- Gordon Bilney -Australian dentist and politician (b. 1939)

2012- Bob Brunner -American screenwriter and producer (b. 1934)

2012- John Cheffers -Australian footballer and coach (b. 1936)

2012- Jack Dellal -English businessman (b. 1923)

2012- Ernst Heinrich Karlen -Swiss-Zimbabwean archbishop (b. 1922)

2012- Kevin Reilly (Louisiana politician)|Kevin Reilly -American soldier, businessman, and politician (b. 1928)

2012- George Riashi -Lebanese-Greek bishop (b. 1933)

2013- Bonfire (horse)|Bonfire -German race horse (b. 1983)

2013- Nalini Ambady -Indian-American psychologist and academic (b. 1959)

2013- Tetsuharu Kawakami -Japanese baseball player and manager (b. 1920)

2013- Tadeusz Mazowiecki -Polish journalist and politician, Prime Minister of Poland (b. 1927)

2013- Layne Redmond -American drummer, historian, and educator (b. 1952)

2013- Ike Skelton -American lawyer and politician (b. 1931)

2013- Aleksandar Tijanić -Serbian journalist (b. 1949)

2013- Rajendra Yadav -Indian author (b. 1929)