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Day History: October-24

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Famous Birthdays

51- Domitian -Roman emperor (d. 96)

1378- David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay -(d. 1402)

1503- Isabella of Portugal -(d. 1539)

1561- Anthony Babington -English leader of the Babington Plot (d. 1586)

1632- Antonie van Leeuwenhoek -Dutch biologist and microbiologist (d. 1723)

1675- Richard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham -English field marshal and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire (d. 1749)

1713- Marie Fel -French soprano (d. 1794)

1739- Duchess Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel -(d. 1807)

1763- Dorothea von Schlegel -German author and translator (d. 1839)

1788- Sarah Josepha Hale -American author and poet (d. 1879)

1804- Wilhelm Eduard Weber -German physicist and academic (d. 1891)

1811- Ferdinand Hiller -German composer and conductor (d. 1885)

1830- Marianne North -English biologist and painter (d. 1890)

1838- Annie Edson Taylor -American stuntwoman and educator (d. 1921)

1840- Eliza Pollock -American archer (d. 1919)

1854- Hendrik Willem Bakhuis Roozeboom -Dutch chemist and academic (d. 1907)

1855- James S. Sherman -American lawyer and politician, 27th Vice President of the United States (d. 1912)

1857- Ned Williamson -American baseball player (d. 1894)

1868- Alexandra David-Néel -Belgian-French explorer and author (d. 1969)

1872- Peter O'Connor (athlete)|Peter O'Connor -Irish long jumper (d. 1957)

1875- Konstantin Yuon -Russian painter (d. 1958)

1879- B. A. Rolfe -American bandleader and producer (d. 1956)

1882- Sybil Thorndike -English actress and singer (d. 1976)

1884- Emil Fjellström -Swedish actor (d. 1944)

1885- Rachel Katznelson-Shazar -Belarusian-Israeli wife of Zalman Shazar (d. 1975)

1887- Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg -(d. 1969)

1887- Octave Lapize -French cyclist and pilot (d. 1917)

1891- Rafael Trujillo -Dominican soldier and politician, 36th President of the Dominican Republic (d. 1961)

1891- Brenda Ueland -American journalist, author, and educator (d. 1985)

1894- Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay -Indian author, poet, and playwright (d. 1987)

1895- Jack Warner (actor)|Jack Warner -English actor and singer (d. 1981)

1896- Marjorie Joyner -American businesswoman (d. 1994)

1901- Gilda Gray -Polish-American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 1959)

1901- Hjalmar Mäe -Estonian politician (d. 1978)

1903- Melvin Purvis -American Federal Bureau of Investigation|FBI agent (d. 1960)

1904- Moss Hart -American director and playwright (d. 1961)

1904- A.K. Golam Jilani -Bangladeshi activist (d. 1932)

1905- Fran Zwitter -Slovenian historian and academic (d. 1988)

1906- Alexander Gelfond -Russian mathematician and cryptographer (d. 1968)

1908- John Tuzo Wilson -Canadian geologist and geophysicist (d. 1993)

1909- Bill Carr -American runner (d. 1966)

1910- Stella Brooks -American singer (d. 2002)

1910- Joe L. Evins -American lawyer and politician (d. 1984)

1910- Gunter d'Alquen -German journalist and SS officer (d. 1998)

1910- James K. Woolnough -American general (d. 1996)

1910- Yoel Zussman -Polish-Israeli lawyer and judge (d. 1982)

1911- Paul Grégoire -Canadian cardinal (d. 1993)

1911- Sonny Terry -American singer and harmonica player (d. 1986)

1913- Tito Gobbi -Italian actor and singer (d. 1984)

1914- Charles Craig Cannon -American colonel (d. 1992)

1914- František Čapek -Czech canoe racer (d. 2008)

1914- Claude B. Duval -American lawyer and politician (d. 1986)

1914- Samuel Karnarvon Asbell -Canadian politician (d. 1965)

1914- Ernesto Segura -Argentinian bishop (d. 1972)

1915- Bob Kane -American author and illustrator (d. 1998)

1915- Marghanita Laski -English journalist and author (d. 1988)

1915- Roger Milliken -American businessman (d. 2010)

1916- Anne Sharp -Scottish soprano (d. 2011)

1917- Marie Foster -American activist (d. 2003)

1918- Doreen Tovey -English author (d. 2008)

1919- Frank Piasecki -American engineer and pilot (d. 2008)

1920- Marcel-Paul Schützenberger -French mathematician and academic (d. 1996)

1921- Ted Ditchburn -English footballer and manager (d. 2005)

1921- R. K. Laxman -Indian illustrator

1922- George Miller (Arizona politician)|George Miller -American educator and politician, List of mayors of Tucson, Arizona|Mayor of Tucson

1923- Robin Day -English lieutenant and journalist (d. 2000)

1923- Denise Levertov -English-American poet and critic (d. 1997)

1924- Mary Lee (actress)|Mary Lee -American actress and singer (d. 1996)

1924- John Brereton Barlow -South African cardiologist and physician (d. 2008)

1925- Bob Azzam -Egyptian-Monacan singer (d. 2004)

1925- Luciano Berio -Italian composer and educator (d. 2003)

1925- Al Feldstein -American author and illustrator (d. 2014)

1925- Willie Mabon -American-French singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1985)

1925- Ieng Sary -Vietnamese-Cambodian politician co-founded the Khmer Rouge (d. 2013)

1925- Paul Vaughan -English journalist and radio host

1926- Rafael Azcona -Spanish author and screenwriter (d. 2008)

1926- Kidar Nath Sahani -Indian politician (d. 2012)

1926- Y. A. Tittle -American football player

1927- Gilbert Bécaud -French singer-songwriter, pianist, and actor (d. 2001)

1927- Jean-Claude Pascal -French actor and singer (d. 1992)

1927- Barbara Robinson (author)|Barbara Robinson -American author and poet (d. 2013)

1928- George Bullard -American baseball player (d. 2002)

1929- Hubert Aquin -Canadian activist, author, and director (d. 1977)

1929- Jim Brosnan -American baseball player and sportscaster (d. 2014)

1929- George Crumb -American composer and educator

1929- Rachel Douglas-Home, 27th Baroness Dacre -English wife of William Douglas-Home (d. 2012)

1929- Yordan Radichkov -Bulgarian author and playwright (d. 2004)

1929- Gustav Ranis -American economist and academic (d. 2013)

1929- Sos Sargsyan -Armenian actor (d. 2013)

1930- Jack Angel -American voice actor

1930- The Big Bopper -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1959)

1930- Elaine Feinstein -English poet, author, and playwright

1930- Johan Galtung -Norwegian sociologist and mathematician

1931- Sofia Gubaidulina -Russian-German composer

1931- Ken Utsui -Japanese actor (d. 2014)

1932- Stephen Covey -American author and educator (d. 2012)

1932- Pierre-Gilles de Gennes -French physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2007)

1932- Adrian Mitchell -English journalist, author, poet, and playwright (d. 2008)

1932- Robert Mundell -Canadian economist and academic, Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize laureate

1933- Kray twins|Reginald Kray -English gangster (d. 2000)

1933- Kray twins|Ronald Kray -English gangster (d. 1995)

1933- Norman Rush -American author and educator

1934- Peter Behn -American voice actor

1934- John G. Cramer -American physicist and author

1934- Ray Drake -English footballer (d. 2013)

1934- Glen Glenn (singer)|Glen Glenn -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1934- Jean-Baptiste Gourion -Algerian-French bishop (d. 2005)

1934- Sammy Petrillo -American actor (d. 2009)

1934- Sanger D. Shafer -American singer-songwriter

1935- Malcolm Bilson -American pianist, musicologist, and educator

1935- Antonino Calderone -Italian mobster (d. 2013)

1935- Mark Tully -Indian-English journalist and author

1936- Jimmy Dawkins -American singer and guitarist (d. 2013)

1936- David Nelson (actor)|David Nelson -American actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 2011)

1936- Bill Wyman -English singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (The Rolling Stones and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings)

1937- Miguel Ángel Coria -Spanish composer

1937- Barry Davies -English journalist and sportscaster

1937- John Goetz -American baseball player (d. 2008)

1937- Heribert Offermanns -German chemist and academic

1937- Rosaria Piomelli -Italian-American architect and educator

1937- Petar Stipetić -Croatian general

1938- Michael Graydon -English air marshal

1938- Odean Pope -American saxophonist (Catalyst (band)|Catalyst)

1938- Stephen Resnick -American economist and academic (d. 2013)

1939- John Adye -English intelligence officer

1939- F. Murray Abraham -American actor

1940- Martin Campbell -New Zealand director and producer

1940- Rafał Piszcz -Polish canoe racer (d. 2012)

1940- David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville -English businessman and academic

1941- William H. Dobelle -American medical researcher (d. 2004)

1942- Ruthann Aron -American politician

1942- Maggie Blye -American actress

1942- Ian Collins (footballer)|Ian Collins -Australian footballer and coach

1942- Frank Delaney -Irish journalist and author

1942- Don Francis -American epidemiologist and virologist

1942- Don Gant -American singer-songwriter and producer (The Neon Philharmonic) (d. 1987)

1942- Judy Manning -American politician

1942- Rafael Cordero Santiago -Puerto Rician politician, 132nd List of mayors of Ponce, Puerto Rico|Mayor of Ponce (d. 2004)

1942- Fernando Vallejo -Colombian biologist and author

1943- Bill Dundee -Scottish-American wrestler and manager

1943- Corky Siegel -American singer-songwriter and pianist (Siegel–Schwall Band)

1944- Ray Downs -American singer and author

1944- Viktor Prokopenko -Ukrainian footballer and manager (d. 2007)

1944- Bettye Swann -American singer-songwriter

1944- Ted Templeman -American singer, guitarist, and producer (Harpers Bizarre)

1945- Gérald Larose -Canadian educator and union leader

1946- Keti Chomata -Greek singer and actor (d. 2010)

1946- Jerry Edmonton -Canadian drummer (Steppenwolf (band)|Steppenwolf and The Sparrows (band)|The Sparrows) (d. 1993)

1947- Kevin Kline -American actor and singer

1948- Phil Bennett -Welsh rugby player

1948- Barry Ryan (singer)|Barry Ryan -English singer-songwriter

1948- Paul Ryan (singer)|Paul Ryan -English singer-songwriter and producer (d. 1992)

1948- Kweisi Mfume -American politician

1949- Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix -Mexican drug lord (d. 2013)

1949- Chester Marcol -American football player

1949- John Markoff -American journalist and author

1949- Robert Pickton -Canadian serial killer

1949- Keith Rowley -Trinidadian politician

1949- Stan White (linebacker)|Stan White -American football player and sportscaster

1950- Iggy Arroyo -Filipino politician (d. 2012)

1950- Karen Austin -American actress

1950- Pablove Black -Jamaican singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer

1950- Rawly Eastwick -American baseball player

1950- Steven Greenberg (musician)|Steven Greenberg -American singer-songwriter and producer (Lipps Inc.)

1950- Tom Myers (safety)|Tom Myers -American football player

1950- Miguel Ángel Pichetto -Argentinian lawyer and politician

1950- Miroslav Sládek -Czech politician

1950- Gabriella Sica -Italian poet

1950- Maria Teschler-Nicola -Austrian biologist, anthropologist, and ethnologist

1951- George Tsontakis -American composer and conductor

1952- Keith Bain -Canadian politician

1952- Francesco Camaldo -Italian priest

1952- Jane Fancher -American author and illustrator

1952- Mark Gray (singer)|Mark Gray -American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Exile (American band)|Exile)

1952- Omar Moreno -Panamanian baseball player

1952- Ney Rosauro -Brazilian drummer and composer

1952- Peter Smagorinsky -American theorist and educator

1952- Ángel Torres -Dominican baseball player

1952- Reggie Walton (baseball)|Reggie Walton -American baseball player

1952- David Weber -American author

1953- John Barton (footballer born 1953)|John Barton -English footballer and manager

1953- Charles Colbourn -Canadian computer scientist and mathematician

1953- Christoph Daum -German footballer and manager

1953- Steven Hatfill -American physician and virologist

1953- Mindy Newell -American nurse and author

1953- Mike Papantonio -American lawyer and radio host

1953- Jim Pettie -Canadian ice hockey player

1953- Shih Szu -Taiwanese actress

1953- Andrew Turner (politician)|Andrew Turner -English academic and politician

1953- David Wright (British musician)|David Wright -English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer

1954- Doug Davidson -American actor

1954- Thomas Mulcair -Canadian lawyer and politician

1954- Jožo Ráž -Slovak singer-songwriter and bass player (Elán (band)|Elán)

1954- Mike Rounds -American politician, 31st Governor of South Dakota

1954- Brad Sherman -American accountant, lawyer, and politician

1954- Malcolm Turnbull -Australian journalist and politician, 55th Minister for Communications (Australia)|Australian Minister for Communications

1955- Katherine Knight -Australian murderer

1955- Cheryl Studer -American soprano

1956- Dale Maharidge -American journalist and author

1956- Jeff Merkley -American politician

1956- David Stergakos -American-Greek basketball player

1957- Ron Gardenhire -German-American baseball player and manager

1957- John Kassir -American actor

1958- Vincent K. Brooks -American general

1958- Chip Hooper -American tennis player and coach

1959- Dominique Baert -French politician

1959- Gunnar Bakke -Norwegian banker and politician, 65th List of mayors of Bergen|Mayor of Bergen

1959- Mike Brewer (baseball)|Mike Brewer -American baseball player

1959- Chihiro Fujioka -Japanese director and composer

1959- Michelle Lujan Grisham -American lawyer and politician

1959- Rowland S. Howard -Australian guitarist and songwriter (The Birthday Party (band)|The Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls) (d. 2009)

1959- Brad Johnson (actor)|Brad Johnson -American actor

1959- Dave Meltzer -American journalist and historian

1959- Shawn Moody -American businessman and politician

1959- Ruth Perednik -English-Israeli psychologist and academic

1959- Denis Troch -French footballer and manager

1959- Annette Vilhelmsen -Danish educator and politician

1959- Anthony Waller -Lebanese-English actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1960- Dennis Anderson -American monster truck driver

1960- Ian Baker-Finch -Australian golfer and sportscaster

1960- Jaime Garzón -Colombian journalist, lawyer, and activist (d. 1999)

1960- Wolfgang Güllich -German rock climber (d. 1992)

1960- Joachim Winkelhock -German race car driver

1960- BD Wong -American actor and singer

1961- Mary Bono -American politician

1961- Bruce Castor -American lawyer and politician

1962- Yves Bertucci -French footballer and manager

1962- Dave Blaney -American race car driver

1962- Jonathan Davies (rugby, born 1962)|Jonathan Davies -Welsh rugby player and television host

1962- Ian Dalziel (footballer)|Ian Dalziel -English footballer and manager

1962- Ted Dekker -Indonesian-American author

1962- Debbie Googe -English bass player and songwriter (My Bloody Valentine (band)|My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and Snowpony)

1962- Kristen Hall -American singer-songwriter (Sugarland)

1962- Andrea Horwath -Canadian politician

1962- Roland Königshofer -Austrian cyclist

1962- Gene Larkin -American baseball player and coach

1962- Gibby Mbasela -Zambian footballer (d. 2000)

1962- Mark Miller (racer)|Mark Miller -American motorcycle racer

1962- Mark Morettini -American actor

1962- Jay Novacek -American football player and coach

1963- Mark Grant (baseball)|Mark Grant -American baseball player and sportscaster

1963- John Hendrie -Scottish footballer and manager

1963- Giselle Laronde -Trinidadian model, Miss World|Miss World 1986

1963- Arvind Raghunathan -Indian businessman

1964- Rosana Arbelo -Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist

1964- Linda Ballantyne -Canadian actress

1964- Paul Bonwick -Canadian businessman and politician

1964- Ray LeBlanc -American ice hockey player

1964- Doug Lee (basketball)|Doug Lee -American basketball player

1964- Dmitri Gorkov -Russian footballer and manager

1964- Janele Hyer-Spencer -American lawyer and politician

1964- Paul Vigay -English computer programmer (d. 2009)

1965- Kyriakos Velopoulos -German-Greek journalist and politician

1966- Roman Abramovich -Russian businessman and politician

1966- Simon Danczuk -English academic and politician

1967- Ian Bishop (cricketer)|Ian Bishop -Trinidadian cricketer and sportscaster

1967- Jacqueline McKenzie -Australian actress

1967- Esther McVey -English television host and politician

1968- Mark Walton (story artist)|Mark Walton -American voice actor and illustrator

1968- Robert Wilonsky -American journalist and critic

1969- Adela Noriega -Mexican actress

1970- Rob Leslie-Carter -English field hockey player and engineer

1970- Jeff Mangum -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, and Major Organ and the Adding Machine)

1970- Zensa Raggi -Moroccan-German porn actor and director

1970- Natassa Theodoridou -Greek singer

1971- Caprice Bourret -American model and actress

1971- Dervla Kirwan -Irish actress

1972- Raelee Hill -Australian actress

1972- Kim Ji-soo (actress)|Kim Ji-soo -South Korean actress

1972- Scott Peterson -American murderer

1972- Pat Williams (American football)|Pat Williams -American football player

1972- Jeremy Wright -English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales

1973- Madlib -American rapper and producer (Madvillain, Quasimoto, and Lootpack)

1973- Meelis Friedenthal -Estonian author and academic

1973- Levi Leipheimer -American cyclist

1973- Jackie McNamara -Scottish footballer and manager

1973- Laura Veirs -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1973- Jeff Wilson (sportsman)|Jeff Wilson -New Zealand rugby player, cricketer, and radio host

1974- Gábor Babos -Hungarian footballer

1974- Corey Dillon -American football player

1974- Wilton Guerrero -Dominican baseball player

1974- Jamal Mayers -Canadian ice hockey player

1975- Juan Pablo Ángel -Colombian footballer

1975- Frank Seator -Liberian footballer (d. 2013)

1976- Matteo Mazzantini -Italian rugby player

1976- Joakim Nätterqvist -Swedish actor

1976- Petar Stoychev -Bulgarian swimmer

1977- Iván Kaviedes -Ecuadoran footballer

1978- Carlos Edwards -Trinidadian footballer

1978- James Hopes -Australian cricketer

1979- Ben Gillies -Australian drummer and songwriter (Silverchair and Tambalane)

1979- Marijonas Petravičius -Lithuanian basketball player

1980- Monica (singer)|Monica -American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1980- Matthew Amoah -Ghanaian footballer

1980- John D. Kobs -American businessman, founded Apartment List

1980- Zac Posen -American fashion designer

1980- Christian Vander (footballer)|Christian Vander -German footballer

1980- Casey Wilson -American actress and screenwriter

1981- Sebastián Bueno -Argentinian footballer

1981- Jemima Rooper -English actress

1981- Tila Tequila -Singaporean-American model, actress, and singer

1982- Fairuz Fauzy -Malaysian race car driver

1982- Macay McBride -American baseball player

1983- Adrienne Bailon -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress (3LW and The Cheetah Girls (band)|The Cheetah Girls)

1983- V V Brown -English singer-songwriter and producer

1983- Hernán Garin -Argentinian footballer

1983- Brian Vickers -American race car driver

1984- Felicia Chin -Singaporean actress

1984- Jonas Gustavsson -Swedish ice hockey player

1984- Kaela Kimura -Japanese singer-songwriter (Sadistic Mika Band)

1985- Matthew Robinson (snowboarder)|Matthew Robinson -Australian snowboarder (d. 2014)

1985- Wayne Rooney -English footballer

1985- Oscar Wendt -Swedish footballer

1986- Drake (rapper)|Drake -Canadian rapper and actor

1986- John Ruddy -English footballer

1987- Lincoln Lewis -Australian actor

1987- Anthony Vanden Borre -Belgian footballer

1987- Charlie White (figure skater)|Charlie White -American figure skater

1988- Mitch Inman -Australian rugby player

1988- Christopher Linke -German race walker

1988- Demont Mitchell -Bahamian footballer

1989- PewDiePie -Swedish-English blogger

1989- Anderson Conceição -Brazilian footballer

1989- Shenae Grimes -Canadian actress

1989- Eric Hosmer -American baseball player

1989- Richard Kolitsch -German footballer (d. 2014)

1989- Eliza Taylor -Australian actress

1990- LaMarcus Tinker -American actor, director, and producer

1991- Torstein Andersen Aase -Norwegian footballer

1991- Marek Bednar -Slovak ice hockey player

1991- Bojan Dubljević -Montenegrin basketball player

1993- Nabil Jeffri -Malaysian race car driver

1994- Krystal (singer)|Krystal Jung -American-South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (f(x) (band)|f(x) and SM the Ballad)

1994- Tereza Martincová -Czech tennis player

1996- Kyla Ross -American gymnast

1997- Claudia Fragapane -English gymnast

1997- Raúl Chávez Sarmiento -Peruvian mathematician