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Day History: November-29

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Events History

561-King Chlothar I -dies at Compiègne. The Merovingian dynasty is continued by his four sons — Charibert I, Guntram, Sigebert I and Chilperic I — who divide the Francia|Frankish Kingdom.

800- Charlemagne -arrives at Rome to investigate the alleged crimes of Pope Leo III.

1394-The Korean king Taejo of Joseon|Yi Seong-gye -founder of the Joseon Dynasty, moves the capital from Kaesŏng to Hanyang, today known as Seoul.

1549-The Papal conclave, 1549–50|papal conclave of 1549–50 -begins.

1612-The Battle of Swally -takes place, which loosens the Portuguese Empire's hold on India.

1729- Natchez people|Natchez Indians -Natchez revolt|massacre 138 Frenchmen, 35 French women, and 56 children at Fort Rosalie, near the site of modern-day Natchez, Mississippi.

1776- American Revolutionary War -The Battle of Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia, comes to an end with the arrival of British reinforcements.

1777- San Jose, California -is founded as ''Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe''. It is the first civilian settlement, or ''pueblo'', in Alta California.

1781-The crew of the British slave ship '' Zong Massacre|Zong -' murders 133 Africans by dumping them into the sea to claim insurance.

1783-A 1783 New Jersey earthquake|5.3 magnitude earthquake -strikes New Jersey.

1830- November Uprising -An armed rebellion against Russia's rule in Congress Poland|Poland begins.

1847-The Sonderbund -is defeated by the joint forces of other Switzerland|Swiss cantons under General Guillaume-Henri Dufour.

1847- Whitman Massacre -Missionaries Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa, and 15 others are killed by Cayuse and Umatilla Indians, causing the Cayuse War.

1850-The treaty, Punctation of Olmütz -is signed in Olomouc. Prussia capitulates to Austrian Empire|Austria, which will take over the leadership of the German Confederation.

1864- American Indian Wars -Sand Creek Massacre

1864- American Civil War -Battle of Spring Hill

1872-American Indian Wars: The Modoc War -begins with the Battle of Lost River.

1877- Thomas Edison -demonstrates his phonograph for the first time.

1885-End of Third Anglo-Burmese War -and end of Burmese monarchy

1890-The Meiji Constitution -goes into effect in Japan, and the first Diet of Japan|Diet convenes.

1893-The Ziqiang Institute, today known as Wuhan University -is founded by Zhang Zhidong, governor of Hubei and Hunan Provinces in late Qing Dynasty China, after his memorial to the throne is approved by the Qing Government.

1899-The F.C. Barcelona -Association football club is founded.

1902-The Pittsburgh Stars -defeated the Philadelphia Athletics (NFL)|Philadelphia Athletics, 11–0, at the Recreation Park (Pittsburgh)|Pittsburgh Coliseum, to win the first championship associated with an National Football League (1902)|American national professional football league.

1929-U.S. Admiral Richard E. Byrd -leads the first expedition to fly over the South Pole.

1943- World War II -The second session of the Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), held to determine the post-war ordering of the country, concludes in Jajce in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1944-The first surgery (on a human) to correct Blue Baby Syndrome|blue baby syndrome -is performed by Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas.

1944-World War II: Liberation Day (Albania)|Albania is liberated -by Albanian resistance during World War II|partisan forces.

1945-The Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia -is declared.

1946-The SOBSI|All Indonesia Centre of Labour Organizations -(SOBSI) is founded in Jakarta.

1947- United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine|Partition Plan -The United Nations General Assembly approves a plan for the partition of Mandatory Palestine|Palestine.

1947- First Indochina War -French forces carry out a massacre at Mỹ Trạch massacre|Mỹ Trạch, Vietnam.

1950- Korean War -North Korean and People's Republic of China|Chinese troops force United Nations forces to retreat from North Korea.

1952-Korean War: President of the United States|U.S. President -elect Dwight D. Eisenhower fulfills a campaign promise by traveling to Korea to find out what can be done to end the conflict.

1961- Project Mercury -Mercury-Atlas 5 Mission

1963- President of the United States|U.S. President -Lyndon B. Johnson establishes the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

1963- Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831 -crashes shortly after takeoff from Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport|Montreal-Dorval International Airport, killing all 118 people on board.

1965-The Canadian Space Agency -launches the satellite Alouette 2.

1967- Vietnam War -United States Secretary of Defense|U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara announces his resignation.

1972- Atari, Inc.|Atari -announces the release of ''Pong'', the first commercially successful video game.

1975- Graham Hill -and Tony Brise, along with three other members of the Embassy Hill F1 team, were killed when their plane crashed at Arkley golf course, England, in thick fog.

1987- Korean Air Flight 858 -explodes over the Thai–Burmese border, killing 115.

1990- Gulf War -The United Nations Security Council passes two resolutions to restore international peace and security if Iraq does not withdraw its forces from Kuwait and free all foreign hostages by January 15, 1991.

2007-The Armed Forces of the Philippines -lay siege to the Peninsula Manila after soldiers led by Senator Antonio Trillanes stage a Manila Peninsula Mutiny|mutiny.

2007-A 2007 Martinique earthquake|7.4 magnitude earthquake -occurs off the northern coast of Martinique. This affects the Eastern Caribbean as far north as Puerto Rico and as far south as Trinidad.

2009- Maurice Clemmons -Lakewood, Washington police officer shooting|shoots and kills four police officers inside a coffee shop in Lakewood, Washington.

2013- LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 -crashes in Namibia, killing 33 people.

Famous Birthdays

1338- Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence -Belgian-English politician, List of Lords Lieutenant of Ireland|Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d. 1368)

1427- Zhengtong Emperor -of China (d. 1464)

1484- Joachim Vadian -Swiss physician, scholar, and politician (d. 1551)

1627- John Ray -English biologist and botanist (d. 1705)

1690- Christian August, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst -(d. 1747)

1705- Michael Christian Festing -English violinist and composer (d. 1752)

1711- Laura Bassi -Italian physicist and academic (d. 1778)

1752- Jemima Wilkinson -American evangelist (d. 1819)

1778- Hryhory Kvitka -Ukrainian writer, journalist, and playwright (d. 1843)

1781- Andrés Bello -Venezuelan poet and philosopher (d. 1865)

1797- Gaetano Donizetti -Italian composer (d. 1848)

1798- Alexander Brullov -Russian painter and architect, designed the Pulkovo Observatory (d. 1877)

1799- Amos Bronson Alcott -American philosopher and educator (d. 1888)

1802- Wilhelm Hauff -German poet and author (d. 1827)

1803- Christian Doppler -Austrian mathematician and physicist (d. 1853)

1803- Gottfried Semper -German architect and academic, designed the Semper Opera House (d. 1879)

1816- Morrison Waite -American jurist and politician, 7th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1888)

1818- George Brown (Canadian politician)|George Brown -Scottish-Canadian journalist and politician, 10th List of Joint Premiers of the Province of Canada|Premier of West Canada (d. 1880)

1818- William Ellery Channing (poet)|William Ellery Channing -American poet (d. 1901)

1825- Jean-Martin Charcot -French neurologist and psychologist (d. 1893)

1832- Louisa May Alcott -American author and poet (d. 1888)

1835- Empress Dowager Cixi -of China (d. 1908)

1849- John Ambrose Fleming -English physicist and engineer (d. 1945)

1856- Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg -German politician, 5th Chancellor of Germany (d. 1921)

1857- Theodor Escherich -German-Austrian pediatrician and academic (d. 1911)

1861- Spyridon Samaras -Greek composer (d. 1917)

1874- Francis Dodd (artist)|Francis Dodd -Welsh-English painter and academic (d. 1949)

1874- Egas Moniz -Portuguese physician and neurologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)

1876- Nellie Tayloe Ross -American educator and politician, 14th Governor of Wyoming (d. 1977)

1878- John Derbyshire (swimmer)|John Derbyshire -English swimmer and water polo player (d. 1938)

1879- Jacob Gade -Danish violinist and composer (d. 1963)

1881- Artur Phleps -Romanian-German general (d. 1944)

1881- Julius Raab -Austrian engineer and politician, 19th Chancellor of Austria (d. 1964)

1882- Henri Fabre -French pilot and engineer (d. 1984)

1888- Joe Slater -Australian footballer and captain (d. 1917)

1894- Lucille Hegamin -American singer (d. 1970)

1895- Busby Berkeley -American director and choreographer (d. 1976)

1895- William Tubman -Liberian lawyer and politician, 19th President of Liberia (d. 1971)

1896- Yakima Canutt -American actor, stuntman, and director (d. 1986)

1898- C. S. Lewis -Irish-English author and poet (d. 1963)

1899- Andrija Artuković -Croatian lawyer and politician, 1st Government of the Independent State of Croatia|Minister of Interior of the Independent State of Croatia (d. 1988)

1901- Mildred Harris -American actress (d. 1944)

1904- Egon Eiermann -German architect, designed the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (d. 1970)

1905- Marcel Lefebvre -French-Swiss archbishop (d. 1991)

1908- N. S. Krishnan -Indian actor, singer, and director (d. 1957)

1908- Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. -American pastor and politician (d. 1972)

1910- Elizabeth Choy -Malaysian-Singaporean educator and politician (d. 2006)

1910- Antanas Škėma -Lithuanian actor and director (d. 1961)

1915- Ludu Daw Amar -Burmese journalist and author (d. 2008)

1915- Billy Strayhorn -American pianist and composer (d. 1967)

1916- Fran Ryan -American actress (d. 2000)

1917- Pierre Gaspard-Huit -French director and screenwriter

1917- Merle Travis -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1983)

1918- Madeleine L'Engle -American author and poet (d. 2007)

1919- Joe Weider -Canadian-American bodybuilder and publisher, co-founded the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness and ''Muscle & Fitness|Muscle & Fitness Magazine'' (d. 2013)

1920- Yegor Ligachev -Russian politician

1920- Joseph Shivers -American chemist and academic, developed spandex (d. 2014)

1921- Dagmar (American actress)|Dagmar -American model, actress, and singer (d. 2001)

1921- Jackie Stallone -American astrologer and dancer

1922- Michael Howard (historian)|Michael Howard -English-American historian, author, and academic

1924- Charles E. Mower -American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1944)

1925- Minnie Miñoso -Cuban-American baseball player and manager

1925- Yuk Young-soo -The wife of the 3rd South Korean president Park Chung-hee and the mother of incumbent South Korean president Park Geun-hye (d. 1974)

1927- Vin Scully -American sportscaster

1928- Tahir Salahov -Azerbaijani painter and educator

1928- Paul Simon (politician)|Paul Simon -American intelligence officer and politician, 39th Lieutenant Governor of Illinois (d. 2003)

1928- Ernie Vossler -American golfer (d. 2013)

1929- Derek Jameson -English journalist (d. 2012)

1929- Woo Yong-gak -North Korean soldier

1930- Shirley Porter -English politician

1930- Vladimir Šenauer -Croatian footballer (d. 2013)

1930- Alan Lee Williams -English academic and politician

1931- Shintaro Katsu -Japanese actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 1997)

1931- André Noyelle -Belgian cyclist (d. 2003)

1932- Jacques Chirac -French politician, 22nd President of France

1932- Fernando Guillén (actor)|Fernando Guillén -Spanish actor (d. 2013)

1932- Marc Vaux -English painter

1933- Horst Assmy -German footballer (d. 1972)

1933- John Mayall -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers)

1933- James Rosenquist -American painter

1934- Terry Dyson -English footballer

1935- Diane Ladd -American actress

1935- Thomas J. O'Brien (bishop)|Thomas J. O'Brien -American bishop

1938- Gene Okerlund -American ring announcer and journalist

1938- Kashiwado Tsuyoshi -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 47th Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (d. 1996)

1939- Meco -American trombonist and producer

1939- Peter Bergman (comedian)|Peter Bergman -American actor and screenwriter (d. 2012)

1940- Denny Doherty -Canadian singer-songwriter (The Mamas & the Papas and The Halifax III) (d. 2007)

1940- Oscar Espinosa Chepe -Cuban-Spanish economist and journalist (d. 2013)

1940- Chuck Mangione -American horn player and composer

1940- Janet Smith (judge)|Janet Smith -English lawyer and judge

1941- Bill Freehan -American baseball player, coach, and sportscaster

1941- Roberto Rodríguez (baseball)|Roberto Rodríguez -Venezuelan baseball player and coach (d. 2012)

1942- Felix Cavaliere -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer (The Rascals)

1942- Ann Dunham -American anthropologist (d. 1995)

1942- Philippe Huttenlocher -Swiss opera singer

1942- Maggie Thompson -American author and critic

1942- Chatrichalerm Yukol -Thai director, producer, and screenwriter

1942- John Grillo -English actor and playwright

1943- Janet Holmes à Court -Australian businesswoman

1943- Sue Miller -American author and academic

1944- Twink (musician)|Twink -English singer-songwriter, drummer, and actor (The Pretty Things, Pink Fairies, Tomorrow (band)|Tomorrow and Stars (British band)|Stars)

1945- Csaba Pleh -Hungarian psychologist and linguist

1946- Brian Cadd -Australian singer-songwriter, keyboard player and producer (The Groop, Axiom (Australian band)|Axiom, and The Flying Burrito Brothers)

1946- Suzy Chaffee -American skier and actress

1946- Nathan Jung -Chinese American actor and stuntman

1946- Silvio Rodríguez -Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist

1947- Malcolm Grant -New Zealand-English lawyer and academic

1947- Petra Kelly -German activist and politician (d. 1992)

1947- Ronnie Montrose -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Montrose (band)|Montrose and Gamma (band)|Gamma) (d. 2012)

1948- David Rintoul -Scottish actor

1949- Jerry Lawler -American wrestler, sportscaster, and actor

1949- Dutch Mantel -American wrestler and manager

1949- Stan Rogers -Canadian singer-songwriter (d. 1983)

1949- Garry Shandling -American comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1949- Steve Smith (politician)|Steve Smith -American lawyer and politician (d. 2014)

1950- Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. -American author (d. 2012)

1951- Barry Goudreau -American guitarist (Boston (band)|Boston, RTZ (band)|RTZ, and Ernie and the Automatics)

1951- Roger Troutman -American singer-songwriter and producer (Zapp (band)|Zapp) (d. 1999)

1952- Jeff Fahey -American actor and producer

1952- Dusty Hare -English rugby player and cricketer

1953- Jackie French -Australian author

1953- Alex Grey -American painter

1953- Christine Pascal -French actress, director, and screenwriter (d. 1996)

1954- Joel Coen -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1954- Steve Rogers (rugby league)|Steve Rogers -Australian rugby player and coach (d. 2006)

1955- C. David Johnson -Canadian actor

1955- Howie Mandel -Canadian comedian, actor, and television host

1956- Hinton Battle -German-American actor, dancer, and choreographer

1956- Yvonne Fovargue -English politician

1956- Eric Laakso -American football player (d. 2010)

1956- Leo Laporte -American television host and author

1956- Katrin Saks -Estonian politician

1957- Jennifer Batten -American guitarist, songwriter, and producer

1957- Janet Napolitano -American lawyer, academic, and politician, 3rd United States Secretary of Homeland Security

1957- Matthew Rubel -American businessman

1957- Mario Salieri -Italian porn director and producer

1958- Michael Dempsey -Zimbabwean-English bass player (The Cure, Associates (band)|Associates, Presence (band)|Presence, Easy Cure, The Lotus Eaters (band)|The Lotus Eaters, and Malice (UK band)|Malice)

1958- John Dramani Mahama -Ghanaian historian and politician, 4th President of Ghana

1958- Devon Scott -American actress

1959- Richard Borcherds -South African-English mathematician and academic

1959- Neal Broten -American ice hockey player

1959- Rich Camarillo -American football player and coach

1959- Rahm Emanuel -American politician, 23rd White House Chief of Staff

1959- Steve Hindalong -American drummer, songwriter, and producer (The Choir (alternative rock band)|The Choir and Lost Dogs)

1960- Marco Bucci -Italian discus thrower (d. 2013)

1960- Howard Johnson (baseball)|Howard Johnson -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1960- Cathy Moriarty -American actress

1961- Kim Delaney -American actress and producer

1961- Masayoshi Yamashita -Japanese bass player (Loudness (band)|Loudness)

1962- Ronny Jordan -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2014)

1962- Andy LaRocque -Swedish guitarist, songwriter, and producer (King Diamond (band)|King Diamond and Death (metal band)|Death)

1962- Andrew McCarthy -American actor and director

1963- Lalit Modi -Indian businessman

1964- Don Cheadle -American actor and producer

1964- Cork Graham -American author and photographer

1964- Ken Monkou -Surinamese-Dutch footballer

1964- Tom Sizemore -American actor and producer

1965- Ellen Cleghorne -American comedian and actress

1965- Yutaka Ozaki -Japanese poet and pianist (d. 1992)

1966- John Layfield -American wrestler and sportscaster

1967- Zbigniew Szewczyk -Polish footballer

1968- Jonathan Knight -American singer-songwriter and dancer (New Kids on the Block)

1969- Kasey Keller -American soccer player, manager, and sportscaster

1969- Mariano Rivera -Panamanian-American baseball player

1969- Pierre van Hooijdonk -Dutch footballer

1970- Larry Joe Campbell -American actor and director

1970- Frank Delgado (American musician)|Frank Delgado -American keyboard player (Deftones)

1970- Mark Pembridge -Welsh footballer and coach

1970- Ryu Seung-ryong -South Korean Actor

1971- Brad May -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1971- Gena Lee Nolin -American actress

1972- Willie Bain -Scottish academic and politician

1972- Brian Baumgartner -American actor and producer

1972- Jamal Mashburn -American basketball player and sportscaster

1972- Minoru Tanaka (wrestler)|Minoru Tanaka -Japanese wrestler and boxer

1973- Ryan Giggs -Welsh footballer

1973- Sarah Jones (stage actress)|Sarah Jones -American actress and playwright

1974- Lin Chi-ling -Taiwanese model and actress

1974- Pavol Demitra -Slovak ice hockey player (d. 2011)

1974- Ferenc Merkli -Hungarian-Slovene priest

1975- Andreas Ioannides -Cypriot footballer

1975- Younus Khan -Pakistani cricketer

1976- Chris Akins -American football player

1976- Lindsay Benko -American swimmer

1976- Anna Faris -American actress and singer

1976- Michalis Kakiouzis -Greek basketball player

1976- Ehren McGhehey -American actor and stuntman

1977- Juan José Gurruchaga -Chilean actor

1977- Maria Petrova (figure skater)|Maria Petrova -Russian figure skater

1978- Alessandro Fei (volleyball)|Alessandro Fei -Italian volleyball player

1978- Lauren German -American actress

1978- Dimitrios Konstantopoulos -Greek footballer

1978- Ludwika Paleta -Polish-Mexican actress

1978- Benjamín Vicuña -Chilean actor

1979- Simon Amstell -English comedian, actor, and television host

1979- Adam Barrett -English footballer

1979- Francis Beltrán -Dominican baseball player

1979- The Game (rapper)|The Game -American rapper, producer, and actor (G-Unit)

1979- Neal Horgan -American-Irish footballer

1980- Janina Gavankar -American actress and musician

1980- Chun Jung-myung -South Korean actor

1980- Ilias Kasidiaris -Greek politician

1980- Brian Wolfe -American baseball player

1981- John Milhiser -American comedian and actor

1981- Nicholas Teo -Malaysian singer and actor

1981- Fawad Afzal Khan -Pakistani actor and singer

1982- Ramya -Indian actress, singer, and politician

1982- Lucas Black -American actor

1982- Ashley Force -American race car driver

1982- Imogen Thomas -Welsh-English model

1983- Tanner Glass -Canadian ice hockey player

1983- Jennifer Oeser -German heptathlete

1984- Ji Hyun-woo -South Korean actor and guitarist

1984- Sitti Navarro -Filipino singer and actress

1985- Evangelia Aravani -Greek model

1985- Shannon Brown -American basketball player

1985- Junnosuke Taguchi -Japanese singer and actor (KAT-TUN)

1986- Park Ju-hyun -South Korean rapper, dancer, and actress (Spica (band)|Spica)

1987- Stephen O'Halloran -Irish footballer

1988- Lee Hyun-Ho -South Korean footballer

1988- Nika Kiladze -Georgian footballer (d. 2014)

1988- Clémence Saint-Preux -French singer and actress

1990- Lee Minhyuk -South Korean singer, actor, and dancer (BtoB (band)|BtoB)

1991- Becky James -Welsh cyclist

1991- Zac Sunderland -American sailor

1992- David Lambert (actor)|David Lambert -American actor

1995- Laura Marano -American actress and singer

1996- Akvilė Paražinskaitė -Lithuanian tennis player

1997- Ye Qiuyu -Chinese tennis player

History of Deaths

521- Jacob of Serugh -Syrian poet and theologian (b. 451)

561- Chlothar I -Frankish king (b. 497)

1253- Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria -(b. 1206)

1268- Pope Clement IV -(b. 1190)

1314- Philip IV of France -(b. 1268)

1330- Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March -English soldier and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1287)

1342- Michael of Cesena -Italian general, priest, and theologian (b. 1270)

1378- Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor -(b. 1316)

1530- Thomas Wolsey -English cardinal (b. 1470)

1544- Jungjong of Joseon -(b. 1488)

1590- Philipp Nikodemus Frischlin -German philologist and poet (b. 1547)

1595- Alonso de Ercilla -Spanish soldier and poet (b. 1533)

1626- Ernst von Mansfeld -German commander (b. 1580)

1632- Frederick V, Elector Palatine -German husband of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia (b. 1596)

1643- William Cartwright (dramatist)|William Cartwright -English priest and playwright (b. 1611)

1643- Claudio Monteverdi -Italian priest and composer (b. 1567)

1646- Laurentius Paulinus Gothus -Swedish astronomer and theologian (b. 1565)

1661- Brian Walton (bishop)|Brian Walton -English bishop and scholar (b. 1600)

1682- Prince Rupert of the Rhine -(b. 1619)

1694- Marcello Malpighi -Italian physician and biologist (b. 1628)

1695- James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair -Scottish lawyer and politician, Lord President of the Court of Session (b. 1619)

1699- Patrick Gordon -Scottish-Russian general (b. 1635)

1759- Nicolaus I Bernoulli -Swiss mathematician and theorist (b. 1687)

1780- Maria Theresa -Austrian wife of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1717)

1797- Samuel Langdon -American clergyman and academic (b. 1723)

1830- John Maurice Hauke -Polish general (b. 1775)

1847- Marcus Whitman -American physician and missionary (b. 1802)

1883- Hiệp Hòa -Vietnamese emperor (b. 1847)

1924- Giacomo Puccini -Italian composer (b. 1858)

1927- George Giffen -Australian cricketer (b. 1859)

1939- Philipp Scheidemann -German politician, 10th Chancellor of Germany (b. 1865)

1941- Frank Waller -American sprinter and hurdler (b. 1884)

1942- Boyd Wagner -American colonel and pilot (b. 1916)

1946- Johannes Vares -Estonian poet, physician, and politician, 8th Prime Minister of Estonia (b. 1890)

1953- Sam De Grasse -Canadian-American actor (b. 1875)

1953- Alfons Fryland -Austrian actor (b. 1888)

1953- Milt Gross -American illustrator and animator (b. 1895)

1954- Dink Johnson -American pianist, clarinet player, and drummer (b. 1892)

1957- Erich Wolfgang Korngold -Czech-American pianist and composer (b. 1897)

1967- Ferenc Münnich -Hungarian soldier and politician, 47th List of Prime Ministers of Hungary|Prime Minister of Hungary (b. 1886)

1970- Robert T. Frederick -American general (b. 1907)

1972- Carl Stalling -American pianist and composer (b. 1888)

1974- James J. Braddock -American boxer (b. 1905)

1975- Tony Brise -English race car driver (b. 1952)

1975- Graham Hill -English race car driver (b. 1929)

1980- Dorothy Day -American journalist and activist, co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement (b. 1897)

1980- George J. Maloof, Sr. -American businessman (b. 1923)

1981- Natalie Wood -American actress and singer (b. 1938)

1982- Percy Williams (sprinter)|Percy Williams -Canadian sprinter (b. 1908)

1984- Gotthard Günther -Polish-German philosopher and academic (b. 1900)

1986- Cary Grant -English-American actor and singer (b. 1904)

1987- Irene Handl -English actress (b. 1901)

1991- Ralph Bellamy -American actor and singer (b. 1904)

1991- Frank Yerby -American author (b. 1916)

1992- Jean Dieudonné -French mathematician and academic (b. 1906)

1992- Blanchette Ferry Rockefeller -American philanthropist (b. 1909)

1993- J. R. D. Tata -French-Indian pilot and businessman, founded Tata Motors and Tata Global Beverages (b. 1904)

1996- Dan Flavin -American sculptor (b. 1933)

1996- Denis Jenkinson -English motor sport journalist (b. 1920)

1998- Giant Haystacks -English wrestler (b. 1947)

1998- Frank Latimore -American actor (b. 1925)

1999- Gene Rayburn -American game show host (b. 1917)

1999- Kazuo Sakamaki -Japanese soldier (b. 1918)

2000- Ilmar Laaban -Estonian-Swedish poet and publicist (b. 1921)

2001- Mic Christopher -Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1969)

2001- George Harrison -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Plastic Ono Band, and The Quarrymen) (b. 1943)

2001- John Knowles -American soldier and author (b. 1926)

2002- Daniel Gélin -French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1921)

2002- George Harris (wrestler)|George Harris -American wrestler and manager (b. 1927)

2003- Moondog Spot -American wrestler (b. 1952)

2004- John Drew Barrymore -American actor (b. 1932)

2004- Harry Danning -American baseball player and coach (b. 1911)

2005- David Di Tommaso -French footballer (b. 1979)

2005- Wendie Jo Sperber -American actress (b. 1958)

2006- Allen Carr -English-Spanish accountant and author (b. 1934)

2007- James Barber (author)|James Barber -Canadian chef and author (b. 1923)

2007- Ralph Beard -American basketball player (b. 1927)

2007- Henry Hyde -American lawyer and politician (b. 1924)

2007- Roger Smith (executive)|Roger Smith -American businessman (b. 1925)

2007- Tom Terrell (journalist)|Tom Terrell -American journalist and photographer (b. 1950)

2008- Jørn Utzon -Danish architect, designed the Sydney Opera House (b. 1918)

2009- Robert Holdstock -English author (b. 1948)

2010- Bella Akhmadulina -Russian poet and author (b. 1937)

2010- Al Masini -American production manager and producer (b. 1930)

2010- Mario Monicelli -Italian director and screenwriter (b. 1915)

2010- S. Sivanayagam -Sri Lankan journalist and author (b. 1930)

2010- Stephen J. Solarz -American academic and politician (b. 1940)

2010- Maurice Wilkes -English computer scientist (b. 1913)

2011- Patrice O'Neal -American comedian, actor, and screenwriter (b. 1969)

2012- Joelmir Beting -Brazilian journalist (b. 1936)

2012- Joe Kulbacki -American football player and author (b. 1938)

2012- Susan Luckey -American actress and singer (b. 1938)

2012- Sherab Palden Beru -Tibetan painter (b. 1911)

2012- Marie-Jacques Perrier -French actress, singer, and fashion designer (b. 1924)

2012- Merv Pregulman -American football player and businessman (b. 1922)

2012- Buddy Roberts -American wrestler and manager (b. 1945)

2012- Klaus Schütz -German politician (b. 1926)

2012- Joyce Spiliotis -American politician (b. 1946)

2012- Benjamin Tatar -American actor (b. 1930)

2013- Clara Cannucciari -American chef and author (b. 1915)

2013- Oliver Cheatham -American singer-songwriter (b. 1948)

2013- Charles Cooper (actor)|Charles Cooper -American actor (b. 1926)

2013- Dick Dodd -American drummer and actor (The Bel-Airs, The Standells, and Eddie & the Showmen) (b. 1945)

2013- Colin Eglin -South African politician (b. 1925)

2013- Natalya Gorbanevskaya -Russian-Polish poet and activist (b. 1936)

2013- Chris Howland -English-Canadian radio and television host (b. 1928)

2013- Baku Mahadeva -Sri Lankan civil servant and academic (b. 1921)

2013- Brian Torrey Scott -American playwright and screenwriter (b. 1976)