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Day History: November-27

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Events History

25- Luoyang -is History of the Han Dynasty#Reconsolidation under Guangwu|declared capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty by Emperor Guangwu of Han.

176-Emperor Marcus Aurelius -grants his son Commodus the rank of "Imperator" and makes him Supreme Commander of the Roman legions.

395- Rufinus (consul)|Rufinus -Praetorian prefecture of the East|praetorian prefect of the East, is murdered by Goths|Gothic mercenaries under Gainas.

511-King Clovis I -dies at Paris ("Lutetia") and is buried in the Abbey of St Genevieve. The Merovingian dynasty|Merovingian Dynasty is continued by his four sons — Theuderic I, Chlodomer, Childebert I and Chlothar I — who divide the Francia|Frankish Kingdom and rule from the capitals at Metz, Orléans, Paris and Soissons.

602-Emperor Maurice (emperor)|Maurice -is forced to watch his five sons be executed before being Decapitation|beheaded himself; their bodies are thrown into the sea and their heads are exhibited in Constantinople.

1095- Pope Urban II -declares the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont.

1295-The first elected representatives from Lancashire -are called to Westminster by Edward I of England|King Edward I to attend what later became known as "Model Parliament|The Model Parliament".

1703-The first Eddystone Lighthouse -is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703.

1727-The foundation stone to the Jerusalem's Church -in Berlin is laid.

1807-The Portuguese Royal Family History of Portugal (1777–1834)#Napoleonic invasions|leaves Lisbon to escape from Napoleonic troops -

1810-The Berners Street Hoax -was perpetrated by Theodore Hook in the City of Westminster, London.

1815-Adoption of Constitution of the Kingdom of Poland -

1830- St. Catherine Laboure -experiences a vision of the Blessed Virgin standing on a globe, crushing a serpent with her feet, and emanating rays of light from her hands.

1835- James Pratt and John Smith -are hanged in London; they are the last two to be executed for sodomy in England.

1839-In Boston -Massachusetts, the American Statistical Association is founded.

1856-The Luxembourg Coup of 1856|Coup of 1856 -leads to Luxembourg's unilateral adoption of a new, reactionary Constitution of Luxembourg|constitution.

1863- American Civil War -Confederate States of America|Confederate cavalry leader John Hunt Morgan and several of his men escape the Ohio Penitentiary and return safely to the Confederate States of America|South.

1868- American Indian Wars -Battle of Washita River

1886-German judge Emil Hartwich -sustains fatal injuries in a duel, which would become the background for Theodor Fontane's ''Effi Briest''.

1895-At the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris -Alfred Nobel signs his last will and testament, setting aside his estate to establish the Nobel Prize after he dies.

1901-The U.S. Army War College -is established.

1912- Spain -declares a protectorate over the north shore of Morocco.

1924-In New York City -the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held.

1940-In Kingdom of Romania|Romania -the ruling Iron Guard fascist party assassinates over 60 of arrested King Carol II of Romania's aides and other political dissidents, including former Prime Minister of Romania|Prime Minister Nicolae Iorga.

1940- World War II -At the Battle of Cape Spartivento, the Royal Navy engages the Regia Marina in the Mediterranean Sea.

1942-World War II: At Toulon -the French navy Scuttling of the French fleet in Toulon|scuttles its ships and submarines to keep them out of Nazism|Nazi hands.

1954- Alger Hiss -is released from prison after serving 44 months for perjury.

1963-The Convention on the Unification of Certain Points of Substantive Law on Patents for Invention -is signed at Strasbourg.

1965- Vietnam War -The Pentagon tells President of the United States|U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson that if planned operations are to succeed, the number of United States|American troops in Vietnam has to be increased from 120,000 to 400,000.

1968- Penny Ann Early -became the first woman to play major professional basketball, for the Kentucky Colonels in an American Basketball Association|ABA game against the Los Angeles Stars.

1971-The Soviet space program -s Mars probe program|''Mars 2'' orbiter releases a descent module. It malfunctions and crashes, but it is the first man-made object to reach the surface of Mars.

1973- Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution|Twenty-fifth Amendment -The United States Senate votes 92 to 3 to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States. (On December 6, the United States House of Representatives|House will confirm him 387 to 35).

1975-The Provisional IRA -assassinates Ross McWhirter, after a news conference|press conference in which McWhirter had announced a reward for the capture of those responsible for multiple bombings and shootings across England.

1978-In San Francisco, California -city mayor George Moscone and openly gay city supervisor Harvey Milk are Moscone-Milk assassinations|assassinated by former supervisor Dan White.

1978-The Kurdistan Workers' Party -(PKK) is founded in the city of Riha (Urfa) in Turkey.

1983- Avianca Flight 011 -A Boeing 747 crashes near Madrid, Spain|Madrid's Barajas Airport, killing 181.

1984-Under the Brussels Agreement, 1984|Brussels Agreement -signed between the governments of the United Kingdom and Spain, the former agreed to enter into discussions with Spain over Gibraltar, including sovereignty.

1989- Avianca Flight 203 -a Boeing 727, explodes in mid-air over Colombia, killing all 107 people on board and three people on the ground. The Medellín Cartel will claim responsibility for the attack.

1991-The United Nations Security Council -adopts United Nations Security Council Resolution 721|Security Council Resolution 721, leading the way to the establishment of peacekeeping operations in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia|Yugoslavia.

1992-For the second time in a year, Armed forces|military forces -try to overthrow president Carlos Andres Perez in Venezuela.

1997-Twenty-five are killed in the second Souhane massacre -in Algeria.

1999-The left-wing New Zealand Labour Party|Labour Party -takes control of the New Zealand government with leader Helen Clark becoming the first elected female Prime Minister in New Zealand's history.

2000-In the Canadian federal election, 2000|Canadian federal election -the Liberal Party of Canada wins its third consecutive election with a gain in the number of its members.

2001-A hydrogen -Celestial body atmosphere|atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris (planet)|Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet.

2004- Pope John Paul II -returns the relics of John Chrysostom|Saint John Chrysostom to the Eastern Orthodox Church.

2005-The first partial human face transplant -is completed in Amiens, France.

2006-The House of Commons of Canada|Canadian House of Commons -approves a motion tabled by Canadian Prime Minister|Prime Minister Stephen Harper recognizing Québécois nation motion|the Québécois as a nation within Canada.

2009- 2009 Nevsky Express bombing -A bomb explodes on the Nevsky Express train between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, derailing it and causing 28 deaths and 96 injuries.

Famous Birthdays

111- Antinous -Greek favourite of Hadrian (d. 130)

1127- Emperor Xiaozong of Song -(d. 1194)

1576- Shimazu Tadatsune -Japanese daimyo (d. 1638)

1582- Pierre Dupuy (scholar)|Pierre Dupuy -French historian and scholar (d. 1651)

1630- Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria -(d. 1665)

1635- Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon -French wife of Louis XIV of France (d. 1719)

1701- Anders Celsius -Swedish astronomer, physicist, and mathematician (d. 1744)

1710- Robert Lowth -English bishop (d. 1787)

1746- Robert R. Livingston (chancellor)|Robert R. Livingston -American lawyer and politician, 1st United States Secretary for Foreign Affairs (d. 1813)

1746- Increase Sumner -American lawyer, jurist, and politician, 5th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1799)

1754- Georg Forster -German-Polish ethnologist and journalist (d. 1794)

1759- Franz Krommer -Czech violinist and composer (d. 1831)

1779- Aimé, duc de Clermont-Tonnerre -French general and politician, Minister of Defence (France)|French Minister of Defence (d. 1865)

1804- Julius Benedict -German-English conductor and composer (d. 1885)

1809- Fanny Kemble -English actress, playwright, and poet (d. 1893)

1814- Charles-François-Frédéric, marquis de Montholon-Sémonville|Charles-François-Frédéric de Montholon-Sémonville -French diplomat (d. 1886)

1833- Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge -(d. 1897)

1843- Elizabeth Stride -Swedish-English victim of Jack the Ripper (d. 1888)

1843- Cornelius Vanderbilt II -American businessman (d. 1899)

1853- Frank Dicksee -English painter and illustrator (d. 1928)

1857- Charles Scott Sherrington -English physiologist, bacteriologist, and pathologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1952)

1865- Janez Evangelist Krek -Slovene priest, journalist, and politician (d. 1917)

1867- Charles Koechlin -French composer and educator (d. 1950)

1870- Juho Kusti Paasikivi -Finnish academic and politician, 7th President of Finland (d. 1956)

1871- Giovanni Giorgi -Italian physicist and engineer (d. 1950)

1874- Charles A. Beard -American historian, author, and educator, co-founded The New School (d. 1948)

1874- František Erben -Czech-Bohemian gymnast (d. 1942)

1874- Chaim Weizmann -Belarusian-Israeli chemist and politician, 1st President of Israel (d. 1952)

1875- Julius Lenhart -Austrian gymnast (d. 1962)

1878- Jatindramohan Bagchi -Indian poet (d. 1948)

1878- Charles Dvorak -American pole vaulter (d. 1969)

1885- Liviu Rebreanu -Romanian author and playwright (d. 1944)

1887- Masaharu Homma -Japanese general (d. 1946)

1888- Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar -Indian activist and politician, 1st Speaker of the Lok Sabha (d. 1956)

1894- Konosuke Matsushita -Japanese businessman, founded Panasonic (d. 1989)

1894- Katherine Milhous -American author and illustrator (d. 1977)

1894- Amphilochius of Pochayiv -Ukrainian monk and saint (d. 1971)

1897- Vito Genovese -Italian-American mobster (d. 1969)

1898- Fredric Warburg -English author and publisher (d. 1981)

1901- Ted Husing -American sportscaster (d. 1962)

1903- Lars Onsager -Norwegian-American chemist and physicist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1976)

1907- Harivansh Rai Bachchan -Indian poet and author (d. 2003)

1907- L. Sprague de Camp -American historian and author (d. 2000)

1909- James Agee -American author and screenwriter (d. 1955)

1909- Anatoly Maltsev -Russian mathematician and theorist (d. 1967)

1911- Fe del Mundo -Filipino pediatrician and educator (d. 2011)

1911- David Merrick -American director and producer (d. 2000)

1916- Chick Hearn -American sportscaster (d. 2002)

1917- Buffalo Bob Smith -American television host (d. 1998)

1920- Abe Lenstra -Dutch footballer (d. 1985)

1920- Buster Merryfield -English actor (d. 1999)

1920- Cal Worthington -American captain and car dealer (d. 2013)

1921- Dora Dougherty Strother -American pilot and academic (d. 2013)

1921- Alexander Dubček -Slovak soldier and politician (d. 1992)

1922- Hall Bartlett -American film producer, director, and screen writer (d. 1993)

1923- Antonie Hegerlíková -Czech actress (d. 2012)

1925- John Maddox -Welsh chemist, physicist, and journalist (d. 2009)

1925- Marshall Thompson -American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1992)

1925- Ernie Wise -English actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 1999)

1926- Chae Myung-shin -South Korean general (d. 2013)

1927- Carlos José Castilho -Brazilian footballer and manager (d. 1987)

1928- Alekos Alexandrakis -Greek actor and director (d. 2005)

1928- Josh Kirby -English painter and illustrator (d. 2001)

1930- Joe DeNardo -American meteorologist

1930- Rex Shelley -Singaporean engineer and author (d. 2009)

1930- Alan Simpson (scriptwriter)|Alan Simpson -English screenwriter and producer

1932- Benigno Aquino, Jr. -Filipino journalist and politician (d. 1983)

1933- Jacques Godbout -Canadian journalist, author, director, and screenwriter

1933- Gordon S. Wood -American historian and academic

1934- Ammo Baba -Iraqi footballer and manager (d. 2009)

1934- Al Jackson, Jr. -American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Booker T. & the M.G.'s) (d. 1975)

1934- Gilbert Strang -American mathematician and academic

1935- Les Blank -American director and producer (d. 2013)

1935- Daniel Charles -French musicologist and philosopher (d. 2008)

1937- Gail Sheehy -American journalist and author

1938- John Ashworth (biologist)|John Ashworth -English biologist and academic

1938- Apolo Nsibambi -Ugandan academic and politician, Prime Minister of Uganda

1939- Dave Giusti -American baseball player and manager

1939- Tony Green -English sportscaster

1939- Laurent-Désiré Kabila -Congolese politician, List of heads of state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo|President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (d. 2001)

1940- John Alderton -English actor

1940- Bruce Lee -American-Chinese actor, martial artist, and screenwriter (d. 1973)

1941- Aimé Jacquet -French footballer, coach, and manager

1941- Eddie Rabbitt -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1998)

1941- Louis van Dijk -Dutch pianist

1942- Henry Carr -American football player and runner

1942- Marilyn Hacker -American poet and critic

1942- Jimi Hendrix -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 1970)

1943- Nicole Brossard -Canadian author and poet

1943- Jil Sander -German fashion designer, founded Jil Sander (brand)|Jil Sander AG

1944- Neddy Smith -Australian criminal

1945- Barbara Anderson (actress)|Barbara Anderson -American actress

1945- James Avery (actor)|James Avery -American actor (d. 2013)

1945- Phil Bloom -Dutch model and actress

1945- Alain de Cadenet -English race car driver

1945- Eiv Eloon -Estonian author

1945- Benigno Fitial -Mariana Islander businessman and politician, 7th List of Governors of the Northern Mariana Islands|Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands

1945- Ann Mallalieu, Baroness Mallalieu -English lawyer and politician

1947- Don Adams (basketball)|Don Adams -American basketball player

1947- Ismaïl Omar Guelleh -Djiboutian politician, List of heads of state of Djibouti|President of Djibouti

1947- Neil Rosenshein -American tenor

1949- Nick Discepola -Italian-Canadian businessman and politician (d. 2012)

1949- Masanori Sekiya -Japanese race car driver

1950- Gavyn Davies -English journalist and businessman

1950- Gran Hamada -Japanese wrestler

1951- Kathryn Bigelow -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1951- Gunnar Graps -Estonian singer and guitarist (Magnetic Band and Gunnar Graps Group) (d. 2004)

1952- Sheila Copps -Canadian journalist and politician, 6th Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

1952- Bappi Lahiri -Indian singer-songwriter and producer

1952- Daryl Stuermer -American guitarist (Genesis (band)|Genesis and Era (musical project)|Era)

1952- Jim Wetherbee -American captain, engineer, and astronaut

1953- Curtis Armstrong -American actor, singer, and producer

1953- Boris Grebenshchikov -Russian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Aquarium (group)|Aquarium)

1953- Tarmo Kõuts -Estonian commander and politician

1953- Richard Stone (composer)|Richard Stone -American composer (d. 2001)

1954- Patricia McPherson -American actress

1954- Kimmy Robertson -American actress

1954- Arthur Smith (comedian)|Arthur Smith -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1955- Pierre Mondou -Canadian ice hockey player

1955- Bill Nye -American engineer, educator, and television host

1956- William Fichtner -American actor

1956- John McCarthy (journalist)|John McCarthy -English journalist

1957- Kenny Acheson -Irish race car driver

1957- Frank Boeijen -Dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist

1957- Caroline Kennedy -American lawyer and diplomat, 29th United States Ambassador to Japan

1957- Callie Khouri -American screenwriter, producer and director

1957- Kevin O'Connell (sound re-recording mixer)|Kevin O'Connell -American sound designer

1957- Michael A. Stackpole -American game designer and author

1958- Mike Scioscia -American baseball player and manager

1959- Charlie Burchill -Scottish guitarist and songwriter (Simple Minds)

1959- Viktoria Mullova -Russian violinist

1960- Kevin Henkes -American author and illustrator

1960- Ken O'Brien -American football player and coach

1960- Tim Pawlenty -American lawyer and politician, 39th Governor of Minnesota

1960- Michael Rispoli -American actor

1960- Yulia Tymoshenko -Ukrainian politician, 10th Prime Minister of Ukraine

1960- Gianni Vernetti -Italian politician

1961- Samantha Bond -English actress

1961- Steve Oedekerk -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1962- Charlie Benante -American drummer and songwriter (Anthrax (American band)|Anthrax and Stormtroopers of Death)

1962- Mike Bordin -American drummer (Faith No More, Black Sabbath, and EZ-Street)

1962- Davey Boy Smith -English-Canadian wrestler (d. 2002)

1963- Fisher Stevens -American actor, director, and producer

1964- Giles Fraser -English priest and journalist

1964- Robin Givens -American actress

1964- Roberto Mancini -Italian footballer and manager

1964- David Rakoff -Canadian-American author and actor (d. 2012)

1964- Hisayuki Sasaki -Japanese golfer (d. 2013)

1966- Andy Merrill -American voice actor and producer

1967- Shane Embury -English bass player (Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Meathook Seed, Lock Up (UK band)|Lock Up, and Venomous Concept)

1968- Michael Vartan -French-American actor

1969- Damian Hinds -English politician

1969- Myles Kennedy -American singer-songwriter (Alter Bridge, The Mayfield Four, Citizen Swing, and Cosmic Dust (band)|Cosmic Dust)

1970- Brooke Langton -American actress

1970- Erik Menendez -American murderer

1970- Patricia Zentilli -Canadian actress

1971- Larry Allen -American football player

1971- Nick Van Exel -American basketball player and coach

1971- Francesco Malcom -Italian pornographic actor and director

1972- Shane Salerno -American screenwriter and producer

1973- Twista -American rapper and producer

1973- Sharlto Copley -South African actor, director, and producer

1973- Samantha Harris -American model and television host

1973- Evan Karagias -American wrestler and actor

1973- Janne Oinas -Finnish footballer

1974- Kirk Acevedo -American actor

1974- Alec Newman -Scottish actor

1975- Bad Azz (rapper)|Bad Azz -American rapper and actor (LBC Crew)

1975- Martín Gramática -Argentinian-American football player

1975- Rain Vessenberg -Estonian footballer

1976- Pgeezy -American rapper (d. 2012)

1976- Jean Grae -South African–American rapper and producer

1976- Chad Kilger -Canadian ice hockey player

1976- Jaleel White -American actor and screenwriter

1977- Willie Bloomquist -American baseball player

1977- Mika Tan -American porn actress

1978- Shy Love -German-American porn actress and director

1978- Eszter Molnár -Hungarian tennis player

1978- Jimmy Rollins -American baseball player

1978- Mike Skinner (musician)|Mike Skinner -English rapper, producer, and actor (The Streets)

1978- Radek Štěpánek -Czech tennis player

1978- Tim Yeung -American drummer (Divine Heresy and World Under Blood)

1979- Ricky Carmichael -American race car driver

1979- Hilary Hahn -American violinist

1979- Shin Hye-sung -South Korean singer (Shinhwa and S (South Korean band)|S)

1979- Teemu Tainio -Finnish footballer

1980- Jackie Greene -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1980- Veronika Portsmuth -Estonian singer and conductor

1980- Michael Yardy -English cricketer

1981- Bruno Alves -Portuguese footballer

1981- Gary Lucy -English actor

1981- Matthew Taylor (footballer)|Matthew Taylor -English footballer

1982- David Bellion -French footballer

1982- Tommy Robinson (activist)|Tommy Robinson -English activist, co-founded the English Defence League

1983- Professor Green -English rapper

1984- Domata Peko -American football player

1985- Alison Pill -Canadian actress

1985- Thilo Versick -German footballer

1986- Suresh Kumar Raina -Indian cricketer

1986- Steven Silva -American-Filipino footballer, singer, and actor

1986- Xavi Torres -Spanish footballer

1986- Oritsé Williams -English singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer (JLS)

1987- Yuria Haga -Japanese model and actress

1987- Gary Wozniak -American Skeleton (sport)|skeleton racer

1988- Miroslav Šmajda -Slovak singer

1992- Ala Boratyn -Polish singer-songwriter (Blog 27)

1995- Leonard Proxauf -German-Austrian actor

1996- Suicide of Amanda Todd|Amanda Todd -Canadian suicide victim (d. 2012)

History of Deaths

8 BC- Horace -Roman soldier and poet (b. 65 BC)

395- Rufinus (consul)|Rufinus -Roman politician

450- Galla Placidia -Roman daughter of Theodosius I (b. 392)

602- Maurice (emperor)|Maurice -Byzantine emperor (b. 539)

1198- Constance, Queen of Sicily -(b. 1154)

1252- Blanche of Castile -(b. 1188)

1474- Guillaume Dufay -Flemish composer (b. 1397)

1570- Jacopo Sansovino -Italian sculptor and architect (b. 1486)

1592- Nakagawa Hidemasa -Japanese commander (b. 1568)

1632- John Eliot (statesman)|John Eliot -English politician (b. 1592)

1680- Athanasius Kircher -German priest, philologist, and scholar (b. 1601)

1703- Henry Winstanley -English painter and engineer (b. 1644)

1754- Abraham de Moivre -French-English mathematician and theorist (b. 1667)

1758- Senesino -Italian opera singer (b. 1686)

1811- Andrew Meikle -Scottish engineer, designed the threshing machine (b. 1719)

1830- André Parmentier (landscape architect)|André Parmentier -Belgian-American architect (b. 1780)

1852- Ada Lovelace -English mathematician (b. 1815)

1875- Richard Christopher Carrington -English astronomer (b. 1826)

1881- Theobald Boehm -German flute player and composer (b. 1794)

1884- Fanny Elssler -Austrian ballerina (b. 1810)

1894- Johanna von Puttkamer -Prussian wife of Otto von Bismarck (b. 1824)

1895- Alexandre Dumas, fils -French author and playwright (b. 1824)

1899- Constant Fornerod -Swiss politician, 10th List of Presidents of the Swiss Council of States|President of the Swiss Council of States (b. 1819)

1901- Clement Studebaker -American businessman, co-founded Studebaker (b. 1831)

1908- Jean Albert Gaudry -French geologist and palaeontologist (b. 1827)

1916- Emile Verhaeren -Belgian poet (b. 1855)

1919- Manuel Espinosa Batista -Panamanian pharmacist and politician (b. 1857)

1920- Alexius Meinong -Ukrainian-Austrian philosopher and author (b. 1853)

1921- Douglas Cameron (politician)|Douglas Cameron -Canadian politician, 8th Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba (b. 1854)

1931- Lya De Putti -Slovak-American actress (b. 1899)

1932- Evelyn Preer -American actress and singer (b. 1896)

1934- Baby Face Nelson -American criminal (b. 1908)

1936- Basil Zaharoff -Greek businessman and philanthropist (b. 1849)

1940- Nicolae Iorga -Romanian historian and politician, 34th List of Prime Ministers of Romania|Prime Minister of Romania (b. 1871)

1943- Ivo Lola Ribar -Croatian soldier and politician (b. 1916)

1944- Leonid Mandelstam -Russian physicist (b. 1879)

1953- Eugene O'Neill -American playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1888)

1955- Arthur Honegger -French-Swiss composer and academic (b. 1892)

1958- Artur Rodziński -Polish-American conductor (b. 1892)

1958- Georgi Damyanov -Bulgarian politician, List of heads of state of Bulgaria|Head of State of Bulgaria (b. 1892)

1960- Dirk Jan de Geer -Dutch lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (b. 1870)

1967- Léon M'ba -Gabonese politician, 1st President of Gabon (b. 1902)

1970- Helene Madison -American swimmer (b. 1913)

1973- Frank Christian (trumpeter)|Frank Christian -American trumpet player (Original New Orleans Jazz Band) (b. 1887)

1975- Ross McWhirter -English author and activist, co-founded the ''Guinness Book of Records'' (b. 1925)

1977- Mart Laga -Estonian basketball player (b. 1936)

1978- Harvey Milk -American lieutenant and politician (b. 1930)

1978- George Moscone -American lawyer and politician, 37th Mayor of San Francisco (b. 1929)

1980- F. Burrall Hoffman -American architect, designed the Villa Vizcaya (b. 1882)

1981- Lotte Lenya -Austrian singer and actress (b. 1898)

1983- Kostas Mentis -Greek actor (b. 1913)

1987- Sian Kingi -Australian murder victim (b. 1974)

1988- John Carradine -American actor and singer (b. 1906)

1988- Jan Hein Donner -Dutch chess player (b. 1927)

1989- Carlos Arias Navarro -Spanish lawyer and politician, List of Prime Ministers of Spain|Prime Minister of Spain (b. 1908)

1990- David White (actor)|David White -American actor (b. 1916)

1990- Basilis C. Xanthopoulos -Greek physicist and academic (b. 1951)

1992- Ivan Generalić -Croatian painter (b. 1914)

1994- Fernando Lopes-Graça -Portuguese composer and conductor (b. 1906)

1997- Buck Leonard -American baseball player (b. 1907)

1998- Barbara Acklin -American singer-songwriter (b. 1943)

1999- Yasuhiro Kojima -Japanese-American wrestler and trainer (b. 1937)

1999- Alain Peyrefitte -French scholar and politician, Ministry of Justice (France)|French Minister of Justice (b. 1925)

1999- Elizabeth Gray Vining -American author and librarian (b. 1902)

2000- Malcolm Bradbury -English author and academic (b. 1932)

2000- Uno Prii -Estonian-Canadian architect (b. 1924)

2000- Len Shackleton -English footballer and journalist (b. 1922)

2002- Shivmangal Singh Suman -Indian poet and academic (b. 1915)

2005- Jocelyn Brando -American actress (b. 1919)

2005- Joe Jones (singer)|Joe Jones -American singer-songwriter (b. 1926)

2006- Don Butterfield -American tuba player (b. 1923)

2006- Bebe Moore Campbell -American author and educator (b. 1950)

2006- Casey Coleman -American sportscaster (b. 1951)

2006- Alan Freeman -Australian-English radio host (b. 1927)

2007- Bernie Banton -Australian activist (b. 1946)

2007- Robert Cade -American physician, co-invented Gatorade (b. 1927)

2007- Sean Taylor -American football player (b. 1983)

2007- Bill Willis -American football player and coach (b. 1921)

2008- V. P. Singh -Indian politician, 7th Prime Minister of India (b. 1931)

2009- Al Alberts -American singer-songwriter (The Four Aces) (b. 1922)

2010- Irvin Kershner -American actor, director, and producer (b. 1923)

2011- Sultan Khan (musician)|Sultan Khan -Indian singer and sarangi player (Tabla Beat Science) (b. 1940)

2011- Gary Speed -Welsh footballer and manager (b. 1969)

2012- Mickey Baker -American guitarist (Mickey & Sylvia) (b. 1925)

2012- Jim Davis (Indiana politician)|Jim Davis -American politician (b. 1928)

2012- Ab Fafié -Dutch footballer and manager (b. 1941)

2012- Érik Izraelewicz -French journalist and author (b. 1954)

2012- Pascal Kalemba -Congolese footballer (b. 1979)

2012- Ladislas Kijno -French painter (b. 1921)

2012- Marvin Miller -American union leader (b. 1917)

2012- Herbert Oberhofer -Australian footballer (b. 1955)

2012- Assane Seck -Senegalese politician, Foreign Minister of Senegal (b. 1919)

2012- Franco Ventriglia -American opera singer (b. 1922)

2012- Jack Wishna -American businessman, co-founded Rockcityclub (b. 1958)

2013- Attilio Bravi -Italian long jumper (b. 1936)

2013- Lewis Collins -English-American actor (b. 1946)

2013- Herbert F. DeSimone -American lawyer and politician, Attorney General of Rhode Island (b. 1929)

2013- Earl McClung -American sergeant (b. 1923)

2013- David Peleg -Israeli historian and diplomat (b. 1942)

2013- Volker Roemheld -German physiologist and biologist (b. 1941)

2013- Nílton Santos -Brazilian footballer (b. 1925)

2013- Manuel F. Segura -Filipino colonel (b. 1919)

2013- Avraham Verdiger -Israeli politician (b. 1921)