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Events History

498-After the death of Pope Anastasius II|Anastasius II -Pope Symmachus|Symmachus is elected Pope in the Lateran Palace, while Antipope Laurentius|Laurentius is elected Pope in Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore|Santa Maria Maggiore.

845-The first King of all Brittany -Nominoe, defeats the Frankish king Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon near Redon, Ille-et-Vilaine|Redon.

1307- Pope Clement V -issues the papal bull ''Pastoralis Praeeminentiae'' which instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest all Knights Templar|Templars and seize their assets.

1574-Discovery of the Juan Fernández Islands -off Chile.

1635- Dutch Formosa|Dutch colonial forces -on Taiwan launch a Dutch pacification campaign on Formosa|pacification campaign against Taiwanese aborigines|native villages, resulting in Dutch control of the middle and south of the island.

1718-Off the coast of North Carolina -Kingdom of Great Britain|British pirate Edward Teach (best known as "Blackbeard") is killed in battle with a boarding party led by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

1812- War of 1812 -17 Indiana Rangers are killed at the Battle of Wild Cat Creek.

1837-Canadian journalist and politician William Lyon Mackenzie -calls for a Upper Canada Rebellion|rebellion against the United Kingdom in his essay "To the People of Upper Canada", published in his newspaper ''The Constitution''.

1858- Denver|Denver, Colorado -is founded.

1864- American Civil War -Sherman's March to the Sea

1869-In Dumbarton -Scotland, the clipper ''Cutty Sark'' is launched

1908-The Congress of Manastir -establishes the Albanian alphabet.

1928-The premier performance of Maurice Ravel|Ravel -s ''Boléro'' takes place in Paris.

1931- Al-Mina'a SC -established in Iraq.

1935-The '' China Clipper -', the first plane to offer commercial transpacific air service, takes off from China Clipper flight departure site|Alameda, California, for its first commercial flight. It reaches its destination, Manila, a week later.

1940- World War II -Following the initial Greco-Italian War|Italian invasion, Kingdom of Greece|Greek troops counterattack into Albanian Kingdom (1939–1943)|Italian-occupied Albania and capture Korçë|Korytsa.

1943- Lebanon -gains independence from France.

1954-The Humane Society of the United States -is founded.

1963-In Dallas|Dallas, Texas -US President John F. Kennedy is Assassination of John F. Kennedy|assassinated and Texas Governor John Connally is seriously wounded. Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald is later captured and charged with the murder of both the President and police officer J. D. Tippit. Oswald is shot two days later by Jack Ruby while in police custody.

1967- United Nations Security Council Resolution 242|UN Security Council Resolution 242 -is adopted by the United Nations Security Council|UN Security Council, establishing a set of the principles aimed at guiding negotiations for an Arab people|Arab-Israeli peace settlement.

1973-The Italian Fascist organization Ordine Nuovo -is disbanded.

1974-The United Nations General Assembly -grants the Palestine Liberation Organization observer status.

1975- Juan Carlos I of Spain|Juan Carlos -is declared List of Spanish monarchs|King of Spain following the death of Francisco Franco.

1977- British Airways -inaugurates a regular London to New York City supersonic Concorde service.

1986- Mike Tyson -defeats Trevor Berbick to become youngest Heavyweight champion in boxing history.

1987-Two Chicago television stations are Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion|hijacked -by an unknown pirate dressed as Max Headroom (character)|Max Headroom.

1988-In United States Air Force Plant 42|Palmdale, California -the first prototype Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit|B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is revealed.

1989-In West Beirut -a bomb explodes near the motorcade of Lebanese President René Moawad, killing him.

1990-British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister -Margaret Thatcher withdraws from the Conservative Party (UK) leadership election, 1990|Conservative Party leadership election, confirming the end of her premiership.

1995-'' Toy Story -' is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.

2002-In Nigeria -more than 100 people are killed at an attack aimed at the contestants of the Miss World contest.

2003- 2003 Baghdad DHL attempted shootdown incident -Shortly after takeoff, a DHL Express cargo plane is struck on the left wing by a surface-to-air missile and forced to land.

2004-The Orange Revolution -begins in Ukraine, resulting from the presidential elections.

2005- Angela Merkel -becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany.

2012-Ceasefire begins between Hamas -in the Gaza Strip and Israel after eight days of violence and 150 deaths.

Famous Birthdays

1515- Mary of Guise -(d. 1560)

1564- Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Kent (d. 1610)

1602- Elisabeth of France (1602–1644)|Elisabeth of France -(d. 1644)

1635- Francis Willughby -English ornithologist and ichthyologist (d. 1672)

1690- François Colin de Blamont -French pianist and composer (d. 1760)

1698- Pierre de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnial -Canadian-American politician, 10th List of colonial governors of Louisiana|Governor of Louisiana (d. 1778)

1709- Franz Benda -Czech violinist and composer (d. 1786)

1710- Wilhelm Friedemann Bach -German organist and composer (d. 1784)

1721- Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres -Swiss-Canadian cartographer and politician, List of lieutenant governors of Nova Scotia|Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (d. 1824)

1722- Hryhorii Skovoroda -Ukrainian philosopher, poet, and composer (d. 1794)

1744- Abigail Adams -American wife of John Adams, 2nd List of First Ladies of the United States|First Lady of the United States (d. 1818)

1766- Charlotte von Lengefeld -German author (d. 1826)

1767- Andreas Hofer -Austrian innkeeper and activist (d. 1810)

1780- José Cecilio del Valle -Honduran journalist, lawyer, and politician, Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (Mexico)|Foreign Minister of Mexico (d. 1834)

1787- Rasmus Rask -Danish linguist, philologist, and scholar (d. 1823)

1808- Thomas Cook -English businessman, founded Thomas Cook Group (d. 1892)

1814- Serranus Clinton Hastings -American lawyer and politician, 1st Chief Justice of California (d. 1893)

1819- George Eliot -English journalist, author, and poet (d. 1880)

1824- Georg von Oettingen -Estonian-German physician and ophthalmologist (d. 1916)

1845- Aleksander Kunileid -Estonian composer (d. 1875)

1849- Christian Rohlfs -German painter (d. 1938)

1852- Paul-Henri-Benjamin d'Estournelles de Constant -French politician and diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1924)

1856- Heber J. Grant -American religious leader, 7th List of presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (d. 1945)

1861- Ranavalona III -of Madagascar (d. 1917)

1868- John Nance Garner -American lawyer and politician, 32nd Vice President of the United States (d. 1967)

1869- André Gide -French author and scholar, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1951)

1870- Howard Brockway -American pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1951)

1873- Leo Amery -Indian-English journalist and politician, Secretary of State for the Colonies (d. 1955)

1873- Alfred Bowerman -English cricketer (d. 1947)

1874- Eugène Balme -French target shooter (d. 1914)

1875- Roscoe Lockwood -American rower (d. 1960)

1876- Percival Proctor Baxter -American lawyer and politician, 53rd Governor of Maine (d.1969)

1876- Emil Beyer -American gymnast and triathlete (d. 1934)

1877- Endre Ady -Hungarian journalist and poet (d. 1919)

1877- Joan Gamper -Swiss-Spanish footballer, founded FC Barcelona (d. 1930)

1881- Enver Pasha -Ottoman general (d. 1922)

1884- Sulaiman Nadvi -Pakistani historian, author, and scholar (d. 1953)

1890- Charles de Gaulle -French general and politician, 18th List of Presidents of France|President of France (d. 1970)

1893- Harley Earl -American businessman (d. 1969)

1896- David J. Mays -American lawyer and author (d. 1971)

1897- Paul Oswald Ahnert -German astronomer and educator (d. 1989)

1897- Harry Wilson (actor)|Harry Wilson -English-American actor and singer (d. 1987)

1898- Wiley Post -American pilot (d. 1935)

1899- Hoagy Carmichael -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actor (d. 1981)

1900- Tom Macdonald (writer)|Tom Macdonald -Welsh journalist and author (d. 1980)

1900- Helenka Pantaleoni -American actress and humanitarian, co-founded U.S. Fund for UNICEF (d. 1987)

1901- Joaquín Rodrigo -Spanish pianist and composer (d. 1999)

1902- Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque -French general (d. 1947)

1902- Emanuel Feuermann -Austrian-American cellist and educator (d. 1942)

1902- Humphrey Gibbs -English-Rhodesian politician, 15th Governor of Southern Rhodesia (d. 1990)

1902- Albert Leduc -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1990)

1904- Louis Néel -French physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2000)

1904- Fumio Niwa -Japanese author (d. 2005)

1909- Mikhail Mil -Russian engineer, founded the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (d. 1970)

1910- Mary Jackson (actress)|Mary Jackson -American actress (d. 2005)

1912- Doris Duke -American heiress, horticulturalist, art collector, and philanthropist

1913- Benjamin Britten -English pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1976)

1913- Cecilia Muñoz-Palma -Filipino lawyer and jurist (d. 2006)

1913- Gardnar Mulloy -American tennis player and coach

1914- Peter Townsend (RAF officer)|Peter Townsend -Burmese-English captain and pilot (d. 1995)

1917- Jon Cleary -Australian author and playwright (d. 2010)

1917- Andrew Huxley -English physiologist and biophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2012)

1918- Claiborne Pell -American captain and politician (d. 2009)

1919- Máire Drumm -Irish politician and activist (d. 1976)

1920- Anne Crawford -Israeli-English actress (d. 1956)

1921- Brian Cleeve -Irish sailor, author, and playwright (d. 2003)

1921- Rodney Dangerfield -American comedian, actor, rapper, and screenwriter (d. 2004)

1922- Fikret Amirov -Azerbaijani composer (d. 1984)

1922- Wiyogo Atmodarminto -Indonesian general and politician, 10th List of Governors of Jakarta|Governor of Jakarta (d. 2012)

1922- Eugene Stoner -American weapons designers, designed the AR-15|AR-15 rifle (d. 1997)

1923- Arthur Hiller -Canadian actor, director, and producer

1923- Dika Newlin -American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2006)

1924- Geraldine Page -American actress and singer (d. 1987)

1925- Jerrie Mock -American pilot (d. 2014)

1925- Gunther Schuller -American horn player, composer, and conductor

1926- Gene Berce -American basketball player

1926- Lew Burdette -American baseball player and coach (d. 2007)

1926- Arthur Jones (inventor)|Arthur Jones -American businessman, founded Nautilus, Inc. and MedX Corporation (d. 2007)

1927- Steven Muller -German-American scholar and academic (d. 2013)

1928- Timothy Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley -English priest and politician (d. 2008)

1929- Staughton Lynd -American lawyer, historian, author, and activist

1930- Peter Hall (director)|Peter Hall -English actor, director, and manager

1930- Peter Hurford -English organist and composer

1932- Robert Vaughn -American actor and director

1932- Keith Wickenden -English politician (d. 1983)

1934- Rita Sakellariou -Greek singer (d. 1999)

1936- Joachim Bißmeier -German actor

1936- John Bird (actor)|John Bird -English actor and screenwriter

1938- John Eleuthère du Pont -American businessman, founded Delaware Museum of Natural History (d. 2010)

1938- Henry Lee (forensic scientist)|Henry Lee -Chinese-American criminologist and academic

1939- Allen Garfield -American actor

1939- Tom West -American engineer and author (d. 2011)

1939- Mulayam Singh Yadav -Indian politician, 24th Minister of Defence (India)|Indian Minister of Defence

1940- Terry Gilliam -American-English actor, director, animator, and screenwriter

1940- Roy Thomas -American author

1941- Tom Conti -Scottish actor and director

1941- Jacques Laperrière -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1941- Volker Roemheld -German physiologist and biologist (d. 2013)

1941- Terry Stafford -American singer-songwriter (d. 1996)

1941- Jesse Colin Young -American singer-songwriter and bass player (The Youngbloods)

1942- Guion Bluford -American colonel, pilot, and astronaut

1943- Yvan Cournoyer -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1943- Billie Jean King -American tennis player and sportscaster

1943- Roger L. Simon -American author and screenwriter

1945- Elaine Weyuker -American software engineer

1946- Aston Barrett -Jamaican bass player and songwriter (The Wailers Band and Bob Marley & The Wailers)

1947- Sandy Alderson -American businessman

1947- Rod Price -English guitarist and songwriter (Foghat) (d. 2005)

1947- Paloma San Basilio -Spanish singer-songwriter and producer

1947- Salt Walther -American race car driver (d. 2012)

1947- Valerie Wilson Wesley -American journalist and author

1948- Radomir Antić -Serbian footballer and manager

1948- Stewart Guthrie -New Zealand police officer (d. 1990)

1949- Richard Carmona -American physician and politician, 17th Surgeon General of the United States

1949- David Pietrusza -American historian and author

1949- Andres Põder -Estonian archbishop

1950- Lyman Bostock -American baseball player (d. 1978)

1950- Jim Jefferies (footballer)|Jim Jefferies -Scottish footballer and manager

1950- Wayne Larkins -English cricketer and footballer

1950- Art Sullivan -Belgian singer

1950- Steven Van Zandt -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (E Street Band, Steel Mill, and Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes)

1950- Tina Weymouth -American singer-songwriter and bass player (Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club)

1951- Kent Nagano -American conductor, director, and manager

1953- Urmas Alender -Estonian singer (Propeller (band)|Propeller and Ruja) (d. 1994)

1955- James Edwards (basketball)|James Edwards -American basketball player

1956- Lawrence Gowan -Scottish-Canadian singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Styx (band)|Styx)

1956- Richard Kind -American actor

1956- Ron Randall -American author and illustrator

1957- Donny Deutsch -American businessman and television host

1958- Horse (musician)|Horse -Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

1958- Jamie Lee Curtis -American actress

1958- Lee Guetterman -American baseball player

1958- Bruce Payne -English actor

1959- Eddie Frierson -American actor

1959- Frank McAvennie -Scottish footballer

1959- Fabio Parra -Colombian cyclist

1959- Lenore Zann -Australian-Canadian actress, singer, and politician

1960- Jim Bob -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Carter USM)

1960- Leos Carax -French actor, director, and screenwriter

1961- Mariel Hemingway -American actress

1961- Stephen Hough -English-Australian pianist and composer

1961- Randal L. Schwartz -American computer programmer and author

1962- Sumi Jo -South Korean soprano

1962- Victor Pelevin -Russian author

1962- Rezauddin Stalin -Bangladeshi poet

1963- Winsor Harmon -American actor

1963- Hugh Millen -American football player and sportscaster

1963- Tony Mowbray -English footballer and manager

1963- Kennedy Pola -Samoan-American football player and coach

1963- Brian Robbins -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1963- Corinne Russell -English model, actress, and dancer

1964- Robbie Slater -English-Australian footballer and sportscaster

1965- Jörg Jung -German footballer and manager

1965- Kathrine Narducci -American actress

1965- Valeriya Gansvind -Estonian chess player

1965- Kristin Minter -American actress

1965- Mads Mikkelsen -Danish actor

1965- Peter Safran -English-American producer and manager

1966- Ed Ferrara -American wrestler and manager

1966- Mark Pritchard (politician)|Mark Pritchard -English politician

1966- Richard Stanley (film director)|Richard Stanley -South African director, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Michael K. Williams -American actor

1967- Boris Becker -German-Swiss tennis player

1967- Quint Kessenich -American lacrosse player and sportscaster

1967- Mark Ruffalo -American actor and producer

1967- Bart Veldkamp -Dutch-Belgian speed skater

1968- Sidse Babett Knudsen -Danish actress

1968- Rasmus Lerdorf -Greenlandic-Canadian computer programmer, created PHP

1968- Sarah MacDonald (musician)|Sarah MacDonald -Canadian organist and conductor

1969- Byron Houston -American basketball player

1969- Marjane Satrapi -Iranian author and illustrator

1970- Marvan Atapattu -Sri Lankan cricketer and coach

1970- Stel Pavlou -English author and screenwriter

1971- Cath Bishop -English rower

1971- Cecilia Suárez -Mexican actress

1972- Russell Hoult -English footballer, coach, and manager

1972- Jay Payton -American baseball player

1973- Dmitri Linter -Russian-Estonian activist

1973- Chad Trujillo -American astronomer

1974- Joe Nathan -American baseball player

1974- David Pelletier -Canadian figure skater

1975- aiko (singer)|Aiko -Japanese singer-songwriter

1976- Adrian Bakalli -Belgian footballer

1976- Torsten Frings -German footballer and coach

1976- Regina Halmich -German boxer

1976- Ville Valo -Finnish singer-songwriter (HIM (Finnish band)|HIM)

1977- Sydney Blu -Canadian DJ and producer

1977- Annika Norlin -Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Hello Saferide)

1977- Michael Preston (footballer)|Michael Preston -English footballer

1978- Mélanie Doutey -French actress

1978- Karen O -South Korean-American singer-songwriter and pianist (Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Native Korean Rock)

1979- Chris Doran -Irish singer

1979- Christian Terlizzi -Italian footballer

1980- David Artell -English footballer

1980- Shawn Fanning -American businessman, founded Napster

1980- Rait Keerles -Estonian basketball player

1980- Yaroslav Rybakov -Russian high jumper

1981- Ben Adams -English-Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer (A1 (band)|A1)

1981- Seweryn Gancarczyk -Polish footballer

1981- Pape Sow -Senegalese basketball player

1981- Jenny Owen Youngs -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1981- Song Hye-kyo -South Korean actress

1982- Yakubu Aiyegbeni -Nigerian footballer

1982- Charlene Choi -Canadian-Hong Kong singer and actress (Twins (group)|Twins)

1982- Alasdair Duncan -Australian journalist and author

1982- Isild Le Besco -French actress, director, and screenwriter

1982- Fiona Glascott -Irish actress

1982- Steve Angello -Greek-Swedish disc jockey, record producer and record label owner

1983- Corey Beaulieu -American guitarist and songwriter (Trivium (band)|Trivium)

1983- Tyler Hilton -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

1983- Peter Ramage -English footballer

1984- Scarlett Johansson -American actress and singer

1985- Ava Leigh -British reggae singer

1985- Austin Brown -American singer-songwriter

1985- Asamoah Gyan -Ghanaian footballer

1985- Mandy Minella -Luxembourgian tennis player

1985- James Roby -English rugby player

1985- DeVon Walker -American football player

1986- Oscar Pistorius -South African sprinter

1987- Martti Aljand -Estonian swimmer

1987- Marouane Fellaini -Belgian footballer

1988- Jamie Campbell Bower -English actor

1988- Jyoti Guptara -English-Swiss journalist and author

1988- Suresh Guptara -English-Swiss author

1988- Austin Romine -American baseball player

1989- Candice Glover -American singer-songwriter

1989- Chris Smalling -English footballer

1989- Gabriel Torje -Romanian footballer

1990- Jang Dong-woo -South Korean singer, dancer and rapper (Infinite (band)|Infinite) and (Infinite H)

1991- Diana Danielle -American-Malaysian actress and artiste

1991- Saki Shimizu -Japanese singer (Berryz Kobo, ZYX, and High-King)

1993- Adèle Exarchopoulos -French actress

1996- Madison Davenport -American actress and singer

1996- Mackenzie Lintz -American actress

2008- Zeus (dog)|Zeus -American dog (d. 2014)

History of Deaths

950- Lothair II of Italy -(b. 926)

1286- Eric V of Denmark -(b. 1249)

1318- Mikhail of Tver -(b. 1271)

1617- Ahmed I -Ottoman sultan (b. 1590)

1694- John Tillotson -English archbishop (b. 1630)

1697- Libéral Bruant -French architect, designed Les Invalides (b. 1635)

1710- Bernardo Pasquini -Italian organist and composer (b. 1637)

1718- Blackbeard -English pirate (b. 1680)

1758- Richard Edgcumbe, 1st Baron Edgcumbe -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall (db. 1680)

1774- Robert Clive -English general and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire (b. 1725)

1794- John Alsop -American merchant and politician (b. 1724)

1813- Johann Christian Reil -German physician, physiologist, and anatomist (b. 1759)

1875- Henry Wilson -American colonel, journalist, and politician, 18th Vice President of the United States (b. 1812)

1886- William Bliss Baker -American painter (b. 1859)

1886- Mary Boykin Chesnut -American author (b. 1823)

1893- James Calder -American academic (b. 1826)

1896- George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. -American engineer, invented the Ferris Wheel (b. 1859)

1900- Arthur Sullivan -English composer (b. 1842)

1902- Walter Reed -American physician and entomologist (b. 1851)

1916- Jack London -American journalist and author (b. 1876)

1917- Teoberto Maler -Italian-German archaeologist and explorer (b. 1842)

1919- Francisco Moreno -Argentinian explorer and academic (b. 1852)

1920- Manuel Pérez y Curis -Uruguayan poet (b. 1884)

1926- Darvish Khan -Iranian Tar (lute)|tar player (b. 1872)

1932- William Walker Atkinson -American merchant, lawyer, and author (b. 1862)

1941- Werner Mölders -German colonel and pilot (b. 1915)

1943- Lorenz Hart -American playwright and composer (b. 1895)

1944- Arthur Eddington -English astrophysicist and astronomer (b. 1882)

1946- Burt McKinnie -American golfer (b. 1879)

1946- Otto Georg Thierack -German jurist and politician, Reich Ministry of Justice|Reich Minister of Justice (b. 1889)

1953- Sulaiman Nadvi -Pakistani historian, author, and scholar (b. 1884)

1954- Jess McMahon -American wrestling promoter, co-founded WWE#Capitol Wrestling Corporation (1952-1963)|Capitol Wrestling Corporation (b. 1882)

1955- Shemp Howard -American actor and singer (b. 1895)

1956- Theodore Kosloff -Russian-American actress, ballerina, and choreographer (b. 1882)

1963- Wilhelm Beiglböck -Austrian-German physician (b. 1905)

1963- Aldous Huxley -English-American author and screenwriter (b. 1894)

1963- John F. Kennedy -American lieutenant and politician, 35th President of the United States (b. 1917)

1963- C. S. Lewis -Irish-English author, poet, and critic (b. 1898)

1963- J. D. Tippit -American police officer (b. 1924)

1967- Pavel Korin -Russian painter (b. 1892)

1976- Ermanno Aebi -Italian-Swiss footballer (b. 1892)

1980- Jules Léger -Canadian politician, 21st Governor General of Canada (b. 1913)

1980- Norah McGuinness -Irish painter and illustrator (b. 1901)

1980- Mae West -American actress, singer, and screenwriter (b. 1893)

1981- Hans Adolf Krebs -German-English physician and biochemist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1900)

1986- Scatman Crothers -American actor, singer, and dancer (b. 1910)

1986- William Bradford Huie -American journalist and author (b. 1910)

1988- Luis Barragán -Mexican architect, designed the Torres de Satélite (b. 1908)

1989- C. C. Beck -American illustrator (b. 1910)

1989- René Moawad -Lebanese politician, 13th List of Presidents of Lebanon|President of Lebanon (b. 1925)

1992- Sterling Holloway -American actor and singer (b. 1905)

1993- Anthony Burgess -English author, playwright, and composer (b. 1917)

1994- Forrest White -American businessman (b. 1920)

1996- María Casares -Spanish-French actress (b. 1922)

1996- Terence Donovan (photographer)|Terence Donovan -English photographer and director (b. 1936)

1996- Mark Lenard -American actor (b. 1924)

1997- Michael Hutchence -Australian singer-songwriter and actor (INXS and Max Q (Australian band)|Max Q) (b. 1960)

1998- Stu Ungar -American poker player (b. 1953)

2000- Christian Marquand -French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1927)

2000- Emil Zátopek -Czech runner (b. 1922)

2001- Mary Kay Ash -American businesswoman, founded Mary Kay|Mary Kay, Inc. (b. 1915)

2001- Norman Granz -American-Swiss record producer, founded Verve Records (b. 1918)

2004- Arthur Hopcraft -English screenwriter and journalist (b. 1932)

2005- Bruce Hobbs -American jockey and trainer (b. 1920)

2006- Pat Dobson -American baseball player and coach (b. 1942)

2007- Maurice Béjart -French-Swiss dancer, choreographer, and director (b. 1929)

2007- Verity Lambert -English television producer (b. 1935)

2008- MC Breed -American rapper (b. 1971)

2010- Jean Cione -American baseball player (b. 1928)

2010- Frank Fenner -Australian virologist and microbiologist (b. 1914)

2011- Svetlana Alliluyeva -Russian-American author and educator (b. 1926)

2011- Sena Jurinac -Bosnian-Austrian soprano (b. 1921)

2011- Lynn Margulis -American biologist and academic (b. 1938)

2011- Danielle Mitterrand -French activist, First Lady of France (b. 1924)

2011- Paul Motian -American drummer and composer (b. 1931)

2012- Frank Barsalona -American talent agent (b. 1938)

2012- Pearl Laska Chamberlain -American pilot (b. 1909)

2012- Bryce Courtenay -South African-Australian author (b. 1933)

2012- Bennie McRae -American football player (b. 1939)

2012- P. Govinda Pillai -Indian journalist and politician (b. 1926)

2012- Mel Shaw -American animator and screenwriter (b. 1914)

2012- K. H. Ting -Chinese bishop (b. 1915)

2012- Jan Trefulka -Czech author (b. 1929)

2013- Don Dailey -American computer programmer (b. 1956)

2013- Brian Dawson (folk singer)|Brian Dawson -English singer (b. 1939)

2013- Jancarlos de Oliveira Barros -Brazilian footballer (b. 1983)

2013- Tom Gilmartin (businessman)|Tom Gilmartin -Irish businessman (b. 1935)

2013- Georges Lautner -French director and screenwriter (b. 1926)

2013- Alec Reid -Irish priest and activist (b. 1931)

2013- Reg Simpson -English cricketer and pilot (b. 1920)

2013- Willis Ware -American computer scientist and activist (b. 1920)