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Day History: November-12

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Famous Birthdays

1528- Qi Jiguang -Chinese general (d. 1588)

1547- Claude of Valois -(d. 1575)

1606- Jeanne Mance -French-Canadian nurse, founded the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal (d. 1673)

1615- Richard Baxter -English clergyman, poet, and theologian (d. 1691)

1651- Juana Inés de la Cruz -Mexican nun, poet, and scholar (d. 1695)

1684- Edward Vernon -English admiral and politician (d. 1757)

1729- Louis Antoine de Bougainville -French admiral and explorer (d. 1811)

1755- Gerhard von Scharnhorst -Prussian general and politician, Prussian Minister of War (d. 1813)

1780- Pieter Mauritz Retief -South African Boer leader (d.1838)

1790- Letitia Christian Tyler -American wife of John Tyler, 11th List of First Ladies of the United States|First Lady of the United States (d. 1842)

1793- Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz -Livonian physician and botanist (d. 1831)

1795- Thaddeus William Harris -American entomologist and botanist (d. 1856)

1815- Elizabeth Cady Stanton -American activist (d. 1902)

1817- Bahá'u'lláh -Persian spiritual leader, founded the Bahá'í Faith (d. 1892)

1833- Alexander Borodin -Russian composer and chemist (d. 1887)

1840- Auguste Rodin -French sculptor, created The Thinker (d. 1917)

1842- John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh -English physicist and academic, Nobel Prize for Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1919)

1848- Eduard Müller (Swiss politician)|Eduard Müller -Swiss politician, 51st President of Switzerland (d. 1919)

1850- Mikhail Chigorin -Russian chess player (d. 1908)

1866- Sun Yat-sen -Chinese physician and politician, 1st President of the Republic of China (d. 1925)

1872- William Fay -Irish actor and producer (d. 1947)

1881- Olev Siinmaa -Estonian architect (d. 1948)

1881- Maximilian von Weichs -German field marshal (d. 1954)

1886- Günther Dyhrenfurth -German geologist and mountaineer (d. 1975)

1886- Ben Travers -English author and playwright (d. 1980)

1889- DeWitt Wallace -American publisher, co-founded ''Reader's Digest'' (d. 1981)

1890- Lily Kronberger -Hungarian figure skater (d. 1974)

1892- Tudor Davies -Welsh tenor (d. 1958)

1896- Salim Ali -Indian ornithologist and author (d. 1987)

1896- Nima Yooshij -Iranian poet (d. 1960)

1897- Karl Marx (composer)|Karl Marx -German composer and conductor (d. 1985)

1898- Leon Štukelj -Slovenian gymnast (d. 1999)

1901- James Luther Adams -American minister and theologian (d. 1994)

1903- Jack Oakie -American actor and singer (d. 1978)

1905- Louise Thaden -American pilot (d. 1979)

1906- George Dillon (poet)|George Dillon -American poet (d. 1968)

1908- Harry Blackmun -American judge and educator (d. 1999)

1910- Dudley Nourse -South African cricketer (d. 1981)

1911- Buck Clayton -American trumpet player and academic (d. 1991)

1915- Roland Barthes -French philosopher, theorist, and critic (d. 1980)

1916- Rogelio de la Rosa -Filipino actor and politician (d. 1986)

1916- Paul Emery -English race car driver (d. 1993)

1916- Jean Papineau-Couture -Canadian composer and academic (d. 2000)

1917- Jo Stafford -American singer and actress (d. 2008)

1919- Jackie Washington -Canadian singer-songwriter (d. 2009)

1920- Richard Quine -American actor, singer, director, and screenwriter (d. 1989)

1922- Peggy Fenner -English politician

1922- Kim Hunter -American actress (d. 2002)

1923- Ian Graham -English archaeologist and explorer

1923- Rubén Bonifaz Nuño -Mexican poet and scholar (d. 2013)

1923- Vicco von Bülow -German actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2011)

1924- Sam Jones (musician)|Sam Jones -American bassist, cellist, and composer (d. 1981)

1926- Robert Goff, Baron Goff of Chieveley|Robert Goff -British judge

1927- František Šťastný -Czech motorcycle racer (d. 2000)

1927- Yutaka Taniyama -Japanese mathematician and theorist (d. 1958)

1928- Bob Holness -English radio and television host (d. 2012)

1928- Marjorie W. Sharmat -American author

1929- Anthony di Bonaventura -American pianist and academic (d. 2012)

1929- Michael Ende -German anthroposophist and author (d. 1995)

1929- Grace Kelly -American-Monacan actress and singer (d. 1982)

1930- Bob Crewe -American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2014)

1933- Jalal Talabani -Iraqi politician, 6th President of Iraq

1934- Ann Flood -American actress

1934- Charles Manson -American cult leader and murderer

1934- John McGahern -Irish author (d. 2006)

1936- Mills Lane -American boxer, referee, lawyer, and judge

1936- Mort Shuman -American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1991)

1937- Ina Balin -American actress (d. 1990)

1937- Jack Betts -American actor

1937- Richard H. Truly -American admiral, pilot, and astronaut

1938- Denis DeJordy -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1938- Benjamin Mkapa -Tanzanian journalist and politician, 3rd President of Tanzania

1939- Ruby Nash Garnett -American singer (Ruby & the Romantics)

1939- Terry McDonald (footballer)|Terry McDonald -English footballer

1939- Lucia Popp -Slovak soprano (d. 1993)

1940- Michel Audet -Canadian economist and politician

1940- Jürgen Todenhöfer -German politician and author

1941- Carol Gluck -American historian, author, and academic

1943- Julie Ege -Norwegian model and actress (d. 2008)

1943- Brian Hyland -American singer and guitarist

1943- Wallace Shawn -American actor and playwright

1943- Björn Waldegård -Swedish race car driver (d. 2014)

1943- John Walker (musician)|John Walker -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Walker Brothers) (d. 2011)

1944- Booker T. Jones -American pianist, saxophonist, songwriter, and producer (Booker T and the MG's and The Mar-Keys)

1944- Al Michaels -American sportscaster

1944- Jennifer Page -English businesswoman

1945- Michael Bishop (author)|Michael Bishop -American author and educator

1945- Tracy Kidder -American journalist and author

1945- Neil Young -Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Squires (Canadian band)|The Squires, The Mynah Birds, Northern Lights (Canadian band)|Northern Lights, and The Ducks)

1946- Alexandra Charles -Swedish nightclub owner

1946- Krister Henriksson -Swedish actor

1947- Ron Bryant -American baseball player

1947- Buck Dharma -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Blue Öyster Cult)

1947- Patrice Leconte -French director and screenwriter

1948- Errol Brown -Jamaican-English singer-songwriter (Hot Chocolate (band)|Hot Chocolate)

1948- Cliff Harris -American football player

1948- Hassan Rouhani -Iranian lawyer and politician, 7th President of Iran

1949- Ron Lapointe -Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 1992)

1949- Jack Reed (politician)|Jack Reed -American soldier and politician

1950- Barbara Fairchild -American singer-songwriter

1950- Urmas Lõoke -Estonian architect

1952- Ronald Burkle -American businessman, co-founded the Yucaipa Companies

1952- Max Grodénchik -American actor

1953- Vasilis Karras -Greek singer

1953- Baaba Maal -Senegalese singer-songwriter and guitarist

1954- Rob Lytle -American football player (d. 2010)

1954- Rhonda Shear -American model and actress, Miss Louisiana USA|Miss Louisiana USA 1975

1955- Louan Gideon -American actress (d. 2014)

1955- Les McKeown -Scottish singer (Bay City Rollers)

1955- Katharine Weber -American author

1957- Paul Dennis Reid -American murderer (d. 2013)

1957- Tim Samaras -American engineer and storm chaser (d. 2013)

1958- Megan Mullally -American actress and singer

1958- Nick Stellino -Italian-American chef and author

1959- Vincent Irizarry -American actor

1959- Toshihiko Sahashi -Japanese composer

1960- Maurane -Belgian singer

1960- Ismo Alanko -Finnish singer-songwriter (Hassisen Kone, Sielun Veljet, and Ismo Alanko Säätiö)

1961- Nadia Comăneci -Romanian gymnast

1961- Enzo Francescoli -Uruguayan footballer

1961- Michaela Paetsch -American violinist

1962- Mariella Frostrup -Norwegian journalist

1962- Mark Hunter (ice hockey)|Mark Hunter -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager

1962- Neal Shusterman -American author

1962- Brix Smith -American singer and guitarist (The Fall (band)|The Fall and The Adult Net)

1962- Naomi Wolf -American author and activist

1963- Sam Lloyd -American actor and singer (The Blanks)

1963- Michael Rogers (blogger)|Michael Rogers -American journalist, blogger, and activist

1963- Susumu Terajima -Japanese actor

1964- Vic Chesnutt -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (brute. and The Undertow Orchestra) (d. 2009)

1964- David Ellefson -American bass player and songwriter (Megadeth, Avian (band)|Avian, F5 (band)|F5, Killing Machine (band)|Killing Machine)

1964- Wang Kuang-hui -Taiwanese baseball player and coach

1965- Lex Lang -American voice actor and producer

1965- Eddie Mair -Scottish journalist

1967- Iryna Khalip -Belarusian journalist

1967- Michael Moorer -American boxer

1967- Grant Nicholas -Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist (Feeder and Raindancer)

1967- Mihhail Rõtšagov -Estonian chess player

1968- Kathleen Hanna -American singer-songwriter (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and The Julie Ruin)

1968- Aya Hisakawa -Japanese voice actress and singer

1968- Disco Inferno (wrestler)|Disco Inferno -American wrestler

1968- Sharon Shannon -Irish accordion player and fiddler

1968- Sammy Sosa -Dominican-American baseball player

1968- Aaron Stainthorpe -English-German singer-songwriter (My Dying Bride)

1968- Nick D'Virgilio -American drummer (Big Big Train and Spock's Beard)

1969- Ian Bremmer -American political scientist and author

1969- Jason Cundy -English footballer and sportscaster

1969- Johnny Gosch -American kidnap victim

1970- Elektra (wrestling)|Elektra -American wrestler, model, and dancer

1970- Tonya Harding -American figure skater

1970- Sarah Harmer -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Weeping Tile (band)|Weeping Tile and The Saddletramps)

1970- Craig Parker -Fijian-New Zealand actor

1970- Harvey Spencer Stephens -English actor

1971- Chen Guangcheng -Chinese-American lawyer and activist

1972- Vassilios Tsiartas -Greek footballer

1973- Mayte Garcia -American singer, dancer, and actress (The New Power Generation)

1973- Radha Mitchell -Australian actress

1973- Ethan Zohn -American soccer player

1974- Tamala Jones -American actress

1975- Nina Brosh -Israeli model and actress

1975- Dario Šimić -Croatian footballer

1975- Katherine Grainger -Scottish-English rower

1975- Jason Lezak -American swimmer

1975- Angela Watson -American actress

1976- Tevin Campbell -American singer-songwriter and actor

1976- Judith Holofernes -German singer-songwriter and guitarist (Wir sind Helden)

1976- Richelle Mead -American author

1976- Mirosław Szymkowiak -Polish footballer

1977- Dalene Kurtis -American model

1977- Benni McCarthy -South African footballer

1977- Lee Murray -English mixed martial artist

1978- Aaron Heilman -American baseball player

1978- Alexandra Maria Lara -Romanian-German actress

1978- Ashley Williams (actress)|Ashley Williams -American actress

1978- Lena Yada -American actress, model, surfer and wrestler

1979- Matt Cappotelli -American wrestler

1979- Cote de Pablo -Chilean-American actress and singer

1979- Lucas Glover -American golfer

1979- Corey Maggette -American basketball player

1979- Matt Stevic -Australian footballer and umpire

1980- Trent Acid -American wrestler (d. 2010)

1980- Shaun Cooper (musician)|Shaun Cooper -American bass player (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, and Destry (band)|Destry)

1980- Ryan Gosling -Canadian-American actor, singer, and producer (Dead Man's Bones)

1980- Charlie Hodgson -English rugby player

1980- Ricky Sinz -American porn actor

1981- Annika Becker -German pole vaulter

1981- D. J. Campbell -English footballer

1981- Sergio Floccari -Italian footballer

1982- Anne Hathaway -American actress and singer

1982- Mikele Leigertwood -English footballer

1983- Carlton Cole -English footballer

1983- Charlie Morton (pitcher)|Charlie Morton -American baseball player

1984- Omarion -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (B2K)

1984- Sepp De Roover -Belgian footballer

1984- Benjamin Okolski -American figure skater

1984- Sandara Park -South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (2NE1)

1984- Conrad Rautenbach -Zimbabwean race car driver

1984- Zi Yan -Chinese tennis player

1985- Arianny Celeste -American model and actress

1985- Adlène Guedioura -French-Algerian footballer

1986- Robert Müller (footballer)|Robert Müller -German footballer

1986- Nedum Onuoha -English footballer

1986- Ignazio Abate -Italian footballer

1986- Evan Yo -Taiwanese singer-songwriter

1987- Bryan Little -Canadian ice hockey player

1988- Alistair Brammer -English actor and singer

1988- Russell Westbrook -American basketball player

1990- Farahnaz Amirsoleymani -American author and illustrator

1990- Florent Manaudou -French swimmer

1990- Harmeet Singh (footballer)|Harmeet Singh -Norwegian footballer

1990- Siim-Sander Vene -Estonian basketball player

1992- Giulietta (singer)|Giulietta -Australian singer-songwriter

1992- Trey Burke -American basketball player

1992- Adam Larsson -Swedish ice hockey player

1994- Anna Khnychenkova -Ukrainian figure skater