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Day History: November-11

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Famous Birthdays

1050- Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1106)

1154- Sancho I of Portugal -(d. 1212)

1155- Alfonso VIII of Castile -(d. 1214)

1220- Alphonse, Count of Poitiers -(d. 1271)

1493- Paracelsus -Swiss-German physician, botanist, astrologer, and occultist (d. 1541)

1493- Bernardo Tasso -Italian courtier and poet (d. 1569)

1569- Martin Ruland the Younger -German physician and chemist (d. 1611)

1579- Frans Snyders -Flemish painter (d. 1657)

1599- Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg -(d. 1655)

1599- Ottavio Piccolomini -Austrian-Italian field marshal (d. 1656)

1633- George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax -English politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 1695)

1668- Johann Albert Fabricius -German author and scholar (d. 1736)

1696- Andrea Zani -Italian violinist and composer (d. 1757)

1743- Carl Peter Thunberg -Swedish botanist, entomologist, and psychologist (d. 1828)

1748- Charles IV of Spain -(d. 1819)

1791- Josef Munzinger -Swiss politician, 3rd List of Presidents of the Swiss Confederation|President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 1855)

1792- Mary Anne Disraeli -Welsh wife of Benjamin Disraeli (d. 1872)

1821- Fyodor Dostoyevsky -Russian philosopher and author (d. 1881)

1836- Thomas Bailey Aldrich -American poet and author (d. 1907)

1852- Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf -Austrian-Hungarian field marshal (d. 1925)

1855- Stevan Sremac -Serbian author and activist (d. 1906)

1857- Janet Erskine Stuart -English nun and educator (d. 1914)

1863- Paul Signac -French painter (d. 1935)

1864- Alfred Hermann Fried -Austrian journalist and activist, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1921)

1869- Victor Emmanuel III of Italy -(d. 1947)

1872- David I. Walsh -American lawyer and politician, 46th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1947)

1882- Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden -(d. 1973)

1883- Ernest Ansermet -Swiss conductor (d. 1969)

1885- George S. Patton -American general (d. 1945)

1887- Roland Young -English-American actor and singer (d. 1953)

1888- Abul Kalam Azad -Indian activist, scholar, and politician (d. 1958)

1888- J. B. Kripalani -Indian lawyer and politician (d.1982)

1891- Rabbit Maranville -American baseball player and manager (d. 1954)

1894- Beverly Bayne -American actress (d. 1982)

1896- Shirley Graham Du Bois -American author, playwright, composer, and activist (d. 1977)

1898- René Clair -French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1981)

1899- Pat O'Brien (actor)|Pat O'Brien -American actor and singer (d. 1983)

1901- Magda Goebbels -German wife of Joseph Goebbels (d. 1945)

1901- Sam Spiegel -Austrian-American film producer (d. 1985)

1901- F. Van Wyck Mason -American historian and author (d. 1978)

1903-Blessed Victoria Díez Bustos de Molina -Spanish teacher and religious woman (d. 1936)

1904- Alger Hiss -American lawyer and spy (d. 1996)

1904- J. H. C. Whitehead -Indian-American mathematician and academic (d. 1960)

1906- Brother Theodore -German-American monologuist and comedian (d. 2001)

1907- Orestis Laskos -Greek director, screenwriter, and poet (d. 1992)

1909- Robert Ryan -American actor (d. 1973)

1911- Roberto Matta -Chilean-Italian painter and sculptor (d. 2002)

1912- Thomas C. Mann -American lawyer, politician, and diplomat, United States Ambassador to El Salvador (d. 1999)

1914- James Gilbert Baker -American astronomer, optician, and academic (d. 2005)

1914- Taslim Olawale Elias -Nigerian academic and jurist, 2nd Chief Justice of Nigeria (d. 1991)

1914- Howard Fast -American author and screenwriter (d. 2003)

1914- Henry Wade -American soldier and lawyer (d. 2001)

1915- William Proxmire -American soldier, journalist, and politician (d. 2005)

1915- Anna Schwartz -American economist and author (d. 2012)

1916- Robert Carr -English engineer and politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 2012)

1918- Stubby Kaye -American actor and singer (d. 1997)

1919- Kalle Päätalo -Finnish soldier and author (d. 2000)

1920- Roy Jenkins -Welsh-English captain, academic, and politician, President of the European Commission (d. 2003)

1921- Terrel Bell -American sergeant, academic, and politician, 2nd United States Secretary of Education (d. 1996)

1922- Kurt Vonnegut -American soldier, author, and academic (d. 2007)

1925- June Whitfield -English actress

1925- Jonathan Winters -American comedian, actor, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1926- Harry Lumley (ice hockey)|Harry Lumley -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1998)

1927- Mose Allison -American singer and pianist

1927- Jamelle Folsom -American wife of Jim Folsom (d. 2012)

1927- Martin Špegelj -Croatian general and politician, 2nd Ministry of Defence (Croatia)|Minister of Defence of Croatia (d. 2014)

1928- Ernestine Anderson -American singer

1928- Carlos Fuentes -Panamanian-Mexican author and academic (d. 2012)

1928- Gracita Morales -Spanish actress and singer (d. 1995)

1929- LaVern Baker -American singer and actress (d. 1997)

1929- Hans Magnus Enzensberger -German author and poet

1929- Martin Jacomb -English lawyer, businessman, and academic

1930- Hugh Everett III -American physicist and mathematician (d. 1982)

1930- Hank Garland -American guitarist (d. 2004)

1930- Vernon Handley -English conductor (d. 2008)

1931- Veronica Hurst -Maltese-English actress

1932- Germano Mosconi -Italian journalist (d. 2012)

1933- Jim Boyd (actor)|Jim Boyd -American actor (d. 2013)

1933- Peter B. Lewis -American businessman (d. 2013)

1935- Bibi Andersson -Swedish actress

1936- Jack Keller (songwriter)|Jack Keller -American songwriter (d. 2005)

1936- Susan Kohner -American actress

1937- Stephen Lewis -Canadian politician and diplomat, 14th Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

1937- Alicia Ostriker -American poet and scholar

1938- Ants Antson -Estonian speed skater

1938- Haruhiro Yamashita -Japanese gymnast

1939- Denise Alexander -American actress and producer

1939- Abdelmajid Lakhal -Tunisian actor and director (d. 2014)

1939- Harihar Swain -Indian politician (d. 2012)

1940- Barbara Boxer -American journalist and politician

1942- Jonathan Fenby -English journalist and businessman

1942- Roy Fredericks -Guyanese-American cricketer (d. 2000)

1942- Diane Wolkstein -American author (d. 2013)

1943- Doug Frost (swimming coach)|Doug Frost -Australian swimming coach

1943- Jorien van den Herik -Dutch businessman

1944- Jennifer Bate -English organist

1944- Chris Smither -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1944- Kemal Sunal -Turkish actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2000)

1945- Chris Dreja -English guitarist (The Yardbirds and Box of Frogs)

1945- Vince Martell -American singer and guitarist (Vanilla Fudge)

1945- Daniel Ortega -Nicaraguan politician, President of Nicaragua

1946- Al Holbert -American race car driver (d. 1988)

1948- Andrzej Czok -Polish mountaineer (d. 1986)

1948- Vincent Schiavelli -American actor (d. 2005)

1950- Mircea Dinescu -Romanian journalist and poet

1950- Jim Peterik -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Survivor (band)|Survivor, Pride of Lions, and The Ides of March (band)|The Ides of March)

1951- Bill Moseley -American actor, singer, and producer (Cornbugs)

1951- Kim Peek -American Savant syndrome|megasavant (d. 2009)

1951- Marc Summers -American television host and producer

1953- Marshall Crenshaw -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953- Andy Partridge -Maltese-English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (XTC and The Dukes of Stratosphear)

1954- Mary Gaitskill -American author

1955- Dave Alvin -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Blasters, The Knitters, The Flesh Eaters (band)|The Flesh Eaters, and X (American band)|X)

1956- Ian Craig Marsh -English guitarist (The Human League, Heaven 17, and B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation)|B.E.F.)

1958- Luz Casal -Spanish singer-songwriter

1958- Carlos Lacámara -Cuban-American actor

1958- Kathy Lette -Australian-English author

1959- Lee Haney -American bodybuilder

1959- Richard Rowe (horse racing)|Richard Rowe -English jockey and trainer

1959- Christian Schwarzenegger -Swiss legal scientist and professor

1959- Carl Williams (boxer)|Carl Williams -American boxer (d. 2013)

1960- Lawrence Bayne -Canadian actor

1960- Colin Harvey (writer)|Colin Harvey -English author and critic (d. 2011)

1960- Chuck Hernandez -American baseball player and coach

1960- Paquito Ochoa, Jr. -Filipino lawyer and politician, 37th Executive Secretary (Philippines)|Executive Secretary of the Philippines

1960- Cristina Odone -Kenyan-Italian journalist and author

1960- Peter Parros -American actor

1960- Stanley Tucci -American actor and director

1962- Mic Michaeli -Swedish keyboard player (Europe (band)|Europe, Brazen Abbot, and Last Autumn's Dream)

1962- Georgios Mitsibonas -Greek footballer (d. 1997)

1962- Demi Moore -American actress, director, and producer

1962- James Morrison (musician)|James Morrison -Australian trumpet player and composer

1962- Kendra Slawinski -English netball player

1963- Billy Gunn -American wrestler

1964- Anabel Alonso -Spanish actress

1964- Calista Flockhart -American actress

1965- Max Mutchnick -American screenwriter and producer

1965- Kim Stockwood -Canadian singer-songwriter (Shaye)

1966- Alison Doody -Irish model and actress

1967- Gil de Ferran -Brazilian race car driver

1967- Frank John Hughes -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1968- David L. Cook -American singer-songwriter and comedian

1968- Lavell Crawford -American comedian and actor

1968- Muangchai Kittikasem -Thai boxer

1969- Carson Kressley -American television host, fashion designer, and author

1970- Elina Konstantopoulou -Greek singer

1971- Jennifer Celotta -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1971- Paul Chaloner -English sportscaster

1971- David DeLuise -American actor and director

1971- Tarmo Linnumäe -Estonian footballer

1971- Tomas Pačėsas -Lithuanian basketball player and coach

1972- Adam Beach -Canadian actor

1972- Tyler Christopher (actor)|Tyler Christopher -American actor

1972- Andreas Lagios -Greek musician

1972- Danny Rios -Spanish baseball player

1973- Melissa Stark -American sportscaster

1973- Jason White (musician)|Jason White -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Big Cats, The Influents, The Network, and Foxboro Hot Tubs)

1974- Leonardo DiCaprio -American actor and producer

1974- Bettina Goislard -French relief worker (d. 2003)

1974- Static Major -American singer-songwriter and producer (Playa (band)|Playa) (d. 2008)

1974- Wajahatullah Wasti -Pakistani cricketer

1975- Angélica Vale -Mexican actress and singer

1976- Lisa Gleave -Australian-American model and actress

1976- Jason Grilli -American baseball player

1976- Jesse F. Keeler -Canadian bass player (Death from Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT)

1977- Maniche -Portuguese footballer

1977- Ben Hollioake -English cricketer (d. 2002)

1977- Marsha Mehran -Iranian-American author (d. 2014)

1978- Lou Vincent -New Zealand cricketer

1980- Jaeson Ma -American rapper, actor, and minister

1980- Willie Parker -American football player

1980- Edmoore Takaendesa -Zimbabwean-German rugby player

1981- Natalie Glebova -Russian-Canadian model, Miss Universe|Miss Universe 2005

1982- Gonzalo Canale -Argentinian-Italian rugby player

1982- Jeremy Williams (actor)|Jeremy Williams -English actor

1983- Brittny Gastineau -American model

1983- Arouna Koné -Ivorian footballer

1983- Philipp Lahm -German footballer

1984- Stephen Hunt (footballer born 1984)|Stephen Hunt -English footballer

1984- Birkir Már Sævarsson -Icelandic footballer

1985- Osvaldo Alonso -Cuban footballer

1985- Austin Collie -American football player

1985- Tiidrek Nurme -Estonian runner

1985- Kalan Porter -Canadian singer-songwriter

1985- Jessica Sierra -American singer

1985- Robin Uthappa -Indian cricketer

1986- Victor Cruz (American football)|Victor Cruz -American football player

1986- Mark Sanchez -American football player

1986- François Trinh-Duc -French rugby player

1987- Vinny Guadagnino -American actor

1987- Chanelle Hayes -English model and singer

1987- Yuya Tegoshi -Japanese singer and actor (NEWS (band)|NEWS and Tegomass)

1988- David Depetris -Argentine-Slovak footballer

1988- Kyle Naughton -English footballer

1989- Adam Rippon -American figure skater

1989- Reina Tanaka -Japanese singer and actress (Morning Musume, Elegies (J-pop)|Elegies, High-King, and Morning Musume Otomegumi)

1989- Lewis Williamson -Scottish race car driver

1990- Georginio Wijnaldum -Dutch footballer

1991- Christa B. Allen -American actress

1991- Jana Kask -Estonian singer

1994- Connor Price -Canadian actor

1994- Ellie Simmonds -English swimmer