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Day History: November-10

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Events History

1202- Fourth Crusade -Despite letters from Pope Innocent III forbidding it and threatening excommunication, Catholic crusaders Siege of Zara|begin a siege of the Catholic city of Zara (now Zadar, Croatia).

1293- Raden Wijaya -is crowned as the first monarch of Majapahit kingdom of Java, taking throne name Kertarajasa Jayawardhana.

1444- Battle of Varna -The crusading forces of King Władysław III of Poland|Vladislaus III of Varna (aka ''Ulaszlo I of Hungary'' and ''Wladyslaw III of Poland'') are crushed by the Ottoman Empire|Turks under Sultan Murad II and Vladislaus is killed.

1520-Danish Christian II of Denmark|King Christian II -executes dozens of people in the Stockholm Bloodbath after a successful invasion of Sweden.

1580-After a Siege of Smerwick|three-day siege -the Kingdom of England|English Army decapitation|beheads over 600 Papal States|Papal soldiers and civilians at Ard na Caithne|Dún an Óir, Ireland.

1619- René Descartes -has the dreams that inspire his ''Meditations on First Philosophy''.

1659- Shivaji|Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj -Maratha Empire|Maratha King kills Afzal Khan (general)|Afzal Khan, Adilshahi in the battle popularly known as Battle of Pratapgarh. This is also recognised as the first defence of Swarajya

1674- Anglo-Dutch War -As provided in the Treaty of Westminster (1674)|Treaty of Westminster, Netherlands cedes New Netherlands to England.

1702-English colonists under the command of James Moore (South Carolina politician)|James Moore -Siege of St. Augustine (1702)|besiege Spanish Saint Augustine, Florida|St. Augustine during Queen Anne's War.

1766-The last colonial governor of New Jersey -William Franklin, signs the charter of Queen's College (later renamed Rutgers University).

1775-The United States Marine Corps -is United States Marine Corps birthday ball|founded at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia by Samuel Nicholas.

1793-A Goddess of Reason -is proclaimed by the French Convention at the suggestion of Chaumette.

1821- The Gesture of Rufina Alfaro|Cry of Independence -by Rufina Alfaro at Los Santos District|La Villa de Los Santos, Panama setting into motion a revolt which lead to History of Panama#Independence|Panama's independence from Spain and to it immediately becoming part of Gran Colombia|Colombia

1847-The passenger ship '' Stephen Whitney (ship)|Stephen Whitney -' is wrecked in thick fog off the southern coast of Ireland, killing 92 of the 110 on board. The disaster results in the construction of the Fastnet Rock|Fastnet Rock lighthouse.

1865-Major Henry Wirz -the superintendent of Andersonville, Georgia#History|a prison camp in Andersonville, Georgia, is hanging|hanged, becoming the only American Civil War soldier execution (legal)|executed for war crimes.

1871- Henry Morton Stanley -locates missing explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone in Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika, famously greeting him with the words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?".

1898-Beginning of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -the only instance of a municipal government being overthrown in US history.

1910-The date of Thomas A. Davis -opening of the San Diego Army and Navy Academy, though the official founding date is November 23, 1910.

1918-The Western Union Cable Office in North Sydney, Nova Scotia -receives a top-secret coded message from Europe (that would be sent to Ottawa, Ontario, and Washington, DC) that said on November 11, 1918, all fighting would cease on land, sea and in the air.

1919-The first national convention of the American Legion -is held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ending on November 12.

1940-The 1940 Vrancea earthquake -strikes Romania killing an estimated 1,000 and injuring approximately 4,000 more.

1942- World War II -Nazi Germany|Germany Case Anton|invades Vichy France following French Admiral François Darlan's agreement to an armistice with the Allies of World War II|Allies in North Africa.

1944-The ammunition ship {{USS|Mount Hood|AE-11|6}} explodes at Seeadler Harbour, Manus Island|Manus -Admiralty Islands, killing at least 432 and wounding 371.

1945- Battle of Surabaya|Heavy fighting -in Surabaya between Indonesian nationalists and returning colonialists after World War II, today celebrated as Heroes Day (Indonesia)|Heroes' Day (Hari Pahlawan).

1951-With the rollout of the North American Numbering Plan -direct-dial coast-to-coast telephone service begins in the United States.

1954-U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower -dedicates the USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima memorial) in Arlington National Cemetery.

1958-The Hope Diamond -is donated to the Smithsonian Institution by New York diamond merchant Harry Winston.

1969- National Educational Television -(the predecessor to the Public Broadcasting Service) in the United States debuts the children's television program ''Sesame Street''.

1970- Vietnam War -Vietnamization

1970-The Soviet Lunar probe Lunokhod 1 -is launched.

1971-In Cambodia -Khmer Rouge forces attack the city of Phnom Penh and its airport, killing 44, wounding at least 30 and damaging nine fixed-wing aircraft|aircraft.

1972- Southern Airways -Flight 49 from Birmingham, Alabama is Aircraft hijacking|hijacked and, at one point, is threatened with crashing into the nuclear installation at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. After two days, the plane lands in Havana, Cuba, where the hijackers are jailed by Fidel Castro.

1975-The 729-foot-long freighter {{SS|Edmund Fitzgerald}} sinks during a storm on Lake Superior -killing all 29 crew on board.

1975- United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379|United Nations Resolution 3379 -United Nations General Assembly approves a resolution equating Zionism with racism (the resolution is repealed in December 1991 by UN General Assembly Resolution 4686|Resolution 4686).

1979-A 106-car Canadian Pacific -freight train carrying explosive and poisonous chemicals from Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1979 Mississauga train derailment|derails in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, causing a massive explosion and the largest peacetime evacuation in Canadian history and one of the largest in North American history.

1984-The first Breeders' Cup -takes place at Hollywood Park Racetrack.

1989-The longtime leader of the People's Republic of Bulgaria -Todor Zhivkov is removed from office and replaced by Petar Mladenov.

1989-German citizens begin to bring the Berlin Wall -down

1995-In Nigeria -playwright and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, along with eight others from the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (Mosop), are hanged by government forces.

1997- WorldCom -and MCI Communications announce a $37 billion merger (the largest merger in US history at the time).

2002-Veteran's Day weekend tornado outbreak -a tornado outbreak stretching from Northern Ohio to the Gulf Coast, one of the largest outbreaks recorded in November. The strongest tornado, an F4, hits Van Wert, Ohio|Van Wert, Ohio during the early to mid afternoon and destroys a movie theater but the theater is evacuated prior to the hit.

2006- Sri Lankan Tamil -Parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj is assassinated in Colombo.

2006-The National Museum of the Marine Corps -in Quantico, Virginia is opened and dedicated by U.S. President George W. Bush, who announces that Marine Corporal Jason Dunham will receive the Medal of Honor.

2007-'' ¿Por qué no te callas? -' incident between Juan Carlos I of Spain|King Juan Carlos of Spain and Venezuela|Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez.

2007-10,000–40,000 people 2007 Bersih rally|march -toward the Istana Negara, Jalan Istana|royal palace of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur to hand over a memorandum to the King demanding electoral reform.

2008-Over five months after landing on Mars -NASA declares the ''Phoenix (spacecraft)|Phoenix'' mission concluded after communications with the lander (spacecraft)|lander were lost.

2009-Ships of the South and North Korean navies Battle of Daecheong|skirmish -off Daecheong Island in the Yellow Sea.

Famous Birthdays

1278- Philip I, Prince of Taranto -(d. 1332)

1341- Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland -English politician (d. 1408)

1433- Charles the Bold -Burgundy son of Philip the Good (d. 1477)

1480- Bridget of York -(d. 1517)

1483- Martin Luther -German monk and priest, leader of the Protestant Reformation (d. 1546)

1565- Laurentius Paulinus Gothus -Swedish astronomer and theologian (d. 1646)

1566- Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex -English general and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d. 1601)

1577- Jacob Cats -Dutch poet, jurist, and politician (d. 1660)

1620- Ninon de l'Enclos -French courtier and author (d. 1705)

1668- François Couperin -French organist and composer (d. 1733)

1668- Louis, Prince of Condé (1668–1710)|Louis, Prince of Condé -(d. 1710)

1695- John Bevis -English physician and astronomer (d. 1771)

1697- William Hogarth -English painter, illustrator, and critic (d. 1764)

1710- Adam Gottlob Moltke -Danish courtier, politician, and diplomat (d. 1792)

1728- Oliver Goldsmith -Irish-English author, poet, and playwright (d. 1774)

1735- Granville Sharp -English activist and scholar, co-founded the Sierra Leone Company (d. 1813)

1755- Franz Anton Ries -German violinist (d. 1846)

1759- Friedrich Schiller -German poet, playwright, and historian (d. 1805)

1801- Vladimir Dal -Russian lexicographer and author (d. 1872)

1801- Samuel Gridley Howe -American physician and activist (d. 1876)

1810- George Jennings -English plumber and engineer, invented the flush toilet (d. 1882)

1834- José Hernández (writer)|José Hernández -Argentinian journalist, poet, and politician (d. 1886)

1844- Henry Eyster Jacobs -American educator and theologian (d. 1932)

1845- John Sparrow David Thompson -Canadian lawyer, judge, and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1894)

1848- Surendranath Banerjee -Indian academic and politician (d. 1925)

1850- Arthur Goring Thomas -English composer (d. 1892)

1851- Richard Armstedt -German philologist, historian, and educator (d. 1931)

1868- Gichin Funakoshi -Japanese martial artist, founded Shotokan (d. 1957)

1869- Gaetano Bresci -Italian-American assassin of Umberto I of Italy (d. 1901)

1871- Winston Churchill (novelist)|Winston Churchill -American author (d. 1947)

1873- Henri Rabaud -French conductor and composer (d. 1949)

1874- Idabelle Smith Firestone -American composer and songwriter (d. 1954)

1878- Cy Morgan -American baseball player (d. 1962)

1879- Vachel Lindsay -American poet (d. 1931)

1879- Patrick Pearse -Irish lawyer, poet, and educator (d. 1916)

1880- Jacob Epstein -American-English sculptor (d. 1959)

1886- Edward Joseph Collins -American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1951)

1887- Arnold Zweig -German author and activist (d. 1968)

1888- Andrei Tupolev -Russian engineer and designer, founded the Tupolev|Tupolev Company (d. 1972)

1889- Claude Rains -English-American actor (d. 1967)

1891- Carl Stalling -American pianist and composer (d. 1972)

1893- John P. Marquand -American author (d. 1960)

1894- Boris Furlan -Slovenian jurist and politician (d. 1957)

1895- József Mátyás Baló -Hungarian physician and academic (d. 1979)

1895- Jack Northrop -American businessman, founded the Northrop Corporation (d. 1981)

1896- Jimmy Dykes -American baseball player and manager (d. 1976)

1896- Olga Grey -Hungarian-American actress (d. 1973)

1899- Swami Satyabhakta -Indian guru, philosopher, and scholar (d. 1998)

1906- Josef Kramer -German SS officer (d. 1945)

1907- Jane Froman -American actor and singer (d. 1980)

1907- John Moore (British author)|John Moore -English author (d. 1967)

1908- Charles Merritt -Canadian colonel and politician, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 2000)

1909- Paweł Jasienica -Russian-Polish soldier, journalist, and historian (d. 1970)

1909- Johnny Marks -American composer and songwriter (d. 1985)

1912- Birdie Tebbetts -American baseball player and manager (d. 1999)

1913- Karl Shapiro -American poet and academic (d. 2000)

1916- Louis le Brocquy -Irish painter and illustrator (d. 2012)

1916- Billy May -American trumpet player and composer (d. 2004)

1916- Dr. Tangalanga -Argentinian comedian and author (d. 2013)

1917- S. Thambirajah -Sri Lankan politician

1918- Ernst Otto Fischer -German chemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2007)

1919- George Fenneman -American radio and television announcer (d. 1997)

1919- Mikhail Kalashnikov -Russian general and weapons designer, designed the AK-47 (d. 2013)

1919- François Périer -French actor (d. 2002)

1919- Michael Strank -Slovak-American sergeant, member of the Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima (d. 1945)

1919- Moise Tshombe -Congolese politician, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (d. 1969)

1920- Jennifer Holt -American-English actress and singer (d. 1997)

1920- Rafael del Pino (businessman)|Rafael del Pino -Spanish businessman, founded the Ferrovial|Ferrovial Company (d. 2008)

1923- Hachikō -Japanese dog (d. 1935)

1924- Russell Johnson -American actor (d. 2014)

1924- Bobby Limb -Australian comedian, actor, and bandleader (d. 1999)

1925- Richard Burton -Welsh actor and producer (d. 1984)

1926- Rossella Falk -Italian actress (d. 2013)

1927- Vaughn O. Lang -American general (d. 2014)

1927- Sohei Miyashita -Japanese politician, Minister of Defense (Japan)|Japanese Minister of Defense (d. 2013)

1928- Ennio Morricone -Italian trumpet player, composer, and conductor

1929- Marilyn Bergman -American composer and songwriter

1929- W. E. B. Griffin -American soldier and author

1931- Lilly Pulitzer -American fashion designer (d. 2013)

1932- Paul Bley -Canadian-American pianist and composer

1932- Don Henderson -English actor (d. 1997)

1932- Roy Scheider -American boxer, actor, and singer (d. 2008)

1932- Arthur K. Snyder -American lawyer and politician (d. 2012)

1933- Ronald Evans (astronaut)|Ronald Evans -American captain, engineer, and astronaut (d. 1990)

1934- Lucien Bianchi -Italian-Belgian race car driver (d. 1969)

1934- Garry Runciman, 3rd Viscount Runciman of Doxford -English sociologist and academic

1934- A. Thurairajah -Sri Lankan engineer and academic (d. 1994)

1935- Bernard Babior -American physician and biochemist (d. 2004)

1935- Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov -Russian astronomer, astrophysicist, and cosmologist

1937- Albert Hall (actor)|Albert Hall -American actor

1937- Zdeněk Zikán -Czech footballer (d. 2013)

1939- Anscar Chupungco -Filipino monk and theologian (d. 2013)

1939- Russell Means -American actor and activist (d. 2012)

1939- Allan Moffat -Canadian-Australian race car driver

1940- Screaming Lord Sutch -English singer-songwriter and politician (d. 1999)

1941- John Geoghegan -American lieutenant (d. 1965)

1942- Robert F. Engle -American economist and academic, Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize laureate

1942- James Hood -American activist (d. 2013)

1942- Hans-Rudolf Merz -Swiss politician, 92nd List of Presidents of the Swiss Confederation|President of the Swiss Confederation

1943- Saxby Chambliss -American lawyer and politician

1944- Askar Akayev -Kyrgyzstani economist and politician, 1st President of Kyrgyzstan

1944- Mark E. Neely, Jr. -American historian, author, and academic

1944- Silvestre Reyes -American sergeant and politician

1944- Tim Rice -English lyricist and author

1945- Terence Davies -English actor, director, and screenwriter

1945- Donna Fargo -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1946- Alaina Reed Hall -American actress and singer (d. 2009)

1947- Glen Buxton -American guitarist and songwriter (d. 1997)

1947- Bachir Gemayel -Lebanese commander and politician (d. 1982)

1947- Greg Lake -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Emerson, Lake & Powell, The Gods (band)|The Gods, and Asia (band)|Asia)

1947- Dave Loggins -American singer-songwriter

1948- Aaron Brown (journalist)|Aaron Brown -American journalist

1948- Shigesato Itoi -Japanese video game designer and voice actor, created ''EarthBound (series)|EarthBound''

1948- Steven Utley -American author and poet (d. 2013)

1949- Ann Reinking -American actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer

1949- Don Saleski -Canadian ice hockey player

1950- Debra Hill -American screenwriter and producer (d. 2005)

1950- Bob Orton, Jr. -American wrestler

1950- Jack Scalia -American actor and producer

1951- Viktor Sukhorukov -Russian actor

1952- Gerry DiNardo -American football player and coach

1953- Les Miles -American football player and coach

1954- Bob Stanley -American baseball player and coach

1955- Jack Clark (baseball)|Jack Clark -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1955- Roland Emmerich -German director, producer, and screenwriter

1956- Sinbad (comedian)|Sinbad -American comedian, actor, and producer

1956- Mohsen Badawi -Egyptian businessman and activist

1957- Nigel Evans -Welsh politician

1958- Stephen Herek -American director and producer

1958- George Lowe -American voice actor and producer

1958- Omar Minaya -American baseball player and manager

1958- Massimo Morsello -Italian singer-songwriter and activist (d. 2001)

1958- Brooks Williams -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1959- Linda Cohn -American sportscaster

1959- Mike McCarthy (American football)|Mike McCarthy -American football player and coach

1959- Mackenzie Phillips -American actress and singer

1959- Michael Schröder -German footballer and manager

1960- Neil Gaiman -English author, illustrator, and screenwriter

1960- Dan Hawkins (American football)|Dan Hawkins -American football player, coach, and sportscaster

1960- Maeve Sherlock -English politician

1961- Rudolf Grimm -German-Austrian physicist and academic

1961- John Walton (darts player)|John Walton -English darts player

1963- Hugh Bonneville -English actor

1963- Tommy Davidson -American actor and screenwriter

1964- Kenny Rogers (baseball)|Kenny Rogers -American baseball player and coach

1964- Magnús Scheving -Icelandic gymnast, actor, and producer

1965- Jamie Dixon -American basketball player and coach

1965- Sean Hughes (comedian)|Sean Hughes -English-Irish comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1965- Eddie Irvine -Irish race car driver

1966- Vanessa Angel -English model and actress

1966- Bill DeMott -American wrestler and agent

1967- Michael Jai White -American actor, producer, screenwriter, and martial artist

1968- Steve Brookstein -English singer

1968- Tracy Morgan -American comedian, actor, and producer

1968- Tom Papa -American comedian, actor, television and radio host

1969- Faustino Asprilla -Colombian footballer

1969- Jens Lehmann -German footballer and actor

1969- Ellen Pompeo -American actress

1970- Warren G -American rapper and producer (213 (group)|213)

1970- Freddy Loix -Belgian race car driver

1970- Sergei Ovchinnikov (footballer born 1970)|Sergei Ovchinnikov -Russian footballer and manager

1970- Tay Ping Hui -Singaporean actor

1970- Vince Vieluf -American actor and screenwriter

1971- Holly Black -American journalist, author, and poet

1971- Walton Goggins -American actor and producer

1971- Magnus "Ölme" Johansson -Swedish footballer

1971- Niki Karimi -Iranian actress, director, and screenwriter

1971- Terry Pearson -American baseball player

1972- DJ Ashba -American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Guns N' Roses, Sixx:A.M., BulletBoys, and Beautiful Creatures (band)|Beautiful Creatures)

1972- Isaac Bruce -American football player

1972- Lou Brutus -American singer-songwriter, radio host, and photographer

1972- Virág Csurgó -Hungarian tennis player

1972- Shawn Green -American baseball player

1972- Greg LaRocca -American baseball player

1973- Patrik Berger -Czech footballer

1973- Marco Antonio Rodríguez -Mexican footballer and referee

1974- Niko Hurme -Finnish bass player (Lordi and Stala & so.)

1974- Chris Lilley (comedian)|Chris Lilley -Australian comedian, actor, and producer

1975- Diplo (DJ)|Diplo -American DJ, songwriter, and producer (Major Lazer)

1975- Markko Märtin -Estonian race car driver

1976- Martin Åslund -Swedish footballer and sportscaster

1976- Sergio González Soriano|Sergio González -Spanish footballer and manager

1976- Steffen Iversen -Norwegian footballer

1976- Shefki Kuqi -Finnish footballer

1976- Mike Leclerc -Canadian ice hockey player

1977- Josh Barnett -American mixed martial artist and wrestler

1977- Won Bin -South Korean actor

1977- Matt Cepicky -American baseball player

1977- Brittany Murphy -American actress and singer (d. 2009)

1977- Erik Nevland -Norwegian footballer

1978- Eve (entertainer)|Eve -American rapper, producer, and actress

1978- Kyla Cole -Slovak porn actress and model

1978- Jorge DePaula -Dominican baseball player

1978- Kristian Huselius -Swedish ice hockey player

1978- Drew McConnell -Irish bass player (Babyshambles, Mongrel (band)|Mongrel, and Elviss)

1978- David Paetkau -Canadian actor

1979- Chris Joannou -Australian bass player (Silverchair)

1979- Harsh Mankad -Indian-American tennis player

1979- Nina Mercedez -American porn actress, director, and producer

1979- Anthony Réveillère -French footballer

1979- Ragnvald Soma -Norwegian footballer

1980- Danilo Belić -Serbian footballer

1980- Troy Bell -American basketball player

1980- Calvin Chen -Taiwanese singer and actor (Fahrenheit (Taiwanese band)|Fahrenheit)

1980- Agustín De La Canal -Argentinian footballer

1980- Jeroen Ketting -Dutch footballer

1980- Yevhen Lutsenko -Ukrainian footballer

1980- Matt Mullins -American actor, director, producer, and martial artist

1980- Donté Stallworth -American football player

1981- Ryback -American wrestler

1981- Tony Blanco -Dominican baseball player

1981- Jason Dunham -American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 2004)

1981- Ezequiel Garré -Argentinian footballer

1981- Paul Kipsiele Koech -Kenyan runner

1981- Miroslav Slepička -Czech footballer

1981- Brett Tamburrino -Australian baseball player

1981- Marko Tomasović (boxer)|Marko Tomasović -Croatian boxer

1982- Shane Cansdell-Sherriff -Australian footballer

1982- Chris Canty (defensive lineman)|Chris Canty -American football player

1982- Clayton Fortune -English footballer

1982- Heather Matarazzo -American actress

1982- Matt Pagnozzi -American baseball player

1983- Brian Dinkelman -American baseball player

1983- Dinko Felic -Norwegian footballer

1983- Miranda Lambert -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Pistol Annies)

1983- Ryan Mattheus -American baseball player

1983- Craig Smith -American basketball player

1983- Marius Žaliūkas -Lithuanian footballer

1984- Britt Irvin -Canadian actress and singer

1984- Jean-Martial Kipre -Ivorian footballer

1984- Jarno Mattila -Finnish footballer

1984- Ludovic Obraniak -Polish footballer

1984- Kendrick Perkins -American basketball player

1985- Ricki-Lee Coulter -New Zealand singer-songwriter and dancer (Young Divas)

1985- Daan Huiskamp -Dutch footballer

1985- Aleksandar Kolarov -Serbian footballer

1985- Cherno Samba -Gambian footballer

1985- Giovonnie Samuels -American actress

1985- Krystian Trochowski -German rugby player

1986- Aaron Crow -American baseball player

1986- Will Hendry -English footballer

1986- Ilias Iliadis -Georgian-Greek martial artist

1986- Goran Jerković (footballer born 1986)|Goran Jerković -French footballer

1986- Stanislav Namaşco -Moldovan footballer

1986- Josh Peck -American actor

1986- Eric Thames -American baseball player

1986- Samuel Wanjiru -Kenyan runner (d. 2011)

1987- Edi Maia -Portuguese pole vaulter

1987- Sam Malsom -English footballer

1987- Theo Peckham -Canadian ice hockey player

1987- Jessica Tovey -Australian actress

1988- Massimo Coda -Italian footballer

1989- Daniel Agyei -Ghanaian footballer

1989- Luke Daley -English footballer

1989- Matt Magill -American baseball player

1989- Adrian Nikçi -Swiss footballer

1990- Andre Blackman -English footballer

1990- Marcus Browne -American boxer

1990- Aaron Murray -American football player

1990- Robert Primus -Trinidadian footballer

1990- Kristina Vogel -German cyclist

1991- Genevieve Buechner -Canadian actress

1992- Marko Blaževski -Macedonian swimmer

1992- Teddy Bridgewater -American football player

1992- Marek Frimmel -Slovak footballer

1992- Dimitri Petratos -Australian footballer

1992- Rafał Wolski -Polish footballer

1992- Wilfried Zaha -English footballer

1994- Zoey Deutch -American actress

1994- Claudio Dias -English footballer

1999- Kiernan Shipka -American actress

2000- Mackenzie Foy -American actress

History of Deaths

461- Pope Leo I -(b. 400)

627- Justus -Italian-English archbishop

901- Adelaide of Paris -(b. 850)

1444- Władysław III of Poland -(b. 1424)

1549- Pope Paul III -(b. 1468)

1617- Barnabe Rich -English soldier and author (b. 1540)

1624- Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire (b. 1573)

1644- Luis Vélez de Guevara -Spanish author and playwright (b. 1579)

1659- Afzal Khan (general)|Afzal Khan -Indian general

1673- Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki -Ukrainian husband of Eleanor of Austria, Queen of Poland (b. 1640)

1727- Alphonse de Tonty -French-American explorer (b. 1659)

1728- Fyodor Apraksin -Russian admiral (b. 1661)

1772- Pedro Correia Garção -Portuguese poet (b. 1724)

1777- Cornstalk -American tribal chief (b. 1720)

1808- Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester -Irish-English general and politician, 21st Governor General of Canada (b. 1724)

1865- Henry Wirz -Swiss-American captain (b. 1823)

1869- John E. Wool -American general (b. 1822)

1887- Louis Lingg -German-American activist (b. 1864)

1891- Arthur Rimbaud -French poet (b. 1854)

1909- George Essex Evans -Australian poet and educator (b. 1863)

1912- Louis Cyr -Canadian strongman (b. 1863)

1917- Harry Trott -Australian cricketer (b. 1866)

1924- Dean O'Banion -Irish-American mobster and rival of Al Capone (b. 1892)

1936- Louis Gustave Binger -French army officer and explorer (b. 1856)

1938- Mustafa Kemal Atatürk -Turkish field marshal and politician, 1st President of Turkey (b. 1881)

1940- Ilie Pintilie -Romanian activist (b. 1903)

1946- Louis Zutter -Swiss gymnast (b. 1856)

1956- Gordon MacQuarrie -American author and journalist (b. 1900)

1962- Julius Lenhart -Austrian gymnast (b. 1875)

1964- Jimmie Dodd -American actor and singer (b. 1910)

1968- Adolf Möller -German rower (b. 1877)

1971- Walter Van Tilburg Clark -American author and academic (b. 1909)

1973- David "Stringbean" Akeman -American banjo player (b. 1915)

1975- Ernest M. McSorley -Canadian-American captain (b. 1912)

1981- Abel Gance -French actor, director, and producer (b. 1889)

1982- Leonid Brezhnev -Ukrainian-Russian general and politician, 4th List of heads of state of the Soviet Union|Head of State of the Soviet Union (b. 1906)

1984- Xavier Herbert -Australian author (b. 1901)

1986- Rogelio de la Rosa -Filipino actor and politician (b. 1916)

1986- Gordon Richards -English jockey (b. 1904)

1987- Noor Hossain (activist)|Noor Hossain -Bangladeshi activist (b. 1961)

1990- Aurelio Monteagudo -Cuban baseball player and manager (b. 1943)

1990- Mário Schenberg -Brazilian physicist and academic (b. 1914)

1991- William Afflis -American football player and wrestler (b. 1929)

1992- Chuck Connors -American actor and screenwriter (b. 1921)

1994- Carmen McRae -American singer, pianist, and actress (b. 1920)

1995- Ken Saro-Wiwa -Nigerian author and activist (b. 1941)

1997- Tommy Tedesco -American guitarist (b. 1930)

1998- Mary Millar -English actress and singer (b. 1936)

2000- Adamantios Androutsopoulos -Greek lawyer and politician, 171st Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1919)

2000- Jacques Chaban-Delmas -French general and politician, 153rd List of Prime Ministers of France|Prime Minister of France (b. 1915)

2001- Ken Kesey -American author and activist (b. 1935)

2002- Michel Boisrond -French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1921)

2003- Canaan Banana -Zimbabwean clergyman and politician, 1st President of Zimbabwe (b. 1936)

2003- Irv Kupcinet -American journalist and talk show host (b. 1912)

2004- Katy de la Cruz -Filipino-American singer and actress (b. 1907)

2006- Diana Coupland -English actress and singer (b. 1932)

2006- Fokko du Cloux -Dutch mathematician and computer scientist (b. 1954)

2006- Gerald Levert -American singer-songwriter and producer (LeVert and LSG) (b. 1966)

2006- Jack Palance -American actor (b. 1919)

2006- Nadarajah Raviraj -Sri Lankan lawyer and politician (b. 1962)

2006- Jack Williamson -American author, critic, and academic (b. 1908)

2007- Laraine Day -American actress (b. 1920)

2007- Augustus F. Hawkins -American politician (b. 1907)

2007- Norman Mailer -American author, screenwriter, and actor (b. 1923)

2008- Miriam Makeba -South African singer-songwriter, actress, and activist (b. 1932)

2008- Arthur Shawcross -American serial killer (b. 1945)

2008- Wannes Van de Velde -Belgian singer and poet (b. 1937)

2009- Gheorghe Dinică -Romanian actor (b. 1934)

2009- Robert Enke -German footballer (b. 1977)

2009- Tomaž Humar -Slovenian mountaineer (b. 1969)

2009- John Allen Muhammad -American Beltway sniper attacks|sniper (b. 1960)

2010- Dino De Laurentiis -Italian-American actor, producer, and production manager (b. 1919)

2010- Dave Niehaus -American sportscaster (b. 1935)

2010- Nicola Rizzuto -Italian-Canadian mob boss (b. 1924)

2011- Peter J. Biondi -American politician (b. 1942)

2011- Ivan Martin Jirous -Czech poet (b. 1944)

2012- Mynavathi -Indian actress (b. 1935)

2012- John Louis Coffey -American lawyer and judge (b. 1922)

2012- Eric Day -English footballer (b. 1921)

2012- Eric Devenport -English bishop (b. 1926)

2012- Marian Lines -English actress, author, and composer (b. 1933)

2012- Mitsuko Mori -Japanese actress (b. 1920)

2012- Piet van Zeil -Dutch politician, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Netherlands)|Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs (b. 1927)

2013- Vijaydan Detha -Indian author (b. 1926)

2013- John Grant (neurosurgeon)|John Grant -Australian neurosurgeon (b. 1922)

2013- Carl Hilliard -American journalist (b. 1937)

2013- John Matchefts -American ice hockey player and coach (b. 1931)

2013- Giorgio Orelli -Swiss poet (b. 1921)

2013- Pushpa Thangadorai -Indian author (b. 1931)