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Day History: November-1

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Events History

365-The Alamanni -cross the Rhine and invade Gaul. Emperor Valentinian I moves to Paris to command the army and defend the Gallic cities.

996-Emperor Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor|Otto III -issues a deed to Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising, which is the oldest known document using the name ''Ostarrîchi'' (Austria in Old High German).

1141- Empress Matilda -s reign as 'Lady of the English' ends with Stephen, King of England|Stephen of Blois regaining the title of King of England.

1179- Philip II of France|Philip II -is coronation|crowned List of French monarchs|King of France.

1214-The port city of Sinop, Turkey|Sinope -Siege of Sinope|surrenders to the Seljuq Turks.

1348-The anti-royalist Union of Valencia -attacks the Jews of Murviedro on the pretext that they are serfs of the King of Valencia and thus "royalists".

1503- Pope Julius II -is elected.

1512-The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -painted by Michelangelo, is exhibited to the public for the first time.

1520-The Strait of Magellan -the passage immediately south of mainland South America connecting the Pacific Ocean|Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, is first discovered and navigated by European explorer Ferdinand Magellan during the first recorded circumnavigation voyage.

1555-French Huguenot -establish the France Antarctique colony in present-day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1570-The All Saints' Flood (1570)|All Saints' Flood -devastates the Dutch coast.

1604- William Shakespeare -s tragedy ''Othello'' is performed for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.

1611-William Shakespeare's romantic comedy '' The Tempest (play)|The Tempest -' is performed for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.

1612-( 22 October -Old Style|O.S.) Time of Troubles in Russia: Moscow, Kitai-gorod, is captured by Russian troops under command of Dmitri Mikhailovich Pozharski|Dmitry Pozharsky

1683-The Kingdom of Great Britain|British -crown Province of New York|colony of New York is subdivided into 12 County (United States)|counties.

1688- William III of Orange -sets out a second time from Hellevoetsluis in the Netherlands to seize the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland from King James II of England during the Glorious Revolution.

1755-In Portugal -Lisbon is 1755 Lisbon earthquake|totally devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami, killing between 60,000 and 90,000 people.

1765-The British Parliament -enacts the Stamp Act 1765|Stamp Act on the 13 colonies in order to help pay for Kingdom of Great Britain|British military operations in North America.

1790- Edmund Burke -publishes ''Reflections on the Revolution in France'', in which he predicts that the French Revolution will end in a disaster.

1800- John Adams -becomes the first President of the United States to live in the Executive Mansion (later renamed the White House).

1805- Napoleon I|Napoleon Bonaparte -invades Austrian Empire|Austria during the War of the Third Coalition.

1814- Congress of Vienna -opens to re-draw the European political map after the defeat of France in the Napoleonic Wars.

1848-In Boston -Massachusetts, the first medical school for women, The Boston Female Medical School (which later merged with the Boston University School of Medicine), opens.

1859-The current Cape Lookout (North Carolina)|Cape Lookout -North Carolina, lighthouse is lit for the first time. Its first-order Fresnel lens can be seen for about {{convert|19|mi|km}} in good conditions.

1861- American Civil War -U.S. President Abraham Lincoln appoints George B. McClellan as the commander of the Union Army, replacing General Winfield Scott.

1870-In the United States -the Weather Bureau (later renamed the National Weather Service) makes its first official Meteorology|meteorological forecast.

1876- New Zealand -s Provinces of New Zealand|provincial government system is dissolved.

1884-The Gaelic Athletic Association -is set up in Hayes's Hotel in Thurles, County Tipperary.

1886- Ananda College -a leading Buddhist school in Sri Lanka is established with 37 students.

1894- Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II -becomes the new (and last) Tsar of Russian Empire|Russia after his father, Alexander III of Russia|Alexander III, dies.

1894- Thomas Edison -films American sharpshooter Annie Oakley, which is instrumental in her hiring by Buffalo Bill for his Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show|Wild West Show.

1896-A picture showing the bare breast -of a woman appears in ''National Geographic (magazine)|National Geographic'' magazine for the first time.

1897-The first Library of Congress -building opens its doors to the public. The Library had been housed in the Congressional Reading Room in the U.S. Capitol.

1901- Sigma Phi Epsilon -the largest national male collegiate fraternities and sororities|fraternity, is established at University of Richmond|Richmond College, in Richmond, Virginia.

1911-The first dropping of a bomb from an aircraft in combat, during the Italo-Turkish War -

1914- World War I -the first United Kingdom|British Royal Navy defeat of the war with Germany, the Battle of Coronel, is fought off of the western coast of Chile, in the Pacific Ocean|Pacific, with the loss of {{HMS|Good Hope|1901|6}} and {{HMS|Monmouth|1901|6}}.

1915- Parris Island -is officially designated a United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

1916- Paul Miliukov -delivers in the State Duma the famous "stupidity or treason" speech, precipitating the downfall of the Boris Stürmer government.

1918- Malbone Street Wreck -the worst rapid transit accident in US history occurs under the intersection of Malbone Street and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, with at least 102 deaths.

1918-Western Ukraine -gains its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1918-The short-lived Banat Republic -is founded.

1920-American Fishing Schooner Esperanto -defeats the Canadian Fishing Schooner Delawana in the First International Fishing Schooner Championship Races in City of Halifax|Halifax.

1922- Abolition of the Ottoman Sultanate -The last sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed VI, abdicates.

1928-The ''Law on the Adoption and Implementation of the Turkish alphabet|Turkish Alphabet -', replacing the version of the Arabic alphabet previously used with the Latin alphabet, comes into force in Turkey.

1937- Stalinism|Stalinists -execute Pastor Paul Hamberg and seven members of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic|Azerbaijan's Lutheran community.

1938- Seabiscuit -defeats War Admiral in an upset victory during a match race deemed "the match of the century" in horse racing.

1939-The first rabbit -born after artificial insemination is exhibited to the world.

1941-American photographer Ansel Adams -takes a Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico|picture of a moonrise over the town of Hernandez, New Mexico|Hernandez, New Mexico that would become one of the most famous images in the history of photography.

1942- World War II -Matanikau Offensive begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends three days later with an American victory.

1943-World War II: In the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay -United States Marine Corps|United States Marines, the 3rd Marine Division, land on Bougainville Island|Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.

1943-World War II: In support of the landings on Bougainville Island|Bougainville -U.S. aircraft carrier forces Attack on Rabaul (1943)|attack the huge Japanese base at Rabaul.

1944-World War II: Units of the British Army -land at Walcheren in the Netherlands.

1945-The official North Korea -newspaper, ''Rodong Sinmun'', is first published under the name ''Chongro''.

1945- Australia -joins the United Nations.

1946-Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II -is ordained to the priesthood by Krakow's archbishop, Adam Sapieha.

1948-Off southern Manchuria -6,000 people die as a Republic of China (1912–49)|Chinese merchant ship explodes and sinks.

1948- Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople|Athenagoras I -Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is enthroned.

1950- Puerto Rico|Puerto Rican -nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo Truman assassination attempt|attempt to assassinate US President Harry S. Truman at Blair House.

1950- Pope Pius XII -claims papal infallibility when he formally dogmatic definition|defines the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.

1951- Operation Buster-Jangle -6,500 United States|American soldiers are exposed to 'Desert Rock' atom bomb|atomic explosions for training purposes in Nevada. Participation is not voluntary.

1952- Operation Ivy -The United States successfully detonates the first large hydrogen bomb, codenamed "Mike" "M" for megaton, in the Eniwetok atoll, located in the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The explosion had a yield of 10 megatons.

1953- Andhra Pradesh -attains statehood, with Kurnool as its capital.

1954-The National Liberation Front (Algeria)|Front de Libération Nationale -fires the first shots of the Algerian War of Independence.

1955-The bombing of United Airlines Flight 629 -occurs near Longmont, Colorado, killing all 39 passengers and five crew members aboard the Douglas Aircraft|Douglas Douglas DC-6|DC-6B airliner.

1956-The Indian states Kerala -Andhra Pradesh, and Mysore state are formally created under the States Reorganisation Act.

1956-In India, Kanyakumari -district is joined to Tamil Nadu state from Kerala.

1956-The Springhill mining disaster -in Springhill, Nova Scotia|Springhill, Nova Scotia kills 39 miners; 88 are rescued.

1957-The Mackinac Bridge -the world's longest suspension bridge between anchorages at the time, opens to traffic connecting Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas.

1959- Montreal Canadiens -goaltender Jacques Plante wears a protective mask for the first time in an NHL game.

1959-In Rwanda -Hutu politician Dominique Mbonyumutwa is beaten up by Tutsi forces, leading to a period of violence known as the wind of destruction.

1960-While campaigning for President of the United States -John F. Kennedy announces his idea of the Peace Corps.

1961-50,000 women in 60 cities participate in the inaugural Women Strike for Peace -(WSP) against nuclear proliferation.

1963-The Arecibo Observatory -in Arecibo, Puerto Rico|Arecibo, Puerto Rico, with the largest radio telescope ever constructed, officially opens.

1963-The 1963 South Vietnamese coup -begins

1968-The Motion Picture Association of America -s Motion Picture Association of America film rating system|film rating system is officially introduced, originating with the ratings G, M, R, and X.

1970- Club Cinq-Sept fire -in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France kills 146 young people.

1973- Watergate Scandal -Leon Jaworski is appointed as the new Watergate Special Prosecutor.

1973-The Indian state of Mysore -is renamed as Karnataka to represent all the regions within Karunadu.

1981- Antigua and Barbuda -gains independence from the United Kingdom.

1982- Honda -becomes the first Asian automobile company to produce cars in the United States with the opening of its factory in Marysville, Ohio. The Honda Accord is the first car produced there.

1993-The Maastricht Treaty -takes effect, formally establishing the European Union.

2000- Serbia and Montenegro -joins the United Nations.

2012-A fuel tank truck 2012 Riyadh truck crash|crashes and explodes -in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh killing 26 people and injuring 135.

Famous Birthdays

846- Louis the Stammerer -French king (d. 879)

1339- Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria -(d. 1365)

1351- Leopold III, Duke of Austria -(d. 1386)

1526- Catherine Jagellon -Polish-Swedish wife of John III of Sweden (d. 1583)

1530- Étienne de La Boétie -French judge and philosopher (d. 1563)

1539- Pierre Pithou -French lawyer and scholar (d. 1596)

1549- Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain -(d. 1580)

1567- Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, 1st Count of Gondomar -Spanish academic and diplomat (d. 1626)

1585- Jan Brożek -Polish mathematician, physician, and astronomer (d. 1652)

1607- Georg Philipp Harsdorffer -German poet (d. 1658)

1611- François-Marie, comte de Broglie -Italian-French commander (d. 1656)

1623- Zhu Youlang, Prince of Gui -the Yongli Emperor, the 4th and last emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty of China (d. 1662)

1625- Oliver Plunkett -Irish archbishop and saint (d. 1681)

1636- Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux -French poet and critic (d. 1711)

1643- John Strype -English historian and author (d. 1737)

1661- Florent Carton Dancourt -French actor and playwright (d. 1725)

1666- James Sherard -English botanist (d. 1738)

1704- Paul Daniel Longolius -German editor (d. 1779)

1720- Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte -French admiral (d. 1791)

1727- Ivan Shuvalov -Russian academic (d. 1797)

1757- Antonio Canova -Italian sculptor (d. 1822)

1762- Spencer Perceval -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1812)

1769- Garlieb Merkel -German author and activist (d. 1850)

1778- Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden -(d. 1837)

1782- F. J. Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1859)

1808- John Taylor (Mormon)|John Taylor -English-American religious leader, 3rd President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (d. 1887)

1831- Harry Atkinson -English-New Zealand politician, 13th Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 1892)

1838- 11th Dalai Lama -(d. 1856)

1839- Pál Luthár -Slovene-Hungarian organist, educator, and author (d. 1919)

1847- Emma Albani -Canadian-English soprano (d. 1930)

1847- Hiệp Hòa -Vietnamese emperor (d. 1883)

1852- Honinbo Shuei -Japanese Go (game)|Go player (d. 1907)

1859- Charles Brantley Aycock -American educator, lawyer, and politician, 50th Governor of North Carolina (d. 1912)

1860- Boies Penrose -American lawyer and politician (d. 1921)

1862- Johan Wagenaar -Dutch organist and composer (d. 1941)

1864- Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (1864–1918)|Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine -(d. 1918)

1871- Stephen Crane -American journalist, author, and poet (d. 1900)

1872- Louis Dewis -Belgian-French painter (d. 1946)

1877- Roger Quilter -English composer (d. 1953)

1878- Konrad Mägi -Estonian painter (d. 1925)

1878- Carlos Saavedra Lamas -Argentinian academic and politician, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1959)

1880- Sholem Asch -Polish-American author and playwright (d. 1957)

1880- Grantland Rice -American journalist (d. 1954)

1880- Alfred Wegener -German meteorologist and geophysicist (d. 1930)

1881- Perikles Ioannidis -Greek admiral (d. 1965)

1881- Edward Van Sloan -American actor (d. 1964)

1886- Hermann Broch -Austrian-American author (d. 1951)

1886- Sakutarō Hagiwara -Japanese poet and critic (d. 1942)

1887- L. S. Lowry -English painter (d. 1976)

1888- George Kenner -German-American painter and illustrator (d. 1971)

1889- Hannah Höch -German painter and photographer (d. 1978)

1889- Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker -English academic and politician, Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1982)

1896- Edmund Blunden -English author, poet, and critic (d. 1974)

1898- Arthur Legat -Belgian race car driver (d. 1960)

1898- Sippie Wallace -American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1986)

1902- Nordahl Grieg -Norwegian journalist, author, poet, and playwright (d. 1943)

1902- Eugen Jochum -German conductor (d. 1987)

1903- Max Adrian -Irish-English actor and singer (d. 1973)

1903- Edward Greeves, Jr. -Australian footballer (d. 1963)

1905- Paul-Émile Borduas -Canadian-French painter (d. 1960)

1906- Johnny Indrisano -American boxer and actor (d. 1968)

1907- Maxie Rosenbloom -American boxer and actor (d. 1976)

1911- Henri Troyat -French historian and author (d. 2007)

1912- Gunther Plaut -German-Canadian rabbi and author (d. 2012)

1914- Moshe Teitelbaum (Satmar)|Moshe Teitelbaum -Romanian-American rabbi (d. 2006)

1915- Margaret Taylor-Burroughs -American painter, co-founded the DuSable Museum of African American History (d. 2010)

1917- Siegfried Jamrowski -Russian-German soldier and pilot (d. 2012)

1917- R. W. B. Lewis -American scholar and critic (d. 2002)

1917- Clarence E. Miller -American politician (d. 2011)

1918- Hermann Braun -American-German actor (d. 1945)

1918- Ken Miles -English racing driver (d. 1966)

1919- Hermann Bondi -English-Austrian mathematician and cosmologist (d. 2005)

1920- James J. Kilpatrick -American journalist (d. 2010)

1920- Ted Lowe -English sportscaster (d. 2011)

1921- Wadih El Safi -Lebanese singer-songwriter, oud player, and actor (d. 2013)

1921- John W. Peterson -American pilot and songwriter (d. 2006)

1921- Harald Quandt -German businessman (d. 1967)

1922- George S. Irving -American actor and singer

1923- Victoria de los Ángeles -Spanish soprano (d. 2005)

1923- Gordon R. Dickson -Canadian-American author (d. 2001)

1923- Menachem Elon -German-Israeli academic and jurist (d. 2013)

1923- Carlos Páez Vilaró -Uruguayan painter and sculptor (d. 2014)

1924- Süleyman Demirel -Turkish engineer and politician, 9th President of Turkey

1924- Jean-Luc Pépin -Canadian academic and politician, 19th Minister of Labour (Canada)|Canadian Minister of Labour (d. 1995)

1924- Colette Renard -French actress and singer (d. 2010)

1926- Lou Donaldson -American saxophonist and composer

1926- Olaf Kopvillem -Estonian-Canadian singer-songwriter and conductor (d. 1997)

1926- Betsy Palmer -American actress

1927- Vic Power (baseball)|Vic Power -Puerto Rican baseball player (d. 2005)

1928- James Bradford (weightlifter)|James Bradford -American weightlifter (d. 2013)

1928- Emmaline Henry -American actress (d. 1979)

1929- Nicholas Mavroules -American politician (d. 2003)

1930- A. R. Gurney -American playwright and author

1931- Yossef Gutfreund -Israeli wrestling judge (d. 1972)

1931- Chosuke Ikariya -Japanese bass player and actor (The Drifters (Japanese band)|The Drifters) (d. 2004)

1931- Shunsuke Kikuchi -Japanese composer

1931- Arne Pedersen -Norwegian footballer and manager (d. 2013)

1932- Al Arbour -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1932- Francis Arinze -Nigerian cardinal

1932- John Clark (actor)|John Clark -English actor, director, and producer

1933- Antoine Kohn -Luxembourgian footballer and manager (d. 2012)

1934- Umberto Agnelli -Swiss-Italian businessman and politician (d. 2004)

1934- Gillian Knight -English soprano and actress

1934- William Mathias -Welsh pianist and composer (d. 1992)

1935- Gary Player -South African golfer

1935- Edward Said -Palestinian-American theorist, author, and academic (d. 2003)

1936- Eddie Colman -English footballer (d. 1958)

1936- Katsuhisa Hattori -Japanese composer and conductor

1936- Shizuka Kamei -Japanese politician

1937- Bill Anderson (singer)|Bill Anderson -American singer-songwriter and actor

1939- Barbara Bosson -American actress

1940- Roger Kellaway -American pianist and composer

1940- Ramesh Chandra Lahoti -Indian jurist, 35th Chief Justice of India

1940- Bruce Grocott, Baron Grocott -English academic and politician

1940- Barry Sadler -American sergeant, singer-songwriter, and actor (d. 1989)

1941- Alfio Basile -Argentinian footballer and manager

1941- Robert Foxworth -American actor and director

1942- Larry Flynt -American publisher, founded Larry Flynt Publications

1942- Ralph Klein -Canadian journalist and politician, 12th Premier of Alberta (d. 2013)

1942- Marcia Wallace -American actress (d. 2013)

1943- Salvatore Adamo -Italian-Belgian singer-songwriter

1943- Jacques Attali -French economist and civil servant

1943- John McEnery -English actor

1944- Kinky Friedman -American singer-songwriter and author

1944- Bobby Heenan -American wrestling manager and sportscaster

1944- Oscar Temaru -French-Polynesian politician, President of French Polynesia

1945- Narendra Dabholkar -Indian author and activist, founded Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (d. 2013)

1946- Ric Grech -French-English bass player (Family (band)|Family, Ginger Baker's Air Force, Blind Faith, and Traffic (band)|Traffic) (d. 1990)

1946- Dennis Muren -American special effects artist

1946- Lynne Russell -American journalist and author

1947- Nick Owen -English journalist

1947- Jim Steinman -American songwriter and producer

1948- Phil Myre -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1948- Amani Abeid Karume -Zanzibar accountant and politician, 6th President of Zanzibar

1948- Bill Woodrow -English sculptor

1949- David Foster -Canadian singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Skylark (Canadian band)|Skylark, Attitudes (band)|Attitudes, and Airplay (band)|Airplay)

1949- Michael D. Griffin -American physicist and engineer

1950- Mitch Kapor -American computer programmer and businessman, founded Lotus Software and Electronic Frontier Foundation

1950- Robert B. Laughlin -American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1950- Dan Peek -American guitarist (America (band)|America) (d. 2011)

1951- Ronald Bell (musician)|Ronald Bell -American singer-songwriter, saxophonist, and producer (Kool & the Gang)

1951- Fabrice Luchini -French actor

1951- Belita Moreno -American actress

1953- Jan Davis -American engineer and astronaut

1953- Paul Wellings -English ecologist and academic

1955- Beth Leavel -American actress and singer

1955- Mike Mendoza -English radio host and politician

1957- Lyle Lovett -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor

1957- Carlos Paião -Portuguese singer-songwriter (d. 1988)

1957- Peter Ostrum -American large animal veterinarian and child actor

1958- Mark Austin (journalist)|Mark Austin -English journalist

1958- Joe DeRenzo -American drummer, composer, and producer

1958- Robert Hart (musician)|Robert Hart -English singer-songwriter (Bad Company, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, The Company of Snakes, Distance (band)|Distance, and The Jones Gang)

1958- Jim Steinmeyer -American magician and author

1958- Rachel Ticotin -American actress

1959- Susanna Clarke -English author

1959- Eriko Hara -Japanese voice actress

1960- Tim Cook -American businessman

1960- Fernando Valenzuela -Mexican baseball player, coach, and sportscaster

1961- Louise Boije af Gennäs -Swedish author and screenwriter

1961- Nicky Grist -Welsh race car driver

1961- Calvin Johnson (musician)|Calvin Johnson -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System, The Microphones, Cool Rays, and The Go Team)

1961- Kim Krizan -American actress and screenwriter

1962- Sharron Davies -English swimmer

1962- Magne Furuholmen -Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (A-ha and Apparatjik)

1962- Anthony Kiedis -American singer-songwriter and actor (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

1963- Rick Allen (drummer)|Rick Allen -English drummer (Def Leppard)

1963- Mark Hughes -Welsh footballer and manager

1963- Big Kenny -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Big & Rich)

1963- Katja Riemann -German actress and singer

1964- Karen Marie Moning -American author

1964- Daran Norris -American voice actor

1965- Inka Friedrich -German actress

1965- Patrik Ringborg -Swedish conductor

1966- Barbara Becker -German actress and model

1966- Willie D -American rapper and producer (The Geto Boys)

1966- Mary Hansen -Australian singer and guitarist (Stereolab) (d. 2002)

1966- Gary Howell -American businessman and politician

1966- Jeremy Hunt (politician)|Jeremy Hunt -English businessman and politician, Secretary of State for Health

1967- Tina Arena -Australian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1967- Sophie B. Hawkins -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1967- Carla van de Puttelaar -Dutch photographer

1968- Park Shin-yang -South Korean actor

1969- Tie Domi -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1971- Vikram Chatwal -Ethiopian-American businessman

1972- Toni Collette -Australian actress, singer, and producer

1972- Hello Kitty -Japanese Kitty-Cat

1972- Paul Dickov -Scottish footballer and manager

1972- Jenny McCarthy -American model, actress, and author

1972- Sean Roberge -Canadian actor (d. 1996)

1973- Assia (singer)|Assia -Algerian-French singer-songwriter

1973- Geoff Horsfield -English footballer and manager

1973- Aishwarya Rai -Indian model and actress, Miss World 1994

1974- V. V. S. Laxman -Indian cricketer

1975- Bo Bice -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1975- Manuel Ferrara -French pornographic actor and director

1975- Keryn Jordan -South African footballer (d. 2013)

1975- Megan Wing -Canadian figure skater

1976- Sergei Artyukhin -Russian-Belarusian wrestler (d. 2012)

1976- Logan Marshall-Green -American actor

1978- Tyler Reks -American wrestler

1978- Mary Kate Schellhardt -American actress

1978- Jessica Valenti -American blogger, founded ''Feministing''

1978- Manju Warrier -Indian actress

1979- Coco Crisp -American baseball player

1979- Luís Manuel Ferreira Delgado -Angolan footballer

1979- Milan Dudić -Serbian footballer

1981- LaTavia Roberson -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress (Destiny's Child)

1981- Matt L. Jones -American actor

1982- Bradley Orr -English footballer

1982- Warren Spragg -English-Italian rugby player

1982- Tanel Toom -Estonian director and screenwriter

1983- Matt Moulson -Canadian ice hockey player

1983- Yuko Ogura -Japanese model and singer

1983- Josh Wicks -American soccer player

1983- Jon Wilkin -English rugby player

1984- Miloš Krasić -Serbian footballer

1984- Natalia Tena -English actress and singer

1986- Penn Badgley -American actor

1986- Ksenija Balta -Estonian high jumper, sprinter, and heptathlete

1987- Ileana D'Cruz -Indian actress

1988- Aditya Dev -Indian bodybuilder (d. 2012)

1988- Ai Fukuhara -Japanese table tennis player

1988- Masahiro Tanaka -Japanese baseball player

1991- Eyþór Arnarson -Icelandic skier

1991- Reece Brown -English footballer

1991- Jiang Yuyuan -Chinese gymnast

1997- Alex Wolff -American actor and singer (Nat & Alex Wolff)

History of Deaths

955- Henry I, Duke of Bavaria -(b. 919)

1296- Guillaume Durand -French bishop (b. 1230)

1391- Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy -(b. 1360)

1399- John V, Duke of Brittany -(b. 1339)

1461- David of Trebizond -Empire of Trebizond|Emperor of Trebizond

1546- Giulio Romano -Italian painter and architect (b. 1499)

1588- Jean Daurat -French poet and scholar (b. 1508)

1596- Pierre Pithou -French lawyer and scholar (b. 1539)

1642- Jean Nicolet -French-Canadian explorer (b. 1598)

1676- Gisbertus Voetius -Dutch minister and theologian (b. 1589)

1678- William Coddington -American judge and politician, 1st Governor of Rhode Island (b. 1601)

1700- Charles II of Spain -(b. 1661)

1814- Alexander Samoylov -Russian general and politician, List of Ministers of Justice of Imperial Russia|Russian Minister of Justice (b. 1744)

1888- Nikolay Przhevalsky -Russian geographer and explorer (b. 1838)

1894- Alexander III of Russia -(b. 1845)

1903- Theodor Mommsen -German archaeologist, journalist and politician, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1817)

1907- Alfred Jarry -French author and playwright (b. 1873)

1924- Bill Tilghman -American police officer (b. 1854)

1938- Charles Weeghman -American businessman (b. 1874)

1942- Hugo Distler -German organist, composer, and conductor (b. 1908)

1947- Man o' War -American race horse (b. 1917)

1952- Dixie Lee -American actress, singer, and dancer (b. 1911)

1955- Dale Carnegie -American author and educator (b. 1888)

1962- Ricardo Rodríguez (Formula One)|Ricardo Rodríguez -Mexican race car driver (b. 1942)

1968- Georgios Papandreou -Greek economist and politician, 134th List of Prime Ministers of Greece|Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1888)

1970- Robert Staughton Lynd -American sociologist and academic (b. 1892)

1971- Jadwiga Smosarska -Polish actress (b. 1898)

1972- Robert MacArthur -Canadian-American ecologist and academic (b. 1930)

1972- Ezra Pound -American poet and critic (b. 1885)

1979- Mamie Eisenhower -American wife of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 41st List of First Ladies of the United States|First Lady of the United States (b. 1896)

1982- James Broderick -American actor and director (b. 1927)

1982- King Vidor -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1894)

1983- Anthony van Hoboken -Dutch-Swiss musicologist (b. 1887)

1983- Maurice Woods -American actor (b. 1938)

1984- Norman Krasna -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1909)

1985- Arnold Pihlak -Estonian-English footballer (b. 1902)

1985- Phil Silvers -American actor and singer (b. 1911)

1986- Serge Garant -Canadian composer and conductor (b. 1929)

1987- René Lévesque -Canadian journalist and politician, 23rd Premier of Quebec (b. 1922)

1993- Severo Ochoa -Spanish-American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1905)

1993- A. N. Sherwin-White -English historian and scholar (b. 1911)

1994- Noah Beery, Jr. -American actor and singer (b. 1913)

1996- J. R. Jayewardene -Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 2nd President of Sri Lanka (b. 1906)

1999- Jean Coutu (actor)|Jean Coutu -Canadian actor and director (b. 1925)

1999- Theodore Hall -American physicist and spy (b. 1925)

1999- Walter Payton -American football player (b. 1954)

2000- Bernard Erhard -American voice actor (b. 1934)

2001- John S. Romanides -Greek priest, author, and educator (b. 1928)

2004- Mac Dre -American rapper and producer, founded Thizz Entertainment (b. 1970)

2004- Terry Knight -American singer-songwriter and producer (Terry Knight and the Pack) (b. 1943)

2005- Skitch Henderson -English pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1918)

2005- Michael Piller -American screenwriter and producer (b. 1948)

2006- Adrienne Shelly -American actress, director, and screenwriter (b. 1966)

2006- William Styron -American author (b. 1925)

2007- S. Ali Raza -Indian director and screenwriter (b. 1922)

2007- Paul Tibbets -American general (b. 1915)

2008- Nathaniel Mayer -American singer (b. 1944)

2008- Jacques Piccard -Swiss oceanographer and engineer (b. 1922)

2008- Shakir Stewart -American record producer (b. 1974)

2008- Yma Sumac -Peruvian soprano (b. 1922)

2009- Esther Hautzig -Lithuanian-American author (b. 1930)

2009- Endel Laas -Estonian scientist and academic (b. 1915)

2009- Robert H. Rines -American violinist and composer (b. 1922)

2010- Charlie O'Donnell -American game show announcer (b. 1932)

2010- Ernesto Presas -Filipino martial artist, founded Kombatan (b. 1945)

2010- Shannon Tavarez -American actress and singer (b. 1999)

2011- Dorothy Howell Rodham -American mother of Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. 1919)

2012- Brad Armstrong (wrestler)|Brad Armstrong -American wrestler (b. 1961)

2012- Chong Chee Kin -Singaporean journalist (b. 1973)

2012- Agustín García Calvo -Spanish poet, playwright, and philosopher (b. 1926)

2012- Geoffrey Lofthouse, Baron Lofthouse of Pontefract -English politician (b. 1925)

2012- Jan Louwers -Dutch footballer (b. 1930)

2012- Mitch Lucker -American singer-songwriter (Suicide Silence) (b. 1984)

2012- Pascual Pérez (baseball)|Pascual Pérez -Dominican baseball player (b. 1957)

2012- Omry Ronen -American academic (b. 1937)

2012- Jonathan Street -English author (b. 1943)

2012- Edwin Q. White -American journalist (b. 1922)

2012- Chen Zude -Chinese Go (game)|Go player (b. 1944)

2013- Tato Laviera -Puerto Rician-American poet (b. 1950)

2013- John Y. McCollister -American lieutenant and politician (b. 1921)

2013- Hakimullah Mehsud -Pakistani Taliban leader (b. 1979)

2013- Paul Dennis Reid -American murderer (b. 1957)

2013- Piet Rietveld -Dutch economist and academic (b. 1952)

2013- Editta Sherman -American photographer (b. 1912)