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Events History

1527-Spanish and German troops Sack of Rome (1527)|sack Rome -some consider this the end of the Renaissance. 147 Swiss Guards, including their commander, die fighting the forces of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor|Charles V in order to allow Pope Clement VII to escape into Castel Sant'Angelo.

1536-The Siege of Cuzco -commences, in which Inca Empire|Incan forces attempt to retake the city of Cuzco from the Spanish.

1536-King Henry VIII of England|Henry VIII -orders English-language Bibles be placed in every church.

1542- Francis Xavier -reaches Old Goa, the capital of Portuguese India at the time.

1659- Restoration (England)|English Restoration -A Wallingford House party|faction of the British Army removes Richard Cromwell as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth and reinstalls the Rump Parliament.

1682- Louis XIV of France|Louis XIV -moves his court to the Palace of Versailles.

1757-The end of Konbaung–Hanthawaddy War -and the end of Burmese Civil War (1740–1757).

1757-English poet Christopher Smart -is admitted into St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics in London, beginning Christopher Smart's asylum confinement|his six-year confinement to Psychiatric hospital|mental asylums.

1782-Construction begins on the Grand Palace -the royal residence of the Monarchy of Thailand|King of Siam in Bangkok, at the command of King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke.

1801-Captain Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald|Thomas Cochrane -in the 14-gun {{HMS|Speedy|1782|6}} Action of 6 May 1801|captures the 32-gun Spanish frigate El Gamo|Spanish frigate ''El Gamo''.

1835- James Gordon Bennett, Sr. -publishes the first issue of the ''New York Herald''.

1840-The Penny Black -postage stamp becomes valid for use in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

1844-The Glaciarium -the world's first mechanically frozen ice rink, opens.

1857-The British East India Company -disbands the 34th Regiment of Bengal Regiment|Bengal Native Infantry whose sepoy Mangal Pandey had earlier revolted against the British and is considered to be the First Martyr in the War of Independence of 1857|War of Indian Independence.

1861- American Civil War -Arkansas secedes from the Union (American Civil War)|Union.

1861-American Civil War: Richmond, Virginia -is declared the new capital of the Confederate States of America.

1863-American Civil War: The Battle of Chancellorsville -ends with the defeat of the Army of the Potomac by Confederate troops.

1877-Chief Crazy Horse -of the Oglala Sioux surrenders to United States troops in Nebraska.

1882- Thomas Henry Burke (civil servant)|Thomas Henry Burke -and Lord Frederick Cavendish are stabbed and killed during the Phoenix Park Murders in Dublin.

1882-The United States Congress -passes the Chinese Exclusion Act.

1889-The Eiffel Tower -is officially opened to the public at the Exposition Universelle (1889)|Universal Exposition in Paris.

1902- Macario Sakay -establishes the Tagalog Republic with himself as President.

1910- George V -becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VII.

1916-Twenty-one Lebanese nationalists executed in the Martyrs' Square, Beirut -by Jamal Pasha, the Ottoman wāli.

1933-The Deutsche Studentenschaft -attacked Magnus Hirschfeld's Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, later burning many of its books.

1935- New Deal -Executive Order 7034 creates the Works Progress Administration.

1935-The first flight of the Curtiss P-36 Hawk -Image:Hindenburg burning.jpg|thumb|''Hindenburg'' disaster

1937- Hindenburg disaster -The Nazi Germany|German zeppelin ''Hindenburg'' catches fire and is destroyed within a minute while attempting to dock at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Thirty-six people are killed.

1940- John Steinbeck -is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction|Pulitzer Prize for his novel ''The Grapes of Wrath''.

1941-At California -s March Field, Bob Hope performs his first United Service Organizations|USO show.

1941-The first flight of the Republic Aviation|Republic -P-47 Thunderbolt.

1942- World War II -On Corregidor, the last American forces in the Philippines Battle of Corregidor|surrender to the Japanese.

1945-World War II: Mildred Gillars|Axis Sally -delivers her last propaganda broadcast to Allies of World War II|Allied troops.

1945-World War II: The Prague Offensive -the last major battle of the Eastern Front (World War II)|Eastern Front, begins.

1949- Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator|EDSAC -the first practical electronic digital Von Neumann architecture|stored-program computer, runs its first operation.

1954- Roger Bannister -becomes the first person to run the Middle distance track event#Mile|mile in four-minute mile|under four minutes.

1960-More than 20 million viewers watch the first televised royal wedding when Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon|Princess Margaret -marries Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon|Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey.

1962- St. Martín de Porres -is canonized by Pope John XXIII.

1966- Myra Hindley -and Ian Brady are sentenced to Life imprisonment (England and Wales)|life imprisonment for the Moors murders in England.

1972- Deniz Gezmiş -Yusuf Aslan and Hüseyin İnan are executed in Ankara for attempting to overthrow the Constitutional order.

1976-An 1976 Friuli earthquake|earthquake -strikes the Friuli region of northeastern Italy, causing 989 deaths and the destruction of entire villages.

1981-A jury of architects and sculptors unanimously selects Maya Ying Lin -s design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial from 1,421 other entries.

1983-The Hitler Diaries -are revealed as a hoax after examination by experts.

1984-One hundred three Korean Martyrs -are canonized by Pope John Paul II in Seoul.

1989- Cedar Point -opens Magnum XL-200, the first roller coaster to break the 200 ft height barrier, therefore spawning what is known as the "coaster wars".

1994-Queen Elizabeth II -of the United Kingdom and French President François Mitterrand officiate at the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

1994-Former Arkansas state worker Paula Jones -files a lawsuit against United States President Bill Clinton, alleging that he had sexually harassed her in 1991.

1996-The body of former Central Intelligence Agency|CIA -director William Colby is found washed up on a riverbank in southern Maryland, eight days after he disappeared.

1997-The Bank of England -is given independence from political control, the most significant change in the bank's 300-year history.

1998- Kerry Wood -strikes out 20 Houston Astros to tie the major league record held by Roger Clemens. He threw a one-hitter and did not walk a batter in his 5th career start.

1999-The first elections to the devolution|devolved -Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are held.

2001-During a trip to Syria -Pope John Paul II becomes the first pope to enter a mosque.

2004-The The_Last_One_(Friends)|series finale -of the television sitcom Friends is aired on NBC. The finale attracts 52.46 million viewers, making it the List_of_most-watched_television_broadcasts|fourth most watched television series finale in U.S. history.

2013- Ariel Castro kidnappings|Three women missing -for more than a decade are found alive in the U.S. city of Cleveland, Ohio. Ariel Castro, is taken into custody.

2014-Six people are injured in a 2014 Guangzhou attack|knife attack -at a Chinese train station in Guangzhou.

Famous Birthdays

1405- Skanderbeg -Albanian lord (d. 1468)

1501- Pope Marcellus II -(d. 1555)

1574- Pope Innocent X -(d. 1655)

1635- Johann Joachim Becher -(d. 1682)

1668- Alain-René Lesage -French author and playwright (d. 1747)

1680- Jean-Baptiste Stuck -Italian-French cellist and composer (d. 1755)

1713- Charles Batteux -French philosopher (d. 1780)

1714- Anton Raaff -German tenor (d. 1797)

1742- Jean Senebier -Swiss physiologist (d. 1809)

1758- Maximilien de Robespierre -French lawyer and politician (d. 1794)

1758- André Masséna -French general (d. 1817)

1769- Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany -(d. 1824)

1769- Jean Nicolas Pierre Hachette -French mathematician (d. 1834)

1781- Karl Christian Friedrich Krause -German philosopher (d. 1832)

1797- Joseph Brackett -American religious leader and composer (d. 1882)

1800- Roman Sanguszko -Polish general (d. 1881)

1827- Hermann Raster -German-American journalist and politician (d. 1891)

1836- Max Eyth -German engineer and writer (d. 1906)

1843- Grove Karl Gilbert -American geologist (d. 1918)

1848- Henry Edward Armstrong -English chemist (d. 1937)

1851- Aristide Bruant -French singer and actor (d. 1925)

1856- Sigmund Freud -Austrian neurologist (d. 1939)

1856- Robert Peary -American explorer (d. 1920)

1861- Motilal Nehru -Indian lawyer and politician (d. 1931)

1868- Gaston Leroux -French journalist and author (d. 1927)

1870- Walter Rutherford -Scottish golfer (d. 1936)

1871- Victor Grignard -French chemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1935)

1871- Christian Morgenstern -German author (d. 1914)

1872- Willem de Sitter -Dutch mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (d. 1934)

1879- Bedřich Hrozný -Czech orientalist and linguist (d. 1952)

1879- Hendrik van Heuckelum -Dutch footballer (d. 1929)

1880- Winifred Brunton -English-South African painter (d. 1959)

1880- Ernst Ludwig Kirchner -German painter (d. 1938)

1880- William Joseph Simmons -American Ku Klux Klan leader (d. 1945)

1882- Wilhelm, German Crown Prince -(d. 1951)

1895- Júlio César de Mello e Souza -Brazilian mathematician and author (d. 1974)

1896- Rolf Maximilian Sievert -Swedish physicist and academic (d. 1966)

1895- Fidél Pálffy -Hungarian politician (d. 1946)

1895- Rudolph Valentino -Italian-American actor (d. 1926)

1897- Paul Alverdes -German author and poet (d. 1979)

1898- Konrad Henlein -Czech politician (d. 1945)

1899- Billy Cotton -English drummer and bandleader (d. 1969)

1902- Harry Golden -Ukrainian-American journalist and author (d. 1981)

1902- Max Ophüls -German director and screenwriter (d. 1957)

1903- Toots Shor -American businessman, founded Toots Shor's Restaurant (d. 1977)

1904- Raymond Bailey -American actor (d. 1980)

1904- Moshé Feldenkrais -Ukrainian-Israeli physicist (d. 1984)

1904- Harry Martinson -Swedish author and poet Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1978)

1904- Catherine Lacey -English actress (d. 1979)

1906- André Weil -French mathematician and academic (d. 1998)

1907- Weeb Ewbank -American football player and coach (d. 1998)

1909- Loyd Sigmon -American radio host (d. 2004)

1911- Guy des Cars -French author (d. 1993)

1911- Frank Nelson (actor)|Frank Nelson -American actor (d. 1986)

1913- Carmen Cavallaro -American pianist (d. 1989)

1913- Stewart Granger -English-American actor (d. 1993)

1915- Orson Welles -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1985)

1915- Theodore H. White -American historian, journalist, and author (d. 1986)

1916- Robert H. Dicke -American physicist (d. 1997)

1916- Sif Ruud -Swedish actress (d. 2011)

1916- Adriana Caselotti -American voice actress and singer (d. 1997)

1917- Kal Mann -American songwriter (d. 2001)

1917- Jilly Rizzo -American businessman and actor (d. 1992)

1920- Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck|Martha Beck -American murderer (d. 1951)

1920- Ross Hunter -American actor and producer (d. 1996)

1920- Kamisese Mara -Fijian politician, 1st Prime Minister of Fiji (d. 2004)

1921- Erich Fried -German author (d. 1988)

1922- Vladimir Etush -Russian actor

1922- Camille Laurin -Canadian psychiatrist and politician (d. 1999)

1923- Harry Watson (ice hockey b. 1923)|Harry Watson -Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2002)

1924- Nestor Basterretxea -Spanish painter and sculptor (d. 2014)

1924- Patricia Kennedy Lawford -American daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (d. 2006)

1924- Denny Wright -English guitarist, composer, and producer (d. 1992)

1926- Gilles Grégoire -Canadian politician, co-founded the Parti Québécois (d. 2006)

1926- Marguerite Piazza -American soprano (d. 2012)

1929- Rosemary Cramp -English archaeologist and academic

1929- Paul Lauterbur -American chemist and biophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2007)

1929- John Taylor (Bishop of St Albans)|John Taylor -English bishop and theologian

1930- Sonia Rykiel -French fashion designer

1931- Willie Mays -American baseball player

1932- Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath -English politician

1932- Ahmet Haxhiu -Albanian political activist (d. 1994)

1934- Richard Shelby -American lawyer and politician

1936- Bernard Lemaire -Canadian businessman

1937- Rubin Carter -American boxer (d. 2014)

1938- Jean Garon -Canadian economist, lawyer, and politician (d. 2014)

1938- Larry Gogan -Irish radio host

1939- Eddie C. Campbell -American singer and guitarist

1940- Alexandra Burslem -Chinese-English academic

1942- Ariel Dorfman -Argentinian author, playwright, and academic

1942- David Friesen -American bassist

1942- Rin Kaiho -Chinese-Japanese Go (game)|go player

1943- Andreas Baader -German terrorist, co-founded the Red Army Faction (d. 1977)

1943- Grange Calveley -English animator and screenwriter

1943- Milton William Cooper -American theorist and author (d. 2001)

1943- Wolfgang Reinhardt -German pole vaulter (d. 2011)

1943- James Turrell -American light artist

1944- Anton Furst -English-American production designer (d. 1991)

1944- Masanori Murakami -Japanese baseball player and coach

1945- Richard Eyer -American actor and educator

1945- Jimmie Dale Gilmore -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (The Flatlanders)

1945- Bob Seger -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1946- Susan Brown (actress)|Susan Brown -English actress

1946- Frankie Librán -Puerto Rican baseball player (d. 2013)

1947- Alan Dale -New Zealand actor

1947- Kit Martin -English architect

1947- Martha Nussbaum -American philosopher and author

1947- Ljubomir Vračarević -Serbian martial artist, founded Real Aikido (d. 2013)

1948- Robert Eyer -American actor (d. 2005)

1948- Mary MacGregor -American singer

1949- John Pawson -English architect and designer

1950- Jeffery Deaver -American author

1950- Robbie McIntosh (drummer)|Robbie McIntosh -Scottish drummer (Average White Band and The Senate (band)|The Senate) (d. 1974)

1951- Samuel Doe -Liberian politician, 21st President of Liberia (d. 1990)

1952- Christian Clavier -French actor and producer

1952- Gregg Henry -American actor and singer

1952- Michael O'Hare -American actor (d. 2012)

1952- Fred Newman (actor)|Fred Newman -American actor and composer

1952- Gerrit Zalm -Dutch politician, Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands

1953- Alexander Akimov -Ukrainian Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant|Chernobyl worker (d. 1986)

1953- Tony Blair -Scottish-English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

1953- Michelle Courchesne -Canadian politician, Deputy Premier of Quebec

1953- Ülle Rajasalu -Estonian politician

1953- Graeme Souness -Scottish footballer and manager

1953- Lynn Whitfield -American actress

1954- Tom Abernethy -American basketball player

1954- Dora Bakoyannis -Greek politician, 120th Minister for Foreign Affairs (Greece)|Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece

1955- Nicholas Alexander, 7th Earl of Caledon -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Armagh

1955- Tom Bergeron -American television host

1955- Ron Fawcett -English rock climber

1955- John Hutton, Baron Hutton of Furness -English politician, Secretary of State for Defence

1956- Lakis Lazopoulos -Greek actor and screenwriter

1956- Roland Wieser -German race walker

1958- Lolita Flores -Spanish singer and actress

1958- Jan Leyers -Belgian singer-songwriter (Soulsister)

1958- Randall Stout -American architect, designed the Taubman Museum of Art (d. 2014)

1959- Andreas Busse -German runner

1959- Charles Hendry -English politician

1960- Lyudmila Andonova -Bulgarian high jumper

1960- Keith Dowding -British political scientist

1960- Roma Downey -Irish-American actress, singer, and producer

1960- John Flansburgh -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (They Might Be Giants and Mono Puff)

1960- Aleksei Lotman -Estonian biologist and politician

1960- Anne Parillaud -French actress

1960- Phyllis Treigle -American soprano

1961- Aleksandr Apaychev -Ukrainian decathlete

1961- George Clooney -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1961- Tom Hunter -Scottish businessman and philanthropist

1961- Gina Riley -Australian actress, singer, producer, and screenwriter

1962- Tom Brake -English politician

1963- Alessandra Ferri -Italian ballerina

1964- Dana Hill -American actress (d. 1996)

1964- Tony Scalzo -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fastball (band)|Fastball)

1965- Leslie Hope -Canadian actress

1968- Worku Bikila -Ethiopian runner

1968- Lætitia Sadier -French singer and keyboard player (Stereolab, Monade, and McCarthy (band)|McCarthy)

1969- Jim Magilton -Irish footballer and manager

1970- Roland Kun -Nauruan politician

1970- Kavan Smith -Canadian actor

1970- Tristán Ulloa -French-Spanish actor and director

1971- Chris Shiflett -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Foo Fighters, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Jackson United, No Use for a Name, and Viva Death)

1972- Martin Brodeur -Canadian ice hockey player

1972- Naoko Takahashi -Japanese runner

1974- Bernard Barmasai -Kenyan runner

1974- Daniela Bártová -Czech pole vaulter

1974- Faruk Namdar -German-Turkish footballer

1977- Christophe Brandt -Belgian cyclist

1977- Marc Chouinard -Canadian ice hockey player

1977- Mark Eaton (ice hockey)|Mark Eaton -American ice hockey player

1978- John Abraham (American football)|John Abraham -American football player

1978- Fredrick Federley -Swedish politician

1978- Aleksandr Fyodorov (bodybuilder)|Aleksandr Fyodorov -Russian bodybuilder

1979- Mark Burrier -American illustrator

1979- Kerry Ellis -English actress and singer

1979- Gerd Kanter -Estonian discus thrower

1980- Taebin -American-South Korean rapper (1TYM)

1980- Nicole Brunner -American actress

1980- Colt Cabana -American wrestler

1980- Dimitris Diamantidis -Greek basketball player

1980- Mark Ladwig -American figure skater

1980- Ricardo Oliveira -Brazilian footballer

1980- Kelly van der Veer -Dutch singer and actress

1981- Matt Drake -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Evile)

1981- Nick Setta -American-Canadian football player

1981- Edyta Śliwińska -Polish-American dancer

1982- Dilshod Nazarov -Tajikistani hammer thrower

1982- Kyle Shewfelt -Canadian gymnast

1982- Jason Witten -American football player

1983- Dani Alves -Brazilian footballer

1983- Ingrid Jonach -Australian author

1983- Adrianne Palicki -American actress

1983- Gabourey Sidibe -American actress

1983- Trinley Thaye Dorje -Tibetan religious leader, the 17th Karmapa|Karmapa Lama

1983- Raquel Zimmermann -Brazilian model

1984- Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki -American-Somali terrorist (d. 2013)

1984- Anton Babchuk -Ukrainian ice hockey player

1984- Juan Pablo Carrizo -Argentinian footballer

1985- Tanerau Latimer -New Zealand rugby player

1985- Chris Paul -American basketball player

1986- Cindy Daniel -Canadian singer

1986- Goran Dragić -Slovenian basketball player

1986- Tyler Hynes -Canadian actor

1986- Roman Kreuziger -Czech cyclist

1986- Sasheer Zamata -American comedian

1987- Moon Geun-young -South Korean actress

1987- Meek Mill -American rapper

1987- Kaliese Spencer -Jamaican hurdler

1989- Bobby Bazini -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1989- Dominika Cibulková -Slovakian tennis player

1989- Amra Sadiković -Swiss tennis player

1990- Danielle Beaubrun -Saint Lucian swimmer

1990- Caitlin Yankowskas -American figure skater

1991- Valerio Frasca -Italian footballer

1991- Harriet Lee (swimmer)|Harriet Lee -English swimmer

1992- Byun Baekhyun -South Korean singer, dancer, actor, MC, Exo (band)

1992- Brendan Gallagher -Canadian ice hockey player

1992- Ria Popović -English-Serbian footballer

1992- Zigismunds Sirmais -Latvian javelin thrower

1992- Takashi Usami -Japanese footballer

1993- Alex Preston (singer)|Alex Preston -American singer

1993- Naomi Scott -English actress and singer

1994- Mateo Kovačić -Austrian-Croatian footballer

1996- Dominic Scott Kay -American actor

2002- Emily Alyn Lind -American actress

History of Deaths

1471- Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset -English commander (b. 1438)

1475- Dieric Bouts -Flemish painter (b. 1415)

1502- James Tyrrell -English knight (b. 1450)

1596- Giaches de Wert -Flemish-Italian composer (b. 1535)

1631- Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Baronet, of Connington -English politician, founded the Cotton library (b. 1570)

1638- Cornelius Jansen -Dutch-French bishop (b. 1585)

1708- François de Laval -French-Canadian bishop (b. 1623)

1757- Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1683)

1757- Kurt Christoph Graf von Schwerin -Prussian field marshal (b. 1684)

1840- Francisco de Paula Santander -Colombian general and politician, 4th President of the Republic of the New Granada (b. 1792)

1859- Alexander von Humboldt -German geographer and explorer (b. 1769)

1862- Henry David Thoreau -American author and philosopher (b. 1817)

1877- Johan Ludvig Runeberg -Swedish-Finnish poet (b. 1804)

1882- Thomas Henry Burke (civil servant)|Thomas Henry Burke -Irish civil servant (b. 1829)

1882- Lord Frederick Cavendish -English-Irish politician, Chief Secretary for Ireland (b. 1836)

1902- Bret Harte -American author (b. 1836)

1910- Edward VII -of the United Kingdom (b. 1841)

1913- Alexandros Schinas -Greek assassin of George I of Greece (b. 1870)

1919- L. Frank Baum -American author (b. 1856)

1939- Konstantin Somov -Russian-French painter (b. 1869)

1949- Maurice Maeterlinck -Belgian-French poet and playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1862)

1951- Élie Cartan -French mathematician (b. 1869)

1952- Maria Montessori -Italian-Dutch physician and educator (b. 1870)

1959- Ragnar Nurkse -Estonian-American economist and academic (b. 1907)

1961- Lucian Blaga -Romanian poet, playwright, and philosopher (b. 1895)

1963- Theodore von Kármán -Hungarian-American physicist (b. 1881)

1963- Ted Weems -American violin player, and trombonist, and bandleader (b. 1901)

1963- Monty Woolley -American actor and director (b. 1888)

1967- Zhou Zuoren -Chinese author (b. 1885)

1970- Aleksandr Rodzyanko -Russian general (b. 1879)

1972- Deniz Gezmiş -Turkish activist (b. 1947)

1973- Ernest MacMillan -Canadian conductor and composer (b. 1893)

1975- József Mindszenty -Hungarian cardinal (b. 1892)

1983- Ezra Jack Keats -American author and illustrator (b. 1916)

1983- Kai Winding -Danish-American trombonist and composer (b. 1922)

1984- Mary Cain (editor)|Mary Cain -American journalist and politician (b. 1904)

1984- Bonner Pink -English politician (b. 1912)

1985- Julie Vega -Filipino actress and singer (b. 1968)

1987- William J. Casey -American politician, 13th Director of Central Intelligence (b. 1913)

1989- Earl Blaik -American football player and coach (b. 1897)

1990- Charles Farrell -American actor and singer (b. 1901)

1991- Wilfrid Hyde-White -English-American actor and singer (b. 1903)

1992- Marlene Dietrich -German-American actress and singer (b. 1901)

1992- Gaston Reiff -Belgian runner (b. 1921)

1992- Jilly Rizzo -American businessman and actor (b. 1917)

1993- Ann Todd -English actress and producer (b. 1909)

1995- Noel Brotherston -Irish footballer (b. 1956)

1995- Maria Pia de Saxe-Coburgo e Bragança -Portuguese woman who claimed to be the daughter of Carlos I of Portugal (b. 1907)

2000- Gordon McClymont -Australian ecologist and educator (b. 1920)

2001- Mike Hazlewood -English songwriter and musician (b. 1941)

2002- Murray Adaskin -Canadian violinist, composer, conductor, and educator (b. 1906)

2002- Otis Blackwell -American singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1932)

2002- Pim Fortuyn -Dutch sociologist, academic, and politician (b. 1948)

2003- Art Houtteman -American baseball player and journalist (b. 1927)

2004- Philip Kapleau -American educator (b. 1912)

2004- Barney Kessel -American guitarist and composer (The Wrecking Crew (music)|The Wrecking Crew) (b. 1923)

2004- Virginia Capers -American actress (b. 1925)

2006- Lillian Asplund -American survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic (b. 1906)

2006- Shigeru Kayano -Japanese activist (b. 1926)

2006- Grant McLennan -Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Go-Betweens and Jack Frost (band)|Jack Frost) (b. 1958)

2006- Lorne Saxberg -Canadian journalist (b. 1958)

2007- Enéas Carneiro -Brazilian physician and politician (b. 1938)

2007- Curtis Harrington -American actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1926)

2007- Đorđe Novković -Croatian songwriter (b. 1943)

2009- Kevin Grubb -American race car driver (b. 1978)

2009- Viola Wills -American singer (b. 1939)

2010- Robin Roberts (baseball)|Robin Roberts -American baseball player, coach, and sportscaster (b. 1926)

2012- Fahd al-Quso -Yemeni terrorist (b. 1974)

2012- James R. Browning -American judge (b. 1918)

2012- Pat Frink -American basketball player (b. 1945)

2012- Iraj Ghaderi -Iranian actor and director (b. 1935)

2012- James Isaac -American director, producer, and visual effects specialist (b. 1960)

2012- Jean Laplanche -French psychoanalyst and author (b. 1924)

2012- George Lindsey -American actor (b. 1928)

2013- Giulio Andreotti -Italian journalist and politician, 41st Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1919)

2013- Steve Carney -English footballer (b. 1957)

2013- Diana Keppel, Countess of Albemarle -(b. 1909)

2013- Esperanza Magaz -Cuban-Venezuelan actress (b. 1922)

2013- Severo Aparicio Quispe -Peruvian bishop (b. 1923)

2013- Michelangelo Spensieri -Italian-Canadian lawyer and politician (b. 1949)

2014- Wil Albeda -Dutch economist and politician, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Netherlands)|Dutch Minister of Social Affairs (b. 1925)

2014- Bill Dana (pilot)|Bill Dana -American pilot and astronaut (b. 1930)

2014- Jimmy Ellis -American boxer (b. 1940)

2014- Billy Harrell -American baseball player (b. 1928)

2014- Antony Hopkins -English pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1921)

2014- Maria Lassnig -Austrian painter (b. 1919)

2014- Farley Mowat -Canadian environmentalist and author (b. 1921)