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Events History

47 BC- Julius Caesar -visits Tarsus, Mersin|Tarsus on his way to Pontus, where he meets enthusiastic support, but where, according to Cicero, Gaius Cassius Longinus|Cassius is planning to kill him at this point.

17- Germanicus -returns to Ancient Rome|Rome as a conquering hero; he celebrates a Roman triumph|triumph for his victories over the Cherusci, Chatti and other Germanic peoples|German tribes west of the Elbe.

451- Battle of Avarayr -between Armenians|Armenian rebels and the Sassanid Empire takes place. The Empire defeats the Armenians militarily but guarantees them freedom to openly practice Christianity.

946-King Edmund I -of England is murdered by a thief whom he personally attacks while celebrating Augustine of Canterbury|St Augustine's Mass Day.

1135- Alfonso VII of León and Castile -is crowned in León Cathedral as ''Imperator totius Hispaniae'', "Emperor of all of Spain".

1293-An earthquake strikes Kamakura, Kanagawa -Japan, killing about 30,000.

1328- William of Ockham -the Franciscans|Franciscan Minister-General Michael of Cesena and two other Franciscan leaders secretly leave Avignon, fearing a death sentence from Pope John XXII.

1538- Geneva -expels John Calvin and his followers from the city. Calvin lives in exile in Strasbourg for the next three years.

1573-The Battle of Haarlemmermeer -a naval engagement in the Dutch War of Independence.

1637- Pequot War -A combined Protestant and Mohegan force under the English Captain John Mason (c.1600–1672)|John Mason attacks a Pequot village in Connecticut, Mystic massacre|massacring approximately 500 Native Americans in the United States|Native Americans.

1644- Portuguese Restoration War -Portuguese and Spanish forces both claim victory in the Battle of Montijo.

1647- Alse Young -hanged in Hartford, Connecticut, becomes the first person executed as a Witchcraft|witch in the British American colonies.

1736- Battle of Ackia -British and Chickasaw soldiers repel a French colonization of the Americas|French and Choctaw attack on the Chickasaw village of Ackia, near present-day Tupelo, Mississippi|Tupelo, Mississippi. The French, under the governor of Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville|Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, had sought to link Louisiana with Acadia and the other northern colonies of New France.

1770-The Orlov Revolt -an attempt to revolt against the Ottoman Empire before the Greek War of Independence, ends in disaster for the Greeks.

1783- A Great Jubilee Day -held at Trumbull, Connecticut|North Stratford, Connecticut, celebrated end of fighting in American Revolution.

1805- Napoleon|Napoléon Bonaparte -assumes the title of King of Italy and is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Milan Cathedral, the Gothic architecture|gothic cathedral in Milan.

1821-Establishment of the Peloponnesian Senate -by the Greek War of Independence|Greek rebels.

1822-116 people die in the Grue Church fire -the biggest fire disaster in Norway's history.

1828- Feral child -Kaspar Hauser is discovered wandering the streets of Nuremberg.

1830-The Indian Removal Act -is passed by the Congress of the United States|U.S. Congress; it is signed into law by President of the United States|President Andrew Jackson two days later.

1857- Dred Scott -is emancipated by the Blow family, his original owners.

1864- Montana -is organized as a Political divisions of the United States|United States territory.

1865- American Civil War -the Confederate States of America|Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of the Confederate Trans-Mississippi division, is the last full general of the Confederate Army to surrender, at Galveston, Texas.

1869- Boston University -is chartered by the Massachusetts|Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

1879- Russian Empire|Russia -and the United Kingdom sign the Treaty of Gandamak establishing an Afghan state.

1896- Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II -becomes the last Tsar of Russian Empire|Imperial Russia.

1896- Charles Dow -publishes the first edition of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

1897-'' Dracula -', a novel by the Irish author Bram Stoker, is published.

1900- Thousand Days' War -The Colombian Conservative Party turns the tide of war in their favor with victory against the Colombian Liberal Party in the Battle of Palonegro.

1906- Vauxhall Bridge -is opened in London.

1908-At Masjed Soleyman -(مسجد سليمان) in southwest Persia, the first major commercial oil strike in the Middle East is made. The rights to the resource are quickly acquired by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

1917-Several powerful tornadoes rip through Illinois, including the city of Mattoon, Illinois|Mattoon -killing 101 people and injuring 689.

1918-The Democratic Republic of Georgia -is established.

1923- 24 Hours of Le Mans -was first held, and has since been run annually in June.

1936-In the House of Commons of Northern Ireland -Tommy Henderson begins speaking on the Appropriation bill|Appropriation Bill. By the time he sits down in the early hours of the following morning, he had spoken for 10 hours.

1938-In the United States, the House Un-American Activities Committee -begins its first session.

1940- World War II -Operation Dynamo

1940- World War II -The Siege of Calais (1940)|Siege of Calais ends with the surrender of the British and French garrison.

1942-World War II: The Battle of Gazala -takes place.

1948-The U.S. Congress passes Public Law 80-557 -which permanently establishes the Civil Air Patrol as an auxiliary of the United States Air Force.

1966- British Guiana -gains independence, becoming Guyana.

1969- Apollo program -Apollo 10 returns to Earth after a successful eight-day test of all the components needed for the forthcoming first manned moon landing.

1970-The Soviet Union|Soviet -Tupolev Tu-144 becomes the first commercial transport to exceed speed of sound|Mach 2.

1971- Bangladesh Liberation War -The Pakistan Army Burunga massacre|slaughters at least 71 Hindus in Burunga, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

1972- Willandra National Park -is established in Australia.

1972-The United States and the Soviet Union sign the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty -

1977- George Willig -climbs the South Tower of New York City's World Trade Center.

1981- Prime Minister of Italy|Italian Prime Minister -Arnaldo Forlani and his coalition cabinet resign following a scandal over membership of the Freemasonry|pseudo-masonic lodge Propaganda Due|P2 ''(Propaganda Due)''.

1981-An Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler|EA-6B Prowler -crashes on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68)|USS ''Nimitz'' (CVN-68), killing 14 crewmen and injuring 45 others.

1983-A strong 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan, triggering a tsunami -that kills at least 104 people and injures thousands. Many people go missing and thousands of buildings are destroyed.

1986-The European Community -adopts the European flag.

1991- Zviad Gamsakhurdia -becomes the first elected President of Georgia|President of the Georgia (country)|Republic of Georgia in the post-Soviet era.

1991- Lauda Air Flight 004 -a Boeing 767, crashes in an area of western Thailand after a thrust reverser malfunction. All 223 people aboard are killed.

1992-The blockade of Dubrovnik -is broken. Following this, the siege of Dubrovnik ends in the next months.

1998-The Supreme Court of the United States -rules that Ellis Island, the historic gateway for millions of immigrants, is mainly in the state of New Jersey, not New York.

1998-The first " Stolen Generation|National Sorry Day -was held in Australia, and reconciliation events were held nationally, and attended by over a million people.

2002-The tugboat ''Robert Y. Love'' I-40 bridge disaster|collides -with a support pier of Interstate 40 on the Arkansas River near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, resulting in 14 deaths and 11 others injured.

2004- United States Army -veteran Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 state murder charges for helping carry out the Oklahoma City bombing.

2008- 2008 South China floods|Severe flooding -begins in eastern and southern China that will ultimately cause 148 deaths and force the evacuation of 1.3 million.

Famous Birthdays

1264- Prince Koreyasu -Japanese shogun (d. 1326)

1478- Pope Clement VII -(d. 1534)

1566- Mehmed III -Ottoman sultan (d. 1603)

1602- Philippe de Champaigne -Dutch-French painter (d. 1674)

1623- William Petty -English economist and philosopher (d. 1687)

1650- John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough -English general and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire (d. 1722)

1667- Abraham de Moivre -French-English mathematician and theorist (d. 1754)

1669- Sébastien Vaillant -French botanist and mycologist (d. 1722)

1700- Nicolaus Zinzendorf -German bishop (d. 1760)

1822- Edmond de Goncourt -French author and critic, founded the Académie Goncourt (d. 1896)

1863- Bob Fitzsimmons -English-New Zealand boxer (d. 1917)

1865- Robert W. Chambers -American author (d. 1933)

1867- Mary of Teck -(d. 1953)

1873- Olaf Gulbransson -Norwegian painter and illustrator (d. 1958)

1880- W. Otto Miessner -American composer and educator (d. 1967)

1883- Mamie Smith -American singer, actress, dancer, and pianist (d. 1946)

1886- Al Jolson -Lithuanian-American singer and actor (d. 1950)

1893- Eugene Aynsley Goossens -English conductor and composer (d. 1962)

1893- Norma Talmadge -American actress and producer (d. 1957)

1895- Dorothea Lange -American photographer and journalist (d. 1965)

1895- Paul Lukas -Hungarian-American actor (d. 1971)

1898- Ernst Bacon -American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1990)

1898- Christfried Burmeister -Estonian speed skater (d. 1965)

1899- Antonio Barrette -Canadian politician, 18th Premier of Quebec (d. 1968)

1899- Muriel McQueen Fergusson -Canadian politician (d. 1997)

1904- George Formby -English singer-songwriter and actor (d. 1961)

1904- Vlado Perlemuter -Lithuanian-French pianist and educator (d. 2002)

1907- Jean Bernard (physician)|Jean Bernard -French physician and haematologist (d. 2006)

1907- John Wayne -American actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 1979)

1908- Robert Morley -English actor and screenwriter (d. 1992)

1908- Nguyễn Ngọc Thơ -Vietnamese politician, 1st Leaders of South Vietnam|Prime Minister of the Republic of Vietnam

1909- Matt Busby -Scottish-English footballer and manager (d. 1994)

1909- Nikolay Guryanov -Russian priest and mystic (d. 2002)

1909- Adolfo López Mateos -Mexican politician, 48th President of Mexico (d. 1969)

1910- Imi Lichtenfeld -Hungarian-Israeli martial artist (d. 1998)

1911- Ben Alexander (actor)|Ben Alexander -American actor (d. 1969)

1911- Henry Ephron -American playwright, screenwriter, and producer (d. 1992)

1912- János Kádár -Hungarian politician, List of Interior Ministers of Hungary|Minister of the Interior of Hungary (d. 1989)

1912- Jay Silverheels -Canadian-American actor (d. 1980)

1913- Peter Cushing -English actor (d. 1994)

1913- Pierre Daninos -French author (d. 2005)

1913- Josef Manger -German weightlifter (d. 1991)

1914- Frankie Manning -American dancer and choreographer (d. 2009)

1915- Vernon Alley -American bassist (d. 2004)

1915- Sam Edwards -American actor (d. 2004)

1915- Antonia Forest -English author (d. 2003)

1916- Moondog -American drummer, composer, and poet (d. 1999)

1916- Henriette Roosenburg -Dutch journalist (d. 1972)

1917- Éva Szörényi -Hungarian actress (d. 2009)

1918- Anton Christoforidis -Turkish-Greek boxer (d. 1985)

1919- Rubén González (pianist)|Rubén González -Cuban pianist (Buena Vista Social Club and Estrellas de Areito) (d. 2003)

1920- Peggy Lee -American singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2002)

1921- György Bárdy -Hungarian actor (d. 2013)

1921- Walter Laqueur -American historian and academic

1921- Ernst Märzendorfer -Austrian conductor (d. 2009)

1922- Troy Smith (businessman)|Troy Smith -American businessman, founded Sonic Drive-In (d. 2009)

1923- James Arness -American actor and producer (d. 2011)

1923- Roy Dotrice -English actor

1925- Alec McCowen -English actor

1926- Miles Davis -American trumpet player, composer, and bandleader (Miles Davis Quintet) (d. 1991)

1927- Jacques Bergerac -French actor (d. 2014)

1928- Jack Kevorkian -American pathologist, author, and activist (d. 2011)

1929- J. F. Ade Ajayi -Nigerian historian and academic

1929- John Jackson (businessman)|John Jackson -English lawyer and businessman

1929- Catherine Sauvage -French singer and actress (d. 1998)

1930- Karim Emami -Indian-Iranian lexicographer and critic (d. 2005)

1932- Grigor Vachkov -Bulgarian actor (d. 1980)

1933- Edward Whittemore -American author (d. 1995)

1935- Eero Loone -Estonian philosopher and academic

1935- Sheila Steafel -South African–English actress

1936- David Stevens, Baron Stevens of Ludgate -English politician

1938- William Bolcom -American pianist and composer

1938- Pauline Parker -New Zealand murderer

1938- Lyudmila Petrushevskaya -Russian author and playwright

1938- K. Bikram Singh -Indian director and producer (d. 2013)

1938- Teresa Stratas -Canadian soprano

1939- Merab Kostava -Georgian educator, poet, and activist (d. 1989)

1939- Jaki Liebezeit -German drummer (Can (band)|Can)

1939- Brent Musburger -American sportscaster

1940- Monique Gagnon-Tremblay -Canadian politician, Deputy Premier of Quebec

1940- Levon Helm -American singer-songwriter, drummer, producer, and actor (The Band) (d. 2012)

1941- Aldrich Ames -American CIA officer

1941- Reg Bundy -English drag queen performer, dancer, and actor (d. 2003)

1941- Jim Dobbin -Scottish politician

1941- Cliff Drysdale -South African tennis player and sportscaster

1942- Ganapathi Sachchidananda -Indian guru

1943- Erica Terpstra -Dutch swimmer, journalist, and politician

1944- Phil Edmonston -American-Canadian journalist and politician

1944- Jan Kinder -Norwegian ice hockey player (d. 2013)

1944- Sam Posey -American race car driver and journalist

1945- Vilasrao Deshmukh -Indian lawyer and politician, 17th Chief Minister of Maharashtra (d. 2012)

1945- Alistair MacDuff -English judge

1945- Garry Peterson -Canadian-American drummer (The Guess Who and Bachman–Turner Overdrive)

1946- Neshka Robeva -Bulgarian gymnast and coach

1946- Mick Ronson -English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (The Spiders from Mars and Mott the Hoople) (d. 1993)

1947- Carol O'Connell -American author

1947- Glenn Turner -New Zealand cricketer

1948- Stevie Nicks -American singer-songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)

1949- Jeremy Corbyn -English politician

1949- Ward Cunningham -American computer programmer, developed the first wiki

1949- Pam Grier -American actress

1949- Anne McGuire -Scottish politician

1949- Philip Michael Thomas -American actor and singer

1949- Hank Williams, Jr. -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1951- Ramón Calderón -Spanish lawyer and businessman

1951- Sally Ride -American physicist and astronaut, founded Sally Ride Science (d. 2012)

1951- Madeleine Taylor-Quinn -Irish politician

1952- David Meece -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1953- Kay Hagan -American lawyer and politician

1953- Michael Portillo -English journalist and politician, Secretary of State for Defence

1953- Dan Roundfield -American basketball player (d. 2012)

1954- Marian Gold -German singer-songwriter and guitarist (Alphaville (band)|Alphaville)

1954- Alan Hollinghurst -English author and poet

1954- Denis Lebel -Canadian politician, 9th Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs (Canada)|Canadian Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

1954- Danny Rolling -American serial killer (d. 2006)

1955- Masaharu Morimoto -Japanese-American chef

1955- Paul Stoddart -Australian businessman

1955- Wesley Walker -American football player and educator

1956- Neil Parish -English politician

1956- Fiona Shackleton -English lawyer

1957- Diomedes Díaz -Colombian singer-songwriter (d. 2013)

1957- François Legault -Canadian businessman and politician

1957- Kristina Olsen -American singer-songwriter

1957- Roberto Ravaglia -Italian race car driver

1957- Pontso Sekatle -Lesotho academic and politician

1958- Arto Bryggare -Finnish hurdler and politician

1958- Margaret Colin -American actress

1958- Howard Goodall -English composer

1959- Ole Bornedal -Danish actor, director, and producer

1960- Doug Hutchison -American actor

1960- Masahiro Matsunaga -Japanese race car driver

1960- Rob Murphy -American baseball player

1960- Romas Ubartas -Lithuanian discus thrower

1961- Tarsem Singh -Indian-American director, producer, and screenwriter

1962- Black (singer) -is the pseudonym for English singer-songwriter Colin Vearncombe

1962- Genie Francis -American actress

1962- Bobcat Goldthwait -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1963- Simon Armitage -English author, poet, and playwright

1963- Claude Legault -Canadian actor

1963- Mary Nightingale -English journalist

1969- Musetta Vander -South African-American actress

1964- Caitlín R. Kiernan -Irish-American paleontologist and author

1964- Lenny Kravitz -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor

1964- Argiris Pedoulakis -Greek basketball player and coach

1965- Hazel Irvine -Scottish television host

1966- Helena Bonham Carter -English actress and singer

1966- Zola Budd -South African runner

1967- Kevin Moore -American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (OSI (band)|OSI, Dream Theater, and Chroma Key)

1967- Philip Treacy -Irish-English hat designer

1967- Mika Yamamoto -Japanese journalist (d. 2012)

1968- Simon Diamond -American baseball player and wrestler

1968- Fernando León de Aranoa -Spanish director, producer, and screenwriter

1968- Steve Sedgley -English footballer and manager

1969- John Baird (Canadian politician)|John Baird -Canadian politician, 10th Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada)|Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada

1969- Dominic Mohan -English journalist

1970- Nobuhiro Watsuki -Japanese illustrator

1971- Zaher Andary -Lebanese footballer

1971- Matt Stone -American actor, animator, screenwriter, producer, and composer

1972- Kylie Ireland -American porn actress, director, and producer

1972- Shary Boyle -Canadian sculptor and painter

1972- Patsy Palmer -English actress

1972- Alan White (Oasis drummer)|Alan White -English drummer (Oasis (band)|Oasis and Starclub)

1973- Naomi Harris -Canadian-American photographer

1974- Lars Frölander -Swedish swimmer

1975- Nicki Aycox -American actress

1975- Lauryn Hill -American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress (Fugees)

1975- Kwasi Kwarteng -English historian and politician

1975- Travis Lee -American baseball player

1976- Paul Collingwood -English cricketer

1976- Kenny Florian -American mixed martial artist and sportscaster

1976- Justin Pierre -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Motion City Soundtrack)

1977- Nikos Hatzivrettas -Greek basketball player

1977- Mark Hunter (musician)|Mark Hunter -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Chimaira)

1977- Misaki Ito -Japanese actress and model

1977- Raina Telgemeier -American cartoonist

1977- Luca Toni -Italian footballer

1978- Phil Elvrum -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Microphones, Mount Eerie, and Old Time Relijun)

1978- Fabio Firmani -Italian footballer

1979- Elisabeth Harnois -American actress

1979- Ashley Massaro -American wrestler and manager

1979- Natalya Nazarova -Russian sprinter

1979- Mehmet Okur -Turkish basketball player

1981- Robert Copeland -Australian footballer

1981- Eda-Ines Etti -Estonian singer

1981- Jason Manford -English comedian and actor

1981- Irini Merkouri -Greek singer

1981- Isaac Slade -American singer-songwriter and pianist (The Fray)

1981- Ben Zobrist -American baseball player

1982- Monique Alexander -American porn actress and model

1982- Sten Lassmann -Estonian pianist

1982- Yoko Matsugane -Japanese model

1982- David Reed (comedian)|David Reed -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1983- Demy de Zeeuw -Dutch footballer

1983- Henry Holland (fashion designer)|Henry Holland -English fashion designer

1985- Monika Christodoulou -Greek singer-songwriter and guitarist

1985- Ashley Vincent -English footballer

1986- Michel Tornéus -Swedish long jumper

1987- Olcay Şahan -Turkish footballer

1987- Josh Thomas (comedian)|Josh Thomas -Australian comedian and actor

1988- Andrea Catellani -Italian footballer

1988- Juan Guillermo Cuadrado -Colombian footballer

1988- Dani Samuels -Australian discus thrower

1988- Joel Selwood -Australian footballer

1988- Damian Williams (American football)|Damian Williams -American football player

1989- Paula Findlay -Canadian triathlete

1999- Kerry Ingram -English actress and singer

History of Deaths

604- Augustine of Canterbury -Benedictine monk and archbishop

735- Bede -English monk, historian, and theologian (b. 672)

818- Ali Al-Ridha -Saudi Arabian 8th of The Twelve Imams (b. 766)

946- Edmund I -of England (b. 921)

1055- Adalbert, Margrave of Austria -(b. 985)

1421- Mehmed I -Ottoman sultan (b. 1389)

1512- Bayezid II -Ottoman sultan (b. 1447)

1536- Francesco Berni -Italian poet (b. 1498)

1647- Alse Young -American woman executed for witchcraft (b. 1600)

1648- Vincent Voiture -French poet (b. 1597)

1651- Jeane Gardiner -English woman executed for witchcraft

1653- Robert Filmer -English theorist and author (b. 1588)

1679- Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria -(b. 1636)

1685- Charles II, Elector Palatine -(b. 1651)

1703- Samuel Pepys -English politician (b. 1633)

1742- Pylyp Orlyk -Ukrainian diplomat (b. 1672)

1746- Thomas Southerne -Irish playwright (b. 1660)

1762- Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten -German philosopher and academic (b. 1714)

1799- James Burnett, Lord Monboddo -Scottish linguist, biologist, and judge (b. 1714)

1818- Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly -Russian field marshal (b. 1761)

1818- Manuel Rodríguez Erdoíza -Chilean lawyer and Guerrilla warfare|guerrilla leader (b. 1785)

1824- Capel Lofft -English lawyer (b. 1751)

1840- Sidney Smith (Royal Navy officer)|Sidney Smith -English admiral and politician (b. 1764)

1881- Jakob Bernays -German philologist and academic (b. 1824)

1883- Abdelkader El Djezairi -Algerian ruler (b. 1808)

1902- Almon Brown Strowger -American inventor (b. 1839)

1904- Georges Gilles de la Tourette -French physician and neurologist (b. 1857)

1907- Ida Saxton McKinley -American wife of William McKinley, 25th First Lady of the United States (b. 1847)

1908- Mirza Ghulam Ahmad -Indian religious leader, founded the Ahmadiyya|Ahmadiyya movement (b. 1835)

1914- Jacob Riis|Jacob August Riis -Danish-American journalist, photographer, and reformer (b. 1849)

1924- Victor Herbert -Irish-American cellist, composer, and conductor, founded the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (b. 1859)

1926- Srečko Kosovel -Slovenian poet (b. 1904)

1933- Horatio Bottomley -English financier, journalist, and politician (b. 1860)

1933- Jimmie Rodgers (country singer)|Jimmie Rodgers -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1897)

1939- Charles Horace Mayo -American physician, co-founded Mayo Clinic (b. 1865)

1943- Edsel Ford -American businessman (b. 1893)

1943- Alice Tegnér -Swedish organist, composer, and educator (b. 1864)

1944- Christian Wirth -German SS officer (b. 1885)

1948- Torsten Bergström -Swedish actor and director (b. 1896)

1948- Theodor Morell -German physician (b. 1886)

1951- Lincoln Ellsworth -American explorer (b. 1880)

1954- Lionel Conacher -Canadian football player and politician (b. 1900)

1955- Alberto Ascari -Italian race car driver (b. 1918)

1956- Al Simmons -American baseball player and coach (b. 1902)

1959- Philip Kassel -American gymnast (b. 1876)

1966- Elizabeth Dilling -American author and activist (b. 1894)

1968- Little Willie John -American singer-songwriter (b. 1937)

1969- Paul Hawkins (racing driver)|Paul Hawkins -Australian race car driver (b. 1937)

1969- Allan Haines Loughead -American engineer, co-founded the Lockheed Corporation (b. 1889)

1974- Silvio Moser -Swiss race car driver (b. 1941)

1976- Martin Heidegger -German philosopher and academic (b. 1889)

1978- Cybele Andrianou -Greek actress (b. 1887)

1979- George Brent -Irish-American actor (b. 1899)

1989- Don Revie -English footballer and manager (b. 1927)

1994- Sonny Sharrock -American guitarist (Last Exit (free jazz band)|Last Exit) (b. 1940)

1997- Ralph Horween -American football player and coach (b. 1896)

1999- Paul Sacher -Swiss conductor (b. 1906)

1999- Waldo Semon -American chemist and engineer (b. 1898)

2001- Vittorio Brambilla -Italian race car driver (b. 1937)

2001- Anne Haney -American actress (b. 1934)

2001- Moven Mahachi -Zimbabwean politician, Ministry of Defence (Zimbabwe)|Minister of Defence of Zimbabwe (b. 1952)

2001- Dona Massin -Canadian actress and choreographer (b. 1917)

2002- Mamo Wolde -Ethiopian runner (b. 1932)

2003- Kathleen Winsor -American author (b. 1919)

2004- Nikolai Chernykh -Russian astronomer (b. 1931)

2005- Eddie Albert -American actor and singer (b. 1906)

2005- Chico Carrasquel -Venezuelan baseball player and manager (b. 1928)

2005- Ruth Laredo -American pianist (b. 1937)

2005- Leslie Smith (businessman)|Leslie Smith -English businessman, co-founded Lesney Products (b. 1918)

2006- Édouard Michelin (born 1963)|Édouard Michelin -French businessman (b. 1963)

2006- Kevin O'Flanagan -Irish footballer and physician (b. 1919)

2007- Jack Edward Oliver -English illustrator (b. 1942)

2007- Howard Porter (basketball)|Howard Porter -American basketball player (b. 1948)

2008- Sydney Pollack -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1934)

2008- Zita Urbonaitė -Lithuanian cyclist (b. 1973)

2009- Stanley Chapman -English architect (b. 1925)

2009- Mihalis Papagiannakis -Greek politician (b. 1941)

2009- Peter Zezel -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1965)

2010- Jean Constantin -Romanian actor (b. 1928)

2010- Art Linkletter -Canadian-American radio and television host (b. 1912)

2010- Chris Moran -English air marshal and pilot (b. 1956)

2010- Kieran Phelan -Irish politician (b. 1949)

2011- Arisen Ahubudu -Sri Lankan scholar, author, and playwright (b. 1920)

2012- Orhan Boran -Turkish actor (b. 1928)

2012- Arthur Decabooter -Belgian cyclist (b. 1936)

2012- Leo Dillon -American illustrator (b. 1933)

2012- Rudy Eugene -American criminal and cannibal (b. 1981)

2012- Stephen Healey -Welsh captain (b. 1982)

2012- Hiroshi Miyazawa -Japanese politician (b. 1921)

2012- Hans Schmidt (wrestler)|Hans Schmidt -Canadian wrestler (b. 1925)

2013- Ray Barnhart -American businessman and politician (b. 1928)

2013- John Bierwirth -American lawyer and businessman (b. 1924)

2013- Roberto Civita -Italian-Brazilian businessman (b. 1936)

2013- Héctor Garza -Mexican wrestler (b. 1969)

2013- John Q. Hammons -American businessman (b. 1919)

2013- Tom Lichtenberg -American football player and coach (b. 1940)

2013- Otto Muehl -Austrian painter (b. 1925)

2013- Jack Vance -American author (b. 1916)

2014- Baselios Thoma Didymos I -Indian metropolitan (b. 1921)

2014- Miodrag Radulovacki -Serbian-American neuropharmacologist and academic (b. 1933)

2014- William R. Roy -American physician, journalist, and politician (b. 1926)

2014- Hooshang Seyhoun -Iranian-Canadian architect, sculptor, and painter (b. 1920)

2014- Manuel Uribe -Mexican computer repairman, List of the heaviest people|world's heaviest man (b. 1965)