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Events History

218- Julia Maesa -aunt of the assassinated Caracalla, is banished to her home in Syria by the self-proclaimed emperor Macrinus and declares her 14-year old grandson Elagabalus, emperor of Ancient Rome|Rome.

1204- Baldwin I of Constantinople|Baldwin IX, Count of Flanders -is crowned as the first Emperor of the Latin Empire.

1527-The Florentines drive out the Medici -for a second time and Florence re-establishes itself as a republic.

1532-Sir Thomas More -resigns as Lord Chancellor of England.

1568- Mary, Queen of Scots -flees to England.

1584- Santiago de Vera -becomes sixth Governor-General of the Spanish colony of the Philippines.

1770-A 14-year old Marie Antoinette -marries 15-year-old Louis XVI of France|Louis-Auguste who later becomes king of France.

1771-The Battle of Alamance -a pre-American Revolution|American Revolutionary War battle between local militia and a group of rebels called The "War of the Regulation|Regulators", occurs in present-day Alamance County, North Carolina.

1811- Peninsular War -The allies Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom, defeat the French at the Battle of Albuera.

1812-Russian Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov -signs the Treaty of Bucharest (1812)|Treaty of Bucharest, ending the Russo-Turkish War (1806–12)|Russo-Turkish War. Bessarabia is annexed by Imperial Russia.

1822- Greek War of Independence -The Turkey|Turks capture the Greek town of Souli.

1834-The Battle of Asseiceira -is fought, the last and decisive engagement of the Liberal Wars in Portugal.

1843-The first major wagon train -heading for the Pacific Northwest sets out on the Oregon Trail with one thousand pioneers from Elm Grove, Missouri.

1866-The United States Congress|U.S. Congress -eliminates the half dime coin and replaces it with the five cent piece, or nickel (U.S. coin)|nickel.

1868-United States President Andrew Johnson -is acquitted in his Impeachment of Andrew Johnson|impeachment trial by one vote in the United States Senate.

1874-A flood on the Mill River (Northampton, Massachusetts)|Mill River -in Massachusetts destroys much of four villages and kills 139 people.

1877- 16 May 1877 crisis|May 1877 political crisis -in France.

1888- Nikola Tesla -delivers a lecture describing the equipment which will allow efficient generation and use of alternating currents to electric power transmission|transmit electric power over long distances.

1891-The International Electrotechnical Exhibition -opens in Frankfurt, Germany, and will feature the world's first long distance transmission of high-power, Three-phase electric power|three-phase electrical current (the most common form today).

1914-The first ever National Challenge Cup -final is played. Brooklyn Field Club defeats Brooklyn Celtic 2-1.

1918-The Sedition Act of 1918 -is passed by the U.S. Congress, making criticism of the government during wartime an imprisonable offense. It will be repealed less than two years later.

1919-A naval Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company|Curtiss -aircraft NC-4 commanded by Albert Cushing Read leaves Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador|Newfoundland, for Lisbon via the Azores on the first transatlantic flight.

1920-In Rome, Pope Benedict XV -Canonization of Joan of Arc|canonizes Joan of Arc.

1929-In Hollywood -the first Academy Awards are awarded.

1943- The Holocaust -The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ends.

1951-The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flights -begin between Idlewild Airport (now John F Kennedy International Airport) in New York City and Heathrow Airport in London, operated by El Al Israel Airlines.

1953-American journalist William N. Oatis -is released after serving 22 months of a ten-year prison sentence for espionage in Czechoslovakia.

1960- Theodore Maiman -operates the first optical laser (a ruby laser), at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California.

1961- Park Chung-hee -leads a May Coup (South Korea)|coup d'état to overthrow the Second Republic of South Korea.

1966-The Communist Party of China -issues the "Cultural Revolution#1966: The 16 Points and the Red Guards|May 16 Notice", marking the beginning of the Cultural Revolution.

1969- Venera program -''Venera 5'', a Soviet space probe, lands on Venus.

1974- Josip Broz Tito -is re-elected president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This time he is elected president for Life|for life.

1975-India annexes Sikkim -after the mountain state holds a referendum in which the popular vote is in favor of merging with India.

1975- Junko Tabei -becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

1983- Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement -rebels against the Sudanese government.

1986-The Seville Statement on Violence -is adopted by an international meeting of scientists, convened by the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO, in Seville, Spain.

1988-A report by United States' Surgeon General of the United States|Surgeon General -C. Everett Koop states that the Substance use disorder|addictive properties of nicotine are similar to those of heroin and cocaine.

1991-Queen Elizabeth II -of the United Kingdom addresses a joint session of the United States Congress. She is the first British monarch to address the U.S. Congress.

1997- Mobutu Sese Seko -the President of Zaire, flees the country.

2003-In Casablanca -Morocco, 33 civilians are killed and more than 100 people are injured in the 2003 Casablanca bombings|Casablanca terrorist attacks.

2005- Kuwait -permits Women's suffrage in Kuwait|women's suffrage in a 35-23 National Assembly of Kuwait|National Assembly vote.

2007- Nicolas Sarkozy -takes office as President of France.

2011- STS-134 -(ISS assembly sequence|ISS assembly flight ULF6), launched from the Kennedy Space Center on the 25th and final flight for {{OV|105}}.

2014-12 people are killed in 2014 Gikomba explosions|two explosions -in the Gikomba market area of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

Famous Birthdays

1611- Pope Innocent XI -(d. 1689)

1641- Dudley North (economist)|Dudley North -English economist and politician (d. 1691)

1710- William Talbot, 1st Earl Talbot -English politician, Lord Steward of the Household (d. 1782)

1718- Maria Gaetana Agnesi -Italian mathematician and philosopher (d. 1799)

1763- Louis Nicolas Vauquelin -French pharmacist and chemist (d. 1829)

1788- Friedrich Rückert -German poet and translator (d. 1866)

1801- William H. Seward -American politician, 24th United States Secretary of State (d. 1872)

1819- Johann Voldemar Jannsen -Estonian journalist and poet (d. 1890)

1821- Pafnuty Chebyshev -Russian mathematician (d. 1894)

1824- Levi P. Morton -American politician, 22nd United States Vice President (d. 1920)

1827- Pierre Cuypers -Dutch architect, designed the Amsterdam Centraal railway station and Rijksmuseum (d. 1921)

1831- David Edward Hughes -Welsh-American physicist, co-invented the microphone (d. 1900)

1845- Élie Metchnikoff -Ukrainian-French biologist and zoologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1916)

1861- H. H. Holmes -American serial killer (d. 1896)

1879- Pierre Gilliard -Swiss author and academic (d. 1962)

1882- Simeon Price -American golfer (d. 1945)

1888- Royal Rife -American scientist (d. 1971)

1891- Richard Tauber -Austrian tenor and actor (d. 1948)

1897- Zvi Sliternik -Israeli entomologist (d. 1994)

1898- Tamara de Lempicka -Polish painter (d. 1980)

1898- Desanka Maksimović -Serbian poet (d. 1993)

1898- Kenji Mizoguchi -Japanese director and screenwriter (d. 1956)

1905- Henry Fonda -American actor, singer, and producer (d. 1982)

1906- Alfred Pellan -Canadian painter (d. 1988)

1906- Arturo Uslar Pietri -Venezuelan lawyer, journalist, and author (d. 2001)

1906- Margret Rey -German author and illustrator (d. 1996)

1907- Bob Tisdall -Sri Lankan-Irish hurdler (d. 2004)

1907- Luigi Villoresi -Italian race car driver (d. 1997)

1909- Margaret Sullavan -American actress (d. 1960)

1910- Olga Bergholz -Russian poet (d. 1975)

1910- Higashifushimi Kunihide -Japanese monk and educator (d. 2014)

1910- Aleksandr Ivanovich Laktionov -Russian painter (d. 1972)

1912- Studs Terkel -American historian and author (d. 2008)

1913- Woody Herman -American singer, saxophonist, and clarinet player (d. 1987)

1914- Edward T. Hall -American anthropologist and author (d. 2009)

1915- Mario Monicelli -Italian director and screenwriter (d. 2010)

1916- Adriana Caselotti -American actress and singer (d. 1997)

1916- Ephraim Katzir -Israeli biophysicist and politician, 4th President of Israel (d. 2009)

1917- George Gaynes -Finnish-American actor and singer

1917- James C. Murray -American lawyer and politician (d. 1999)

1917- Juan Rulfo -Mexican author and photographer (d. 1986)

1918- Wilf Mannion -English footballer (d. 2000)

1919- Liberace -American singer, pianist, and actor (d. 1987)

1919- Ramon Margalef -Spanish ecologist and biologist (d. 2004)

1920- Martine Carol -French actress (d. 1967)

1921- Harry Carey, Jr. -American actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2012)

1922- Eddie Bert -American trombonist (d. 2012)

1923- Victoria Fromkin -American linguist and academic (d. 2000)

1923- Merton Miller -American economist and academic, Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2000)

1923- Peter Underwood (parapsychologist)|Peter Underwood -English parapsychologist and author

1925- Nancy Roman -American astronomer

1925- Bobbejaan Schoepen -Belgian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (d. 2010)

1925- Ola Vincent -Nigerian banker and economist (d. 2012)

1925- Nílton Santos -Brazilian footballer (d. 2013)

1928- Billy Martin -American baseball player and coach (d. 1989)

1929- John Conyers -American lawyer and politician

1929- Claude Morin (PQ politician)|Claude Morin -Canadian politician

1929- Adrienne Rich -American poet and author (d. 2012)

1930- Betty Carter -American singer (d. 1998)

1930- Friedrich Gulda -Austrian pianist and composer (d. 2000)

1931- Hana Brady -Polish holocaust victim (d. 1944)

1931- Vujadin Boškov -Serbian footballer, coach, and manager (d. 2014)

1931- Jack Dodson -American actor (d. 1994)

1931- Denise Filiatrault -Canadian actress and director

1931- K. Natwar Singh -Indian politician, Minister of External Affairs (India)|Minister of External Affairs for India

1931- Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. -American politician, 85th Governor of Connecticut

1934- Kenneth O. Morgan -Welsh historian and author

1934- Anthony Walker (British Army officer)|Anthony Walker -English general

1935- Floyd Smith -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1936- Roy Hudd -English actor

1936- Karl Lehmann -German cardinal

1937- Yvonne Craig -American actress and dancer

1938- Stuart Bell -English politician (d. 2012)

1940- Ole Ernst -Danish actor (d. 2013)

1941- Denis Hart -Australian archbishop

1942- David Penry-Davey -English judge

1943- Kay Andrews, Baroness Andrews -English politician

1943- Dan Coats -American politician and diplomat, 29th United States Ambassador to Germany

1943- Marko Kravos -Italian-Slovenian poet

1944- Billy Cobham -Panamanian-American drummer, composer, and bandleader (Mahavishnu Orchestra, New York Jazz Quartet, Jazz Is Dead, and Bobby and the Midnites)

1944- Antal Nagy (footballer born 1944)|Antal Nagy -Hungarian footballer

1944- Danny Trejo -American actor and producer

1945- Nicky Chinn -English songwriter and producer

1945- Massimo Moratti -Italian businessman

1945- Marta Beatriz Roque -Cuban economist

1946- Roger Earl -English drummer (Savoy Brown and Foghat)

1946- Robert Fripp -English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (King Crimson, Fripp & Eno, and The League of Gentlemen (band)|The League of Gentlemen)

1947- Barbara Lee (singer)|Barbara Lee -American singer (The Chiffons) (d. 1992)

1947- Bill Smitrovich -American actor

1947- Darrell Sweet (musician)|Darrell Sweet -English-Scottish drummer (Nazareth) (d. 1999)

1947- Roch Thériault -Canadian religious leader (d. 2011)

1948- Jesper Christensen -Danish actor

1948- Katia Dandoulaki -Greek actress

1948- Judy Finnigan -English talk show host and author

1948- Emma Georgina Rothschild -English historian and academic

1948- Staf Van Roosbroeck -Belgian cyclist

1949- Rick Reuschel -American baseball player

1950- Georg Bednorz -German physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1950- Ray Condo -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2004)

1950- Bruce Coville -American author

1951- Christian Lacroix -French fashion designer

1951- Jonathan Richman -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Modern Lovers)

1951- Janet Soskice -Canadian philosopher and theologian

1951- Unshō Ishizuka -Japanese voice actor

1952- James Herndon (media psychologist)|James Herndon -American psychologist

1953- Pierce Brosnan -Irish actor and producer

1953- David Maclean -Scottish politician

1953- Kitanoumi Toshimitsu -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 55th Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna

1953- Stephen Woolman, Lord Woolman -Scottish judge and academic

1954- Dafydd Williams -Canadian physician and astronaut

1955- Olga Korbut -Belarusian gymnast

1955- Jack Morris -American baseball player and sportscaster

1955- Hazel O'Connor -English singer-songwriter and actress

1955- Páidí Ó Sé -Irish footballer and manager (d. 2012)

1955- Debra Winger -American actress

1957- Joan Benoit -American runner

1957- Benjamin Mancroft, 3rd Baron Mancroft -English politician

1957- Yuri Shevchuk -Russian singer-songwriter and guitarist (DDT (band)|DDT)

1957- Anthony St John, 22nd Baron St John of Bletso -English lawyer and businessman

1957- Bob Suter -American ice hockey player (d. 2014)

1957- Nigel Twiston-Davies -English horse trainer

1958- Gitane Demone -American singer-songwriter (Christian Death and Pompeii 99)

1958- Glenn Gregory -English singer-songwriter (Heaven 17, Honeyroot, and ABC (band)|ABC)

1959- Mitch Webster -American baseball player

1959- Mare Winningham -American actress and singer

1960- Landon Deireragea -Nauruan politician

1960- S. Shanmuganathan (Sri Lankan politician)|S. Shanmuganathan -Sri Lankan politician (d. 1998)

1961- Kevin McDonald -Canadian actor and screenwriter

1961- Charles Wright (wrestler)|Charles Wright -American wrestler

1962- Jimmy Hood -Scottish politician

1962- Helga Radtke -German long jumper

1962- Lisa Yuskavage -American visual artist

1963- Jon Coffelt -American painter and sculptor

1963- Mercedes Echerer -Austrian actress and politician

1963- Serge Teyssot-Gay -French guitarist (Noir Désir)

1963- David Wilkinson (theologian)|David Wilkinson -English theologian and academic

1964- John Salley -American basketball player and actor

1964- Boyd Tinsley -American singer-songwriter and violinist (Dave Matthews Band)

1964- Edit Bérces -Hungarian runner

1964- Mary Anne Hobbs -English DJ and journalist

1964- Milton Jones -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1965- Krist Novoselic -American bass player and songwriter (Nirvana (band)|Nirvana, Flipper (band)|Flipper, Sweet 75, The No WTO Combo, and Eyes Adrift)

1965- Tanel Tammet -Estonian computer scientist and politician

1966- Celia Ireland -Australian actress

1966- Sommore -American comedian and actress

1966- Janet Jackson -American singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress

1966- Scott Reeves -American singer-songwriter and actor (Blue County (music group)|Blue County)

1966- Thurman Thomas -American football player

1967- Doug Brocail -American baseball player and coach

1968- Ralph Tresvant -American singer, actor, and producer (New Edition and Heads of State (group)|Heads of State)

1968- Chingmy Yau -Hong Kong actress

1969- David Boreanaz -American actor, director, and producer

1969- Tucker Carlson -American journalist, co-founded ''The Daily Caller''

1969- Tracey Gold -American actress

1969- Steve Lewis (sprinter)|Steve Lewis -American sprinter

1970- Gabriela Sabatini -Argentinian tennis player

1970- Danielle Spencer (Australian singer)|Danielle Spencer -Australian singer-songwriter and actress

1971- Phil Clarke -English rugby player and sportscaster

1971- Rachel Goswell -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Slowdive and Mojave 3)

1972- Christian Califano -French rugby player

1972- Khary Payton -American actor

1973- Jason Acuña -American actor and stuntman

1973- Special Ed -American rapper and actor (Crooklyn Dodgers)

1973- Tori Spelling -American actress, producer, and author

1974- Laura Pausini -Italian singer-songwriter and producer

1974- Adam Richman (actor)|Adam Richman -American actor and television host

1974- Sonny Sandoval -American singer-songwriter (P.O.D.)

1975- B.Slade -American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor

1975- Tony Kakko -Finnish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sonata Arctica and Northern Kings)

1976- Dirk Nannes -Australian-Dutch cricketer

1977- Dolcenera -Italian singer-songwriter and actress

1977- Claudia Albertario -Argentinian model and actress

1977- Jean-Sébastien Giguère -retired Canadian ice hockey player

1977- Melanie Lynskey -New Zealand actress

1977- Emilíana Torrini -Icelandic singer-songwriter (GusGus)

1978- Scott Nicholls -English motorcycle racer

1978- Lionel Scaloni -Argentinian footballer

1978- Jim Sturgess -English singer-songwriter and actor

1979- McKenzie Lee -English porn actress

1979- Barbara Nedeljáková -Slovak actress

1980- Nuria Llagostera Vives -Spanish tennis player

1981- Ricardo Costa (Portuguese footballer)|Ricardo Costa -Portuguese footballer

1981- Joseph Morgan (actor)|Joseph Morgan -English actor

1981- Taavi Rähn -Estonian footballer

1982- Billy Crawford -Filipino-American singer-songwriter and actor

1982- Ju Ji-hoon -South Korean actor

1982- Łukasz Kubot -Polish tennis player

1982- Hanna Mariën -Belgian sprinter

1983- Nancy Ajram -Lebanese singer

1983- Daniel Kerr -Australian footballer

1983- Kyle Wellwood -Canadian ice hockey player

1984- Darío Cvitanich -Argentinian footballer

1984- Tomáš Fleischmann -Czech ice hockey player

1984- Mickie Knuckles -American wrestler

1984- Jensen Lewis -American baseball player

1984- Pania Rose -Australian fashion model

1984- Rick Rypien -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2011)

1985- Stanislav Ianevski -Bulgarian actor

1985- Anja Mittag -German footballer

1985- Tadayoshi Okura -Japanese singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (Kanjani Eight)

1985- Rodrigo Peters Marques -Brazilian footballer

1985- Corey Perry -Canadian ice hockey player

1985- Emanuel Saldaño -Argentinian cyclist (d. 2014)

1985- Kazuhito Tanaka -Japanese gymnast

1986- Megan Fox -American actress

1986- Andy Keogh -Irish footballer

1987- Tom Onslow-Cole -English race car driver

1988- Abella Anderson -Cuban-American porn actress

1988- Jesús Castillo (footballer)|Jesús Castillo -Mexican footballer

1988- Martynas Gecevičius -Lithuanian basketball player

1988- Jaak Põldma -Estonian tennis player

1989- Behati Prinsloo -Namibian model

1990- Amanda Carreras -Gibraltarian tennis player

1990- Charlotte Crosby -English television personality

1990- Thomas Sangster -English actor

1990- Darko Šarović -Serbian sprinter

1990- Omar Strong -American basketball player

1991- Grigor Dimitrov -Bulgarian tennis player

1991- Ashley Wagner -American figure skater

1992- Davika Hoorne -Thai actress

1992- Jeff Skinner -Canadian ice hockey player

1993- IU (singer)|IU -South Korean singer-songwriter and actress

1993- Karol Mets -Estonian footballer

1994- Miles Heizer -American actor

1994- Aaron Moores -English swimmer

1994- Kathinka von Deichmann -Liechtensteinerin tennis player

1996- Louisa Chirico -American tennis player

1998- Ariel Waller -Canadian actress

History of Deaths

1182- John Komnenos Vatatzes -Byzantine general (b. 1132)

1265- Simon Stock -English-French saint (b. 1165)

1569- Dirk Willems -Dutch anabaptist

1620- William Adams (sailor)|William Adams -English sailor and navigator (b. 1564)

1657- Andrew Bobola -Polish missionary and martyr (b. 1591)

1667- Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton -English politician, Lord High Treasurer (b. 1607)

1669- Pietro da Cortona -Italian painter and architect, designed the Santi Luca e Martina (b. 1596)

1691- Jacob Leisler -German-American politician, 8th List of colonial governors of New York|Colonial Governor of New York (b. 1640)

1703- Charles Perrault -French author (b. 1628)

1778- Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness -English politician, Secretary of State for the Southern Department (b. 1718)

1790- Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire (b. 1720)

1818- Matthew Lewis (writer)|Matthew Lewis -English author and playwright (b. 1775)

1830- Joseph Fourier -French mathematician and physicist (b. 1768)

1882- Reuben Chapman -American lawyer and politician, 13th Governor of Alabama (b. 1799)

1980- Mihkel Veske -Estonian poet, linguist and theologist (b. 1843)

1891- Ion C. Brătianu -Romanian politician, 14th Prime Minister of Romania (b. 1821)

1913- Louis Perrier -Swiss politician (b. 1849)

1920- Levi P. Morton -American politician, 22nd United States Vice President (b. 1824)

1926- Mehmed VI -Ottoman sultan (b. 1861)

1940- Jacques Goudstikker -Dutch art dealer (b. 1897)

1943- Alfred Hoche -German psychiatrist (b. 1865)

1944- George Ade -American journalist, author, and playwright (b. 1866)

1946- Bruno Tesch -German chemist and Nazi war criminal (executed) (b. 1890)

1946- Karl Weinbacher -German manager and war criminal (executed) (b. 1898)

1947- Frederick Gowland Hopkins -English biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1861)

1947- Zhang Lingfu -Chinese general (b. 1903)

1953- Django Reinhardt -Belgian guitarist and composer (Quintette du Hot Club de France) (b. 1910)

1954- Clemens Krauss -Austrian conductor (b. 1893)

1955- James Agee -American author, screenwriter, and critic (b. 1909)

1956- H. B. Reese -American candy-maker and businessman, created Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (b. 1876)

1957- Eliot Ness -American federal agent (b. 1903)

1959- Elisha Scott -Irish footballer and manager (b. 1894)

1961- George A. Malcolm -American lawyer and jurist (b. 1881)

1977- Modibo Keïta -Malian politician, 1st President of Mali (b. 1915)

1979- A. Philip Randolph -American union leader and activist (b. 1889)

1981- Ernie Freeman -American pianist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1922)

1981- Willy Hartner -German physician and educator (b. 1905)

1984- Andy Kaufman -American actor and screenwriter (b. 1949)

1984- Irwin Shaw -American author, playwright, and screenwriter (b. 1913)

1985- Margaret Hamilton -American actress (b. 1902)

1989- Leila Kasra -Iranian poet and lyricist (b. 1939)

1990- Sammy Davis, Jr. -American singer, dancer, and actor (b. 1925)

1990- Jim Henson -American puppeteer, director, screenwriter, and producer, created The Muppets (b. 1936)

1992- Chalino Sánchez -Mexican singer-songwriter (b. 1960)

1993- Marv Johnson -American singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1938)

1994- Alain Cuny -French actor (b. 1908)

1996- Jeremy Michael Boorda -American admiral (b. 1939)

1997- Elbridge Durbrow -American diplomat (b. 1903)

2000- Bodacious (bull)|Bodacious -American bull (b. 1988)

2002- Alec Campbell -Australian soldier (b. 1899)

2003- Mark McCormack -American lawyer and sports agent, founded IMG (company)|IMG (b. 1930)

2005- Andrew Goodpaster -American general (b. 1915)

2008- Robert Mondavi -American winemaker, co-founded the Opus One Winery (b. 1913)

2010- Ronnie James Dio -American singer-songwriter and producer (Rainbow (rock band)|Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio (band)|Dio, Heaven & Hell (band)|Heaven & Hell, and Elf (band)|Elf) (b. 1942)

2010- Hank Jones -American pianist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1918)

2011- Ralph Barker -English author (b. 1917)

2011- Bob Davis (Australian rules footballer)|Bob Davis -Australian footballer and coach (b. 1928)

2011- Edward Hardwicke -English actor (b. 1932)

2011- Kiyoshi Kodama -Japanese actor (b. 1934)

2012- Patricia Aakhus -American author (b. 1952)

2012- James Abdnor -American politician, 30th Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota (b. 1923)

2012- Maria Bieşu -Moldovan opera singer (b. 1935)

2012- Chuck Brown -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (b. 1936)

2012- Ernie Chan -Filipino-American illustrator (b. 1940)

2012- Kurt Felix (television presenter)|Kurt Felix -Swiss television host (b. 1941)

2012- Kevin Hickey -American baseball player (b. 1956)

2013- Angelo Errichetti -American politician (b. 1928)

2013- Bryan Illerbrun -Canadian football player (b. 1957)

2013- Frankie Librán -Puerto Rican baseball player (b. 1948)

2013- Heinrich Rohrer -Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1933)

2013- Paul Shane -English actor and singer (b. 1940)

2013- Dick Trickle -American race car driver (b. 1941)

2013- Bernard Waber -American author and illustrator (b. 1921)

2014- Chris Duckworth -Zimbabwean-South African cricketer (b. 1933)

2014- Vito Favero -Italian cyclist (b. 1932)

2014- Nicola Ghiuselev -Bulgarian actor and singer (b. 1936)

2014- Bud Hollowell -American baseball player and manager (b. 1943)

2014- Russi Mody -Indian businessman (b. 1918)

2014- Clyde Snow -American anthropologist (b. 1928)