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Famous Birthdays

1286- John III, Duke of Brittany -(d. 1341)

1293- Beatrice of Castile (1293–1359)|Beatrice of Castile -(d. 1359)

1495- John of God -Portuguese friar and saint (d. 1550)

1514- Amago Haruhisa -Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1562)

1566- Carlo Gesualdo -Italian composer (d. 1613)

1659- Isaac de Beausobre -French pastor (d. 1738)

1617- Tito Livio Burattini -Italian inventor, architect, Egyptologist, scientist, engineer (d. 1681)

1702- Anne Bonny -Irish-American pirate (d. 1782)

1712- John Fothergill (physician)|John Fothergill -English physician (d. 1780)

1714- Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach -German composer (d. 1788)

1726- Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe -English admiral (d. 1799)

1746- André Michaux -French botanist and explorer (d. 1802)

1748- William V, Prince of Orange -(d. 1806)

1772- Henry James Richter -German / English artist (d. 1857)

1783- Hannah Van Buren -American wife of Martin Van Buren (d. 1819)

1799- Simon Cameron -American politician, 26th United States Secretary of War (d. 1889)

1804- Alvan Clark -American astronomer (d. 1887)

1814- Ede Szigligeti -Hungarian playwright (d. 1878)

1822- Ignacy Łukasiewicz -Polish inventor and businessman, invented the Kerosene lamp (d. 1882)

1826- Johann Köler -Estonian painter (d. 1899)

1827- Wilhelm Bleek -German linguist (d. 1875)

1830- João de Deus -Portuguese poet (d. 1896)

1841- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. -American jurist (d. 1935)

1847- John Lister (UK politician)|John Lister -English politician (d. 1933)

1848- LaMarcus Adna Thompson -American developer of the roller coaster (d. 1917)

1856- Bramwell Booth -English 2nd General of The Salvation Army (d. 1929)

1856- Colin Campbell Cooper -American painter (d. 1937)

1859- Kenneth Grahame -English author (d. 1932)

1865- Frederic Goudy -American type designer, created Copperplate Gothic and Goudy Old Style (d. 1947)

1879- Otto Hahn -German chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1968)

1882- Charles de Vendeville -French swimmer (d. 1914)

1886- Edward Calvin Kendall -American chemist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1972)

1891- Sam Jaffe -American actor (d. 1984)

1892- Juana de Ibarbourou -Uruguayan poet (d. 1979)

1896- Charlotte Whitton -Canadian politician, 46th Mayor of Ottawa (d. 1975)

1897- Margot Bryant -English actress (d. 1988)

1897- Damerla Rama Rao -Indian painter (d. 1925)

1899- Elmer Keith -American gun designer and author (d. 1984)

1900- Howard H. Aiken -American computer scientist, created the Harvard Mark I (d. 1973)

1902- Louise Beavers -American actress (d. 1962)

1902- Jennings Randolph -American politician (d. 1998)

1907- Konstantinos Karamanlis -Greek politician, 3rd President of Greece (d. 1998)

1908- Lucio and Simplicio Godina -Filipino conjoined twins (d. 1936)

1909- Beatrice Shilling -English motorcycle racer and engineer (d. 1990)

1910- Bernard Benjamin -English statistician and demographer (d. 2002)

1910- Claire Trevor -American actress (d. 2000)

1911- Alan Hovhaness -Armenian-American composer (d. 2000)

1912- Preston Smith (governor)|Preston Smith -American politician, 40th Governor of Texas (d. 2003)

1912- Meldrim Thomson, Jr. -American politician, 73rd Governor of New Hampshire (d. 2001)

1914- Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich -Russian physicist (d. 1987)

1915- Tapio Rautavaara -Finnish javelin thrower, actor, and singer (d. 1979)

1916- John W. Seybold -American businessman (d. 2004)

1918- Jacques Baratier -French director and screenwriter (d. 2009)

1920- Douglass Wallop -American author and playwright (d. 1985)

1921- Alan Hale, Jr. -American actor (d. 1990)

1921- Fritz Luchsinger -Swiss mountaineer (d. 1983)

1921- Sahir Ludhianvi -Indian poet and songwriter (d. 1980)

1922- Ralph H. Baer -German-American video game designer, created the Magnavox Odyssey

1922- Cyd Charisse -American actress and dancer (d. 2008)

1922- Carl Furillo -American baseball player (d. 1989)

1922- Yevgeny Matveyev -Russian actor and director (d. 2003)

1922- Shigeru Mizuki -Japanese author and illustrator

1924- Anthony Caro -English sculptor (d. 2013)

1924- Georges Charpak -Ukrainian-French physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2010)

1924- Sean McClory -Irish actor (d. 2003)

1925- Warren Bennis -American scholar, author, and academic (d. 2014)

1926- Grigori Kromanov -Estonian director and screenwriter (d. 1984)

1926- Francisco Rabal -Spanish actor (d. 2001)

1927- Dick Hyman -American pianist and composer

1927- Stanisław Kania -Polish politician

1927- Irene Tinker -American professor of women's studies

1929- Hebe Camargo -Brazilian actress and singer (d. 2012)

1930- Nancy Burley -Australian figure skater (d. 2013)

1930- Bob Grim (baseball)|Bob Grim -American baseball player (d. 1996)

1930- Douglas Hurd -English politician, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

1931- Neil Adcock -South African cricketer (d. 2013)

1931- John McPhee -American author and educator

1931- Gerald Potterton -English-Canadian animator, director, and producer

1931- Neil Postman -American author and critic (d. 2003)

1933- Luca Ronconi -Italian actor and director

1933- Evelyn Ay Sempier -American model, Miss America 1954 (d. 2008)

1934- Marv Breeding -American baseball player (d. 2006)

1935- George Coleman -American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader

1936- Sue Ane Langdon -American actress and singer

1936- Gábor Szabó -Hungarian-American guitarist (d. 1982)

1937- Richard Fariña -American singer-songwriter and author (d. 1966)

1937- Juvénal Habyarimana -Rwandan politician, 3rd President of Rwanda (d. 1994)

1938- Pete Dawkins -American football player

1938- Hans Fogh -Danish-Canadian sailor (d. 2014)

1938- Juris Kalniņš -Latvian basketball player (d. 2010)

1938- Bruno Pizzul -Italian journalist

1939- Jim Bouton -American baseball player

1939- Lynn Seymour -Canadian ballet dancer

1939- Lidiya Skoblikova -Russian speed skater

1939- Robert Tear -Welsh tenor and conductor (d. 2011)

1940- Susan Clark -Canadian actress

1940- Jacques Doucet (sportscaster)|Jacques Doucet -Canadian sportscaster

1941- Andrei Mironov (actor)|Andrei Mironov -Russian actor (d. 1987)

1941- Norman Stone -Scottish-English historian, author, and academic

1942- Dick Allen -American baseball player

1942- Palito Ortega -Argentinian singer, actor, and politician

1942- Ann Packer -English sprinter, hurdler, and long jumper

1943- Michael Grade -English businessman

1943- Lynn Redgrave -English actress (d. 2010)

1943- Dionysis Simopoulos -Greek physicist and astronomer

1944- Buzz Hargrove -Canadian union leader

1944- Sergey Nikitin (musician)|Sergey Nikitin -Russian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1944- Pepe Romero -Spanish guitarist (The Romeros)

1945- Bruce Broughton -American composer

1945- Jim Chapman (congressman)|Jim Chapman -American politician

1945- Micky Dolenz -American singer-songwriter, drummer, and actor (The Monkees)

1945- Anselm Kiefer -German painter

1946- Randy Meisner -American singer-songwriter and bass player (Eagles (band)|The Eagles and Poco)

1946- Yiannis Parios -Greek singer

1947- Michael Allsup -American guitarist (Three Dog Night)

1947- Carole Bayer Sager -American singer-songwriter and painter

1947- Michael S. Hart -American author, founded Project Gutenberg (d. 2011)

1947- Vladimír Mišík -Czech singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Matadors, Blue Effect, Flamengo (Czech band)|Flamengo, and Etc...)

1947- Florentino Pérez -Spanish businessman and engineer

1948- Gyles Brandreth -German-English screenwriter and politician

1948- Sam Lacey -American basketball player (d. 2014)

1948- Peggy March -American singer

1948- Jonathan Sacks -English rabbi and scholar

1949- Natalia Kuchinskaya -Russian gymnast

1949- Karel Lismont -Belgian runner

1949- Antonello Venditti -Italian singer-songwriter

1950- Richard Ouzounian -Canadian-American director and critic

1950- Dimitris Spentzopoulos -Greek footballer

1951- Ian Brown (director)|Ian Brown -English director and producer

1951- Phil Edmonds -Zambian-English cricketer

1952- George Allen (U.S. politician)|George Allen -American politician, 67th Governor of Virginia

1953- Angelos Anastasiadis -Greek footballer and coach

1953- Jim Rice -American baseball player

1953- Don Werner -American baseball player

1954- Cheryl Baker -English singer (Bucks Fizz (band)|Bucks Fizz and Co-Co (band)|Co-Co)

1954- Bob Brozman -American guitarist (R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders) (d. 2013)

1954- David Wilkie (swimmer)|David Wilkie -Sri Lankan-Scottish swimmer

1955- Don Ashby -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1981)

1955- Joellyn Auklandus -American author

1956- Laurie Cunningham -English footballer (d. 1989)

1956- John Kapelos -Canadian actor

1957- Clive Burr -English drummer and songwriter (Iron Maiden, Samson (band)|Samson, and Trust (band)|Trust) (d. 2013)

1957- John Butcher (baseball)|John Butcher -American baseball player

1957- William Edward Childs -American pianist and composer

1957- Cynthia Rothrock -American actress and martial artist

1957- Bob Stoddard -American baseball player

1958- Nick Capra -American baseball player

1958- Andy McDonald (politician)|Andy McDonald -English lawyer and politician

1958- Gary Numan -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Tubeway Army)

1959- Lester Holt -American journalist

1959- Aidan Quinn -American actor

1960- Jeffrey Eugenides -American author

1960- Max Metzker -Australian swimmer

1960- Irek Mukhamedov -Russian ballet dancer

1960- Buck Williams -American basketball player

1961- Camryn Manheim -American actress

1961- Larry Murphy (ice hockey)|Larry Murphy -Canadian ice hockey player and journalist

1961- Mark Salas -American baseball player

1962- Kim Ung-yong -South Korean engineer

1963- Mike Lalor -Canadian ice hockey player

1964- Kate Betts -American journalist

1964- Thomas Bezucha -American director and screenwriter

1964- Lance McCullers -American baseball player

1965- Fátima Lopes -Portuguese fashion designer

1965- Kenny Smith -American basketball player

1966- Gregory Barker -English politician

1967- Joel Johnston -American baseball player

1968- Michael Bartels -German race car driver

1968- Jim Dougherty (baseball)|Jim Dougherty -American baseball player

1968- Rob Dukes -American singer-songwriter (Exodus (band)|Exodus)

1968- Ellen Forney -American author and illustrator

1968- Shawn Mullins -American singer-songwriter

1968- Joanna Read -English director and playwright

1970- Jason Elam -American football player

1970- Nazario Moreno González -Mexican drug lord (d. 2014)

1970- Andrea Parker -American actress and dancer

1971- Kit Symons -Welsh footballer

1972- Georgios Georgiadis (football player)|Georgios Georgiadis -Greek footballer

1972- Angie Hart -Australian singer (Frente! and Splendid (musical duo)|Splendid)

1972- Fergal O'Brien -Irish snooker player

1973- Boris Kodjoe -Austrian-American actor and model

1973- Mark Lukasiewicz -American baseball player

1973- Kurt Mollekens -Belgian race car driver

1973- Justin Thompson -American baseball player

1973- Anneke van Giersbergen -Dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Gathering (band)|The Gathering)

1974- Fardeen Khan -Indian actor

1974- Mike Moriarty -American baseball player

1974- Stefan Müller (footballer born 1974)|Stefan Müller -German footballer

1975- Mauro Briano -Italian footballer

1975- Peggy Zina -Greek singer

1976- Gaz Coombes -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Supergrass, The Jennifers, and The Hotrats)

1976- Juan Encarnación -Dominican baseball player

1976- Ryan Freel -American baseball player (d. 2012)

1976- Freddie Prinze, Jr. -American actor

1976- Hines Ward -American football player

1977- Estelle Desanges -French porn actress

1977- Michael Tarver -American wrestler

1977- James Van Der Beek -American actor

1977- Johann Vogel -Swiss footballer

1978- Mohammed Bouyeri -Dutch-Moroccan murderer

1978- Nick Zano -American actor and producer

1979- Apathy (rapper)|Apathy -American rapper and producer (Army of the Pharaohs and Get Busy Committee)

1979- Tom Chaplin -English singer-songwriter (Keane (band)|Keane)

1979- Andy Ross -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (OK Go)

1980- Stephen Milne -Australian footballer

1980- Charli Robinson -Australian actress and singer (Hi-5 (Australian band)|Hi-5)

1981- Michael Beauchamp -Australian footballer

1981- Glenda Gilson -Irish model and television host

1981- Jessica Jaymes -American porn actress

1981- Timothy Jordan II -American guitarist and songwriter (Jonezetta) (d. 2005)

1981- Joost Posthuma -Dutch cyclist

1982- Nicolas Armindo -French race car driver

1982- Leonidas Kampantais -Greek footballer

1982- Craig Stansberry -American baseball player

1982- Kat Von D -Mexican-American tattoo artist

1983- André Santos -Brazilian footballer

1983- Mark Worrell -American baseball player

1984- Rafik Djebbour -Algerian footballer

1984- Ross Taylor -New Zealand cricketer

1984- Sasha Vujačić -Slovenian basketball player

1985- Ewa Sonnet -Polish model and singer

1988- Armanti Edwards -American football player

1988- Elly Jackson -English singer-songwriter and producer (La Roux)

1988- Laura Unsworth -English field hockey player

1989- Robbie Hummel -American basketball player

1990- Kristinia DeBarge -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress

1990- Asier Illarramendi -Spanish footballer

1990- Petra Kvitová -Czech tennis player

1990- Ben Tozer -English footballer

1991- Tom English (rugby union)|Tom English -Australian rugby player

1991- Devon Werkheiser -American actor and singer

1993- Stephanie Davis (actress)|Stephanie Davis -English actress

1994- Dylan Tombides -Australian footballer (d. 2014)

1997- Jurina Matsui -Japanese singer and actress (AKB48 and SKE48)

2001- Azamour -Irish race horse (d. 2014)