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Famous Birthdays

1340- John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster -Belgian-English son of Edward III of England (d. 1399)

1405- John II of Castile -(d. 1454)

1459- Jakob Fugger -German merchant and banker (d. 1525)

1475- Michelangelo -Italian painter and sculptor (d. 1564)

1483- Francesco Guicciardini -Italian historian and politician (d. 1540)

1495- Luigi Alamanni -Italian poet (d. 1556)

1619- Cyrano de Bergerac -French author and playwright (d. 1655)

1663- Francis Atterbury -English bishop (d. 1732)

1706- George Pocock -English admiral (d. 1792)

1716- Pehr Kalm -Swedish-Finnish botanist and explorer (d. 1779)

1724- Henry Laurens -American merchant and politician, 5th President of the Continental Congress (d. 1792)

1761- Antoine-François Andréossy -French general and diplomat (d. 1828)

1779- Antoine-Henri Jomini -French general (d. 1869)

1785- Karol Kurpiński -Polish composer and conductor (d. 1857)

1787- Joseph von Fraunhofer -German physicist (d. 1826)

1806- Elizabeth Barrett Browning -English poet (d. 1861)

1812- Aaron Lufkin Dennison -American businessman, co-founded the Waltham Watch Company (d. 1895)

1817- Princess Clémentine of Orléans -(d. 1907)

1818- William Claflin -American politician, 27th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1905)

1823- Charles I of Württemberg -(d. 1891)

1831- Philip Sheridan -American general (d. 1888)

1834- George du Maurier -French-English author and illustrator (d. 1896)

1849- Georg Luger -Austrian gun designer, designed the Luger pistol (d. 1923)

1870- Oscar Straus (composer)|Oscar Straus -Viennese composer (d. 1954)

1871- Afonso Costa -Portuguese lawyer and politician, 59th Prime Minister of Portugal (d. 1937)

1872- Ben Harney -American pianist and composer (d. 1938)

1882- John January -American soccer player (d. 1917)

1882- Guy Kibbee -American actor (d. 1956)

1884- Molla Mallory -Norwegian-American tennis player (d. 1959)

1885- Ring Lardner -American author and journalist (d. 1933)

1886- Jam Handy -American swimmer and water polo player (d. 1983)

1893- Furry Lewis -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1981)

1895- Albert Tessier -Canadian priest and historian (d. 1976)

1898- Gus Sonnenberg -American football player and wrestler (d. 1944)

1900- Lefty Grove -American baseball player (d. 1975)

1900- Henri Jeanson -French author and journalist (d. 1970)

1900- Gina Cigna -French-Italian opera singer (d. 2001)

1903- Empress Kōjun -of Japan (d. 2000)

1904- José Antonio Aguirre (politician)|José Antonio Aguirre -Spanish lawyer and politician, 1st President of the Basque Country (d. 1960)

1905- Bob Wills -American singer-songwriter (d. 1975)

1906- Lou Costello -American actor and comedian (d. 1959)

1909- Obafemi Awolowo -Nigerian politician (d. 1987)

1909- Stanisław Jerzy Lec -Polish author (d. 1966)

1910- Ejler Bille -Danish sculptor and painter (d. 2004)

1911- George Webb (actor)|George Webb -English actor (d. 1998)

1913- Louise Latimer (actress)|Louise Latimer -American actress (d. 1973)

1914- Kirill Kondrashin -Russian conductor (d. 1981)

1915- Mohammed Burhanuddin -Indian spiritual leader, 52nd Da'i al-Mutlaq (d. 2014)

1917- Donald Davidson (philosopher)|Donald Davidson -American philosopher (d. 2003)

1917- Will Eisner -American illustrator (d. 2005)

1917- Frankie Howerd -English comedian, actor, and singer (d. 1992)

1918- Leslie Smith (businessman)|Leslie Smith -English businessman, co-founded Lesney Products (d. 2005)

1920- Olive Dickason -Canadian historian (d. 2011)

1920- Lewis Gilbert -English director, producer, and screenwriter

1921- Leo Bretholz -Austrian-American holocaust survivor and author (d. 2014)

1921- Julius Rudel -Austrian-American conductor

1923- Herman Leonard -American photographer (d. 2010)

1923- Ed McMahon -American comedian, game show host, and announcer (d. 2009)

1923- Wes Montgomery -American guitarist and songwriter (Montgomery Brothers) (d. 1968)

1924- Ottmar Walter -German footballer (d. 2013)

1924- William H. Webster -American lawyer and jurist, 14th Director of Central Intelligence

1926- Alan Greenspan -American economist

1926- Ray O'Connor -Australian politician, 22nd Premier of Western Australia (d. 2013)

1926- Andrzej Wajda -Polish director, producer, and screenwriter

1927- William J. Bell -American screenwriter and producer (d. 2005)

1927- Gordon Cooper -American engineer, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2004)

1927- Gabriel García Márquez -Colombian journalist and author, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2014)

1927- Norman Treigle -American opera singer (d. 1975)

1929- Tom Foley -American lawyer and politician, 57th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 2013)

1930- Lorin Maazel -French-American violinist, composer, and conductor (d. 2014)

1931- Hal Needham -American actor, stuntman, director, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1932- Marc Bazin -Haitian politician, 49th President of Haiti (d. 2010)

1932- Jean Boht -English actress

1932- Bronisław Geremek -Polish historian and politician, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland)|Minister of Foreign Affairs for Poland (d. 2008)

1933- Ted Abernathy -American baseball player (d. 2004)

1933- William Davis (journalist)|William Davis -German-English journalist and economist

1934- John Noakes -English actor and television host

1934- Keith Spicer -Canadian journalist, academic, and public servant

1935- Ron Delany -Irish runner

1936- Bob Akin -American race car driver and journalist (d. 2002)

1936- Marion Barry -American politician, 2nd Mayor of the District of Columbia

1936- Sylvia Robinson -American singer and producer (Mickey & Sylvia) (d. 2011)

1936- Choummaly Sayasone -Laotian politician, 5th President of Laos

1937- Ivan Boesky -American businessman

1937- Ann Ferguson -American philosopher in feminist theory

1937- Valentina Tereshkova -Russian general, pilot, and astronaut

1938- Keishu Tanaka -Japanese politician

1939- Kit Bond -American politician, 47th Governor of Missouri

1939- Adam Osborne -Thai-Indian engineer and businessman, founded the Osborne Computer Corporation (d. 2003)

1939- Cookie Rojas -Cuban baseball player

1940- Ken Danby -Canadian painter (d. 2007)

1940- Joanna Miles -French-American actress

1940- Willie Stargell -American baseball player (d. 2001)

1940- Jeff Wooller -English accountant and banker

1941- Peter Brötzmann -German saxophonist (Last Exit (free jazz band)|Last Exit)

1941- Marilyn Strathern -Welsh anthropologist and academic

1942- Ben Murphy -American actor

1942- Flora Purim -Brazilian singer (Return to Forever)

1944- Richard Corliss -American journalist and critic

1944- David Forbes Hendry -English economist and academic

1944- Kiri Te Kanawa -New Zealand soprano

1944- Mary Wilson (singer)|Mary Wilson -American singer (The Supremes)

1945- John A. MacNaughton -Canadian banker (d. 2013)

1946- David Gilmour -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Pink Floyd, Joker's Wild (band)|Joker's Wild, and Deep End (band)|Deep End)

1946- Martin Kove -American actor

1946- Richard Noble -Scottish race car driver and businessman

1947- Tony Badger -English historian and academic

1947- Kiki Dee -English singer-songwriter

1947- Dick Fosbury -American high jumper

1947- Killer Khan -Japanese wrestler

1947- Rob Reiner -American actor, director, and producer

1947- Jean Seaton -English historian and academic

1947- John Stossel -American journalist and author

1947- Judy Loe -English actress

1948- Anna Maria Horsford -American actress

1948- Stephen Schwartz (composer)|Stephen Schwartz -American composer

1949- Shaukat Aziz -Pakistani economist and politician, 15th Prime Minister of Pakistan

1949- Martin Buchan -Scottish footballer

1950- Arthur Roche -English archbishop

1950- Hirotaka Suzuoki -Japanese voice actor (d. 2006)

1951- Gerrie Knetemann -Dutch cyclist (d. 2004)

1953- Phil Alvin -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Blasters)

1953- Jan Kjærstad -Norwegian author

1953- Madhav Kumar Nepal -Nepali politician, 34th Prime Minister of Nepal

1953- Carolyn Porco -American astronomer and academic

1954- Joey DeMaio -American bass player and songwriter (Manowar)

1954- Jeff Greenwald -American author, photographer, and monologist

1954- Harald Schumacher -German footballer, coach, and manager

1955- Alberta Watson -Canadian actress

1957- Yves Bolduc -Canadian doctor and politician

1958- Eddie Deezen -American actor

1959- Tom Arnold (actor)|Tom Arnold -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1959- Chris Raschka -American author and illustrator

1960- Sleepy Floyd -American basketball player

1960- Cecilia Heyes -English psychologist and academic

1962- Erika Hess -Swiss skier

1962- Luis Raúl -Puerto Rican comedian and actor (d. 2014)

1963- Suzanne Crough -American actress

1963- D. L. Hughley -American comedian and actor

1964- Paul Bostaph -American drummer (Forbidden (band)|Forbidden, Slayer, Testament (band)|Testament, and Systematic (band)|Systematic)

1964- Skip Ewing -American singer-songwriter

1964- Madonna Wayne Gacy -American keyboard player (Marilyn Manson (band)|Marilyn Manson)

1964- Yvette Wilson -American actress (d. 2012)

1965- Jim Knight -English politician

1966- Alan Davies -English comedian and actor

1967- Julio Bocca -Argentinian ballet dancer and director

1967- Connie Britton -American actress, singer, and producer

1967- Shuler Hensley -American actor and singer

1968- Moira Kelly -American actress

1968- Michael Romeo -American guitarist and songwriter (Symphony X)

1969- Andrea Elson -American actress

1969- Tari Phillips -American basketball player

1969- Amy Pietz -American actress

1970- Chris Broderick -American guitarist and songwriter (Megadeth and Jag Panzer)

1971- Darrick Martin -American basketball player

1971- Roger Salkeld -American baseball player

1971- Val Venis -Canadian wrestler

1972- Shaquille O'Neal -American basketball player, actor, and rapper

1972- Jaret Reddick -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Bowling For Soup and People on Vacation)

1973- Michael Finley -American basketball player

1973- Peter Lindgren (musician)|Peter Lindgren -Swedish guitarist and songwriter (Opeth)

1973- Greg Ostertag -American basketball player

1973- Trent Willmon -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1974- Guy Garvey -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Elbow (band))

1974- Beanie Sigel -American rapper (State Property (group)|State Property)

1975- Aracely Arámbula -Mexican actress and singer

1975- Yannick Nézet-Séguin -Canadian pianist and conductor

1976- Ken Anderson (wrestler)|Ken Anderson -American wrestler and actor

1977- Giorgos Karagounis -Greek footballer

1977- Bubba Sparxxx -American rapper

1977- Marcus Thames -American baseball player

1978- Lara Cox -Australian actress

1978- Sage Rosenfels -American football player

1978- Chad Wicks -American wrestler

1979- Clint Barmes -American baseball player

1979- Érik Bédard -Canadian baseball player

1979- David Flair -American wrestler

1979- Rufus Hound -English comedian and actor

1979- Tim Howard -American soccer player

1980- Emílson Cribari -Brazilian footballer

1980- Daniel DeSanto -Canadian actor

1980- Kristina Triska -Swedish tennis player

1981- Ellen Muth -American actress

1981- Nasri (musician)|Nasri -Canadian singer-songwriter and producer (Magic!)

1983- Tommaso Berni -Italian footballer

1983- Andranik Teymourian -Iranian footballer

1984- Becky (television personality)|Becky -Japanese-English singer and actress

1984- Daniël de Ridder -Dutch footballer

1984- Eskil Pedersen -Norwegian politician

1984- Chris Tomson -American drummer (Vampire Weekend)

1984- Edmund Yeo -Singaporean-Malaysian director and producer

1985- Bakaye Traoré -French-Malian footballer

1986- Traphik -American rapper and actor

1986- Jake Arrieta -American baseball player

1986- Francisco Cervelli -Italian baseball player

1986- Ross Detwiler -American baseball player

1986- Eli Marienthal -American actor

1986- Charlie Mulgrew -Scottish footballer

1986- Markus Puusepp -Estonian orienteer

1987- Kevin-Prince Boateng -Ghanaian-German footballer

1987- José Manuel Flores -Spanish footballer

1987- Hannah Taylor-Gordon -English actress

1988- Agnes Carlsson -Swedish singer

1988- Simon Mignolet -Belgian footballer

1989- Agnieszka Radwańska -Polish tennis player

1990- Linn Haug -Norwegian snowboarder

1990- Kirk Urso -American soccer player (d. 2012)

1991- Nicole Fox -American model and actress

1991- Lex Luger (record producer)|Lex Luger -American record producer

1991- Emma McDougall -English footballer (d. 2013)

1991- Tyler, The Creator -American rapper and producer (Odd Future)

1992- Momoko Tsugunaga -Japanese actress and singer (Berryz Kobo, ZYX, and Buono!)

1993- Kristo Mangelsoo -Estonian basketball player

1993- Andrés Rentería -Colombian footballer

1994- Nathan Redmond -English footballer

2001- Aryana Engineer -Canadian actress