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Day History: March-31

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Events History

307-After divorcing his wife Minervina -Constantine the Great|Constantine marries Fausta, the daughter of the retired Roman Emperor Maximian.

627- Battle of the Trench -Muhammad undergoes a 14-day siege at Medina (Saudi Arabia) by Meccan forces under Abu Sufyan ibn Harb|Abu Sufyan.

1146- Bernard of Clairvaux -preaches his famous sermon in a field at Vézelay, urging the necessity of a Second Crusade. Louis VII of France|Louis VII is present, and joins the Crusade.

1492- Isabella I of Castile|Queen Isabella -of Castille issues the Alhambra Decree, ordering her 150,000 Jewish and Muslim subjects to convert to Christianity or face expulsion.

1561-The city of San Cristóbal, Táchira -is founded.

1717-A sermon -on "The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ" by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, provokes the Bangorian Controversy.

1774- American Revolutionary War -The Kingdom of Great Britain orders the port of Boston, Massachusetts closed pursuant to the Boston Port Act.

1822- Chios Massacre|The massacre of the population -of the Greek island of Chios by soldiers of the Ottoman Empire following an attempted rebellion, depicted by the French artist Eugène Delacroix.

1854- Commodore (United States)|Commodore -Matthew Perry (naval officer)|Matthew Perry signs the Treaty of Kanagawa with the Japanese government, opening the ports of Shimoda, Shizuoka|Shimoda and Hakodate to American trade.

1866-The Spanish Navy bombs the harbor of Valparaíso -Chile.

1877-The family with samurai -antecedents that responded to the Saigō Takamori|Saigō army in Ōita Prefecture|Ōita Nakatsu, rebels.

1885-The United Kingdom establishes a protectorate -over Bechuanaland.

1889-The Eiffel Tower -is officially opened.

1899- Malolos -capital of the First Philippine Republic, Capture of Malolos|was captured by American forces.

1901- 1901 Black Sea earthquake -

1903- Richard Pearse -allegedly makes a powered flight in an early aircraft.

1906-The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States (later the National Collegiate Athletic Association -is established to set rules for college sports in the United States.

1909- Serbia -accepts Austrian control over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1909-Construction of the ill fated RMS Titanic -begins.

1910-Six North Staffordshire Pottery towns federate to form modern Stoke-on-Trent -

1913-The Vienna Concert Society rioted during a performance of modernist music by Arnold Schoenberg -Alban Berg, Alexander von Zemlinsky, and Anton von Webern, causing a premature end to the concert due to violence; this concert became known as the Skandalkonzert.

1917-The United States takes possession of the Danish West Indies -after paying $25 million to Denmark, and renames the territory the United States Virgin Islands.

1918- March Days|Massacre of ethnic Azerbaijanis -is committed by allied armed groups of Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Bolsheviks. Nearly 12,000 Azerbaijani Muslims are killed.

1918- Daylight saving time -goes into effect in the United States for the first time.

1921-The Royal Australian Air Force -is formed.

1930-The Motion Picture Production Code -is instituted, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sex, crime, religion and violence in film, in the U.S., for the next thirty-eight years.

1931-An 1931 Nicaragua earthquake|earthquake -destroys Managua, Nicaragua, killing 2,000.

1931- TWA Flight 599 -crashes near Bazaar, Kansas, killing eight, including University of Notre Dame head football coach Knute Rockne.

1933-The Civilian Conservation Corps -is established with the mission of relieving rampant unemployment in the United States.

1942- World War II -Battle of Christmas Island|Japanese forces invade Christmas Island, then a British possession.

1945-World War II: a defecting German pilot delivers a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 -the world's first operational Turbojet|jet-powered fighter aircraft, to the Americans, the first to fall into Allied hands.

1949-The Dominion of Newfoundland -joins the Canadian Confederation and becomes the 10th Provinces of Canada|Province of Canada.

1951- Remington Rand -delivers the first UNIVAC I computer to the United States Census Bureau.

1957- Upper Volta Territorial Assembly election, 1957|Elections to the Territorial Assembly -of the French colony French Upper Volta|Upper Volta are held. After the elections Unified Democratic Party|PDU and Voltaic Democratic Movement|MDV form a government.

1958-In the Canadian federal election, 1958|Canadian federal election -the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada|Progressive Conservatives, led by John Diefenbaker, win the largest percentage of seats in Canadian history, with 208 seats of 265.

1959-The 14th Dalai Lama -crosses the border into India and is granted political asylum.

1964-A 1964 Brazilian coup d'état|coup d'état in Brazil -establishes a Brazilian military government|military government, under the aegis of general Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco|Castelo Branco.

1966-The Soviet Union -launches Luna 10 which later becomes the first space probe to enter orbit around the Moon.

1970- Explorer 1 -re-enters the Earth's atmosphere after 12 years in orbit.

1979-The last British soldier leaves the Malta|Maltese Islands -Malta declares its Freedom Day (Jum il-Helsien).

1980-The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad -operates its final train after being ordered to liquidate its assets because of bankruptcy and debts owed to creditors.

1985-The first WrestleMania -the biggest wrestling event from the WWE (then the WWF), takes place in Madison Square Garden in New York.

1986-Six metropolitan county -councils are abolished in England.

1990-Approximately Poll Tax Riots|200,000 protestors take to the streets -of London to protest against the newly introduced Poll tax (United Kingdom)|Poll Tax.

1991- Georgian independence referendum, 1991 -Nearly 99 percent of the voters support the country's independence from the Soviet Union.

1992-The {{USS|Missouri|BB-63|6}}, the last active United States Navy battleship -is decommissioned in Long Beach, California.

1994-The journal '' Nature (journal)|Nature -' reports the finding in Ethiopia of the first complete ''Australopithecus afarensis'' skull.

2004- Iraq War in Anbar Province -In Fallujah, Iraq, four American private military contractors working for Blackwater USA, are killed after being 31 March 2004 Fallujah ambush|ambushed.

Famous Birthdays

250- Constantius Chlorus -Roman emperor (d. 306)

1360- Philippa of Lancaster -(d. 1415)

1425- Bianca Maria Visconti -Italian wife of Francesco I Sforza (d. 1468)

1499- Pope Pius IV -(d. 1565)

1504- Guru Angad -Indian guru (d. 1552)

1519- Henry II of France -(d. 1559)

1536- Ashikaga Yoshiteru -Japanese shogun (d. 1565)

1576- Countess Louise Juliana of Nassau -(d. 1644)

1596- René Descartes -French mathematician and philosopher (d. 1650)

1621- Andrew Marvell -English poet and politician (d. 1678)

1644- Henry Winstanley -English painter and engineer (d. 1703)

1651- Charles II, Elector Palatine -German husband of Princess Wilhelmine Ernestine of Denmark (d. 1685)

1675- Pope Benedict XIV -(d. 1758)

1685- Johann Sebastian Bach -German organist and composer (d. 1750)

1718- Mariana Victoria of Spain -(d. 1781)

1723- Frederick V of Denmark -(d. 1766)

1730- Étienne Bézout -French mathematician and theorist (d. 1783)

1732- Joseph Haydn -Austrian composer (d. 1809)

1740- Panoutsos Notaras -Greek politician (d. 1849)

1747- Johann Abraham Peter Schulz -German pianist and composer (d. 1800)

1752- Panoutsos Notaras -Greek politician (d. 1849)

1777- Charles Cagniard de la Tour -French physicist and engineer (d. 1859)

1778- Coenraad Jacob Temminck -Dutch zoologist (d. 1858)

1794- Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan -American lawyer and politician, 2nd United States Secretary of the Interior (d. 1852)

1809- Edward FitzGerald (poet)|Edward FitzGerald -English poet (d. 1883)

1809- Nikolai Gogol -Ukrainian-Russian author and playwright (d. 1852)

1809- Otto Lindblad -Swedish composer (d. 1864)

1819- Chlodwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst -(d. 1901)

1823- Mary Boykin Chesnut -American author (d. 1886)

1847- Hermann de Pourtalès -Swiss sailor (d. 1904)

1847- Yegor Ivanovich Zolotarev -Russian mathematician (d. 1878)

1855- Alfred E. Hunt -American businessman (d. 1899)

1865- Anandi Gopal Joshi -Indian physician (d. 1887)

1871- Arthur Griffith -Irish politician, 3rd President of Dáil Éireann (d. 1922)

1872- Sergei Diaghilev -Russian ballet manager and critic, founded the Ballets Russes (d. 1929)

1872- Alexandra Kollontai -Russian diplomat (d. 1952)

1876- Borisav Stanković -Serbian author (d. 1927)

1878- Jack Johnson (boxer)|Jack Johnson -American boxer (d. 1946)

1884- Adriaan van Maanen -Dutch-American astronomer (d. 1946)

1885- Pascin -Bulgarian-American painter (d. 1930)

1890- William Lawrence Bragg -Australian-English physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971)

1891- Victor Varconi -Hungarian-American actor (d. 1976)

1893- Clemens Krauss -Austrian conductor (d. 1954)

1893- Herbert Meinhard Mühlpfordt -German historian (d. 1982)

1895- Vardis Fisher -American author (d. 1968)

1900- Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester -(d. 1974)

1902- Alfred Praks -Estonian wrestler (d. 1998)

1903- John Harron -American actor (d. 1939)

1905- Robert Stevenson (director)|Robert Stevenson -English director and screenwriter (d. 1986)

1906- Sin-Itiro Tomonaga -Japanese physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1979)

1907- Eddie Quillan -American actor (d. 1990)

1908- Red Norvo -American vibraphone player and composer (d. 1999)

1911- Freddie Green -American guitarist (d. 1987)

1911- Elisabeth Grümmer -German soprano (d. 1986)

1912- William Lederer -American author (d. 2009)

1913- Etta Baker -American singer and guitarist (d. 2006)

1914- Octavio Paz -Mexican author, poet, and diplomat, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1998)

1915- Albert Hourani -English historian and author (d. 1993)

1915- Shoichi Yokoi -Japanese sergeant (d. 1997)

1916- Lucille Bliss -American voice actress (d. 2012)

1916- John H. Wood, Jr. -American lawyer and judge (d. 1979)

1917- Dorothy DeLay -American violin instructor (d. 2002)

1919- Frank Akins -American football player (d. 1993)

1920- Deborah Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire -(d. 2014)

1920- Paul Zorner -German soldier and pilot (d. 2014)

1921- Peggy Rea -American actress (d. 2011)

1922- Richard Kiley -American actor (d. 1999)

1923- Shoshana Damari -Yemeni-Israeli singer and actress (d. 2006)

1923- François Sermon -Belgian footballer (d. 2013)

1924- Leo Buscaglia -American author (d. 1998)

1924- Charles Guggenheim -American director and producer (d. 2002)

1925- Jean Coutu (actor)|Jean Coutu -Canadian actor (d. 1999)

1926- John Fowles -English author (d. 2005)

1926- Beni Montresor -Italian director, set designer, author, and illustrator (d. 2001)

1926- Rocco Petrone -American engineer (d. 2006)

1927- Cesar Chavez -American union leader and activist (d. 1993)

1927- William Daniels -American actor

1927- Elmer Diedtrich -American politician (d. 2013)

1927- Bud MacPherson -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1988)

1928- Lefty Frizzell -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1975)

1928- Gordie Howe -Canadian ice hockey player

1929- Liz Claiborne (fashion designer)|Liz Claiborne -Belgian-American fashion designer, founded Liz Claiborne (d. 2007)

1929- Bert Fields -American lawyer

1931- Miller Barber -American golfer (d. 2013)

1932- John Jakes -American author

1932- Nagisa Oshima -Japanese director and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1933- Anita Carter -American singer-songwriter and bassist (Carter Family and The Carter Sisters) (d. 1999)

1933- Nichita Stănescu -Romanian poet (d. 1983)

1934- Richard Chamberlain -American actor and singer

1934- Shirley Jones -American actress and singer

1934- John D. Loudermilk -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1934- Carlo Rubbia -Italian physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1934- Kamala Surayya -Indian poet and author

1935- Herb Alpert -American singer-songwriter and trumpet player

1935- Judith Rossner -American author (d. 2005)

1936- Marge Piercy -American author and poet

1936- Bob Pulford -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1936- Sandayū Dokumamushi -Japanese actor

1937- Mouth & MacNeal|Willem Duyn -Dutch singer-songwriter (Mouth & MacNeal) (d. 2004)

1938- Patrick Bateson -English biologist

1938- Sheila Dikshit -Indian politician, 6th Chief Minister of Delhi

1938- Joel Godard -American television announcer

1938- Bill Hicke -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager (d. 2005)

1938- Tõnno Lepmets -Estonian basketball player (d. 2005)

1938- Michiko Nomura -Japanese voice actress

1938- Arthur B. Rubinstein -American pianist, composer, and conductor (The Beepers)

1938- David Steel -Scottish academic and politician

1939- Zviad Gamsakhurdia -Georgian politician, 1st President of Georgia (d. 1993)

1939- Israel Horovitz -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1939- Walker David Miller -American judge (d. 2013)

1939- Volker Schlöndorff -German director and producer

1939- Karl-Heinz Schnellinger -German footballer

1940- Brian Ackland-Snow -English production designer (d. 2013)

1940- Barney Frank -American politician

1940- Patrick Leahy -American politician

1941- Franco Bonvicini -Italian illustrator (d. 1995)

1941- Faith Leech -Australian swimmer (d. 2013)

1942- Ulla Hoffmann -Swedish politician

1942- Hugh McCracken -American guitarist and producer (d. 2013)

1942- Michael Savage -American radio host and author

1943- Roy Andersson -Swedish director and screenwriter

1943- Deirdre Clancy -English costume designer

1943- Christopher Walken -American actor

1944- Pascal Danel -French singer-songwriter

1944- Mick Ralphs -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Mott the Hoople and Bad Company)

1945- Edwin Catmull -American computer scientist

1945- Valerie Curtin -American actress and screenwriter

1945- Gabe Kaplan -American actor

1945- Myfanwy Talog -Welsh actress (d. 1995)

1946- Gonzalo Márquez -Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1984)

1946- Bob Russell (British politician)|Bob Russell -English politician

1947- Augustin Banyaga -Rwandan-American mathematician and academic

1947- Kristian Blak -Danish-Faroese pianist, composer, and producer (Yggdrasil (band)|Yggdrasil)

1947- Don Foster (politician)|Don Foster -English politician

1947- César Gaviria -Colombian politician, 36th President of Colombia

1947- Eliyahu M. Goldratt -Israeli physicist (d. 2011)

1948- Gary Doer -Canadian politician and diplomat, 20th Premier of Manitoba

1948- Natalia Dubova -Russian ice dancer and coach

1948- David Eisenhower -American author and educator

1948- Al Gore -American politician, 45th Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate

1948- Rhea Perlman -American actress

1948- Gustaaf Van Cauter -Belgian cyclist

1949- Gilles Gilbert -Canadian ice hockey player

1949- Bert Massie -English activist

1950- András Adorján -Hungarian chess player and author

1950- Ed Marinaro -American football player and actor

1952- Vanessa del Rio -American porn actress

1952- Dermot Morgan -Irish actor (d. 1998)

1953- Dennis Kamakahi -American guitarist and composer (d. 2014)

1954- Laima Vaikule -Latvian actress, singer, director, and choreographer

1955- Robert Vance -New Zealand cricketer

1955- Angus Young -Scottish-Australian guitarist and songwriter (AC/DC and Marcus Hook Roll Band)

1957- Alan Duncan -English politician, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

1957- Marc McClure -American actor

1957- Kyle Secor -American actor

1958- Tony Cox (actor)|Tony Cox -American actor

1958- Sylvester Groth -German tenor and actor

1959- Markus Hediger -Swiss poet and translator

1959- Ali McMordie -Irish bass player (Stiff Little Fingers and Friction Groove)

1960- Michelle Nicastro -American actress and singer (d. 2010)

1961- Howard Gordon -American screenwriter and producer

1961- Suzanne Westenhoefer -American comedian and actress

1961- Gary Winick -American director and producer (d. 2011)

1962- John Taylor (American football)|John Taylor -American football player

1962- Olli Rehn -Finnish politician

1963- Paul Mercurio -Australian actor and dancer

1963- Grant Benson -British broadcaster

1964- Mark Hoban -English politician

1964- Brad Slaight -American comedian and actor

1964- Fez Whatley -American radio host and producer

1964- Paul Wong (musician)|Paul Wong -Hong Kong singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Beyond (band)|Beyond)

1965- Tom Barrasso -American ice hockey player and coach

1965- Jean-Christophe Lafaille -French mountaineer (d. 2006)

1965- William McNamara -American actor

1965- Steven T. Seagle -American author and screenwriter

1966- Roger Black -English runner

1966- Nick Firestone -American race car driver

1968- Naoya Ogawa -Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist

1968- J. R. Reid -American basketball player and coach

1969- Samantha Brown -American television host

1969- Nyamko Sabuni -Burundian-Swedish politician

1969- Steve Smith (basketball)|Steve Smith -American basketball player

1970- Alenka Bratušek -Slovenian politician, 7th Prime Minister of Slovenia

1970- Damon Herriman -Australian actor

1970- Patrick Lachman -American singer and guitarist (Damageplan and Halford (band)|Halford)

1971- Demetris Assiotis -Cypriot footballer

1971- Martin Atkinson -English footballer and referee

1971- Pavel Bure -Russian ice hockey player

1971- Craig McCracken -American animator, producer, and screenwriter

1971- Ewan McGregor -Scottish-American actor

1972- Alejandro Amenábar -Chilean-Spanish director and screenwriter

1972- Andrew Bowen -American actor

1972- Ze Frank -American comedian and blogger

1972- Luca Gentili (footballer born 1972)|Luca Gentili -Italian footballer and coach

1972- Hristos Polihroniou -Greek hammer thrower

1972- Evan Williams (Internet entrepreneur)|Evan Williams -American businessman, co-founded Twitter and Pyra Labs

1973- Christopher Hampson -English ballet dancer and choreographer

1974- Benjamin Eicher -German director, producer, and screenwriter

1974- Adrian Holmes -Welsh-Canadian actor

1974- Stefan Olsdal -Swedish bass player (Placebo (band)|Placebo)

1975- Emma Atkins -English actress

1975- Prodromos Dreliozis -Greek basketball player

1975- Toni Gardemeister -Finnish race car driver

1975- Adam Green (filmmaker)|Adam Green -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1975- Nathan Grey (rugby union)|Nathan Grey -Australian rugby player

1975- Cameron Murray (rugby union)|Cameron Murray -Scottish rugby player

1975- Ryan Rupe -American baseball player

1976- Anthony B -Jamaican singer and DJ

1976- Rich Clementi -American mixed martial artist

1976- Howard Frier -American basketball player

1976- Shawty Lo -American rapper (D4L)

1976- Guy Mariano -American skateboarder

1976- Josh Saviano -American actor and lawyer

1976- Igors Sļesarčuks -Latvian-Russian footballer

1976- Alan Tern -Singaporean actor

1977- Toshiya (musician)|Toshiya -Japanese bass player, songwriter, and producer (Dir en grey)

1977- Garth Tander -Australian race car driver

1978- Stephen Clemence -English footballer

1978- Jarrod Cooper -American football player

1978- Daniel Mays -English actor

1978- Jérôme Rothen -French footballer

1978- Tony Yayo -American rapper (G-Unit)

1979- Omri Afek -Israeli footballer

1979- Euan Burton -Scottish martial artist

1979- Alexis Ferrero -Argentinian footballer

1979- Josh Kinney -American baseball player

1979- Charlie Manning -American baseball player

1979- Tanya Tate -English porn actress and model

1980- Trenyce -American singer and actress

1980- Martin Albrechtsen -Danish footballer

1980- Karolina Lassbo -Swedish lawyer

1980- Dean Clark (footballer)|Dean Clark -English footballer

1980- Kate Micucci -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actress (Garfunkel and Oates)

1980- Michael Ryder -Canadian ice hockey player

1980- Maaya Sakamoto -Japanese singer-songwriter and actress

1980- Chien-Ming Wang -Taiwanese baseball player

1981- Ryan Bingham -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1981- Thomas Chatelle -Belgian footballer

1981- Gerard McCarthy -Irish actor

1981- Pa Dembo Touray -Gambian footballer

1981- Maarten van der Weijden -Dutch swimmer

1982- Tal Ben Haim -Israeli footballer

1982- Ryland Blackinton -American guitarist (Cobra Starship and This Is Ivy League)

1982- Bam Childress -American football player

1982- Audrey Kawasaki -American painter

1982- Lennon Murphy -American singer-songwriter and producer

1983- Hashim Amla -South African cricketer

1983- Thierry Issiémou -Gabonese footballer

1983- Silver Leppik -Estonian basketball player

1983- Anthony Lewis (actor)|Anthony Lewis -English actor

1983- Jeff Mathis -American baseball player

1983- Vlasios Maras -Greek gymnast

1983- Paddy McCarthy -Irish footballer

1983- Melissa Ordway -American actress and model

1983- Noah "40" Shebib -Canadian record producer

1983- Nigel Plum -Australian rugby player

1984- Rakshita -Indian actress and producer

1984- Jack Antonoff -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fun (band)|Fun, Steel Train, and Bleachers (band)|Bleachers)

1984- Dario Bova -Italian footballer

1984- David Clarkson (ice hockey)|David Clarkson -Canadian ice hockey player

1984- Eddie Johnson (American soccer)|Eddie Johnson -American soccer player

1984- James Jones (wide receiver)|James Jones -American football player

1984- Kaie Kand -Estonian heptathlete

1984- Alberto Junior Rodríguez -Peruvian footballer

1984- Osama Hawsawi -Saudi Arabian footballer

1984- Ed Williamson (rugby union)|Ed Williamson -English rugby player

1984- Yanin Vismitananda -Thai actress and martial artist

1985- Stephanie Bendixsen -Australian television host

1985- Steve Bernier -Canadian ice hockey player

1985- Jo-Lonn Dunbar -American football player

1985- Jesper Hansen -Danish footballer

1985- Kory Sheets -American football player

1985- Jalmar Sjöberg -Swedish wrestler

1985- Jessica Szohr -American actress

1986- Matthew Collins -Welsh footballer

1986- Andreas Dober -Austrian footballer

1986- Romeo Filipović -German-Croatian footballer

1986- James King (Scottish rugby union player)|James King -Scottish rugby player

1986- Paulo Machado -Portuguese footballer

1986- Jay Rock -American rapper (Black Hippy)

1987- Nordin Amrabat -Dutch footballer

1987- Hugo Ayala -Mexican footballer

1987- Amaury Bischoff -Portuguese footballer

1987- Justin Braun (soccer)|Justin Braun -American soccer player

1987- The Child of Lov -Belgian-Dutch singer (d. 2013)

1987- Carl Dickinson -English footballer

1987- Allison Falk -American soccer player

1987- Koneru Humpy -Indian chess player

1987- Georg Listing -German bass player (Tokio Hotel)

1987- Eros Pisano -Italian footballer

1987- Aridane Santana -Spanish footballer

1987- Kirill Starkov -Danish ice hockey player

1987- Winston Venable -American football player

1987- Nelli Zhiganshina -Russian figure skater

1988- Thomas De Corte -Belgian footballer

1988- Hogan Ephraim -English footballer

1988- Dorin Dickerson -American football player

1988- DeAndre Liggins -American basketball player

1988- Louis van der Westhuizen -Namibian cricketer

1989- Kidd (rapper)|Kidd -Scottish-Danish rapper

1989- Alyn Camara -German long jumper

1989- Alberto Martín Romo García Adámez -Spanish footballer

1989- Alfredo Marte -Dominican baseball player

1989- Josmil Pinto -Venezuelan baseball player

1989- Nejc Vidmar -Slovenian footballer

1989- Liu Zige -Chinese swimmer

1990- Kylie Bisutti -American model and author

1990- Balázs Megyeri -Hungarian footballer

1990- George Iloka -American football player

1990- Sandra Roma -Swedish tennis player

1990- Bang Yong-guk -South Korean rapper, actor, and dancer (B.A.P (band)|B.A.P)

1991- Nichaon Jindapon -Thai badminton player

1991- Renato Kelić -Croatian footballer

1991- Milan Milanović -Serbian footballer

1991- Lukas Rotpuller -Austrian footballer

1991- Jan Šebek -Czech footballer

1991- Rodney Sneijder -Dutch footballer

1992- Stijn de Looijer -Dutch footballer

1992- Henri Laaksonen -Swiss-Finnish tennis player

1993- Jonatan Isenia -Dutch baseball player

1993- Mikael Ishak -Swedish footballer

1994- Thomas Batuello -American actor

1999- Chae Sang-woo -South Korean actor

History of Deaths

1340- Ivan I of Moscow -(b. 1288)

1547- Francis I of France -(b. 1494)

1567- Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse -(b. 1504)

1621- Philip III of Spain -(b. 1578)

1631- John Donne -English lawyer and poet (b. 1572)

1671- Anne Hyde -English wife of James II of England (b. 1637)

1703- Johann Christoph Bach -German organist and composer (b. 1642)

1723- Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon -English-American politician, 14th List of colonial governors of New York|Colonial Governor of New York (b. 1661)

1741- Pieter Burman the Elder -Dutch scholar (b. 1668)

1797- Olaudah Equiano -Nigerian merchant, author, and activist (b.1745)

1837- John Constable -English painter (b. 1776)

1850- John C. Calhoun -American politician, 7th Vice President of the United States (b. 1782)

1855- Charlotte Brontë -English author (b. 1816)

1877- Antoine Augustin Cournot -French mathematician (b. 1801)

1880- Henryk Wieniawski -Polish violinist and composer (b. 1835)

1885- Franz Abt -German composer and conductor (b. 1819)

1913- J. P. Morgan -American banker and financier, founded J.P. Morgan & Co. (b. 1837)

1915- Wyndham Halswelle -English-Scottish runner (b. 1882)

1917- Emil Adolf von Behring -German physician, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1854)

1924- George Charles Haité -English painter and illustrator (b. 1855)

1929- Pablo de Escandón -Mexican polo player (b. 1856)

1930- Ludwig Schüler -German politician, List of mayors of Marburg|Mayor of Marburg (b. 1836)

1931- Knute Rockne -American football player and coach (b. 1888)

1935- Georges V. Matchabelli -Georgian-American businessman and diplomat, founded Prince Matchabelli|Prince Matchabelli perfume (b. 1885)

1935- Concordia Selander -Swedish actress and manager (b. 1861)

1944- Mineichi Koga -Japanese admiral (b. 1885)

1945- Frank Findlay -New Zealand politician (b. 1884)

1945- Hans Fischer -German chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1881)

1950- Robert Natus -Estonian architect (b. 1890)

1952- Wallace H. White, Jr. -American politician (b. 1877)

1956- Ralph DePalma -Italian race car driver (b. 1884)

1968- Grover Lowdermilk -American baseball player (b. 1885)

1972- Meena Kumari -Indian actress (b. 1932)

1975- Percy Alliss -English golfer (b. 1897)

1976- Paul Strand -American photographer and director (b. 1890)

1978- Charles Herbert Best -American-Canadian medical scientist, co-discovered Insulin (b. 1899)

1980- Vladimír Holan -Czech poet (b. 1905)

1980- Jesse Owens -American sprinter and long jumper (b. 1913)

1981- Enid Bagnold -English author and playwright (b. 1889)

1983- Christina Stead -Australian author (b. 1902)

1984- Ronald Clark O'Bryan -American murderer (b. 1944)

1986- O'Kelly Isley, Jr. -American singer-songwriter (The Isley Brothers) (b. 1937)

1986- Jerry Paris -American actor and director (b. 1925)

1988- William McMahon -Australian politician, 20th Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1908)

1993- Chichay -Filipino actress (b. 1918)

1993- Brandon Lee -American actor and martial artist (b. 1965)

1993- Mitchell Parish -Lithuanian-American songwriter (b. 1900)

1995- Selena -American singer-songwriter (Selena y Los Dinos) (b. 1971)

1996- Jeffrey Lee Pierce -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Gun Club) (b. 1958)

1998- Bella Abzug -American lawyer and politician (b. 1920)

1998- Tim Flock -American race car driver (b. 1924)

1999- Yuri Knorozov -Russian linguist (b. 1922)

2001- David Rocastle -English footballer (b. 1967)

2001- Clifford Shull -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1915)

2002- Barry Took -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter (b. 1928)

2002- Moturu Udayam -Indian politician and activist (b. 1924)

2003- Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter -English-Canadian geometer (b. 1907)

2003- Anne Gwynne -American actress (b. 1918)

2003- Tommy Seebach -Danish singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer (Sir Henry and his Butlers) (b. 1949)

2004- Scott Helvenston -American soldier (b. 1965)

2005- Stanley J. Korsmeyer -American oncologist (b. 1951)

2005- Justiniano Montano -Filipino politician (b. 1905)

2005- Frank Perdue -American businessman (b. 1920)

2005- Terri Schiavo -American medical patient (b. 1963)

2006- Angela Devi -American model (b. 1975)

2006- Jackie McLean -American saxophonist and composer (b. 1931)

2007- Paul Watzlawick -Austrian-American psychologist and philosopher (b. 1921)

2008- Jules Dassin -American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor (b. 1911)

2008- Bill Keightley -American equipment manager (b. 1926)

2009- Raúl Alfonsín -Argentinian lawyer and politician, 46th President of Argentina (b. 1927)

2009- Jarl Alfredius -Swedish journalist (b. 1943)

2009- Choor Singh -Indian-Singaporean judge (b. 1911)

2010- Shirley Mills -American actress (b. 1926)

2010- Syed Qasim Mahmood -Pakistani journalist, lexicographer, and author (b. 1928)

2011- Tony Barrell (broadcaster)|Tony Barrell -English-Australian journalist and broadcaster (b. 1940)

2011- Gil Clancy -American boxing trainer (b. 1922)

2011- Alan Fitzgerald (satirist)|Alan Fitzgerald -Australian journalist and author (b. 1935)

2011- Oddvar Hansen -Norwegian footballer and coach (b. 1921)

2011- Claudia Heill -Austrian martial artist (b. 1982)

2011- Vassili Kononov -Russian criminal (b. 1923)

2011- Ishbel MacAskill -Scottish singer and activist (b. 1941)

2011- Mel McDaniel -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1942)

2011- Boško Radonjić -Serbian mobster (b. 1943)

2011- Edward Stobart -English businessman (b. 1954)

2011- Henry Taub -American businessman and philanthropist (b. 1927)

2012- Judith Adams -New Zealand-Australian nurse and politician (b. 1943)

2012- Dale R. Corson -American physicist and academic (b. 1914)

2012- Bernard O. Gruenke -American stained glass artist (b. 1914)

2012- Jerry Lynch -American baseball player (b. 1930)

2012- Alberto Sughi -Italian painter (b. 1928)

2012- Halbert White -American economist and educator (b. 1950)

2013- Charles Amarin Brand -French archbishop (b. 1920)

2013- Ernie Bridge -Australian singer and politician (b. 1936)

2013- Helena Carroll -Scottish-American actress (b. 1928)

2013- Bob Clarke (illustrator)|Bob Clarke -American illustrator (b. 1926)

2013- Ahmad Sayyed Javadi -Iranian lawyer and politician, Ministry of Interior (Iran)|Iranian Minister of Interior (b. 1917)

2013- Dmitri Uchaykin -Russian ice hockey player (b. 1980)

2014- Gonzalo Anes -Spanish economist, historian, and academic (b. 1931)

2014- Irene Fernandez -Malaysian activist (b. 1946)

2014- Charles Keating -American lawyer and financier (b. 1923)

2014- Frankie Knuckles -American DJ and producer (b. 1955)

2014- Esmonde and Larbey|Bob Larbey -English screenwriter (b. 1934)

2014- Enrique Plancarte Solís -Mexican drug lord (b. 1970)

2014- Roger Somville -Belgian painter (b. 1923)