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Day History: March-17

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Events History

45 BC-In his last victory, Julius Caesar -defeats the Pompey|Pompeian forces of Titus Labienus and Gnaeus Pompeius|Pompey the Younger in the Battle of Munda.

180- Marcus Aurelius -dies leaving Commodus the sole emperor of the Roman Empire.

455- Petronius Maximus -becomes, with support of the Roman Senate, emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

624-Led by Muhammad -the Muslims of Medina defeat the Quraysh tribe|Quraysh of Mecca in the Battle of Badr.

1001-The Kingdom of Butuan|King -of Butuan in the Philippines sends a tributary mission to the Song Dynasty of China.

1337- Edward, the Black Prince -is made Duke of Cornwall, the first Duchy in England.

1452-The Battle of Los Alporchones -is fought in the context of the Spanish Reconquista between the Emirate of Granada and the combined forces of the Kingdom of Castile and Kingdom of Murcia|Murcia resulting in a Christian victory.

1560- Fort Coligny -on Villegagnon Island in Rio de Janeiro is attacked and destroyed during the Portuguese Empire|Portuguese campaign against France Antarctique.

1677-The Siege of Valenciennes (1676–77)|Siege of Valenciennes -during the Franco-Dutch War, ends with France's taking of the city.

1776- American Revolution -British forces Evacuation Day (Massachusetts)|evacuate Boston, ending the Siege of Boston, after George Washington and Henry Knox Fortification of Dorchester Heights|place artillery in positions overlooking the city.

1780-American Revolution: George Washington grants the Continental Army -a Saint Patrick's Day|holiday "as an act of solidarity with the Irish in their fight for independence".

1805-The Italian Republic (Napoleonic)|Italian Republic -with Napoleon I of France|Napoleon as president, becomes the Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)|Kingdom of Italy, with Napoleon as King.

1842-The Relief Society -of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is formed;

1860-The First Taranaki War -begins in Taranaki Region|Taranaki, New Zealand, a major phase of the New Zealand land wars.

1861-The Kingdom of Italy -is proclaimed.

1891-{{SS|Utopia}} collides with {{HMS|Anson|1886|6}} in the Bay of Gibraltar -and sinks, killing 562 of the 880 passengers on board.

1921-The Second Republic of Poland -adopts the March Constitution.

1939- Second Sino-Japanese War -Battle of Nanchang between the Kuomintang and Empire of Japan|Japan begins,

1941-In Washington, D.C., the National Gallery of Art -is officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1942- The Holocaust|Holocaust -The first Jews from the Lemberg Ghetto|Lvov Ghetto are gassed at the Belzec extermination camp|Belzec death camp in what is today eastern Poland.

1945-The Ludendorff Bridge -in Remagen, Germany, collapses, ten days after its capture.

1947-First flight of the B-45 Tornado -strategic bomber.

1948-The Benelux -France, and the United Kingdom sign the Treaty of Brussels, a precursor to the North Atlantic Treaty establishing NATO.

1950-Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley -announce the creation of element 98, which they name "californium".

1957-A 1957 Cebu Douglas C-47 crash|plane crash -in Cebu, Philippines kills President of the Philippines|Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay and 24 others.

1958-The United States launches the Vanguard 1 -satellite.

1959- 14th Dalai Lama|Tenzin Gyatso -the 14th Dalai Lama, flees Tibet for India.

1960-U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower -signs the United States National Security Council|National Security Council directive on the anti-Cuban covert action program that will ultimately lead to the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

1963- Mount Agung -erupted on Bali killing more than 1,100 people.

1966-Off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the {{Ship|DSV|Alvin}} submarine -finds a missing American hydrogen bomb.

1968-As a result of nerve gas -testing in Skull Valley (Utah)|Skull Valley, Utah, over 6,000 sheep are Dugway sheep incident|found dead.

1969- Golda Meir -becomes the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

1970- My Lai Massacre -The United States Army charges 14 officers with suppressing information related to the incident.

1973-The Pulitzer Prize -winning photograph ''Burst of Joy'' is taken, depicting a former prisoner of war being reunited with his family, which came to symbolize the end of United States involvement in the Vietnam War.

1979-The Penmanshiel Tunnel -collapses during engineering works, killing two workers.

1985- Serial killer -Richard Ramirez, aka the "Night Stalker", commits the first two murders in his Los Angeles, California murder spree.

1988-A Colombia -Boeing 727 jet airliner|jetliner, Avianca Flight 410, crashes into a mountainside near the Venezuelan border killing 143.

1988- Eritrean War of Independence -The Nadew Command, an Ethiopian army corps in Eritrea, is attacked on three sides by military units of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front in the opening action of the Battle of Afabet.

1992- 1992 Israeli Embassy attack in Buenos Aires|Israeli Embassy attack in Buenos Aires -Suicide attack|Suicide car bomb attack kills 29 and injures 242.

1992-A South African apartheid referendum, 1992|referendum to end apartheid -in South Africa is passed 68.7% to 31.2%.

2000-530 members of the Uganda -cult Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God die in a fire, considered to be a mass murder or suicide orchestrated by leaders of the cult. Elsewhere another 248 members are later found dead.

2003- Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs -Robin Cook, resigns from the Cabinet of the United Kingdom|British Cabinet in disagreement with government plans for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

2004- 2004 unrest in Kosovo|Unrest in Kosovo -More than 22 are killed and 200 wounded. Thirty-five Serbian Orthodox Church|Serbian Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and two mosques in Belgrade and Niš are destroyed.

2013-The largest meteorite -(since NASA started observing the moon in 2005) hit the moon.

Famous Birthdays

1231- Emperor Shijō -of Japan (d. 1242)

1473- James IV of Scotland -(d. 1513)

1628- François Girardon -French sculptor (d. 1715)

1665- Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre -French harpsichord player and composer (d. 1729)

1676- Thomas Boston -Scottish educator (d. 1732)

1686- Jean-Baptiste Oudry -French painter and engraver (d. 1755)

1725- Lachlan McIntosh -Scottish-American colonel and politician (d. 1806)

1747- Johannes Jährig -German linguist (d. 1795)

1777- Patrick Brontë -Irish-English clergyman and author (d. 1861)

1777- Roger B. Taney -American politician and jurist, 5th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1864)

1780- Thomas Chalmers -Scottish minister, economist, and educator (d. 1847)

1781- Ebenezer Elliott -English poet (d. 1849)

1804- Jim Bridger -American explorer (d. 1881)

1820- Jean Ingelow -English poet (d. 1897)

1834- Gottlieb Daimler -German engineer and businessman, co-founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (d. 1900)

1839- Josef Rheinberger -Liechtensteiner organist and composer (d. 1901)

1846- Kate Greenaway -English author and illustrator (d. 1901)

1849- Charles F. Brush -American inventor, co-invented the Arc lamp (d. 1929)

1856- Mikhail Vrubel -Russian painter (d. 1910)

1862- Silvio Gesell -Belgian economist (d. 1930)

1864- Joseph Baptista -Indian politician and activist (d. 1930)

1866- Pierce Butler (justice)|Pierce Butler -American jurist (d. 1939)

1870- Horace Donisthorpe -English entomologist (d. 1951)

1872- Konstantinos Skarlatos -Greek general and target shooter (d. 1969)

1876- Frederick Ayres -American composer (d. 1926)

1877- Frank Castleman -American football player and coach (d. 1946)

1877- Otto Gross -Austrian psychoanalyst (d. 1920)

1880- Patrick Hastings -English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales (d. 1952)

1880- Lawrence Oates -English lieutenant and explorer (d. 1912)

1881- Walter Rudolf Hess -Swiss physiologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973)

1883- Urmuz -Romanian lawyer and judge (d. 1923)

1884- Alcide Nunez -American clarinet player (d. 1934)

1885- Ralph Rose -American shot putter (d. 1913)

1886- Princess Patricia of Connaught -(d. 1974)

1888- Paul Ramadier -French politician, Prime Minister of France (d. 1961)

1892- Sayed Darwish -Egyptian singer-songwriter (d. 1923)

1894- Paul Green (playwright)|Paul Green -American playwright (d. 1981)

1897- Jozef Mazur -American painter and sculptor (d. 1970)

1901- Alfred Newman (composer)|Alfred Newman -American composer and conductor (d. 1970)

1902- Bobby Jones (golfer)|Bobby Jones -American golfer (d. 1971)

1906- Brigitte Helm -German actress (d. 1996)

1907- Jean Van Houtte -Belgian politician, 50th Prime Minister of Belgium (d. 1991)

1910- Sonny Werblin -American businessman (d. 1991)

1911- Vello Kaaristo -Estonian skier (d. 1965)

1911- John Patrick Spiegel -American psychiatrist (d. 1991)

1912- Bayard Rustin -American activist (d. 1987)

1914- Sammy Baugh -American football player and coach (d. 2008)

1915- Henry Bumstead -American production designer (d. 2006)

1915- Ray Ellington -English singer, drummer, and bandleader (d. 1985)

1917- Takis Sinopoulos -Greek poet (d. 1981)

1919- Nat King Cole -American singer, pianist, and television host (d. 1965)

1920- John La Montaine -American pianist and composer (d. 2013)

1920- Sheikh Mujibur Rahman -Bangladeshi politician, 1st President of Bangladesh (d. 1975)

1921- Meir Amit -Israeli general and politician (d. 2009)

1924- Stephen Dodgson -English composer (d. 2013)

1925- Gabriele Ferzetti -Italian actor

1926- Siegfried Lenz -Polish-German author and playwright (d. 2014)

1926- Marjory Shedd -Canadian badminton player (d. 2008)

1927- Betty Allen -American soprano (d. 2009)

1927- Rudy Ray Moore -American actor, singer, and producer (d. 2008)

1928- William John McKeag -Canadian politician, 17th Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba (d. 2007)

1930- Paul Horn (musician)|Paul Horn -American flute player

1930- James Irwin -American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (d. 1991)

1931- David Peakall -English-American toxicologist (d. 2001)

1932- Donald N. Langenberg -American physicist and educator

1933- Myrlie Evers-Williams -American journalist and activist

1933- Penelope Lively -Egyptian-English author

1933- Sándor Rácz -Hungarian politician (d. 2013)

1935- Patrick Etolu -Ugandan high jumper (d. 2013)

1936- Ladislav Kupkovič -Slovakian composer and conductor

1936- Patty Maloney -American actress

1936- Ken Mattingly -American admiral, pilot, and astronaut

1937- Adam Wade (singer)|Adam Wade -American singer, drummer, and actor

1937- Galina Samsova -Russian ballet dancer

1938- David Dilks -English historian and academic

1938- Rudolf Nureyev -Russian dancer and choreographer (d. 1993)

1938- Keith O'Brien -Scottish cardinal

1938- Izold Pustõlnik -Estonian astronomer (d. 2008)

1938- Zola Taylor -American singer (The Platters) (d. 2007)

1939- Jim Gary -American sculptor (d. 2006)

1939- Bill Graham (Canadian politician)|Bill Graham -Canadian politician

1939- Robin Knox-Johnston -English sailor

1939- Giovanni Trapattoni -Italian footballer and manager

1940- Mark White -American lawyer and politician, 43rd Governor of Texas

1941- Wang Jin-pyng -Taiwanese politician

1941- Paul Kantner -American guitarist (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and KBC Band)

1941- Max Stafford-Clark -English director and academic

1942- John Wayne Gacy -American serial killer (d. 1994)

1943- Jeff Banks -Welsh fashion designer

1943- Andrew Brook -Canadian philosopher

1943- Don Mitchell (actor)|Don Mitchell -American actor (d. 2013)

1943- Jim Weatherly -American singer-songwriter

1944- Pattie Boyd -English model, author, and photographer

1944- Cito Gaston -American baseball player and manager

1944- John Lill -English pianist

1944- John Sebastian -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Lovin' Spoonful, Even Dozen Jug Band, and The Mugwumps)

1945- Michael Hayden (general)|Michael Hayden -American general, 20th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

1945- Elis Regina -Brazilian singer (d. 1982)

1945- Dennis Joseph Sullivan -American bishop

1946- John Baines -English egyptologist and academic

1946- Harold Ray Brown -American drummer (War (band)|War and Lowrider Band)

1946- Gavin Campbell (presenter)|Gavin Campbell -English actor and television host

1946- Michael Finnissy -English pianist and composer

1947- Jan Andersson (politician)|Jan Andersson -Swedish politician

1947- Yury Chernavsky -Russian-American songwriter and producer

1947- James Morrow -American author

1948- William Gibson -American-Canadian author

1948- Alex MacDonald (footballer born 1948)|Alex MacDonald -Scottish footballer and manager

1949- Hartmut Briesenick -German shot putter (d. 2013)

1949- Patrick Duffy -American actor and director

1949- Daniel Lavoie -Canadian singer-songwriter and actor

1949- Pat Rice -Irish footballer and coach

1949- Stuart Rose -English businessman

1949- Shih Wing-ching -Hong Kong businessman

1950- Patrick Adams (musician)|Patrick Adams -American songwriter and producer

1950- Michael Been -American singer-songwriter (The Call (band)|The Call) (d. 2010)

1951- Donald Findlay -Scottish lawyer and academic

1951- Scott Gorham -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Thin Lizzy, 21 Guns (band)|21 Guns, and Black Star Riders)

1951- Craig Ramsay -Canadian ice hockey player

1951- Kurt Russell -American actor

1952- Susie Allanson -American singer and actress

1952- Barry Horne -English activist (d. 2001)

1952- Nikos Xydakis -Egyptian-Greek singer-songwriter and pianist

1953- Filemon Lagman -Filipino activist (d. 2001)

1953- Chuck Muncie -American football player (d. 2013)

1954- Lesley-Anne Down -English actress and singer

1954- Jüri Pihl -Estonian politician, Minister of the Interior (Estonia)|Estonian Minister of the Interior

1955- Mark Boone Junior -American actor

1955- Cynthia McKinney -American educator and politician

1955- Paul Overstreet -American singer-songwriter (S-K-O)

1955- Gary Sinise -American actor, director, and bass player (Lt. Dan Band)

1956- Patrick McDonnell -American author and illustrator

1956- Rory McGrath -English actor and screenwriter

1957- Michael Kelly (editor)|Michael Kelly -American journalist and author (d. 2003)

1958- Pat Bolland -Canadian television host

1958- Christian Clemenson -American actor

1958- Jorge Ramos (news anchor)|Jorge Ramos -Mexican journalist

1959- Danny Ainge -American basketball player and coach

1959- Paul Black -American singer-songwriter and drummer (L.A. Guns)

1960- Rebeca Arthur -American actress

1960- Arye Gross -American actor

1960- Vicki Lewis -American actress and singer

1961- Sam Bowie -American basketball player

1961- Andrew Paul -English actor

1961- Dana Reeve -American actress, singer, and activist (d. 2006)

1961- Casey Siemaszko -American actor

1961- Alexander Bard -Swedish singer-songwriter and producer (Army of Lovers, Vacuum (band)|Vacuum, and Bodies Without Organs)

1962- Ank Bijleveld -Dutch politician

1962- Janet Gardner -American singer (Vixen (band))

1962- Clare Grogan -Scottish singer and actress (Altered Images)

1962- Roxy Petrucci -American drummer (Vixen (band))

1962- Rob Sitch -Australian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1963- Jaggesh -Indian actor

1963- Alex Fong (actor)|Alex Fong -Chinese actor

1963- Nick Peros -Canadian composer

1964- Stefano Borgonovo -Italian footballer (d. 2013)

1964- Lee Dixon -English footballer

1964- Rob Lowe -American actor and producer

1964- Sulev Oll -Estonian journalist and poet

1964- Jacques Songo'o -Cameroonian footballer

1966- Andrew Rosindell -English politician

1966- Jeremy Sheffield -English actor and dancer

1967- Van Conner -American bass player (Screaming Trees)

1967- Billy Corgan -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Spirits in the Sky, and Starchildren)

1967- Barry Minkow -American businessman

1967- Aivar Voitka -Estonian anarchist

1968- Mathew St. Patrick -American actor

1969- Patricia Ford -American model

1969- Edgar Grospiron -French skier

1969- Alexander McQueen -English fashion designer, founded Alexander McQueen (brand)|Alexander McQueen (d. 2010)

1969- Hugo Speer -English actor

1970- Patrick Lebeau -Canadian ice hockey player

1970- Yanic Truesdale -Canadian actor

1970- Gene Ween -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Ween)

1971- Bill Mueller -American baseball player and coach

1972- Melissa Auf der Maur -Canadian-American singer-songwriter and bass player (Hole (band)|Hole, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Tinker (band)|Tinker)

1972- Marc Gunn -American harp player (Brobdingnagian Bards)

1972- Mia Hamm -American soccer player

1972- Torquil Campbell -English-Canadian singer-songwriter and actor (Stars (Canadian band)|Stars and Memphis (band)|Memphis)

1973- Rico Blanco -Filipino singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (Rivermaya)

1973- Caroline Corr -Irish singer and drummer (The Corrs)

1973- Amelia Heinle -American actress

1973- Vance Wilson -American baseball player

1973- Jerome Woods -American football player

1974- Marisa Coughlan -American actress

1974- Mark Dolan -English comedian and television host

1974- Tõnis Kasemets -Estonian race car driver

1974- Oliver Palotai -German keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Kamelot, Circle II Circle, and Sons of Seasons)

1975- Test (wrestler)|Test -Canadian wrestler (d. 2009)

1975- Justin Hawkins -English singer-songwriter (The Darkness (band)|The Darkness, British Whale, and Hot Leg)

1975- Gina Holden -Canadian actress

1975- Puneeth Rajkumar -Indian actor, singer, and producer

1975- Natalie Zea -American actress

1976- Brittany Daniel -American actress

1976- Cynthia Daniel -American actress and photographer

1976- Scott Downs -American baseball player

1976- Stephen Gately -Irish singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (Boyzone) (d. 2009)

1976- Roxanne Hall -English adult film actress IAFD profile page

1976- Álvaro Recoba -Uruguayan footballer

1977- Tamar Braxton -American singer-songwriter and actress (The Braxtons)

1978- Jason M. Burns -American author and publisher

1978- Saša Stanišić -Bosnian-German author

1979- Lollipop (wrestler)|Lollipop -American wrestler

1979- Coco Austin -American model and actress

1979- Stormy Daniels -American porn actress and director

1979- Andrew Ference -Canadian ice hockey player

1979- Stephen Kramer Glickman -American-American actor

1979- Samoa Joe -American wrestler

1979- Sharman Joshi -Indian actor

1980- Danny Califf -American soccer player

1980- Katie Morgan -American porn actress and radio host

1980- Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi -Pakistani tennis player

1981- Aaron Baddeley -American-Australian golfer

1981- Servet Çetin -Turkish footballer

1981- Eva Fislová -Slovak tennis player

1981- Kyle Korver -American basketball player

1981- Thorsten Stuckmann -German footballer

1982- Steven Pienaar -South African footballer

1983- Raul Meireles -Portuguese footballer

1984- Ryan Rottman -American actor

1985- Vassiliki Arvaniti -Greek volleyball player

1986- Edin Džeko -Bosnian footballer

1986- Miles Kane -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Little Flames, The Rascals (English band)|The Rascals, and The Last Shadow Puppets)

1986- Nick Newell -American mixed martial artist

1986- Olesya Rulin -Russian-American actress

1987- Federico Fazio -Argentine footballer

1987- Krisnan Inu -New Zealand rugby player

1987- Rob Kardashian -American model

1987- Ryan Parent -Canadian ice hockey player

1987- Bobby Ryan -American ice hockey player

1988- Grimes (musician)|Grimes -Canadian singer-songwriter and producer

1988- Rasmus Elm -Swedish footballer

1988- Fraser Forster -English footballer

1988- Ryan White (ice hockey)|Ryan White -Canadian ice hockey player

1989- Shinji Kagawa -Japanese footballer

1989- Mason Musso -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Metro Station (band)|Metro Station)

1990- Saina Nehwal -Indian badminton player

1992- Eliza Bennett -English actress and singer

1993- Matteo Bianchetti -Italian footballer

1997- Katie Ledecky -American swimmer

History of Deaths

45 BC- Titus Labienus -Roman lieutenant (b. 100 BC)

180- Marcus Aurelius -Roman emperor (b. 121)

460- Saint Patrick -Irish missionary and bishop (b. 387)

659- Gertrude of Nivelles -Belgian nun and saint (b. 626)

1040- Harold Harefoot -English son of Cnut the Great (b. 1015)

1058- Lulach -Scottish son of Gille Coemgáin of Moray (b. 1030)

1199- Jocelin of Glasgow -Scottish monk and bishop (b. 1130)

1272- Emperor Go-Saga -of Japan (b. 1220)

1425- Ashikaga Yoshikazu -Japanese shogun (b. 1407)

1516- Giuliano de' Medici, Duke of Nemours -(b. 1479)

1565- Alexander Ales -Scottish theologian (b. 1500)

1620- John Sarkander -Polish-Moravian priest and saint (b. 1576)

1640- Philip Massinger -English playwright (b. 1583)

1649- Gabriel Lalemant -French missionary and martyr (b. 1610)

1680- François de La Rochefoucauld (writer)|François de La Rochefoucauld -French author (b. 1613)

1704- Menno van Coehoorn -Dutch soldier and engineer (b. 1641)

1713- Juraj Jánošík -Slovak criminal (b. 1688)

1715- Gilbert Burnet -Scottish bishop and historian (b. 1643)

1741- Jean-Baptiste Rousseau -French poet (b. 1671)

1764- George Parker, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield -English astronomer (b. 1695)

1782- Daniel Bernoulli -Dutch-Swiss mathematician and physicist (b. 1700)

1830- Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr -French general (b. 1764)

1846- Friedrich Bessel -German mathematician and astronomer (b. 1784)

1849- William II of the Netherlands -(b. 1792)

1853- Christian Doppler -Austrian physicist and mathematician (b. 1803)

1871- Robert Chambers (publisher born 1802)|Robert Chambers -Scottish geologist and publisher, co-founded Chambers Harrap (b. 1802)

1875- Ferdinand Laub -Czech violinist and composer (b. 1832)

1893- Jules Ferry -French politician, 44th Prime Minister of France (b. 1832)

1917- Franz Brentano -German philosopher and psychologist (b. 1838)

1926- Aleksei Brusilov -Russian general (b. 1853)

1937- Austen Chamberlain -English politician, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1863)

1941- Marguerite Nichols -American actress (b. 1895)

1946- Dai Li -Chinese general (b. 1897)

1946- William Merz -American gymnast (b. 1878)

1949- Aleksandra Ekster -Russian painter (b. 1882)

1956- Fred Allen -American actor (b. 1894)

1956- Irène Joliot-Curie -French physicist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1897)

1957- Ramon Magsaysay -Filipino politician, 7th President of the Philippines (b. 1907)

1958- John Pius Boland -Irish tennis player and politician (b. 1870)

1961- Susanna M. Salter -American politician (b. 1860)

1962- Pat Clayton -English soldier and surveyor (b. 1896)

1965- Amos Alonzo Stagg -American football player and coach (b. 1862)

1969- Frederick Garfield Gilmore -American boxer (b. 1887)

1974- Louis Kahn -American architect, designed Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban (b. 1901)

1976- Luchino Visconti -Italian director and screenwriter (b. 1906)

1981- Paul Dean (baseball)|Paul Dean -American baseball player (b. 1913)

1983- Haldan Keffer Hartline -American physiologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1903)

1987- Santo Trafficante, Jr. -American mob boss (b. 1914)

1988- Nikolas Asimos -Greek singer-songwriter (b. 1949)

1989- Merritt Butrick -American actor (b. 1959)

1990- Capucine -French model and actress (b. 1931)

1990- Ric Grech -Ukrainian-English bass player (Family (band)|Family, Blind Faith, and Traffic (band)|Traffic) (b. 1946)

1992- Grace Stafford -American actress (b. 1903)

1993- Helen Hayes -American actress (b. 1900)

1994- Mai Zetterling -Swedish-English actress and director (b. 1925)

1995- Rick Aviles -American actor (b. 1952)

1995- Kray twins|Ronald Kray -English gangster (b. 1933)

1996- René Clément -French director and screenwriter (b. 1913)

1996- Terry Stafford -American singer-songwriter (b. 1941)

1997- Jermaine Stewart -American singer-songwriter and dancer (b. 1957)

1998- Harold Copp -Canadian biochemist (b. 1915)

1999- Ernest Gold (composer)|Ernest Gold -Austrian composer (b. 1921)

1999- Rod Hull -English comedian and actor (b. 1936)

1999- Jean Pierre-Bloch -French activist (b. 1905)

2002- Rosetta LeNoire -American actress and producer (b. 1911)

2002- Văn Tiến Dũng -Vietnamese general and politician, 6th Minister of Defence (Vietnam)|Minister of Defence for Vietnam (b. 1917)

2002- Sylvester Weaver (executive)|Sylvester Weaver -American broadcaster, created the ''Today (U.S. TV program)|Today Show'' and ''The Tonight Show'' (b. 1908)

2003- Su Buqing -Chinese mathematician and educator (b. 1902)

2004- Rachel Hudson -English murder victim (b. 1984)

2004- J.J. Jackson (media personality)|J.J. Jackson -American radio and television host (b. 1941)

2005- Royce Frith -Canadian politician (b. 1923)

2005- George F. Kennan -American historian and diplomat, United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union (b. 1904)

2005- Andre Norton -American author (b. 1912)

2006- Bob Blue -American songwriter and educator (b. 1948)

2006- Oleg Cassini -French-American fashion designer (b. 1913)

2006- Ray Meyer -American basketball player and coach (b. 1913)

2006- Bob Papenbrook -American voice actor (b. 1955)

2007- John Backus -American computer scientist, designed Fortran (b. 1924)

2007- Roger Bennett (musician)|Roger Bennett -American singer-songwriter and pianist (Legacy Five and Cathedral Quartet) (b. 1959)

2007- Jim Cronin (zoo keeper)|Jim Cronin -English zoo keeper and activist, founded Monkey World (b. 1951)

2008- Roland Arnall -French-American businessman and diplomat, 63rd United States Ambassador to the Netherlands (b. 1939)

2009- Clodovil Hernandes -Brazilian television host and politician (b. 1937)

2009- Fernand Lindsay -Canadian organist and educator (b. 1929)

2010- Alex Chilton -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Box Tops and Big Star) (b. 1950)

2010- Sid Fleischman -American author (b. 1920)

2010- Charlie Gillett -English musicologist and radio host (b. 1942)

2011- Michael Gough -English actor (b. 1916)

2011- Ferlin Husky -American singer (b. 1925)

2012- Paul Boyer (historian)|Paul Boyer -American historian and educator (b. 1935)

2012- John Demjanjuk -Ukrainian-American nazi guard (b. 1920)

2012- Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria -(b. 1923)

2012- Margaret Whitlam -Australian swimmer and author (b. 1919)

2013- Rudolf Battěk -Czech sociologist and politician (b. 1924)

2013- William B. Caldwell, III -American general (b. 1925)

2013- Steve Davis (quarterback)|Steve Davis -American football player and sportscaster (b. 1952)

2013- André Fontaine -French historian and journalist (b. 1921)

2013- Olivier Metzner -French lawyer (b. 1949)

2013- Jan van Houwelingen (politician)|Jan van Houwelingen -Dutch politician (b. 1939)

2014- Mercy Edirisinghe -Sri Lankan actress and singer (b. 1945)

2014- Gene Feist -American director and playwright, co-founded the Roundabout Theatre Company (b. 1923)

2014- Marek Galiński (cyclist)|Marek Galiński -Polish cyclist (b. 1974)

2014- Joseph Kerman -American musicologist and critic (b. 1924)

2014- Rachel Lambert Mellon -American gardener, philanthropist, and art collector (b. 1910)

2014- Paddy McGuigan -Irish singer-songwriter (The Barleycorn) (b. 1939)

2014- Oswald Morris -English cinematographer (b. 1915)

2014- L'Wren Scott -American model and fashion designer (b. 1964)