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Day History: March-14

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Events History

44 BC- Servilius Casca|Casca -and Gaius Cassius Longinus|Cassius decide, on the night before the Assassination of Julius Caesar, that Mark Antony should stay alive.

313-Emperor Emperor Huai of Jin|Jin Huidi -is executed by Liu Cong (Han Zhao)|Liu Cong, ruler of the Xiongnu state (Han Zhao).

1381- Chioggia -concludes an alliance with Zadar and Trogir against Venice, which becomes changed in 1412 in Šibenik.

1489-The Queen of Cyprus -Catherine Cornaro, sells her kingdom to Republic of Venice|Venice.

1590- Battle of Ivry -Henry IV of France|Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots defeat the forces of the Catholic League (French)|Catholic League under the Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Mayenne|Duc de Mayenne during the French Wars of Religion.

1647- Thirty Years' War -Bavaria, Cologne, France and Sweden sign the Truce of Ulm.

1757-Admiral John Byng|Sir John Byng -is executed by firing squad aboard {{HMS|Monarch|1747|6}} for breach of the Articles of War.

1780- American Revolutionary War -Spanish Empire|Spanish forces Battle of Fort Charlotte|capture Fort Conde|Fort Charlotte in Mobile, Alabama, the last Kingdom of Great Britain|British frontier post capable of threatening New Orleans in Spanish Louisiana.

1782-Battle of Wuchale: Emperor Tekle Giyorgis I of Ethiopia|Tekle Giyorgis -pacifies a group of Oromo people|Oromo near Wuchale.

1794- Eli Whitney -is granted a patent for the cotton gin.

1885-'' The Mikado -', a light opera by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, receives its first public performance in London.

1900-The Gold Standard Act -is ratified, placing United States currency on the gold standard.

1903-The Hay–Herrán Treaty -granting the United States the right to build the Panama Canal, is ratified by the United States Senate. The Colombian Senate would later reject the treaty.

1903-The Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge -is established by US President Theodore Roosevelt.

1910- Lakeview Gusher -the largest U.S. oil gusher|oil well gusher near Bakersfield, California, vents to atmosphere.

1915- World War I -Cornered off the coast of Chile by the Royal Navy after fleeing the Battle of the Falkland Islands, the German light cruiser {{Ship|SMS|Dresden|1907|6}} is abandoned and scuttled by her crew.

1926- El Virilla train accident -Costa Rica: A train falls off a bridge over the Río Virilla between Heredia, Costa Rica|Heredia and Tibás. 248 are killed and 93 wounded.

1931-'' Alam Ara -', India's first talking film, is released.

1936- Show Boat (1936 film)|The first all-sound film version of ''Show Boat'' -opens at Radio City Music Hall. (There had been a part-talkie, part-silent version of ''Show Boat'' in 1929.)

1939- Slovak Republic (1939–1945)|Slovakia -declares independence under Nazi Germany|German pressure.

1942- Orvan Hess -and John Bumstead became the first in the United States successfully to treat a patient, Anne Miller, using penicillin.

1943- World War II -The Kraków Ghetto is "liquidated".

1945-World War II: The R.A.F. -s first operational use of the Grand Slam bomb, Bielefeld, Germany.

1951- Korean War -For the second time, United Nations troops recapture Seoul.

1964-A jury in Dallas -finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the assumed assassin of John F. Kennedy.

1967-The body of U.S. President John F. Kennedy -is moved to a permanent burial place at Arlington National Cemetery.

1972-Italian publisher and former partisan Giangiacomo Feltrinelli -is killed by an explosion near Segrate.

1978-The Israeli Defense Force -invades and occupies southern Lebanon, in Operation Litani.

1979-In China, a Hawker Siddeley Trident -crashes into a factory near Beijing, killing at least 200.

1980-In Poland, a LOT Polish Airlines Flight 007|plane crashes -during final approach (aviation)|final approach near Warsaw, killing 87 people, including a 14-man American boxing team.

1984- Gerry Adams -head of Sinn Féin, is seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in central Belfast.

1988- Johnson South Reef Skirmish -Chinese forces defeat Vietnamese forces in Johnson South Reef, disputed Spratly Islands.

1994- Timeline of Linux development -Linux kernel version 1.0.0 is released.

1995- Space Exploration -Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American astronaut to ride to space on board a Russian launch vehicle.

2006-Members of the Chad -an military fail in an attempted 2006 Chadian coup d'état attempt|coup d'état.

2007-The Left Front (India)|Left Front -government of West Bengal sends at least 3,000 police to Nandigram in an attempt to break Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee resistance there; the Nandigram violence|resulting clash leaves 14 dead.

2007-The first World Maths Day -was celebrated

2008-A series of 2008 Tibetan unrest|riots, protests, and demonstrations -erupt in Lhasa and elsewhere in Tibet.

Famous Birthdays

1638- Johann Georg Gichtel -German mystic (d. 1710)

1681- Georg Philipp Telemann -German composer (d. 1767)

1790- Ludwig Emil Grimm -German painter and engraver (d. 1863)

1801- Kristjan Jaak Peterson -Estonian poet (d. 1822)

1804- Johann Strauss I -Austrian composer (d. 1849)

1807- Josephine of Leuchtenberg -(d. 1876)

1813- Joseph P. Bradley -American jurist (d. 1892)

1820- Victor Emmanuel II of Italy -(d. 1878)

1822- Teresa Cristina of the Two Sicilies -(d. 1889)

1823- Théodore de Banville -French poet (d. 1891)

1833- Lucy Hobbs Taylor -American dentist (d. 1910)

1835- Giovanni Schiaparelli -Italian astronomer and historian (d. 1910)

1837- Charles Ammi Cutter -American librarian (d. 1903)

1844- Umberto I of Italy -(d. 1900)

1844- Arthur O'Shaughnessy -English poet (d. 1881)

1853- Ferdinand Hodler -Swiss painter (d. 1918)

1854- Paul Ehrlich -German physician, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1915)

1854- John Lane (publisher)|John Lane -English publisher, co-founded The Bodley Head (d. 1925)

1854- Alexandru Macedonski -Romanian author and poet (d. 1920)

1854- Thomas R. Marshall -American politician, 28th Vice President of the United States of America (d. 1925)

1862- Vilhelm Bjerknes -Norwegian physicist and meteorologist (d. 1951)

1863- Casey Jones -American engineer (d. 1900)

1866- Alexey Troitsky -Russian composer and author (d. 1942)

1868- Emily Murphy -Canadian jurist, author, and activist (d. 1933)

1869- Algernon Blackwood -English author (d. 1951)

1874- Anton Philips -Dutch businessman, co-founded Philips|Philips Electronics (d. 1951)

1879- Albert Einstein -German-American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)

1880- Princess Thyra of Denmark (1880–1945)|Princess Thyra of Denmark -(d. 1945)

1882- Wacław Sierpiński -Polish mathematician (d. 1969)

1885- Raoul Lufbery -French-American pilot (d. 1918)

1886- Edward Dierkes -American soccer player (d. 1955)

1886- Firmin Lambot -Belgian cyclist (d. 1964)

1887- Sylvia Beach -American-French publisher, founded Shakespeare and Company (bookstore)|Shakespeare and Company (d. 1962)

1887- Charles Reisner -American actor and director (d. 1962)

1888- Marc-Aurèle Fortin -Canadian painter (d. 1970)

1894- Osa Johnson -American director and explorer (d. 1953)

1898- Arnold Chikobava -Georgian linguist (d. 1985)

1899- K. C. Irving -Canadian businessman, founded Irving Oil (d. 1992)

1899- Ada Kramm -Norwegian actress (d. 1981)

1903- Mustafa Barzani -Kurdish politician (d. 1979)

1903- Adolph Gottlieb -American painter (d. 1974)

1904- Doris Eaton Travis -American actress and dancer (d. 2010)

1905- Raymond Aron -French journalist, sociologist, and philosopher (d. 1983)

1908- Ed Heinemann -American engineer (d. 1991)

1908- C. X. Martyn -Sri Lankan politician

1908- Maurice Merleau-Ponty -French philosopher (d. 1961)

1908- Phil Vincent|Philip Conrad Vincent -English businessman, founded Vincent Motorcycles (d. 1979)

1911- Akira Yoshizawa -Japanese origamist (d. 2005)

1912- Cliff Bastin -English footballer (d. 1991)

1912- Les Brown (bandleader)|Les Brown -American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader (d. 2001)

1912- W. Graham Claytor, Jr. -American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician, 15th United States Secretary of the Navy (d. 1994)

1912- Charles Van Acker -Belgian race car driver (d. 1998)

1912- W. Willard Wirtz -American lawyer and politician, 10th United States Secretary of Labor (d. 2010)

1914- Lee Hays -American singer-songwriter (The Weavers) (d. 1981)

1914- Bill Owen (actor)|Bill Owen -English actor and songwriter (d. 1999)

1914- Lee Petty -American race car driver (d. 2000)

1915- Alexander Brott -Canadian violinist, composer, and conductor (d. 2005)

1916- Horton Foote -American author and screenwriter (d. 2009)

1917- Alan Smith (RAF officer)|Alan Smith -English lieutenant and pilot (d. 2013)

1918- Dennis Patrick -American actor (d. 2002)

1919- Max Shulman -American author (d. 1988)

1920- Hank Ketcham -American cartoonist (d. 2001)

1921- S. Truett Cathy -American businessman, founded Chick-fil-A (d. 2014)

1921- Ada Louise Huxtable -American author and critic (d. 2013)

1922- Les Baxter -American pianist and composer (d. 1996)

1922- China Zorrilla -Uruguayan actress (d. 2014)

1923- Diane Arbus -American photographer (d. 1971)

1924- Jacques Antoine -French game show producer, created ''The Crystal Maze'' and ''Fort Boyard (TV series)|Fort Boyard'' (d. 2012)

1925- William Clay Ford, Sr. -American businessman (d. 2014)

1925- Francis A. Marzen -American priest (d. 2004)

1925- Joseph A. Unanue -American sergeant and businessman (d. 2013)

1926- François Morel -Canadian pianist, composer, conductor, and educator

1926- Phil Phillips -American singer-songwriter

1927- Philippe Lemaire -French actor (d. 2004)

1928- Frank Borman -American colonel, pilot, and astronaut

1928- Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente -Spanish environmentalist (d. 1980)

1932- Naina Yeltsina -Russian wife of Boris Yeltsin, First Lady of Russia

1933- Michael Caine -English actor and author

1933- René Felber -Swiss politician

1933- Quincy Jones -American singer-songwriter, trumpet player, and producer

1934- Eugene Cernan -American captain, pilot, and astronaut

1934- Paul Rader -American 15th General of The Salvation Army

1936- Bob Charles (golfer)|Bob Charles -New Zealand golfer

1937- Peter van der Merwe (cricketer)|Peter van der Merwe -South African cricketer (d. 2013)

1938- Eleanor Bron -English actress

1939- Pilar Bardem -Spanish actress

1939- Raymond J. Barry -American actor

1939- Bertrand Blier -French director and screenwriter

1939- Yves Boisset -French director and screenwriter

1939- Stavros Xarchakos -Greek composer, conductor, and politician

1941- Wolfgang Petersen -German-American director, producer, and screenwriter

1942- Rita Tushingham -English actress

1943- Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner -American singer, guitarist, and producer (Ohio Players) (d. 2013)

1943- Anita Morris -American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 1994)

1944- Boris Brott -Canadian composer and conductor

1944- Mariza Koch -Greek singer and songwriter

1944- Václav Nedomanský -Czech ice hockey player and manager

1944- Bobby Smith (footballer born 1944)|Bobby Smith -English footballer and manager

1944- Tom Stannage -Australian historian and academic (d. 2012)

1945- Jasper Carrott -English comedian and actor

1945- Michael Martin Murphey -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1945- Walter Parazaider -American saxophonist (Chicago (band)|Chicago)

1945- Herman van Veen -Dutch singer-songwriter and actor

1945- Nicholas Wall (judge)|Nicholas Wall -English judge

1946- Steve Kanaly -American actor

1946- Wes Unseld -American basketball player, coach, and manager

1947- Pam Ayres -English comedian, actor, and poet

1947- Roy Budd -English pianist and composer (d. 1993)

1947- William J. Jefferson -American politician

1947- Jona Lewie -English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs and Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts)

1947- Peter Skellern -English singer-songwriter and pianist (Oasis (1980s group)|Oasis)

1948- Tom Coburn -American physician and politician

1948- Billy Crystal -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1948- Theo Jansen -Dutch sculptor

1949- Helle Meri -Estonian actress, 2nd First Lady of Estonia

1950- Rick Dees -American actor and radio host

1951- Jerry Greenfield -American businessman, co-founded Ben & Jerry's

1953- Nick Keir -Scottish singer-songwriter (The McCalmans) (d. 2013)

1954- Jann Browne -American singer (Asleep at the Wheel)

1954- Ian Diamond -English statistician and academic

1955- Helen Atkinson-Wood -English actress

1955- Jonathan Kaufer -American director and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1956- Colin Ayre -English footballer

1956- Johnny Dusbaba -Dutch footballer

1956- Toine Manders -Dutch politician

1956- Sean Mathias -Welsh actor, director, and screenwriter

1956- Tessa Sanderson -Jamaican-English javelin thrower and heptathlete

1956- Butch Wynegar -American baseball player and coach

1957- Steve Lake -American baseball player

1957- Jean van de Velde (director)|Jean van de Velde -Dutch director and screenwriter

1957- Tad Williams -American author

1958- Claire Clancy -English civil servant

1958- Francine Stock -English journalist and author

1959- Laila Robins -American actress

1959- Tamara Tunie -American actress, director, and producer

1959- Brian Whitfield -South African cricketer

1960- Kirby Puckett -American baseball player (d. 2006)

1961- Greg Anderson (dragster driver)|Greg Anderson -American race car driver

1961- Gary Dell'Abate -American actor and producer

1961- Penny Johnson Jerald -American actress

1961- Hiro Matsushita -Japanese race car driver

1961- Rey Washam -American drummer (Scratch Acid, The Didjits, Big Boys, and Rapeman)

1962- Narumi Tsunoda -Japanese voice actress

1963- Bruce Reid -Australian cricketer

1964- Dario Bisso -Italian conductor and composer

1965- Kevin Brown (right-handed pitcher)|Kevin Brown -American baseball player

1965- Aamir Khan -Indian actor, director, and producer

1965- Kiana Tom -American actress, television host, and author

1965- Billy Sherwood -American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Yes (band)|Yes, Conspiracy (band)|Conspiracy, Lodgic, and Yoso)

1965- John Stephenson (cricketer, born 1965)|John Stephenson -English cricketer

1965- Kevin Williamson (screenwriter)|Kevin Williamson -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Jonas Elmer -Danish actor, director, and screenwriter

1966- Elise Neal -American actress

1966- Gary Anthony Williams -American actor

1967- Melissa Reeves -American actress

1968- Megan Follows -Canadian actress

1968- James Frain -English actor

1968- Serena Rees -English businesswoman (Agent Provocateur (lingerie)|Agent Provocateur)

1969- Michael Bland -American drummer (The New Power Generation, Nick Jonas & the Administration, Dr. Mambo's Combo, and Soul Asylum)

1969- Des Coleman -English actor

1969- Larry Johnson (basketball, born 1969)|Larry Johnson -American basketball player

1970- Kristian Bush -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sugarland and Billy Pilgrim (band)|Billy Pilgrim)

1970- Ebru Kavaklıoğlu -Russian runner

1970- Meredith Salenger -American actress

1971- Charlie Elphicke -English lawyer and politician

1972- Irom Chanu Sharmila -Indian poet and activist

1974- Grace Park (actress)|Grace Park -American-Canadian actress

1974- Rohit Shetty -Indian actor, director, and cinematographer

1974- Patrick Traverse -Canadian ice hockey player

1975- Dorismar -Argentinian model, actress, and singer

1975- Rushanara Ali -Bangladeshi-English politician

1975- Steve Harper -English footballer

1975- Johan Paulik -Slovak porn actor

1975- Rico Yan -Filipino actor (d. 2002)

1976- Daniel Gillies -Canadian-New Zealand actor

1976- Merlin Santana -American actor (d. 2002)

1977- António -Portuguese footballer

1977- Vadims Fjodorovs -Latvian footballer and coach

1977- Aki Hoshino -Japanese model and author

1977- Naoki Matsuda -Japanese footballer (d. 2011)

1978- Pieter van den Hoogenband -Dutch swimmer

1979- Nicolas Anelka -French footballer

1979- Arsénio Sebastião Cabungula -Angolan footballer

1979- Chris Klein (actor)|Chris Klein -American actor

1979- Santino Marella -Canadian wrestler

1979- Sead Ramović -German-Bosnian footballer

1980- Aaron Brown (footballer born 1980)|Aaron Brown -English footballer

1980- Matteo Grassotto -Italian race car driver

1980- Ben Herring -New Zealand rugby player

1980- Mercedes McNab -Canadian model and actress

1981- Bobby Jenks -American baseball player

1981- Mei-Ting Sun -Chinese-American pianist

1981- George Wilson (safety)|George Wilson -American football player

1982- Kate Maberly -English actress and singer

1982- Carlos Marinelli -Argentinian footballer

1982- François Sterchele -Belgian footballer (d. 2008)

1983- Bakhtiyar Artayev -Kazakh boxer

1983- Taylor Hanson -American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Hanson (band)|Hanson and Tinted Windows (band)|Tinted Windows)

1983- Anas Sarwar -Scottish politician

1984- Aric Almirola -American race car driver

1984- Liesel Pritzker Simmons -American actress

1985- Idaira -Spanish singer

1985- Eva Angelina -American porn actress and model

1985- Brianna Love -American porn actress

1985- Ariel Rebel -Canadian porn actress and model

1986- Jamie Bell -English actor

1986- Elton Chigumbura -Zimbabwean cricketer

1986- Andy Taylor (footballer, born 1986)|Andy Taylor -English footballer

1987- Robert Clark (actor)|Robert Clark -American actor

1988- Stephen Curry (basketball)|Stephen Curry -American basketball player

1988- Rico Freimuth -German decathlete

1988- Sasha Grey -American porn actress and singer (ATelecine)

1989- Kevin Lacroix (racing driver)|Kevin Lacroix -Canadian race car driver

1989- Colby O'Donis -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1990- Joe Allen (footballer born 1990)|Joe Allen -Welsh footballer

1990- Peter Chambers -English rower

1990- Tamás Kádár -Hungarian footballer

1990- Triin Ojaste -Estonian skier

1990- Kolbeinn Sigþórsson -Icelandic footballer

1991- László Szűcs -Hungarian footballer

1991- Steven Zellner -German footballer

1992- Jasmine Murray -American singer

1993- Philipp Ziereis -German footballer

1994- Ansel Elgort -American actor

1997- Simone Biles -American gymnast

History of Deaths

313- Emperor Huai of Jin -(b. 284)

968- Matilda of Ringelheim -(b. 895)

1457- Jingtai Emperor -of China (b. 1428)

1471- Thomas Malory -English author (b. 1405)

1647- Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange -(b. 1584)

1648- Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron -English general and politician (b. 1584)

1680- René Le Bossu -French critic (b. 1631)

1682- Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael -Dutch painter (b. 1628)

1696- Jean Domat -French jurist (b. 1625)

1698- Claes Rålamb -Swedish politician (b. 1622)

1748- George Wade -Irish field marshal (b. 1673)

1757- John Byng -English admiral (b. 1704)

1765- Ayagawa Gorōji -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 2nd Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (b. 1703)

1791- Johann Salomo Semler -German historian and critic (b. 1725)

1803- Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock -German poet (b. 1724)

1805- Stanisław Szczęsny Potocki -Polish-Lithuanian general (b. 1753)

1811- Augustus FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1735)

1823- Charles François Dumouriez -French general (b. 1739)

1823- John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent -English admiral (b. 1735)

1860- Carl Ritter von Ghega -Italian engineer, designed the Semmering railway (b. 1802)

1883- Karl Marx -German philosopher and theorist (b. 1818)

1884- Quintino Sella -Italian financier and politician (b. 1827)

1921- Larry McLean -Canadian-American baseball player (b. 1881)

1932- George Eastman -American inventor and businessman, founded Eastman Kodak (b. 1854)

1933- Balto -American sled dog (b. 1919)

1942- René Bull -Irish illustrator (b. 1872)

1946- Werner von Blomberg -German field marshal (b. 1878)

1949- John Callan O'Laughlin -American journalist and politician (b. 1873)

1957- Evagoras Pallikarides -Cypriot activist (b. 1938)

1960- Oliver Kirk -American boxer (b. 1884)

1965- Marion Jones Farquhar -American tennis player (b. 1879)

1969- Clement Deykin -English rugby player (b. 1877)

1973- Howard H. Aiken -American computer scientist (b. 1900)

1973- Rafael Godoy -Colombian composer (b. 1907)

1973- Chic Young -American cartoonist (b. 1901)

1974- Günther Reindorff -Estonian graphic designer (b. 1899)

1975- Susan Hayward -American actress (b. 1917)

1976- Busby Berkeley -American director and choreographer (b. 1895)

1977- Fannie Lou Hamer -American activist (b. 1917)

1980- Mohammad Hatta -Indonesian politician, 1st Vice President of Indonesia (b. 1902)

1980- Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente -Spanish environmentalist (b. 1928)

1983- Maurice Ronet -French actor and director (b. 1927)

1984- Hovhannes Shiraz -Armenian poet (b. 1915)

1989- Edward Abbey -American author and activist (b. 1927)

1989- Happy Humphrey -American wrestler (b. 1926)

1991- Howard Ashman -American playwright and composer (b. 1950)

1991- Doc Pomus -American singer-songwriter (b. 1925)

1991- Margery Sharp -English author (b. 1905)

1992- Jean Poiret -French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1926)

1995- William Alfred Fowler -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1911)

1997- Fred Zinnemann -Austrian-American director and producer (b. 1907)

1999- Kirk Alyn -American actor (b. 1910)

1999- John Broome (writer)|John Broome -American author (b. 1913)

2000- C. Jérôme -French singer (b. 1946)

2002- Cherry Wilder -New Zealand author (b. 1930)

2003- Jack Goldstein -Canadian-American painter (b. 1945)

2003- Jean-Luc Lagardère -French engineer and businessman (b. 1928)

2006- Ann Calvello -American roller derby racer (b. 1929)

2006- Lennart Meri -Estonian director and politician, 2nd President of Estonia (b. 1929)

2007- Lucie Aubrac -French educator and activist (b. 1912)

2007- Gareth Hunt -English actor (b. 1943)

2008- Chiara Lubich -Italian activist, co-founded the Focolare Movement (b. 1920)

2009- Alain Bashung -French singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1947)

2009- Altovise Davis -American actress and dancer (b. 1943)

2010- Peter Graves -American actor (b. 1926)

2010- Janet Simpson -English sprinter (b. 1944)

2012- Ray Barlow -English footballer (b. 1926)

2012- Matthew G. Carter -American pastor and politician, Mayor of Montclair, New Jersey|Mayor of Montclair (b. 1913)

2012- Josie DeCarlo -French-American model (b. 1930)

2012- Eddie King (musician)|Eddie King -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1938)

2012- Pierre Schoendoerffer -French director and screenwriter (b. 1928)

2012- Ċensu Tabone -Maltese politician, 4th President of Malta (b. 1913)

2013- Walt Buck -Canadian dentist and politician (b. 1930)

2013- Norman Collier -English comedian and actor (b. 1925)

2013- Jack Greene -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1930)

2013- Scott Kennedy -American comedian (b. 1965)

2013- Harry Coleman McGehee, Jr. -American bishop (b. 1923)

2013- Paul Rose (political figure)|Paul Rose -Canadian murderer (b. 1943)

2013- Aramais Sahakyan -Armenian poet and author (b. 1936)

2013- Ieng Sary -Vietnamese-Cambodian politician, co-founded the Khmer Rouge (b. 1925)

2013- Harry Thomson (footballer)|Harry Thomson -Scottish footballer (b. 1940)

2014- Tony Benn -English pilot and politician, Postmaster General of the United Kingdom (b. 1925)

2014- Gary Burger -American singer and guitarist (The Monks) (b. 1942)

2014- Hans Fogh -Danish-Canadian sailor (b. 1938)

2014- Meir Har-Zion -Israeli commander (b. 1934)

2014- Sam Lacey -American basketball player (b. 1948)

2014- Sam Peffer -English illustrator (b. 1921)

2014- Ken Utsui -Japanese actor (b. 1931)

2014- Wesley Warren, Jr. -American Lymphatic filariasis|elephantiasis victim (b. 1963)