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Day History: March-10

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Events History

241 BC- First Punic War -Battle of the Aegates Islands

298-Roman Emperor Maximian -concludes his campaign in Africa (Roman province)|North Africa against the Berber people|Berbers, and makes a triumphal entry into Carthage.

1607- Susenyos I -defeats the combined armies of Yaqob and Abuna Petros II at the Battle of Gol in Gojjam, making him Emperor of Ethiopia.

1629- Charles I of England -dissolves Parliament of England|Parliament, beginning the eleven-year period known as the Personal Rule.

1735-An agreement between Nadir Shah -and Russia is signed near Ganja, Azerbaijan and Russian troops are withdrawn from Baku.

1762-French Huguenot -Jean Calas, who had been wrongly convicted of killing his son, dies after being tortured by authorities; the event inspired Voltaire to begin a campaign for religious tolerance and legal reform.

1804- Louisiana Purchase -In St. Louis, Missouri, a formal ceremony is conducted to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States.

1814- Napoleon I of France -is defeated at the Battle of Laon in France.

1816- Crossing of the Andes -A group of royalist scouts is captured during the Action of Juncalito.

1830-The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army -is created.

1831-The French Foreign Legion -is established by King Louis Philippe I|Louis Philippe to support his French Algeria|war in Algeria.

1848-The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo -is ratified by the United States Senate, ending the Mexican–American War.

1861- El Hadj Umar Tall -seizes the city of Ségou, destroying the Bambara Empire of Mali.

1876- Alexander Graham Bell -makes the first successful telephone call by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."

1891- Almon Strowger -an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the Strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.

1906-The Courrières mine disaster -Europe's worst ever, kills 1099 miners in Northern France.

1909-By signing the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 -Thailand relinquishes its sovereignty over the Malay states of Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu, which become British protectorates.

1917-Some Provinces of the Philippines|provinces -and Cities of the Philippines|cities in the Philippines were incorporated due to the ratification of Act No. 2711 or the Administrative Code of the Philippines.

1922- Mahatma Gandhi -is arrested in India, tried for sedition, and sentenced to six years in prison, only to be released after nearly two years for an appendicitis operation.

1933-An 1933 Long Beach earthquake|earthquake -in Long Beach, California kills 115 people and causes an estimated $40 million in damage.

1944- Greek Civil War -The Political Committee of National Liberation is established in Greece by the National Liberation Front (Greece)|National Liberation Front.

1945-The United States Army Air Forces|U.S. Army Air Force -Bombing of Tokyo in World War II|firebombs Tokyo, and the resulting conflagration kills more than 100,000 people, mostly civilians.

1952- Fulgencio Batista -leads a successful coup in Cuba and appoints himself as the "provisional president".

1959- 1959 Tibetan uprising|Tibetan uprising -Fearing an abduction attempt by China, 300,000 Tibetan people|Tibetans surround the Dalai Lama's palace to prevent his removal.

1966-Military Prime Minister of South Vietnam -Nguyễn Cao Kỳ sacked rival General Nguyễn Chánh Thi, precipitating Buddhist Uprising|large-scale civil and military dissension in parts of the nation.

1968- Vietnam War -Battle of Lima Site 85, concluding the 11th with largest single ground combat loss of United States Air Force members (12) during that war.

1969-In Memphis, Tennessee -James Earl Ray pleads guilty to assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. He later unsuccessfully attempts to retract his plea.

1970-Vietnam War: Captain Ernest Medina -is charged by the U.S. military with My Lai war crimes.

1975-Vietnam War: 1975 Spring Offensive|Ho Chi Minh Campaign -- North Vietnamese troops Battle of Ban Me Thuot|attack Ban Mê Thuột, South Vietnam, on their way to capturing Saigon on the final push for victory over South Vietnam.

1977- Rings of Uranus -Astronomers discover planetary rings|rings around Uranus.

1980- Madeira School -headmistress Jean Harris shoots and kills Scarsdale diet doctor Herman Tarnower

1980-Formation of the Irish Army Ranger Wing -

1990-In Haiti -Prosper Avril is ousted 18 months after seizing power in a coup.

2000-The Nasdaq Composite -stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com bubble|dot-com boom.

2005- Tung Chee-hwa -resigns from his post as the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong after widespread public dissatisfaction of his tenure.

2006-The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter -arrives at Mars.

Famous Birthdays

1415- Vasily II of Moscow -(d. 1462)

1452- Ferdinand II of Aragon -(d. 1516)

1503- Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1564)

1536- Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk -English politician (d. 1572)

1628- Marcello Malpighi -Italian physician and biologist (d. 1694)

1709- Georg Wilhelm Steller -German botanist, zoologist, physician, and explorer (d. 1746)

1745- John Gunby -American soldier (d. 1807)

1749- Lorenzo Da Ponte -Italian poet and librettist of Mozart operas (d. 1838)

1769- Joseph Williamson (philanthropist)|Joseph Williamson -English businessman and philanthropist (d. 1840)

1772- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel -German poet and critic (d. 1829)

1776- Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz -(d. 1810)

1787- Francisco de Paula Martínez de la Rosa y Berdejo -Spanish politician, Prime Minister of Spain (d. 1862)

1787- William Etty -English painter (d. 1849)

1788- Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff -German author and poet (d. 1857)

1810- Samuel Ferguson -Irish poet (d. 1886)

1839- Dudley Buck -American organist and composer (d. 1909)

1844- Pablo de Sarasate -Spanish violinist and composer (d. 1908)

1845- Alexander III of Russia -(d. 1894)

1846- Edward Baker Lincoln -American son of Abraham Lincoln (d. 1850)

1847- Kate Sheppard -English-New Zealand activist (d. 1934)

1848- William Thompson (archer)|William Thompson -American archer (d. 1918)

1850- Spencer Gore (sportsman)|Spencer Gore -English tennis player and cricketer (d. 1906)

1852- Léon Moreaux -French target shooter (d. 1921)

1867- Hector Guimard -French-American architect, designed the La Bluette (d. 1942)

1875- Alexander Goldenweiser (composer)|Alexander Goldenweiser -Russian pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1961)

1876- Ernst Tandefelt -Finnish assassin of Heikki Ritavuori (d. 1948)

1877- Émile Sarrade -French rugby player (d. 1953)

1881- Thomas Quinlan (impresario)|Thomas Quinlan -English businessman (d. 1951)

1888- Baldwin Cooke -American actor d. 1953

1888- Barry Fitzgerald -Irish actor (d. 1961)

1889- Toshitsugu Takamatsu -Japanese martial artist (d. 1972)

1891- Sam Jaffe -American actor and engineer (d. 1984)

1892- Arthur Honegger -French-Swiss composer (d. 1955)

1892- Gregory La Cava -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1952)

1897- Robert Meier -German soldier (d. 2007)

1900- Pandelis Pouliopoulos -Greek politician (d. 1943)

1903- Bix Beiderbecke -American pianist and composer (d. 1931)

1905- Betty Amann -German-American actress (d. 1990)

1905- Richard Haydn -English-American actor (d. 1985)

1906- Lionel Bertrand -Canadian journalist and politician (d. 1979)

1908- Kristjan Palusalu -Estonian wrestler (d. 1987)

1911- Warner Anderson -American actor (d. 1976)

1914- K. P. Ratnam -Sri Lankan academic and politician (d. 2010)

1915- Harry Bertoia -Italian-American sculptor (d. 1978)

1915- Charles Groves -English conductor (d. 1992)

1916- Davie Fulton -Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 2000)

1917- C. Balasingham -Sri Lankan lawyer and civil servant (d. 2001)

1917- Frank Perconte -American soldier (d. 2013)

1918- Günther Rall -German general and pilot (d. 2009)

1919- Marion Hutton -American singer and actress (d. 1987)

1920- Alfred Peet -Dutch-American businessman, founded Peet's Coffee & Tea (d. 2007)

1920- Boris Vian -French author and playwright (d. 1959)

1923- Manoranjan Das -Indian playwright (d. 2013)

1923- Val Logsdon Fitch -American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1925- Manolis Anagnostakis -Greek poet and critic (d. 2005)

1925- Jean-Guy Cardinal -Canadian politician (d. 1979)

1926- Jimmy Payne -English footballer (d. 2013)

1927- Claude Laydu -Belgian-French actor (d. 2011)

1928- Sara Montiel -Spanish actress and singer (d. 2013)

1928- James Earl Ray -American assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. (d. 1998)

1929- Huey P. Meaux -American record producer, founded Tear Drop Records and Capri Records (d. 2011)

1929- Sam Steiger -American journalist and politician (d. 2012)

1931- Georges Dor -Canadian author, playwright, and composer (d. 2001)

1932- Marcia Falkender, Baroness Falkender -English politician

1932- Udupi Ramachandra Rao -Indian physicist and engineer

1933- Ralph Emery -American television host

1933- Elizabeth Azcona Cranwell -Argentine poet and translator

1934- Fou Ts'ong -Chinese-English pianist

1935- Graham Farmer -Australian footballer and coach

1936- Sepp Blatter -Swiss businessman

1936- Alfredo Zitarrosa -Uruguayan singer-songwriter and journalist (d. 1989)

1937- Joe Viterelli -American actor (d. 2004)

1938- Norman Blake (American musician)|Norman Blake -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939- Asghar Ali Engineer -Indian activist and author (d. 2013)

1939- Hugh Johnson (wine writer)|Hugh Johnson -English author and critic

1940- Chuck Norris -American actor and martial artist

1940- David Rabe -American playwright and screenwriter

1940- Dean Torrence -American singer-songwriter (Jan & Dean)

1945- Katharine Houghton -American actress

1945- Birgitta Sellén -Swedish politician

1945- Madhavrao Scindia -Indian politician (d. 2001)

1946- Hiroshi Fushida -Japanese race car driver

1946- Mike Hollands -Australian animator and director, founded Act3animation

1946- Jim Valvano -American basketball player and coach (d. 1993)

1947- Kim Campbell -Canadian lawyer and politician, 19th Prime Minister of Canada

1947- Paul Condon, Baron Condon -English police officer

1947- Bob Greene -American journalist

1947- Andrew Parrott -English conductor

1947- Tom Scholz -American guitarist and songwriter (Boston (band)|Boston)

1948- Austin Carr -American basketball player

1948- Richard Park (broadcaster)|Richard Park -Scottish broadcaster

1949- Bill Buxton -Canadian computer scientist

1949- Barbara Corcoran -American businesswoman

1950- Hafiz Muhammad Saeed -Pakistani terrorist

1950- Aloma Wright -American actress

1951- Gloria Diaz -Filipino model and actress, Miss Universe 1969

1952- Johanna Lindsey -American author

1952- Mike O'Donnell -English composer

1952- Morgan Tsvangirai -Zimbabwean politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

1953- Jacqueline Gareau -Canadian runner

1953- Paul Haggis -Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter

1954- Didier Barbelivien -French singer-songwriter

1955- Yousra -Egyptian actress and singer

1955- Gary Louris -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Jayhawks and Golden Smog)

1955- Toshio Suzuki (driver)|Toshio Suzuki -Japanese race car driver

1956- Mitchell Lichtenstein -American actor, director, and producer

1956- Robert Llewellyn -English actor and author

1957- Osama bin Laden -Saudi Arabian terrorist, founded al-Qaeda (d. 2011)

1957- Hilary Devey -English businesswoman and philanthropist

1957- Terry Holmes -Welsh rugby player

1957- Matt Knudsen -American actor

1957- Shannon Tweed -Canadian-American model and actress

1957- Jim White (musician)|Jim White -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1958- Jeanie Bryson -American singer

1958- Garth Crooks -English footballer and sportscaster

1958- Steve Howe (baseball player)|Steve Howe -American baseball player (d. 2006)

1958- Sharon Stone -American actress and producer

1960- Lance Burton -American magician

1960- Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen -German-American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Nena (band)|Nena)

1960- Gail Greenwood -American bass player (Belly (band)|Belly and L7 (band)|L7)

1960- Anne MacKenzie (journalist)|Anne MacKenzie -Scottish journalist

1961- Laurel Clark -American captain, physician, and astronaut (d. 2003)

1961- Mitch Gaylord -American gymnast

1961- Pam Oliver -American sportscaster

1961- Bobby Petrino -American football player and coach

1962- Jasmine Guy -American actress, singer, and director

1962- Seiko Matsuda -Japanese singer-songwriter and actress

1963- Jeff Ament -American bass player and songwriter (Pearl Jam, Green River (band)|Green River, and Mother Love Bone)

1963- Felipe Ramos -Mexican footballer and referee

1963- Rick Rubin -American record producer, founded Def Jam Recordings

1964- Neneh Cherry -Swedish singer-songwriter

1964- David Faber (CNBC)|David Faber -American journalist

1964- Nikola Mladenov -Macedonian journalist (d. 2013)

1965- Valdemaras Martinkėnas -Lithuanian footballer and manager (d. 2004)

1965- Rod Woodson -American football player

1966- Edie Brickell -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Heavy Circles and Edie Brickell & New Bohemians)

1966- Stephen Mailer -American actor

1966- Gráinne Mulvey -Irish Composer

1966- Mike Timlin -American baseball player

1966- Andres Võsand -Estonian tennis player

1966- Phil X -Canadian guitarist (Triumph (band)|Triumph)

1967- Daichi Suzuki -Japanese swimmer

1967- Omer Tarin -Pakistani-English poet and scholar

1968- Felice Arena -Australian author

1968- Thio Li-ann -Singaporean lawyer and educator

1969- Paget Brewster -American actress

1969- Walter Schreifels -American singer-songwriter and producer (Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools (band)|Rival Schools and Youth of Today)

1970- Matt Barlow -American singer-songwriter (Iced Earth and Pyramaze)

1970- Michel van der Aa -Dutch composer

1971- Steve Arnold (racing driver)|Steve Arnold -English race car driver

1971- Jon Hamm -American actor and director

1971- Daryle Singletary -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1972- Timbaland -American rapper and producer

1972- Takashi Fujii -Japanese comedian and singer

1972- Matt Kenseth -American race car driver

1972- Paraskevi Tsiamita -Greek jumper

1973- Eva Herzigová -Czech model and actress

1973- John LeCompt -American guitarist (Evanescence, We Are the Fallen, Machina (band)|Machina, and Mourningside)

1973- Chris Sutton -English footballer

1973- Dan Swanö -Swedish guitarist (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Ribspreader, and Nightingale (band)|Nightingale)

1973- Mauricio Taricco -Argentinian footballer

1974- Cristián de la Fuente -Chilean-American model and actor

1974- Biz Stone -American businessman, co-founded Twitter

1975- Lyne Bessette -Canadian cyclist

1975- Jamie Arnold (basketball)|Jamie Arnold -American-Israeli basketball player

1976- Kisaki -Japanese bass player, songwriter, and producer (Dir en grey, Phantasmagoria (band)|Phantasmagoria, and Anti Feminism)

1976- Barbara Schett -Austrian tennis player

1977- Jeff Branson -American actor

1977- Peter Enckelman -Finnish footballer

1977- Shannon Miller -American gymnast

1977- Colin Murray -Irish radio and television host

1977- Rita Simons -English actress and singer

1977- Robin Thicke -American-Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actor

1977- Bree Turner -American actress

1978- Camille (singer)|Camille -French singer-songwriter and actress

1978- Neil Alexander -Scottish footballer

1978- Benjamin Burnley -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Breaking Benjamin)

1979- Edi Gathegi -Kenyan-American actor

1979- Danny Pudi -American actor

1981- Samuel Eto'o -Cameroonian footballer

1981- Efthimios Kouloucheris -Greek footballer

1981- Ángel López -Spanish footballer

1981- Steven Reid -Irish footballer

1981- Gabriela Voleková -Slovak tennis player

1982- Kwame Brown -American basketball player

1982- Keke Wyatt -American singer and actress

1983- Che'Nelle -Malaysian-Australian singer-songwriter

1983- Étienne Boulay -Canadian football player

1983- Aimee Walker Pond -American gymnast

1983- Rafe Spall -English actor

1983- Carrie Underwood -American singer-songwriter and actress

1983- Reena Virk -Canadian murder victim (d. 1997)

1984- Nikos Arabatzis -Greek footballer

1984- Ben May -English footballer

1984- Olivia Wilde -American actress and producer

1985- Lassana Diarra -French footballer

1985- Casey Dienel -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1986- JC de Vera -Filipino actor

1987- Martellus Bennett -American football player

1987- Sita Chan -Hong Kong singer and actress (d. 2013)

1987- Tuukka Rask -Finnish ice hockey player

1987- Emeli Sandé -English-Scottish singer-songwriter

1987- Liu Shishi -Chinese actress

1988- Christian Beck (footballer)|Christian Beck -German footballer

1988- Michael Dunlop -Irish motorcycle racer

1988- Ivan Rakitić -Croatian footballer

1989- Iván Piris -Paraguayan footballer

1990- Mihkel Võrang -Estonian ice hockey player

1991- Bahaa Al Farra -Palestinian runner

1992- Neeskens Kebano -French footballer

1992- Emily Osment -American actress and singer

1993- Jack Butland -English footballer

1993- Jeffrey Scaperrotta -American actor

1993- Nooa Takooa -Kiribati sprinter

1993- Alfred Duncan -Ghanaian footballer

1994- JoJo Offerman -American wrestler and singer

1995- Sergey Mozgov -Russian ice dancer

1997- Julia Barretto -Filipino actress and singer

1997- Belinda Bencic -Swiss tennis player

History of Deaths

1315- Agnes Blannbekin -Austrian mystic and saint (b. 1244)

1391- Tvrtko I of Bosnia -(b. 1338)

1510- Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg -Swiss priest (b. 1445)

1513- John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford -English commander and politician, Lord High Constable of England (b. 1443)

1584- Thomas Norton -English lawyer and politician (b. 1532)

1585- Rembert Dodoens -Flemish physician and botanist (b. 1517)

1588- Theodor Zwinger -Swiss physician and scholar (b. 1533)

1669- John Denham (poet)|John Denham -English poet (b. 1615)

1670- Johann Rudolf Glauber -German chemist (b. 1604)

1724- Urban Hjärne -Swedish chemist, geologist, and physician (b. 1641)

1776- Élie Catherine Fréron -French critic (b. 1719)

1776- Niclas Sahlgren -Swedish merchant and philanthropist (b. 1701)

1792- John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute -Scottish politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1713)

1823- George Elphinstone, 1st Viscount Keith -Scottish admiral (d. 1746)

1832- Muzio Clementi -Italian pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1752)

1861- Taras Shevchenko -Ukrainian poet (b. 1814)

1864- Joseph Alfred Slade|Jack Slade -American stage coach (b. 1831)

1872- Giuseppe Mazzini -Italian journalist and politician (b. 1805)

1898- Marie-Eugénie de Jésus -French nun and saint, founded the Religious of the Assumption (b. 1817)

1895- Charles Frederick Worth -English-French fashion designer (b. 1826)

1897- Savitribai Phule -Indian poet and activist (b. 1831)

1910- Karl Lueger -Austrian politician List of mayors of Vienna|Mayor of Vienna (b. 1844)

1910- Carl Reinecke -German pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1824)

1913- Harriet Tubman -American nurse and activist (b. 1820)

1925- Myer Prinstein -Polish-American jumper (b. 1878)

1937- Yevgeny Zamyatin -Russian author (b. 1884)

1940- Mikhail Bulgakov -Russian author and playwright (b. 1891)

1942- William Henry Bragg -English physicist, chemist, mathematician, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1862)

1948- Zelda Fitzgerald -American author (b. 1900)

1948- Jan Masaryk -Czech politician (b. 1886)

1949- James Rector -American runner (b. 1884)

1950- Marguerite De La Motte -American actress (b. 1902)

1951- Kijūrō Shidehara -Japanese politician, 44th Prime Minister of Japan (b. 1872)

1961- Richard Indreko -Estonian historian and archeologist (b. 1900)

1966- Frits Zernike -Dutch physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1888)

1967- Yiorgos Batis -Greek bouzouki player and composer (b. 1885)

1969- Louis Menges -American soccer player (b. 1888)

1970- Vasilis Avlonitis -Greek actor (b. 1904)

1973- Bull Connor -American politician (b. 1897)

1976- August Pikker -Estonian wrestler (b. 1889)

1977- E. Power Biggs -English-American organist (b. 1906)

1982- Minoru Shirota -Japanese physician and microbiologist, invented Yakult (b. 1899)

1984- June Marlowe -American actress (b. 1903)

1985- Konstantin Chernenko -Russian politician (b. 1911)

1985- Bob Nieman -American baseball player (b. 1927)

1986- Ray Milland -Welsh actor and director (b. 1905)

1988- Andy Gibb -English-Australian singer and actor (b. 1958)

1989- Kermit Beahan -American colonel and pilot (b. 1918)

1990- Otto Schuhart -German captain (b. 1901)

1992- Giorgos Zampetas -Greek bouzouki player and composer (b. 1925)

1993- Dino Bravo -Italian-Canadian wrestler (b. 1949)

1994- Abdelkader Alloula -Algerian playwright (b. 1929)

1996- Ross Hunter -American actor and producer (b. 1920)

1997- LaVern Baker -American singer and actress (b. 1929)

1998- Lloyd Bridges -American actor (b. 1913)

1999- Oswaldo Guayasamín -Ecuadorian painter and sculptor (b. 1919)

1999- Valentino Mazzia -American anesthesiologist (b. 1922)

2001- Christie Jayaratnam Eliezer -Sri Lanka-Australian mathematician and academic (b. 1918)

2001- Nicholas Georgiadis -Greek painter and costume designer (b. 1923)

2001- Massimo Morsello -Italian singer-songwriter (b. 1958)

2001- Mati Nuude -Estonian weightlifter and singer (Apelsin) (b. 1941)

2003- Barry Sheene -English motorcycle racer (b. 1950)

2004- Renos Apostolidis -Greek philologist, author, and critic (b. 1924)

2004- Dave Schulthise -American bass player (The Dead Milkmen) (b. 1956)

2005- Dave Allen (comedian)|Dave Allen -Irish comedian and actor (b. 1936)

2005- Danny Joe Brown -American singer-songwriter (Molly Hatchet and The Danny Joe Brown Band) (b. 1951)

2006- Anna Moffo -American soprano and actress (b. 1932)

2007- Richard Jeni -American comedian and actor (b. 1957)

2007- Ernie Ladd -American football player and wrestler (b. 1938)

2008- Richard Biegenwald -American serial killer (b. 1940)

2008- Vangelis Kazan -Greek actor (b. 1936)

2010- Corey Haim -Canadian-American actor (b. 1971)

2010- Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy -Egyptian scholar (b. 1928)

2011- Bill Blackbeard -American author and illustrator (b. 1926)

2012- Bert R. Bulkin -American engineer (b. 1929)

2012- Jean Giraud -French author and illustrator (b. 1938)

2012- Mykola Plaviuk -Ukrainian politician, List of leaders of Ukraine|President Ukrainian People's Republic in Exile (b. 1925)

2012- Domna Samiou -Greek singer and musicologist (b. 1928)

2012- Frank Sherwood Rowland -American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1927)

2012- Tan Boon Teik -Singaporean politician, Attorney-General of Singapore (b. 1929)

2012- Jack Watson (cricketer)|Jack Watson -English cricketer and coach (b. 1921)

2012- Nik Zoricic -Canadian skier (b. 1983)

2013- Edelmiro Amante -Filipino politician (b. 1933)

2013- Jim Anderson (ice hockey)|Jim Anderson -Canadian ice hockey player and coach (b. 1930)

2013- Brian Archer -Australian politician (b. 1929)

2013- Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland -(b. 1915)

2013- Tony Mansfield (hurler)|Tony Mansfield -Irish hurler and manager (b. 1939)

2013- Ian Munro Ross -English-American engineer (b. 1927)

2013- Metin Serezli -Turkish actor (b. 1934)

2013- Masao Yamaguchi -Japanese anthropologist (b. 1931)

2014- Roldan Aquino -Filipino actor and director (b. 1948)

2014- Richard De Vere -English magician (b. 1967)

2014- Samuel W. Lewis -American diplomat, United States Ambassador to Israel (b. 1930)

2014- Cynthia Lynn -Latvian-American actress (b. 1937)

2014- Joe McGinniss -American journalist and author (b. 1942)

2014- Matthew Power -American journalist (b. 1974)

2014- Rob Williams (basketball)|Rob Williams -American basketball player (b. 1961)