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Events History

68-The Roman Senate -proclaims Galba as emperor.

218- Battle of Antioch (218)|Battle of Antioch -with the support of the Syrian Roman legion|legions, Elagabalus defeats the forces of emperor Macrinus. He flees, but is captured near Chalcedon and later executed in Cappadocia.

632- Muhammad -Islamic prophet, dies in Medina and is succeeded by Abu Bakr who becomes the first caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate.

793- Vikings -raid the abbey at Lindisfarne in Northumbria, commonly accepted as the beginning of the Scandinavian invasion of England.

1042- Edward the Confessor -becomes King of England, one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England.

1191- Richard I -arrives in Acre, Israel|Acre (Palestine) thus beginning his crusade.

1405- Richard le Scrope -the Archbishop of York, and Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk|Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk, are executed in York on Henry IV of England|Henry IV's orders.

1690-Yadi Sakat, a Siddi general, razes the Mazagon Fort -in Mumbai.

1776- American Revolutionary War -Battle of Trois-Rivières

1783- Laki -a volcano in Iceland, begins an eight-month eruption which kills over 9,000 people and starts a seven-year famine.

1789- James Madison -introduces twelve proposed List of amendments to the United States Constitution|amendments to the United States Constitution in the United States House of Representatives|House of Representatives; by 1791, ten of them are Ratification|ratified by the State legislature (United States)|state legislatures and become the United States Bill of Rights|Bill of Rights; another is eventually ratified in 1992 to become the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution|27th Amendment.

1794- Maximilien Robespierre|Robespierre -inaugurates the French Revolution's new state religion, the Cult of the Supreme Being, with large organized festivals all across France.

1856-A group of 194 Pitcairn Islands|Pitcairn Islanders -descendants of the mutineers of {{HMS|Bounty}}, arrives at Norfolk Island, commencing the Third Settlement of the Island.

1861- American Civil War -Tennessee secedes from the Union (American Civil War)|Union.

1887- Herman Hollerith -applies for US patent #395,791 for the 'Art of Applying Statistics' – his punched card calculator.

1906- Theodore Roosevelt -signs the Antiquities Act into law, authorizing the President of the United States|President to restrict the use of certain parcels of public land with historical or conservation value.

1912- Carl Laemmle -incorporates Universal Studios|Universal Pictures.

1928- Second Northern Expedition -The National Revolutionary Army captures Peking, whose name is changed to Beijing ("Northern Capital").

1929- Margaret Bondfield -is appointed Secretary of State for Employment|Minister of Labour. She is the first woman appointed to the Cabinet of the United Kingdom.

1940- World War II -the completion of Operation Alphabet, the evacuation of Allied forces from Narvik at the end of the Norwegian Campaign.

1941- World War II -Allies of World War II|Allies Syria-Lebanon Campaign|invade Syria and Lebanon.

1942-World War II: The Japan -se imperial submarines Japanese submarine I-21|I-21 and I-24 shell the Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales|Newcastle.

1948- Milton Berle -hosts the debut of ''Texaco Star Theater.''

1949-The celebrities Helen Keller -Dorothy Parker, Danny Kaye, Fredric March, John Garfield, Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson are named in an Federal Bureau of Investigation|FBI report as Communist Party members.

1949- George Orwell -s ''Nineteen Eighty-Four'' is published.

1950- Sir -Thomas Blamey becomes the only Australian-born Field Marshal in Australian history.

1953- 1953 Flint–Beecher tornado|An F5 tornado -hits Beecher, Michigan, killing 116, injuring 844, and destroying 340 homes.

1953-The Supreme Court of the United States|United States Supreme Court -rules that restaurants in Washington, D.C., cannot refuse to serve black patrons.

1959-The {{USS|Barbero|SS-317|6}} and United States Postal Service -attempt the delivery of mail via Missile Mail.

1966-An F-104 Starfighter -collides with XB-70 Valkyrie prototype no. 2, destroying both planes during a photo shoot near Edwards Air Force Base. Joseph A. Walker, a NASA pilot, and Carl Cross, a United States Air Force test pilot, are both killed.

1966- Topeka, Kansas -is devastated by a tornado that registers as an "F5" on the Fujita Scale: the first to exceed US$100 million in damages. Sixteen people are killed, hundreds more injured, and thousands of homes damaged or destroyed.

1967- Six-Day War -The USS Liberty incident|USS ''Liberty'' incident occurs, killing 34 and wounding 171.

1967-Six-Day War: The Israeli army enters Hebron -and the Cave of the Patriarchs.

1968- Robert F. Kennedy -s funeral takes place at the Basilica of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City.

1972- Vietnam War -The Associated Press photographer Nick Ut takes his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a naked 9-year-old Phan Thị Kim Phúc running down a road after being burned by napalm.

1982- Bluff Cove Air Attacks -during the Falklands War: 56 British servicemen are killed by an Argentine air attack on two landing ships, RFA Sir Galahad|RFA ''Sir Galahad'' and RFA Sir Tristram|RFA ''Sir Tristram''.

1984- Homosexuality -is declared legal in the States and territories of Australia|Australian state of New South Wales.

1987- New Zealand -s New Zealand Labour Party|Labour government establishes a New Zealand's nuclear-free zone|national nuclear-free zone under the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987.

1992-The first World Ocean Day -is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1995-The downed U.S. Air Force -pilot Captain (United States)|Captain Scott O'Grady is rescued by U.S. Marines in Bosnia and Herzegovina|Bosnia.

2004-The first Transit of Venus, 2004|Venus Transit -in modern history takes place, the previous one being in 1882.

2007- Newcastle, New South Wales -Australia, is hit by the State's worst storms and flooding in 30 years resulting in the death of nine people and the grounding of a trade ship, the {{MV|Pasha Bulker}}.

2009-Two American journalist -are 2009 imprisonment of American journalists by North Korea|found guilty of illegally entering North Korea and sentenced to 12 years of penal labour.

2013-The Wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill -takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Famous Birthdays

862- Emperor Xizong of Tang -(d. 888)

1552- Gabriello Chiabrera -Italian poet (d. 1638)

1625- Giovanni Domenico Cassini -Italian-French mathematician and astronomer (d. 1712)

1671- Tomaso Albinoni -Italian composer (d. 1751)

1717- John Collins (Continental Congress)|John Collins -American politician, 3rd Governor of Rhode Island (d. 1795)

1724- John Smeaton -English engineer, designed the Coldstream Bridge and Perth Bridge (d. 1794)

1745- Caspar Wessel -Norwegian-Danish mathematician and cartographer (d. 1818)

1757- Ercole Consalvi -Italian cardinal (d. 1824)

1810- Robert Schumann -German composer and critic (d. 1856)

1829- John Everett Millais -English painter and illustrator (d. 1896)

1831- Thomas J. Higgins -Canadian-American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1917)

1842- John Q. A. Brackett -American lawyer and politician, 36th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1918)

1847- Ida Saxton McKinley -American wife of William McKinley, 25th First Lady of the United States (d. 1907)

1851- Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval -French physician and physicist (d. 1940)

1852- Guido Banti -Italian physician (d.1925)

1854- Douglas Cameron (politician)|Douglas Cameron -Canadian politician, 8th Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba (d. 1921)

1855- George Charles Haité -English painter and illustrator (d.1924)

1859- Smith Wigglesworth -English evangelist (d. 1947)

1860- Alicia Boole Stott -Irish-English mathematician (d. 1940)

1867- Frank Lloyd Wright -American architect, designed the Price Tower and Fallingwater (d. 1959)

1872- Jan Frans De Boever -Belgian painter (d. 1949)

1875- Ernst Enno -Estonian poet and author (d. 1934)

1876- Alexandre Tuffère -Greek-French triple jumper (d. 1958)

1885- Karl Genzken -German physician (d. 1957)

1895- Santiago Bernabéu Yeste -Spanish footballer and manager (d. 1978)

1897- John G. Bennett -English mathematician and technologist (d. 1974)

1901- Lena Baker -American maid and murderer (d. 1945)

1901- Salustiano Sanchez -Spanish-American super-centenarian (d. 2013)

1903- Ralph Yarborough -American colonel and politician (d. 1996)

1903- Marguerite Yourcenar -Belgian-French author (d. 1987)

1904- Dorothy Coburn -American actress (d. 1978)

1910- C. C. Beck -American illustrator (d. 1989)

1910- John W. Campbell -American author (d. 1971)

1910- Fernand Fonssagrives -French-American photographer (d. 2003)

1911- Edmundo Rivero -Argentinian singer-songwriter (d. 1986)

1912- Maurice Bellemare -Canadian politician (d. 1989)

1912- Harry Holtzman -American painter (d. 1987)

1916- Francis Crick -English biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2004)

1916- Luigi Comencini -Italian director and screenwriter (d. 2007)

1917- Byron White -American football player and judge (d. 2002)

1918- George Edward Hughes -Irish-New Zealand philosopher and logician (d. 1994)

1918- Robert Preston (actor)|Robert Preston -American actor and singer (d. 1987)

1918- John D. Roberts -American chemist and academic

1918- John H. Ross -American captain and pilot (d. 2013)

1919- John R. Deane, Jr. -American general (d. 2013)

1920- Gwen Harwood -Australian poet (d. 1995)

1921- Suharto -Indonesian soldier and politician, 2nd President of Indonesia (d. 2008)

1921- Gordon McLendon -American broadcaster and businessman (d. 1986)

1921- LeRoy Neiman -American painter (d. 2012)

1921- Alexis Smith -Canadian-American actress and singer (d. 1993)

1921- Olga C. Nardone|Olga Nardone -American actress (d. 2010)

1923- Malcolm Boyd -American priest and author

1923- Alice Coleman -English geographer and academic

1924- Billie Dawe -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2013)

1924- Iain Glidewell -English lawyer and judge

1924- Lyn Nofziger -American journalist and author (d. 2006)

1924- Kenneth Waltz -American political scientist and academic (d. 2013)

1925- Barbara Bush -American wife of George H. W. Bush, 41st First Lady of the United States

1925- Del Ennis -American baseball player (d. 1996)

1925- Eddie Gaedel -American baseball player (d. 1961)

1925- Charles Tyner -American actor

1927- Jerry Stiller -American actor and producer

1927- Anne Warburton -English diplomat

1929- Nada Inada -Japanese psychiatrist and author (d. 2013)

1929- Gastone Moschin -Italian actor

1929- Robert Shirley, 13th Earl Ferrers -English politician (d. 2012)

1930- Robert Aumann -German-American mathematician and economist, Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize laureate

1930- Michael Codron -English film and theater producer

1930- Marcel Léger -Canadian politician (d. 1993)

1930- Ferenc Polikárp Zakar -Hungarian monk (d. 2012)

1931- James Goldstone -American director and screenwriter (d. 1999)

1931- Dana Wynter -German-English actress (d. 2011)

1932- Ray Illingworth -English cricketer and sportscaster

1932- Ian Kirkwood, Lord Kirkwood -Scottish judge

1933- Rommie Loudd -American football player and coach (d. 1998)

1933- Joan Rivers -American comedian, actress, and television host (d. 2014)

1933- Robert Stevens (lawyer)|Robert Stevens -English lawyer and academic

1934- Millicent Martin -English actress and singer

1936- James Darren -American actor, singer, and director

1936- Kenneth G. Wilson -American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)

1937- Gillian Clarke -Welsh poet and playwright

1938- Angelo Amato -Italian cardinal

1939- Bernie Casey -American football player and actor

1939- Francis Jacobs -English lawyer and judge

1940- Arthur Elgort -American photographer

1940- Nancy Sinatra -American singer and actress

1940- Jim Wickwire -American lawyer and mountaineer

1941- Robert Bradford (Northern Irish politician)|Robert Bradford -Irish politician (d. 1981)

1941- Fuzzy Haskins -American singer, guitarist, and producer (The Parliaments and Parliament-Funkadelic)

1941- George Pell -Australian cardinal

1942- Nikos Konstantopoulos -Greek politician

1942- Doug Mountjoy -Welsh snooker player

1942- Chuck Negron -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Three Dog Night)

1942- Andrew Weil -American author and educator

1943- Colin Baker -English actor

1943- William Calley -American lieutenant

1943- Willie Davenport -American hurdler (d. 2002)

1943- Peter Eggert -German footballer and manager

1944- Mark Belanger -American baseball player (d. 1998)

1944- Annie Haslam -English singer-songwriter and painter (Renaissance (band)|Renaissance and Nevada (UK band)|Nevada)

1944- Marc Ouellet -Canadian cardinal

1944- Boz Scaggs -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Steve Miller Band)

1945- Anthony Bagnall -English air marshal

1945- Steven Fromholz -American singer-songwriter, producer, and poet (d. 2014)

1945- Derek Underwood -English cricketer

1946- Graham Henry -New Zealand rugby player and coach

1946- Alan Scarfe -English-Canadian actor

1947- Julie Driscoll -English singer and actress

1947- Sara Paretsky -American author

1947- Eric F. Wieschaus -American biologist, geneticist, and academic Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate

1948- Lorna Heilbron -Scottish actress

1949- Emanuel Ax -Polish-American pianist and educator

1949- Hildegard Falck -German runner

1949- Jeffrey Mylett -American actor (d. 1986)

1950- Kathy Baker -American actress

1950- Sônia Braga -Brazilian-American actress

1951- Tony Rice -American guitarist and songwriter (David Grisman Quintet and Bluegrass Album Band)

1951- Bonnie Tyler -Welsh singer-songwriter

1952- Dave Jennings (American football)|Dave Jennings -American football player and sportscaster (d. 2013)

1953- Billy Hayes (trade unionist)|Billy Hayes -English union leader

1953- Sandy Nairne -English curator

1953- Ivo Sanader -Croatian politician, 8th Prime Minister of Croatia

1953- Olav Stedje -Norwegian singer-songwriter

1953- Ad Tak -Dutch cyclist

1954- Greg Ginn -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Black Flag (band)|Black Flag, Gone (band)|Gone, Mojack, and Confront James)

1954- Kiril of Varna -Bulgarian metropolitan (d. 2013)

1954- Sergei Storchak -Ukrainian-Russian politician

1954- Marios Tokas -Cypriot composer (d. 2008)

1955- Tim Berners-Lee -English-American computer scientist and engineer, invented the World Wide Web

1955- Griffin Dunne -American actor, director, and producer

1956- Udo Bullmann -German politician

1957- Scott Adams -American author and illustrator

1957- Dimple Kapadia -Indian actress

1957- Don Robinson (baseball)|Don Robinson -American baseball player

1958- Cyril O'Reilly -American actor and producer

1958- Louise Richardson -Irish political scientist and academic

1958- Keenen Ivory Wayans -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1960- Mick Hucknall -English singer-songwriter (Simply Red and Faces (band)|Faces)

1960- Thomas Steen -Swedish ice hockey player and coach

1961- Tatanka (wrestler)|Tatanka -American wrestler

1961- Mary King (equestrian)|Mary King -English horse rider

1961- Uno Laur -Estonian singer

1962- John Gibbons -American baseball player and manager

1962- Andreas Keim -German footballer

1962- Nick Rhodes -English keyboard player and producer (Duran Duran, Arcadia (band)|Arcadia, and The Devils (band)|The Devils)

1962- Kristine W -American singer-songwriter and producer

1963- Katy Garbi -Greek singer, actress, and producer

1963- Frank Grillo -American actor

1963- Karen Kingsbury -American author

1963- Antoaneta Todorova -Bulgarian javelin thrower

1964- Butch Reynolds -American runner

1965- Kevin Farley -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1965- Rob Pilatus -American-German singer and dancer (Milli Vanilli and Rob & Fab) (d. 1998)

1966- Julianna Margulies -American actress and producer

1966- Doris Pearson -English singer-songwriter and choreographer (Five Star)

1968- Rob Ray -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1969- J. P. Manoux -American-Canadian actor and director

1969- Marcos Siega -American director and producer

1969- David Sutcliffe -Canadian actor

1970- Gabrielle Giffords -American politician

1970- Seu Jorge -Brazilian singer-songwriter and actor

1970- Kwame Kilpatrick -American politician, 68th Mayor of Detroit

1970- Teresa Strasser -American television host

1970- Troy Vincent -American football player

1970- Kelli Williams -American actress

1971- Troy Duffy -American director and screenwriter

1971- Mark Feuerstein -American actor, director, and producer

1972- Christian Mayrleb -Austrian footballer

1973- Lexa Doig -Canadian actress

1973- Shappi Khorsandi -Iranian-English comedian

1973- Bryant Reeves -American basketball player

1973- Lucija Šerbedžija -Croatian actress

1974- Pål Arne Fagernes -Norwegian javelin thrower (d. 2003)

1974- Maxim Gaudette -Canadian actor

1975- Bryan McCabe -Canadian-American ice hockey player

1975- Shilpa Shetty -Indian actress

1976- Lindsay Davenport -American tennis player

1976- Trish Goff -American model and actress

1976- Kenji Johjima -Japanese baseball player

1976- Catherine McKinnell -English lawyer and politician

1977- Kanye West -American rapper, producer, director, and fashion designer (Child Rebel Soldier)

1978- Eun Ji-won -South Korean rapper, dancer, and producer (Sechs Kies)

1978- Maria Menounos -American journalist and actress

1979- Alexei Kozlov (figure skater)|Alexei Kozlov -Estonian figure skater

1979- Pete Orr -Canadian-American baseball player

1979- Derek Trucks -American guitarist and songwriter (The Allman Brothers Band, The Derek Trucks Band, and Tedeschi Trucks Band)

1979- Adine Wilson -New Zealand netball player

1980- Gustavo Manduca -Brazilian footballer

1980- Jamie Spencer -Irish jockey

1981- Alex Band -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Calling)

1981- Matteo Meneghello -Italian race car driver

1981- Ai Nonaka -Japanese voice actor

1981- Sara Watkins -American singer-songwriter and fiddler (Nickel Creek, The Decemberists, and Works Progress Administration (musical group)|Works Progress Administration)

1981- Jess Weixler -American actress

1982- Matteo Barbini -Italian rugby player

1982- Michael Cammalleri -Canadian ice hockey player

1982- Dickson Etuhu -Nigerian footballer

1982- Irina Lăzăreanu -Romanian-Canadian model and singer

1982- Nadia Petrova -Russian tennis player

1983- Gaines Adams -American football player (d. 2010)

1983- Kim Clijsters -Belgian tennis player

1983- Lee Harding -Australian singer

1983- Pantelis Kapetanos -Greek footballer

1983- Coby Karl -American basketball player

1983- Mamoru Miyano -Japanese actor and singer

1984- Andrea Casiraghi -Monacan son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover

1984- Javier Mascherano -Argentinian footballer

1985- Alexandre Despatie -Canadian diver

1986- Patrick Kaleta -American ice hockey player

1987- Coralie Balmy -French swimmer

1987- Issiar Dia -Senegalese footballer

1987- Samantha Saint -American porn actress and model

1989- Timea Bacsinszky -Swiss tennis player

1989- Richard Fleeshman -English singer-songwriter and actor

1989- Mitchell Schwartz -American football player

1990- Mickey Bushell -English wheelchair racer

1990- Alexander Yakin -Russian actor

1992- Sebá -Brazilian footballer

1997- Jeļena Ostapenko -Latvian tennis player

History of Deaths

632- Muhammad -Muslim prophet (b. 570)

1042- Harthacnut -English-Danish king (b. 1018)

1154- William of York -English archbishop

1376- Edward, the Black Prince -English son of Edward III of England (b. 1330)

1383- Thomas de Ros, 4th Baron de Ros -English crusader (b. 1338)

1384- Kan'ami -Japanese actor (b. 1333)

1476- George Neville (bishop)|George Neville -English archbishop (b. 1432)

1505- Hongzhi Emperor -of China (b. 1470)

1611- Jean Bertaut -French poet (b. 1552)

1612- Hans Leo Hassler -German organist and composer (b. 1562)

1621- Anne de Xainctonge -French saint, founded the Society of the Sisters of Saint Ursula of the Blessed Virgin (b. 1567)

1628- Rudolph Goclenius -German lexicographer and philosopher (b. 1547)

1714- Sophia of Hanover -(b. 1630)

1716- Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine -German son of Landgravine Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt (b. 1658)

1727- August Hermann Francke -German-Lutheran clergyman, philanthropist, and scholar (b. 1663)

1768- Johann Joachim Winckelmann -German archaeologist and scholar (b. 1717)

1771- George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1716)

1795- Louis XVII of France -(b. 1785)

1809- Thomas Paine -English-American theorist and author (b. 1737)

1835- Gian Domenico Romagnosi -Italian economist and jurist (b. 1761)

1845- Andrew Jackson -American general, judge, and politician, 7th President of the United States (b. 1767)

1857- Douglas William Jerrold -English journalist and playwright (b. 1803)

1874- Cochise -American tribal chief (b. 1805)

1876- George Sand -French author (b. 1804)

1885- Ignace Bourget -Canadian bishop (b. 1799)

1889- Gerard Manley Hopkins -English priest and poet (b. 1844)

1924- Andrew Irvine (mountaineer)|Andrew Irvine -English mountaineer (b. 1902)

1924- George Mallory -English lieutenant and mountaineer (b. 1886)

1929- Bliss Carman -Canadian-American poet (b. 1861)

1945- Karl Hanke -Polish-German politician (b. 1903)

1951- Eugène Fiset -Canadian physician, general, and politician, 18th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec (b. 1874)

1951- Oswald Pohl -German SS officer (b. 1892)

1956- Marie Laurencin -French painter (b. 1883)

1965- Edmondo Rossoni -Italian politician (b. 1884)

1966- Anton Melik -Slovenian geographer (b. 1890)

1968- Elizabeth Enright -American author and illustrator (b. 1909)

1968- Ludovico Scarfiotti -Italian race car driver (b. 1933)

1969- Arunachalam Mahadeva -Sri Lankan colonial and politician (b. 1885)

1969- Robert Taylor (actor)|Robert Taylor -American actor and singer (b. 1911)

1970- Abraham Maslow -American psychologist and academic (b. 1908)

1972- Jimmy Rushing -American singer (Oklahoma City Blue Devils) (b. 1901)

1980- Ernst Busch (actor)|Ernst Busch -German actor and singer (b. 1900)

1982- Satchel Paige -American baseball player (b. 1906)

1984- Gordon Jacob -English composer (b. 1895)

1987- Alexander Iolas -Egyptian-American art collector (b. 1907)

1992- Atef Bseiso -Palestinian terrorist (b. 1948)

1993- Root Boy Slim -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1945)

1997- George Turner (writer)|George Turner -Australian author and critic (b. 1916)

1997- Karen Wetterhahn -American chemist and educator (b. 1948)

1998- Sani Abacha -Nigerian general and politician, 10th President of Nigeria (b. 1943)

1998- Maria Reiche -German mathematician and archaeologist (b. 1903)

2000- Jeff MacNelly -American cartoonist (b. 1948)

2001- Alex de Renzy -American director and producer (b. 1935)

2003- Leighton Rees -Welsh darts player (b. 1940)

2004- Charles Hyder -American astrophysicist (b. 1930)

2004- Mack Jones -American baseball player (b. 1938)

2006- Jaxon -American illustrator and publisher, co-founded Rip Off Press (b. 1941)

2006- Robert Donner -American actor (b. 1931)

2006- Matta El Meskeen -Egyptian monk, theologian, and author (b. 1919)

2007- Kenny Olsson -Swedish race car driver (b. 1977)

2007- Richard Rorty -American philosopher and academic (b. 1931)

2008- Šaban Bajramović -Serbian singer-songwriter (b. 1936)

2009- Omar Bongo -Gabonese politician, President of Gabon (b. 1935)

2009- Johnny Palermo -American actor (b. 1982)

2010- Crispian St. Peters -English singer-songwriter (b. 1939)

2010- Andreas Voutsinas -Greek actor and director (b. 1932)

2011- Fazul Abdullah Mohammed -Comoran terrorist (b. 1974)

2011- Alan Rubin -American trumpet player (The Blues Brothers) (b. 1943)

2012- Pete Brennan -American basketball player (b. 1936)

2012- Frank Cady -American actor and singer (b. 1915)

2012- K. S. R. Das -Indian director and screenwriter (b. 1936)

2012- Charles E. M. Pearce -New Zealand-Australian mathematician and educator (b. 1940)

2012- Ghassan Tueni -Lebanese journalist, academic, and politician (b. 1926)

2013- Paul Cellucci -American soldier and politician, 69th Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1948)

2013- Yoram Kaniuk -Israeli painter, journalist, and critic (b. 1930)

2013- Taufiq Kiemas -Indonesian politician, 5th Spouses of the Presidents of Indonesia|First Gentleman of Indonesia (b. 1942)

2013- Angus MacKay (actor)|Angus MacKay -English actor (b. 1927)

2013- Kyle Miller (lacrosse)|Kyle Miller -Canadian lacrosse player (b. 1981)

2013- Richard J. Seitz -American general (b. 1918)

2014- Jean Geissinger -American baseball player (b. 1934)

2014- Alexander Imich -Polish-American chemist, parapsychologist, and academic (b. 1903)

2014- Veronica Lazăr -Romanian-Italian actress (b. 1938)

2014- Harold Russell Maddock -Australian jockey (b. 1918)

2014- Billy McCool -American baseball player (b. 1944)

2014- Yoshihito, Prince Katsura -of Japan (b. 1948)