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Events History

524-The Franks -are defeated by the Burgundians in the Battle of Vézeronce.

841-In the Battle of Fontenoy (841)|Battle of Fontenay-en-Puisaye -forces led by Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeat the armies of Lothair I of Italy and Pepin II of Aquitaine.

1530-At the Diet of Augsburg -the Augsburg Confession is presented to the Holy Roman Emperor by the Lutheran princes and Prince-elector|Electors of Germany.

1658- Spanish Empire|Spanish -forces fail to retake Jamaica at the Battle of Rio Nuevo (1658)|Battle of Rio Nuevo during the Anglo-Spanish War (1654–60)|Anglo-Spanish War.

1678- Republic of Venice|Venetian -Elena Cornaro Piscopia is the first woman awarded a Doctor of Philosophy|doctorate of philosophy when she graduates from the University of Padua.

1741- Maria Theresa of Austria -is crowned List of rulers of Hungary|Queen of Hungary.

1786- Gavriil Pribylov -discovers St. George Island (Alaska)|St. George Island of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea.

1788- Virginia -becomes the 10th state to ratify the United States Constitution.

1876- Battle of the Little Bighorn -and the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer.

1900-The Taoism|Taoist -monk Wang Yuanlu discovers the Dunhuang manuscripts, a cache of ancient texts that are of great historical and religious significance, in the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, China.

1906- Pittsburgh|Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -millionaire Harry Thaw shoots and kills prominent architect Stanford White.

1910-The United States Congress -passes the Mann Act, which prohibits interstate transport of females for “immoral purposes”; the ambiguous language would be used to selectively prosecute people for years to come.

1910- Igor Stravinsky -s ballet ''The Firebird'' is premiered in Paris, bringing him to prominence as a composer.

1913- American Civil War -veterans begin arriving at the Great Reunion of 1913.

1923-Capt. Lowell H. Smith -and Lt. John P. Richter perform the first ever aerial refueling in a Airco DH-4|DH-4B biplane

1935- Diplomatic relations -between the Soviet Union and Colombia are established.

1938-Dr. Douglas Hyde -is inaugurated as the first President of Ireland.

1940- World War II -France officially surrenders to Germany at 01:35.

1943- The Holocaust -Jews in the Częstochowa Ghetto in Poland stage Częstochowa Ghetto Uprising|an uprising against the Nazis.

1944-World War II: The Battle of Tali-Ihantala -the largest battle ever fought in the Nordic Countries, begins.

1944-World War II: United States Navy -and Royal Navy ships Bombardment of Cherbourg|bombard Cherbourg to support United States Army units engaged in the Battle of Cherbourg.

1944-The final page of the comic Krazy Kat -was published, exactly two months after its author George Herriman died.

1947-'' The Diary of a Young Girl -' (better known as ''The Diary of Anne Frank'') is published.

1948-The Berlin Blockade#The start of the Berlin Airlift|Berlin airlift -begins.

1949-'' Long-Haired Hare -', starring Bugs Bunny, is released in theaters.

1950-The Korean War -begins with the invasion of South Korea by North Korea.

1960-Two cryptography|cryptographers -working for the United States National Security Agency left for vacation to Mexico, and from there Martin and Mitchell Defection|defected to the Soviet Union.

1967-Broadcasting of the first live global satellite television program: '' Our World (International TV special)|Our World -'

1975- Mozambique -achieves independence.

1975-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi -has a state of The Emergency (India)|internal Emergency declared in India.

1976- Missouri -Governor Kit Bond issues an executive order rescinding the Extermination Order (Mormonism)|Extermination Order, formally apologizing on behalf of the state of Missouri for the suffering it had caused to the members of Latter Day Saint movement|The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

1978-The rainbow flag (LGBT movement)|rainbow flag -representing gay pride is flown for the first time in the San Francisco San Francisco Pride|Gay Freedom Day Parade.

1981- Microsoft -is restructured to become an incorporated business in its home state of Washington (state)|Washington.

1982- Greece -abolishes the head shaving of recruits in the military.

1991- Croatia -and Slovenia declare their independence from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia|Yugoslavia.

1993- Kim Campbell -is sworn in as the first female List of Prime Ministers of Canada|Prime Minister of Canada.

1993- Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action -is adopted by World Conference on Human Rights.

1997-An unmanned Progress spacecraft -collides with the Russian space station Mir.

1998-In '' Clinton v. City of New York -', the United States Supreme Court decides that the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 is United States Constitution|unconstitutional.

2013- Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani -becomes the 8th List of emirs of Qatar|Emir of Qatar.

Famous Birthdays

1242- Beatrice of England -(d. 1275)

1328- William de Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury -English commander (d. 1397)

1373- Joanna II of Naples -(d. 1435)

1560- Wilhelm Fabry -German surgeon (d. 1634)

1612- John Albert Vasa -Polish cardinal (d. 1634)

1709- Francesco Araja -Italian composer (d. 1762)

1715- Joseph Foullon de Doué -French politician, Controller-General of Finances (d. 1789)

1755- Natalia Alexeievna of Russia -(d. 1776)

1799- David Douglas -Scottish-English botanist and explorer (d. 1834)

1814- Gabriel Auguste Daubrée -French geologist (d. 1896)

1852- Antoni Gaudí -Spanish architect, designed the Park Güell (d. 1926)

1858- Georges Courteline -French author and playwright (d. 1929)

1860- Gustave Charpentier -French composer (d. 1956)

1863- Émile Francqui -Belgian soldier and diplomat (d. 1935)

1864- Walther Nernst -German chemist and physicist, Nobel Prize in chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1941)

1884- Géza Gyóni -Hungarian poet (d. 1917)

1884- Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler -German-French art collector and historian (d. 1979)

1886- Henry H. Arnold -American general (d. 1950)

1887- George Abbott -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1995)

1887- Frigyes Karinthy -Hungarian author, poet, and journalist (d. 1938)

1892- Shirō Ishii -Japanese microbiologist and general (d. 1959)

1894- Hermann Oberth -Romanian-German physicist and engineer (d. 1989)

1900- Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma -English admiral and politician, 44th Governor-General of India (d. 1979)

1901- Harold Roe Bartle -American politician, 47th List of mayors of Kansas City, Missouri|Mayor of Kansas City (d. 1974)

1902- Prince Chichibu -of Japan (d. 1953)

1903- George Orwell -Indian-American author and critic (d. 1950)

1903- Anne Revere -American actress (d. 1990)

1907- J. Hans D. Jensen -German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize for Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973)

1908- Willard Van Orman Quine -American philosopher and academic (d. 2000)

1911- William Howard Stein -American chemist and biologist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1980)

1912- William T. Cahill -American politician, 46th Governor of New Jersey (d. 1996)

1913- Cyril Fletcher -English actor (d. 2005)

1917- Nils Karlsson -Swedish skier (d. 2012)

1918- P. H. Newby -English author (d. 1997)

1921- Celia Franca -English-Canadian ballerina, founded the National Ballet of Canada (d. 2007)

1922- Johnny Smith -American guitarist and songwriter (d. 2013)

1923- Sam Francis -American painter (d. 1994)

1923- Dorothy Gilman -American author (d. 2012)

1923- Nicholas Mosley -English author

1924- Sidney Lumet -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2011)

1924- Madan Mohan (music director)|Madan Mohan -Iraqi-Indian composer (d. 1975)

1925- Clifton Chenier -American singer-songwriter and accordion player (d. 1987)

1925- June Lockhart -American actress

1925- Robert Venturi -American architect and educator

1926- Margaret Anstee -English diplomat

1926- Ingeborg Bachmann -Austrian author and poet (d. 1973)

1927- Antal Róka -Hungarian runner (d. 1970)

1927- Newton Russell -American politician (d. 2013)

1927- Chuck Smith (pastor)|Chuck Smith -American pastor, founded the Calvary Chapel (d. 2013)

1927- Arnold Wolfendale -English astronomer and academic

1928- Peyo -Belgian author and illustrator, created ''The Smurfs'' (d. 1992)

1928- Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov -Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1928- Michel Brault -Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1928- William Russo (musician)|Bill Russo -American pianist and composer (d. 2003)

1928- Alex Toth -American animator and screenwriter (d. 2006)

1928- Moray Watson -English actor

1929- Eric Carle -American author and illustrator

1929- Francesco Marchisano -Italian cardinal (d. 2014)

1930- George Murdock (actor)|George Murdock -American actor (d. 2012)

1931- V. P. Singh -Indian politician, 7th Prime Minister of India (d. 2008)

1932- Peter Blake (artist)|Peter Blake -English painter

1932- George Sluizer -French-Dutch director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2014)

1933- James Meredith -American activist

1933- Álvaro Siza Vieira -Portuguese architect, designed the Porto School of Architecture

1934- Jean Geissinger -American baseball player (d. 2014)

1934- Jack W. Hayford -American minister and author

1934- Beatriz Sheridan -Mexican actress and director (d. 2006)

1935- Charles Sheffield -English-American mathematician, physicist, and author (d. 2002)

1935- Tony Lanfranchi -English race car driver (d. 2004)

1936- B. J. Habibie -Indonesian engineer and politician, 3rd President of Indonesia

1936- Bert Hölldobler -German biologist and author

1935- Eddie Floyd -American singer-songwriter (The Falcons)

1937- Derek Foster, Baron Foster of Bishop Auckland -English politician

1937- Doreen Wells -English ballerina and actress

1939- Allen Fox -American tennis player

1940- Mary Beth Peil -American actress and singer

1940- A. J. Quinnell -English author (d. 2005)

1940- Clint Warwick -English bass player (The Moody Blues) (d. 2004)

1941- Denys Arcand -Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter

1941- Eddie Large -Scottish comedian and actor

1941- Roy Marsden -English actor

1942- Patricia Brake -English actress

1942- Nikiforos Diamandouros -Greek academic and politician

1942- Willis Reed -American basketball player, coach, and manager

1942- Michel Tremblay -Canadian author and playwright

1944- Robert Charlebois -Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

1945- Gary David Goldberg -American screenwriter and producer (d. 2013)

1945- Carly Simon -American singer-songwriter and actress (Elephant's Memory and The Simon Sisters)

1945- Philip Watts -English priest

1946- Roméo Dallaire -Dutch-Canadian general and politician

1946- Allen Lanier -American guitarist and songwriter (Blue Öyster Cult) (d. 2013)

1946- Ian McDonald (musician)|Ian McDonald -English guitarist and saxophonist (King Crimson and Foreigner (band)|Foreigner)

1947- John Hilton (table tennis)|John Hilton -English table tennis player

1947- John Powell (athlete)|John Powell -American discus thrower

1947- Jimmie Walker -American actor

1949- Richard Clarke (bishop)|Richard Clarke -Irish archbishop

1949- Patrick Tambay -French race car driver

1950- Michel Côté (actor)|Michel Côté -Canadian actor and screenwriter

1950- Nitza Saul -Israeli-English actress

1950- Marcello Toninelli -Italian author

1952- Péter Erdő -Hungarian cardinal

1952- Tim Finn -New Zealand singer-songwriter (Finn Brothers, Crowded House, and Split Enz)

1952- Martin Gerschwitz -German singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Iron Butterfly)

1952- Alan Green (broadcaster)|Alan Green -Irish sportscaster

1953- Olivier Ameisen -French-American cardiologist and educator (d. 2013)

1954- Mariot Leslie -English diplomat

1954- Mario Lessard -Canadian ice hockey player

1954- David Paich -American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Toto (band)|Toto)

1954- Daryush Shokof -Iranian director, producer, and screenwriter

1954- Sonia Sotomayor -American judge

1955- Vic Marks -English cricketer and sportscaster

1956- Anthony Bourdain -American chef and author

1956- Frank Paschek -German long jumper

1956- Boris Trajkovski -Macedonian politician, 2nd President of the Republic of Macedonia (d. 2004)

1957- Greg Millen -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1959- Lutz Dombrowski -German long jumper

1959- Jari Puikkonen -Finnish ski jumper

1959- Paris Themmen -American actor

1960- Alastair Bruce -English journalist and author

1960- Craig Johnston -South African-Australian footballer

1960- Brian Hayward -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1961- Timur Bekmambetov -Kazakh director, producer, and screenwriter

1961- Brian Coleman -English politician

1961- Ricky Gervais -English comedian, actor, director, and producer

1962- Phill Jupitus -English comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1963- Doug Gilmour -Canadian ice hockey player and manager

1963- John Benjamin Hickey -American actor

1963- Yann Martel -Spanish-Canadian author

1963- George Michael -English singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (Wham!)

1963- Jackie Swanson -American actress

1964- Dell Curry -American basketball player and coach

1964- Matt Gallant -American television host

1964- Johnny Herbert -English race car driver

1964- Greg Raymer -American poker player

1964- Emma Suárez -Spanish actress

1966- Dikembe Mutombo -Congolese-American basketball player

1967- Tanel Tuhal -Estonian architect

1968- Vaios Karagiannis -Greek footballer and manager

1969- Hunter Foster -American actor and singer

1969- Zim Zum -American guitarist and songwriter (The Pop Culture Suicides)

1970- Lucy Benjamin -English actress

1970- Ariel Gore -American journalist and author

1970- Roope Latvala -Finnish guitarist (Children of Bodom, Stone (band)|Stone, Sinergy, and Waltari)

1970- Erki Nool -Estonian decathlete and politician

1970- Aaron Sele -American baseball player

1971- Karen Darke -English cyclist and author

1971- Angela Kinsey -American actress

1971- Neil Lennon -Irish footballer and manager

1971- Sébastien Levicq -French decathlete

1971- Jason Lewis (actor)|Jason Lewis -American model and actor

1971- Scott Maslen -English actor

1971- Michael Tucker (baseball)|Michael Tucker -American baseball player

1972- Carlos Delgado -Puerto Rican baseball player and coach

1972- Saif al-Islam Gaddafi -Libyan engineer and politician

1973- René Corbet -Canadian ice hockey player

1973- Milan Hnilička -Czech ice hockey player

1973- Jamie Redknapp -English footballer and coach

1974- Nisha Ganatra -Canadian director, prouder, and screenwriter

1974- Karisma Kapoor -Indian actress

1974- Glen Metropolit -Canadian ice hockey player

1975- Chenoa -Argentinian-Spanish singer

1975- Kiur Aarma -Estonian journalist and guitarist

1975- Linda Cardellini -American actress

1975- Albert Costa -Spanish tennis player

1975- Natasha Klauss -Colombian actress

1975- Vladimir Kramnik -Russian chess player

1975- Michele Merkin -American model and television host

1976- José Cancela -Uruguayan footballer

1976- Iestyn Harris -Welsh rugby player and coach

1976- Carlos Nieto -Argentinian-Italian rugby player

1977- Layla El -English wrestler, model, and dancer

1977- Lola Ponce -Argentinian-Italian singer-songwriter and actress

1978- Aramis Ramírez -Dominican-American baseball player

1978- Luke Scott -American baseball player

1978- Aftab Shivdasani -Indian actor and producer

1978- Marcus Stroud -American football player

1978- Chakrit Yamnam -Thai actor

1979- Marko Albert -Estonian triathlete

1979- La La Anthony -American television host and actress

1979- Hirooki Goto -Japanese wrestler

1979- Richard Hughes (footballer)|Richard Hughes -Scottish footballer

1979- Busy Philipps -American actress

1980- Maja Latinović -Serbian model

1980- Nozomi Takeuchi -Japanese actress and singer

1981- Simon Ammann -Swiss ski jumper

1981- Irina Osipova -Russian basketball player

1981- Sheridan Smith -English actress, singer, and dancer

1981- Pooja Umashankar -Sri Lankan-Indian actress

1982- Rain (entertainer)|Rain -South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor

1982- Mikhail Youzhny -Russian tennis player

1983- Cristian Baroni -Brazilian footballer

1983- Todd Cooper -English swimmer

1983- Marc Janko -Austrian footballer

1984- Lauren Bush -American model and fashion designer

1985- Daniel Bard -American baseball player

1985- Karim Matmour -Algerian footballer

1986- Megan Burns -English actress and singer

1986- Charlie Davies -American soccer player

1986- Aya Matsuura -Japanese singer and actress (GAM (group)|GAM, Gomattō, 3nin Matsuri, and Def.Diva)

1987- Brian Canter -American bull rider

1987- Alissa Czisny -American figure skater

1987- Takahiro Itō -Japanese actor (d. 2009)

1987- Scott Terra -American actor

1988- Jhonas Enroth -Swedish ice hockey player

1988- Miguel Layún -Mexican footballer

1989- Zaden Alexander -Portuguese actor

1989- Jack Cork -English footballer

1989- Rafael Morais -Portuguese actor

1991- Kyousuke Hamao -Japanese actor and singer

1991- Shōta Iizuka -Japanese sprinter

1991- Liisi Rist -Estonian cyclist

1991- Christa Theret -French actress

1991- Anna Zaja -German tennis player

1993- Barney Clark (actor)|Barney Clark -English actor

1993- Piero Vergara -Filipino singer-songwriter and actor

History of Deaths

635- Emperor Gaozu of Tang -(b. 566)

1134- Niels, King of Denmark -(b. 1064)

1218- Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester -French crusader (b. 1160)

1291- Eleanor of Provence -(b. 1223)

1483- Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers -English courtier (b. 1440)

1522- Franchinus Gaffurius -Italian composer and theorist (b. 1451)

1533- Mary Tudor, Queen of France -(b. 1496)

1579- Hatano Hideharu -Japanese warlord (b. 1541)

1593- Michele Mercati -Italian physician and archaeologist (b. 1541)

1634- John Marston (poet)|John Marston -English poet and playwright (b. 1576)

1638- Juan Pérez de Montalbán -Spanish author, poet, and playwright (b. 1602)

1665- Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria -(b. 1630)

1669- François de Vendôme, Duke of Beaufort -(b. 1616)

1671- Giovanni Battista Riccioli -Italian priest and astronomer (b. 1598)

1673- Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan -French captain (b. 1611)

1686- Simon Ushakov -Russian painter (b. 1626)

1715- Jean-Baptiste du Casse -French admiral (b. 1646)

1767- Georg Philipp Telemann -German composer and theorist (b. 1681)

1798- Thomas Sandby -English cartographer, painter, and architect (b. 1721)

1822- E. T. A. Hoffmann -German jurist and author (b. 1776)

1838- François-Nicolas-Benoît Haxo -French general and engineer (b. 1774)

1861- Abdülmecid I -Ottoman sultan (b. 1823)

1866- Alexander von Nordmann -Finnish biologist and paleontologist (b. 1803)

1868- Carlo Matteucci -Italian physicist and neurophysiologist (b. 1811)

1870- David Heaton -American lawyer and politician (b. 1823)

1875- Antoine-Louis Barye -French sculptor (b. 1796)

1875- Katherine McKinley -American daughter of William McKinley (b. 1871)

1876- James Calhoun (soldier)|James Calhoun -American lieutenant (b. 1845)

1876- Boston Custer -American general (b. 1848)

1876- George Armstrong Custer -American general (b. 1839)

1876- Thomas Custer -American colonel, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1845)

1876- Myles Keogh -Irish-American colonel (b. 1840)

1882- François Jouffroy -French sculptor (b. 1806)

1884- Hans Rott -Austrian organist and composer (b. 1858)

1886- Jean-Louis Beaudry -Canadian politician, 11th Mayor of Montreal (b. 1809)

1894- Marie François Sadi Carnot -French politician, 5th President of France (b. 1837)

1906- Stanford White -American architect, designed the Washington Square Arch (b. 1853)

1916- Thomas Eakins -American painter, photographer, and sculptor (b. 1844)

1917- Géza Gyóni -Hungarian poet (b. 1884)

1918- Jake Beckley -American baseball player and coach (b. 1867)

1922- Satyendranath Dutta -Indian poet (b. 1882)

1932- Howard Valentine -American runner (b. 1881)

1937- Colin Clive -English-American actor (b. 1900)

1939- Richard Seaman -English race car driver (b. 1913)

1944- Dénes Berinkey -Hungarian jurist and politician, 18th Prime Minister of Hungary (b. 1871)

1944- Lucha Reyes (Mexican singer)|Lucha Reyes -Mexican singer and actress (b. 1906)

1948- William C. Lee -American general (b. 1895)

1949- Buck Freeman -American baseball player (b. 1871)

1949- James Steen (water polo)|James Steen -American water polo player (b. 1876)

1950- Maurice O'Sullivan -Irish author (b. 1904)

1958- Alfred Noyes -English author, poet, and playwright (b. 1880)

1959- Charles Starkweather -American spree killer (b. 1938)

1960- Tommy Corcoran (baseball)|Tommy Corcoran -American baseball player and manager (b. 1869)

1971- John Boyd Orr, 1st Baron Boyd-Orr -Scottish physician, biologist, and politician, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1880)

1972- Jan Matulka -Czech-American painter (b. 1890)

1974- Cornelius Lanczos -Hungarian mathematician and physicist (b. 1893)

1976- Johnny Mercer -American singer-songwriter, co-founded Capitol Records (b. 1909)

1977- Olave Baden-Powell -English wife of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (b. 1889)

1977- Endre Szervánszky -Hungarian pianist and composer (b. 1911)

1979- Dave Fleischer -American animator, director, and producer (b. 1894)

1979- Philippe Halsman -Latvian-American photographer (b. 1906)

1983- Alberto Ginastera -Argentinian composer (b. 1916)

1984- Michel Foucault -French historian and philosopher (b. 1926)

1985- Morris Mason -American murderer (b. 1954)

1987- Felice and Boudleaux Bryant|Boudleaux Bryant -American songwriter (b. 1920)

1988- Hillel Slovak -Israeli-American guitarist and songwriter (Red Hot Chili Peppers and What Is This?) (b. 1962)

1988- Jimmy Soul -American singer (b. 1942)

1990- Ronald Gene Simmons -American sergeant and murderer (b. 1940)

1992- Jerome Brown -American football player (b. 1965)

1995- Ernest Walton -Irish physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1903)

1996- Arthur Snelling -English civil servant and diplomat (b. 1914)

1997- Jacques Cousteau -French oceanographer and explorer (b. 1910)

1998- Lounès Matoub -Algerian singer, guitarist, and poet (b. 1956)

1999- Fred Feast -English actor (b. 1929)

1999- Tommy Ivan -Canadian-American football player, coach, and manager (b. 1911)

2002- Jean Corbeil -Canadian politician (b. 1934)

2003- Lester Maddox -American politician, 75th Governor of Georgia (b. 1915)

2005- John Fiedler -American actor and singer (b. 1925)

2005- Kâzım Koyuncu -Turkish singer-songwriter and activist (b. 1971)

2006- Jaap Penraat -Dutch-American humanitarian (b. 1918)

2007- Jeeva (director)|Jeeva -Indian director, cinematographer, and screenwriter (b. 1963)

2007- Mahasti -Iranian-American singer (b. 1946)

2007- J. Fred Duckett -American journalist (b. 1933)

2008- Lyall Watson -South African anthropologist and ethologist (b. 1939)

2009- Yasmine (singer)|Yasmine -Belgian singer (b. 1972)

2009- Farrah Fawcett -American actress and producer (b. 1947)

2009- Michael Jackson -American singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actor (The Jackson 5) (b. 1958)

2009- Sky Saxon -American singer-songwriter (The Seeds) (b. 1937)

2009- Anil Wilson -Indian academic (b. 1947)

2010- Alan Plater -English playwright and screenwriter (b. 1935)

2010- Richard B. Sellars -American businessman and philanthropist (b. 1915)

2011- Margaret Tyzack -English actress (b. 1931)

2011- Goff Richards -English composer (b. 1944)

2012- Shigemitsu Dandō -Japanese jurist (b. 1913)

2012- Campbell Gillies -Scottish jockey (b. 1990)

2012- George Randolph Hearst, Jr. -American businessman (b. 1927)

2012- Lucella MacLean -American baseball player (b. 1921)

2012- Edgar Ross -American boxer (b. 1949)

2012- Doris Schade -German actress (b. 1924)

2013- George Burditt (writer)|George Burditt -American screenwriter and producer (b. 1923)

2013- Catherine Gibson -Scottish swimmer (b. 1931)

2013- Robert E. Gilka -American photographer and journalist (b. 1916)

2013- Lau Kar-leung -Chinese actor, martial artist, and director (b. 1934)

2013- Harry Parker (rower)|Harry Parker -American rower and coach (b. 1935)

2013- Mildred Ladner Thompson -American journalist (b. 1918)

2013- Green Wix Unthank -American soldier and judge (b. 1923)

2014- Nigel Calder -English journalist, author, and screenwriter (b. 1931)

2014- Ana María Matute -Spanish author (b. 1925)

2014- James Rogers Miller, Jr. -American judge (b. 1931)

2014- Paul Patterson (neuroscientist)|Paul Patterson -American neuroscientist and academic (b. 1943)