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Famous Birthdays

1301- Prince Morikuni -of Japan (d. 1333)

1566- James VI and I -of England (d. 1625)

1606- James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton -Scottish soldier and politician, Lord Chancellor of Scotland (d. 1649)

1623- Blaise Pascal -French mathematician and physicist (d. 1662)

1633- Philipp van Limborch -Dutch theologian (d. 1712)

1701- François Rebel -French violinist and composer (d. 1775)

1708- Johann Gottlieb Janitsch -German composer (d. 1763)

1731- Joaquim Machado de Castro -Portuguese sculptor (d. 1822)

1764- José Gervasio Artigas -Uruguayan general (d. 1850)

1771- Joseph Diaz Gergonne -French mathematician and philosopher (d. 1859)

1792- Gustav Schwab -German author (d. 1850)

1795- James Braid (surgeon)|James Braid -Scottish surgeon (d. 1860)

1815- Cornelius Krieghoff -Canadian painter (d. 1872)

1816- William H. Webb -American shipbuilder and philanthropist, founded the Webb Institute (d. 1899)

1834- Charles Spurgeon -English pastor and author (d. 1892)

1846- Antonio Abetti -Italian astronomer and academic (d. 1928)

1850- David Jayne Hill -American historian and politician, 24th United States Assistant Secretary of State (d. 1932)

1851- Billy Midwinter -English-Australian cricketer (d. 1890)

1854- Alfredo Catalani -Italian composer (d. 1893)

1858- Sam Walter Foss -American poet and librarian (d. 1911)

1861- Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig -Scottish-English field marshal (d. 1928)

1861- José Rizal -Filipino journalist, author, and poet (d. 1896)

1865- May Whitty -English-American actress (d. 1948)

1871- Alajos Szokolyi -Hungarian hurdler, jumper, and physician (d. 1932)

1872- Theodore Payne -English-American gardener and botanist (d. 1963)

1874- Peder Oluf Pedersen -Danish physicist and engineer (d. 1941)

1876- Nigel Gresley -Scottish engineer (d. 1941)

1877- Charles Coburn -American actor and singer (d. 1961)

1884- Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes -French painter (d. 1974)

1893- Madeleine Astor -American survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic (d. 1940)

1896- Rajani Palme Dutt -English journalist and politician (d. 1974)

1896- Wallis Simpson -American wife of Edward VIII (d. 1986)

1897- Cyril Norman Hinshelwood -English chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1967)

1897- Moe Howard -American actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 1975)

1898- James Joseph Sweeney -American bishop (d. 1968)

1900- Laura Z. Hobson -American author (d. 1986)

1902- Guy Lombardo -Canadian-American violinist and bandleader (d. 1977)

1903- Lou Gehrig -American baseball player (d. 1941)

1903- Wally Hammond -English cricketer (d. 1965)

1903- Hans Litten -German lawyer (d. 1938)

1905- Mildred Natwick -American actress (d. 1994)

1906- Ernst Boris Chain -German-Irish biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1979)

1906- Knut Kroon -Swedish footballer (d. 1975)

1906- Walter Rauff -German SS officer (d. 1984)

1907- Clarence Wiseman -Canadian 10th General of the Salvation Army (d. 1985)

1909- Osamu Dazai -Japanese author (d. 1948)

1909- Midori Naka -Japanese actress (d. 1945)

1910- Paul Flory -American chemist and engineer, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1985)

1910- Abe Fortas -American jurist (d. 1982)

1912- Don Gutteridge -American baseball player and manager (d. 2008)

1912- Virginia MacWatters -American soprano (d. 2005)

1912- George Spitz -American high jumper (d. 1986)

1914- Alan Cranston -American journalist and politician (d. 2000)

1914- Lester Flatt -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Foggy Mountain Boys and Nashville Grass) (d. 1979)

1914- Morgan Morgan-Giles -English admiral and politician (d. 2013)

1914- Anthony of Sourozh -Swiss-English bishop (d. 2003)

1915- Pat Buttram -American actor (d. 1994)

1915- Julius Schwartz -American publisher and agent (d. 2004)

1917- Joshua Nkomo -Zimbabwean politician, Vice President of Zimbabwe (d. 1999)

1919- Pauline Kael -American author and critic (d. 2001)

1919- Dave Lambert (American jazz vocalist)|Dave Lambert -American singer-songwriter (Lambert, Hendricks & Ross) (d. 1966)

1920- Yves Robert -French actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2002)

1921- Louis Jourdan -French-American actor and singer

1922- Aage Bohr -Danish physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2009)

1922- Fritz Schollmeyer -German footballer and manager

1923- Bob Hank -Australian footballer and coach (d. 2012)

1924- Cornelius (Jakobs)|Cornelius -Estonian metropolitan

1924- Erkki Kataja -Finnish pole vaulter (d. 1969)

1924- Leo Nomellini -Italian-American football player and wrestler (d. 2000)

1925- Charlie Drake -English actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 2006)

1928- Tommy DeVito (musician)|Tommy DeVito -American singer and guitarist (The Four Seasons (band)|The Four Seasons and Four Lovers)

1928- Nancy Marchand -American actress (d. 2000)

1928- Barry Took -English actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2002)

1929- Thelma Barlow -English actress

1929- Raymond Bonham Carter -English banker (d. 2004)

1930- François Abadie -French politician (d. 2001)

1930- Bryan Kneale -Manx sculptor

1930- Gena Rowlands -American actress

1930- Diana Sowle -American actress

1931- John Dennis (bishop)|John Dennis -English bishop

1932- Pier Angeli -Italian-American actress (d. 1971)

1932- José Sanchis Grau -Spanish author and illustrator (d. 2011)

1932- Marisa Pavan -Italian-American actress

1933- Michael M. Ames -Canadian anthropologist and academic (d. 2006)

1933- Viktor Patsayev -Kazakh engineer and astronaut (d. 1971)

1933- Janusz Sidło -Polish javelin thrower (d. 1993)

1934- Terence Clark -English diplomat, List of Ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Iraq|British Ambassador to Iraq

1934- Gérard Latortue -Haitian politician, 12th Prime Minister of Haiti

1936- Marisa Galvany -American soprano

1936- Shirley Goodman -American singer (Shirley & Company) (d. 2005)

1938- Jean-Claude Labrecque -Canadian director and cinematographer

1938- Wahoo McDaniel -American football player and wrestler (d. 2002)

1938- John Sheil -English lawyer and judge

1938- Ian Smith (actor)|Ian Smith -Australian actor and screenwriter

1939- Bernd Hoss -German footballer and manager

1939- Al Wilson (singer)|Al Wilson -American singer (d. 2008)

1940- Shirley Muldowney -American race car driver

1940- Paul Shane -English actor and singer (d. 2013)

1941- Conchita Carpio-Morales -Filipino jurist

1941- Václav Klaus -Czech politician, 2nd President of the Czech Republic

1942- Jos Brink -Dutch actor and producer (d. 2007)

1942- Neil Chalmers -English zoologist and academic

1942- Merata Mita -New Zealand director and producer (d. 2010)

1942- Jeff Moss -American screenwriter and composer (d. 1998)

1944- Chico Buarque -Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1944- Richard Monette -Canadian actor and director (d. 2008)

1945- Peter Bardens -English keyboard player and songwriter (Camel (band)|Camel, Them (band)|Them, and Mirage (band)|Mirage) (d. 2002)

1945- John Hind (bishop of Chichester)|John Hind -English bishop

1945- Radovan Karadžić -Serbian-Bosnian politician, 1st List of Presidents of Republika Srpska|President of Republika Srpska

1945- Aung San Suu Kyi -Burmese politician, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate

1945- Tobias Wolff -American author

1946- Jimmy Greenhoff -English footballer and manager

1946- Michael Jay, Baron Jay of Ewelme -English diplomat, List of ambassadors of the United Kingdom to France|British Ambassador to France

1947- Salman Rushdie -Indian author

1947- John Ralston Saul -Canadian author

1948- Nick Drake -Burmese-English singer-songwriter (d. 1974)

1948- Barry Hearn -English accountant and businessman

1948- Phylicia Rashād -American actress and singer

1950- Ann Wilson -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Heart (band)|Heart)

1951- Ayman al-Zawahiri -Egyptian terrorist, 2nd leader of al-Qaeda

1951- Patty Larkin -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1951- Francesco Moser -Italian cyclist

1951- Karen Young (Canadian singer)|Karen Young -Canadian singer-songwriter

1952- Bob Ainsworth -English politician, Secretary of State for Defence

1953- Larry Dunn -American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Earth, Wind & Fire)

1953- Hilary Jones (doctor)|Hilary Jones -English physician

1953- Simon Wright (musician)|Simon Wright -English drummer (AC/DC, Dio (band)|Dio, and UFO (band)|UFO)

1954- Mike O'Brien (British politician)|Mike O'Brien -English politician, Solicitor General for England and Wales

1954- Kathleen Turner -American actress

1956- Danny Chauncey -American guitarist (38 Special (band)|38 Special)

1956- Doug Stone -American singer and actor

1957- Anna Lindh -Swedish politician, 39th Minister for Foreign Affairs (Sweden)|Minister of Foreign Affairs for Sweden (d. 2003)

1958- Sergei Makarov -Russian-American ice hockey player

1959- Mark DeBarge -American singer-songwriter and trumpet player (DeBarge)

1959- Sophie Grigson -English chef and author

1959- Christian Wulff -German lawyer and politician, 10th President of Germany

1960- Andrew Dilnot -English economist and academic

1960- Johnny Gray -American runner

1960- Luke Morley -English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (The Union (band)|The Union, Terraplane (band)|Terraplane, and Thunder (band)|Thunder)

1961- Frank Mischke -German footballer

1962- Paula Abdul -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress

1962- Jeremy Bates (tennis)|Jeremy Bates -English tennis player

1962- Peter Bradshaw -English author and critic

1963- Margarita Ponomaryova -Russian hurdler

1963- Rory Underwood -English rugby player

1964- Bill Barretta -American actor and puppeteer

1964- Brent Goulet -American soccer player and manager

1964- Laura Ingraham -American radio host and author

1964- Boris Johnson -American-English journalist and politician, Mayor of London

1964- Sixten Sild -Estonian Orienteering|orienteer

1964- Brian Vander Ark -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (The Verve Pipe)

1965- Sabine Braun -German heptathlete

1965- Luc Donckerwolke -Belgian car designer

1965- Sadie Frost -English actress and producer

1966- Joi Ito -Japanese-American businessman

1966- Michalis Romanidis -Greek basketball player

1966- Samuel West -English actor and director

1967- Bjørn Dæhlie -Norwegian skier

1967- Araceli González -Argentinian model and actress

1967- Mia Sara -American actress

1968- Alastair Lynch -Australian footballer and sportscaster

1968- Timothy Morton -American philosopher

1968- Kim Walker (actress)|Kim Walker -American actress (d. 2001)

1969- Thomas Breitling -American journalist and businessman

1969- Marko Reikop -Estonian journalist

1969- Lara Spencer -American journalist

1970- Rahul Gandhi -Indian politician

1970- Antonis Remos -German-Greek singer

1970- Quincy Watts -American runner

1970- Brian Welch -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Korn and Love and Death (band)|Love and Death)

1972- Jean Dujardin -French actor, director, and producer

1972- Dennis Lyxzén -Swedish singer-songwriter (Refused, AC4, Invasionen, Step Forward, and The (International) Noise Conspiracy)

1972- Ilya Markov -Russian race walker

1972- Brian McBride -American soccer player

1972- Poppy Montgomery -Australian-American actress

1972- Eric Sheffer Stevens -American actor

1972- Robin Tunney -American actress

1973- Jahine Arnold -American football player

1973- Mónica Ayos -Argentinian actress

1973- Yuko Nakazawa -Japanese singer and actress (Morning Musume and Dream Morning Musume)

1973- Yasuhiko Yabuta -Japanese baseball player

1974- Doug Mientkiewicz -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1974- Bumper Robinson -American actor and singer

1975- Ed Coode -English rower

1975- Hugh Dancy -English actor

1975- Colin Osborne -English darts player

1975- Anthony Parker -American basketball player

1975- Geoff Ramsey -American voice actor and producer

1976- Dennis Crowley -American businessman, co-founded Foursquare

1976- Bryan Hughes -English footballer

1976- Ryan Hurst -American actor

1976- Patrick Surtain -American football player

1976- Abdoul Thiam -German footballer

1977- Maria Cioncan -Romanian runner (d. 2007)

1977- Rebecca Loos -Spanish-Dutch model and television host

1977- Peter Warrick -American football player

1978- Tyson Dux -Canadian wrestler

1978- Leo Giamani -American porn actor

1978- Mía Maestro -Argentinian actress and singer

1978- Assefa Mezgebu -Ethiopian runner

1978- Dirk Nowitzki -German basketball player

1978- Zoe Saldana -American actress

1978- Claudio Vargas -Dominican baseball player

1979- Moonika Aava -Estonian javelin thrower

1979- Graeme Ballard -English sprinter

1979- John Duddy -Irish boxer

1979- U Gambira -Burmese monk and activist

1979- Quentin Jammer -American football player

1979- José Kléberson -Brazilian footballer

1980- Adel Abdulaziz -Emirati footballer

1980- Dan Ellis -Canadian ice hockey player

1980- Milka Loff Fernandes -German actress

1980- Robbie Neilson -Scottish footballer and manager

1980- Nuno Santos (footballer born 1980)|Nuno Santos -Portuguese footballer

1980- Lauren Lee Smith -Canadian actress

1981- Mohammed Al-Khuwalidi -Saudi Arabian long jumper

1981- Christina Baily -English actress

1981- Moss Burmester -New Zealand swimmer

1981- Quintin Geldenhuys -South African-Italian rugby player

1982- Joe Cheng -Taiwanese actor and singer

1982- Alexander Frolov -Russian ice hockey player

1982- Trevor Hamilton -Irish murderer

1982- David Pollack -American football player

1982- Chris Vermeulen -Australian motorcycle racer

1983- Macklemore -American rapper (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

1983- Gregor Arbet -Estonian basketball player

1983- Tanja Mihhailova -Russian-Estonian singer and actress

1983- Mark Selby -English snooker player

1983- Aidan Turner -Irish actor

1984- Paul Dano -American actor and producer

1984- Wieke Dijkstra -Dutch field hockey player

1985- Kajal Aggarwal -Indian actress

1985- Jason Capizzi -American football player

1985- Stéphanie Montreux -Australian actress and singer

1985- José Ernesto Sosa -Argentinian footballer

1985- Dire Tune -Ethiopian runner

1986- Lázaro Borges -Cuban pole vaulter

1986- Nazareno Casero -Argentinian actor

1986- Andrea De Falco -Italian footballer

1986- Sjoerd Huisman -Dutch speed skater (d. 2013)

1986- Diego Hypólito -Brazilian gymnast

1986- Erin Mackey -American actress and singer

1986- Dimitris Sialmas -Greek footballer

1986- Marvin Williams -American basketball player

1987- Sthefany Brito -Brazilian actress

1987- Miho Fukuhara -Japanese singer and actress (Sweetbox)

1987- Rashard Mendenhall -American football player

1987- Ashli Orion -American porn actress

1987- Rachael Todd -American model, Miss Florida|Miss Florida 2009

1990- Moa Hjelmer -Swedish sprinter

1992- Oscar Taveras -Dominican-Canadian baseball player (d. 2014)

1995- Blake Woodruff -American actor

1996- Larisa Iordache -Romanian gymnast

1998- Atticus Shaffer -American actor