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Famous Birthdays

154- Bardaisan -Syrian astrologer, scholar, and philosopher (d. 222)

1274- Robert the Bruce -Scottish king (d. 1329)

1558- Robert Greene (dramatist)|Robert Greene -English author and playwright (d. 1592)

1561- Luis de Góngora -Spanish poet (d. 1627)

1603- Kenelm Digby -English courtier and diplomat (d. 1665)

1628- Tokugawa Mitsukuni -Japanese daimyo (d. 1701)

1653- Sarah Good -American woman accused of witchcraft (d. 1692)

1657- Frederick I of Prussia -(d. 1713)

1662- Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria -(d. 1726)

1709- Johan Gottschalk Wallerius -Swedish chemist and mineralogist (d. 1785)

1723- Jean-François Marmontel -French historian and author (d. 1799)

1751- Caroline Matilda of Great Britain -(d. 1775)

1754- Thomas Bowdler -English physician and philanthropist (d. 1825)

1767- John Quincy Adams -American lawyer and politician, 6th President of the United States (d. 1848)

1826- Alexander Afanasyev -Russian ethnographer and author (d. 1871)

1832- Charilaos Trikoupis -Greek politician, 55th Prime Minister of Greece (d. 1896)

1834- James Abbott McNeill Whistler -American-English painter and illustrator (d. 1903)

1836- Antônio Carlos Gomes -Brazilian composer (d. 1896)

1846- Léon Bloy -French author and poet (d. 1917)

1850- Annie Armstrong -American missionary (d. 1938)

1851- Millie and Christine McKoy -American conjoined twins (d. 1912)

1866- Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine -(d. 1953)

1880- Friedrich Lahrs -German architect and academic (d. 1964)

1882- James Larkin White -American miner, explorer, and park ranger (d. 1946)

1886- Boris Grigoriev -Russian painter (d. 1939)

1888- Carl Schmitt -German philosopher and jurist (d. 1985)

1892- Thomas Mitchell (actor)|Thomas Mitchell -American actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 1962)

1895- Dorothy Wilde -English-Irish author (d. 1941)

1897- Bull Connor -American police officer (d. 1973)

1899- Wilfrid Israel -Anglo-German businessman and philanthropist, active in rescuing Jews from Nazi Germany (d. 1943)

1899- E. B. White -American author and poet (d. 1985)

1903- Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher -Russian colonel (d. 1971)

1903- Sidney Franklin (bullfighter)|Sidney Franklin -American bullfighter (d. 1976)

1904- Niño Ricardo -Spanish guitarist and composer (d. 1972)

1906- Herbert Wehner -German politician, Minister of Intra-German Relations (d. 1990)

1908- Karl Nabersberg -German youth leader (d. 1946)

1910- Irene Hervey -American actress (d. 1998)

1911- Erna Flegel -German nurse (d. 2006)

1912- Sergiu Celibidache -Romanian conductor and composer (d. 1996)

1912- William F. Walsh -American captain and politician, 48th List of mayors of Syracuse, New York|Mayor of Syracuse (d. 2011)

1913- Cordwainer Smith -American sinologist, author, and academic (d. 1966)

1916- Alexander Prokhorov -Australian-Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2002)

1916- Reg Varney -English actor and screenwriter (d. 2008)

1916- Gough Whitlam -Australian lieutenant, lawyer, and politician, 21st Prime Minister of Australia (d. 2014)

1918- Venetia Burney -English educator, who named Pluto (d. 2009)

1920- Yul Brynner -Russian-American actor and director (d. 1985)

1920- James von Brunn -American murderer, committed the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting (d. 2010)

1921- Ilse Werner -Dutch-German actress and singer (d. 2005)

1922- Gene Evans -American actor (d. 1998)

1923- Richard Pipes -Polish-American historian and academic

1923- Tun Tun -Indian actress and singer (d. 2003)

1924- César Lattes -Brazilian physicist and academic (d. 2005)

1924- Brett Somers -Canadian-American actress and singer (d. 2007)

1924- Charlie Tully -Irish footballer and manager (d. 1971)

1925- Nicolai Gedda -Swedish tenor

1925- Peter Kyros -American lawyer and politician (d. 2012)

1925- Sid Smith (ice hockey)|Sid Smith -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2004)

1926- Frederick Buechner -American minister, theologian, and author

1927- Theodore Maiman -American-Canadian physicist and engineer (d. 2007)

1928- Greville Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone -Welsh lawyer and politician

1928- Bobo Olson -American boxer (d. 2002)

1929- Danny Flores -singer-songwriter and saxophonist (The Champs) (d. 2006)

1929- David Kelly (actor)|David Kelly -Irish actor (d. 2012)

1929- Hermann Prey -German opera singer (d. 1998)

1930- Harold Bloom -American author and critic

1930- Trevor Storer -English businessman, founded Pukka Pies (d. 2013)

1931- Dick Gray -American baseball player (d. 2013)

1931- Thurston Harris -American singer (d. 1990)

1931- Tab Hunter -American actor and singer

1931- Tullio Regge -Italian physicist and academic

1932- Jean-Guy Talbot -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1933- Jim Carlen -American football player and coach (d. 2012)

1933- Frank Kelso -American admiral (d. 2013)

1934- Giorgio Armani -Italian fashion designer, founded the Armani|Armani Company

1935- Frederick Hemke -American saxophonist and educator

1935- Oliver Napier -Irish lawyer and politician (d. 2011)

1937- Pai Hsien-yung -Chinese-Taiwanese author

1938- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich -American historian and scholar

1940- Yvon Charbonneau -Canadian politician

1941- Michael Giannatos -Turkish-Greek actor (d. 2013)

1941- Henry Lowther (musician)|Henry Lowther -English trumpet player

1941- Clive Puzey -Zimbabwean race car driver

1943- Oscar D'León -Venezuelan bass player (Dimensión Latina)

1943- Howard Gardner -American psychologist and academic

1943- Tom Holland (director)|Tom Holland -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1943- Peter Jensen (bishop)|Peter Jensen -Australian metropolitan

1943- Robert Malval -Haitian politician, 5th Prime Minister of Haiti

1943- Rolf Stommelen -German race car driver (d. 1983)

1944- Lou Hudson -American basketball player (d. 2014)

1944- Michael Levy, Baron Levy -English philanthropist

1944- Patricia Polacco -American author and illustrator

1946- Bill Boggs -American television presenter and journalist

1946- Cuthbert Johnson -English priest

1946- Beverly Todd -American actress

1947- Richard Chartres -English bishop

1947- John Holt (singer)|John Holt -Jamaican singer-songwriter (The Paragons) (d. 2014)

1947- Norman Lebrecht -English author and critic

1947- Bo Lundgren -Swedish politician

1949- Liona Boyd -English-Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1949- Jay Johnson (ventriloquist)|Jay Johnson -American ventriloquist and actor

1950- Pervez Hoodbhoy -Pakistani physicist and academic

1950- Bruce McGill -American actor

1950- J. R. Morgan -Welsh author and academic

1950- Bonnie Pointer -American singer (The Pointer Sisters)

1951- Ed Ott -American baseball player and coach

1952- Bill Barber -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1952- John Kettley -English meteorologist and journalist

1953- Piyasvasti Amranand -Thai politician, Ministry of Energy (Thailand)|Thai Minister of Energy

1953- Angélica Aragón -Mexican actress

1953- Peter Brown (singer)|Peter Brown -American singer-songwriter and producer

1953- Lon Burnam -American politician

1953- Larry Evans (American football)|Larry Evans -American football player

1953- Cats Falck -Swedish journalist (d. 1984)

1953- William Patey -Scottish diplomat

1953- Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu -Indian politician

1953- Wu Shu-chen -Chinese wife of Chen Shui-bian

1953- Patricia Reyes Spíndola -Mexican actress, director, and producer

1953- Leon Spinks -American boxer

1953- Mindy Sterling -American actress

1953- Ivan Toms -South African physician and activist (d. 2008)

1953- Bramwell Tovey -English-Canadian conductor and composer

1953- Paul Weiland -English director, producer, and screenwriter

1954- Julia King -English engineer and academic

1954- Butch Reed -American wrestler

1955- Balaji Sadasivan -Singaporean neurosurgeon and politician (d. 2010)

1956- Amitav Ghosh -Indian American fiction writer

1956- Robin Renucci -French actor and director

1956- Sela Ward -American actress

1957- Peter Murphy (musician)|Peter Murphy -English singer-songwriter (Bauhaus (band)|Bauhaus and Dalis Car)

1957- Johann Lamont -Scottish educator and politician

1957- Peter Oborne -English journalist

1957- Michael Rose (singer)|Michael Rose -Jamaican singer-songwriter (Black Uhuru)

1958- Andrew Gilbert-Scott -English race car car driver

1958- Hugo Sánchez -Mexican footballer, coach, and manager

1959- Dave Bennett (footballer born 1959)|Dave Bennett -English footballer

1959- Richie Sambora -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Bon Jovi)

1959- Suzanne Vega -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1960- David Baerwald -American singer-songwriter (David & David)

1960- Caroline Quentin -English actress

1961- Antony Jenkins -English banker and businessman

1962- Gaétan Duchesne -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2007)

1962- Pauline McLynn -Irish actress

1963- Al MacInnis -Canadian ice hockey player

1963- Dean Richards (rugby union)|Dean Richards -English rugby player and coach

1963- Lisa Rinna -American actress and talk show host

1964- Craig Charles -English actor

1965- Tony Cottee -English footballer, manager, and sportscaster

1965- Ernesto Hoost -Dutch kick-boxer

1965- Scott Shriner -American bass player (Weezer)

1966- Nadeem Aslam -Pakistani-English author

1966- Greg Grunberg -American actor and producer

1966- Kentaro Miura -Japanese author and illustrator

1966- Mick Molloy -Australian actor, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Bo Sanchez -Filipino minister and author

1966- Rod Strickland -American basketball player

1967- Andy Ashby -American baseball player

1967- Jeff Corwin -American television host and producer

1967- Jhumpa Lahiri -English-American author and academic

1967- Donne Wall -American baseball player

1968- Michael Geist -Canadian journalist and academic

1968- Daniel MacMaster -Canadian singer-songwriter (Bonham (band)|Bonham) (d. 2008)

1968- Esera Tuaolo -American football player

1969- David Tao -Taiwanese singer-songwriter

1970- Justin Chambers -American actor

1970- Mark Fox (journalist)|Mark Fox -English journalist

1970- Sajjad Karim -English politician

1971- Leisha Hailey -Japanese-American singer-songwriter and actress (Uh Huh Her (band)|Uh Huh Her and The Murmurs)

1972- Jussi 69 -Finnish drummer (The 69 Eyes)

1972- Cormac Battle -English-Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Kerbdog and Wilt)

1972- Steven Richards -Australian race car driver

1972- Michael Rosenbaum -American actor, director, and producer

1973- Andrew Bird -American singer-songwriter and violinist (Squirrel Nut Zippers and Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire)

1973- Konstantinos Kenteris -Greek runner

1974- Alanas Chošnau -Lithuanian singer-songwriter

1974- Hermann Hreiðarsson -Icelandic footballer and manager

1974- André Ooijer -Dutch footballer

1975- OX (rock musician)|OX -Finnish bass player (Lordi)

1975- Bridgette Andersen -American actress (d. 1997)

1975- Willie Anderson (American football)|Willie Anderson -American football player

1975- Rubén Baraja -Spanish footballer and manager

1975- Riona Hazuki -Japanese actress

1975- Lil' Kim -American rapper, producer, and actress

1975- Nadya Suleman -American mother of the Suleman octuplets

1976- Eduardo Nájera -Mexican-American basketball player and coach

1977- Brandon Short -American football player and sportscaster

1978- Kathleen Edwards -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1978- Massimiliano Rosolino -Italian swimmer

1979- Raio Piiroja -Estonian footballer

1979- Lauris Reiniks -Latvian singer-songwriter and actor

1980- Tyson Kidd -Canadian wrestler

1980- Kevin Powers -American soldier and author

1980- Im Soo-jung -South Korean actress

1981- Andre Johnson -American football player

1982- Chris Cooley (American football)|Chris Cooley -American football player

1982- Lil Zane -American rapper and actor

1983- Peter Cincotti -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1983- Kelly Poon -Singaporean singer

1983- Evan Roberts (radio personality)|Evan Roberts -American radio host

1983- Marie Serneholt -Swedish singer and dancer (A-Teens)

1983- Kellie Shirley -English actress

1984- Yorman Bazardo -Venezuelan baseball player

1984- Tanith Belbin -Canadian-American ice dancer

1984- Hitomi Hyuga -Japanese actress

1984- Jacoby Jones -American footballer player

1984- Hokuto "Hok" Konishi -Japanese-American dancer

1984- Joe Pavelski -American ice hockey player

1984- Morné Steyn -South African rugby player

1984- Rachael Taylor -Australian actress

1985- Robert Adamson (actor)|Robert Adamson -American actor

1985- Orestis Karnezis -Greek footballer

1985- Aki Maeda -Japanese actress and singer

1986- Raúl García (footballer)|Raúl García -Spanish footballer

1986- Yoann Gourcuff -French footballer

1986- Ryan Jarvis -English footballer

1987- Shigeaki Kato -Japanese singer and actor (News (band)|NEWS and K.K.Kity)

1988- Yuka Iguchi -Japanese voice actress

1988- Étienne Capoue -French footballer

1988- Annette Melton -Australian actress and model

1988- Natalya Zhedik -Russian basketball player

1989- Shareeka Epps -American actress

1989- David Henrie -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1989- Liel Kolet -Israeli singer

1989- Tobias Sana -Swedish footballer

1990- Mona Barthel -German tennis player

1990- George Craig (musician)|George Craig -English singer-songwriter and model (One Night Only (band)|One Night Only)

1990- Adam Jezierski -Polish-Spanish actor and singer

1990- Connor Paolo -American actor

1990- Patrick Peterson -American football player

1990- Kelsey Sanders -American actress and singer

1990- Caroline Wozniacki -Danish tennis player

1991- Alice Svensson -Vietnamese-Swedish singer

1993- Rebecca Bross -American gymnast

1993- Georgia Henshaw -Welsh actress

1993- Heini Salonen -Finnish tennis player

1994- Lucas Ocampos -Argentinian footballer

1994- Nina Nesbitt -Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

1995- Tyler Medeiros -Canadian singer-songwriter and dancer