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Day History: January-2

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Events History

366-The Alemanni -cross the frozen Rhine River in large numbers, invading the Roman Empire.

533-Mercurius becomes Pope John II -the first pope to adopt a new name upon elevation to the Pope|papacy.

1492- Reconquista -the Emirate of Granada, the last Moors|Moorish stronghold in Spain, surrenders.

1777- American Revolutionary War -United States|American forces under the command of George Washington repulsed a Kingdom of Great Britain|British attack at the Battle of the Assunpink Creek near Trenton, New Jersey.

1788- Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia -becomes the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution.

1791- Big Bottom massacre -in the Ohio Country, marking the beginning of the Northwest Indian War.

1818-The British Institution of Civil Engineers -is founded.

1833- Reassertion of British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (1833)|Reassertion of British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands -

1860-The discovery of the planet Vulcan (hypothetical planet)|Vulcan -is announced at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris|Paris, France.

1865- Uruguayan War -The Siege of Paysandú ends as Empire of Brazil|Brazilian and Colorado Party (Uruguay)|Coloradans capture Paysandú, Uruguay.

1871- Amadeo I of Spain|Amadeus I -becomes Monarchy of Spain|King of Spain.

1900-American Statesman and diplomat John Hay -announces the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China.

1905- Russo-Japanese War -The Russian garrison surrenders at Lüshunkou District|Port Arthur, China.

1911-A Siege of Sidney Street|gun battle -in the East End of London left two dead and sparked a political row over the involvement of then-Home Secretary Winston Churchill.

1920-The second Palmer Raids|Palmer Raid -takes place with another 6,000 suspected communists and anarchists arrested and held without trial. These raids take place in several U.S. cities.

1927-Angered by the anti-clerical provisions of the Constitution of Mexico|Mexican Constitution of 1917 -Catholic rebels in Mexico Cristero War|rebelled against the government.

1935- Richard Hauptmann|Bruno Hauptmann -goes on trial for the murder of Lindbergh kidnapping|Charles Lindbergh, Jr., infant son of aviator Charles Lindbergh.

1941- World War II -Strategic bombing during World War II|German bombing severely damages the Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff|Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

1942-The Federal Bureau of Investigation -(FBI) convicts 33 members of a German spy ring headed by Fritz Joubert Duquesne in the largest espionage case in United States history—the Duquesne Spy Ring.

1942-World War II: Manila -Philippines is captured by Japanese forces.

1945-World War II: Nuremberg -Germany (in German, Nürnberg) is severely bombed by Allies of World War II|Allied forces.

1949- Luis Muñoz Marín -becomes the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico.

1955- Panama -ian president José Antonio Remón Cantera is assassinated.

1959-'' Luna 1 -', the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun, is launched by the Soviet Union.

1963- Vietnam War -The Viet Cong wins its first major victory in the Battle of Ap Bac.

1967- Ronald Reagan -sworn in as Governor of California

1971-The second 1971 Ibrox disaster|Ibrox disaster -kills 66 fans at a Rangers F.C.|Rangers-Celtic F.C.|Celtic association football (soccer) match.

1974- President of the United States|United States President -Richard Nixon signs a National Maximum Speed Law#Enactment|bill lowering the maximum U.S. speed limit to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline during an OPEC embargo.

1975-A bomb blast at Samastipur -Bihar, India, fatally wounds Minister of Railways (India)|Minister of Railways Lalit Narayan Mishra.

1975-Bangladeshi Marxist leader Siraj Sikder -is arrested and dies while in police custody.

1976-The Gale of January 1976 -begins, which results in coastal flooding around the southern North Sea coasts, resulting in at least 82 deaths and US$1.3 billion in damage.

1981-One of the largest investigations by a British police force ends when serial killer Peter Sutcliffe -the "Yorkshire Ripper", is arrested in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

1992-Leaders of armed opposition declare the President of Georgia|President -Zviad Gamsakhurdia deposed during a military coup in Georgia (country)|Georgia.

1993- Sri Lankan Civil War -The Sri Lanka Navy Jaffna lagoon massacre|kill 35-100 civilians on the Jaffna Lagoon.

1999-A North American blizzard of 1999|brutal snowstorm -smashes into the Midwestern United States, causing 14 inches (359 mm) of snow in Milwaukee|Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 19 inches (487 mm) in Chicago|Chicago, Illinois, where temperatures plunge to -13 °F (-25 °C); 68 deaths are reported.

2004-'' Stardust (spacecraft)|Stardust -' successfully flies past Comet 81P/Wild|Wild 2, collecting samples that are returned to Earth.

2006-An Sago Mine disaster|explosion -in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia traps and kills 12 miners, while leaving one miner in critical condition.

Famous Birthdays

1642- Mehmed IV -Ottoman sultan (d. 1693)

1647- Nathaniel Bacon (colonist)|Nathaniel Bacon -English-American rebel leader (d. 1676)

1699- Osman III -Ottoman sultan (d. 1757)

1713- Marie Dumesnil -French actress (d. 1803)

1719- Jacques-Alexandre Laffon de Ladebat -French shipbuilder (d. 1797)

1727- James Wolfe -English general (d. 1759)

1732- František Brixi -Czech composer (d. 1771)

1777- Christian Daniel Rauch -German sculptor (d. 1857)

1822- Rudolf Clausius -German physicist (d. 1888)

1827- Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky -Russian geographer and statistician (d. 1914)

1833- Frederick A. Johnson -American politician (d. 1893)

1836- Queen Emma of Hawaii -(d. 1885)

1836- Mendele Mocher Sforim -Russian author (d. 1917)

1837- Mily Balakirev -Russian pianist and composer (d. 1910)

1857- M. Carey Thomas -American educator and activist (d. 1935)

1860- William Corless Mills -American historian (d. 1928)

1860- Dugald Campbell Patterson -Canadian engineer (d. 1931)

1866- Gilbert Murray -Australian scholar (d. 1957)

1870- Ernst Barlach -German sculptor (d. 1938)

1873- Thérèse of Lisieux -French nun and saint (d. 1897)

1873- Antonie Pannekoek -Dutch astronomer and theorist (d. 1960)

1877- Slava Raškaj -Croatian painter (d. 1906)

1878- Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai -Indian activist (d. 1970)

1879- Rudolf Bauer (athlete)|Rudolf Bauer -Hungarian discus thrower (d. 1932)

1882- Herbert von Petersdorff -German swimmer (d. 1917)

1884- Ben-Zion Dinur -Russian-Israeli educator, historian and politician (d. 1973)

1885- Gordon Flowerdew -Canadian lieutenant, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1918)

1886- Apsley Cherry-Garrard -English explorer (d. 1959)

1886- Florence Lawrence -Canadian actress (d. 1938)

1889- Bertram Stevens (politician)|Bertram Stevens -Australian politician, 25th Premier of New South Wales (d. 1973)

1890- Henrik Visnapuu -Estonian poet and dramatist (d. 1951)

1891- Giovanni Michelucci -Italian architect, designed the Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station (d. 1990)

1892- Seiichiro Kashio -Japanese tennis player (d. 1962)

1893- Lillian Leitzel -German acrobat and strongwoman (d. 1931)

1893- Elmar Reimann -Estonian runner (d. 1963)

1895- Folke Bernadotte -Swedish diplomat (d. 1948)

1896- Dziga Vertov -Russian director (d. 1954)

1896- Lawrence Wackett -Australian engineer (d. 1982)

1897- Jim Londos -Greek wrestler (d. 1975)

1898- Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander -American economist, attorney and the first national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (d. 1989)

1900- William Haines -American actor and interior designer (d. 1973)

1901- Bob Marshall (wilderness activist)|Bob Marshall -American activist (d. 1939)

1902- Dan Keating -Irish soldier (d. 2007)

1904- Truus Klapwijk -Dutch diver and swimmer (d. 1991)

1905- Jainendra Kumar -Indian author (d. 1988)

1905- Lev Schnirelmann -Russian mathematician (d. 1938)

1905- Michael Tippett -English composer (d. 1998)

1905- Luigi Zampa -Italian director and screenwriter (d. 1991)

1909- Riccardo Cassin -Italian mountaineer (d. 2009)

1909- Barry Goldwater -American general and politician (d. 1998)

1913- Anna Lee -English actress (d. 2004)

1913- Juanita Jackson Mitchell -American lawyer (d. 1992)

1914- Noor Inayat Khan -Russian-English Special Operations Executive|SOE agent (d. 1944)

1914- Vivian Stuart -Burmese author (d. 1986)

1916- Zypora Spaisman -Polish-American actress and producer (d. 2002)

1917- Vera Zorina -German-Norwegian actress and dancer (d. 2003)

1918- Willi Graf -German activist (d. 1943)

1920- Isaac Asimov -American chemist and author (d. 1992)

1921- Glen Harmon -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2007)

1921- Jan Slepian -American author

1923- Rachel Waterhouse -English historian and author

1924- Evgenios Spatharis -Greek puppeteer (d. 2009)

1925- William J. Crowe -American admiral and diplomat (d. 2007)

1925- Larry Harmon -American clown (d. 2008)

1926- Howard Caine -American director (d. 1993)

1927- Grigoris Varfis -Greek politician

1928- Avie Bennett -Canadian businessman and philanthropist

1928- Robert Goralski -American journalist (d. 1988)

1928- Daisaku Ikeda -Japanese spiritual leader

1929- Lehri (actor)|Lehri -Pakistani actor and comedian (d. 2012)

1930- Julius La Rosa -American singer

1931- Toshiki Kaifu -Japanese politician, 76th Prime Minister of Japan

1932- Peter Redgrove -English poet, author, and playwright (d. 2003)

1932- Richard Thorp -English actor (d. 2013)

1933- Ed Casey -Australian politician (d. 2006)

1933- On Kawara -Japanese painter

1933- Seiichi Morimura -Japanese author

1933- Richard Riley -American politician, 111th Governor of South Carolina

1933- Keith Thomas (historian)|Keith Thomas -Welsh historian

1935- David McKee -English author and illustrator

1935- K. Navaratnam -Sri Lankan politician

1935- Lolo Soetoro -Indonesian geographer (d. 1987)

1936- Roger Miller -American singer-songwriter and actor (d. 1992)

1937- David Bailey -English photographer

1938- Hans Herbjørnsrud -Norwegian author

1938- Goh Kun -South Korean politician, 31st Prime Minister of South Korea

1938- Robert Smithson -American sculptor and photographer (d. 1973)

1940- Susan Wittig Albert -American author

1940- Jim Bakker -American minister and television host

1940- S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan -Indian-American mathematician

1942- Dennis Hastert -American politician, 59th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

1942- Ray Moore (broadcaster)|Ray Moore -English radio host (d. 1989)

1942- Hugh Shelton -American general

1943- Barış Manço -Turkish singer-songwriter and producer (d. 1999)

1944- Péter Eötvös -Hungarian composer and conductor

1944- Norodom Ranariddh -Cambodian politician

1946- Richard Cole -English talent manager

1946- Sonny Ruberto -American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 2014)

1947- Jack Hanna -American zoologist

1947- Calvin Hill -American football player

1947- David Shapiro (poet)|David Shapiro -American poet, historian, and critic

1947- Valery Shary -Belarusian weightlifter

1948- Judith Miller -American journalist

1948- Tony Woodley -English union leader

1949- Christopher Durang -American playwright

1949- Jean Krier -Luxembourger poet (d. 2013)

1949- Leijn Loevesijn -Dutch cyclist

1949- John Turner (cricketer)|John Turner -English cricketer (d. 2012)

1950- Débora Duarte -Brazilian actress

1950- David Shifrin -American clarinet player

1950- Anatoli Ushanov -Russian footballer and coach

1950- Leo van der Goot -Dutch singer and radio host

1951- Stipe Božić -Croatian mountaineer

1951- Jim Essian -American baseball player

1951- Alexander Pogrebinsky -Russian painter

1952- Jimmy Santiago Baca -American poet and author

1952- Robbie Ftorek -American ice hockey player

1952- Christine Lavin -American singer-songwriter (Four Bitchin' Babes)

1952- Wendy Phillips -American actress

1952- Graeme Strachan -Australian singer-songwriter (Skyhooks (band)|Skyhooks) (d. 2001)

1953- Vincent Racaniello -American virologist, author, and academic

1953- Jacques Tichelaar -Dutch politician and union leader

1953- Manfred Wittke -German footballer

1954- Henry Bonilla -American politician

1954- Dawn Silva -American singer

1955- Tex Brashear -American voice actor

1955- Agathonas Iakovidis -Greek singer

1955- Vivien Savage -French singer-songwriter

1956- Lynda Barry -American cartoonist and author

1956- John Bedford Lloyd -American actor

1956- Jishu Dasgupta -Indian actor and director (d. 2012)

1958- Helen Goodman -English politician

1958- Vladimir Ovchinnikov (pianist)|Vladimir Ovchinnikov -Russian pianist

1959- Kirti Azad -Indian cricketer and politician

1959- Kim Coates -Canadian-American actor

1960- Raman Lamba -Indian cricketer (d. 1998)

1960- Naoki Urasawa -Japanese illustrator

1961- Gabrielle Carteris -American actress

1961- IJsbrand Chardon -Dutch horse rider

1961- Todd Haynes -American director

1961- Craig James (American football)|Craig James -American football player

1961- Robert Wexler -American lawyer and politician

1963- David Cone -American baseball player

1963- Edgar Martínez -American baseball player

1964- Luis d'Antin -Spanish motorcycle racer

1964- Michael McCann (politician)|Michael McCann -Scottish politician

1964- Luis Moro -Cuban-American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1964- Pernell Whitaker -American boxer

1965- Greg Swindell -American baseball player

1966- Kate Hodge -American actress and producer

1967- Tia Carrere -American actress and singer

1967- Jón Gnarr -Icelandic actor and politician

1967- Robert Liberace -American painter

1967- Francois Pienaar -South African rugby player

1968- Cuba Gooding, Jr. -American actor

1968- Evan Parke -Jamaican-American actor

1968- Goichi Suda -Japanese video game designer

1968- Anky van Grunsven -Dutch horse rider

1969- William Fox-Pitt -English horse rider

1969- Robby Gordon -American race car driver

1969- Karl-Heinz Grasser -Austrian politician

1969- Patrick Huard -Canadian actor and comedian

1969- Glen Johnson (boxer)|Glen Johnson -Jamaican boxer

1969- Tommy Morrison -American boxer and actor (d. 2013)

1969- Róbert Švehla -Slovak ice hockey player

1969- Christy Turlington -American model

1970- Royce Clayton -American baseball player

1970- Sanda Ladoși -Romanian singer

1970- Eric Whitacre -American composer and conductor

1971- Taye Diggs -American actor, singer, and producer

1971- Renée Elise Goldsberry -American actress and singer

1971- Lisa Harrison -American basketball player

1971- Markus Hoffmann -German actor (d. 1997)

1971- Yutaka Takenouchi -Japanese actor

1972- Adam Elliot -Australian animator and screenwriter

1972- Rodney MacDonald -Canadian politician, 26th Premier of Nova Scotia

1972- Hristos Meletoglou -Greek triple jumper

1972- Mattias Norström -Swedish ice hockey player

1973- Lucy Davis -English actress

1974- Jason de Vos -Canadian soccer player

1974- Tomáš Řepka -Czech footballer

1974- Deborah Sengl -Austrian painter and artist

1975- Chris Cheney -Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer (The Living End and The Wrights)

1975- David Sandström -Swedish singer-songwriter and drummer (Refused, AC4 and Final Exit (band)|Final Exit)

1975- Dax Shepard -American actor and director

1975- Jeff Suppan -American baseball player

1975- Reuben Thorne -New Zealand rugby player

1976- Hrysopiyi Devetzi -Greek triple jumper

1976- Danilo Di Luca -Italian cyclist

1976- Mahée Paiement -Canadian actress

1976- Phil Radford -American ecologist and environmentalist

1976- Paz Vega -Spanish actress

1977- Brian Boucher -American ice hockey player

1977- Stefan Koubek -Austrian tennis player

1977- Aleš Píša -Czech ice hockey player

1977- Nikos Soultanidis -Greek footballer

1978- Karina Smirnoff -Ukrainian-American dancer

1978- Kjartan Sveinsson -Icelandic keyboard player (Sigur Rós)

1978- Megumi Toyoguchi -Japanese voice actress

1979- Tim Cruz -American singer (B3 (band)|B3 and React (band)|React)

1979- Jonathan Greening -English footballer

1980- Annie Bellemare -Canadian figure skater

1980- Mac Danzig -American mixed martial artist

1980- Georgios Dedas -Greek basketball player

1980- Melvin Holwijn -Dutch footballer

1980- Jérôme Pineau -French cyclist

1981- Hanno Balitsch -German footballer

1981- Ryan Garko -American baseball player

1981- Kirk Hinrich -American basketball player

1981- Maxi Rodríguez -Argentine footballer

1982- Athanasia Tsoumeleka -Greek race walker

1983- Kate Bosworth -American actress

1984- Otacilio Jales -Brazilian footballer

1985- Ivan Dodig -Croatian tennis player

1985- Heather O'Reilly -American soccer player

1986- Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu -Turkish-Bosnian footballer (d. 2012)

1986- Nicolás Bertolo -Argentine footballer

1986- Nathan Cohen (rower)|Nathan Cohen -New Zealand rower

1986- Trombone Shorty -American trumpet player

1988- Damien Tussac -French-German rugby player

1989- Maksims Bogdanovs -Latvian motorcycle racer

1989- Romain Dedola -French footballer

1990- Karel Abraham -Czech motorcycle racer

1990- Maurício Alves Peruchi -Brazilian footballer (d. 2014)

1991- Katrin Loo -Estonian footballer

1991- Davide Santon -Italian footballer

1991- Steele Sidebottom -Australian footballer

1992- Anna Arina Marenko -Russian tennis player

2001- Christopher Barrios, Jr. -American murder victim (d. 2007)

History of Deaths

1512- Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden)|Svante Nilsson -Sweden politician (b. 1460)

1514- William Smyth -English bishop (b. 1460)

1557- Pontormo -Italian painter (b. 1494)

1664- George II of Fleckenstein-Dagstuhl -(b. 1588)

1726- Domenico Zipoli -Italian composer (b. 1688)

1861- Frederick William IV of Prussia -(b. 1795)

1892- George Biddell Airy -English mathematician and astronomer (b. 1801)

1904- James Longstreet -American general (b. 1821)

1913- Léon Teisserenc de Bort -French meteorologist (b. 1855)

1915- Karl Goldmark -Hungarian composer (b. 1830)

1917- Léon Flameng -French cyclist (b. 1877)

1920- Paul Adam (French novelist)|Paul Adam -French author (b. 1862)

1921- Doud Eisenhower -American son of Dwight D. Eisenhower (b. 1917)

1924- Sabine Baring-Gould -English author and scholar (b. 1834)

1939- Roman Dmowski -Polish politician (b. 1864)

1941- Mischa Levitzki -Russian-American pianist (b. 1898)

1946- Joe Darling -Australian cricketer (b. 1870)

1948- Vicente Huidobro -Chilean poet (b. 1893)

1950- James Dooley (politician)|James Dooley -Irish-Australian politician, 21st Premier of New South Wales (b. 1877)

1950- Theophrastos Sakellaridis -Greek composer and conductor (b. 1883)

1951- William Campion -English army officer and politician, 21st Governor of Western Australia (b. 1870)

1959- Chris van Abkoude -Dutch-American author (b. 1880)

1960- Fausto Coppi -Italian cyclist (b. 1919)

1960- Paul Sauvé -Canadian lawyer and politician, 17th Premier of Quebec (b. 1907)

1963- Jack Carson -Canadian-American actor (b. 1910)

1963- Dick Powell -American actor, singer, director, and producer (b. 1904)

1968- Nikolai Stepulov -Estonian boxer (b. 1913)

1971- E. V. Knox -English poet (b. 1881)

1974- Tex Ritter -American singer and actor (b. 1905)

1977- Erroll Garner -American pianist and composer (b. 1921)

1983- Dick Emery -English comedian and actor (b. 1915)

1986- Una Merkel -American actress (b. 1903)

1987- Harekrushna Mahatab -Indian journalist and politician, 1st List of Chief Ministers of Odisha|Chief Minister of Odisha (b. 1899)

1989- Safdar Hashmi -Indian actor, director, and playwright (b. 1954)

1990- Evangelos Averoff -Greek politician (b. 1910)

1990- Leonhard Merzin -Estonian actor (b. 1934)

1994- Dixy Lee Ray -American politician, 17th Governor of Washington (b. 1914)

1994- Pierre-Paul Schweitzer -French businessman (b. 1915)

1995- Siad Barre -Somalian military officer and politician, 3rd List of Presidents of Somalia|President of Somalia (b. 1919)

1996- Karl Targownik -Hungarian psychiatrist (b. 1915)

1996- Karl Rappan -Austrian footballer and coach (b. 1905)

1997- Randy California -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Spirit (band)|Spirit and The Blue Flame) (b. 1951)

1998- Frank Muir -English radio host (b. 1920)

1999- Sebastian Haffner -German journalist and author (b. 1907)

1999- Rolf Liebermann -Swiss composer (b. 1910)

2000- Patrick O'Brian -English author (b. 1914)

2000- Elmo Zumwalt -American admiral (b. 1920)

2001- William P. Rogers -American politician, 55th United States Secretary of State (b. 1913)

2002- Armi Aavikko -Finnish model and singer, Miss Finland|Miss Finland 1977 (b. 1958)

2005- Frank Kelly Freas -American illustrator (b. 1922)

2005- Maclyn McCarty -American geneticist (b. 1911)

2005- Edo Murtić -Croatian painter (b. 1921)

2006- Cecilia Muñoz-Palma -Filipino jurist (b. 1913)

2006- Lidia Wysocka -Polish actress (b. 1916)

2007- Garry Betty -American businessman (b. 1957)

2007- Elizabeth Fox-Genovese -American historian (b. 1941)

2007- Mauno Jokipii -Finnish academic and author (b. 1924)

2007- Teddy Kollek -Hungarian-Israeli politician (b. 1911)

2007- Paek Nam-sun -North Korean politician (b. 1929)

2007- A. Richard Newton -Australian-American engineer and academic (b. 1951)

2007- David Perkins (geneticist)|David Perkins -American geneticist (b. 1919)

2007- Robert C. Solomon -American scholar (b. 1942)

2008- Lee S. Dreyfus -American politician, 40th Governor of Wisconsin (b. 1926)

2008- George MacDonald Fraser -English journalist and author (b. 1925)

2008- Martinus Tels -Dutch physicist and engineer (b. 1926)

2008- Galyani Vadhana -Thai princess (b. 1923)

2009- Inger Christensen -Danish poet (b. 1935)

2009- Maria de Jesus -Portuguese super-centenarian (b. 1893)

2010- David R. Ross -Scottish historian and author (b. 1958)

2011- Anne Francis -American actress (b. 1930)

2011- Pete Postlethwaite -English actor (b. 1946)

2011- Szeto Wah -Hong Kong politician (b. 1931)

2011- Richard Winters -American soldier (b. 1918)

2011- Bali Ram Bhagat -Indian politician, 16th List of Governors of Rajasthan|Governor of Rajasthan (b. 1922)

2012- Ian Bargh -Scottish-Canadian pianist and composer (b. 1935)

2012- William P. Carey -American businessman and philanthropist, founded W. P. Carey (b. 1930)

2012- Vivi Friedman -Finnish-American director and screenwriter (b. 1967)

2012- Silvana Gallardo -American actress (b. 1953)

2012- Yoshiro Hayashi -Japanese golfer (b. 1922)

2012- Gordon Hirabayashi -American-Canadian sociologist and academic (b. 1918)

2012- Larry Reinhardt -American guitarist (Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond) (b. 1948)

2012- Paulo Rodrigues da Silva -Brazilian footballer (b. 1986)

2013- Jim Boyd (actor)|Jim Boyd -American actor (b. 1933)

2013- Council Cargle -American actor (b. 1935)

2013- Charles Chilton -English radio host and producer (b. 1917)

2013- Merv Hunter -Australian politician (b. 1926)

2013- Géza Koroknay -Hungarian actor (b. 1948)

2013- Gerda Lerner -Austrian-American historian and author (b. 1920)

2013- Ladislao Mazurkiewicz -Uruguayan footballer and manager (b. 1945)

2013- Maulvi Nazir -Pakistani militant leader (b. 1975)

2013- Susan Nolen-Hoeksema -American psychologist and author (b. 1959)

2013- Mamie Rearden -American super-centenarian (b. 1898)

2013- Stephen Resnick -American economist and academic (b. 1938)

2013- Teresa Torańska -Polish journalist and author (b. 1944)

2013- Ned Wertimer -American actor (b. 1923)

2014- Terry Biddlecombe -English jockey (b. 1941)

2014- Anne Dorte of Rosenborg -(b. 1947)

2014- Bernard Glasser -American director and producer (b. 1924)

2014- Elizabeth Jane Howard -English author and screenwriter (b. 1923)

2014- R. Crosby Kemper, Jr. -American banker and philanthropist (b. 1927)

2014- Thomas Kurzhals -German keyboard player and songwriter (Karat (band)|Karat and Stern-Combo Meißen) (b. 1953)

2014- Michael J. Matthews -American politician, 34th Mayors of Atlantic City, New Jersey|Mayor of Atlantic City (b. 1934)

2014- Yōko Mitsui -Japanese poet (b. 1936)

2014- Harald Nugiseks -Estonian commander (b. 1921)

2014- Arnold A. Saltzman -American businessman and philanthropist (b. 1916)

2014- Jay Traynor -American singer (The Mystics and Jay and the Americans) (b. 1943)