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Day History: January-19

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Events History

379-Emperor Gratian -elevates Theodosius I|Flavius Theodosius at Sirmium to ''Augustus (honorific)|Augustus'', and gives him power over all the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.

639- Clovis II -king of Neustria and Kingdom of Burgundy|Burgundy, is crowned.

649- Conquest of Kucha -The forces of Kucha surrender after a forty-day siege led by Tang Dynasty general Ashina She'er, establishing Tang control over the northern Tarim Basin in Xinjiang.

1419- Hundred Years' War -Rouen surrenders to Henry V of England, completing his reconquest of Normandy.

1511- Mirandola -surrenders to the French.

1520- Sten Sture the Younger -the List of Swedish monarchs|Regent of Sweden, is mortally wounded at the Battle of Bogesund.

1607- San Agustin Church, Manila|San Agustin Church in Manila -is officially completed; it is the oldest church still standing in the Philippines.

1661- Thomas Venner -is hanged, drawn and quartered in London.

1764- John Wilkes -is expelled from the House of Commons of the United Kingdom|British House of Commons for seditious libel.

1788-The second group of ships of the First Fleet -arrive at Botany Bay.

1795-The Batavian Republic -is proclaimed in the Netherlands bringing to an end the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.

1806-The United Kingdom occupies the Cape of Good Hope -

1812- Peninsular War -After a ten-day siege, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, orders British soldiers of the Light and third divisions to storm Ciudad Rodrigo.

1817-An army of 5,423 soldiers, led by General José de San Martín -Crossing of the Andes|crosses the Andes from Argentina to liberate Chile and then Peru.

1829- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -s ''Faust Part 1'' receives its premiere performance.

1839-The British East India Company -captures Aden.

1840-Captain Charles Wilkes -circumnavigates Antarctica, claiming what became known as Wilkes Land for the United States.

1853- Giuseppe Verdi -s opera ''Il Trovatore'' receives its premiere performance in Rome.

1861- American Civil War -Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia joins South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama in secession|seceding from the United States.

1871- Franco-Prussian War -In the Siege of Paris (1870-1871)|Siege of Paris, Kingdom of Prussia|Prussia wins the Battle of St. Quentin (1871)|Battle of St. Quentin. Meanwhile, the French attempt to break the siege in the Battle of Buzenval (1871)|Battle of Buzenval will end unsuccessfully the following day.

1883-The first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison -begins service at Roselle, New Jersey.

1893- Henrik Ibsen -s Play (theatre)|play ''The Master Builder'' receives its premiere performance in Berlin.

1899- Anglo-Egyptian Sudan -is formed.

1915- Georges Claude -patents the neon Neon lighting|discharge tube for use in advertising.

1915- World War I -German zeppelins bomb the towns of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in the United Kingdom killing more than 20, in the first major aerial bombardment of a civilian target.

1917- Silvertown explosion -73 are killed and 400 injured in an explosion in a munitions plant in London.

1920-The United States Senate -votes against joining the League of Nations.

1935- Jockey International|Coopers Inc. -sells the world's first briefs.

1937- Howard Hughes -sets a new air record by flying from Los Angeles, California to New York City in 7 hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds.

1942- World War II -Japanese forces invade Burma

1945-World War II: Red Army|Soviet -forces liberate the Ghetto Litzmannstadt|Łódź ghetto. Of more than 200,000 inhabitants in 1940, less than 900 had survived the Nazism|Nazi occupation.

1946-General Douglas MacArthur -establishes the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo to try Japanese war crimes|war criminals.

1949- Cuba -recognizes Israel.

1953-71.7% of all television -sets in the United States are tuned into ''I Love Lucy'' to watch Lucy Ricardo|Lucy Lucy Goes to the Hospital|give birth.

1969-Student Jan Palach -dies after setting himself on fire 3 days earlier in Prague's Wenceslas Square to protest about the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in 1968. His funeral turned into another major protest.

1974-China gain control over all the Paracel Islands -after Battle of the Paracel Islands|a military engagement between the naval forces of the People's Republic of China and Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

1975-An 1975 Kinnaur earthquake|earthquake strikes -Himachal Pradesh, India

1977-President Gerald Ford -pardons Iva Toguri D'Aquino (a.k.a. "Tokyo Rose").

1977- Snow -falls in Miami, Florida. This is the only time in the History of Miami|history of the city that snow has fallen. It also fell in the Bahamas.

1978-The last Volkswagen Beetle -made in Germany leaves VW's plant in Emden, Germany|Emden. Beetle production in Latin America continues until 2003.

1981- Iran Hostage Crisis -United States and Iranian officials sign an agreement to release 52 American hostages after 14 months of captivity.

1983- Nazi -war criminal Klaus Barbie is arrested in Bolivia.

1983-The Apple Lisa -the first commercial personal computer from Apple Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, is announced.

1986-The first IBM PC -computer virus is released into the wild. A boot sector virus dubbed Brain (computer virus)|(c)Brain, it was created by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan, reportedly to deter piracy of the software they had written.

1991- Gulf War -Iraq fires a second Scud missile into Israel, causing 15 injuries.

1993-Czech Republic and Slovakia -join the United Nations.

1995-After being struck by lightning the crew are forced to ditch Bristow Flight 56C -All 18 aboard are later rescued.

1996-The barge '' North Cape (ship)|North Cape -' oil spill occurs as an engine fire forces the tugboat ''Scandia'' ashore on Moonstone Beach in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

1997- Yasser Arafat -returns to Hebron after more than 30 years and joins celebrations over the handover of the last Israeli-controlled West Bank city.

1999- British Aerospace -agrees to acquire the defence subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc, forming BAE Systems in November 1999.

2006-The New Horizons -probe is launched by NASA on the first mission to Pluto.

2007-Turkish Journalist Hrant Dink -is assassinated in front of his newspaper's office by 17-year-old Turkish ultra-nationalist Ogün Samast.

2012-The Hong Kong-based file-sharing website Megaupload -is shut down by the FBI.

2013-A failed attempt to assassinate Ahmed Dogan -chairman of the Bulgarian political party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, on live television is foiled by security guards.

2014-A 2014 Bannu bombing|bomb attack -on an army convoy in the city of Bannu kills at least 26 soldiers and injures 38 others.

Famous Birthdays

398- Pulcheria -Byzantine empress and saint (d. 453)

1544- Francis II of France -(d. 1560)

1676- John Weldon (musician)|John Weldon -English organist and composer (d. 1736)

1721- Jean-Philippe Baratier -German scholar (d. 1740)

1736- James Watt -Scottish engineer (d. 1819)

1737- Giuseppe Millico -Italian soprano, composer, and educator (d. 1802)

1739- Joseph Bonomi the Elder -Italian architect, designed Longford Hall and Barrells Hall (d. 1808)

1752- James Morris III -American soldier (d. 1820)

1757- Countess Augusta Reuss of Ebersdorf -(d. 1831)

1788- Pavel Kiselyov -Russian general and politician (d. 1874)

1790- Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom -Swedish poet (d. 1855)

1798- Auguste Comte -French philosopher (d. 1857)

1807- Robert E. Lee -American general (d. 1870)

1808- Lysander Spooner -American philosopher (d. 1887)

1809- Edgar Allan Poe -American author and poet (d. 1849)

1813- Henry Bessemer -English engineer and businessman (d. 1898)

1832- Ferdinand Laub -Czech violinist and composer (d. 1875)

1833- Alfred Clebsch -German mathematician (d. 1872)

1839- Paul Cézanne -French painter (d. 1906)

1848- John Fitzwilliam Stairs -Canadian businessman and politician (d. 1904)

1848- Matthew Webb -English swimmer and diver (d. 1883)

1851- Jacobus Kapteyn -Dutch astronomer (d. 1922)

1863- Werner Sombart -German sociologist (d. 1941)

1871- Dame Gruev -Bulgarian educator and activist, co-founded the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (d. 1906)

1874- Hitachiyama Taniemon -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 19th Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (d. 1922)

1876- Wakashima Gonshirō -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 21st Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (d. 1943)

1876- Dragotin Kette -Slovenian poet (d. 1899)

1878- Herbert Chapman -English footballer and manager (d. 1934)

1879- Boris Savinkov -Russian soldier and author (d. 1925)

1887- Alexander Woollcott -American actor, playwright, and critic (d. 1943)

1889- Sophie Taeuber-Arp -Swiss painter and sculptor (d. 1943)

1892- Ólafur Thors -Icelandic politician, 8th Prime Minister of Iceland (d. 1964)

1893- Magda Tagliaferro -Brazilian pianist (d. 1986)

1905- Stanley Hawes -English-Australian director and producer (d. 1991)

1908- Aleksandr Gennadievich Kurosh -Russian mathematician and theorist (d. 1971)

1909- Hans Hotter -German opera singer (d. 2003)

1911- Choor Singh -Singaporean judge (d. 2009)

1912- Leonid Kantorovich -Russian mathematician and economist, Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1986)

1913- Rex Ingamells -Australian poet (d. 1955)

1914- Bob Gerard -English race car driver (d. 1990)

1917- John Raitt -American actor and singer (d. 2005)

1918- John H. Johnson -American publisher, founded the Johnson Publishing Company (d. 2005)

1920- Bernard Dunstan -English painter and educator

1920- Javier Pérez de Cuéllar -Peruvian diplomat, 5th Secretary-General of the United Nations

1921- Patricia Highsmith -American author (d. 1995)

1922- Guy Madison -American actor (d. 1996)

1923- Jean Stapleton -American actress and singer (d. 2013)

1923- Markus Wolf -German spy (d. 2006)

1924- Nicholas Colasanto -American actor (d. 1985)

1924- Jean-François Revel -French author (d. 2006)

1925- Nina Bawden -English author (d. 2012)

1926- George Ives (actor)|George Ives -American actor (d. 2013)

1926- Jim Line -American basketball player (d. 2013)

1926- Hans Massaquoi -German-American journalist and author (d. 2013)

1926- Fritz Weaver -American actor

1930- Tippi Hedren -American actress

1931- Robert MacNeil -Canadian-American journalist and author

1932- Russ Hamilton (singer)|Russ Hamilton -English singer-songwriter (d. 2008)

1932- Richard Lester -American-English director, producer, and screenwriter

1933- George Coyne -American priest, astronomer, and theologian

1934- Lloyd Robertson -Canadian journalist

1935- Soumitra Chatterjee -Indian actor

1935- Johnny O'Keefe -Australian singer-songwriter (d. 1978)

1936- Ziaur Rahman -Bangladeshi politician, 7th President of Bangladesh (d. 1981)

1936- Willie "Big Eyes" Smith -American singer, harmonica player, and drummer (d. 2011)

1937- Fred J. Lincoln -American porn actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1937- John Lions -Australian computer scientist (d. 1998)

1937- Giovanna Marini -Italian singer-songwriter

1937- Appadurai Muttulingam -Sri Lankan accountant and author

1939- Phil Everly -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Everly Brothers) (d. 2014)

1940- Paolo Borsellino -Italian judge (d. 1992)

1940- Mike Reid (actor)|Mike Reid -English comedian, actor, and author (d. 2007)

1941- Tony Anholt -Singaporean-English actor (d. 2002)

1941- Colin Gunton -English theologian (d. 2003)

1941- Pat Patterson (wrestler)|Pat Patterson -Canadian wrestler

1942- Michael Crawford -English actor and singer

1942- Thom Mayne -American architect, designed the San Francisco Federal Building and Phare Tower

1942- Paul-Eerik Rummo -Estonian poet and politician

1943- Petchara Chaowarat -Thai actress

1943- Larry Clark -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1943- Janis Joplin -American singer-songwriter (Big Brother and the Holding Company) (d. 1970)

1944- Shelley Fabares -American actress

1944- Laurie London -English singer

1944- Peter Lynch -American businessman

1944- Dan Reeves -American football player and coach

1945- Trevor Williams (musician)|Trevor Williams -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Audience (band)|Audience and The Nashville Teens)

1946- Julian Barnes -English author

1946- Dolly Parton -American singer-songwriter and actress

1947- Frank Aarebrot -Norwegian political scientist and academic

1947- Christine Allsopp -English priest

1947- Ann Compton -American journalist

1947- Paula Deen -American chef and author

1947- Rod Evans -English singer-songwriter (Deep Purple and Captain Beyond)

1947- Patricia Hodgson -English broadcaster

1947- Elena Nathanael -Greek actress (d. 2008)

1948- Amanda Holden (writer)|Amanda Holden -English playwright and composer

1948- Frank McKenna -Canadian politician and diplomat, 27th Premier of New Brunswick

1948- Mal Reilly -English rugby player and coach

1949- Arend Langenberg -Dutch voice actor and radio host (d. 2012)

1949- Robert Palmer (singer)|Robert Palmer -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Power Station (band)|Power Station) (d. 2003)

1949- Lindsay Roy -Scottish educator and politician

1949- Andrew Samuels -English psychologist and academic

1949- Dennis Taylor -Irish snooker player

1950- Sébastien Dhavernas -Canadian actor

1950- Jon Matlack -American baseball player

1950- Grant Nordman -American-Canadian politician

1950- David Tredinnick (politician)|David Tredinnick -English politician

1951- Graham James (bishop)|Graham James -English bishop

1951- Arthur Taxier -American actor

1953- Desi Arnaz, Jr. -American actor

1953- Linda Hayden -English actress

1953- Richard Legendre -Canadian tennis player and politician

1954- Katey Sagal -American actress

1954- Cindy Sherman -American photographer

1954- Katharina Thalbach -German actress and director

1955- Tony Mansfield -English singer-songwriter and producer (New Musik)

1955- Simon Rattle -English conductor

1955- Paul Rodriguez -Mexican-American comedian and actor

1956- Carman (singer)|Carman -American singer-songwriter, actor, and television host

1957- Ottis Anderson -American football player

1957- Kenneth McClintock -Puerto Rican politician, 13th President of the Senate of Puerto Rico

1958- Thomas Kinkade -American painter (d. 2012)

1959- Jeff Pilson -American bass player, songwriter, and actor (Dokken, Dio (band)|Dio, and Foreigner (band)|Foreigner)

1961- William Ragsdale -American actor

1961- Wayne Hemingway -English fashion designer, co-founded Red or Dead

1962- Hans Daams -Dutch cyclist

1962- Chris Sabo -American baseball player

1962- Jeff Van Gundy -American basketball player and coach

1963- Michael Adams (basketball)|Michael Adams -American basketball player

1963- Martin Bashir -English journalist

1963- John Bercow -English politician and Speaker of the House of Commons (United Kingdom)|Speaker of the House of Commons

1963- Caron Wheeler -English singer-songwriter (Soul II Soul)

1963- Luís Martins (footballer born 1963)|Luís Martins -Portuguese footballer, coach, and manager

1964- Janine Antoni -Bahamian sculptor and photographer

1964- Ricardo Arjona -Guatemalan singer-songwriter and basketball player

1966- Floris Jan Bovelander -Dutch field hockey player

1966- Sylvain Côté -Canadian ice hockey player

1966- Stefan Edberg -Swedish tennis player

1966- Lena Philipsson -Swedish singer

1967- Javier Cámara -Spanish actor

1968- Whitfield Crane -American singer-songwriter (Ugly Kid Joe, Medication (band)|Medication, Another Animal, and Life of Agony)

1969- Edwidge Danticat -Haitian-American author

1969- Luc Longley -Australian basketball player

1969- Predrag Mijatović -Montenegrin footballer and manager

1969- Junior Seau -American football player (d. 2012)

1969- Casey Sherman -American author

1969- Steve Staunton -Irish footballer

1970- Tim Foster -English rower

1970- Steffen Freund -German footballer and manager

1970- Kathleen Smet -Belgian triathlete

1970- Udo Suzuki -Japanese comedian and singer (UltraCats)

1971- Shawn Wayans -American actor

1971- John Wozniak -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Marcy Playground)

1972- Angham -Egyptian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1972- Joana Benedek -Mexican actress

1972- Drea de Matteo -American actress

1972- Jon Fisher -American businessman and author

1972- Elena Kaliská -Slovak canoe racer

1972- R-Truth -American wrestler

1972- Troy Wilson (Australian rules footballer)|Troy Wilson -Australian footballer and race car driver

1971- Sergei Zjukin -Estonian chess player

1973- Antero Manninen -Finnish cellist (Apocalyptica)

1973- Yevgeny Sadovyi -Russian swimmer

1973- Aaron Yonda -American comedian, actor, and director

1974- Dainius Adomaitis -Lithuanian basketball player

1974- Frank Caliendo -American comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1974- Ian Laperrière -Canadian ice hockey player

1974- Jaime Moreno -Bolivian footballer

1975- Noah Georgeson -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

1975- Zdeňka Málková -Czech tennis player

1976- Natale Gonnella -Italian footballer

1976- Tarso Marques -Brazilian race car driver

1977- Cocco -Japanese singer-songwriter

1977- Nicole (Chilean singer)|Nicole -Chilean singer-songwriter

1977- Benjamin Ayres -Canadian actor

1977- Margus Maiste -Estonian architect

1977- Lauren Etame Mayer -Cameroonian footballer

1979- Svetlana Khorkina -Russian gymnast

1979- Josu Sarriegi -Spanish footballer

1979- Wiley (rapper)|Wiley -English rapper and producer (Roll Deep)

1980- Jenson Button -English race car driver

1980- Pasha Kovalev -Russian-American dancer

1980- Luke Macfarlane -Canadian-American actor and singer

1980- Arvydas Macijauskas -Lithuanian basketball player

1981- Asier del Horno -Spanish footballer

1981- Lucho González -Argentinian footballer

1981- Dimosthenis Manousakis -Greek footballer

1981- Andrus Mitt -Estonian football and beach soccer player

1981- Jaanus Nõmmsalu -Estonian volleyball player

1981- Kerby Raymundo -Filipino basketball player

1981- Bitsie Tulloch -American actress

1982- Angela Chang -Taiwanese singer and actress

1982- Mike Komisarek -American ice hockey player

1982- Jodie Sweetin -American actress

1983- Hikaru Utada -American-Japanese singer-songwriter and producer

1984- Fabio Catacchini -Italian footballer

1984- Karun Chandhok -Indian race car driver

1984- Jimmy Kebe -Malian footballer

1984- Thomas Vanek -Austrian ice hockey player

1985- Jake Allen (American football)|Jake Allen -American football player

1985- Pascal Behrenbruch -German decathlete

1985- Benny Feilhaber -American soccer player

1985- Esteban Guerrieri -Argentinian race car driver

1985- Rika Ishikawa -Japanese singer and actress (Morning Musume, Dream Morning Musume, Ongaku Gatas, v-u-den, and Hangry & Angry)

1985- Aleksandr Yevgenyevich Nikulin -Russian footballer

1986- Loren Galler-Rabinowitz -American ice dancer

1986- Claudio Marchisio -Italian footballer

1986- Oleksandr Miroshnychenko -Ukrainian footballer

1986- Moussa Sow -Senegalese footballer

1987- Edgar Manucharyan -Armenian footballer

1987- Angus Monfries -Australian footballer

1988- JaVale McGee -American basketball player

1988- Yusuke Yamamoto -Japanese actor

1990- Tatiana Búa -Argentine tennis player

1991- Corinna Harrer -German runner

1991- Petra Martić -Croatian tennis player

1991- Erin Sanders -American actress

1992- Shawn Johnson -American gymnast

1992- Logan Lerman -American actor

1992- Mac Miller -American rapper, producer, and actor

1993- Gus Lewis -American-English actor

1993- Erick Torres Padilla -Mexican footballer

1994- Matthias Ginter -German footballer

2006- JB Agustin -Filipino actor

History of Deaths

639- Dagobert I -Frankish king (b. 603)

1526- Isabella of Austria -(b. 1501)

1547- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey -English poet (b. 1517)

1576- Hans Sachs -German poet and playwright (b. 1494)

1597- Maharana Pratap -Indian ruler (b. 1540)

1661- Thomas Venner -English rebel leader (b. 1599)

1729- William Congreve (playwright)|William Congreve -English playwright (b. 1670)

1755- Jean-Pierre Christin -French physicist (b. 1683)

1757- Thomas Ruddiman -Scottish scholar (b. 1674)

1766- Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni -Italian-French architect and painter (b. 1695)

1785- Jonathan Toup -English scholar and critic (b. 1713)

1799- Maria Gaetana Agnesi -Italian mathematician and philosopher (b. 1718)

1833- Ferdinand Hérold -French composer (b. 1791)

1847- Charles Bent -American politician, 1st Governor of New Mexico (b. 1799)

1847- Athanasios Christopoulos -Greek poet (b. 1772)

1851- Esteban Echeverría -Argentinian poet and author (b. 1805)

1853- Karl Faber -German historian and academic (b. 1773)

1865- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon -French philosopher and anarchist (b. 1809)

1869- Carl Reichenbach -German chemist and philosopher (b. 1788)

1874- August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben -German poet and scholar (b. 1798)

1878- Henri Victor Regnault -French physicist and chemist (b. 1810)

1905- Debendranath Tagore -Indian philosopher (b. 1817)

1906- Bartolomé Mitre -Argentinian historian and politician, 6th President of Argentina (b. 1821)

1915- Thomas Herbst (painter)|Thomas Herbst -German painter (b. 1848)

1925- Maria Sophie of Bavaria -(b. 1841)

1927- Carlota of Mexico -(b. 1840)

1929- Liang Qichao -Chinese scholar (b. 1873)

1938- Branislav Nušić -Serbian author, playwright, and journalist (b. 1864)

1939- Cliff Heathcote -American baseball player (b. 1898)

1945- Gustave Mesny -French Army general (b. 1886)

1948- Tony Garnier (architect)|Tony Garnier -French architect, designed the Stade de Gerland (b. 1869)

1954- Theodor Kaluza -German mathematician and physicist (b. 1885)

1957- József Dudás -Romanian-Hungarian activist and politician (b. 1912)

1963- Clement Smoot -American golfer (b. 1884)

1964- Firmin Lambot -Belgian cyclist (b. 1886)

1965- Arnold Luhaäär -Estonian weightlifter (b. 1905)

1968- Ray Harroun -American race car driver (b. 1879)

1969- Jan Palach -Czech activist (b. 1948)

1971- Harry Shields -American clarinet player (b. 1899)

1972- Michael Rabin (violinist)|Michael Rabin -American violinist (b. 1936)

1973- Max Adrian -Irish actor (b. 1903)

1975- Thomas Hart Benton (painter)|Thomas Hart Benton -American painter (b. 1889)

1976- Hidetsugu Yagi -Japanese engineer (b. 1886)

1980- William O. Douglas -American jurist (b. 1898)

1982- Elis Regina -Brazilian singer (b. 1945)

1983- Ham the Chimp -Cameroonian-American chimpanzee (b. 1956)

1984- Max Bentley -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1920)

1987- Lawrence Kohlberg -American psychologist (b. 1927)

1990- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh -Indian mystic and guru (b. 1931)

1990- Alberto Semprini -English pianist (b. 1908)

1990- Herbert Wehner -German politician, 6th Minister of Intra-German Relations (b. 1906)

1991- Marcel Chaput -Canadian biochemist and journalist (b. 1918)

1991- John Russell (actor)|John Russell -American actor (b. 1921)

1995- Gene MacLellan -Canadian singer-songwriter (b. 1938)

1996- Don Simpson -American actor, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1943)

1997- Adriana Caselotti -American actress (b. 1916)

1997- James Dickey -American poet and author (b. 1923)

1998- Carl Perkins -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1932)

1999- Ivan Francescato -Italian rugby player (b. 1967)

2000- Bettino Craxi -Italian politician, 45th Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1934)

2000- Hedy Lamarr -Austrian-American actress and mathematician (b. 1913)

2001- Dario Vittori -Argentinian actor (b. 1921)

2003- Milton Flores -Honduran footballer (b. 1974)

2003- Françoise Giroud -French journalist, screenwriter, and politician (b. 1916)

2004- Harry E. Claiborne -American judge (b. 1917)

2004- David Hookes -Australian cricketer and coach (b. 1955)

2005- Bill Andersen -New Zealand union leader (b. 1924)

2005- K. Sello Duiker -South African author (b. 1974)

2005- Anita Kulcsár -Hungarian handball player (b. 1976)

2006- Anthony Franciosa -American actor (b. 1928)

2006- Wilson Pickett -American singer-songwriter (The Falcons) (b. 1941)

2006- Awn Alsharif Qasim -Sudanese author and scholar (b. 1933)

2006- Geoff Rabone -New Zealand cricketer (b. 1921)

2007- Bam Bam Bigelow -American wrestler (b. 1961)

2007- Hrant Dink -Turkish-Armenian journalist (b. 1954)

2007- Denny Doherty -Canadian singer-songwriter (The Mamas & the Papas and The Halifax III) (b. 1940)

2007- Murat Nasyrov -Russian singer-songwriter (b. 1969)

2008- Suzanne Pleshette -American actress (b. 1937)

2008- John Stewart (musician)|John Stewart -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Kingston Trio) (b. 1939)

2008- Don Wittman -Canadian sportscaster (b. 1936)

2010- Christos Hatziskoulidis -Greek footballer (b. 1952)

2010- Jennifer Lyon -American contestant on ''Survivor: Palau'' (b. 1972)

2010- Bill McLaren -Scottish rugby player and sportscaster (b. 1923)

2011- Ernest McCulloch -Canadian biologist (b. 1926)

2012- Peter Åslin -Swedish ice hockey player (b. 1962)

2012- Sarah Burke -Canadian skier (b. 1982)

2012- Peter de Francia -French-English painter and illustrator (b. 1921)

2012- Gene Methvin -American pilot and journalist (b. 1934)

2012- Winston Riley -Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer (The Techniques) (b. 1943)

2012- On Sarig -Israeli author (b. 1926)

2012- Rudi van Dantzig -Dutch ballet dancer and choreographer (b. 1933)

2013- Anatoly Bannik -Ukrainian chess player (b. 1921)

2013- Mehnaz Begum -Pakistani singer (b. 1958)

2013- Milt Bolling -American baseball player (b. 1930)

2013- John Braheny -American singer-songwriter (b. 1938)

2013- Abderrahim Goumri -Moroccan runner (b. 1976)

2013- Taihō Kōki -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 48th Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (b. 1940)

2013- Hans Massaquoi -German-American journalist and author (b. 1926)

2013- Stan Musial -American baseball player and manager (b. 1920)

2013- Frank Pooler -American conductor and composer (b. 1926)

2013- A. Rafiq -Indonesian singer and actor (b. 1948)

2013- Earl Weaver -American baseball player and manager (b. 1930)

2013- Ian Wells -English footballer (b. 1964)

2014- Azaria Alon -Ukrainian-Israeli environmentalist, co-founded the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (b. 1918)

2014- Christopher Chataway -English runner, journalist, and politician (b. 1931)

2014- Steven Fromholz -American singer-songwriter, producer, and poet (b. 1945)

2014- Al Lerner (composer)|Al Lerner -American pianist and composer (b. 1919)

2014- Michael Sporn -American animator, director, and producer (b. 1946)

2014- Ben Starr (American producer)|Ben Starr -American playwright, screenwriter, and producer (b. 1921)

2014- Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah -Sri Lankan-American anthropologist and academic (b. 1929)

2014- Bert Williams (footballer)|Bert Williams -English footballer (b. 1920)