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Events History

69- Otho -seizes power in Rome, proclaiming himself Roman emperor|Emperor of Rome, but rules for only three months before committing suicide.

1541-King Francis I of France -gives Jean-François Roberval a commission to settle the province of New France (Canada) and provide for the spread of the "Holy Catholic faith".

1559- Elizabeth I of England|Elizabeth I -is crowned List of English monarchs|Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, London|London, England.

1582- Russia -cedes Livonia and Estonia to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

1759-The British Museum -opens.

1777- American Revolutionary War -Vermont Republic|New Connecticut (present day Vermont) declares its independence.

1782-Superintendent of Finance Robert Morris (financier)|Robert Morris -goes before the United States Congress|U.S. Congress to recommend establishment of a national mint (coin)|mint and decimal coinage.

1815- War of 1812 -American frigate {{USS|President|1800|6}}, commanded by Commodore (rank)|Commodore Stephen Decatur, is Capture of USS President|captured by a squadron of four British frigates.

1822- Greek War of Independence -Demetrios Ypsilantis is elected president of the legislative assembly.

1844- University of Notre Dame -receives its charter from the state of Indiana.

1865- American Civil War -Fort Fisher in North Carolina Second Battle of Fort Fisher|falls to the Union, thus cutting off the last major seaport of the Confederacy.

1870-A political cartoon -for the first time symbolizes the Democratic Party (United States)|Democratic Party with a donkey (":File:Democraticjackass.jpg|A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion" by Thomas Nast for ''Harper's Weekly'').

1876-The first newspaper in Afrikaans -Die Afrikaanse Patriot, is published in Paarl.

1889- The Coca-Cola Company -then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, is Incorporation (business)|incorporated in Atlanta|Atlanta, Georgia.

1892- James Naismith -publishes the rules of basketball.

1908-The Alpha Kappa Alpha -Fraternities and sororities|sorority becomes the first Greek-letter organization founded and established by African American college women.

1910-Construction ends on the Buffalo Bill Dam -in Wyoming, United States, which was the highest dam in the world at the time, at {{convert|325|ft|m|abbr=on}}.

1919- Rosa Luxemburg -and Karl Liebknecht, two of the most prominent Socialism|socialists in Germany, are tortured and murdered by the Freikorps at the end of the Spartacist uprising.

1919- Boston Molasses Disaster -A large molasses tank in Boston|Boston, Massachusetts, bursts and a wave of molasses rushes through the streets, killing 21 people and injuring 150 others.

1933-A twelve-year-old girl experiences the first Marian apparition -of Our Lady of Banneux in Banneux|Banneux, Belgium.

1936-The first building to be completely covered in glass -built for the Owens-Illinois|Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is completed in Toledo, Ohio.

1937- Spanish Civil War -Francoist Spain|Nationalists and Second Spanish Republic|Republican both withdraw after suffering heavy losses, ending the Second Battle of the Corunna Road.

1943- World War II -The Battle of Voronezh (1943)|Soviet counter-offensive at Voronezh begins.

1943-The world's largest office building, The Pentagon -is dedicated in Arlington, Virginia.

1947-The brutalized corpse of Elizabeth Short (The " Black Dahlia -) is found in Los Angeles' Leimert Park.

1949- Chinese Civil War -The Communist Party of China|Communist forces Pingjin Campaign|take over Tianjin from the Nationalist Government.

1951- Ilse Koch -"The Witch of Buchenwald", wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in West Germany.

1962-The Derveni papyrus -Europe's oldest surviving manuscript dating to 340 BC, is found in northern Greece.

1966-The Nigerian First Republic -led by Abubakar Tafawa Balewa is overthrown in 1966 Nigerian coup d'etat|a military coup d'état.

1967-The first Super Bowl -is played in Los Angeles|Los Angeles, California. The Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35–10.

1969-The Soviet Union -launches ''Soyuz 5''.

1970- Nigerian Civil War -After a 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria, Biafra surrenders.

1970- Muammar Gaddafi|Moammar Gadhafi -is proclaimed premier of Libya.

1973- Vietnam War -Citing progress in peace negotiations, President of the United States|President Richard Nixon announces the suspension of offensive action in North Vietnam.

1974- Dennis Rader -aka the BTK Killer kills his first victims by binding, torturing and murdering Joseph, Joseph II, Josephine and Julie Otero in their house.

1975-The Alvor Agreement -is signed, ending the Angolan War of Independence and giving Angola independence from Portugal.

1976- Gerald Ford -s would-be assassin, Sara Jane Moore, is sentenced to life in prison.

1981- John Paul II -receives a delegation from Solidarity (Polish trade union) at the Vatican City|Vatican led by Lech Walesa.

1991-The United Nations -deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Gulf War|Operation Desert Storm.

1991- Elizabeth II -in her capacity as Monarchy of Australia|Queen of Australia, signs letters patent allowing Australia to become the first Commonwealth realm to institute Victoria Cross for Australia|its own Victoria Cross in its honours system.

1992-The international community recognizes the independence of Slovenia -and Croatia from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

1993- Salvatore Riina -the Mafia boss known as "The Beast", is arrested in Sicily|Sicily, Italy after three decades as a fugitive.

2001- Wikipedia -a free Wiki content encyclopedia, goes online.

2005- European Space Agency|ESA -s SMART-1 lunar orbiter discovers elements such as calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, and other surface elements on the moon.

2007- Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti -former Iraqi intelligence chief and half-brother of Saddam Hussein, and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, former chief judge of the Revolutionary Court, are executed by hanging in Iraq.

2009- US Airways Flight 1549 -makes an emergency landing in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York City|New York, New York. All passengers and crew members survive.

2013-A Badrashin railway accident|train -carrying Egyptian Army recruits derails near Giza, Greater Cairo, killing 19 and injuring 120 others.

Famous Birthdays

1432- Afonso V of Portugal -(d. 1481)

1481- Ashikaga Yoshizumi -Japanese shogun (d. 1511)

1538- Maeda Toshiie -Japanese general (d. 1599)

1622- Molière -French playwright and actor (d. 1673)

1671- Abraham de la Pryme -English antiquarian (d. 1704)

1674- Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon -French poet (d. 1762)

1716- Philip Livingston -American merchant and politician (d. 1778)

1747- John Aikin -English doctor (d. 1822)

1754- Richard Martin (Irish politician)|Richard Martin -Irish activist and politician, co-founded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (d. 1834)

1791- Franz Grillparzer -Austrian playwright (d. 1872)

1795- Alexandr Griboyedov -Russian playwright (d. 1829)

1803- Marjorie Fleming -Scottish poet (d. 1811)

1809- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon -French economist and politician (d. 1865)

1812- Peter Christen Asbjørnsen -Norwegian author and scholar (d. 1885)

1815- William Bickerton -English-American religious leader, 3rd List of presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite)|President of the Church of Jesus Christ (d. 1905)

1816- Marie Lafarge -French murderer (d. 1852)

1824- Marie Duplessis -French courtier (d. 1847)

1834- Samuel Arza Davenport -American politician (d. 1911)

1841- Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby -English politician, 6th Governor General of Canada (d. 1908)

1842- Josef Breuer -Austrian psychiatrist (d. 1925)

1842- Mary MacKillop -Australian saint, co-founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (d. 1909)

1850- Leonard Darwin -English soldier and politician (d. 1943)

1850- Mihai Eminescu -Romanian poet (d. 1889)

1850- Sofia Kovalevskaya -Russian mathematician (d. 1891)

1855- Jacques Damala -Greek-French soldier and actor (d. 1889)

1859- Archibald Peake -Australian politician, 25th Premier of South Australia (d. 1920)

1863- Wilhelm Marx -German lawyer and politician, 17th Chancellor of Germany (German Reich)|Chancellor of Germany (d. 1946)

1866- Nathan Söderblom -Swedish archbishop, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1931)

1869- Ruby Laffoon -American politician, 43rd Governor of Kentucky (d. 1941)

1869- Stanisław Wyspiański -Polish playwright (d. 1907)

1870- Pierre S. du Pont -American businessman (d. 1954)

1872- Arsen Kotsoyev -Russian author (d. 1944)

1875- Thomas Burke (athlete)|Thomas Burke -American sprinter (d. 1929)

1877- Lewis Terman -American psychologist (d. 1956)

1878- Johanna Müller-Hermann -Austrian composer (d. 1941)

1879- Mazo de la Roche -Canadian author (d. 1961)

1882- Princess Margaret of Connaught -(d. 1920)

1885- Lorenz Böhler -Austrian physician (d. 1973)

1885- Miles Burke -American boxer (d. 1928)

1885- Huang Yuanyong -Chinese journalist and author (d. 1915)

1885- Grover Lowdermilk -American baseball player (d. 1968)

1890- Tommy Fleming (soccer)|Tommy Fleming -American soccer player (d. 1965)

1891- Ray Chapman -American baseball player (d. 1920)

1891- Osip Mandelstam -Russian poet (d. 1938)

1892- Rex Ingram (director)|Rex Ingram -Irish actor, director, and producer (d. 1950)

1893- Ivor Novello -Welsh singer-songwriter and actor (d. 1951)

1894- Ecaterina Teodoroiu -Romanian soldier (d. 1917)

1895- Artturi Ilmari Virtanen -Finnish chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973)

1896- Marjorie Bennett -Australian actress (d. 1982)

1897- Xu Zhimo -Chinese poet (d. 1931)

1899- Goodman Ace -American actor (d. 1982)

1900- William Heinesen -Faroese poet and author (d. 1991)

1902- Saud of Saudi Arabia -(d. 1969)

1903- Paul A. Dever -American politician, 58th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1958)

1905- Kamatari Fujiwara -Japanese actor (d. 1985)

1905- Torin Thatcher -English actor (d. 1981)

1908- Edward Teller -Hungarian-American physicist (d. 2003)

1909- Jean Bugatti -German-Italian engineer (d. 1939)

1909- Gene Krupa -American drummer and composer (d. 1973)

1912- Michel Debré -French politician, Prime Minister of France (d. 1996)

1913- Eugène Brands -Dutch painter (d. 2002)

1913- Lloyd Bridges -American actor (d. 1998)

1913- Miriam Hyde -Australian pianist and composer (d. 2005)

1913- Alexander Marinesko -Ukrainian-Russian lieutenant (d. 1963)

1914- Stefan Bałuk -Polish general (d. 2014)

1914- Hugh Trevor-Roper -English historian and academic (d. 2003)

1917- Anton Raadik -Estonian boxer (d. 1999)

1918- João Figueiredo -Brazilian general and politician, 30th President of Brazil (d. 1999)

1918- Édouard Gagnon -Canadian cardinal (d. 2007)

1918- Christos Kagaras -Greek artist (d. 2010)

1918- Gamal Abdel Nasser -Egyptian colonel and politician, 2nd President of Egypt (d. 1970)

1919- Maurice Herzog -French mountaineer (d. 2012)

1920- Steve Gromek -American baseball player (d. 2002)

1920- John Joseph O'Connor (cardinal)|John Joseph O'Connor -American cardinal (d. 2000)

1921- Babasaheb Bhosale -Indian politician, 8th Chief Minister of Maharashtra (d. 2007)

1921- Frank Thornton -English actor (d. 2013)

1922- Eric Willis -Australian politician, 34th Premier of New South Wales (d. 1999)

1923- Ivor Cutler -Scottish poet (d. 2006)

1923- Rukmani Devi -Sri Lankan singer and actress (d. 1978)

1923- Lee Teng-hui -Taiwanese-Chinese politician, 4th President of the Republic of China

1923- Arthur Quinlan -Irish journalist (d. 2012)

1924- George Lowe (mountaineer)|George Lowe -New Zealand-English mountaineer (d. 2013)

1925- Ruth Slenczynska -American pianist and composer

1926- Maria Schell -Austrian-Swiss actress (d. 2005)

1927- Phyllis Coates -American actress

1928- M. V. Devan -Indian painter, sculptor, and critic (d. 2014)

1929- Earl Hooker -American guitarist (d. 1970)

1929- Queen Ida -American accordion player

1929- Martin Luther King, Jr. -American minster and activist, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1968)

1930- Eddie Graham -American wrestler (d. 1985)

1931- Lee Bontecou -American sculptor

1933- Patricia Blair -American actress (d. 2013)

1933- Frank Bough -English journalist

1933- Ernest J. Gaines -American author

1933- Peter Maitlis -English chemist and academic

1934- V. S. Ramadevi -Indian politician, 13th Governor of Karnataka (d. 2013)

1935- Malcolm Frager -American pianist (d. 1991)

1935- Robert Silverberg -American author

1936- Obo Addy -Ghanaian drummer and dancer (d. 2012)

1937- Margaret O'Brien -American actress

1938- Ashraf Aman -Pakistani engineer and mountaineer

1938- Estrella Blanca -Mexican wrestler

1938- Chuni Goswami -Indian footballer and cricketer

1939- Neil Cossons -English curator and academic

1941- Captain Beefheart -American singer-songwriter (d. 2010)

1942- Frank Joseph Polozola -American judge (d. 2013)

1942- Barbara Tarbuck -American actress

1943- Margaret Beckett -English politician

1943- Stuart E. Eizenstat -American lawyer and diplomat

1943- Mike Marshall (pitcher)|Mike Marshall -American baseball player

1944- Jenny Nimmo -English author

1945- Vince Foster -American lawyer (d. 1993)

1945- William R. Higgins -American colonel (d. 1990)

1945- David Pleat -English footballer, manager, and sportscaster

1946- Charles Brown (actor)|Charles Brown -American actor (d. 2004)

1947- Mary Hogg -English lawyer and judge

1947- Andrea Martin -American-Canadian actress

1947- Pete Waterman -English songwriter and producer

1948- Aldo Zadrima -Albanian chess player

1948- Ronnie Van Zant -American singer-songwriter (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (d. 1977)

1949- Luis Alvarado -Puerto Rican baseball player (d. 2001)

1949- Alasdair Liddell -English businessman (d. 2012)

1949- Panos Mihalopoulos -Greek actor

1950- Marius Trésor -French footballer

1952- Andrzej Fischer -Polish footballer

1952- Chris D. -American punk poet, rock critic, singer (The Flesh Eaters (band)|The Flesh Eaters), writer, actor and filmmaker

1953- Ta-Tanisha -American actress

1953- Kent Hovind -American evangelist and theorist

1953- Randy White (American football)|Randy White -American football player

1954- Jose Dalisay, Jr. -Filipino poet, author, and screenwriter

1954- Nikos Sarganis -Greek footballer

1955- Nigel Benson -English author and illustrator

1955- Mayumi Tanaka -Japanese voice actress

1956- Miki Fujimura -Japanese singer (Candies (group)|Candies)

1956- Vitaly Kaloyev -Russian architect

1956- Mayawati -Indian politician, 23rd Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

1956- Marc Trestman -American football player and coach

1957- Marty Lyons -American football player

1957- Andrew Tyrie -English journalist and politician

1957- Mario Van Peebles -American actor

1958- Boris Tadić -Serbian politician, 16th President of Serbia

1959- Sister Carol -Jamaican singer

1959- Pavle Kozjek -Slovenian mountaineer and photographer (d. 2008)

1959- Pete Trewavas -English bass player (Kino, Marillion, Transatlantic (band)|Transatlantic, and Edison's Children)

1960- Kelly Asbury -American actor and director

1960- Aaron Jay Kernis -American composer

1961- Serhiy N. Morozov -Ukrainian footballer

1961- Yves Pelletier -Canadian actor and director

1963- Conrad Lant -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Venom (band)|Venom and Cronos (band)|Cronos)

1963- Bruce Schneier -American cryptographer and author

1964- Osmo Tapio Räihälä -Finnish composer

1965- Maurizio Fondriest -Italian cyclist

1965- Bernard Hopkins -American boxer

1965- Adam Jones (musician)|Adam Jones -American guitarist and songwriter (Tool (band)|Tool and Electric Sheep (band)|Electric Sheep)

1965- James Nesbitt -Irish actor

1966- Lisa Lisa -American singer (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam)

1968- Barry Buchanan -American wrestler

1968- Chad Lowe -American actor, director, and producer

1969- Meret Becker -German actress and singer

1969- Delino DeShields -American baseball player

1969- Huck Seed -American poker player

1970- Shane McMahon -American wrestler and businessman

1971- Regina King -American actress

1972- Christos Kostis -Greek footballer

1972- Ernie Reyes, Jr. -American actor, stuntman, and martial artist

1972- Kobe Tai -Taiwanese-American porn actress

1972- Claudia Winkleman -English journalist

1973- Essam El-Hadary -Egyptian footballer

1974- Edith Bowman -Scottish radio and television host

1974- Séverine Deneulin -Development economist

1974- Ray King -American baseball player

1975- 9th Wonder -American rapper and producer (Little Brother (group)|Little Brother)

1975- Marc Cartwright -American photographer

1975- Mary Pierce -French tennis player

1976- Corey Chavous -American football player

1976- Doug Gottlieb -American basketball player and sportscaster

1976- Scott Murray (rugby union)|Scott Murray -Scottish rugby player

1976- Florentin Petre -Romanian footballer

1978- Eddie Cahill -American actor

1978- Franco Pellizotti -Italian cyclist

1978- Ryan Sidebottom -English cricketer

1979- 3Krazy -American rapper and producer

1979- Drew Brees -American football player

1979- Ken Chu -Taiwanese singer and actor (F4 (band)|F4)

1979- Michalis Morfis -Cypriot footballer

1979- Martin Petrov -Bulgarian footballer

1980- Matt Holliday -American baseball player

1981- Pitbull (rapper)|Pitbull -American rapper, producer, and actor

1981- Howie Day -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1981- El Hadji Diouf -Senegalese footballer

1981- Vanessa Henke -German tennis player

1981- Sean Lamont -Scottish rugby player

1982- Benjamin Agosto -American skater

1982- Armando Galarraga -Venezuelan baseball player

1982- Emina Jahović -Serbian-Turkish singer-songwriter and actress

1982- Brett Lebda -American ice hockey player

1982- Neil Nitin Mukesh -Indian actor

1982- Ari Pulkkinen -Finnish composer

1982- Francis -Cameroonian footballer

1983- Matic Kralj -Slovenian ice hockey player

1983- Jermaine Pennant -English footballer

1983- Hugo Viana -Portuguese footballer

1984- Megan Jendrick -American swimmer

1984- Victor Rasuk -American actor

1985- René Adler -German footballer

1985- Enrico Patrizio -Italian rugby player

1985- Kenneth Emil Petersen -Danish footballer

1986- Clara (actress)|Clara -Swiss-English model and actress

1986- Fred Davis (tight end)|Fred Davis -American football player

1986- Jessy Schram -American actress

1987- Greg Inglis -Australian rugby player

1987- Tsegaye Kebede -Ethiopian runner

1987- Kelly Kelly -American wrestler and model

1987- David Knight (English footballer)|David Knight -English footballer

1987- Nicole Matthews -Canadian wrestler

1987- Michael Seater -Canadian actor

1988- Daniel Caligiuri -German footballer

1988- Jun. K -South Korean singer-songwriter and actor (2PM)

1988- Aija Putniņa -Latvian basketball player

1988- Skrillex -American singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer (From First to Last and Dog Blood)

1989- Alexei Cherepanov -Russian ice hockey player (d. 2008)

1989- Keiffer Hubbell -American ice dancer

1989- Tasha Reign -American porn actress and model

1989- Ronny Vencatachellum -Mauritian swimmer

1990- Paul Blake (athlete)|Paul Blake -English sprinter

1990- Fernando Forestieri -Italian footballer

1990- Konstantinos Sloukas -Greek basketball player

1990- Sophie Sumner -English model

1990- Robert Trznadel -Polish footballer

1991- Marc Bartra -Spanish footballer

1991- Nicolai Jørgensen -Danish footballer

1991- Jahangir Wasim -Pakistani businessman, founded Origin NGO

1992- Joshua King (footballer)|Joshua King -Norwegian footballer

1994- Jordy Croux -Belgian footballer

1994- Eric Dier -English footballer

1996- Dove Cameron -American actress

History of Deaths

69- Galba -Roman emperor (b. 3 BC)

570- Íte of Killeedy -Irish nun and saint (b. 475)

849- Theophylact (son of Michael I)|Theophylact -Byzantine emperor (b. 793)

936- Rudolph of France -(b. 880)

1568- Nicolaus Olahus -Romanian archbishop (b. 1493)

1595- Murat III -Ottoman sultan (b. 1546)

1623- Paolo Sarpi -Italian lawyer, historian, and scholar (b. 1552)

1672- John Cosin -English bishop and academic (b. 1594)

1683- Philip Warwick -English politician (b. 1609)

1775- Giovanni Battista Sammartini -Italian organist and composer (b. 1700)

1781- Mariana Victoria of Spain -(b. 1718)

1790- John Landen -English mathematician (b. 1719)

1804- Dru Drury -English entomologist (b. 1725)

1813- Anton Bernolák -Slovak linguist and priest (b. 1762)

1815- Emma, Lady Hamilton -English mistress of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (b. 1761)

1855- Henri Braconnot -French chemist and pharmacist (b. 1780)

1864- Isaac Nathan -English-Australian composer and journalist (b. 1792)

1876- Eliza McCardle Johnson -American wife of Andrew Johnson, 18th First Lady of the United States (b. 1810)

1885- Leopold Damrosch -German-American conductor (b. 1832)

1893- Fanny Kemble -English-American actress and author (b. 1809)

1896- Mathew Brady -American photographer (b. 1822)

1909- Arnold Janssen -German priest and missionary (b. 1837)

1916- Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky -Russian playwright (b. 1850)

1919- Karl Liebknecht -German politician (b. 1871)

1919- Rosa Luxemburg -German economist, theorist, and philosopher (b. 1871)

1926- Enrico Toselli -Italian pianist and composer (b. 1883)

1936- Henry Forster, 1st Baron Forster -English politician, 7th Governor-General of Australia (b. 1866)

1937- Anton Holban -Romanian author (b. 1902)

1944- Robert J. Kirby -American police officer (b. 1890)

1945- Wilhelm Wirtinger -Austrian mathematician (b. 1865)

1946- Karl Nabersberg -German youth leader (b. 1908)

1947- Black Dahlia -American murder victim (b. 1924)

1948- Josephus Daniels -American publisher and diplomat, 41st United States Secretary of the Navy (b. 1862)

1950- Henry H. Arnold -American general (b. 1886)

1951- Nikolai Vekšin -Estonian sailor (b. 1887)

1952- Ned Hanlon (politician)|Ned Hanlon -Australian politician, 26th Premier of Queensland (b. 1887)

1955- Yves Tanguy -French painter (b. 1900)

1964- Jack Teagarden -American singer-songwriter and trombonist (b. 1905)

1967- David Burliuk -Ukrainian author and illustrator (b. 1882)

1968- Bill Masterton -Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1938)

1970- William T. Piper -American businessman, founded Piper Aircraft (b. 1881)

1972- Daisy Ashford -English author (b. 1881)

1973- Coleman Francis -American director (b. 1919)

1973- Ivan Petrovsky -Russian mathematician (b. 1901)

1974- Harold D. Cooley -American politician (b. 1897)

1983- Meyer Lansky -Russian-American gangster (b. 1902)

1983- Armin Öpik -Estonian paleontologist (b. 1898)

1983- Shepperd Strudwick -American actor (b. 1907)

1987- Ray Bolger -American actor, singer, and dancer (b. 1904)

1988- Seán MacBride -French-Irish politician, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1904)

1990- Peggy van Praagh -English ballerina, choreographer, and director (b. 1910)

1992- Dee Murray -English bass player (The Mirage (band)|The Mirage, Procol Harum, The Spencer Davis Group and Elton John) (b. 1946)

1993- Sammy Cahn -American songwriter (b. 1913)

1994- Georges Cziffra -Hungarian-French pianist (b. 1921)

1994- Harry Nilsson -American singer-songwriter (b. 1941)

1994- Harilal Upadhyay -Indian author, poet, and astrologist (b. 1916)

1995- Vera Maxwell -American fashion designer (b. 1901)

1996- Les Baxter -American pianist and composer (b. 1922)

1996- Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho -(b. 1938)

1996- Rudolf Wanderone -American billiards player (b. 1913)

1998- Gulzarilal Nanda -Indian economist and politician, Prime Minister of India (b. 1898)

1998- Junior Wells -American singer-songwriter and harmonica player (The Aces (blues band)|The Aces) (b. 1934)

1999- Betty Box -English composer and producer (b. 1915)

2000- Georges-Henri Lévesque -Canadian-Dominican priest and sociologist (b. 1903)

2000- Željko Ražnatović -Serbian commander (b. 1952)

2000- Fran Ryan -American actress (b. 1916)

2001- Ted Mann -American businessman (b. 1916)

2001- Leo Marks -English cryptographer, playwright, and screenwriter (b. 1920)

2002- Michael Anthony Bilandic -American politician, 49th Mayor of Chicago (b. 1923)

2002- Eugène Brands -Dutch painter (b. 1913)

2002- Steve Gromek -American baseball player (b. 1920)

2003- Doris Fisher (singer)|Doris Fisher -American singer-songwriter (b. 1915)

2004- Terje Bakken -Norwegian singer-songwriter (Windir) (b. 1978)

2004- Olivia Goldsmith -American author (b. 1949)

2005- Victoria de los Ángeles -Catalan soprano (b. 1923)

2005- Walter Ernsting -German author (b. 1920)

2005- Elizabeth Janeway -American author (b. 1913)

2005- Dan Lee -Canadian animator (b. 1969)

2005- Ruth Warrick -American actress (b. 1915)

2006- Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah -Kuwaiti ruler (b. 1926)

2006- El Texano -Mexican wrestler (b. 1958)

2007- Awad Hamed al-Bandar -Iraqi judge (b. 1945)

2007- Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti -Iraqi intelligence officer (b. 1951)

2007- James Hillier -Canadian-American scientist, inventor of electron microscope (b. 1915)

2007- Pura Santillan-Castrence -Filipino diplomat (b. 1905)

2007- David Vanole -American soccer player (b. 1963)

2007- Bo Yibo -Chinese commander and politician, Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China (b. 1908)

2008- Robert V. Bruce -American historian, author, and academic (b. 1923)

2008- Mark Haigh-Hutchinson -English video game designer (b. 1964)

2008- Brad Renfro -American actor (b. 1982)

2009- Lincoln Verduga Loor -Ecuadorian journalist and politician (b. 1917)

2011- Nat Lofthouse -English footballer (b. 1925)

2012- Mika Ahola -Finnish motorcycle racer (b. 1974)

2012- Ed Derwinski -American soldier and politician, 1st United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs (b. 1926)

2012- Manuel Fraga Iribarne -Spanish politician, 3rd President of the Xunta of Galicia (b. 1922)

2012- Robert Freer -Indian-English air marshal (b. 1923)

2012- Carlo Fruttero -Italian journalist and author (b. 1926)

2012- Samuel Jaskilka -American general (b. 1919)

2012- Ib Spang Olsen -Danish author and illustrator (b. 1921)

2012- Hulett C. Smith -American lieutenant and politician, 27th Governor of West Virginia (b. 1918)

2013- Generous (horse)|Generous -Irish horse (b. 1988)

2013- Yang Baibing -Chinese general and politician (b. 1920)

2013- Chucho Castillo -Mexican boxer (b. 1944)

2013- Daniel Edelman -American publicist, founded Edelman (firm)|Edelman (b. 1920)

2013- George Gund III -American businessman (b. 1937)

2013- Princess Margarita of Baden -(b. 1932)

2013- Nagisa Oshima -Japanese director and screenwriter (b. 1932)

2013- Zurab Popkhadze -Georgian footballer (b. 1972)

2013- John Thomas (athlete)|John Thomas -American high jumper (b. 1941)

2013- Yuli Turovsky -Russian-Canadian cellist, conductor, and educator (b. 1939)

2014- Curtis Bray -American football player and coach (b. 1970)

2014- Namdeo Dhasal -Indian poet and activist (b. 1949)

2014- John Dobson (amateur astronomer)|John Dobson -Chinese-American astronomer (b. 1915)

2014- Marion Faller -American photographer (b. 1941)

2014- Karl Hudson-Phillips -Trinidadian lawyer, judge, and politician (b. 1933)

2014- Roger Lloyd-Pack -English actor (b. 1944)

2014- Maya Romanoff -American interior designer (b. 1941)