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Day History: February-29

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Events History

1504- Christopher Columbus -uses his knowledge of a lunar eclipse that night to convince Native Americans (Americas)|Native Americans to provide him with supplies.

1644- Abel Tasman -s second Pacific voyage began.

1704- Queen Anne's War -French forces and Native American (U.S.)|Native Americans stage a 1704 Raid on Deerfield|raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, killing 56 villagers and taking more than 100 captive.

1712-February 29 is followed by February 30 -in Sweden, in a move to abolish the Swedish calendar for a return to the Julian calendar|Old style.

1720-Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden -abdicates in favour of her husband, who becomes King Frederick I of Sweden|Frederick I on 24 March.

1752-King Alaungpaya -founds Konbaung Dynasty, the last dynasty of Burmese monarchy.

1768-Polish nobles formed Bar Confederation -

1796-The Jay Treaty -between the United States and Great Britain comes into force, facilitating ten years of peaceful trade between the two nations.

1864- American Civil War -Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid fails

1892- St. Petersburg, Florida -is incorporated.

1916- Child labor -In South Carolina, the minimum working age for factory, mill, and mine workers is raised from twelve to fourteen years old.

1920- Czechoslovakia|Czechoslovak -National assembly adopted the Czechoslovak Constitution of 1920|Constitution.

1936- Baby Snooks -played by Fanny Brice, debuts on the radio program ''The Ziegfeld Follies of the Air''.

1936- February 26 Incident -in Tokyo ends.

1940-For her role as Mammy in '' Gone with the Wind (film)|Gone with the Wind -', Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African American to win an Academy Award.

1940-Finland initiates Winter War -peace negotiations.

1940-In a ceremony held in Berkeley, California -because of the World War II|war, physicist Ernest Lawrence receives the 1939 Nobel Prize in Physics from Sweden's Consul General in San Francisco.

1944-World War II: The Admiralty Islands -are invaded in Operation Brewer led by American General Douglas MacArthur.

1952-The island of Heligoland -is restored to German authority.

1960-An earthquake in Morocco -kills over 3,000 people and nearly destroys Agadir in the southern part of the country.

1964-In Sydney, Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser -sets a new world record in the 100-meter freestyle swimming (sport)|swimming competition (58.9 seconds).

1972- Vietnam War -Vietnamization

1980- Gordie Howe -of the then Carolina Hurricanes|Hartford Whalers makes National Hockey League|NHL history as he scores his 800th goal.

1988-South African archbishop Desmond Tutu -is arrested along with 100 clergymen during a five-day anti-apartheid demonstration in Cape Town.

1988- Svend Robinson -becomes the first member of the Canadian House of Commons to coming out|come out as gay.

1992-First day of Bosnia and Herzegovina independence referendum, 1992|Bosnia and Herzegovina independence referendum -

1996- Faucett Flight 251 -crashes in the Andes, all 123 passengers and crew died.

2004- Jean-Bertrand Aristide -is removed as President of Haiti following a coup.

2012- Tokyo Skytree -construction completed. Now it is the List of tallest towers in the world|tallest tower in the world, 634 meters high, and second tallest (man-made) structure on Earth, next to Burj Khalifa.

Famous Birthdays

1468- Pope Paul III -(d. 1549)

1692- John Byrom -English poet (d. 1763)

1724- Eva Marie Veigel -Austrian-English dancer (d. 1822)

1736- Ann Lee -American religious leader, founded the Shakers (d. 1784)

1792- Gioachino Rossini -Italian composer (d. 1868)

1812- James Milne Wilson -Scottish-Australian politician, 8th Premier of Tasmania (d. 1880)

1828- Emmeline B. Wells -American journalist, poet, and activist (d. 1921)

1836- Dickey Pearce -American baseball player and manager (d. 1908)

1840- John Philip Holland -Irish engineer, designed the ''HMS Holland 1'' (d. 1914)

1852- Frank Gavan Duffy -Australian judge, 4th Chief Justice of Australia (d. 1936)

1852- George Maximilianovich, 6th Duke of Leuchtenberg -Russian son of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (1819–1876)|Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (d. 1912)

1860- Herman Hollerith -American statistician (d. 1929)

1884- Richard S. Aldrich -American politician (d. 1941)

1892- Ed Appleton -American baseball player (d. 1932)

1892- Augusta Savage -American sculptor (d. 1962)

1896- Morarji Desai -Indian politician, 4th Prime Minister of India (d. 1995)

1896- Roy Parker -American baseball player (d. 1954)

1896- William A. Wellman -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1975)

1904- Rukmini Devi Arundale -Indian dancer and choreographer (d. 1986)

1904- Jimmy Dorsey -American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader (The California Ramblers, The Dorsey Brothers, and The Charleston Chasers) (d. 1957)

1904- Pepper Martin -American baseball player and manager (d. 1965)

1908- Balthus -French-Polish painter (d. 2001)

1908- Dee Brown (writer)|Dee Brown -American historian and author (d. 2002)

1908- Alf Gover -English cricketer and coach (d. 2001)

1916- Dinah Shore -American singer and actress (d. 1994)

1920- Fyodor Abramov -Russian author and critic (d. 1983)

1920- Arthur Franz -American actor (d. 2006)

1920- James Mitchell (actor)|James Mitchell -American actor and dancer (d. 2010)

1920- Michèle Morgan -French-American actress and singer

1920- Howard Nemerov -American poet (d. 1991)

1920- Ivan Ivanovich Petrov -Russian opera singer (d. 2003)

1920- Rolland W. Redlin -American politician (d. 2011)

1924- David Beattie -New Zealand politician, 14th Governor-General of New Zealand (d. 2001)

1924- Carlos Humberto Romero -Salvadoran politician, President of El Salvador

1924- Al Rosen -American baseball player

1928- Joss Ackland -English actor and singer

1928- Vance Haynes -American archaeologist, geologist, and author

1928- Terry Lewis (police officer)|Terry Lewis -Australian police officer

1928- Seymour Papert -South African mathematician and computer scientist, co-created the Logo (programming language)|Logo programming language

1928- Tempest Storm -American actress, singer, and dancer

1932- Jaguar (cartoonist)|Jaguar -Brazilian cartoonist

1932- Gene H. Golub -American mathematician and academic (d. 2007)

1932- Masten Gregory -American race car river (d. 1985)

1932- Reri Grist -American soprano

1936- Jack R. Lousma -American astronaut, engineer, and politician

1936- Henri Richard -Canadian ice hockey player

1936- Alex Rocco -American actor

1940- William H. Turner, Jr. -American horse trainer

1944- Ene Ergma -Estonian physicist and politician

1944- Dennis Farina -American police officer and actor (d. 2013)

1944- Nicholas Frayling -English priest and academic

1944- Phyllis Frelich -American actress (d. 2014)

1944- Leiki Loone -Estonian mathematician

1944- Steve Mingori -American baseball player (d. 2008)

1944- Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri -Italian author and illustrator

1948- Jirō Akagawa -Japanese author

1948- Gérard Darmon -French-Moroccan actor and singer

1948- Ken Foree -American actor and producer

1948- Hermione Lee -English academic

1948- Patricia A. McKillip -American author

1952- Al Autry -American baseball player

1952- Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush -American journalist

1952- Tim Powers -American author

1952- Raisa Smetanina -Russian skier

1952- Bart Stupak -American police officer and politician

1956- Jonathan Coleman (presenter)|Jonathan Coleman -Australian radio host

1956- Jerry Fry -American baseball player

1956- Bob Speller -Canadian politician, 30th Minister of Agriculture (Canada)|Canadian Minister of Agriculture

1956- J. Randy Taraborrelli -American journalist and author

1956- Aileen Wuornos -American serial killer (d. 2002)

1960- Khaled (musician)|Khaled -Algerian singer-songwriter

1960- Lucian Grainge -English businessman

1960- Bill Long (baseball)|Bill Long -American baseball player

1960- Richard Ramirez -American serial killer (d. 2013)

1960- Tony Robbins -American motivational speaker and author

1964- Dave Brailsford -English cyclist and coach

1964- Lyndon Byers -Canadian ice hockey player and radio host

1964- Mervyn Warren -American tenor, composer, and producer (Take 6)

1968- Suanne Braun -South African-English actress

1968- Chucky Brown -American basketball player and coach

1968- Pete Fenson -American curler

1968- Howard Tayler -American author and illustrator

1968- Bryce Paup -American football player and coach

1968- Wendi Peters -English actress

1968- Eugene Volokh -Ukrainian-American lawyer and educator

1968- Frank Woodley -Australian actor, producer, and screenwriter

1972- Iván García (athlete)|Iván García -Cuban sprinter

1972- Mike Pollitt -English footballer

1972- Antonio Sabàto, Jr. -Italian-American model and actor

1972- Dave Williams (musician)|Dave Williams -American singer-songwriter (Drowning Pool) (d. 2002)

1972- Saul Williams -American singer-songwriter and actor

1972- Pedro Zamora -Cuban-American television personality, cast member on ''The Real World: San Francisco'' (d. 1994)

1976- Zoë Baker -English-New Zealand swimmer

1976- Katalin Kovács -Hungarian canoe racer

1976- Terrence Long -American baseball player

1976- Ja Rule -American rapper and actor

1980- Chris Conley -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Saves the Day and Two Tongues)

1980- Patrick Côté (fighter)|Patrick Côté -Canadian mixed martial artist

1980- Simon Gagné -Canadian ice hockey player

1980- Michail Mouroutsos -Greek martial artist

1980- Rubén Plaza -Spanish cyclist

1980- Clinton Toopi -New Zealand rugby player

1980- Taylor Twellman -American soccer player

1984- Darren Ambrose -English footballer

1984- Cullen Jones -American swimmer

1984- Nuria Martínez -Spanish basketball player

1984- Adam Sinclair -Indian field hockey player

1984- Dennis Walger -German rugby player

1984- Cam Ward -Canadian ice hockey player

1988- Lena Gercke -German fashion model and television host

1988- Scott Golbourne -English footballer

1988- Benedikt Höwedes -German footballer

1988- Bobby Sanguinetti -American ice hockey player

1992- Sean Abbott -Australian cricketer

1992- Perry Kitchen -American soccer player

1992- Caitlin EJ Meyer -American actress

1992- Majesty Rose -American singer

1992- Saphir Taïder -French-Algerian footballer

1996- Claudia Williams -New Zealand tennis player

History of Deaths

992- Oswald of Worcester -French archbishop and saint (b. 925)

1212- Hōnen -Japanese monk (b. 1133)

1528- Patrick Hamilton (martyr)|Patrick Hamilton -Scottish martyr and reformer (b. 1504)

1592- Alessandro Striggio -Italian composer (b. 1540)

1600- Caspar Hennenberger -German pastor, historian, and cartographer (b. 1529)

1604- John Whitgift -English archbishop (b. 1530)

1740- Pietro Ottoboni (cardinal)|Pietro Ottoboni -Italian cardinal (b. 1667)

1744- John Theophilus Desaguliers -French-English physicist and philosopher (b. 1683)

1792- Johann Andreas Stein -German piano builder (b. 1728)

1820- Johann Joachim Eschenburg -German historian and critic (b. 1743)

1848- Louis-François, Baron Lejeune -French general and painter (b. 1775)

1868- Ludwig I of Bavaria -(b. 1786)

1880- James Milne Wilson -Scottish-Australian politician, 8th Premier of Tasmania (b. 1812)

1908- Pat Garrett -American sheriff (b. 1850)

1908- John Hope, 1st Marquess of Linlithgow -Scottish-Australian politician, 1st Governor-General of Australia (b. 1860)

1920- Ernie Courtney -American baseball player (b. 1875)

1928- Adolphe Appia -Swiss architect and theorist (b. 1862)

1928- Ina Coolbrith -American poet (b. 1841)

1940- E. F. Benson -English archaeologist and author (b. 1867)

1944- Pehr Evind Svinhufvud -Finnish politician, 3rd President of Finland (b. 1861)

1948- Rebel Oakes -American baseball player and manager (b. 1883)

1952- Quo Tai-chi -Chinese diplomat (b. 1888)

1956- Elpidio Quirino -Filipino lawyer and politician, 6th President of the Philippines (b. 1890)

1960- Walter Yust -American journalist (b. 1894)

1960- Melvin Purvis -American police officer and FBI agent (b. 1903)

1964- Frank Albertson -American actor and singer (b. 1909)

1968- Lena Blackburne -American baseball player, coach, and manager (b. 1886)

1968- Tore Ørjasæter -Norwegian poet and educator (b. 1886)

1972- Tom Davies (American football)|Tom Davies -American football player and coach (b. 1896)

1976- Florence P. Dwyer -American politician (b. 1902)

1980- Yigal Allon -Israeli general and politician, Prime Minister of Israel (b. 1918)

1980- Gil Elvgren -American painter and illustrator (b. 1914)

1984- Ludwik Starski -Polish screenwriter and songwriter (b. 1903)

1988- Sidney Harmon -American screenwriter and producer (b. 1907)

1992- La Lupe -Cuban-American singer (b. 1939)

1992- Ruth Pitter -English poet (b. 1897)

1996- Wes Farrell -American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1939)

1996- Shams Pahlavi -Iranian daughter of Tadj ol-Molouk of Iran (b. 1917)

1996- Ralph Rowe -American baseball player, coach, and manager (b. 1924)

2000- Dennis Danell -American guitarist (Social Distortion) (b. 1961)

2000- Kayla Rolland -American murder victim (b. 1993)

2004- Kagamisato Kiyoji -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 42nd Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (b. 1923)

2004- Jerome Lawrence -American playwright and author (b. 1915)

2004- Toni Onley -Canadian painter (b. 1928)

2004- Harold Bernard St. John -Barbadian politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Barbados (b. 1931)

2004- Lorrie Wilmot -South African cricketer (b. 1943)

2008- Janet Kagan -American author (b. 1946)

2008- Erik Ortvad -Danish painter and illustrator (b. 1917)

2012- Roland Bautista -American guitarist (Earth, Wind & Fire) (b. 1951)

2012- Ertjies Bezuidenhout -South African cyclist (b. 1955)

2012- Dennis Chinnery -English actor (b. 1927)

2012- Fukuzo Iwasaki -Japanese businessman (b. 1925)

2012- Davy Jones (musician)|Davy Jones -English singer, guitarist, and actor (The Monkees) (b. 1945)

2012- Karl Kodat -Austrian footballer (b. 1943)

2012- Sheldon Moldoff -American illustrator (b. 1920)

2012- Horacio Morales -Filipino economist and politician (b. 1943)

2012- Violet Wood -English super-centenarian (b. 1899)