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Day History: February-24

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Famous Birthdays

1103- Emperor Toba -of Japan (d. 1156)

1304- Ibn Battuta -Moroccan explorer (d. 1368)

1463- Giovanni Pico della Mirandola -Italian philosopher (d. 1494)

1500- Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1558)

1545- John of Austria -(d. 1578)

1557- Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1619)

1595- Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski -Polish author and poet (d. 1640)

1597- Vincent Voiture -French poet (d. 1648)

1619- Charles Le Brun -French painter (d. 1690)

1622- Johannes Clauberg -German theologian and philosopher (d. 1665)

1664- Thomas Newcomen -English engineer (d. 1729)

1684- Matthias Braun -Czech sculptor (d. 1738)

1693- James Quin -English actor (d. 1766)

1709- Jacques de Vaucanson -French engineer (d. 1782)

1723- John Burgoyne -English general (d. 1792)

1762- Charles Frederick Horn -German-English composer and educator (d. 1830)

1767- Buddha Loetla Nabhalai -Thai king (d. 1824)

1774- Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge -(d. 1850)

1786- Martin W. Bates -American lawyer and politician (d. 1869)

1786- Wilhelm Grimm -German philologist (d. 1859)

1788- Johan Christian Dahl -Norwegian painter (d. 1857)

1810- Matías Ramos Mejía -Argentinian colonel (d. 1885)

1827- Lydia Becker -British suffragette (d. 1890)

1831- Leo von Caprivi -German politician, List of Chancellors of Germany|Chancellor of Germany (d. 1899)

1835- Julius Vogel -New Zealand politician, 8th Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 1899)

1836- Winslow Homer -American painter (d. 1910)

1837- Rosalía de Castro -Spanish poet (d. 1885)

1842- Arrigo Boito -Italian journalist, author, and composer (d. 1918)

1846- Luigi Denza -Italian composer (d. 1922)

1848- Andrew Inglis Clark -Australian politician (d. 1907)

1852- George Moore (novelist)|George Moore -Irish-English author, poet, and playwright (d. 1933)

1858- Friedrich Schrempf -German editor and politician (d. 1912)

1866- Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev -Russian physicist (d. 1912)

1866- Hubert Van Innis -Belgian archer (d. 1961)

1868- Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild -French financier and polo player (d. 1949)

1872- John Arthur Jarvis -English swimmer (d. 1933)

1872- Gustave Sandras -French gymnast (d. 1951)

1874- Honus Wagner -American baseball player (d. 1955)

1877- Rudolph Ganz -Swiss pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1972)

1877- Ettie Annie Rout -Australian-New Zealand activist (d. 1936)

1885- Charles Daniels (swimmer)|Charles Daniels -American swimmer (d. 1973)

1885- Chester W. Nimitz -American admiral (d. 1966)

1885- Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz -Polish author, poet, and painter (d. 1939)

1890- Marjorie Main -American actress (d. 1975)

1892- Konstantin Fedin -Russian writer (d. 1977)

1896- Richard Thorpe -American director and screenwriter (d. 1991)

1898- Kurt Tank -German pilot and engineer (d. 1983)

1903- Vladimir Bartol -Slovene author (d. 1967)

1908- Telford Taylor -American general, lawyer, and historian (d. 1998)

1909- August Derleth -American anthologist and author (d. 1971)

1909- Riccardo Freda -Egyptian-Italian director and screenwriter (d. 1999)

1911- Eduardo Vañó Pastor -Spanish cartoonist (d. 1993)

1912- Jiří Trnka -Czech puppet maker, animator, and director (d. 1969)

1914- Ralph Erskine (architect)|Ralph Erskine -English architect, designed The Ark, London|The Ark and Byker Wall (d. 2005)

1914- Weldon Kees -American author, poet, painter, and pianist (d. 1955)

1919- Árpád Bogsch -Hungarian-American civil servant (d. 2004)

1919- Nellie Connally -American wife of John Connally (d. 2006)

1919- Betty Marsden -English actress (d. 1998)

1920- Ernst Reiss -Swiss mountaineer (d. 2010)

1921- Gaston Reiff -Belgian runner (d. 1992)

1921- Abe Vigoda -American actor

1921- Douglass Watson -American actor (d. 1989)

1922- Richard Hamilton (artist)|Richard Hamilton -English painter (d. 2011)

1922- Steven Hill -American actor

1922- Esperanza Magaz -Cuban-Venezuelan actress (d. 2013)

1923- David Soyer -American cellist (d. 2010)

1924- Hal Herring -American football player and coach (d. 2014)

1924- Erik Nielsen -Canadian politician, 3rd Deputy Prime Minister of Canada (d. 2008)

1925- Bud Day -American colonel and pilot, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 2013)

1926- Jean Alexander -English actress

1926- John Gunther Dean -German-American diplomat

1926- Balys Gajauskas -Lithuanian politician

1927- Emmanuelle Riva -French actress

1929- Kintaro Ohki -South Korean wrestler (d. 2006)

1929- Ludwig Zausinger -German footballer (d. 2013)

1930- Barbara Lawrence -American actress and singer (d. 2013)

1931- Dominic Chianese -American actor

1931- Brian Close -English cricketer

1932- Michel Legrand -French pianist, composer, and conductor

1932- Brenda Maddox -American journalist and author

1932- Zell Miller -American sergeant and politician, 79th Governor of Georgia

1932- John Vernon -Canadian-American actor (d. 2005)

1933- Judah Folkman -American physician and biologist (d. 2008)

1933- Ali Mazrui -Kenyan-American political scientist, philosopher, and academic (d. 2014)

1933- David "Fathead" Newman -American saxophonist and composer (d. 2009)

1934- Bettino Craxi -Italian politician, 45th Prime Minister of Italy (d. 2000)

1934- Linda Cristal -Argentinian-American actress

1934- Renata Scotto -Italian soprano and director

1937- Jerry Wiggin -English politician

1938- James Farentino -American actor (d. 2012)

1938- Phil Knight -American businessman, co-founded Nike, Inc.

1938- Kathleen Richardson, Baroness Richardson of Calow -English minister and politician

1939- Roger Cowley -English physicist and academic

1939- Jamal Nazrul Islam -Bangladeshi physicist and cosmologist (d. 2013)

1939- Joy Mukherjee -Indian actor and director (d. 2012)

1940- Pete Duel -American actor (d. 1971)

1940- Jimmy Ellis -American boxer (d. 2014)

1940- Denis Law -Scottish footballer

1940- Ludwig Leitner -German skier (d. 2013)

1940- Nicolae Martinescu -Romanian wrestler (d. 2013)

1941- Joanie Sommers -American singer and actress

1942- Colin Bond -Australian race car driver

1942- Paul Jones (singer)|Paul Jones -English singer, harmonica player, and actor (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, and The Manfreds)

1942- Joe Lieberman -American politician

1942- Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak -Indian theorist and philosopher

1943- Kent Haruf -American author

1943- Pablo Milanés -Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist

1943- Hristo Prodanov -Bulgarian mountaineer (d. 1984)

1943- Terry Semel -American businessman

1944- Nicky Hopkins -English pianist (All-Stars (band)|All-Stars, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages, and Quicksilver Messenger Service) (d. 1994)

1944- Sheila Larken -American actress

1945- Steve Berrios -American drummer (d. 2013)

1945- Barry Bostwick -American actor

1946- Grigory Margulis -Russian mathematician

1946- John Stapleton -English journalist

1947- Mike Fratello -American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster

1947- Rupert Holmes -English singer-songwriter and playwright

1947- Edward James Olmos -American actor and director

1948- Jayalalithaa -Indian actress and politician, 16th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

1948- François Lacombe -Canadian ice hockey player

1948- Walter Smith -Scottish footballer and manager

1948- Tim Staffell -English singer and guitarist (Smile (band)|Smile, Humpy Bong, and Morgan (band)|Morgan)

1948- Dennis Waterman -English actor and singer

1950- George Thorogood -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1950- Steve McCurry -American photographer and journalist

1951- David Ford -English-Irish politician

1951- Tony Holiday -German singer-songwriter (d. 1990)

1951- Debra Jo Rupp -American actress

1951- Helen Shaver -Canadian actress and director

1951- Laimdota Straujuma -Latvian politician, 12th Prime Minister of Latvia

1954- Plastic Bertrand -Belgian singer-songwriter and producer (Hubble Bubble)

1954- Sid Meier -Canadian-American game designer and programmer, created the ''Civilization (series)|Civilization series''

1955- Steve Jobs -American businessman, co-founded Apple Inc. and Pixar (d. 2011)

1955- Eddie L. Johnson -American basketball player

1955- Alain Prost -French race car driver

1956- Judith Butler -American philosopher

1956- Sharon Kane -American porn actress and director

1956- Eddie Murray -American baseball player

1956- Peter Pagel -German footballer (d. 2010)

1956- Paula Zahn -American journalist

1958- Hent de Vries -Dutch philosopher

1958- Sammy Kershaw -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1958- Mark Moses -American actor

1959- Beth Broderick -American actress

1960- Nick Esasky -American baseball player

1962- Outi Mäenpää -Finnish actress

1962- Michelle Shocked -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1962- Teri Weigel -American porn actress

1963- Line Beauchamp -Canadian politician

1963- Dirk Greiser -German footballer

1963- Mike Vernon (ice hockey)|Mike Vernon -Canadian ice hockey player

1964- Andy Crane -English radio and television host

1964- Todd Field -American actor and director

1964- Russell Ingall -Australian race car driver

1965- Kristin Davis -American actress

1965- Lloyd McGrath -English footballer

1965- Jane Swift -American politician, 69th Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

1966- René Arocha -Cuban baseball player

1966- Ben Miller -English comedian, actor, and director

1966- Billy Zane -American actor and producer

1967- Brian Schmidt -Australian astrophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1967- Fernando Tejero -Spanish actor

1968- Mitch Hedberg -American comedian and actor (d. 2005)

1970- Jeff Garcia -American football player

1970- Neil Sullivan -English-Scottish footballer

1970- Jonathan Ward (actor)|Jonathan Ward -American actor

1971- Josh Bernstein -American explorer, author, and television host

1971- Pedro de la Rosa -Spanish race car driver

1971- Thomas Franck (footballer)|Thomas Franck -German footballer

1971- Brian Savage -Canadian ice hockey player

1972- Teodor Currentzis -Greek conductor, musician and actor

1972- Manon Rhéaume -Canadian ice hockey player

1973- Richard Clapp -Canadian baseball player

1973- Chris Fehn -American drummer (Slipknot (band)|Slipknot and Will Haven)

1973- Alexei Kovalev -Russian ice hockey player

1973- Christína Papadáki -Greek tennis player

1973- Yordan Yovchev -Bulgarian gymnast

1974- Chad Hugo -American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (NERD)

1974- Mike Lowell -Puerto Rican baseball player

1974- Bonnie Somerville -American actress and singer

1975- Ashley MacIsaac -Canadian singer-songwriter and fiddler

1976- Marco Campos -Brazilian race car driver (d. 1995)

1976- Crista Flanagan -American actress

1976- Eric Griffin -American guitarist (Murderdolls and Wednesday 13)

1976- Zach Johnson -American golfer

1976- Bradley McGee -Australian cyclist

1976- Matt Skiba -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Alkaline Trio and Heavens (band)|Heavens)

1977- Jason Akermanis -Australian footballer

1977- Bronson Arroyo -American baseball player

1977- Jay Kenneth Johnson -American actor

1977- Floyd Mayweather, Jr -American boxer

1978- Gary (rapper)|Gary -South Korean rapper and producer (Leessang)

1978- Shinya (musician)|Shinya -Japanese drummer and songwriter (Dir En Grey)

1978- John Nolan (musician)|John Nolan -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Straylight Run and Taking Back Sunday)

1978- DeWayne Wise -American baseball player

1978- Leon Constantine -English footballer

1979- Jesse Billauer -American surfer

1979- Claire Cooper -English actress

1979- Vítor Ribeiro -Brazilian mixed martial artist

1980- Anton Maiden -Swedish singer (d. 2003)

1980- Shinsuke Nakamura -Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist

1980- Roman Sludnov -Russian swimmer

1981- Felipe Baloy -Panamanian footballer

1981- Lleyton Hewitt -Australian tennis player

1981- Mauro Rosales -Argentinian footballer

1981- Mohammad Sami -Pakistani cricketer

1982- Nick Blackburn -American baseball player

1982- Fala Chen -Chinese-American model and actress

1982- Kevin O'Neill (rugby union)|Kevin O'Neill -New Zealand rugby player

1982- Emanuel Villa -Argentinian footballer

1982- Klára Zakopalová -Czech tennis player

1983- Matt McGinley -American drummer (Gym Class Heroes and Kill the Frontman)

1983- Ingemar Teever -Estonian footballer

1984- Pieter Dirkx -Belgian director, screenwriter and painter

1984- Corey Graves -American wrestler

1984- Clivio Piccione -Monegasque race car driver

1984- Marina Timofeieva -Estonian ice dancer

1986- Bryce Papenbrook -American kick-boxer and voice actor

1986- Wojtek Wolski -Polish-Canadian ice hockey player

1987- Mayuko Iwasa -Japanese model and actress

1987- Chieko Kawabe -Japanese singer and actress

1987- Kim Kyu-jong -South Korean singer, dancer, and actor (SS501)

1988- Emma Hayman -New Zealand tennis player

1989- Trace Cyrus -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Metro Station (band)|Metro Station)

1989- Gabriella Fox -American porn actress

1989- Kosta Koufos -American basketball player

1990- Stefan Müller (footballer born 1990)|Stefan Müller -German footballer

1991- Madison Hubbell -American ice dancer

1994- Earl Sweatshirt -American rapper and producer (Odd Future)

1995- Jacob Murphy -English footballer

2001- Ramona Marquez -English actress

2009- Encke (horse)|Encke -American-English race horse (d. 2014)