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Day History: February-23

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Famous Birthdays

1417- Pope Paul II -(d. 1471)

1443- Matthias Corvinus -Hungarian king (d. 1490)

1583- Jean-Baptiste Morin (mathematician)|Jean-Baptiste Morin -French mathematician, astrologer, and astronomer (d. 1656)

1633- Samuel Pepys -English politician (d. 1703)

1646- Tokugawa Tsunayoshi -Japanese shogun (d. 1709)

1648- Arabella Churchill (royal mistress)|Arabella Churchill -English mistress of James II of England (d. 1730)

1664- Georg Dietrich Leyding -German organist and composer (d. 1710)

1680- Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville -Canadian politician (d. 1767)

1685- George Frideric Handel -German-English composer (d. 1759)

1723- Richard Price -Welsh philosopher (d. 1791)

1729- Josiah Hornblower -English-American engineer and politician (d. 1809)

1744- Mayer Amschel Rothschild -German banker (d. 1812)

1752- Simon Knéfacz -Croatian monk and author (d. 1819)

1809- William Sprague (Michigan)|William Sprague -American minister and politician (d. 1868)

1840- Carl Menger -Austrian economist (d. 1921)

1840- Frederick Wicks -English author and inventor (d. 1910)

1842- Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann -German philosopher (d. 1906)

1850- César Ritz -Swiss businessman, founded The Ritz London Hotel and Hôtel Ritz Paris (d. 1918)

1852- Dục Đức -Vietnamese emperor (d. 1883)

1868- W. E. B. Du Bois -American sociologist, historian, and activist (d. 1963)

1868- Anna Hoffman-Uddgren -Swedish actress and director (d. 1947)

1873- Liang Qichao -Chinese scholar (d. 1929)

1874- Konstantin Päts -Estonian politician, 1st President of Estonia (d. 1956)

1877- Frederic L. Paxson -American historian (d. 1948)

1878- Kazimir Malevich -Ukrainian painter and theorist (d. 1935)

1882- Max Hainle -German swimmer (d. 1961)

1883- Karl Jaspers -German philosopher (d. 1969)

1886- Antonio Alice -Argentinian painter (d. 1943)

1889- János Garay -Jewish Hungarian 1928 Summer Olympics gold medalist in fencing, murdered at Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (d. 1945)

1889- Musidora -French actress and director (d. 1957)

1889- Victor Fleming -American director, cinematographer, and producer (d. 1949)

1889- John Gilbert Winant -American politician, 60th Governor of New Hampshire (d. 1947)

1889- Cyril Delevanti -English actor (d. 1975)

1891- Harold Horder -Australian rugby player (d. 1978)

1892- Kathleen Harrison -English actress (d. 1995)

1899- Erich Kästner -German author and poet (d. 1974)

1899- Norman Taurog -American director and screenwriter (d. 1981)

1901- Edgar Ende -German painter (d. 1965)

1904- Terence Fisher -English director and screenwriter (d. 1980)

1904- William L. Shirer -American journalist and historian (d. 1993)

1904- Leopold Trepper -Polish-Austrian spy (d. 1982)

1907- Lee Hyo-seok -South Korean author and poet (d. 1942)

1908- William McMahon -Australian politician, 20th Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1988)

1914- Theofiel Middelkamp -Dutch cyclist (d. 2005)

1915- Jon Hall (actor)|Jon Hall -American actor (d. 1979)

1915- Paul Tibbets -American general and pilot (d. 2007)

1918- Richard Girnt Butler -American engineer, founded the Aryan Nations (d. 2004)

1919- Derek Ezra, Baron Ezra -English politician

1919- William McLean Hamilton -Canadian politician (d. 1989)

1920- Paul Gérin-Lajoie -Canadian lawyer and politician

1923- Miljenko Smoje -Croatian journalist (d. 1995)

1923- Rafael Addiego Bruno -Uruguayan jurist and politician, President of Uruguay (d. 2014)

1923- Ioannis Grivas -Greek judge and politician, 176th Prime Minister of Greece

1923- Mary Francis Shura -American author (d. 1991)

1924- Allan McLeod Cormack -South-African-American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1998)

1924- Claude Sautet -French director and author (d. 2000)

1924- Lee Hu-rak -South Korean intelligence officer and politician (d. 2009)

1926- Merv Hunter -Australian politician (d. 2013)

1926- William R. Roy -American physician, journalist, and politician (d. 2014)

1927- Régine Crespin -French soprano (d. 2007)

1928- Hans Herrmann -German race car driver

1928- Vasily Lazarev -Russian colonel, physician, and astronaut (d. 1990)

1929- Jaan Einasto -Estonian astronomer and physicist

1929- Elston Howard -American baseball player and coach (d. 1980)

1929- Alexy II of Moscow -Estonian-Russian patriarch (d. 2008)

1931- Tom Wesselmann -American painter and sculptor (d. 2004)

1932- Majel Barrett -American actress and producer (d. 2008)

1933- Donna J. Stone -American poet (d. 1994)

1934- Linda Cristal -Argentine-American actress

1935- Gerrianne Raphael -American actress

1937- Tom Osborne -American football player, coach, and politician

1937- Christopher Tugendhat, Baron Tugendhat -English journalist, academic, and politician, Vice-President of the European Commission

1938- Paul Morrissey -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1938- Diane Varsi -American actress (d. 1992)

1940- Peter Fonda -American actor

1940- Jackie Smith -American football player

1941- Ron Hunt -American baseball player

1943- Fred Biletnikoff -American football player and coach

1943- Harry Pilling -English cricketer (d. 2012)

1944- Bernard Cornwell -English author

1944- John Sandford (novelist)|John Sandford -American author

1944- Johnny Winter -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2014)

1945- Allan Boesak -South African cleric and politician

1946- Rusty Young (musician)|Rusty Young -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Poco)

1947- Pia Kjærsgaard -Danish politician

1947- John McWethy -American journalist (d. 2008)

1947- Anton Mosimann -Swiss chef and author

1948- Bill Alexander (director)|Bill Alexander -English director and producer

1948- Doug Moench -American author

1948- Steve Priest -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Sweet (band)|Sweet)

1949- Marc Garneau -Canadian engineer, astronaut, and politician

1950- Maxi (singer)|Maxi -Irish singer, actor, and radio host

1951- Ed Jones (American football)|Ed Jones -American football player

1951- Patricia Richardson -American actress

1952- Brad Whitford -American guitarist (Aerosmith and The Joe Perry Project)

1953- Kenny Bee -Hong Kong singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (The Wynners)

1953- Satoru Nakajima -Japanese race car driver

1953- Walter Wick -American photographer and author

1954- Carlos Guirao -Spanish guitarist, keyboard player, and composer (Neuronium) (d. 2012)

1954- Rajini Thiranagama -Sri Lankan physician and academic (d. 1989)

1954- Viktor Yushchenko -Ukrainian politician, 3rd President of Ukraine

1955- Tom Bodett -American voice actor, radio host, and author

1955- Howard Jones (musician)|Howard Jones -English singer-songwriter

1955- Flip Saunders -American basketball player and coach

1955- Francesca Simon -American author

1956- Sandra Osborne -Scottish politician

1957- Ria Brieffies -Dutch singer (Dolly Dots) (d. 2009)

1957- Viktor Markin -Russian runner

1958- Patrick Marriott -English general

1958- David Sylvian -English singer-songwriter (Japan (band)|Japan and Nine Horses)

1959- Clayton Anderson -American engineer and astronaut

1959- Nick de Bois -English politician

1959- Richard Dodds -English field hockey player

1959- Ian Liddell-Grainger -Scottish soldier and politician

1959- Graeme Morrice -Scottish politician

1959- Linda Nolan -Irish singer and actress (The Nolans)

1959- Aris Pavlis -Greek musician

1960- Alan Griffin -Australian politician

1960- Crown Prince Naruhito -of Japan

1960- Ivan Vdović -Serbian drummer (Suncokret, Šarlo Akrobata, Supernaut (Serbian band)|Supernaut, and Ekatarina Velika) (d. 1992)

1962- Michael Wilton -American guitarist (Queensrÿche and Soulbender)

1962- Ahn Byeong-Keun -South Korean martial artist

1962- Louise Wilson -English designer and academic

1963- Bobby Bonilla -American baseball player

1963- Radosław Sikorski -Polish journalist and politician, 11th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland

1964- David E. Clemmer -American chemist

1964- Jeff Green (comedian)|Jeff Green -English comedian and author

1964- John Norum -Norwegian guitarist and songwriter (Europe (band)|Europe)

1965- Michael Dell -American businessman, founded Dell

1965- Sylvie Guillem -French ballet dancer

1965- Ashok Kamte -Indian police officer (d. 2008)

1965- Helena Suková -Czech tennis player

1966- Mark Abrahamian -American guitarist (Starship (band)|Starship) (d. 2012)

1967- Hélène Darroze -French chef

1967- Chris Vrenna -American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Nine Inch Nails, Tweaker (band)|Tweaker, Die Warzau, and Exotic Birds)

1968- Justin Bell -English race car driver

1969- Michael Campbell -New Zealand golfer

1969- Daymond John -American fashion designer, founded FUBU

1969- Marc Wauters -Belgian cyclist

1970- Marie-Josée Croze -Canadian actress

1970- Niecy Nash -American actress

1971- Jung Chan -South Korean actor

1971- Risto Kallaste -Estonian footballer

1971- Arvo Kraam -Estonian footballer

1971- Don Maxwell -Canadian cricketer

1971- Melinda Messenger -English model and television host

1971- Joe-Max Moore -American soccer player

1972- Steve Holy -American singer

1972- Alessandro Sturba -Italian footballer

1972- Rondell White -American baseball player

1973- Jason Boyd (baseball)|Jason Boyd -American baseball player

1973- Arnold Dwarika -Trinidadian footballer

1973- Tatyana Gracheva -Russian volleyball player

1973- Lars-Olof Johansson -Swedish guitarist (The Cardigans)

1973- Jeff Nordgaard -American-Polish basketball player

1973- Peng Weijun -Chinese footballer

1973- Brad Young -Australian cricketer

1974- Leko (DJ)|Leko -American DJ and producer

1974- Herschelle Gibbs -South African cricketer

1975- Michael Cornacchia -American actor

1975- Robert Lopez -American composer

1975- Maryse Turcotte -Canadian weightlifter

1975- Natalia Verbeke -Argentinian actress

1976- Scott Elarton -American baseball player

1976- Kelly Macdonald -Scottish actress

1976- Jeff O'Neill -Canadian ice hockey player

1976- Satoshi Yoneyama -Japanese wrestler

1976- Irina Zahharenkova -Estonian pianist

1977- Kristina Šmigun-Vähi -Estonian skier

1978- Residente -Puerto Rican singer-songwriter (Calle 13 (band)|Calle 13)

1978- Dan Snyder -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2003)

1979- Sascha Zacharias -Swedish actress

1979- S. E. Cupp -American journalist and author

1981- Gareth Barry -English footballer

1981- Mai Nakahara -Japanese voice actress

1981- Charles Tillman -American football player

1981- Dylan Ryder -American porn actress

1982- Anna-Maria Galojan -Estonian politician

1982- Karan Singh Grover -Indian actor

1982- Adam Hann-Byrd -American actor

1982- Malia Metella -French swimmer

1982- Nick Dupree -disability rights activist

1983- Mido (footballer)|Mido -Egyptian footballer

1983- Aziz Ansari -American comedian and actor

1983- Mirco Bergamasco -Italian rugby player

1983- Emily Blunt -English actress

1983- Courtney Culkin -American model

1986- Emerson da Conceição -Brazilian footballer

1986- Skylar Grey -American singer-songwriter

1986- Kazuya Kamenashi -Japanese singer-songwriter and actor (KAT-TUN and Shūji to Akira)

1986- Boipelo Makhothi -Lesotho swimmer

1986- Jerod Mayo -American football player

1986- Ola Svensson -Swedish singer-songwriter

1988- Nicolás Gaitán -Argentinian footballer

1989- Amara Baby -French footballer

1989- Evan Bates -American ice dancer

1990- Kevin Cheung (swimmer)|Kevin Cheung -Mauritian swimmer

1992- Casemiro -Brazilian footballer

1992- Kyriakos Papadopoulos -Greek footballer

1992- Samara Weaving -Australian actress and model

1993- Kasumi Ishikawa -Japanese table tennis player

1994- Dakota Fanning -American actress

1995- Andrew Wiggins -Canadian basketball player