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Day History: February-15

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Events History

590- Khosrau II -is crowned king of Sassanid dynasty|Persia.

706- Byzantine Empire|Byzantine -emperor Justinian II has his predecessors Leontios and Tiberios III publicly executed in the Hippodrome of Constantinople.

1113-Pope Paschal II -issues a bill sanctioning the establishment of Knights Hospitaller|the Order of Hospitallers.

1493-While on board the '' Niña -', Christopher Columbus Columbus's Letter on the First Voyage|writes an open letter (widely distributed upon his return to Portugal) describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New World.

1637- Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor|Ferdinand III -becomes Holy Roman Emperor.

1690- Constantin Cantemir -Prince of Moldavia and the Holy Roman Empire sign a secret treaty in Sibiu, stipulating that Moldavia would support the actions led by the House of Habsburg against the Ottoman Empire.

1764-The city of St. Louis, Missouri -is established.

1798-The Roman Republic (18th century)|Roman Republic -is proclaimed after Louis Alexandre Berthier, a general of Napoleon I of France|Napoleon, had invaded the city of Rome five days earlier

1804-The Serbian revolution -begins.

1835-The first constitutional -law in modern Serbia is adopted.

1862- American Civil War -General (United States)|General Ulysses S. Grant attacks Fort Donelson, Tennessee.

1870- Stevens Institute of Technology -is founded and offers the first Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

1879- Women's rights -American President of the United States|President Rutherford B. Hayes signs a bill allowing female Lawyer|attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.

1898-The battleship {{USS|Maine|ACR-1|6}} explodes and sinks in Havana -harbor in Cuba, killing 274. This event leads the United States to declare war on Spain.

1901-The association football -club Alianza Lima is founded in Lima, Peru, under the name Sport Alianza.

1909-The Flores Theater fire in Acapulco -Mexico kills 250.

1921- Kingdom of Romania -establishes its legation in Helsinki.

1923- Greece -becomes the last European country to adopt the Gregorian calendar.

1925- 1925 serum run to Nome -The serum arrives in Nome, Alaska, with Balto being the lead dog of the last team.

1933-In Miami, Florida -Giuseppe Zangara attempts to assassinate President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, but instead shoots Mayor of Chicago|Chicago mayor Anton J. Cermak, who dies of his wounds on March 6, 1933.

1942- World War II -Fall of Singapore. Following an assault by Empire of Japan|Japanese forces, the United Kingdom|British General Arthur Percival surrenders. About 80,000 British Indian Army|Indian, United Kingdom and Australian soldiers become prisoners of war, the largest surrender of Armed Forces of the United Kingdom|British-led military personnel in history.

1944-World War II: The Battle of Monte Cassino|assault -on Monte Cassino, Italy, begins.

1944-World War II: The Narva Offensive (15–28 February 1944)|Narva Offensive -begins.

1945-World War II: Third day of Bombing of Dresden in World War II|bombing in Dresden -

1946- ENIAC -the first electronic general-purpose computer, is formally dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

1949- Gerald Lankester Harding -and Roland de Vaux begin excavations at Cave 1 of the Qumran Caves, where they will eventually discover the first seven Dead Sea Scrolls.

1952- George VI of the United Kingdom|King George VI -is buried in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle|St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

1953- Liechtenstein parliamentary election, February 1953|Parliamentary elections -held in Liechtenstein.

1954- Canada -and the United States agree to construct the Distant Early Warning Line, a system of radar stations in the far northern Arctic regions of Canada and Alaska.

1961- Sabena Flight 548 -crashes in Belgium, killing 73, including the entire United States figure skating team, several coaches and family members.

1965-A new red-and-white maple -leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.

1971-The decimalisation -of Coins of the pound sterling|British coinage is completed on Decimal Day.

1972- Sound recording and reproduction|Sound recordings -are granted United States|U.S. federal copyright Phonogram Convention|protection United States copyright law#Duration of copyright|for the first time.

1972- José María Velasco Ibarra -serving as President of Ecuador for the fifth time, is overthrown by the military for the fourth time.

1976-The 1976 Constitution of Cuba -is adopted by national referendum.

1979- Don Dunstan -resigns as Premier of South Australia, ending a decade of sweeping social liberalisation.

1982-The drilling rig -''Ocean Ranger'' sinks during a storm off the coast of Newfoundland (island)|Newfoundland, killing 84 workers.

1989- Soviet war in Afghanistan -The Soviet Union officially announces that all of its troops have left Afghanistan.

1991-The Visegrád group|Visegrád Agreement -establishing cooperation to move toward free market economy|free-market systems, is signed by the leaders of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland.

1996-At the Xichang Satellite Launch Center -in China, a Long March 3 rocket, carrying an Intelsat 708, crashes into a rural village after liftoff, killing many people.

1999- Abdullah Öcalan -leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), is arrested in Kenya.

2000- Indian Point nuclear power plant|Indian Point -II nuclear power plant in New York vents a small amount of radioactive steam when a steam generator fails.

2001- Human genome|First draft of the complete human genome -is published in ''Nature (journal)|Nature''.

2003- February 15, 2003 anti-war protest|Protests against the Iraq war -take place in over 600 cities worldwide. It is estimated that between 8 million to 30 million people participate, making this the largest peace demonstration in history.

2013- 2013 Russian meteor event|A meteor explodes -over Russia, injuring 1,500 people as a shock wave blows out windows and rocks buildings. This happens unexpectedly only hours before the ''expected'' closest ever approach of the larger and unrelated asteroid 2012 DA14.

2014- Renaud Lavillenie -of France breaks Sergey Bubka's Men's pole vault world record progression|world record in pole vault with a mark of 6.16 m.

Famous Birthdays

1377- Ladislaus of Naples -(d. 1414)

1458- Ivan the Young -Russian son of Ivan III of Russia (d. 1490)

1471- Piero the Unfortunate -Italian ruler (d. 1503)

1564- Galileo Galilei -Italian astronomer and physicist (d. 1642)

1571- Michael Praetorius -German organist and composer (d. 1621)

1612- Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve -French soldier, founded Montreal (d. 1676)

1620- François Charpentier -French archaeologist (d. 1702)

1705- Charles-André van Loo -French painter (d. 1765)

1710- Louis XV of France -(d. 1774)

1725- Abraham Clark -American politician (d. 1794)

1734- William Stacy -American colonel (d. 1802)

1739- Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart -French architect, designed the Paris Bourse (d. 1813)

1748- Jeremy Bentham -English jurist and philosopher (d. 1832)

1759- Friedrich August Wolf -German philologist and critic (d. 1824)

1760- Jean-François Le Sueur -French composer (d. 1837)

1761- Jacob Kimball, Jr. -American composer (d. 1826)

1792- Floride Calhoun -American wife of John C. Calhoun (d. 1866)

1797- Henry E. Steinway -German-American businessman, founded Steinway & Sons (d. 1871)

1809- André Dumont -Belgian geologist (d. 1857)

1809- Cyrus McCormick -American businessman, co-founded International Harvester (d. 1884)

1811- Domingo Faustino Sarmiento -Argentinian politician, 7th President of Argentina (d. 1888)

1812- Charles Lewis Tiffany -American jeweler, founded Tiffany & Co. (d. 1902)

1820- Susan B. Anthony -American activist (d. 1906)

1825- Carter Harrison, Sr. -American politician, 29th Mayor of Chicago (d. 1893)

1834- V. A. Urechia -Moldavian-Romanian historian, author, and politician (d. 1901)

1835- Nguyen Khuyen -Vietnamese scholar, poet, and educator (d. 1909)

1835- Demetrius Vikelas -Greek author (d. 1908)

1840- Titu Maiorescu -Romanian politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Romania (d. 1917)

1841- Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales -Brazilian politician, 4th President of Brazil (d. 1913)

1845- Elihu Root -American lawyer and politician, 38th United States Secretary of State, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1937)

1847- Robert Fuchs -Austrian composer and educator (d. 1927)

1849- Rickman Godlee -English surgeon (d. 1925)

1850- Ion Andreescu -Romanian painter (d. 1882)

1851- Spiru Haret -Romanian-Armenian mathematician, astronomer, and politician (d. 1912)

1856- Emil Kraepelin -German psychiatrist (d. 1926)

1861- Martin Burns -American wrestler and coach (d. 1937)

1861- Charles Édouard Guillaume -French physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1938)

1861- Alfred North Whitehead -English mathematician and philosopher (d. 1947)

1866- Edward William Exshaw -English sailor (d. 1927)

1869- Cormic Cosgrove -American soccer player (d. 1930)

1873- Hans von Euler-Chelpin -German-Swiss chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1964)

1874- Ernest Shackleton -Irish explorer (d. 1922)

1883- Sax Rohmer -English author (d. 1959)

1890- Robert Ley -German politician (d. 1945)

1891- Dino Borgioli -Italian tenor (d. 1960)

1892- James Forrestal -American lieutenant and politician, 1st United States Secretary of Defense (d. 1949)

1893- James Phinney Baxter III -American historian and author (d. 1975)

1893- Walter Donaldson -American songwriter (d. 1947)

1895- Earl Thomson -Canadian hurdler (d. 1971)

1896- Arthur Shields -Irish actor (d. 1970)

1897- Gerrit Kleerekoper -Dutch gymnast and coach (d. 1943)

1898- Totò -Italian actor, singer, and screenwriter (d. 1967)

1898- Allen Woodring -American runner (d. 1982)

1899- Georges Auric -French composer (d. 1983)

1899- Gale Sondergaard -American actress (d. 1985)

1904- Antonin Magne -French cyclist (d. 1983)

1905- Harold Arlen -American composer (d. 1986)

1906- Jan Pijnenburg -Dutch cyclist (d. 1979)

1907- Jean Langlais -French organist and composer (d. 1991)

1907- Cesar Romero -American actor (d. 1994)

1908- Sarto Fournier -Canadian politician, 38th Mayor of Montreal (d. 1980)

1909- Miep Gies -Austrian-Dutch humanitarian, helped hide People associated with Anne Frank|Anne Frank and her family (d. 2010)

1909- Guillermo Gorostiza -Spanish footballer (d. 1966)

1910- Irena Sendler -Polish nurse and social worker (d. 2008)

1911- Leonard Woodcock -American union leader and diplomat (d. 2001)

1912- Andrei Lupan -Moldavian author (d. 1992)

1912- George Mikes -Hungarian-English author (d. 1987)

1913- Erich Eliskases -Austrian chess player (d. 1997)

1914- Hale Boggs -American politician (d. 1972)

1914- Kevin McCarthy (actor)|Kevin McCarthy -American actor (d. 2010)

1916- Mary Jane Croft -American actress (d. 1999)

1916- Jack Hanlon -American actor (d. 2012)

1918- Allan Arbus -American actor (d. 2013)

1918- Hank Locklin -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2009)

1919- Ducky Detweiler -American baseball player and manager (d. 2013)

1920- Endicott Peabody -American politician, 62nd Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1997)

1921- Radha Krishna Choudhary -Indian historian and author (d. 1985)

1922- John B. Anderson -American lawyer and politician

1923- Yelena Bonner -Russian activist (d. 2011)

1924- Robert Drew -American director and producer (d. 2014)

1926- Bubba Harris (baseball)|Bubba Harris -American baseball player (d. 2013)

1927- Frank Dunlop (director)|Frank Dunlop -English actor and director

1927- Harvey Korman -American actor (d. 2008)

1927- Yehoshua Neuwirth -Israeli rabbi and scholar (d. 2013)

1928- Norman Bridwell -American author and illustrator, created ''Clifford the Big Red Dog''

1928- Joseph Willcox Jenkins -American composer, conductor, and educator (d. 2014)

1928- Eno Raud -Estonian author (d. 1996)

1929- Graham Hill -English race car driver (d. 1975)

1929- Kauko Armas Nieminen -Finnish physicist

1929- James R. Schlesinger -American economist and politician, 12th United States Secretary of Defense (d. 2014)

1930- Bruce Dawe -Australian poet

1930- Nico Minardos -Greek-American actor (d. 2011)

1931- Claire Bloom -English actress

1931- Geoff Edwards -American actor and game show host (d. 2014)

1931- Jonathan Steele -English journalist and author

1932- Troy Kennedy Martin -Scottish-English screenwriter (d. 2009)

1934- Graham Kennedy -Australian actor (d. 2005)

1934- Niklaus Wirth -Swiss computer scientist, created the Pascal (programming language)|Pascal programming language

1934- Abe Woodson -American football player and minister (d. 2014)

1935- Susan Brownmiller -American journalist and author

1935- Roger B. Chaffee -American lieutenant, engineer, and astronaut (d. 1967)

1935- Gene Hickerson -American football player (d. 2008)

1937- Nathan Davis (saxophonist)|Nathan Davis -American saxophonist and clarinet player

1937- Gregory Mcdonald -American author (d. 2008)

1937- Coen Moulijn -Dutch footballer (d. 2011)

1939- Gerd Bohnsack -German footballer and manager

1939- Ole Ellefsæter -Norwegian skier

1939- Robert Hansen -American serial killer (d. 2014)

1940- John Hadl -American football player

1940- Hamzah Haz -Indonesian politician, 9th Vice President of Indonesia

1940- Vaino Vahing -Estonian psychiatrist, author, and playwright (d. 2008)

1941- Florinda Bolkan -Brazilian actress

1941- Brian Holland -American songwriter and producer

1942- Leslie Griffiths -English minister and politician

1942- Sherry Jackson -American actress

1943- Griselda Blanco -Colombian drug lord (d. 2012)

1944- Mick Avory -English drummer (The Kinks and The Kast Off Kinks)

1945- Jack Dann -American-Australian author and poet

1945- John Helliwell -English saxophonist and keyboard player (Supertramp and The Alan Bown Set)

1945- Douglas Hofstadter -American academic and author

1946- Esko Seppänen -Finnish journalist and politician

1946- Clare Short -English politician, Secretary of State for International Development

1947- John Adams (composer)|John Adams -American composer

1947- Marisa Berenson -American actress

1947- Rusty Hamer -American actor (d. 1990)

1947- Ádám Nádasdy -Hungarian linguist and poet

1948- Ron Cey -American baseball player

1948- Tino Insana -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1948- Art Spiegelman -American cartoonist

1949- Ken Anderson (quarterback)|Ken Anderson -American football player

1949- Hans Graf -Austrian conductor

1949- Francisco Maturana -Colombian footballer and manager

1950- David Brown (musician)|David Brown -American bass player and songwriter (Santana (band)|Santana) (d. 2000)

1950- Tsui Hark -Vietnamese-Hong Kong director, producer, and screenwriter

1951- Markku Alén -Finnish race car driver

1951- Melissa Manchester -American singer-songwriter and actress (Harlettes)

1951- Jane Seymour (actress)|Jane Seymour -English actress

1952- Tomislav Nikolić -Serbian politician, 4th President of Serbia

1952- Nikolai Sorokin -Russian actor and director (d. 2013)

1953- Tony Adams (producer)|Tony Adams -Irish-American screenwriter and producer (d. 2005)

1953- Gregory Campbell (politician)|Gregory Campbell -Irish politician

1954- Iain Banks -Scottish author (d. 2013)

1954- Matt Groening -American animator, producer, and screenwriter

1954- Armand Parmentier -Belgian runner

1955- Janice Dickinson -American model, agent, and author

1955- Christopher McDonald -American actor

1956- Desmond Haynes -Barbadian cricketer and coach

1956- Hitoshi Ogawa -Japanese race car driver (d. 1992)

1957- Steve Farhood -American historian

1957- Gul Mohammed -Indian dwarf (d. 1997)

1957- Jimmy Spencer -American race car driver

1957- Jake E. Lee -American guitarist (Badlands (American band)|Badlands and Ozzy Osbourne)

1958- Chrystine Brouillet -Canadian author

1958- Tony McKegney -Canadian ice hockey player

1958- Matthew Ward (singer)|Matthew Ward -American singer-songwriter (Second Chapter of Acts)

1958- Adam Boulton -English journalist

1959- Ali Campbell -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (UB40)

1959- Guy de Alwis -Sri Lankan cricketer (d. 2013)

1959- Brian Propp -Canadian ice hockey player

1959- Martin Rowson -English author and illustrator

1959- Hugo Savinovich -Ecuadorian wrestler

1960- Mikey Craig -English bass player (Culture Club)

1960- Darrell Green -American football player

1960- Roman Kostrzewski -Polish singer-songwriter (Kat (band)|Kat and Kat & Roman Kostrzewski)

1961- Cheam Channy -Cambodian politician

1962- Milo Đukanović -Montenegrin politician

1963- Steven Michael Quezada -American actor

1964- Chris Farley -American actor and comedian (d. 1997)

1964- Leland D. Melvin -American engineer and astronaut

1964- Daniel Poudrier -Canadian ice hockey player

1964- Mark Price -American basketball player

1965- Bruce Bell -Canadian ice hockey player

1967- Jane Child -Canadian singer-songwriter and producer

1967- Kelley Menighan Hensley -American actress

1967- Syed Kamall -English politician

1967- Craig Simpson -Canadian ice hockey player

1968- Axelle Red -Belgian singer-songwriter

1968- Mieke Suys -Belgian triathlete

1969- Birdman (rapper)|Birdman -American rapper and producer (Big Tymers)

1969- Josh Marshall -American journalist, founded the ''Talking Points Memo''

1970- Mariko Yoshida -Japanese wrestler

1971- Renee O'Connor -American actress, director, and producer

1971- Ray Sefo -New Zealand boxer and mixed martial artist

1972- Anna-Jane Casey -English actress, singer, and dancer

1972- Jaromír Jágr -Czech ice hockey player

1973- Alex Borstein -American actress and singer

1973- Kateřina Neumannová -Czech skier

1973- Amy Van Dyken -American swimmer

1973- Sarah Wynter -Australian actress

1974- Miranda July -American actress, director, and screenwriter

1974- Gina Lynn -Puerto Rican-American porn actress

1974- Tomi Putaansuu -Finnish singer-songwriter (Lordi)

1974- Ugueth Urbina -Venezuelan baseball player

1974- Alexander Wurz -Austrian race car driver

1975- Serge Aubin -Canadian ice hockey player

1975- Annemarie Kramer -Dutch sprinter

1975- Brendon Small -American animator, producer, screenwriter, and actor

1976- Brandon Boyd -American singer-songwriter (Incubus (band)|Incubus)

1976- Óscar Freire -Spanish cyclist

1976- Giorgos Karagoutis -Greek basketball player

1976- Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. -American drummer and songwriter (The Killers and Big Talk)

1977- Gran Naniwa -Japanese wrestler (d. 2010)

1977- Brooks Wackerman -American drummer (Bad Religion, Infectious Grooves, Fear and the Nervous System, and Bad4Good)

1978- Yiruma -South Korean pianist and composer

1978- Kimberly Goss -American singer and keyboard player (Sinergy and Ancient (band)|Ancient)

1978- Tuan Le -French-American poker player

1979- Chantal Janzen -Dutch actress and singer

1979- Alenka Kejžar -Slovenian swimmer

1979- Josh Low -English footballer

1979- Scott Severin -Scottish footballer

1979- Gordon Shedden -Scottish race car driver

1980- LuFisto -Canadian wrestler

1980- Conor Oberst -American singer-songwriter (Bright Eyes (band)|Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos (band)|Desaparecidos, Park Ave., Monsters of Folk, The Faint, and Commander Venus)

1980- Josh Sole -New Zealand-Italian rugby player

1981- Olivia (singer)|Olivia -American singer

1981- Heurelho Gomes -Brazilian footballer

1981- Matt Hoopes -American guitarist (Relient K)

1981- Rita Jeptoo -Kenyan runner

1981- Diego Martínez -Mexican footballer

1981- Jenna Morasca -American model and actress

1981- Larry Sweeney -American wrestler and manager (d. 2011)

1982- Shameka Christon -American basketball player

1982- Tahesia Harrigan -Virgin Islander sprinter

1982- Alex Nodari -Italian footballer

1983- Don Cowie (footballer)|Don Cowie -Scottish footballer

1983- David Degen -Swiss footballer

1983- Philipp Degen -Swiss footballer

1983- Russell Martin -Canadian baseball player

1983- Ashley Tesoro -American actress and singer

1984- Doda (singer)|Doda -Polish singer-songwriter (Virgin (band)|Virgin)

1984- Erik Cadée -Dutch discus thrower

1985- Serkan Kırıntılı -Turkish footballer

1986- Valeri Bojinov -Bulgarian footballer

1986- Johnny Cueto -Dominican baseball player

1986- Ami Koshimizu -Japanese voice actress

1986- Gabriel Paletta -Argentinian footballer

1986- Amber Riley -American actress and singer

1987- Jarrod Sammut -Australian rugby player

1988- Jarryd Hayne -Australian rugby player

1988- Hironori Kusano -Japanese singer and actor (News (band)|NEWS)

1988- Tim Mannah -Australian rugby player

1990- Dejan Lazarević -Slovenian footballer

1990- Charles Pic -French race car driver

1990- Erwin Sak -Polish footballer

1990- Stephanie Vogt -Liechtensteiner tennis player

1991- Ángel Sepúlveda -Mexican footballer

1991- Panagiotis Tachtsidis -Greek footballer

1992- Greer Grammer -American actress

1992- Johanna Hyöty -Finnish tennis player

1998- Zachary Gordon -American actor

History of Deaths

670- Oswiu of Northumbria -(b. 612)

706- Leontios -Byzantine emperor

1621- Michael Praetorius -German organist and composer (b. 1571)

1637- Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor -(b. 1578)

1738- Matthias Braun -Czech sculptor (b. 1684)

1775- Peter Dens -Flemish theologian (b. 1690)

1781- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing -German author and philosopher (b. 1729)

1818- Frederick Louis, Prince of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen -Prussian general (b. 1746)

1835- Henry Hunt (politician)|Henry Hunt -English politician (b. 1773)

1839- François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier -Canadian rebel (b. 1803)

1842- Archibald Menzies -Scottish surgeon (b. 1754)

1844- Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1757)

1847- Germinal Pierre Dandelin -Belgian mathematician and engineer (b. 1794)

1848- Hermann von Boyen -Prussian general and politician, Prussian Minister of War (b. 1771)

1849- Pierre François Verhulst -Belgian mathematician (b. 1804)

1857- Mikhail Glinka -Russian composer (b. 1804)

1869- Mirza Ghalib -Indian poet (b. 1796)

1885- Gregor von Helmersen -Estonian-Russian geologist (b. 1803)

1897- Dimitrie Ghica -Romanian politician, 10th Prime Minister of Romania (b. 1816)

1905- Lew Wallace -American general and politician, 11th Governor of New Mexico Territory (b. 1827)

1911- Theodor Escherich -German-Austrian pediatrician (b. 1859)

1919- André Prévost (tennis)|André Prévost -French tennis player (b. 1880)

1920- Aleksander Aberg -Estonian wrestler (b. 1881)

1924- Lionel Monckton -English composer (b. 1861)

1928- H. H. Asquith -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1852)

1932- Minnie Maddern Fiske -American actress and playwright (b. 1865)

1933- Pat Sullivan (film producer)|Pat Sullivan -Australian animator and producer (b. 1887)

1939- Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin -Russian painter (b. 1878)

1945- Helmut Möckel (politician)|Helmut Möckel -German politician (b. 1909)

1948- Subhadra Kumari Chauhan -Indian poet (b. 1904)

1953- Oskar Goßler -German rower (b. 1875)

1953- Karl Staaf -Swedish tug of war competitor (b. 1881)

1956- Vincent de Moro-Giafferi -French lawyer (b. 1878)

1959- Owen Willans Richardson -English physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1879)

1961- Bradley Lord -American figure skater (b. 1939)

1961- Laurence Owen -American figure skater (b. 1944)

1964- Robert L. Thornton -American businessman and politician, List of mayors of Dallas|Mayor of Dallas (b. 1880)

1965- Nat King Cole -American singer and pianist (b. 1919)

1966- Gerard Antoni Ciołek -Polish architect and historian (b. 1909)

1966- Camilo Torres Restrepo -Colombian priest and theologian (b. 1929)

1967- Antonio Moreno -Spanish-American actor and director (b. 1887)

1970- Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding -Scottish air marshal (b. 1882)

1971- Dimitrios Loundras -Greek gymnast (b. 1885)

1973- Wally Cox -American actor (b. 1924)

1973- Tim Holt -American actor (b. 1919)

1974- Kurt Atterberg -Swedish composer (b. 1887)

1981- Mike Bloomfield -American guitarist and songwriter (Electric Flag) (b. 1943)

1981- Karl Richter (conductor)|Karl Richter -German organist and conductor (b. 1926)

1984- Avon Long -American actor and singer (b. 1910)

1984- Ethel Merman -American actress and singer (b. 1908)

1988- Richard Feynman -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1918)

1990- Michel Drach -French director and producer (b. 1930)

1992- María Elena Moyano -Peruvian activist (b. 1960)

1992- William Schuman -American composer (b. 1910)

1994-the Maunula mummy -a Finnish man who lay dead in his apartment for six years until discovered

1996- Lucio Agostini -Italian-Canadian composer and conductor (b. 1913)

1996- Tommy Rettig -American actor (b. 1941)

1996- McLean Stevenson -American actor (b. 1929)

1998- Martha Gellhorn -American journalist and author (b. 1908)

1998- Georgios Mylonas -Greek politician (b. 1919)

1998- Louie Spicolli -American wrestler (b. 1971)

1999- Henry Way Kendall -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1926)

1999- Big L -American rapper (Diggin' in the Crates Crew and Children of the Corn (group)|Children of the Corn) (b. 1974)

2000- Angus MacLean -Canadian politician, 25th Premier of Prince Edward Island (b. 1914)

2002- Howard K. Smith -American journalist (b. 1914)

2002- Kevin Smith (New Zealand actor)|Kevin Smith -New Zealand actor (b. 1963)

2004- Jens Evensen -Norwegian lawyer, judge, and politician (b. 1917)

2004- Jan Miner -American actress (b. 1917)

2005- Pierre Bachelet -French singer-songwriter (b. 1944)

2005- Samuel T. Francis -American journalist (b. 1947)

2007- Walker Edmiston -American actor (b. 1926)

2007- Ray Evans -American songwriter (b. 1915)

2008- Ashley Callie -South African actress (b. 1976)

2008- Amnon Netzer -Iranian-Israeli journalist and historian (b. 1934)

2008- Johnny Weaver -American wrestler and sportscaster (b. 1935)

2009- Joe Cuba -American singer (b. 1931)

2009- Diether Haenicke -American academic (b. 1935)

2010- Jeanne M. Holm -American general (b. 1921)

2011- Death of Fadhel Al-Matrook|Fadhel Al-Matrook -Bahraini protester (b. 1979)

2012- Charles Anthony (tenor)|Charles Anthony -American tenor (b. 1929)

2012- William H. Dabney -American colonel (b. 1934)

2012- Cyril Domb -English-Israel physicist and academic (b. 1920)

2012- Lina Romay -Spanish actress and director (b. 1954)

2012- Clive Shakespeare -English-Australian guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Sherbet (band)|Sherbet) (b. 1949)

2012- James Whitaker (journalist)|James Whitaker -English journalist (b. 1940)

2012- John J. Yeosock -American general (b. 1937)

2013- Kenneth Dement -American football player and lawyer (b. 1933)

2013- Giovanni Narcis Hakkenberg -Dutch captain (b. 1923)

2013- Carmelo Imbriani -Italian footballer and manager (b. 1976)

2013- Sanan Kachornprasart -Thai general and politician (b. 1935)

2013- Todor Kolev (actor)|Todor Kolev -Bulgarian actor and singer (b. 1939)

2013- Bill Morrison (Australian politician)|Bill Morrison -Australian politician (b. 1928)

2014- Cliff Bole -American director and producer (b. 1937)

2014- Mary Grace Canfield -American actress (b. 1924)

2014- Jean-Marie Géhu -French botanist (b. 1930)

2014- Jim Lacy -American basketball player (b. 1926)

2014- Christopher Malcolm -Scottish-English actor and singer (b. 1946)

2014- Horst Rechelbacher -Austrian-American businessman, founded the Aveda|Aveda Corporation (b. 1941)

2014- Dénes Zsigmondy -Hungarian-German violinist and educator (b. 1922)