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Day History: February-12

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Famous Birthdays

41- Britannicus -Roman son of Claudius (d. 55)

661- Princess Ōku -of Japan (d. 702)

1074- Conrad II of Italy -(d. 1101)

1218- Kujō Yoritsune -Japanese shogun (d. 1256)

1567- Thomas Campion -English composer and poet (d. 1620)

1584- Caspar Barlaeus -Dutch historian, poet, and theologian (d. 1648)

1606- John Winthrop the Younger -English-American politician, List of colonial governors of Connecticut|Governor of Connecticut (d. 1676)

1637- Jan Swammerdam -Dutch biologist (d. 1680)

1663- Cotton Mather -American minister (d. 1728)

1665- Rudolf Jakob Camerarius -German botanist and physician (d. 1721)

1704- Charles Pinot Duclos -French author (d. 1772)

1728- Étienne-Louis Boullée -French architect (d. 1799)

1752- Dorothea Ackermann -German actress (d. 1821)

1752- Josef Reicha -Czech cellist, composer, and conductor (d. 1795)

1753- François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers -French admiral (d. 1798)

1761- Jan Ladislav Dussek -Czech pianist and composer (d. 1812)

1768- Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor -(d. 1835)

1775- Louisa Adams -American wife of John Quincy Adams, 6th List of First Ladies of the United States|First Lady of the United States (d. 1852)

1777- Bernard Courtois -French chemist (d. 1838)

1777- Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué -German author and poet (d. 1843)

1785- Pierre Louis Dulong -French physicist (d. 1838)

1787- Norbert Provencher -Canadian clergyman and missionary (d. 1853)

1788- Carl Reichenbach -German chemist and philosopher (d. 1869)

1791- Peter Cooper -American businessman and philanthropist, founded Cooper Union (d. 1883)

1794- Alexander Petrov (chess player)|Alexander Petrov -Russian chess player (d. 1867)

1804- Heinrich Lenz -German physicist (d. 1865)

1809- Charles Darwin -English geologist and theorist (d. 1882)

1809- Abraham Lincoln -American lawyer and politician, 16th President of the United States (d. 1865)

1828- George Meredith -English author (d. 1909)

1843- John Graham Chambers -English race walker (d. 1883)

1857- Eugène Atget -French photographer (d. 1927)

1857- Bobby Peel -English cricketer (d. 1943)

1861- Lou Andreas-Salomé -Russian-German psychoanalyst and author (d. 1937)

1865- Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer -Polish poet and author (d. 1940)

1869- Kien Phuc -Vietnamese emperor (d. 1884)

1870- Marie Lloyd -English actress and singer (d. 1922)

1872- Oscar Stribolt -Danish actor (d. 1927)

1872- Guillermo Hayden Wright -Mexican polo player (d. 1949)

1876- 13th Dalai Lama -(d. 1933)

1877- Louis Renault (industrialist)|Louis Renault -French businessman, co-founded Renault (d. 1944)

1880- George Preca -Maltese priest and saint (d. 1962)

1880- John L. Lewis -American union leader (d. 1969)

1881- Anna Pavlova -Russian ballerina (d. 1931)

1884- Max Beckmann -German painter and sculptor (d. 1950)

1884- Johan Laidoner -Estonian-Russian general (d. 1953)

1884- Alice Roosevelt Longworth -American daughter of Theodore Roosevelt (d. 1980)

1884- Marie Vassilieff -Russian painter (d. 1957)

1885- Julius Streicher -German publisher, founded ''Der Stürmer'' (d. 1946)

1889- Bhante Dharmawara -Cambodian monk, lawyer, and judge (d. 1999)

1893- Omar Bradley -American general (d. 1981)

1893- S. Foster Damon|Samuel Foster Damon -American academic, critic, poet and William Blake scholar (d. 1971)

1893- Fred Albert Shannon -American historian and author (d. 1963)

1895- Kristian Djurhuus -Faroese politician, 2nd List of Prime Ministers of the Faroe Islands|Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (d. 1984)

1897- Vola Vale -American actress (d. 1970)

1898- Wallace Ford -English-American actor (d. 1966)

1900- Roger J. Traynor -American jurist, 23rd Chief Justice of California (d. 1983)

1902- William Collier, Jr. -American actor (d. 1987)

1903- Joseph F. Biroc -American cinematographer (d. 1996)

1903- Chick Hafey -American baseball player (d. 1973)

1904- Ted Mack (radio-TV host)|Ted Mack -American radio and television host (d. 1976)

1907- Joseph Kearns -American actor (d. 1962)

1907- Clifton C. Edom -American educator (d. 1991)

1908- Jean Effel -French painter and journalist (d. 1982)

1908- Jacques Herbrand -French mathematician (d. 1931)

1908- August Neo -Estonian wrestler (d. 1982)

1908- Paul Winterton -English journalist and crime novelist (d. 2001)

1911- Charles Mathiesen -Norwegian speed skater (d. 1994)

1911- Stephen H. Sholes -American record producer (d. 1968)

1912- R. F. Delderfield -English author (d. 1972)

1914- Tex Beneke -American singer, saxophonist, and bandleader (Glenn Miller Orchestra) (d. 2000)

1914- Arvid Pardo -Italian-Maltese diplomat (d. 1999)

1915- Andrew Goodpaster -American general (d. 2005)

1915- Lorne Greene -Canadian actor (d. 1987)

1916- Joseph Alioto -American politician, 36th Mayor of San Francisco (d. 1998)

1917- Dom DiMaggio -American baseball player (d. 2009)

1917- Raizo Matsuno -Japanese politician (d. 2006)

1918- Julian Schwinger -American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1994)

1919- Forrest Tucker -American actor (d. 1986)

1920- Pran (actor)|Pran -Indian actor (d. 2013)

1920- William Roscoe Estep -American historian and educator (d. 2000)

1920- Yoshiko Ōtaka -Chinese-Japanese actress, singer, and politician (d. 2014)

1922- Hussein Onn -Malaysian politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia (d. 1990)

1922- Guy F. Tozzoli -American architect (d. 2013)

1923- Chaskel Besser -Polish-American rabbi (d. 2010)

1923- Alan Dugan -American poet (d. 2003)

1923- Franco Zeffirelli -Italian director, producer, and politician

1925- Anthony Berry -English politician (d. 1984)

1926- Rolf Brem -Swiss sculptor and illustrator (d. 2014)

1926- Joe Garagiola, Sr. -American baseball player and sportscaster

1926- Charles Van Doren -American academic

1928- Vincent Montana, Jr. -American drummer and composer (MFSB and Salsoul Orchestra) (d. 2013)

1929- Donald Kingsbury -American-Canadian mathematician, academic, and author

1930- John Doyle (hurler)|John Doyle -Irish hurler (d. 2010)

1930- Arlen Specter -American politician (d. 2012)

1931- Janwillem van de Wetering -Dutch author (d. 2008)

1932- Maurice Filion -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager

1932- Axel Jensen -Norwegian author (d. 2003)

1932- Julian Simon -American economist and author (d. 1998)

1933- Costa-Gavras -Greek-French director and producer

1934- Annette Crosbie -Scottish actress

1934- Anne Osborn Krueger -American economist and academic

1934- Bill Russell -American basketball player

1935- Gene McDaniels -American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2011)

1935- John Quimby -American politician (d. 2012)

1936- Joe Don Baker -American actor

1936- Paul Shenar -American actor (d. 1989)

1937- Charles Dumas -American high jumper (d. 2004)

1938- Judy Blume -American author

1938- Peter Temple-Morris, Baron Temple-Morris -Welsh politician

1939- Akbar Adibi -Iranian engineer (d. 2000)

1939- Ray Manzarek -American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (The Doors, Rick & the Ravens, Manzarek–Krieger, and Nite City) (d. 2013)

1940- Ralph Bates -English actor (d. 1991)

1940- Richard Lynch -American actor (d. 2012)

1941- Dominguinhos -Brazilian singer-songwriter and accordion player (d. 2013)

1941- Naomi Uemura -Japanese explorer (d. 1984)

1942- David Aukin -English lawyer, producer, and manager

1942- Ehud Barak -Israeli politician, 10th Prime Minister of Israel

1942- Pat Dobson -American baseball player (d. 2006)

1942- Lionel Grigson -English pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1994)

1942- Norma Major -English wife of John Major, Spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

1943- Christine Hancock -English nurse

1944- Moe Bandy -American singer and guitarist

1945- Maud Adams -Swedish actress

1945- Cliff DeYoung -American actor and singer (Clear Light)

1945- David D. Friedman -American economist

1945- David Small -American author and illustrator

1946- Jean Eyeghé Ndong -Gabonese politician, Prime Minister of Gabon

1946- Ajda Pekkan -Turkish singer-songwriter and actress

1947- Jim Durham -American sportscaster (d. 2012)

1948- Alex Carlile, Baron Carlile of Berriew -English lawyer and politician

1948- Ray Kurzweil -American engineer and author

1948- Mike Robitaille -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1948- Nicholas Soames -English politician, Minister of State for the Armed Forces

1949- Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu -Canadian politician

1949- Enzo Hernández -Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2013)

1949- Joaquín Sabina -Spanish singer-songwriter

1949- Fergus Slattery -Irish rugby union player

1950- Angelo Branduardi -Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1950- Steve Hackett -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Genesis (band)|Genesis, Quiet World, and GTR (band)|GTR)

1950- Michael Ironside -Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter

1951- Howard Davies (economist)|Howard Davies -English economist

1951- Steven Parent -American murder victim (d. 1969)

1952- Simon MacCorkindale -English actor, director, and producer (d. 2010)

1952- Michael McDonald (singer)|Michael McDonald -American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers)

1953- Joanna Kerns -American actress and director

1953- Nabil Shaban -Jordanian-English actor, founded the Graeae Theatre Company

1953- Robin Thomas -American actor

1954- Joseph Jordania -Georgian-Australian musicologist

1954- Tzimis Panousis -Greek comedian, singer, and author

1954- Phil Zimmermann -American programmer, created Pretty Good Privacy

1955- Bill Laswell -American bass player and producer (Massacre (experimental band)|Massacre, Material (band)|Material, Tabla Beat Science, Painkiller (band)|Painkiller, and Praxis (band)|Praxis)

1955- Chet Lemon -American baseball player

1956- Arsenio Hall -American actor and talk show host

1956- Ad Melkert -Dutch politician

1956- Brian Robertson -Scottish guitarist and songwriter (Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, and Wild Horses (British band)|Wild Horses)

1958- Grant McLennan -Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Go-Betweens and Jack Frost (band)|Jack Frost) (d. 2006)

1958- Bobby Smith (ice hockey)|Bobby Smith -Canadian ice hockey player

1958- Peter Stilsbury -Australian wrestler

1959- Larry Nance -American basketball player

1959- Dan Puric -Romanian actor and director

1959- Sigrid Thornton -Australian actress

1960- George Gray (wrestler)|George Gray -American wrestler

1961- Tonnie Dirks -Dutch runner

1961- Jim Harris (politician)|Jim Harris -Canadian environmentalist and politician

1961- Michel Martelly -Haitian singer and politician, 56th President of Haiti

1962- Jimmy Kirkwood -Irish cricketer and field hockey player

1963- Ed Lover -American rapper and actor

1963- Jacqueline Woodson -American author

1964- Michel Petit -Canadian ice hockey player

1965- Rubén Amaro, Jr. -American baseball player

1965- Christine Elise -American actress

1965- John Michael Higgins -American actor

1965- David Westlake -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Servants)

1966- Paul Crook -American guitarist (Anthrax (American band)|Anthrax)

1967- Chris McKinstry -Canadian computer scientist (d. 2006)

1967- N. Ravikiran -Indian singer-songwriter

1968- Josh Brolin -American actor

1968- Gregory Charles -Canadian singer, dancer, pianist, and actor

1968- Christopher McCandless -American adventurer (d. 1992)

1968- Chynna Phillips -American singer and actress (Wilson Phillips)

1969- Meja -Swedish singer-songwriter

1969- Darren Aronofsky -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1969- Alemayehu Atomsa -Ethiopian politician (d. 2014)

1969- Steve Backley -English javelin thrower

1969- Dean Bergeron -Canadian sprinter

1969- Johnny Mowlem -English race car driver

1969- Hong Myung-Bo -South Korean footballer

1969- Brad Werenka -Canadian ice hockey player

1970- Jim Creeggan -Canadian singer-songwriter and bass player (Barenaked Ladies and the Brothers Creeggan)

1970- Bryan Roy -Dutch footballer

1970- Judd Winick -American author and illustrator

1971- Scott Menville -American actor

1972- Ajay Naidu -American actor

1972- Owen Nolan -Canadian ice hockey player

1972- Sophie Zelmani -Swedish singer-songwriter

1973- Gianni Romme -Dutch speed skater

1973- Tara Strong -Canadian voice actress and singer

1974- Naseem Hamed -English boxer

1974- Toranosuke Takagi -Japanese race car driver

1975- Cliff Bleszinski -American video game designer

1975- Scot Pollard -American basketball player

1976- Christian Cullen -New Zealand rugby player

1976- Silvia Saint -Czech porn actress

1977- Raylene -American porn actress

1977- Jimmy Conrad -American soccer player

1978- Brett Hodgson -Australian rugby player

1978- Gethin Jones -Welsh television host

1978- Silver Meikar -Estonian politician

1979- Antonio Chatman -American football player

1979- Matt Mauck -American football player

1979- Jesse Spencer -Australian actor and violinist (Band from TV)

1980- Juan Carlos Ferrero -Spanish tennis player

1980- Sarah Lancaster -American actress

1980- Christina Ricci -American actress

1981- Lisa Hannigan -Irish singer-songwriter

1982- Jonas Hiller -Swiss ice hockey player

1982- Louis Tsatoumas -Greek long jumper

1982- Anthony Tuitavake -New Zealand rugby player

1983- Carlton Brewster -American football player

1983- Hidetoshi Wakui -Japanese footballer

1984- Lolly Badcock -English porn actress and model

1984- Veera Baranova -Estonian triple jumper

1984- Alo Bärengrub -Estonian footballer

1984- Alexandra Dahlström -Swedish actress

1984- Tony Ferguson -American mixed martial artist

1984- Brad Keselowski -American race car driver

1984- Aylar Lie -Iranian-Norwegian porn actress and model

1984- Tobias Schlauderer -German footballer

1984- Andrei Sidorenkov -Estonian footballer

1984- Peter Vanderkaay -American swimmer

1985- Saskia Burmeister -Australian actress

1987- Pille Raadik -Estonian footballer

1988- Nana Eikura -Japanese actress

1988- DeMarco Murray -American football player

1988- Mike Posner -American singer-songwriter and producer

1990- Robert Griffin III -American football player

1990- Moussa Koné -Ivorian footballer

1991- Casey Abrams -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1991- Patrick Herrmann -German footballer

1991- Michael Schimpelsberger -Austrian footballer

1992- Faisal bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa -Bahraini prince (d. 2006)

1992- Vladimir Malinin -Russian footballer

1993- Beatrice Cedermark -Swedish tennis player

1993- Jennifer Stone -American actress

1994- Alex Galchenyuk -American ice hockey player

1996- Doménica González -Ecuadorian tennis player