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Day History: December-3

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Events History

915- Pope John X -crowned Berengar I of Italy as Holy Roman Emperor.

1799- War of the Second Coalition -Battle of Wiesloch (1799)|Battle of Wiesloch

1818- Illinois -becomes the 21st U.S. state.

1834-The Zollverein -(German Customs Union) begins the first regular census in Germany.

1854- Eureka Rebellion|Battle of the Eureka Stockade -More than 20 gold miners at Ballarat, Victoria, are killed by state troopers in an uprising over mining licences.

1898-The Duquesne Country and Athletic Club -defeated 1898 Western Pennsylvania All-Star football team|an all-star collection of early football players 16-0, in what is considered to be the very first all-star game for professional American football.

1901-In a State of the Union address|State of the Union message -U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt asks United States Congress|Congress to curb the power of Trust (19th century)|trusts "within reasonable limits".

1904-The Moons of Jupiter|Jovian moon -Himalia (moon)|Himalia is discovered by Charles Dillon Perrine at California's Lick Observatory.

1910-Modern neon lighting -is first demonstrated by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show.

1912- Bulgaria -Greece, Montenegro, and Serbia (the Balkan League) sign an armistice with the Ottoman Empire, temporarily halting the First Balkan War. (The armistice will expire on February 3, 1913, and hostilities will resume.)

1919-After nearly 20 years of planning and construction, including two collapses causing 89 deaths, the Quebec Bridge -opens to traffic.

1925- World War I -aftermath: The final Locarno Treaties|Locarno Treaty is signed in London, establishing post-war territorial settlements.

1927-'' Putting Pants on Philip -', the first Laurel and Hardy film, is released.

1944- Greek Civil War -Dekemvriana|Fighting breaks out in Athens between the Greek People's Liberation Army|ELAS and government forces supported by the British Army.

1959-The current flag of Singapore -is adopted, six months after Singapore became self-governing within the British Empire.

1960-The musical '' Camelot (musical)|Camelot -' debuts at the Majestic Theatre (Broadway)|Majestic Theatre on Broadway theatre|Broadway. It will become associated with the John F. Kennedy|Kennedy administration.

1964- Free Speech Movement -Police arrest over 800 students at the University of California, Berkeley, following their takeover and sit-in at the administration building in protest of the Regents of the University of California|UC Regents' decision to forbid protests on UC property.

1967-At Groote Schuur Hospital -in Cape Town, South Africa, a transplant team headed by Christiaan Barnard carries out the first heart transplant on a human (53-year-old Louis Washkansky).

1971- Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 -Pakistan launches Operation Chengiz Khan|a pre-emptive strike against India and a full scale war begins claiming hundreds of lives.

1973- Pioneer program -Pioneer 10 sends back the first close-up images of Jupiter.

1976-An assassination -attempt is made on Bob Marley. He is shot twice, but will play a Smile Jamaica Concert|concert only two days later.

1979-In Cincinnati, Ohio -11 fans are suffocated in 1979 The Who concert disaster|a crush for seats on the concourse outside U.S. Bank Arena|Riverfront Coliseum before a The Who|Who concert.

1979-Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini -becomes the first Supreme Leader of Iran.

1982-A soil sample is taken from Times Beach, Missouri -that will be found to contain 300 times the safe level of Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins|dioxin.

1984- Bhopal Disaster -A methyl isocyanate leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, kills more than 3,800 people outright and injures 150,000–600,000 others (some 6,000 of whom would later die from their injuries) in one of the worst industrial disasters in history.

1989- Cold War -In a meeting off the coast of Malta, U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev release statements indicating that the cold war between NATO and the Soviet Union may be coming to an end.

1990-At Detroit Metropolitan Airport -Northwest Airlines Flight 1482 collides with Northwest Airlines Flight 299 on the runway, killing seven passengers and one crew member aboard flight 1482.

1992- UN Security Council Resolution 794 -is unanimously passed, approving a coalition of United Nations peacekeepers led by the United States to form UNITAF, with the task of establishing peace and ensuring that humanitarian aid is distributed in Somalia.

1992-The Greek oil tanker -''Aegean Sea'', carrying 80,000 tonnes of crude oil, runs aground in a storm while approaching A Coruña (province)|La Coruña, Spain, and Aegean Sea oil spill|spills much of its cargo.

1992-A test engineer for Sema Group -uses a personal computer to send the world's first text message via the Vodafone network to the phone of a colleague.

1997-In Ottawa -Canada, representatives from 121 countries sign the Ottawa Treaty prohibiting manufacture and deployment of anti-personnel landmines. The United States, People's Republic of China, and Russia do not sign the treaty, however.

1999- NASA -loses radio contact with the Mars Polar Lander moments before the spacecraft enters the Mars|Martian atmosphere.

1999-Six firefighters are killed in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire -in Worcester, Massachusetts.

2005- XCOR Aerospace -makes the Rocket mail#Reusable launch vehicles|first manned rocket aircraft delivery of U.S. Mail in Kern County, California.

2007-Winter storms cause the Chehalis River (Washington)|Chehalis River -to flood many cities in Lewis County, Washington, and close a 20-mile portion of Interstate 5 in Washington|Interstate 5 for several days. At least eight deaths and billions of dollars in damages are blamed on the floods.

2009-A 2009 Hotel Shamo bombing|suicide bombing -in Mogadishu, Somalia, claims the lives of 25 people, including three ministers of the Transitional Federal Government.

2012-At least 475 people are killed after Typhoon Bopha (2012)|Typhoon Bopha -makes landfall in the Philippines.

Famous Birthdays

1368- Charles VI of France -(d. 1422)

1560- Jan Gruter -Dutch scholar and critic (d. 1627)

1596- Nicola Amati -Italian violin maker (d. 1684)

1722- Hryhorii Skovoroda -Ukrainian poet, composer, and philosopher (d. 1794)

1729- Antonio Soler -Spanish composer and theorist (d. 1783)

1755- Gilbert Stuart -American painter (d. 1828)

1766- Barbara Fritchie -American Civil War Unionist (d. 1862)

1800- France Prešeren -Slovenian poet and lawyer (d. 1849)

1826- George B. McClellan -American general and politician, 24th Governor of New Jersey (d. 1885)

1833- Carlos Finlay -Cuban physician (d. 1915)

1838- Cleveland Abbe -American meteorologist (d. 1916)

1838- Octavia Hill -English activist and author (d. 1912)

1842- Phoebe Hearst -American philanthropist and activist (d. 1919)

1842- Charles Alfred Pillsbury -American businessman, founded the Pillsbury Company (d. 1899)

1842- Ellen Swallow Richards -American chemist, ecologist, and educator (d. 1911)

1857- Joseph Conrad -Polish-English author (d. 1924)

1857- Mathilde Kralik -Austrian composer (d. 1944)

1864- Herman Heijermans -Dutch author and playwright (d. 1924)

1867- William John Bowser -Canadian lawyer and politician, 17th List of premiers of British Columbia|Premier of British Columbia (d. 1933)

1872- Arthur Charles Hardy -Canadian politician, Speaker of the Senate (Canada)|Canadian Speaker of the Senate (d. 1962)

1872- William Haselden -English cartoonist (d. 1953)

1875- Émile Delchambre -French rower (d. 1958)

1875- Max Meldrum -Scottish-Australian painter (d. 1955)

1878- Francis A. Nixon -American businessman (d. 1956)

1879- Albert Asher -New Zealand rugby player (d. 1965)

1879- Charles Hutchison -American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1949)

1879- Kafū Nagai -Japanese author and playwright (d. 1959)

1879- Donald Matheson Sutherland -Canadian physician and politician, 5th Minister of National Defence (Canada)|Canadian Minister of National Defence (d. 1970)

1880- Alexander Hall (soccer)|Alexander Hall -Canadian soccer player (d. 1943)

1880- Fedor von Bock -German field marshal (d. 1945)

1883- Anton Webern -Austrian composer and conductor (d. 1945)

1884- Rajendra Prasad -Indian lawyer and politician, 1st President of India (d. 1963)

1884- Walther Stampfli -Swiss politician, 50th List of Presidents of the Swiss Confederation|President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 1965)

1886- Manne Siegbahn -Swedish physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1978)

1887- Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni -Japanese general and politician, 43rd Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1990)

1888- Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog -Polish-Irish rabbi (d. 1959)

1889- Khudiram Bose -Indian revolutionary (d. 1908)

1889- Cyrillus Kreek -Estonian trombonist and composer (d. 1962)

1891- Thomas Farrell (general)|Thomas Farrell -American general (d. 1967)

1893- Edmond Decottignies -French weightlifter (d. 1963)

1894- Deiva Zivarattinam -Indian lawyer and politician (d. 1975)

1895- Te Ata Fisher -Chickasaw-American actress (d. 1995)

1895- Anna Freud -Austrian-English psychologist and psychoanalyst (d. 1982)

1899- Hayato Ikeda -Japanese politician, 58th Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1965)

1900- Ulrich Inderbinen -Swiss mountaineer (d. 2004)

1900- Richard Kuhn -Austrian-German biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1967)

1902- Mitsuo Fuchida -Japanese captain and pilot (d. 1976)

1902- Feliks Kibbermann -Estonian chess player and philologist (d. 1993)

1908- Edward Underdown -English actor (d. 1989)

1911- Nino Rota -Italian pianist, composer, conductor, and academic (d. 1979)

1914- Irving Fine -American composer and academic (d. 1962)

1918- Abdul Haris Nasution -Indonesian general and politician (d. 2000)

1919- Charles Lynch (journalist)|Charles Lynch -Canadian journalist and author (d. 1994)

1921- Phyllis Curtin -American soprano, actress, and academic

1922- Eli Mandel -Canadian poet, critic, and academic (d. 1992)

1922- Sven Nykvist -Swedish director and cinematographer (d. 2006)

1923- Dede Allen -American film editor (d. 2010)

1923- Stjepan Bobek -Serbian footballer and manager (d. 2010)

1923- Moyra Fraser -Australian-English actress, singer, and dancer (d. 2009)

1924- Wiel Coerver -Dutch footballer and manager (d. 2011)

1924- F. Sionil José -Filipino journalist and author

1924- Roberto Mieres -Argentinian race car driver (d. 2012)

1924- John Winter (athlete)|John Winter -Australian high jumper (d. 2007)

1925- Kim Dae-jung -South Korean lieutenant and politician, 8th President of South Korea, Nobel Prize in Peace|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2009)

1925- Ferlin Husky -American singer and guitarist (d. 2011)

1927- Andy Williams -American singer and actor (The Williams Brothers) (d. 2012)

1928- Thomas M. Foglietta -American politician and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Italy (d. 2004)

1928- Muhammad Habibur Rahman -Indian-Bangladeshi jurist and politician, List of Prime Ministers of Bangladesh|Prime Minister of Bangladesh (d. 2014)

1929- John S. Dunne -American priest and theologian (d. 2013)

1930- Jean-Luc Godard -French-Swiss director and screenwriter

1930- Raul M. Gonzalez -Filipino lawyer and politician, 42nd Secretary of Justice (Philippines)|Filipino Secretary of Justice (d. 2014)

1930- Yves Trudeau (artist)|Yves Trudeau -Canadian sculptor

1931- Franz Josef Degenhardt -German author and poet (d. 2011)

1931- Jaye P. Morgan -American singer and actress

1932- Corry Brokken -Dutch singer

1933- Paul J. Crutzen -Dutch chemist and engineer, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate

1934- Nicolas Coster -American actor and producer

1934- Viktor Gorbatko -Russian general, pilot, and astronaut

1934- Abimael Guzmán -Peruvian philosopher and academic

1935- Eddie Bernice Johnson -American nurse and politician

1937- Bobby Allison -American race car driver

1937- Morgan Llywelyn -American-Irish author

1937- Binod Bihari Verma -Indian physician and author (d. 2003)

1938- Jean-Claude Malépart -Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 1989)

1939- Don Calfa -American actor

1939- John Paul, Sr. (racing driver)|John Paul, Sr. -American race car driver

1940- Jeffrey R. Holland -American academic and religious leader

1942- Pedro Rocha -Uruguayan footballer and manager (d. 2013)

1942- Alice Schwarzer -German journalist, founded ''EMMA (magazine)|EMMA Magazine''

1942- David K. Shipler -American journalist and author

1943- J. Philippe Rushton -English-Canadian psychologist and academic (d. 2012)

1944- Craig Raine -English poet, author, and playwright

1944- Ralph McTell -English singer-songwriter and guitarist

1945- Paul Nicholas -English actor and singer

1946- Joop Zoetemelk -Dutch cyclist

1947- Patricia Krenwinkel -American murderer

1948- Jan Hrubý -Czech violinist and songwriter (Framus Five and Etc...)

1948- Maxwell Hutchinson -English architect and television host

1948- Ozzy Osbourne -English-American singer-songwriter and actor (Black Sabbath)

1949- John Akii-Bua -Ugandan hurdler (d. 1997)

1949- Heather Menzies -Canadian-American actress and singer

1949- Mickey Thomas (singer)|Mickey Thomas -American singer-songwriter (Jefferson Starship and Starship (band)|Starship)

1950- Alberto Juantorena -Cuban runner

1951- Mike Bantom -American basketball player

1951- Ray Candy -American wrestler (d. 1994)

1951- Riki Chōshū -South Korean-Japanese wrestler

1951- Rick Mears -American race car driver

1951- Rice brothers|Greg Rice -American actor

1951- Rice brothers|John Rice -American actor (d. 2005)

1951- Nicky Stevens -Welsh singer (Brotherhood of Man)

1952- Don Barnes -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (38 Special (band)|38 Special)

1952- Christos Hatziskoulidis -Greek footballer (d. 2010)

1952- Benny Hinn -American evangelist and author

1952- Mel Smith -English comedian, actor, director, and producer (d. 2013)

1953- Franz Klammer -Austrian skier

1953- Lothar Schneider -German footballer

1954- Grace Andreacchi -American-English author, poet, and playwright

1955- Steven Culp -American actor

1955- Warren Jeffs -American religious leader

1956- Ewa Kopacz -Polish physician and politician, 15th Prime Minister of Poland

1957- Maxim Korobov -Russian politician

1957- Valérie Quennessen -French actress (d. 1989)

1959- Eamonn Holmes -Irish-English journalist

1960- Daryl Hannah -American actress and producer

1960- Igor Larionov -Russian ice hockey player

1960- Julianne Moore -American actress and author

1960- Mike Ramsey (ice hockey)|Mike Ramsey -American ice hockey player and coach

1961- Adal Ramones -Mexican comedian, actor, and producer

1962- Richard Bacon (politician)|Richard Bacon -English banker, journalist, and politician

1963- Joe Lally -American singer-songwriter and bass player (Fugazi (band)|Fugazi and Ataxia (band)|Ataxia)

1963- Terri Schiavo -American medical patient (d. 2005)

1965- Steve Harris (actor)|Steve Harris -American actor

1965- Andrew Stanton -American voice actor, director, producer, screenwriter

1965- Katarina Witt -German figure skater and model

1966- Monic Hendrickx -Dutch actress

1966- Flemming Povlsen -Danish footballer and manager

1966- Irina Zhuk -Russian figure skater and coach

1968- Brendan Fraser -American actor and producer

1968- Montell Jordan -American singer-songwriter and producer

1969- Bill Steer -English guitarist and songwriter (Carcass (band)|Carcass, Firebird (band)|Firebird, Angel Witch, and Gentlemans Pistols)

1970- Paul Byrd -American baseball player

1970- Lindsey Hunter -American basketball player and coach

1970- Christian Karembeu -French footballer

1970- Lu Parker -American journalist, Miss USA 1994

1970- Laura Schuler -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1971- Ola Rapace -Swedish actor

1971- Frank Sinclair -English-Jamaican footballer and manager

1971- Henk Timmer (footballer)|Henk Timmer -Dutch footballer

1971- Keegan Connor Tracy -Canadian actress

1971- Vernon White (fighter)|Vernon White -American mixed martial artist and wrestler

1972- Bucky Lasek -American skateboarder

1973- Holly Marie Combs -American actress and producer

1973- Super Crazy -Mexican-American wrestler

1973- MC Frontalot -American rapper

1973- Sammy Leung -Hong Kong singer and actor

1975- Mickey Avalon -American rapper

1975- Malinda Williams -American actress

1976- Mark Boucher -South African cricketer

1976- Silvia Fontana -American-Italian figure skater

1976- Gary Glover -American baseball player

1976- Cornelius Griffin -American football player

1976- Byron Kelleher -New Zealand rugby player

1976- Todd Smith (musician)|Todd Smith -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver, The Alter Boys, and Knives Out!)

1977- Chad Durbin -American baseball player

1977- Troy Evans (American football)|Troy Evans -American football player

1977- Adam Małysz -Polish ski jumper

1978- Trina -American rapper

1978- Daniel Alexandersson -Swedish footballer

1978- Jiří Bicek -Slovak ice hockey player

1978- Dan Snow -English-Canadian radio and television host

1978- Bram Tankink -Dutch cyclist

1979- Daniel Bedingfield -New Zealand-English singer-songwriter

1979- Rock Cartwright -American football player

1979- Rainbow Sun Francks -Canadian actor

1979- Tiffany Haddish -American actress and dancer

1980- Anna Chlumsky -American actress

1980- Jenna Dewan -American actress and dancer

1980- Zlata Filipović -Bosnian author

1980- Jim Sorgi -American football player and sportscaster

1981- Ioannis Amanatidis -Greek footballer

1981- Brian Bonsall -American actor

1981- Tyjuan Hagler -American football player

1981- Liza Lapira -American actress

1981- Louise Roe -English model and journalist

1981- Edwin Valero -Venezuelan boxer (d. 2010)

1981- David Villa -Spanish footballer

1982- Jaycee Chan -Hong Kong actor and singer

1982- Manny Corpas -Panamanian baseball player

1982- Michael Essien -Ghanaian footballer

1982- Lewis Marnell -Australian skateboarder (d. 2013)

1982- Franco Sbaraglini -Argentinian-Italian rugby player

1983- Stephen Donald -New Zealand rugby player

1983- Sherri DuPree -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Eisley)

1983- Andy Grammer -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1983- James Ihedigbo -American football player

1983- Kati Tolmoff -Estonian badminton player

1984- Hind Laroussi -Dutch singer

1984- Avraam Papadopoulos -Greek footballer

1985- László Cseh -Hungarian swimmer

1985- Mike Randolph -American soccer player

1985- Sıla Şahin -German model and actress

1985- Mohit Sehgal -Indian actor

1985- Amanda Seyfried -American actress and singer

1985- Robert Swift -American basketball player

1985- Marcus Williams (born 1985)|Marcus Williams -American basketball player

1986- Frank Elegar -American basketball player

1986- James Laurinaitis -American football player

1986- Radek Smoleňák -Czech ice hockey player

1986- Josh Vaughan -American football player

1987- Michael Angarano -American actor

1987- Brian Robiskie -American football player

1987- Alicia Sacramone -American gymnast

1989- Selçuk Alibaz -Turkish footballer

1990- Sharon Fichman -Canadian-Israeli tennis player

1991- Ekaterine Gorgodze -Georgian tennis player

1992- Cristian Ceballos -Spanish footballer

1992- Joseph McManners -English singer-songwriter and actor

1994- Jake T. Austin -American actor

History of Deaths

311- Diocletian -Roman emperor (b. 244)

649- Birinus -French-English bishop and saint (b. 600)

1154- Pope Anastasius IV -(b. 1073)

1265- Odofredus -Italian jurist

1533- Vasili III of Russia -(b. 1479)

1552- Francis Xavier -Spanish missionary and saint (b. 1506)

1610- Honda Tadakatsu -Japanese general and daimyo (b. 1548)

1706- Countess Emilie Juliane of Barby-Mühlingen -(b. 1637)

1765- Lord John Sackville -English cricketer (b. 1713)

1789- Claude Joseph Vernet -French painter (b. 1714)

1815- John Carroll (bishop)|John Carroll -American archbishop (b. 1735)

1845- Gregor MacGregor -Scottish soldier and explorer (b. 1786)

1882- Archibald Tait -Scottish-English archbishop (b. 1811)

1888- Carl Zeiss -German physicist and lens maker, created the optical instrument (b. 1816)

1890- Billy Midwinter -English-Australian cricketer (b. 1851)

1892- Afanasy Fet -Russian author and poet (b. 1820)

1894- Robert Louis Stevenson -Scottish author and poet (b. 1850)

1902- Robert Lawson (architect)|Robert Lawson -New Zealand architect, designed the Otago Boys' High School and Knox Church, Dunedin|Knox Church (b. 1833)

1904- David Bratton -American water polo player (b. 1869)

1910- Mary Baker Eddy -American religious leader and author, founded Christian Science (b. 1821)

1912- Prudente de Morais -Brazilian politician, 3rd President of Brazil (b. 1841)

1917- Harold Garnett -English-French cricketer (b. 1879)

1919- Pierre-Auguste Renoir -French painter (b. 1841)

1928- Ezra Meeker -American farmer and politician (b. 1830)

1928- Johan Olin -Finnish wrestler (b. 1883)

1934- Charles James O'Donnell -Irish politician (b. 1849)

1935- Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom -(b. 1868)

1939- Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll -(b. 1848)

1941- Pavel Filonov -Russian painter and poet (b. 1883)

1949- Maria Ouspenskaya -Russian-American actress and educator (b. 1876)

1952- Rudolf Margolius -Czech politician (b. 1913)

1955- Cow Cow Davenport -American singer and pianist (b. 1894)

1956- Manik Bandopadhyay -Indian author (b. 1908)

1956- Alexander Rodchenko -Russian sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer (b. 1891)

1967- Harry Wismer -American sportscaster (b. 1913)

1969- Mathias Wieman -German-Swiss actor (b. 1902)

1972- William Manuel Johnson -American bassist (b. 1872)

1973- Emile Christian -American trombonist, cornet player, and composer (b. 1895)

1979- Dhyan Chand -Indian field hockey player and coach (b. 1905)

1980- Oswald Mosley -English lieutenant and politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1896)

1981- Walter Knott -American farmer, founded Knott's Berry Farm (b. 1889)

1984- Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin -Azerbaijani-Russian mathematician and academic (b. 1919)

1988- Panos Gavalas -Greek singer (b. 1926)

1989- Fernando Martín Espina -Spanish basketball player (b. 1962)

1989- Connie B. Gay -American businessman, founded the Country Music Association (b. 1914)

1993- Lewis Thomas -American physician, etymologist, and academic (b. 1913)

1994- Michael Dacher -German mountaineer (b. 1933)

1994- Elizabeth Glaser -American activist (b. 1947)

1995- Jimmy Jewel -English actor (b. 1909)

1995- Gerard John Schaefer -American serial killer (b. 1946)

1996- Georges Duby -French historian and author (b. 1919)

1998- Pierre Hétu -Canadian pianist and conductor (b. 1936)

1999- Scatman John -American singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1942)

1999- Madeline Kahn -American actress and singer (b. 1942)

1999- Jarl Wahlström -Finnish 12th General of The Salvation Army (b. 1918)

2000- Gwendolyn Brooks -American poet and academic (b. 1917)

2000- Hoyt Curtin -American composer and producer (b. 1922)

2002- Adrienne Adams -American illustrator (b. 1906)

2002- Glenn Quinn -Irish-American actor (b. 1970)

2003- David Hemmings -English actor, director, and producer (b. 1941)

2004- Shiing-Shen Chern -Chinese-American mathematician and academic (b. 1911)

2005- Frederick Ashworth -American admiral (b. 1912)

2005- Herb Moford -American baseball player (b. 1928)

2006- Logan Whitehurst -American drummer (The Velvet Teen) (b. 1977)

2007- James Kemsley -Australian cartoonist and actor (b. 1948)

2008- Robert Zajonc -Polish-American psychologist and author (b. 1923)

2009- Leila Lopes (actress)|Leila Lopes -Brazilian actress and journalist (b. 1959)

2009- Richard Todd -Irish-English soldier and actor (b. 1919)

2010- Abdumalik Bahori -Azerbaijani poet and author (b. 1927)

2011- Dev Anand -Indian actor, director, and producer (b. 1923)

2012- Jules Mikhael Al-Jamil -Iraqi-Lebanese archbishop (b. 1938)

2012- Tommy Berggren -Swedish footballer (b. 1950)

2012- Kuntal Chandra -Bangladeshi cricketer (b. 1984)

2012- Fyodor Khitruk -Russian animator, director, and screenwriter (b. 1917)

2012- M. Mahroof -Sri Lankan politician (b. 1950)

2012- Diego Mendieta -Paraguayan footballer (b. 1980)

2012- Eileen Moran -American visual effects producer (b. 1952)

2012- Geoffrey Shakerley -English photographer (b. 1932)

2012- Janet Shaw -Australian cyclist and author (b. 1966)

2012- Jeroen Willems -Dutch actor and singer (b. 1962)

2013- John Albery -English chemist and academic (b. 1936)

2013- Fernando Argenta -Spanish journalist (b. 1945)

2013- Paul Aussaresses -French general (b. 1918)

2013- Ronald Hunter -American actor (b. 1943)

2013- Reda Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed -Egyptian air marshal (b. 1952)

2013- Ahmed Fouad Negm -Egyptian poet (b. 1929)

2013- Ida Pollock -English author and painter (b. 1908)

2013- Sefi Rivlin -Israeli actor (b. 1947)

2013- Sacha Sosno -French sculptor and painter (b. 1937)