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Day History: December-24

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Events History

640- Pope John IV -is elected.

759- Tang Dynasty -poet Du Fu Du Fu#Chengdu|departs for Chengdu, where he is hosted by fellow poet Pei Di.

1144-The capital of the Crusades|crusader -County of Edessa Siege of Edessa|falls to Imad ad-Din Zengi, the atabeg of Mosul and Aleppo.

1294- Pope Boniface VIII -is elected Pope, replacing Pope Celestine V|St. Celestine V, who had Papal resignation|resigned.

1500-A joint Venetian–Spanish fleet Siege of the Castle of St. George|captures -the Castle of St. George on the island of Cephalonia.

1777- Kiritimati -also called Christmas Island, is discovered by James Cook.

1814-The Treaty of Ghent -is signed ending the War of 1812.

1818-The first performance of " Silent Night -takes place in the church of St. Nikolaus in Oberndorf bei Salzburg|Oberndorf, Austria.

1826-The Eggnog Riot -at the United States Military Academy begins that night, wrapping up the following morning.

1851- Library of Congress -burns.

1865-The Ku Klux Klan -is formed.

1871- Aida -opens in Cairo, Egypt.

1906- Radio -Reginald Fessenden transmits the first radio broadcast; consisting of a poetry reading, a violin solo, and a speech.

1911- Lackawanna Cut-Off -railway line opens in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

1913-The Italian Hall disaster -("1913 Massacre") in Calumet, Michigan, results in the death of 73 Christmas party goers held by striking mine workers, including 59 children.

1914- World War I -The "Christmas truce" begins.

1924- Albania -becomes a republic.

1929-Assassination attempt on Argentina|Argentine -President Hipólito Yrigoyen.

1939- World War II -Pope Pius XII makes a Christmas Eve appeal for peace.

1941-World War II: Kuching -is conquered by Japanese forces.

1942-World War II: France|French -monarchist, Fernand Bonnier de La Chapelle, assassinates Vichy French Admiral François Darlan in Algiers, Algeria.

1943-World War II: United States|U.S. -General Dwight D. Eisenhower is named Supreme Allied Commander for the Normandy Invasion.

1951- Libya -becomes independent from Italy. Idris of Libya|Idris I is proclaimed King of Libya.

1953- Tangiwai disaster -In New Zealand's North Island, at Tangiwai, a railway bridge is damaged by a lahar and collapses beneath a passenger train, killing 151 people.

1955- NORAD Tracks Santa -for the first time in what will become an annual Christmas Eve tradition.

1964- Vietnam War -Viet Cong operatives 1964 Brinks Hotel bombing|bomb the Brinks Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City|Saigon, South Vietnam to demonstrate they can strike an American installation in the heavily guarded capital.

1966-A Canadair CL-44 -chartered by the United States Armed Forces|United States military crashes into a small village in South Vietnam, killing 129.

1968- Apollo program -The crew of ''Apollo 8'' enters into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. They performed 10 lunar orbits and broadcast live TV pictures that became the famous Apollo 8 Genesis reading|Christmas Eve Broadcast, one of the most watched programs in history.

1969- Charles Manson -is allowed to defend himself at the Tate-LaBianca murder trial.

1973- District of Columbia Home Rule Act -is passed, allowing residents of Washington, D.C. to elect their own local government.

1974- Cyclone Tracy -devastates Darwin, Northern Territory|Darwin, Australia.

1979-The first Europe -n Ariane (rocket family)|Ariane rocket is launched.

1980-Witnesses report the first of several sightings of Rendlesham Forest incident|unexplained lights -near RAF Woodbridge, in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom, an incident called "Britain's Roswell UFO incident|Roswell".

1994- Air France Flight 8969 -is hijacked on the ground at Houari Boumedienne Airport, Algiers, Algeria. Over the course of 3 days 3 passengers are killed, as are all 4 terrorists.

1997-The Sid El-Antri massacre -(or Sidi Lamri) in Algeria kills 50-100 people.

1999- Indian Airlines Flight 814 -hijacked in Indian airspace between Kathmandu, Nepal, and Delhi, India; aircraft eventually landed at Kandahar, Afghanistan. Ordeal ended on December 31 with the release of 190 survivors (1 passenger killed).

2000-The Texas Seven -hold up a sports store in Irving, Texas. Police officer Aubrey Hawkins is murdered during the robbery.

2003-The Spain|Spanish -police thwart an attempt by ETA to detonate 50 kg of Explosive material|explosives at 3:55 p.m. inside Madrid's busy Madrid Chamartín railway station|Chamartín Station.

2005- Chad–Sudan relations -Chad declares a Declaration of war|state of war against Sudan following a December 18 Battle of Adré|attack on Adré, which left about 100 people dead.

2008- Lord's Resistance Army -a Ugandan rebel group, begins a 2008 Christmas massacres|series of attacks on Democratic Republic of the Congo, massacring more than 400.

Famous Birthdays

3 BC- Galba -Roman emperor (d. 69)

1166- John, King of England -(d. 1216)

1389- John VI, Duke of Brittany -(d. 1442)

1475- Thomas Murner -German poet and translator (d. 1537)

1508- Pietro Carnesecchi -Italian scholar (d. 1567)

1588- Constance of Austria -(d. 1631)

1609- Philip Warwick -English politician (d. 1683)

1625- Johann Rudolph Ahle -German organist, composer, and theorist (d. 1673)

1635- Mariana of Austria -(d. 1696)

1679- Domenico Sarro -Italian composer (d. 1744)

1698- William Warburton -English bishop (d. 1779)

1724- Johann Conrad Amman (1724-1811)|Johann Conrad Ammann -Swiss physician (d. 1811)

1726- Johann Hartmann -Danish composer (d. 1793)

1754- George Crabbe -English surgeon, clergyman, and poet (d. 1832)

1761- Selim III -Ottoman sultan (d. 1808)

1761- Jean-Louis Pons -French astronomer (d. 1831)

1784- Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia -(d. 1803)

1798- Adam Mickiewicz -Polish poet and playwright (d. 1855)

1809- Kit Carson -American general (d. 1868)

1810- Wilhelm Marstrand -Danish painter and illustrator (d. 1873)

1812- Karl Eduard Zachariae von Lingenthal -German lawyer and jurist (d. 1894)

1818- James Prescott Joule -English physicist and brewer (d. 1889)

1822- Matthew Arnold -English poet and critic (d. 1888)

1827- Alexander von Oettingen -German theologian and statistician (d. 1905)

1837- Empress Elisabeth of Austria -(d. 1898)

1837- Cosima Wagner -German daughter of Franz Liszt (d. 1930)

1843- Lydia Koidula -Estonian poet and playwright (d. 1886)

1845- George I of Greece -(d. 1913)

1868- Emanuel Lasker -German chess player (d. 1941)

1869- Henriette Roland Holst -Dutch poet, playwright, and politician (d. 1952)

1872- Adam Gunn -Scottish-American decathlete (d. 1935)

1872- Frederick Semple -American golfer and tennis player (d. 1927)

1875- Émile Wegelin -French rower (d. 1962)

1877- Sigrid Schauman -Finnish painter and critic (d. 1979)

1879- Otto Fickeisen -German rower (d. 1963)

1879- Émile Nelligan -Canadian poet (d. 1941)

1879- Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin -(d. 1952)

1880- Johnny Gruelle -American author and illustrator (d. 1939)

1880- Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya -Indian politician (d. 1959)

1881- Charles Wakefield Cadman -American composer and critic (d. 1946)

1882- Hans Rebane -Estonian journalist and politician, 8th Minister of Foreign Affairs (Estonia)|Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1961)

1886- Michael Curtiz -Hungarian-American actor, director, and producer (d. 1962)

1887- Louis Jouvet -French actor and producer (d. 1951)

1891- Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky -Russian illustrator (d. 1970)

1893- Ruth Chatterton -American actress and singer (d. 1961)

1893- Harry Warren -American pianist and composer (d. 1981)

1894- Georges Guynemer -French captain and pilot (d. 1917)

1894- Jack Thayer -American survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic (d. 1945)

1895- E. Roland Harriman -American financier and philanthropist (d. 1978)

1895- Noel Streatfeild -English author (d. 1986)

1895- Marguerite Williams -American geologist (d. ca. 1999)

1896- Jens Oliver Lisberg -Faroese designer of the Flag of the Faroe Islands (d. 1920)

1897- Koto Okubo -Japanese super-centenarian (d. 2013)

1898- Baby Dodds -American drummer (d. 1959)

1900- Joey Smallwood -Canadian journalist and politician, 1st Premier of Newfoundland (d. 1991)

1903- Ernst Krenkel -Polish-Russian geographer and explorer (d. 1971)

1903- Ava Helen Pauling -American activist (d. 1981)

1904- Joseph M. Juran -Romanian-American engineer and businessman (d. 2008)

1905- Howard Hughes -American businessman, engineer, and pilot (d. 1976)

1906- Frank DiPaolo -American politician (d. 2013)

1906- Franz Waxman -German-American composer (d. 1967)

1907- I. F. Stone -American journalist and author (d. 1989)

1910- Fritz Leiber -American author and poet (d. 1992)

1910- Max Miedinger -Swiss typeface designer, created Helvetica (d. 1980)

1914- Ralph Marterie -Italian-American trumpet player and bandleader (d. 1978)

1914- Herbert Reinecker -German author and screenwriter (d. 2007)

1919- Qateel Shifai -Pakistani poet and songwriter (d. 2001)

1920- Franco Lucentini -Italian author and screenwriter (d. 2002)

1920- Yevgeniya Rudneva -Ukrainian-Russian lieutenant and navigator (d. 1944)

1922- Ava Gardner -American actress and singer (d. 1990)

1923- Michael DiBiase -American wrestler (d. 1969)

1923- George Patton IV -American general (d. 2004)

1924- Lee Dorsey -American singer-songwriter (d. 1986)

1924- Abdirizak Haji Hussein -Somalian politician, 4th Prime Minister of Somalia (d. 2014)

1924- Mohammed Rafi -Indian actor and singer (d. 1980)

1924- Norman Rossington -English actor (d. 1999)

1925- Roy Hollis (footballer)|Roy Hollis -English footballer (d. 1998)

1926- Paul Buissonneau -French-Canadian singer and director

1927- Mary Higgins Clark -American author

1928- Lev Vlassenko -Georgian-Australian pianist and educator (d. 1996)

1929- Philip Ziegler -English historian and author

1930- Robert Joffrey -American dancer and choreographer (d. 1988)

1931- Ray Bryant -American pianist and composer (d. 2011)

1931- Mauricio Kagel -Argentinian-German composer and scholar (d. 2008)

1934- John Critchinson -English pianist and composer

1934- Stjepan Mesić -Croatian lawyer and politician, 2nd President of Croatia

1936- Ivan Lawrence -English lawyer and politician

1937- Félix Miélli Venerando -Brazilian footballer and manager (d. 2012)

1937- John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney -Irish politician

1938- Bobby Henrich -American baseball player

1938- Valentim Loureiro -Portuguese soldier and politician

1940- Janet Carroll -American actress and singer (d. 2012)

1941- John Levene -English actor

1941- David Arkin -American actor (d. 1991)

1941- Mike Hazlewood -English songwriter and musician (d. 2001)

1942- Jonathan Borofsky -American sculptor and painter

1942- Doan Viet Hoat -Vietnamese journalist, educator, and activist

1943- Tarja Halonen -Finnish lawyer and politician, 11th President of Finland

1943- Suzy Menkes -English journalist and critic

1944- Barry Elliot (entertainer)|Barry Elliot -English actor and screenwriter

1944- Mike Curb -American businessman and politician, 42nd Lieutenant Governor of California

1944- Oswald Gracias -Indian cardinal

1944- Daniel Johnson, Jr. -Canadian lawyer and politician, 25th Premier of Quebec

1945- Lemmy -English singer-songwriter, bass player, and actor (Motörhead, Hawkwind, The Head Cat, and The Rockin' Vickers)

1945- Nicholas Meyer -American author, screenwriter, and director

1945- Steve Smith (comedian)|Steve Smith -Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1946- Jan Akkerman -Dutch guitarist (Focus (band)|Focus and Brainbox)

1946- Brenda Howard -American activist (d. 2005)

1946- Jeff Sessions -American captain, lawyer, and politician

1947- Kevin Sheedy (Australian footballer)|Kevin Sheedy -Australian footballer and coach

1948- Frank Oliver (rugby union)|Frank Oliver -New Zealand rugby player and coach

1949- Warwick Brown -Australian race car driver

1949- Randy Neugebauer -American accountant and politician

1950- Dana Gioia -American poet and critic

1951- John D'Acquisto -American baseball player

1951- Nick Kent -English-French journalist and author

1952- Christopher Buckley (novelist)|Christopher Buckley -American journalist and author

1953- Timothy Carhart -American actor

1953- François Loos -French engineer and politician

1954- Yves Debay -Congolese-French commander and journalist (d. 2013)

1954- José María Figueres -Costa Rican politician, President of Costa Rica

1954- Helen Jones -English lawyer and politician

1955- Grand L. Bush -American actor

1955- Scott Fischer -American mountaineer and guide (d. 1996)

1955- Clarence Gilyard -American actor and educator

1957- Hamid Karzai -Afghan politician, 12th President of Afghanistan

1957- Diane Tell -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1958- Lyse Doucet -Canadian journalist

1958- Munetaka Higuchi -Japanese drummer and producer (Loudness (band)|Loudness, Sly (band)|Sly, and Lazy (band)|Lazy) (d. 2008)

1958- Paul Pressey -American basketball player and coach

1958- Gene Sperling -American economist and politician

1959- Chris Blackhurst -English journalist

1959- Keith Deller -English darts player

1959- Anil Kapoor -Indian actor, singer, and producer

1960- Glenn McQueen -Canadian-American animator (d. 2002)

1960- Carol Vorderman -English television host

1961- Ilham Aliyev -Azerbaijani politician, 4th President of Azerbaijan

1961- Jay Wright (basketball)|Jay Wright -American basketball player and coach

1962- Kate Spade -American fashion designer, co-founded Kate Spade New York

1962- Darren Wharton -English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Thin Lizzy and Dare (band)|Dare)

1963- Caroline Aherne -English actress, producer, and screenwriter

1963- Jay Bilas -American basketball player and sportscaster

1963- Timo Jutila -Finnish ice hockey player and sportscaster

1963- Mary Ramsey -American singer-songwriter and violinist (10,000 Maniacs and John & Mary)

1963- Neil Turbin -American singer-songwriter (Anthrax (American band)|Anthrax and Deathriders)

1964- Mark Valley -American actor

1965- Millard Powers -American bass player, songwriter, and producer (Counting Crows, The Semantics, and Majosha)

1966- Diedrich Bader -American actor

1967- Mikhail Shchennikov -Russian race walker

1967- Pernilla Wahlgren -Swedish singer and actress

1968- Doyle Bramhall II -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Arc Angels)

1968- Choi Jin-sil -South Korean actress (d. 2008)

1968- Marleen Renders -Belgian runner

1969- Brad Anderson (wrestler)|Brad Anderson -American wrestler

1969- Sean Michael (South African actor)|Sean Michael -South African actor and singer

1969- Ed Miliband -English academic and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office

1969- Mark Millar -Scottish author

1969- Michael Zucchet -American economist and politician, Mayor of San Diego

1970- Adam Haslett -American author

1970- Larissa Netšeporuk -Ukrainian-Estonian heptathlete

1970- Amaury Nolasco -Puerto Rican-American actor

1970- Will Oldham -American singer-songwriter and actor

1971- Oro (wrestler)|Oro -Mexican wrestler (d. 1993)

1971- Giorgos Alkaios -Greek singer

1971- Sascha Fischer -German rugby player

1971- Ricky Martin -Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and actor (Menudo (band)|Menudo)

1972- Álvaro Mesén -Costa Rican footballer

1972- Klaus Schnellenkamp -Chilean businessman and author

1973- Stephenie Meyer -American author and film producer

1973- Eddie Pope -American soccer player

1973- Ali Salem Tamek -Moroccan activist

1974- Thure Lindhardt -Danish actor

1974- Marcelo Salas -Chilean footballer

1974- Ryan Seacrest -American radio and television host

1976- Yuri (Korean singer)|Yuri -South Korean singer (Girl Friends (band)|Girl Friends)

1977- Gil Seong-joon -South Korean singer, rapper, comedian and music producer

1978- Yıldıray Baştürk -German-Turkish footballer

1978- Warren Tredrea -Australian footballer and sportscaster

1979- Chris Hero -American wrestler

1980- Stephen Appiah -Ghanaian footballer

1980- Maarja-Liis Ilus -Estonian singer

1980- Tomas Kalnoky -Czech-American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22 (band)|Catch 22, and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution)

1980- Jaanus Uudmäe -Estonian jumper

1981- Dima Bilan -Russian singer-songwriter and actor

1981- Shane Tuck -Australian footballer

1982- Masaki Aiba -Japanese singer, dancer, and actor (Arashi)

1982- Robert Coppola Schwartzman -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (Rooney (band)|Rooney)

1985- Alexey Dmitriev -German ice hockey player

1985- David Ragan -American race car driver

1986- Tim Elliott -American mixed martial artist

1986- Kyrylo Fesenko -Ukrainian basketball player

1986- Satomi Ishihara -Japanese actress

1986- Riyo Mori -Japanese model, Miss Universe 2007

1987- Jane Summersett -American ice dancer

1988- Stefanos Athanasiadis -Greek footballer

1988- Simon Zenke -Nigerian footballer

1991- Lara Michel -Swiss tennis player

1991- Wasim Tareen -Pakistani footballer

1991- Louis Tomlinson -English singer-songwriter and footballer (One Direction)

1992- Melissa Suffield -English actress

1995- Anett Kontaveit -Estonian tennis player

1997- Marina Chan -Singaporean swimmer

2000- Ethan Bortnick -American singer-songwriter and pianist

History of Deaths

1257- John I, Count of Hainaut -(b. 1218)

1453- John Dunstaple -English composer (b. 1390)

1524- Vasco da Gama -Portuguese explorer (b. 1469)

1635- Hester Jonas -German midwife (b. 1570)

1660- Mary, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange -(b. 1631)

1707- Noël Coypel -French painter (b. 1628)

1813- Empress Go-Sakuramachi -of Japan (b. 1740)

1863- William Makepeace Thackeray -English author and poet (b. 1811)

1865- Charles Lock Eastlake -English painter and historian (b. 1793)

1868- Adolphe d'Archiac -French paleontologist and geologist (b. 1802)

1872- William John Macquorn Rankine -Scottish physician and engineer (b. 1820)

1873- Johns Hopkins -American businessman and philanthropist (b. 1795)

1889- Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate -Dutch clergyman and poet (b. 1819)

1898- Charbel Makhluf -Lebanese priest and saint (b. 1828)

1914- John Muir -Scottish-American geologist, botanist, and author, founded Sierra Club (b. 1838)

1920- Stephen Mosher Wood -American politician (b. 1832)

1926- Wesley Coe -American shot putter, hammer thrower, and discus thrower (b. 1879)

1935- Alban Berg -Austrian composer (b. 1885)

1938- Bruno Taut -German architect and urban planner (b. 1880)

1941- Siegfried Alkan -German composer (b. 1858)

1942- François Darlan -French admiral and politician, 122nd Prime Minister of France (b. 1881)

1947- Charles Gondouin -French rugby player and tug of war competitor (b. 1875)

1957- Norma Talmadge -American actress and producer (b. 1893)

1961- Robert Hillyer -American poet and academic (b. 1895)

1962- Eveline Adelheid von Maydell -German illustrator (b. 1890)

1965- John Black (businessman)|John Black -English businessman (b. 1895)

1965- William M. Branham -Christian minister (b. 1906)

1967- Burt Baskin -American businessman, co-founded Baskin-Robbins (b. 1913)

1969- Alfred B. Skar -Norwegian journalist and politician (b. 1896)

1969- Seabury Quinn -American author (b. 1889)

1971- Maria Koepcke -German-Peruvian ornithologist (b. 1924)

1971- Dora Altmann -German actress (b. 1881)

1972- Gisela Richter -English-American archaeologist and historian (b. 1882)

1972- Melville Ruick -American actor (b. 1898)

1973- Fritz Gause -German historian and author (b. 1893)

1975- Bernard Herrmann -American composer and conductor (b. 1911)

1976- Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza -(b. 1907)

1977- Samael Aun Weor -Colombian author and educator (b. 1917)

1980- Karl Dönitz -German admiral and politician, List of German presidents|President of Germany (b. 1891)

1980- Siggie Nordstrom -American actress and singer (Nordstrom Sisters) (b. 1893)

1982- Louis Aragon -French author and poet (b. 1897)

1984- Peter Lawford -English-American actor, singer, and producer (b. 1923)

1985- Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith -American lawyer (b. 1904)

1985- Camille Tourville -Canadian-American wrestler and manager (b. 1927)

1986- Gardner Fox -American author (b. 1911)

1987- Joop den Uyl -Dutch journalist, economist, and politician, List of Prime Ministers of the Netherlands|Prime Minister of the Netherlands (b. 1919)

1987- Betty Noyes -American singer and actress (b. 1912)

1987- M. G. Ramachandran -Indian actor, producer, and politician (b. 1917)

1988- Jainendra Kumar -Indian author (b. 1905)

1990- Thorbjørn Egner -Norwegian author, playwright, and songwriter (b. 1922)

1991- Virginia Sorensen -American author (b. 1912)

1992- Peyo -Belgian cartoonist, created The Smurfs (b. 1928)

1992- Bobby LaKind -American singer-songwriter and conga player (b. 1945)

1993- Norman Vincent Peale -American minister and author (b. 1898)

1994- John Boswell -American historian, author, and academic (b. 1947)

1994- Rossano Brazzi -Italian actor, singer, director, and screenwriter (b. 1916)

1997- James Komack -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1930)

1997- Toshiro Mifune -Chinese-Japanese actor and producer (b. 1920)

1997- Pierre Péladeau -Canadian businessman, founded Quebecor (b. 1925)

1998- Syl Apps -Canadian ice hockey player and pole vaulter (b. 1915)

1999- Bill Bowerman -American businessman, co-founded Nike, Inc. (b. 1911)

1999- Maurice Couve de Murville -French politician, 152nd List of Prime Ministers of France|Prime Minister of France (b. 1907)

1999- João Figueiredo -Brazilian general and politician, 30th President of Brazil (b. 1918)

2000- John Cooper (car maker)|John Cooper -English businessman, co-founded the Cooper Car Company (b. 1923)

2000- Nick Massi -American singer and bass player (The Four Seasons (band)|The Four Seasons) (b. 1935)

2002- Kjell Aukrust -Norwegian author and poet (b. 1920)

2002- Jake Thackray -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1938)

2004- Johnny Oates -American baseball player, coach, and manager (b. 1946)

2005- Michael Vale -American actor (b. 1922)

2006- Braguinha (composer)|Braguinha -Brazilian singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1907)

2006- Kenneth Sivertsen (musician)|Kenneth Sivertsen -Norwegian singer-songwriter and poet (b. 1961)

2006- Frank Stanton (executive)|Frank Stanton -American businessman (b. 1908)

2007- Nicholas Pumfrey -English lawyer and judge (b. 1951)

2007- George Warrington -American businessman (d. 1952)

2008- Harold Pinter -English actor, director, and playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1930)

2009- Marcus Bakker -Dutch journalist and politician (b. 1923)

2009- Rafael Caldera -Venezuelan lawyer and politician, 65th President of Venezuela (b. 1916)

2009- George Michael (sportscaster)|George Michael -American sportscaster (b. 1939)

2009- Gero von Wilpert -German author and academic (b. 1933)

2010- Elisabeth Beresford -French-English journalist and author (b. 1926)

2010- Frans de Munck -Dutch footballer and manager (b. 1922)

2010- Orestes Quércia -Brazilian journalist, lawyer, and politician, 28th List of Governors of São Paulo|Governor of São Paulo State (b. 1938)

2010- Eino Tamberg -Estonian composer (b. 1930)

2011- Johannes Heesters -Dutch-German actor and singer (b. 1903)

2012- Richard Rodney Bennett -English-American composer and academic (b. 1936)

2012- Ray Collins (rock musician)|Ray Collins -American singer (The Mothers of Invention) (b. 1936)

2012- Brad Corbett -American businessman (b. 1937)

2012- Charles Durning -American actor and singer (b. 1923)

2012- Jack Klugman -American actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1922)

2012- Xavier Mabille -Belgian political scientist and historian (b. 1933)

2012- Dennis O'Driscoll -Irish poet and critic (b. 1954)

2012- Capital Steez -American rapper (Pro Era) (b. 1993)

2013- Rex Armistead -American police officer (b. 1930)

2013- Frédéric Back -German-Canadian director, animator, and screenwriter (b. 1924)

2013- Ian Barbour -Chinese-American author and scholar (b. 1923)

2013- André Dreiding -Swiss chemist and academic (b. 1919)

2013- Patrick Etolu -Ugandan high jumper (b. 1935)

2013- John M. Goldman -English haematologist and oncologist (b. 1938)

2013- Allan McKeown -English-American screenwriter and producer (b. 1946)

2013- Walter Oi -American economist and academic (b. 1929)

2013- Valter Santos -Brazilian actor (b. 1954)

2013- Serghei Stroenco -Moldovan footballer and manager (b. 1967)