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Day History: December-2

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Events History

1409-The University of Leipzig -opens.

1697- St Paul's Cathedral -is consecrated in London.

1755-The second Eddystone Lighthouse -is destroyed by fire.

1763-Dedication of the Touro Synagogue -in Newport, Rhode Island, the first synagogue in what will become the United States.

1775-The {{USS|Alfred|1774|6}} becomes the first vessel to fly the Grand Union Flag -(the precursor to the Flag of the United States|Stars and Stripes); the flag is hoisted by John Paul Jones.

1804-At Notre Dame Cathedral -in Paris, Coronation of Napoleon I|Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself List of French monarchs|Emperor of the French, the first French Emperor in a thousand years.

1805- Napoleonic Wars -Battle of Austerlitz

1823- Monroe Doctrine -In a State of the Union address|State of the Union message, U.S. President James Monroe proclaims American neutrality in future European conflicts, and warns European powers not to interfere in the Americas.

1845- Manifest Destiny -In a State of the Union address|State of the Union message, U.S. President James K. Polk proposes that the United States should aggressively expand into the West.

1848- Franz Josef I of Austria|Franz Josef I -becomes Emperor of Austria.

1851-French President Napoleon III of France|Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte -overthrows the French Second Republic|Second Republic.

1852-Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte becomes Emperor of the French as Napoleon III -

1859-Militant Abolitionism in the United States|abolitionist -leader John Brown (abolitionist)|John Brown is hanged for his October 16 John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry|raid on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

1867-At Tremont Temple -in Boston, British author Charles Dickens gives his first public reading in the United States.

1899- Philippine–American War -The Battle of Tirad Pass, termed "The Filipino Thermopylae", is fought.

1908- Puyi -becomes Emperor of China at the age of two.

1917- World War I -Russia and the Central Powers sign an armistice at Brest-Litovsk, and peace talks leading to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk begin.

1920-Following more than a month of Turkish-Armenian War -the Turkish dictated Treaty of Alexandropol is concluded.

1927-Following 19 years of Ford Model T -production, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Model A (1927)|Ford Model A as its new automobile.

1930- Great Depression -In a State of the Union address|State of the Union message, U.S. President Herbert Hoover proposes a US$150 million public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy.

1939-New York City's La Guardia Airport -opens.

1942- World War II -During the Manhattan Project, a team led by Enrico Fermi initiates the Chicago Pile-1|first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.

1943-World War II: A Air Raid on Bari|Luftwaffe bombing raid -on the harbour of Bari, Italy, sinks numerous cargo and transport ships, including the American SS John Harvey|SS ''John Harvey'', which is carrying a stockpile of World War I-era Sulfur mustard|mustard gas.

1947- Jerusalem Riots of 1947 -Riots break out in Jerusalem in response to the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

1954- McCarthyism|Cold War -The United States Senate Joseph McCarthy#Censure and the Watkins Committee|votes 65 to 22 to censure Joseph McCarthy for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute".

1954-The Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty -between the United States and Taiwan, is signed in Washington, D.C..

1956-The Granma (yacht)|''Granma'' -reaches the shores of Cuba's Oriente Province|Oriente province. Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 80 other members of the 26th of July Movement disembark to initiate the Cuban Revolution.

1961-In a nationally broadcast speech, Cuba -leader Fidel Castro declares that he is a Marxism–Leninism|Marxist–Leninist and that Cuba is going to adopt Communism.

1962- Vietnam War -After a trip to Vietnam at the request of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Party leaders of the United States Senate|U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield becomes the first American official to comment adversely on the war's progress.

1970-The United States Environmental Protection Agency -begins operations.

1971- Abu Dhabi (emirate)|Abu Dhabi -Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah (emirate)|Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm Al Quwain form the United Arab Emirates.

1975- Laotian Civil War -The Pathet Lao seizes the Laos|Laotian capital of Vientiane, forces the abdication of King Sisavang Vatthana, and proclaims the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

1976- Fidel Castro -becomes President of Cuba, replacing Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado.

1980- Salvadoran Civil War -Four U.S. nuns and churchwomen, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel, are murdered by a Death squads#El Salvador|military death squad.

1982-At the University of Utah -Barney Clark (patient)|Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.

1988- Benazir Bhutto -is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islam-dominated state.

1991- Canada -and Poland become the first nations on earth to recognize the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

1993- Colombia -drug lord Pablo Escobar is shot and killed in Medellín.

1993- Space Shuttle program -STS-61

1999- Glenbrook rail accident|Glenbrook Rail Accident -Seven passengers are killed when two trains collide near Sydney, New South Wales.

1999-The United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland -to the Northern Ireland Executive.

2001- Enron -Enron scandal#Bankruptcy|files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Famous Birthdays

1578- Agostino Agazzari -Italian composer and theorist (d. 1641)

1694- William Shirley -English-American lawyer and politician, List of colonial governors of Massachusetts|Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay (d. 1771)

1703- Ferdinand Konščak -Croatian missionary and explorer (d. 1759)

1710- Bertinazzi -Italian actor and author (d. 1783)

1738- Richard Montgomery -Irish-American general (d. 1775)

1754- William Cooper (judge)|William Cooper -American judge and politician, founded Cooperstown, New York (d. 1809)

1760- John Breckinridge (U.S. Attorney General)|John Breckinridge -American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 5th United States Attorney General (d. 1806)

1760- Joseph Graetz -German organist, composer, and educator (d. 1826)

1810- Henry Yesler -American businessman and politician, 7th Mayor of Seattle (d. 1892)

1811- Jean-Charles Chapais -Canadian politician, 1st Minister of Agriculture (Canada)|Canadian Minister of Agriculture (d. 1885)

1817- Heinrich von Sybel -German historian, academic, and politician (d. 1895)

1825- Pedro II of Brazil -(d. 1891)

1846- Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau -French politician, 68th Prime Minister of France (d. 1904)

1859- Georges Seurat -French painter (d. 1891)

1863- Charles Edward Ringling -American businessman, co-founded the Ringling Brothers Circus (d. 1926)

1865- Louis Zutter -Swiss gymnast (d. 1946)

1866- Harry Burleigh -American singer-songwriter (d. 1949)

1872- Carl Lehle -German rower (d. 1930)

1874- Joseph Olivier (rugby union)|Joseph Olivier -French rugby player (d. 1901)

1884- Erima Harvey Northcroft -New Zealand soldier, lawyer, and judge (d. 1953)

1885- George Minot -American physician and academic, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1950)

1886- Lennart Lindroos -Finnish swimmer

1891- Otto Dix -German painter and illustrator (d. 1969)

1891- Charles H. Wesley -American historian and author (d. 1987)

1893- Leo Ornstein -Russian-American pianist and composer (d. 2002)

1894- Warren William -American actor and singer (d. 1948)

1895- Harriet Cohen -English pianist (d. 1967)

1897- Ivan Bagramyan -Soviet general (d. 1982)

1898- Indra Lal Roy -Indian lieutenant and pilot (d. 1918)

1899- John Barbirolli -English cellist and conductor (d. 1970)

1899- John Cobb (racing driver)|John Cobb -English race car driver (d. 1952)

1899- Ray Morehart -American baseball player (d. 1989)

1901- Raimundo Orsi -Argentinian-Italian footballer (d. 1986)

1906- Peter Carl Goldmark -Hungarian-American engineer (d. 1977)

1909- Walenty Kłyszejko -Estonian–Polish basketball player and coach (d. 1987)

1909- Joseph P. Lash -American activist and author (d. 1987)

1910- Russell Lynes -American photographer, historian, and author (d. 1991)

1913- Marc Platt (dancer)|Marc Platt -American actor, singer, and dancer (d. 2014)

1914- Bill Erwin -American actor (d. 2010)

1914- Adolph Green -American playwright and composer (d. 2002)

1915- Takahito, Prince Mikasa -of Japan

1917- Sylvia Syms (singer)|Sylvia Syms -American singer (d. 1992)

1921- Carlo Furno -Italian cardinal

1922- Iakovos Kambanelis -Greek author, poet, and screenwriter (d. 2011)

1923- Maria Callas -American-Greek soprano (d. 1977)

1924- Alexander Haig -American general and politician, 59th United States Secretary of State (d. 2010)

1924- Vilgot Sjöman -Swedish actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2006)

1925- Julie Harris -American actress and singer (d. 2013)

1928- Gerhard Kaufhold -German footballer (d. 2009)

1928- Guy Bourdin -French fashion photographer (d. 1991)

1929- Dan Jenkins -American journalist and author

1929- Leon Litwack -American historian and author

1930- Gary Becker -American economist and academic, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2014)

1930- David Piper -English race car driver

1931- Nigel Calder -English journalist, author, and screenwriter (d. 2014)

1931- Masaaki Hatsumi -Japanese martial artist, founded Bujinkan

1931- Wynton Kelly -American pianist and composer (d. 1971)

1931- Edwin Meese -American colonel, lawyer, and politician, 75th United States Attorney General

1933- Peter Robin Harding -English marshal and pilot

1933- Mike Larrabee -American sprinter (d. 2003)

1933- K. Veeramani -Indian lawyer and academic

1934- Tarcisio Bertone -Italian cardinal

1934- Sissela Bok -Swedish-American philosopher and ethicist

1934- Andre Rodgers -Bahamian baseball player (d. 2004)

1935- David Hackett Fischer -American historian, author, and academic

1935- Harry Taylor (1957 pitcher)|Harry Taylor -American baseball player (d. 2013)

1937- Manohar Joshi -Indian politician, 15th Chief Minister of Maharashtra

1939- Yael Dayan -Israeli journalist, author, and politician

1939- Francis Fox -Canadian lawyer and politician, 48th Secretary of State for Canada

1939- Harry Reid -American lawyer and politician, 25th Lieutenant Governor of Nevada

1941- Mike England -Welsh footballer and manager

1942- Tim Boswell -English farmer and politician

1942- Anna G. Jónasdóttir|Anna Jónasdóttir -Icelandic political scientist

1943- Wayne Allard -American veterinarian and politician

1944- Cathy Lee Crosby -American actress

1944- Inger Davidson -Swedish politician

1944- Ibrahim Rugova -Kosovan politician, 1st President of Kosovo (d. 2006)

1944- Dionysis Savvopoulos -Greek singer-songwriter

1944- Botho Strauß -German author and playwright

1945- Penelope Spheeris -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1946- John Banks (New Zealand politician)|John Banks -New Zealand politician, 38th Mayor of Auckland City

1946- Pedro Borbón -Dominican-American baseball player (d. 2012)

1946- David Macaulay -English-American author and illustrator

1946- Gianni Versace -Italian fashion designer, founded Versace (d. 1997)

1947- Isaac Bitton -Moroccan-French drummer (Les Variations)

1947- Tommy Jenkins -English footballer and manager

1947- Ivan Atanassov Petrov -Bulgarian neurologist and author

1947- Andy Rouse -English race car driver

1948- Elizabeth Berg (author)|Elizabeth Berg -American nurse and author

1948- T. Coraghessan Boyle -American author and academic

1948- Patricia Hewitt -Australian-English politician, Secretary of State for Health

1948- Toninho Horta -Brazilian guitarist

1949- Ron Raines -American actor and singer

1950- Bob Kevoian -American radio host

1950- Amin Saikal -Afghan-Australian political scientist and academic

1950- Benjamin Stora -Algerian-French historian and author

1950- Paul Watson -Canadian activist, founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

1951- Adrian Devine -American baseball player

1952- James Lancelot -English organist and conductor

1952- Rob Mounsey -American keyboard player, composer, and producer (Joe Cool (band)|Joe Cool)

1952- Carol Shea-Porter -American politician

1953- David Anderson (British politician)|David Anderson -English politician

1954- Dan Butler -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1954- Stone Phillips -American journalist

1956- Steven Bauer -Cuban-American actor and producer

1957- Dagfinn Høybråten -Norwegian politician

1958- Andrew George (politician)|Andrew George -English politician

1958- Vladimir Parfenovich -Belarusian canoe racer

1958- George Saunders -American journalist, author, and academic

1959- Kelefa Diallo -Guinean general (d. 2013)

1959- Frank Dietrich (footballer)|Frank Dietrich -German footballer

1959- Boman Irani -Indian actor and singer

1960- Razzle (musician)|Razzle -English drummer (Hanoi Rocks) (d. 1984)

1960- Rick Savage -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Def Leppard and Atomic Mass (band)|Atomic Mass)

1960- Justus von Dohnányi -German actor, director, and screenwriter

1961- Richard Quinn (jockey)|Richard Quinn -Scottish jockey

1962- Steve Huison -English actor

1963- Brendan Coyle -English actor

1963- Dan Gauthier -American actor

1963- Ann Patchett -American author

1963- Rich Sutter -Canadian ice hockey player

1963- Ron Sutter -Canadian ice hockey player

1966- Philippe Etchebest -French chef

1966- Jinsei Shinzaki -Japanese wrestler

1967- Mary Creagh -English politician

1967- Laurie Morgan -English politician, 1st Chief Minister of Guernsey

1968- David Batty -English footballer

1968- Darryl Kile -American baseball player (d. 2002)

1968- Lucy Liu -American actress and producer

1968- Nate Mendel -American bass player (Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, and Juno (band)|Juno)

1968- Rena Sofer -American actress

1969- Yang Hyun-suk -South Korean singer-songwriter and producer (Seo Taiji and Boys)

1969- Pavel Loskutov -Estonian runner

1969- Tanya Plibersek -Australian politician

1970- Treach -American rapper and actor (Naughty by Nature)

1970- Joe Lo Truglio -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1971- Wilson Jermaine Heredia -American actor and singer

1971- Jüri Reinvere -Estonian-German composer and poet

1971- Francesco Toldo -Italian footballer

1971- Mine Yoshizaki -Japanese illustrator

1972- Sergejs Žoltoks -Latvian ice hockey player (d. 2004)

1973- Graham Kavanagh -Irish footballer and manager

1973- Monica Seles -Serbian-American tennis player

1973- Jan Ullrich -German cyclist

1976- Erik Everhard -Canadian pornographic actor

1976- Eddy Garabito -Dominican baseball player

1976- Masafumi Gotoh -Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)

1977- Siyabonga Nomvethe -South African footballer

1978- Jarron Collins -American basketball player

1978- Jason Collins -American basketball player

1978- Nelly Furtado -Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1978- Luigi Malafronte -Italian footballer

1978- Peter Moylan -Australian baseball player

1978- Maëlle Ricker -Canadian snowboarder

1978- David Rivas -Spanish footballer

1978- Christopher Wolstenholme -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Muse (band)|Muse)

1979- Melissa Archer -American actress

1979- Sabina Babayeva -Azerbaijani singer

1979- Yvonne Catterfeld -German singer-songwriter and actress

1979- Michael McIndoe -Scottish footballer

1980- Adam Kreek -Canadian rower

1980- Darryn Randall -South African cricketer (d. 2013)

1981- Maria Ferekidi -Greek canoe racer

1981- Danijel Pranjić -Croatian footballer

1981- Britney Spears -American singer-songwriter, and dancer

1982- Michelle Banzer -American model, Miss Kentucky USA|Miss Kentucky 2007

1982- Christos Karipidis -Greek footballer

1982- Mike Scala -American rapper, producer, and lawyer

1982- Matt Ware -American football player

1983- Chris Burke (footballer)|Chris Burke -Scottish footballer

1983- Bibiana Candelas -Mexican volleyball player

1983- Jaime Durán -Mexican footballer

1983- Jana Kramer -American actress and singer

1983- Aaron Rodgers -American football player

1983- Daniela Ruah -American actress

1983- Sarah Vandella -American porn actress

1983- Action Bronson -American rapper

1984- Péter Máté (footballer)|Péter Máté -Hungarian footballer

1985- Amaury Leveaux -French swimmer

1985- Dorell Wright -American basketball player

1986- Veronika Kapshay -Ukrainian tennis player

1986- Claudiu Keserü -Romanian footballer

1986- Adam le Fondre -English footballer

1986- Seann Walsh -English comedian and actor

1986- Tal Wilkenfeld -Australian bass player and composer

1987- Mari-Leen -Estonian singer

1987- Teairra Marí -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress

1988- Alfred Enoch -English actor

1988- Stephen McGinn -Scottish footballer

1988- Soniya Mehra -Indian actress

1989- Etta Bond -English singer-songwriter

1989- Cassie Steele -Canadian singer-songwriter and actress

1990- Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu -Ghanaian footballer

1990- Gastón Ramírez -Uruguayan footballer

1990- Fausto Rossi (footballer)|Fausto Rossi -Italian footballer

1990- Hikaru Yaotome -Japanese singer-songwriter and actor (Hey! Say! JUMP and Ya-ya-yah)

1991- Chloé Dufour-Lapointe -Canadian freestyle skier

1993- Kostas Stafylidis -Greek footballer

1994- Cauley Woodrow -English footballer

1998- Amber Montana -American actress



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