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Day History: December-17

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Events History

497 BC-The first Saturnalia -festival was celebrated in ancient Rome.

546- Sack of Rome (546)|Siege of Rome -The Ostrogoths under king Totila plunder the city, by bribing the Byzantine Empire|Byzantine garrison.

920- Romanos I Lekapenos -is crowned co-emperor of the underage Constantine VII.

942-Assassination of William I of Normandy -

1398- Tughlaq dynasty|Sultan Nasir-u Din Mehmud -s armies in Delhi are defeated by Timur.

1538- Pope Paul III -excommunicates Henry VIII of England.

1577- Francis Drake -sails from Plymouth, England, on a secret mission to explore the Pacific coast of the Americas for Queen Elizabeth I of England.

1583- Cologne War -Forces under Ernest of Bavaria defeat troops under Gebhard Truchsess von Waldburg at the Siege of Godesberg.

1586- Emperor Go-Yōzei|Go-Yōzei -becomes Emperor of Japan.

1600-Marriage of Henry IV of France -and Marie de' Medici.

1718- War of the Quadruple Alliance -Great Britain declares war on Spain.

1777- American Revolution -France formally recognizes the United States.

1790-Discovery of the Aztec calendar stone -

1807- Napoleonic Wars -France issues the Milan Decree, which confirms the Continental System.

1812- War of 1812 -U.S. forces attack a friendly Lenape village in the Battle of the Mississinewa.

1819- Simón Bolívar -declares the independence of Gran Colombia in Angostura (now Ciudad Bolívar in Venezuela).

1835- Great Fire of New York -Fire levels lower Manhattan.

1837-A fire in the Winter Palace -of Saint Petersburg kills 30 guards.

1862- American Civil War -General Ulysses S. Grant issues ''General Order No. 11 (1862)|General Order No. 11'', expelling Jews from parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

1865-First performance of the Symphony No. 8 (Schubert)|Unfinished Symphony -by Franz Schubert.

1892-First issue of '' Vogue (magazine)|Vogue -' is published

1896- Pittsburgh|Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's -Schenley Park Casino, which was the first multi-purpose arena with the technology to create an artificial ice surface in North America, is destroyed in a fire.

1903-The Wright brothers -make the first controlled powered, heavier-than-air flight in the ''Wright Flyer'' at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1907- Ugyen Wangchuck -is crowned first King of Bhutan

1918- Darwin Rebellion -Up to 1,000 demonstrators march on Government House, Darwin|Government House in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

1919- Uruguay -becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires Convention|Buenos Aires copyright treaty.

1926- Antanas Smetona -assumes power in Lithuania as the 1926 Lithuanian coup d'état|1926 coup d'état is successful.

1927-Indian revolutionary Rajendra Lahiri -is hanged in Gonda jail, Uttar Pradesh, India, two days before the scheduled date.

1928-Indian revolutionaries Bhagat Singh -Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru assassinate British police officer James Saunders in Lahore, Punjab region|Punjab, to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai at the hands of the police. The three were executed in 1931.

1935-First flight of the Douglas DC-3 -

1938- Otto Hahn -discovers the nuclear fission of the heavy element uranium, the scientific and technological basis of Nuclear power|nuclear energy.

1939- World War II -Battle of the River Plate

1941-World War II: Imperial Japanese Army|Japanese forces -land in Northern Borneo.

1943-All Chinese are again permitted to become citizens of the United States with the repealing of the Chinese Exclusion Act|Act of 1882 -and the introduction of the Magnuson Act.

1947-First flight of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet -strategic bomber.

1950-The North American F-86 Sabre|F-86 Sabre -s first mission over Korea.

1951-The American Civil Rights Congress -delivers "We Charge Genocide" to the United Nations.

1957-The United States successfully launches the first SM-65 Atlas|Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile -at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

1960-Troops loyal to Emperor Haile Selassie I -in Ethiopia crush the 1960 Ethiopian coup attempt|coup that began December 13, returning power to their leader upon his return from Brazil. Haile Selassie absolves his son of any guilt.

1960- 1960 Munich Convair 340 crash -20 passengers and crew on board as well as 32 people on the ground are killed.

1961- Niterói circus fire -Fire breaks out during a performance by the Gran Circus Norte-Americano in the city of Niterói|Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing more than 500.

1967- Prime Minister of Australia|Australian Prime Minister -Harold Holt missing person|disappears while swimming near Portsea, Victoria, and is presumed drowned.

1969-The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks#SALT I|SALT I -talks begin.

1969- Project Blue Book -The United States Air Force closes its study of Unidentified flying object|UFOs.

1970- Polish 1970 protests -In Gdynia, soldiers fire at workers emerging from trains, killing dozens.

1973-Thirty passengers are killed in an attack by Palestinian political violence|Palestinian terrorists -on Rome's Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.

1981-American Brigadier General James L. Dozier -is abducted by the Red Brigades in Verona, Italy.

1983- Provisional Irish Republican Army|Provisional IRA -members Harrods bombing|detonate a car bomb at Harrods Department Store in London|London, England, United Kingdom. Three police officers and three civilians are killed.

1989-The first episode of television series '' The Simpsons -', "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", airs in the United States.

1989- Romanian Revolution of 1989|Romanian Revolution -Protests continue in Timișoara, Romania, with rioters breaking into the Romanian Communist Party's District Committee building and attempting to set it on fire.

1989- Fernando Collor de Mello -defeats Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the second round of the Brazilian presidential election, 1989|Brazilian presidential election, becoming the first democratically elected President of Brazil|President in almost 30 years.

1997-The British Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 -comes into force, banning all handguns with the exception of antique and show weapons.

2002- Second Congo War -The Congolese parties of the Inter Congolese Dialogue sign a peace accord which makes provision for Transitional Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo|transitional governance and legislative and presidential elections within two years.

2003-The Soham murders|Soham murder -trial ends at the Old Bailey in London, England, with Ian Huntley found guilty of two counts of murder. His girlfriend Maxine Carr is found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

2003- SpaceShipOne -piloted by Brian Binnie, makes SpaceShipOne flight 11P|its first powered and first supersonic flight.

2005-Anti- World Trade Organization -World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference of 2005#17 December 2005|protesters riot in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

2005- Jigme Singye Wangchuck -abdicates the throne as King of Bhutan.

2009-{{MV|Danny F II}} sinks off the coast of Lebanon -resulting in the deaths of 44 people and over 28,000 animals.

2010- Mohamed Bouazizi -Self-immolation|sets himself on fire. This act became the catalyst for the Tunisian revolution and the wider Arab Spring.

Famous Birthdays

1239- Kujō Yoritsugu -Japanese shogun (d. 1256)

1267- Emperor Go-Uda -of Japan (d. 1324)

1556- Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana -Indian poet (d. 1627)

1619- Prince Rupert of the Rhine -(d. 1682)

1632- Anthony Wood -English historian and author (d. 1695)

1685- Thomas Tickell -English poet (d. 1740)

1699- Charles-Louis Mion -French composer (d. 1775)

1706- Émilie du Châtelet -French mathematician and physicist (d. 1749)

1734- Maria I of Portugal -(d. 1816)

1749- Domenico Cimarosa -Italian composer and educator (d. 1801)

1778- Humphry Davy -English chemist and physicist (d. 1829)

1796- Thomas Chandler Haliburton -Canadian judge and politician (d. 1865)

1797- Joseph Henry -American physicist (d. 1878)

1807- John Greenleaf Whittier -American poet and activist (d. 1892)

1827- Alexander Wassilko von Serecki -Austrian lawyer and politician (d. 1893)

1830- Jules de Goncourt -French author and critic (d. 1870)

1835- Alexander Emanuel Agassiz -Swiss-American ichthyologist and engineer (d. 1910)

1842- Sophus Lie -Norwegian mathematician and academic (d. 1899)

1847- Émile Faguet -French author and critic (d. 1916)

1853- Pierre Paul Émile Roux -French physician, co-founded the Pasteur Institute (d. 1933)

1859- Paul César Helleu -French painter and illustrator (d. 1927)

1866- Konrad Stäheli -Swiss target shooter (d. 1931)

1873- Ford Madox Ford -English-French author, poet, and critic (d. 1939)

1874- William Lyon Mackenzie King -Canadian economist and politician, 10th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1950)

1881- Aubrey Faulkner -South African-English cricketer and coach (d. 1930)

1887- Josef Lada -Czech painter and illustrator (d. 1957)

1887- Hermine Reuss of Greiz -(d. 1947)

1892- Sam Barry -American basketball player and coach (d. 1950)

1893- Erwin Piscator -German director and producer (d. 1966)

1894- Arthur Fiedler -American conductor (d. 1979)

1894- Wim Schermerhorn -Dutch cartographer, engineer, and politician, List of Prime Ministers of the Netherlands|Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 1977)

1895- Nils Asheim -Norwegian politician (d. 1966)

1900- Mary Cartwright -English mathematician and academic (d. 1998)

1900- Katina Paxinou -Greek actress (d. 1973)

1903- Erskine Caldwell -American author (d. 1987)

1903- Ray Noble -English bandleader, composer, and actor (d. 1978)

1904- Paul Cadmus -American painter and illustrator (d. 1999)

1905- Simo Häyhä -Finnish sniper (d. 2002)

1905- Mohammad Hidayatullah -Indian lawyer, judge, and politician, 6th List of Vice Presidents of India|Vice President of India (d. 1992)

1905- Erico Verissimo -Brazilian author (d. 1975)

1906- Fernando Lopes-Graça -Portuguese composer and conductor (d. 1994)

1906- Russell C. Newhouse -American engineer (d. 1998)

1908- Willard Libby -American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1980)

1910- Eknath Easwaran -Indian-American spiritual teacher and author (d. 1999)

1910- Sy Oliver -American singer-songwriter and trumpet player (d. 1988)

1912- Edward Short, Baron Glenamara -English politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 2012)

1913- Burt Baskin -American businessman, co-founded Baskin-Robbins (d. 1967)

1914- Fernando Alonso (dancer)|Fernando Alonso -Cuban ballerina, co-founded the Cuban National Ballet (d. 2013)

1914- Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck|Raymond Fernandez -American murderer (d. 1951)

1915- André Claveau -French singer (d. 2003)

1916- Penelope Fitzgerald -English author and poet (d. 2000)

1917- Kenneth Dike -Nigerian historian, author, and academic (d. 1983)

1920- Kenneth E. Iverson -Canadian computer scientist, developed the APL (programming language)|APL programming language (d. 2004)

1921- Lore Berger -Swiss author (d. 1943)

1922- Alan Voorhees -American engineer (d. 2005)

1923- Jaroslav Pelikan -American historian and scholar (d. 2006)

1924- Gopalan Kasturi -Indian journalist (d. 2012)

1926- Ray Jablonski -American baseball player (d. 1985)

1926- Patrice Wymore -American-Jamaican actress and singer (d. 2014)

1927- Ivar Ivask -Estonian poet and scholar (d. 1992)

1927- Richard Long (actor)|Richard Long -American actor and director (d. 1974)

1927- Edward Meneeley -American painter and sculptor (d. 2012)

1928- Marilyn Beck -American journalist (d. 2014)

1928- Eli Beeding -American captain and pilot (d. 2013)

1928- Doyle Conner -American farmer and politician (d. 2012)

1928- George Lindsey -American actor and singer (d. 2012)

1929- Jacqueline Hill -English actress (d. 1993)

1929- William Safire -American journalist and author (d. 2009)

1930- Bob Guccione -American publisher, founded ''Penthouse (magazine)|Penthouse'' (d. 2010)

1930- Armin Mueller-Stahl -German actor

1930- Dorothy Rowe -Australian psychologist and author

1931- Gerald Finnerman -American director and cinematographer (d. 2011)

1931- Dave Madden -Canadian-American actor (d. 2014)

1931- James McGaugh -American neurobiologist and psychologist

1932- John Bond (footballer)|John Bond -English footballer and manager (d. 2012)

1932- Jorma Kortelainen -Finnish skier (d. 2012)

1931- Marilyn Eastman -American actress

1934- Ray Wilson (English footballer)|Ray Wilson -English footballer and manager

1935- Brian Langford -English cricketer (d. 2013)

1935- Cal Ripken, Sr. -American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1999)

1936- Tommy Steele -English singer, guitarist, and actor

1937- Brian Hayes (broadcaster)|Brian Hayes -Australian-English radio host

1937- Art Neville -American singer and keyboard player (The Neville Brothers and The Meters)

1937- Kerry Packer -Australian businessman, founded World Series Cricket (d. 2005)

1937- John Kennedy Toole -American author and academic (d. 1969)

1937- Calvin Waller -American general (d. 1996)

1938- Carlo Little -English drummer (Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages and All-Stars (band)|All-Stars) (d. 2005)

1938- Peter Snell -New Zealand-American runner

1939- James Booker -American pianist (d. 1983)

1939- Eddie Kendricks -American singer-songwriter (The Temptations) (d. 1992)

1940- Kåre Valebrokk -Norwegian journalist (d. 2013)

1941- Stan Mudenge -Zimbabwean politician, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Zimbabwe)|Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 2012)

1942- Muhammadu Buhari -Nigerian general and politician, 7th List of heads of state of Nigeria|Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

1942- Paul Butterfield -American singer and harmonica player (d. 1987)

1943- Mary Brunner -American criminal

1943- Ron Geesin -Scottish pianist and composer

1944- Jack L. Chalker -American author and educator (d. 2005)

1944- Carlo M. Croce -Italian-American oncologist

1944- Bernard Hill -English actor

1944- Timo K. Mukka -Swedish-Finnish author (d. 1973)

1945- Ernie Hudson -American actor

1945- Chris Matthews -American journalist

1945- Jüri Talvet -Estonian poet and critic

1945- Jacqueline Wilson -English author

1945- Cees de Wolf -Dutch footballer (d. 2011)

1946- Simon Bates -English radio host

1946- Eugene Levy -Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter

1947- Wes Studi -American actor

1949- Sotiris Kaiafas -Cypriot footballer

1949- Paul Rodgers -English singer-songwriter and producer (Free (band)|Free, Bad Company, The Firm (rock band)|The Firm, and The Law (band)|The Law)

1950- Laurence F. Johnson -American educator and author

1951- Pat Hill -American football coach

1951- Ken Hitchcock -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1951- Tatyana Kazankina -Russian runner

1953- Samuel Hadida -Moroccan film producer

1953- Barry Livingston -American actor

1953- Sally Menke -American film editor (d. 2010)

1953- Bill Pullman -American actor

1954- Sergėjus Jovaiša -Lithuanian basketball player

1955- Brad Davis (basketball)|Brad Davis -American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster

1956- Peter Farrelly -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1956- Dominic Lawson -English journalist

1957- Wendy Hoyte -English sprinter

1957- Bob Ojeda -American baseball player and coach

1958- Mike Mills -American bass player, songwriter, and producer (R.E.M., Hindu Love Gods (band)|Hindu Love Gods, and Automatic Baby)

1959- Albert King (basketball)|Albert King -American basketball player and sportscaster

1960- Moreno Argentin -Italian cyclist

1961- Mansoor Al-Jamri -Bahraini journalist and author

1961- Sara Dallin -English singer and bass player (Bananarama)

1961- Marek Kaleta -Estonian javelin thrower

1962- Paul Dobson (footballer)|Paul Dobson -English footballer

1962- Richard Jewell -American police officer (d. 2007)

1962- Rocco Mediate -American golfer

1964- Ginger (musician)|Ginger -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Wildhearts, Ginger & The Sonic Circus, and Silver Ginger 5)

1964- Frank Musil -Czech ice hockey player and coach

1964- Michele Tafoya -American sportscaster

1964- Joe Wolf -American basketball player and coach

1965- Craig Berube -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1966- Tracy Byrd -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1966- Valeri Liukin -Kazakh-Russian gymnast

1966- Kristiina Ojuland -Estonian politician, 23rd Minister of Foreign Affairs (Estonia)|Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1967- Gigi D'Agostino -Italian DJ and producer

1967- Vincent Damphousse -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1967- Karsten Neitzel -German footballer and manager

1968- Andrey Golovatiuk -Russian politician

1968- Claudio Suárez -Mexican footballer

1968- Paul Tracy -Canadian race car driver

1969- Chuck Liddell -American mixed martial artist and kick-boxer

1969- Chris Mason (darts player)|Chris Mason -English darts player

1969- Mick Quinn -English singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer (Supergrass)

1969- Michael V. -Filipino comedian, actor, and singer

1970- Sean Patrick Thomas -American actor

1971- Sinan Akkuş -Turkish-German actor and director

1971- Alan Khan -South African radio host

1971- Antoine Rigaudeau -French basketball player

1972- John Abraham (actor)|John Abraham -Indian actor and producer

1972- Laurie Holden -American-Canadian actress and producer

1973- Konstadinos Gatsioudis -Greek javelin thrower

1973- Rian Johnson -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1973- Paula Radcliffe -English runner

1973- Codrin Țapu -Romanian psychologist and academic

1973- Hasan Vural -German-Turkish footballer

1974- Duff Goldman -American chef

1974- Charl Langeveldt -South African cricketer

1974- Sarah Paulson -American actress

1974- Ian Petrella -American actor

1974- Giovanni Ribisi -American actor

1974- Marissa Ribisi -American actress and screenwriter

1975- Mayuko Aoki -Japanese voice actress

1975- Nick Dinsmore -American wrestler

1975- Milla Jovovich -Ukrainian-American actress and singer

1975- Bree Sharp -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1976- Éric Bédard -Canadian speed skater

1976- Nir Davidovich -Israeli footballer and manager

1976- Patrick Müller -Swiss footballer

1976- Andrew Simpson (sailor)|Andrew Simpson -English sailor (d. 2013)

1976- Takeo Spikes -American football player

1977- Arnaud Clément -French tennis player

1977- Oxana Fedorova -Russian model, actress, and singer, Miss Universe 2002

1977- Samuel Påhlsson -Swedish ice hockey player

1977- Katheryn Winnick -Canadian actress

1978- Alex Cintrón -Puerto Rican baseball player and sportscaster

1978- Riteish Deshmukh -Indian actor

1978- Manny Pacquiao -Filipino boxer, actor, and politician

1978- Neil Sanderson -Canadian drummer and songwriter (Three Days Grace and Thousand Foot Krutch)

1978- Chase Utley -American baseball player

1979- Charlotte Edwards -English cricketer

1979- Jaimee Foxworth -American actress

1979- Ryan Key -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Yellowcard and Craig's Brother)

1979- Matt Murley -American ice hockey player

1979- Paul Smith (footballer born 1979)|Paul Smith -English footballer

1980- Stella (singer)|Stella -Singaporean singer and actress

1980- Ryan Hunter-Reay -American race car driver

1980- Alexandra Papageorgiou -Greek hammer thrower

1980- Eli Pariser -American activist and author, co-founded

1981- Jerry Hsu -American skateboarder and photographer

1981- Rena Takeshita -Japanese model and actress

1981- Tim Wiese -German footballer

1982- Dynamo (magician)|Dynamo -English magician

1982- Josh Barfield -American baseball player

1982- Lorenzo Cittadini -Italian rugby player

1982- Benjamin Goldwasser -American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (MGMT)

1982- Craig Kielburger -Canadian activist, co-founded Free the Children and Me to We

1982- Stephane Lasme -Gabonese basketball player

1982- Ryan Moats -American football player

1983- Erik Christensen -Canadian ice hockey player

1983- Bryan Jurynec -American ice hockey player

1983- Kosuke Saito -Japanese DJ and composer

1984- Luis Maria Alfageme -Argentinian footballer

1984- Julian Bennett (footballer)|Julian Bennett -English footballer

1984- Sahara Davenport -American drag queen performer (d. 2012)

1984- Andrew Davies (footballer)|Andrew Davies -English footballer

1984- Mikky Ekko -American singer-songwriter and producer

1985- Ryuichi Ogata -Japanese singer and dancer (W-inds)

1985- Katie Kox -American porn actress

1985- Jeremy McKinnon -American singer-songwriter and producer (A Day To Remember)

1985- Craig Reid (footballer born 1985)|Craig Reid -English footballer

1986- Emma Bell -American actress

1986- Vanessa Zima -American actress

1987- Bo Guagua -Chinese businessman

1987- Chelsea Manning -American soldier

1988- Grethe Grünberg -Estonian ice dancer

1988- Kris Joseph -Canadian basketball player

1988- Rin Takanashi -Japanese actress

1989- Taylor York -American guitarist and songwriter (Paramore)

1990- Henri Anier -Estonian footballer

1990- Ashley Edner -American actress

1991- James Hurst (American football) -American football player

1991- Nadech Kugimiya -Thai actor and singer

1993- Patricia Kú Flores -Peruvian tennis player

1994- Nat Wolff -American singer-songwriter, keyboard player and actor (Nat & Alex Wolff)

1997- Naiktha Bains -Australian tennis player

2007- James, Viscount Severn -Enlgish son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

History of Deaths

942- William I of Normandy -(b. 900)

1187- Pope Gregory VIII -(b. 1100)

1195- Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut -(b. 1150)

1273- Rumi -Persian jurist, theologian, and poet (b. 1207)

1663- Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba -(b. 1583)

1721- Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarbrough -English solder and politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1640)

1830- Simón Bolívar -Venezuelan general and politician, 2nd President of Venezuela (b. 1783)

1833- Kaspar Hauser -German feral child (b. 1812)

1847- Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma -(b. 1791)

1860- Désirée Clary -French wife of Charles XIV John of Sweden (b. 1777)

1907- William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin -Irish-Scottish physicist and engineer (b. 1824)

1909- Leopold II of Belgium -(b. 1835)

1917- Elizabeth Garrett Anderson -English physician and activist (b. 1836)

1925- George Gibb -Scottish businessman (b. 1850)

1927- Rajendra Lahiri -Indian activist (b. 1892)

1929- Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa -Portuguese general and politician, 10th President of Portugal (b. 1863)

1930- Peter Warlock -Welsh composer and critic (b. 1894)

1932- Charles Winckler -Danish tug of war competitor (b. 1867)

1933- 13th Dalai Lama -(b. 1876)

1940- Alicia Boole Stott -Irish-English mathematician (b. 1860)

1947- Christos Tsigiridis -Greek engineer (b. 1877)

1957- Dorothy L. Sayers -English author, poet, and playwright (b. 1893)

1962- Thomas Mitchell (actor)|Thomas Mitchell -American actor, singer, and screenwriter (b. 1892)

1964- Victor Francis Hess -Austrian-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1883)

1967- Harold Holt -Australian lawyer and politician, 17th Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1908)

1967- Jack Perrin -American actor and stuntman (b. 1896)

1970- Oliver Waterman Larkin -American historian, author, and educator (d. 1970)

1978- Don Ellis -American trumpet player, composer, and bandleader (b. 1934)

1981- Antiochos Evangelatos -Greek composer and conductor (b. 1903)

1981- Ada Kramm -Norwegian actress (b. 1899)

1982- Homer S. Ferguson -American lawyer, judge, and politician (b. 1889)

1986- Guillermo Cano Isaza -Colombian journalist (b. 1925)

1987- Linda Wong (pornographic actress)|Linda Wong -American porn actress (b. 1951)

1987- Marguerite Yourcenar -Belgian-American author and poet (b. 1903)

1992- Günther Anders -German journalist and philosopher (b. 1902)

1992- Dana Andrews -American actor (b. 1909)

1998- Allan D'Arcangelo -American painter (b. 1930)

1999- Rex Allen -American singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1920)

1999- Grover Washington, Jr. -American singer-songwriter and saxophonist (b. 1943)

1999- C. Vann Woodward -American historian and academic (b. 1908)

2002- K. W. Devanayagam -Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 10th Minister of Justice (Sri Lanka)|Sri Lankan Minister of Justice (b. 1910)

2002- James Hazeldine -English actor and director (b. 1947)

2003- Ed Devereaux -Australian-English actor and screenwriter (b. 1925)

2003- Otto Graham -American football player and coach (b. 1921)

2003- Alan Tilvern -English actor (b. 1918)

2004- Tom Wesselmann -American painter and sculptor (b. 1931)

2005- Jack Anderson (columnist)|Jack Anderson -American journalist and author (b. 1922)

2005- Marc Favreau -Canadian actor and poet (b. 1929)

2005- Haljand Udam -Estonian orientalist and academic (d. 1936)

2006- Larry Sherry -American baseball player and coach (b. 1935)

2008- Sammy Baugh -American football player and coach (b. 1914)

2008- Freddy Breck -German singer-songwriter, producer, and journalist (b. 1942)

2008- Dave Smith (pitcher, born 1955)|Dave Smith -American baseball player and coach (b. 1955)

2009- Chris Henry (wide receiver)|Chris Henry -American football player (b. 1983)

2009- Jennifer Jones -American actress and singer (b. 1919)

2009- Dan O'Bannon -American actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1943)

2010- Captain Beefheart -American singer-songwriter (b. 1941)

2010- Walt Dropo -American basketball and baseball player (b. 1923)

2010- Ralph Coates -English footballer (b. 1946)

2011- Eva Ekvall -Venezuelan journalist and author, Miss Venezuela 2000 (b. 1983)

2011- Cesária Évora -Cape Verdean singer (b. 1941)

2011- Kim Jong-il -North Korean commander and politician, 2nd List of leaders of North Korea|Supreme Leader of North Korea (b. 1941)

2012- Pgeezy -American rapper (b. 1976)

2012- Charlie Adam (footballer born 1962)|Charlie Adam -Scottish footballer (b. 1962)

2012- Richard Adams (activist)|Richard Adams -Filipino-American activist (b. 1947)

2012- Tony Charlton -Australian sportscaster (b. 1929)

2012- James Gower -American priest and activist, co-founded the College of the Atlantic (b. 1922)

2012- Jesse Hill Jr. -American businessman and activist (b. 1926)

2012- Daniel Inouye -American captain and politician (b. 1924)

2012- Laurier LaPierre -Canadian historian, journalist, and politician (b. 1929)

2012- Dina Manfredini -Italian-American super-centenarian (b. 1897)

2012- Arnaldo Mesa -Cuban boxer (b. 1967)

2012- Frank Pastore -American baseball player and radio host (b. 1957)

2012- Colin Spedding -English biologist and academic (b. 1925)

2013- Fred Bruemmer -Canadian photographer (b. 1929)

2013- Kelly Clark (lawyer)|Kelly Clark -American lawyer and politician (b. 1957)

2013- Ricardo María Carles Gordó -Spanish cardinal (b. 1926)

2013- Richard Heffner -American historian and television host (b. 1925)

2013- Tetsurō Kashibuchi -Japanese drummer, songwriter, and producer (b. 1950)

2013- Janet Rowley -American geneticist and biologist (b. 1925)

2013- Conny van Rietschoten -Dutch sailor (b. 1926)