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Day History: December-12

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Famous Birthdays

1298- Albert II, Duke of Austria -(d. 1358)

1526- Álvaro de Bazán, 1st Marquis of Santa Cruz -Spanish admiral (d. 1588)

1574- Anne of Denmark -(d. 1619)

1610- Basil of Ostrog -Serbian monk and saint (d. 1671)

1685- Lodovico Giustini -Italian pianist and composer (d. 1743)

1712- Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine -(d. 1780)

1715- Gennaro Manna -Italian composer (d. 1779)

1724- Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood -English admiral and politician (d. 1816)

1731- Erasmus Darwin -English physician and poet (d. 1802)

1745- John Jay -American jurist and politician, 1st Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1829)

1766- Nikolay Karamzin -Russian poet and historian (d. 1826)

1779- Madeleine Sophie Barat -French nun and saint, founded the Society of the Sacred Heart (d. 1865)

1783- Ner Middleswarth -American politician (d. 1865)

1786- William L. Marcy -American lawyer, judge, and politician, 21st United States Secretary of State (d. 1857)

1791- Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma -(d. 1847)

1792- Alexander Ypsilantis -Greek-Russian general (d. 1828)

1799- Karl Bryullov -Russian painter (d. 1852)

1805- William Lloyd Garrison -American journalist and activist, founded ''The Liberator (anti-slavery newspaper)|The Liberator'' (d. 1879)

1805- Henry Wells -American businessman, co-founded Wells Fargo and American Express (d. 1878)

1806- Stand Watie -American general (d. 1871)

1812- John Sandfield Macdonald -Canadian lawyer and politician, 1st Premier of Ontario (d. 1872)

1814- Juan Prim, 1st Marquis of los Castillejos -Spanish general and politician, List of Prime Ministers of Spain|Prime Minister of Spain (d. 1870)

1821- Gustave Flaubert -French author and playwright (d. 1880)

1842- Adolf Bötticher -German journalist and historian (d. 1901)

1845- Bruce Price -American architect, designed the American Surety Building and Bank of the Metropolis (d. 1903)

1849- William Kissam Vanderbilt -American businessman and horse breeder (d. 1920)

1862- André Fauquet-Lemaître -French polo player (d. 1943)

1862- J. Bruce Ismay -English businessman (d. 1937)

1863- Edvard Munch -Norwegian painter (d. 1944)

1864- Paul Elmer More -American journalist, author, and critic (d. 1937)

1866- Alfred Werner -Swiss chemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1919)

1870- Walter Benona Sharp -American businessman, co-founded Hughes Tool Company (d. 1912)

1875- Gerd von Rundstedt -German field marshal (d. 1953)

1876- Alvin Kraenzlein -American hurdler and runner (d. 1928)

1881- Harry Warner -Polish-American businessman, co-founded Warner Bros. (d. 1958)

1887- Kurt Atterberg -Swedish composer and engineer (d. 1974)

1892- Milko Kos -Slovenian historian and academic (d. 1972)

1893- Edward G. Robinson -Romanian-American actor and singer (d. 1973)

1900- Sammy Davis, Sr. -American actor and dancer (d. 1988)

1902- Koloman Sokol -Slovak-American painter and illustrator (d. 2003)

1903- Dagmar Nordstrom -American singer-songwriter and pianist (Nordstrom Sisters) (d. 1976)

1903- Yasujirō Ozu -Japanese director and screenwriter (d. 1963)

1904- Nicolas de Gunzburg -French-American banker, journalist, and actor (d. 1981)

1905- Manès Sperber -Austrian-French psychologist and author (d. 1984)

1905- Vasily Grossman -Russian journalist and author (d. 1964)

1907- Roy Douglas -English pianist and composer

1908- Gustav Ernesaks -Estonian composer and conductor (d. 1993)

1909- Karen Morley -American actress and singer (d. 2003)

1909- Hans Keilson -German-Dutch psychologist, author, and poet (d. 2011)

1911- Boun Oum -Laotian politician, 5th Prime Minister of Laos (d. 1980)

1914- Patrick O'Brian -English author (d. 2000)

1915- Frank Sinatra -American singer, actor, and producer (d. 1998)

1917- James Wall (actor)|James Wall -American actor and manager (d. 2010)

1918- Joe Williams (jazz singer)|Joe Williams -American singer (d. 1999)

1919- Olivia Barclay -English astrologer and author (d. 2001)

1919- Dan DeCarlo -American illustrator (d. 2001)

1919- B. B. Nimbalkar -Indian cricketer (d. 2012)

1920- Fred Kida -American illustrator (d. 2014)

1921- Toni Blankenheim -German opera singer (d. 2012)

1922- Christian Dotremont -Belgian painter and poet (d. 1979)

1923- Bob Barker -American game show host and producer

1923- Bob Dorough -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1923- Ken Kavanagh -Australian race car driver and motorcycle racer

1924- Ray Cordeiro -Hong Kong radio and television host

1924- Ed Koch -American lawyer, judge, and politician, 105th Mayor of New York City (d. 2013)

1925- Vladimir Shainsky -Ukrainian-Russian composer

1925- Ahmad Shamloo -Iranian journalist and poet (d. 2000)

1927- Robert Noyce -American inventor and businessman, co-invented the integrated circuit|microchip and co-founded the Intel|Intel Corporation (d. 1990)

1928- Chinghiz Aitmatov -Kyrgyzstani diplomat and author (d. 2008)

1928- Helen Frankenthaler -American painter (d. 2011)

1929- Toshiko Akiyoshi -Japanese pianist and composer (Toshiko Akiyoshi – Lew Tabackin Big Band)

1929- John Osborne -English playwright and screenwriter (d. 1994)

1930- Bill Beutel -American journalist (d. 2006)

1930- Silvio Santos -Brazilian television host, founded Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão

1931- Lionel Blair -English actor, dancer, and choreographer

1932- Bob Pettit -American basketball player and coach

1934- Miguel de la Madrid -Mexican lawyer and politician, 52nd President of Mexico (d. 2012)

1935- John Wise (Ontario)|John Wise -Canadian farmer and politician, 23rd Minister of Agriculture (Canada)|Minister of Agriculture (d. 2013)

1936- Denise Coffey -English actress and director

1936- Jefferson Kaye -American announcer (d. 2012)

1937- Philip Ledger -English organist and composer (d. 2012)

1937- Buford Pusser -American police officer (d. 1974)

1937- Michael Jeffery -Australian general and politician, 24th Governor-General of Australia

1938- Connie Francis -American singer and actress

1940- Sharad Pawar -Indian politician, 6th Chief Minister of Maharashtra

1940- Dionne Warwick -American singer and actress

1940- Frances Willard (magician)|Frances Willard -American magician

1941- Tim Hauser -American singer (The Manhattan Transfer) (d. 2014)

1942- Morris Sadek -Egyptian-American lawyer and activist

1942- Brough Scott -English jockey and journalist

1943- Vassilis Alexakis -Greek-French author

1943- Dickey Betts -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Allman Brothers Band)

1943- Phyllis Somerville -American actress-singer

1943- Grover Washington, Jr. -American singer-songwriter, saxophonist, and producer (d. 1999)

1944- Kenneth Cranham -Scottish actor

1944- Jean Doré -Canadian lawyer and politician, 39th Mayor of Montreal

1944- Cara Duff-MacCormick -Canadian actress

1944- Zoe Laskari -Greek actress

1944- Rob Tyner -American singer-songwriter and bass player (MC5) (d. 1991)

1945- Portia Simpson-Miller -Jamaican politician, 7th Prime Minister of Jamaica

1945- Tony Williams (drummer)|Tony Williams -American drummer, composer, and producer (The Tony Williams Lifetime) (d. 1997)

1946- Clive Bunker -English drummer (Jethro Tull (band)|Jethro Tull, Electric Sun, Solstice (UK progressive rock band)|Solstice, and Aviator (band)|Aviator)

1946- Emerson Fittipaldi -Brazilian race car driver

1946- Barrie Rutter -English actor and director

1946- Josepha Sherman -American anthologist and author (d. 2012)

1946- Paula Wagner -American actress and producer

1947- Will Alsop -English architect, designed the Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre ('The Tube')|Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre

1947- Wings Hauser -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1947- Chris Mullin (politician)|Chris Mullin -English journalist and politician

1949- Chris Baillieu -English rower

1949- Bill Nighy -English actor and singer

1949- Gopinath Munde -Indian politician, 3rd Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra (d. 2014)

1949- Marc Ravalomanana -Malagasy politician, President of Madagascar

1950- Rajinikanth -Indian actor, producer, and screenwriter

1950- Pedro Ferriz de Con -Mexican journalist

1950- Billy Smith (ice hockey)|Billy Smith -Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager

1950- Gorman Thomas -American baseball player

1951- Rehman Malik -Pakistani politician, Ministry of Interior (Pakistan)|Pakistani Minister of Interior

1952- Herb Dhaliwal -Indian-Canadian politician

1952- Sarah Douglas -English actress

1952- Helen Dunmore -English poet and author

1952- Cathy Rigby -American gymnast and actress

1953- Martin Ferguson -Australian politician

1953- Bruce Kulick -American guitarist and songwriter (Kiss (band)|Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad, Blackjack (band)|Blackjack, Union (band)|Union, and Eric Singer Project)

1953- Dave Meniketti -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Y&T)

1953- Rafael Septien -Mexican-American football player

1954- Hemant Karkare -Indian police officer (d. 2008)

1955- Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki -Greek businesswoman

1955- Eddy Schepers -Belgian cyclist

1955- Stephen Smith (Australian politician)|Stephen Smith -Australian lawyer and politician, 53rd Minister of Defence (Australia)|Australian Minister of Defence

1956- Johan van der Velde -Dutch cyclist

1957- Sheila E. -American singer-songwriter, drummer, and actress

1957- Robert Lepage -Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter

1958- Monica Attard -Australian journalist

1958- Lucie Guay -Canadian canoe racer

1958- Dag Ingebrigtsen -Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Kids (Norwegian band)|The Kids and TNT (band)|TNT)

1958- Sheree J. Wilson -American actress and producer

1959- Jasper Conran -English fashion designer

1961- Harriet Green -English businesswoman

1962- Tracy Austin -American tennis player and sportscaster

1962- Peter Bergen -American-English journalist and author

1962- Mike Golic -American football player and radio host

1962- Ulrike Tillmann -German mathematician

1963- Liz Claman -American journalist

1963- Eduardo Castro Luque -Mexican businessman and politician (d. 2012)

1963- Ai Orikasa -Japanese voice actress and singer

1964- Sabu (wrestler)|Sabu -American wrestler

1964- Reeta Chakrabarti -English journalist

1964- Haywood Jeffires -American football player

1965- Will Carling -English rugby player

1966- Último Dragón -Japanese wrestler and actor

1966- Royce Gracie -Brazilian-American mixed martial artist

1966- Kōichi Nagano -Japanese voice actor

1966- Ian Paisley, Jr. -Irish politician

1966- Selen -Italian actress and TV presenter and pornographic actress

1967- Yuzo Koshiro -Japanese composer and producer

1967- Takenobu Mitsuyoshi -Japanese composer and voice actor

1967- John Randle -American football player

1967- Deke Sharon -American singer-songwriter and producer (The House Jacks and Beelzebubs)

1968- Kate Humble -English television host

1968- Rory Kennedy -American director and producer

1968- Laurie Williams -Jamaican cricketer (d. 2002)

1969- Sophie Kinsella -English author

1969- Virge Naeris -Estonian triple jumper

1969- Carrie Westcott -American model and actress

1970- Mädchen Amick -American actress

1970- Jennifer Connelly -American actress

1970- Regina Hall -American actress

1971- Martin Mrva -Slovak chess player

1972- Nicky Eaden -English footballer and coach

1972- Wilson Kipketer -Kenyan-Danish runner

1972- Kevin Parent -Canadian singer-songwriter and actor

1972- Brandon Teena -American murder victim (d. 1993)

1972- Georgios Theodoridis -Greek sprinter

1972- Hank Williams III -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Assjack, Superjoint Ritual, and Arson Anthem)

1973- Gary Breen -English footballer and manager

1973- Walter Otta -Argentinian footballer

1973- Tony Hsieh -American businessman, founded LinkExchange

1974- Nolberto Solano -Peruvian footballer and manager

1975- Mayim Bialik -American actress

1975- Wesley Charles -Vincentian footballer

1975- Craig Moore -Australian footballer

1975- Houko Kuwashima -Japanese voice actress and singer

1976- Dan Hawkins (musician)|Dan Hawkins -English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (The Darkness (band)|The Darkness and Stone Gods)

1976- Jaak Juske -Estonian politician

1976- Lloyd Owusu -Ghanaian footballer

1977- Erica Dahm -American model and actress

1977- Jaclyn Dahm -American model and actress

1977- Nicole Dahm -American model and actress

1977- Bridget Hall -American model

1977- Orlando Hudson -American baseball player

1977- Dean Macey -English decathlete

1977- Grete Treier -Estonian cyclist

1977- Colin White (ice hockey)|Colin White -Canadian ice hockey player

1978- Monica Bîrlădeanu -Romanian model and actress

1978- Jennifer Rovero -American model

1979- Garrett Atkins -American baseball player

1979- Nate Clements -American football player

1979- John Salmons -American basketball player

1980- Gus G -Greek guitarist and songwriter (Firewind, Mystic Prophecy, and Dream Evil)

1980- Dorin Goian -Romanian footballer

1981- Ronnie Brown -American football player

1981- Shane Costa -American baseball player

1981- Jeret Peterson -American skier (d. 2011)

1981- Pedro Ríos -Spanish footballer

1981- Yuvraj Singh -Indian cricketer

1981- Stephen Warnock -English footballer

1982- Lim Jae-Duk -South Korean gamer

1982- Ai Kato -Japanese actress

1982- Jeremiah Riggs -American mixed martial artist and wrestler

1982- Dmitry Tursunov -Russian tennis player

1983- Katrina Elam -American singer-songwriter

1984- Daniel Agger -Danish footballer

1984- Daniel Merrett -Australian footballer

1984- Sohail Tanvir -Pakistani cricketer

1985- Pat Calathes -Greek-American basketball player

1985- Chris Jennings -American football player

1985- Erika Van Pelt -American singer

1985- David Veikune -American football player

1985- Giannis Zaradoukas -Greek footballer

1986- Daddy Birori -Rwandan fotballer

1986- Sean Clohessy -English footballer

1986- Përparim Hetemaj -Finnish footballer

1986- Nina Kolarič -Slovenian long jumper

1986- Lee Qri -South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (T-ara and QBS)

1986- Thomas Wansey -English actor

1986- T. J. Ward -American football player

1988- Ham Eun-jung -South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (T-ara)

1989- Janelle Arthur -American singer

1990- Seungri -South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (Big Bang (South Korean band)|Big Bang)

1990- Victor Moses -Nigerian footballer

1991- Daniel Magder -Canadian actor

1993- Zeli Ismail -English footballer

1994- Mitchell Pinnock -English footballer