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Day History: December-1

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Famous Birthdays

1081- Louis VI of France -(d. 1137)

1083- Anna Komnene -Byzantine physician and scholar (d. 1153)

1521- Takeda Shingen -Japanese daimyo (d. 1573)

1525- Tadeáš Hájek -Czech physician and astronomer (d. 1600)

1580- Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc -French astronomer (d. 1637)

1690- Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke -English lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor|Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom (d. 1764)

1709- Franz Xaver Richter -Czech singer-songwriter, violinist, and conductor (d. 1789)

1716- Étienne Maurice Falconet -French sculptor (d. 1791)

1743- Martin Heinrich Klaproth -German chemist and academic (d. 1817)

1761- Marie Tussaud -French sculptor, founded Madame Tussauds|Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (d. 1850)

1792- Nikolai Lobachevsky -Russian mathematician and geometer (d. 1856)

1844- Alexandra of Denmark -(d. 1925)

1847- Julia A. Moore -American poet (d. 1920)

1869- Eligiusz Niewiadomski -Polish painter and critic, assassin of Gabriel Narutowicz (d. 1923)

1884- Karl Schmidt-Rottluff -German painter (d. 1976)

1886- Rex Stout -American author (d. 1975)

1893- Henry J. Cadbury -American biblical scholar and Quaker (d. 1974)

1895- Henry Williamson -English farmer, soldier, and author (d. 1977)

1896- Georgy Zhukov -Russian general and politician, 2nd Minister of Defence (Soviet Union)|Minister of Defence for the Soviet Union (d. 1974)

1897- Cyril Ritchard -Australian-American actor and singer (d. 1977)

1898- Stuart Garson -Canadian lawyer and politician, 12th Premier of Manitoba (d. 1977)

1901- Ilona Fehér -Hungarian-Israeli violinist and educator (d. 1988)

1902- Rudolf Loo -Estonian wrestler (d. 1983)

1905- Alex Wilson (Canadian sprinter)|Alex Wilson -Canadian sprinter and coach (d. 1994)

1910- Alicia Markova -English ballerina and choreographer (d. 2004)

1911- Walter Alston -American baseball player and manager (d. 1984)

1911- Calvin Griffith -Canadian-American businessman (d. 1999)

1912- Minoru Yamasaki -American architect, designed the World Trade Center (d. 1986)

1913- Mary Martin -American actress and singer (d. 1990)

1916- Wan Li -Chinese politician, 4th List of vice premiers of the People's Republic of China|Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China

1917- Thomas Hayward (tenor)|Thomas Hayward -American tenor and actor (d. 1995)

1917- Marty Marion -American baseball player and manager (d. 2011)

1921- Vernon McGarity -American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 2013)

1922- Vsevolod Bobrov -Russian ice hockey player, footballer, and manager (d. 1979)

1922- Paul Picerni -American actor (d. 2011)

1923- Morris (comics)|Morris -Belgian cartoonist (d. 2001)

1923- William F. House -American otologist and physician (d. 2012)

1923- Dick Shawn -American actor and singer (d. 1987)

1923- Stansfield Turner -American admiral, 12th Director of Central Intelligence

1925- Martin Rodbell -American biochemist and endocrinologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1998)

1926- Mother Antonia -American-Mexican nun and activist (d. 2013)

1926- Allyn Ann McLerie -Canadian-American actress, singer, and dancer

1926- Keith Michell -Australian actor

1926- Robert Symonds -American actor (d. 2007)

1926- Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner -Scottish businessman (d. 2010)

1928- Emily McLaughlin -American actress (d. 1991)

1928- Malachi Throne -American actor (d. 2013)

1929- David Doyle (actor)|David Doyle -American actor (d. 1997)

1930- Marie Bashir -Australian psychiatrist, academic, and politician, 37th Governor of New South Wales

1930- Joachim Hoffmann -German historian and author (d. 2002)

1930- Matt Monro -English singer (d. 1985)

1931- Jimmy Lyons -American saxophonist (d. 1986)

1931- Jim Nesbitt -American singer-songwriter (d. 2007)

1933- Lou Rawls -American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (d. 2006)

1933- Curro Romero -Spanish bullfighter

1934- Billy Paul -American singer

1935- Woody Allen -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1937- Muriel Costa-Greenspon -American soprano (d. 2005)

1937- Gordon Crosse -English composer and academic

1937- Chuck Low -American actor

1937- Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga -Latvian politician, 6th President of Latvia

1938- Sandy Nelson -American drummer

1939- Lee Trevino -American golfer

1940- Mike Denness -Scottish-English cricketer and referee (d. 2013)

1940- Richard Pryor -American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2005)

1940- Tasso Wild -German footballer

1942- Mohamed Kamel Amr -Egyptian diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Egypt)|Minister of Foreign Affairs for Egypt

1942- John Crowley -American author and academic

1943- Kenny Moore -American runner and journalist

1944- Pierre Arditi -French actor

1944- Eric Bloom -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Blue Öyster Cult)

1944- John Densmore -American drummer and songwriter (The Doors and The Butts Band)

1944- Michael Hagee -American general

1944- Tahar Ben Jelloun -Moroccan author and poet

1944- Werner Scholz -German footballer

1945- Bette Midler -American singer-songwriter, actress and producer

1946- Kemal Kurspahić -Bosnian journalist and author

1946- Gilbert O'Sullivan -Irish-English singer-songwriter and pianist

1947- Alain Bashung -French singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2009)

1947- Elizabeth Baur -American actress

1947- Bob Fulton -English-Australian rugby player, coach, and sportscaster

1948- George Foster (baseball)|George Foster -American baseball player and radio host

1948- Sarfraz Nawaz -Pakistani cricketer and politician

1948- John Roskelley -American mountaineer and author

1948- Neil Warnock -English footballer and manager

1948- N. T. Wright -English bishop and scholar

1948- Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa -Nigerian politician, Governor of Kaduna State (d. 2012)

1949- Jan Brett -American author and illustrator

1949- Pablo Escobar -Colombian drug lord (d. 1993)

1949- Jake Hartford -American radio host (d. 2013)

1949- Sebastián Piñera -Chilean businessman and politician, 35th President of Chile

1949- Colleen Brennan -American porn actress

1950- Manju Bansal -Indian molecular biologist

1950- Filippos Petsalnikos -Greek lawyer and politician, Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights (Greece)|Greek Minister of Justice

1950- Keith Thibodeaux -American actor and drummer (David and the Giants)

1951- Obba Babatundé -American actor, director, and producer

1951- Albert Ho -Hong Kong lawyer and politician

1951- Jaco Pastorius -American bass player, songwriter, and producer (Weather Report, Trio of Doom, and Blood, Sweat & Tears) (d. 1987)

1951- Treat Williams -American actor, singer, and author

1952- Stephen Poliakoff -English director, producer, and playwright

1954- Bob Goen -American television host

1954- Judith Hackitt -English chemist and engineer

1954- Annette Haven -American porn actress

1955- Verónica Forqué -Spanish actress

1955- Pat Spillane -Irish footballer and sportscaster

1955- Mark Thompson (radio)|Mark Thompson -American radio host and actor

1956- Julee Cruise -American singer-songwriter and actress

1957- Chris Poland -American guitarist and songwriter (Megadeth, Circle Jerks, Damn the Machine, and OHM (band)|OHM)

1957- Vesta Williams -American singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2011)

1958- Javier Aguirre -Mexican footballer and manager

1958- Candace Bushnell -American journalist and author

1958- Lisa Fischer -American singer-songwriter

1958- Gary Peters (politician)|Gary Peters -American lieutenant and politician

1958- Charlene Tilton -American actress and singer

1959- Billy Childish -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and painter (The Medway Poets, Thee Mighty Caesars, and Thee Headcoats)

1959- Wally Lewis -Australian rugby player and coach

1960- Carol Alt -American model and actress

1960- Jane Turner -Australian actress, producer, and screenwriter

1961- Safra A. Catz -Israeli-American businesswoman

1961- Armin Meiwes -German cannibal and murderer

1961- Jeremy Northam -English actor and singer

1961- Lynn LeMay -American pornographic actress

1962- Sylvie Daigle -Canadian speed skater

1962- Pamela McGee -American basketball player and coach

1963- Marco Greco -Brazilian race car driver

1963- Nathalie Lambert -Canadian speed skater

1963- Arjuna Ranatunga -Sri Lankan cricketer and politician

1964- Salvatore Schillaci -Italian footballer

1964- Jo Walton -Welsh-Canadian author and poet

1966- Andrew Adamson -New Zealand director, producer, and screenwriter

1966- Katherine LaNasa -American actress, dancer, and choreographer

1966- Ali Mosaffa -Iranian actor, director, and screenwriter

1966- Larry Walker -Canadian baseball player

1967- Nestor Carbonell -American actor

1967- Reggie Sanders -American baseball player

1968- Justin Chadwick -English actor and director

1968- Anders Holmertz -Swedish swimmer

1969- Richard Carrier -American author and blogger

1970- Jouko Ahola -Finnish strongman and actor

1970- Golden Brooks -American actress

1970- Julie Condra -American actress

1970- Jonathan Coulton -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1970- Lembit Rajala -Estonian footballer

1970- Kirk Rueter -American baseball player

1970- Sarah Silverman -American comedian, actress, and singer

1971- Trinity (wrestler)|Trinity -American wrestler and stuntwoman

1971- Emily Mortimer -English actress and screenwriter

1971- Melanie Peres -German-Israeli model, actress, and singer

1971- Mika Pohjola -Finnish-American pianist and composer

1971- John Schlimm -American author and educator

1971- Dolgorsürengiin Serjbüdee -Mongolian wrestler and mixed martial artist

1971- Peter Van de Veire -Belgian radio host

1971- Christian Pescatori -Italian racing driver

1972- Bart Millard -American singer-songwriter (MercyMe)

1973- Steve Gibb -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Black Label Society and Crowbar (American band)|Crowbar)

1973- Jon Theodore -American drummer (One Day as a Lion, The Mars Volta, and Golden (band)|Golden)

1974- Costinha -Portuguese footballer and manager

1975- Matt Fraction -American author

1975- Isaiah "Ikey" Owens -American keyboard player and producer (The Mars Volta, De Facto (band)|De Facto, and Free Moral Agents) (d. 2014)

1975- Sophia Skou -Danish swimmer

1976- Tomasz Adamek -Polish boxer

1976- Laura Ling -American journalist

1976- Dean O'Gorman -New Zealand actor and photographer

1976- Evangelos Sklavos -Greek basketball player

1976- Matthew Shepard -American murder victim (d. 1998)

1977- Brad Delson -American guitarist and producer (Linkin Park)

1977- Jared Fogle -American spokesman

1977- Lee McKenzie -Scottish journalist

1977- Akiva Schaffer -American actor, rapper, director, producer, and screenwriter (The Lonely Island)

1977- Nate Torrence -American actor

1978- Mat Kearney -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1979- Angelique Bates -American actress

1979- Ryan Malone -American ice hockey player

1980- Mohammad Kaif -Indian cricketer

1980- Roger Peterson (musician)|Roger Peterson -Aruban-Dutch singer-songwriter (Intwine)

1981- Park Hyo-shin -South Korean singer-songwriter

1981- Luke McPharlin -Australian footballer

1982- Riz Ahmed -English actor and rapper

1982- Lloyd Doyley -English footballer

1982- Christos Kalantzis -Greek footballer

1982- Christos Melissis -Greek footballer

1985- John Coughlin (figure skater)|John Coughlin -American figure skater

1985- Philip DeFranco -American video blogger

1985- Janelle Monáe -American singer-songwriter and producer

1985- Chanel Preston -American porn actress

1985- Emiliano Viviano -Italian footballer

1986- DeSean Jackson -American football player

1987- Tabarie Henry -Virgin Islander sprinter

1987- Brett Williams (footballer born 1987)|Brett Williams -English footballer

1987- Simon Dawkins -English-born Jamaican footballer

1988- Zoë Kravitz -American actress and singer

1988- Dan Mavraides -Greek-American basketball player

1990- Chanel Iman -American model

1990- Tomáš Tatar -Slovak ice hockey player

1991- Hilda Melander -Swedish tennis player

1992- Masahudu Alhassan -Ghanaian footballer

1992- Linos Chrysikopoulos -Greek basketball player

1992- Marco van Ginkel -Dutch footballer

1993- Reena Pärnat -Estonian archer

1994- Seedy Njie -English footballer

1995- Eva Boto -Slovenian singer

1995- Agnė Čepelytė -Lithuanian tennis player

1995- James Wilson (footballer, born 1995)|James Wilson -English footballer

2001- Aiko, Princess Toshi -of Japan

2001- Savannah McReynolds -American actress