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Famous Birthdays

1079- Emperor Horikawa -of Japan (d. 1107)

1518- Conrad Lycosthenes -French-German scholar (d. 1561)

1560- Elizabeth Báthory -Hungarian murderer (d. 1614)

1605- Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore -English lawyer and politician, List of lieutenant governors of Newfoundland and Labrador|Governor of Newfoundland (d. 1675)

1640- Amalia Catharina -German poet and composer (d. 1697)

1646- Godfrey Kneller -German painter (d. 1723)

1673- John Ker -Scottish spy (d. 1726)

1693- Laurent Belissen -French composer (d. 1762)

1694- Francis Hutcheson (philosopher)|Francis Hutcheson -Irish philosopher and academic (d. 1746)

1709- Hermann Anton Gelinek -German-Italian monk and violinist (d. 1779)

1720- Carl Fredrik Pechlin -Swedish general and politician (d. 1796)

1790- Ferenc Kölcsey -Hungarian poet and politician (d. 1838)

1807- Emilie Flygare-Carlén -Swedish author (d. 1892)

1814- Esther Hobart Morris -American jurist (d. 1902)

1824- Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse and by Rhine)|Maria Alexandrovna -German-Russian wife of Alexander II of Russia (d. 1880)

1839- Nelson A. Miles -American general (d. 1925)

1857- Cécile Chaminade -French pianist and composer (d. 1944)

1866- Matthew Henson -American explorer (d. 1955)

1874- Albert Stanley, 1st Baron Ashfield -English businessman and politician, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (d. 1948)

1875- Artur Bernardes -Brazilian politician, 12th President of Brazil (d. 1955)

1876- Varghese Payyappilly Palakkappilly -Indian-Syrian priest, founded the Sisters of the Destitute (d. 1929)

1879- Bob Smith (doctor)|Bob Smith -American physician and surgeon, co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous (d. 1950)

1879- Emiliano Zapata -Mexican general (d. 1919)

1880- Earle Page -Australian politician, 11th Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1961)

1881- Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist -German field marshal (d. 1954)

1882- Ladislas Starevich -Russian-French animator, screenwriter, and cinematographer (d. 1965)

1884- Sara Teasdale -American poet (d. 1933)

1889- Jack Ryder (cricketer)|Jack Ryder -Australian cricketer (d. 1977)

1891- Adolf Busch -German violinist and composer (d. 1952)

1896- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings -American author (d. 1953)

1898- Alexis Minotis -Greek actor and director (d. 1990)

1901- Ernest Lawrence -American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1958)

1902- Paul Dirac -English-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1984)

1903- Dayton Lummis -American actor (d. 1988)

1904- Achille Varzi -Italian race car driver (d. 1948)

1905- André Jolivet -French composer (d. 1974)

1907- Benny Carter -American saxophonist, trumpet player, and composer (d. 2003)

1908- Arthur Goldberg -American jurist and politician, 6th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (d. 1990)

1909- Bill Voce -England cricketer and coach (d. 1984)

1910- Jimmy Murphy (footballer)|Jimmy Murphy -Welsh-English footballer and manager (d. 1989)

1910- Sylvia Sidney -American actress (d. 1999)

1911- Rosetta LeNoire -American actress (d. 2002)

1915- Jumbo Elliott (coach)|James Elliott -American runner and coach (d. 1981)

1919- Dino De Laurentiis -Italian actor and producer (d. 2010)

1919- John David Wilson -English animator and producer (d. 2013)

1920- Leo Chiosso -Italian songwriter and producer (d. 2006)

1920- Carol Lambrino -Romanian son of Carol II of Romania (d. 2006)

1920- Jimmy Witherspoon -American singer (d. 1997)

1921- William Asher -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2012)

1921- Webb Pierce -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1991)

1921- Vulimiri Ramalingaswami -Indian pathologist and academic (d. 2001)

1921- Esther Williams -American swimmer, actress, and singer (d. 2013)

1922- Rory Calhoun -American actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1999)

1922- Rudi Gernreich -Austrian-American fashion designer, created the Monokini (d. 1985)

1922- Gertrude Himmelfarb -American historian, author, and academic

1922- Károly Reich -Hungarian illustrator (d. 1988)

1925- Alija Izetbegović -Bosnian lawyer and politician, 1st Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina|President of Bosnia and Herzegovina (d. 2003)

1925- Ginny Tyler -American voice actress and singer (d. 2012)

1926- Richard Anderson -American actor

1926- Patrick Neill, Baron Neill of Bladen -English lawyer, academic, and politician

1927- Johnny Temple -American baseball player and coach (d. 1994)

1927- Maia Wojciechowska -Polish-American author (d. 2002)

1928- Don Burrows -Australian saxophonist, clarinet player, and flute player

1928- Simón Díaz -Venezuelan singer-songwriter (d. 2014)

1929- Ronnie Biggs -English criminal (d. 2013)

1929- Larisa Bogoraz -Russian linguist and activist (d. 2004)

1930- Joan Mondale -American wife of Walter Mondale, 32nd Second Lady of the United States (d. 2014)

1930- Terry Nation -Welsh-American author and screenwriter (d. 1997)

1930- Jerry Tarkanian -American basketball player and coach

1931- Roger Penrose -English physicist, mathematician, and philosopher

1932- Luis García Meza Tejada -Bolivian general and politician, 68th President of Bolivia

1932- Mel Tillis -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Old Dogs)

1933- Joe Tex -American singer-songwriter (d. 1982)

1933- Serena Wilson -American dancer and choreographer (d. 2007)

1934- Keith Barron -English actor

1934- Sarat Pujari -Indian actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2014)

1935- Donald P. Bellisario -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1935- John Laws -Papua New Guinean-Australian radio host

1936- Frank Howard (baseball)|Frank Howard -American baseball player and manager

1936- Çolpan İlhan -Turkish actress (d. 2014)

1936- Jan Pieńkowski -Polish-English author and illustrator

1937- Dustin Hoffman -American actor, singer, and producer

1937- Cornelis Vreeswijk -Dutch-Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (d. 1987)

1938- Jack Baldwin (chemist)|Jack Baldwin -English chemist and academic

1938- Jacques Hétu -Canadian composer and educator (d. 2010)

1938- Connie Stevens -American actress, singer, director, and producer

1939- Phil Balsley -American singer-songwriter (The Statler Brothers)

1939- Viorica Viscopoleanu -Romanian long jumper

1939- Alexander Watson (diplomat)|Alexander Watson -American diplomat

1940- Dilip Sardesai -Indian cricketer (d. 2007)

1940- Dennis Tito -American engineer and businessman, founded Wilshire Associates

1941- George Tiller -American physician (d. 2009)

1942- Dennis Canavan -Scottish educator and politician

1942- John Gustafson (musician)|John Gustafson -English singer-songwriter and bass player (Roxy Music, Ian Gillan Band, The Big Three (band)|The Big Three, Quatermass (band)|Quatermass, and Episode Six) (d. 2014)

1942- Vardo Rumessen -Estonian pianist and musicologist

1944- Brooke Bundy -American actress

1944- Uli Derickson -Czech-American flight attendant (d. 2005)

1944- Michael Johnson (singer)|Michael Johnson -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1944- John Renbourn -English guitarist and songwriter (The John Renbourn Group and Pentangle (band)|Pentangle)

1944- Simon Taylor (journalist)|Simon Taylor -English journalist

1946- Joe Bethancourt -American singer-songwriter (d. 2014)

1947- Terangi Adam -Nauruan politician

1947- José Cruz -Puerto Rican-American baseball player and coach

1947- Ken Dryden -Canadian ice hockey player and politician

1947- Larry Wilcox -American actor

1948- Susan Himmelweit -English economist and academic

1948- Svetlana Savitskaya -Russian engineer and astronaut

1949- Keith Carradine -American actor and singer

1949- Ricardo Londoño -Colombian race car driver (d. 2009)

1950- Sarah Dunant -English author and critic

1950- Willie Hall (drummer)|Willie Hall -American drummer (The Blues Brothers, The Bar-Kays, and Booker T. & the M.G.'s)

1950- Ken Kutaragi -Japanese businessman, created PlayStation (console)|PlayStation

1951- Phil Carlson -Australian cricketer

1951- Mohamed Morsi -Egyptian politician, 5th President of Egypt

1951- Mamoru Oshii -Japanese director, producer, and screenwriter

1951- Randy Shilts -American journalist and author (d. 1994)

1951- Louis van Gaal -Dutch footballer and manager

1952- Anton Fig -South African-American drummer (Spider (band)|Spider and Frehley's Comet)

1952- Jostein Gaarder -Norwegian author

1952- Doug Melvin -Canadian baseball player and manager

1952- Robin Quivers -American radio host, actress, and author

1952- Sudhakar Rao -Indian cricketer

1953- Mark Lazarowicz -English politician

1953- Nigel Mansell -English race car driver

1953- Don Most -American actor and director

1954- Nick Holtam -English bishop

1955- Diddú -Icelandic singer-songwriter

1955- Herbert Prohaska -Austrian footballer and manager

1955- Michael Roe (racing driver)|Michael Roe -Irish race car driver

1955- Branscombe Richmond -American actor, stuntman, and producer

1956- Chris Foreman -English guitarist and songwriter (Madness (band)|Madness)

1956- David Grant (singer)|David Grant -English singer (Linx (band)|Linx)

1956- Cecilia Roth -Argentinian actress

1957- Dennis Drew -American keyboard player (10,000 Maniacs)

1958- Deborah Norville -American journalist

1959- Caroline Ansink -Dutch flute player, composer, and educator

1960- Ulrich Maly -German politician, 16th List of mayors of Nuremberg|Mayor of Nuremberg

1961- The Edge -Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist (U2)

1961- Daniel House -American bass player and producer (10 Minute Warning and Skin Yard)

1961- Ron Klain -American lawyer, Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States

1961- Bruce Matthews (American football)|Bruce Matthews -American football player and coach

1961- Rikki Rockett -American drummer (Poison (American band)|Poison)

1961- Annemieke Verdoorn -Dutch actress

1961- Simon Weston -Welsh soldier

1962- Kool Moe Dee -American rapper (Treacherous Three)

1963- Rica Fukami -Japanese voice actress

1963- Hur Jin-ho -South Korean director and screenwriter

1963- Ron Karkovice -American baseball player and manager

1963- Emi Shinohara -Japanese voice actress

1963- Jon Turteltaub -American director and producer

1963- Stephen Walkom -Canadian ice hockey player, referee, and manager

1964- Anastasia M. Ashman -American author

1964- Scott Sandelin -American ice hockey player and coach

1964- Paul Taylor (cricketer)|Paul Taylor -English cricketer

1964- Eddie Trunk -American radio host and author

1965- Angus Fraser -English cricketer, manager, and journalist

1965- El Hefe -American guitarist and trumpet player (NOFX)

1965- Kate Langbroek -Australian talk show host

1966- Chris Eubank -English boxer

1966- John Hudek -American baseball player and coach

1967- Sable (wrestler)|Sable -American wrestler and actress

1967- Eric Angle -American wrestler

1967- Marcelo Balboa -American soccer player

1967- Lee Unkrich -American director and screenwriter

1968- Yvie Burnett -Scottish soprano

1968- Aldo Calderón van Dyke -Honduran journalist (d. 2013)

1968- Abey Kuruvilla -Indian cricketer and coach

1968- Huey Morgan -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fun Lovin' Criminals)

1969- Dick Togo -Japanese wrestler

1969- Monika Tsõganova -Estonian chess player

1969- Faye Wong -Chinese singer-songwriter and actress

1970- Trev Alberts -American football player and journalist

1970- Pascal Duquenne -Belgian actor

1971- Johnny Balentina -Dutch baseball player

1972- Joely Collins -Canadian actress

1972- Andrea de Rossi -Italian rugby player and coach

1972- Axel Merckx -Belgian cyclist

1972- Steven Tweed -Scottish footballer and manager

1973- Shane Lee -Australian cricketer and guitarist (Six & Out)

1973- Senta Moses -American actress

1973- Jessica Calvello -American voice actress

1973- Gert Olesk -Estonian footballer and manager

1973- Scott Stapp -American singer-songwriter and producer (Creed (band)|Creed)

1974- Scott D'Amore -Canadian wrestler and manager

1974- Brian Harvey -English singer-songwriter (East 17)

1974- Andy Priaulx -Guernseyan race car driver

1975- Mick Moss -English singer-songwriter (Antimatter (band)|Antimatter)

1975- Villem Tomiste -Estonian architect

1976- JC Chasez -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor ('N Sync)

1976- Tawny Cypress -American actress

1976- Drew Lachey -American singer and actor (98 Degrees)

1976- Lee Seung-Yeop -South Korean baseball player

1976- Jeff Simmons (racing driver)|Jeff Simmons -American race car driver

1977- Darren Manzella -American sergeant (d. 2013)

1977- Szilárd Németh -Slovak footballer

1977- Lindsay Sloane -American actress

1977- Rocky Thompson -Canadian ice hockey player

1977- Nicolas Vogondy -French cyclist

1977- Mohammad Wasim -Pakistani cricketer

1978- Alan Maybury -Irish footballer and coach

1978- Louis Saha -French footballer

1978- Miho Shiraishi -Japanese actress

1978- Countess Vaughn -American actress and singer

1979- Richard Harwood -English cellist

1979- Rashard Lewis -American basketball player

1979- Pooja Shah -English actress

1979- Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson -Icelandic handball player

1980- Shayna Baszler -American mixed martial artist

1980- Craig Breslow -American baseball player

1980- Jack Cassel -American baseball player

1980- Denisse Guerrero -Mexican singer-songwriter (Belanova)

1980- Mike Hindert -American singer and bass player (The Bravery)

1980- Sabine Klaschka -German tennis player

1980- Diego Markwell -Dutch baseball player

1980- Pat Noonan -American soccer player

1980- Michael Urie -American actor, director, and producer

1981- Vanessa Amorosi -Australian singer-songwriter

1981- Roger Federer -Swiss tennis player

1981- Meagan Good -American actress and producer

1981- Kaori Iida -Japanese singer and actress (Morning Musume, Tanpopo, and Dream Morning Musume)

1981- Bradley McIntosh -English singer and actor (S Club and Upper Street (band)|Upper Street)

1981- Harel Skaat -Israeli singer-songwriter

1982- David Florence -Scottish canoe racer

1983- Guy Burnet -English actor

1983- Fred Meyers -American actor

1984- Kirk Broadfoot -Scottish footballer

1984- Brenda Gandini -Argentinian model and actress

1984- Devon McTavish -American soccer player

1984- Norbert Michelisz -Hungarian race car driver

1984- Martrez Milner -American football player

1985- Toby Flood -English rugby player

1985- Ryan Koolwijk -Dutch footballer

1985- James Morgan (actor)|James Morgan -Welsh actor

1985- Brett Ratliff -American football player

1986- Kateryna Bondarenko -Ukrainian tennis player

1986- Pierre Garçon -American football player

1986- Cody Lightning -Canadian actor

1986- Peyton List (actress born 1986)|Peyton List -American actress

1986- Chris Pressley -American football player

1987- Pierre Boulanger -French actor

1987- Katie Leung -Scottish actress

1987- Tatjana Malek -German tennis player

1988- Danilo Gallinari -Italian basketball player

1988- Ni Ni -Chinese actress

1988- Rinku Singh -Indian baseball player

1988- Laura Slade Wiggins -American actress and singer

1989- Ken Baumann -American actor and publisher

1989- Anthony Rizzo (baseball)|Anthony Rizzo -American baseball player

1989- Ali Cobrin -American actress

1989- Sesil Karatantcheva -Bulgarian-Kazakhstan tennis player

1989- Hannah Miley -English-Scottish swimmer

1989- Aleksandra Szwed -Polish actress and singer

1990- Vladimír Darida -Czech footballer

1990- Parker Kligerman -American race car driver

1991- Nélson Oliveira -Portuguese footballer

1992- Josip Drmić -Swiss footballer

1993- Ben Breedlove -American blogger (d. 2011)

1993- Jessie Rogers -Brazilian porn actress

1995- Malin Reitan -Norwegian singer

1998- Shawn Mendes -Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist