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Day History: August-4

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Famous Birthdays

1222- Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester -English soldier (d. 1262)

1290- Leopold I, Duke of Austria -(d. 1326)

1521- Pope Urban VII -(d. 1590)

1604- François Hédelin, abbé d'Aubignac -French cleric and author (d. 1676)

1701- Thomas Blackwell (scholar)|Thomas Blackwell -Scottish historian and scholar (d. 1757)

1719- Johann Gottlob Lehmann (scientist)|Johann Gottlob Lehmann -German mineralogist and geologist (d. 1767)

1721- Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of Stafford -English politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 1803)

1755- Nicolas-Jacques Conté -French soldier and painter (d. 1805)

1792- Percy Bysshe Shelley -English author, poet, and playwright (d. 1822)

1805- William Rowan Hamilton -Irish physicist, astronomer, and mathematician (d. 1865)

1821- Louis Vuitton (designer)|Louis Vuitton -French fashion designer, founded Louis Vuitton (d. 1892)

1821- James Springer White -American religious leader, co-founded the Seventh-day Adventist Church (d. 1881)

1834- John Venn -English mathematician and philosopher (d. 1923)

1839- Walter Pater -English author, critic, and academic (d. 1894)

1844- Henri Berger -German composer and bandleader (d. 1929)

1859- Knut Hamsun -Norwegian author, poet, and playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1952)

1865- Gus Kempis -South African cricketer (d. 1890)

1867- Jake Beckley -American baseball player and coach (d. 1918)

1870- Harry Lauder -Scottish actor and singer (d. 1950)

1876- Giovanni Giuriati -Italian lawyer and politician (d. 1970)

1884- Béla Balázs -Hungarian poet and critic (d. 1949)

1884- Henri Cornet -French cyclist (d. 1941)

1887- Albert M. Greenfield -Ukrainian-American businessman and philanthropist (d. 1967)

1888- Taher Saifuddin -Indian religious leader, 51st Da'i al-Mutlaq (d. 1965)

1890- Dolf Luque -Cuban baseball player and manager (d. 1957)

1891- Margit Makay -Hungarian actress (d. 1989)

1893- Fritz Gause -German historian and curator (d. 1973)

1899- Ezra Taft Benson -American religious leader, 13th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (d. 1994)

1900- Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother -of the United Kingdom (d. 2002)

1901- Louis Armstrong -American trumpet player and singer (d. 1971)

1901- Clarence Passailaigue -Jamaican cricketer (d. 1972)

1902- Bill Hallahan -American baseball player (d. 1981)

1904- Witold Gombrowicz -Polish author and playwright (d. 1969)

1904- Helen Kane -American singer and actress (d. 1966)

1904- Joe Tate -English footballer and manager (d. 1973)

1906- Marie José of Belgium -(d. 2001)

1906- Eugen Schuhmacher -German zoologist, director, and producer (d. 1973)

1908- Kurt Eichhorn -German conductor (d. 1994)

1909- Glenn Cunningham (athlete)|Glenn Cunningham -American runner (d. 1988)

1909- Saunders Mac Lane -American mathematician and academic (d. 2005)

1910- Anita Page -American actress and singer (d. 2008)

1910- William Schuman -American composer and educator (d. 1992)

1910- Hedda Sterne -Romanian-American painter and photographer (d. 2011)

1912- Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov -Russian mathematician, physicist, and mountaineer (d. 1999)

1912- David Raksin -American composer and educator (d. 2004)

1912- Raoul Wallenberg -Swedish architect and diplomat (d. 1947)

1913- Robert Hayden -American poet and educator (d. 1980)

1913- Johann Niemann -German SS officer (d. 1943)

1915- Warren Avis -American businessman, founded Avis Rent a Car System (d. 2007)

1917- John Fitch (racing driver)|John Fitch -American race car driver (d. 2012)

1918- Brian Crozier -Australian-English historian and journalist (d. 2012)

1918- Iceberg Slim -American author (d. 1992)

1919- Michel Déon -French author, playwright, and critic

1920- Helen Thomas -American journalist and author (d. 2013)

1921- Herb Ellis -American guitarist (d. 2010)

1921- Maurice Richard -Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2000)

1922- Luis Aponte Martínez -Puerto Rican cardinal (d. 2012)

1923- Reg Grundy -Australian television producer

1926- George Irving Bell -American physicist, biologist, and mountaineer (d. 2000)

1926- Perry Moss -American football player and coach (d. 2014)

1927- Jess Thomas -American tenor (d. 1993)

1928- Christian Goethals -Belgian race car driver (d. 2003)

1928- Gerard Damiano -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2008)

1929- Kishore Kumar -Indian singer-songwriter and actor (d. 1987)

1930- Ali al-Sistani -Iranian-Iraqi cleric and scholar

1931- Naren Tamhane -Indian cricketer (d. 2002)

1932- Liang Congjie -Chinese environmentalist, founded Friends of Nature (China)|Friends of Nature (d. 2010)

1934- Dallas Green (baseball)|Dallas Green -American baseball player and manager

1934- Allan Murdmaa -Estonian architect (d. 2009)

1935- Carol Arthur -American actress and producer

1935- Hans-Walter Eigenbrodt -German footballer and coach (d. 1997)

1935- Michael J. Noonan (Fianna Fáil)|Michael J. Noonan -Irish farmer and politician, 25th Minister for Defence (Ireland)|Minister of Defence for Ireland (d. 2013)

1936- Giorgos Zographos -Greek singer and actor (d. 2005)

1937- David Bedford -English keyboard player, composer, and conductor (d. 2011)

1938- Ellen Schrecker -American historian and educator

1939- Jack Cunningham, Baron Cunningham of Felling -English politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office

1939- Frank Vincent -American actor and producer

1940- Robin Harper -Scottish academic and politician

1940- Larry Knechtel -American bass player (Bread (band)|Bread and The Wrecking Crew (music)|The Wrecking Crew) (d. 2009)

1940- Frances Stewart -English economist and academic

1940- Timi Yuro -American singer-songwriter (d. 2004)

1941- Martin Jarvis (actor)|Martin Jarvis -English actor

1941- Ted Strickland -American psychologist and politician, 68th Governor of Ohio

1942- Don S. Davis -American actor and painter (d. 2008)

1942- Cleon Jones -American baseball player

1942- David Lange -New Zealand lawyer and politician, 32nd Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 2005)

1943- Vicente Álvarez Areces -Spanish politician, 6th President of the Principality of Asturias

1943- Georgina Hale -English actress and singer

1943- Bjørn Wirkola -Norwegian ski jumper and footballer

1944- Amjad Islam Amjad -Pakistani poet, screenwriter, and songwriter

1944- Richard Belzer -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1944- Doudou Ndoye -Senegalese lawyer and politician

1945- Alan Mulally -American engineer and businessman

1946- Maureen Starkey Tigrett -English-American hairdresser (d. 1994)

1946- Aleksei Turovski -Estonian zoologist and ethologist

1947- Klaus Schulze -German keyboard player and songwriter (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, and Cosmic Jokers)

1948- Johnny Grubb -American baseball player and coach

1949- John Riggins -American football player, sportscaster, and actor

1950- Caldwell Jones -American basketball player (d. 2014)

1951- Peter Goodfellow -English geneticist and academic

1952- James Arbuthnot -English politician, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

1952- Moya Brennan -Irish singer-songwriter and harp player (Clannad and T with the Maggies)

1952- Gábor Demszky -Hungarian lawyer and politician

1953- Joanie Spina -American magician, dancer, and choreographer (d. 2014)

1953- Vini Reilly -English guitarist (The Durutti Column and The Invisible Girls)

1953- Hiroyuki Usui -Japanese footballer and manager

1954- Anatoliy Kinakh -Ukrainian engineer and politician, 11th Prime Minister of Ukraine

1954- François Valéry -Algerian-French singer-songwriter

1955- Alberto Gonzales -American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 80th United States Attorney General

1955- Dariusz Lipiński -Polish politician

1955- Billy Bob Thornton -American actor, singer, director, and screenwriter (The Boxmasters)

1956- Gerry Cooney -American boxer

1957- Brooks D. Simpson -American historian and author

1957- Valdis Valters -Latvian basketball player and coach

1957- John Wark -Scottish footballer

1958- Ian Broudie -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Lightning Seeds, Big in Japan (band)|Big in Japan, and Care (band)|Care)

1958- Allison Hedge Coke -American-Canadian poet and academic

1958- Mary Decker -American runner

1958- Kym Karath -American actress and singer

1958- Silvan Shalom -Tunisian-Israeli sergeant and politician, 30th Deputy leaders of Israel|Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

1959- Robbin Crosby -American guitarist and songwriter (Ratt) (d. 2002)

1959- John Gormley -Irish politician, Lord Mayor of Dublin

1960- Chuck C. Lopez -American jockey

1960- Dean Malenko -American wrestler

1960- José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero -Spanish politician, 5th Prime Minister of Spain

1960- Bernard Rose (director)|Bernard Rose -English director, screenwriter, and cinematographer

1960- Tim Winton -Australian author

1961- Eddie James -American murderer and sex offender

1961- Barack Obama -American lawyer and politician, 44th President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate

1961- Peter Reichert -German footballer

1961- Lauren Tom -American actress and singer

1962- Roger Clemens -American baseball player and actor

1962- Paul Reynolds (musician)|Paul Reynolds -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (A Flock of Seagulls)

1964- Andrew Bartlett -Australian politician

1964- Gary King (radio)|Gary King -English radio host

1964- Anna Sui -American fashion designer

1965- Adam Afriyie -English politician

1965- Terri Lyne Carrington -American singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer

1965- Crystal Chappell -American actress, director, producer, and screenwriter

1965- Dennis Lehane -American author, screenwriter, and producer

1965- Wayne Pacelle -American humanitarian and author

1965- Fredrik Reinfeldt -Swedish politician, 42nd Prime Minister of Sweden

1965- Michael Skibbe -German footballer and manager

1965- James Tupper -Canadian actor

1966- Kensuke Sasaki -Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist

1967- Timothy Adams (actor)|Timothy Adams -American model and actor

1967- Michael Marsh (athlete)|Michael Marsh -American sprinter

1968- Daniel Dae Kim -South Korean-American actor

1968- Lee Mack -English comedian and actor

1968- Marcus Schenkenberg -Swedish model and actor

1969- Mark Bickley -Australian footballer and coach

1969- Max Cavalera -Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, and Cavalera Conspiracy)

1969- Michael DeLuise -American actor, director, and producer

1969- Vlad Ivanov -Romanian actor

1969- Troy O'Leary -American baseball player

1970- John August -American director and screenwriter

1970- Bret Baier -American journalist

1970- Steve House -American mountaineer

1970- Steven Jack -South African cricketer

1970- Ron Lester -American actor

1970- Kate Silverton -English journalist

1971- Jeff Gordon -American race car driver and actor

1972- Stefan Brogren -Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1973- Eva Amaral -Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Amaral (band)|Amaral)

1973- Xavier Marchand -French swimmer

1973- Marek Penksa -Slovak footballer

1973- Marcos Roberto Silveira Reis -Brazilian footballer

1974- Kily González -Argentinian footballer

1974- Keenan Milton -American skateboarder (d. 2001)

1975- Andy Hallett -American actor and singer (d. 2009)

1975- Nikos Liberopoulos -Greek footballer

1975- Joe Saenz -American gangster

1975- Jutta Urpilainen -Finnish politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Finland

1975- Daniella van Graas -Dutch model and actress

1976- Andrew McLeod -Australian footballer

1976- Trevor Woodman -English rugby player

1977- Kazarian (wrestler)|Kazarian -American wrestler

1977- Luís Boa Morte -Portuguese footballer

1978- Jeremy Adduono -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1978- Luke Allen -American baseball player

1978- Victor Marius Beliciu -Romanian sitar player

1978- Kurt Busch -American race car driver

1978- Mick Cain -American actor

1978- Agnė Eggerth -Lithuanian sprinter

1978- Ibán Espadas -Spanish footballer

1978- Shaunard Harts -American football player

1978- Satoshi Hino -American-Japanese voice actor

1978- Benet Kaci -Kosovan journalist and singer

1978- Jon Knott -American baseball player

1978- Karine Legault -Canadian swimmer

1978- Duane Ludwig -American mixed martial artist and kick-boxer

1978- Sandeep Naik -Indian politician

1978- Danish Nawaz -Pakistani actor and director

1978- Siri Nordby -Norwegian footballer

1978- JD Samson -American DJ and producer (Le Tigre, MEN (band)|MEN, and The New England Roses)

1978- Ricardo Serrano -Spanish cyclist

1978- Per-Åge Skrøder -Norwegian ice hockey player

1978- Michail Stifunin -Russian ice dancer

1979- Robin Peterson -South African cricketer

1980- Richard Dawson (cricketer)|Richard Dawson -English cricketer and coach

1981- Erica Carlson -Swedish actress

1981- Marques Houston -American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (IMx)

1981- Jana Kolukanova -Estonian swimmer

1981- Meghan Markle -American model and actress

1981- Ben Scott -English cricketer

1981- Abigail Spencer -American actress

1982- Rubinho (footballer)|Rubinho -Brazilian footballer

1983- Greta Gerwig -American actress and screenwriter

1983- Nathaniel Buzolic -Australian actor

1984- Mardy Collins -American basketball player

1985- Crystal Bowersox -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1985- Robbie Findley -American soccer player

1985- Kina Grannis -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1985- Mark Milligan -Australian footballer

1985- Ha Seung-Jin -South Korean basketball player

1985- Antonio Valencia -Ecuadorean footballer

1986- Cicinho (footballer born 1986)|Cicinho -Brazilian footballer

1986- Nick Augusto -American drummer (Trivium (band)|Trivium)

1986- Leon Camier -English motorcycle racer

1987- Jang Keun-suk -South Korean actor and singer

1987- Phil Younghusband -English–Filipino footballer

1987- Marreese Speights -American basketball player

1988- Carly Foulkes -Canadian model and actress

1988- Tom Parker (singer)|Tom Parker -English singer (The Wanted)

1989- Wang Hao (chess player)|Wang Hao -Chinese chess player

1989- Jessica Mauboy -Australian singer-songwriter and actress (Young Divas)

1990- Siim Tenno -Estonian footballer

1991- Thiago Cardoso -Brazilian footballer

1991- Lucinda Dryzek -English actress

1991- Izet Hajrović -Bosnian footballer

1991- River Viiperi -Spanish model

1992- Tiffany Evans -American singer and actress

1992- Yvonne Neuwirth -Austrian tennis player

1992- Dylan and Cole Sprouse|Cole Sprouse -Italian-American actor

1992- Dylan and Cole Sprouse|Dylan Sprouse -Italian-American actor

1993- Saido Berahino -Burundian-English footballer

1994- Mayuko Fukuda -Japanese actress

1995- Bruna Marquezine -Brazilian actress

1995- Jessica Sanchez -American singer-songwriter

2001- Seishiro Kato -Japanese actor