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Day History: August-22

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Events History

392- Arbogast (general)|Arbogast -has Eugenius elected Roman emperor|Western Roman Emperor.

476- Odoacer -is named ''Rex italiae'' by his troops.

565- Columba -reports seeing a Loch Ness Monster|monster in Loch Ness, Scotland.

851- Battle of Jengland -Erispoe defeats Charles the Bald near the Breton town of Jengland.

1138- Battle of the Standard -between Scotland and England.

1485-The Battle of Bosworth Field -the death of Richard III of England|Richard III and the end of the House of Plantagenet.

1559- Bartolomé Carranza -Spain|Spanish archbishop, is arrested for Heresy in Christianity|heresy.

1639-Madras (now Chennai -, India, is founded by the East India Company|British East India Company on a sliver of land bought from local Nayak rulers.

1642- Charles I of England|Charles I -calls the Parliament of England|English Parliament traitors. The English Civil War begins.

1654- Jacob Barsimson -arrives in New Amsterdam. He is the first known Judaism|Jewish Immigration|immigrant to America.

1711-Ships from British Admiral Hovenden Walker -s Quebec Expedition founders on rocks at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.

1717-Spanish troops land on Sardinia -

1770- James Cook -names and lands on Possession Island (Queensland)|Possession Island, Queensland and claims the east coast of Australia as New South Wales in the name of George III of the United Kingdom|King George III.

1777- American Revolutionary War -British forces abandon the Siege of Fort Stanwix after hearing rumors of Continental Army reinforcements.

1780-James Cook's ship {{HMS|Resolution|1771|6}} returns to England (Cook having been killed on Hawaii -during the voyage).

1791-Beginning of the Haiti -n Haitian Revolution|Slave Revolution in Saint-Domingue.

1798- France|French -troops land in Kilcummin|Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's Society of United Irishmen|United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion of 1798|Irish Rebellion.

1827- José de la Mar -becomes List of Presidents of Peru|President of Peru.

1831- Nat Turner's slave rebellion -commences just after midnight in Southampton County, Virginia, leading to the deaths of more than 50 whites and several hundred African Americans who are killed in retaliation for the uprising.

1846-The Second Federal Republic of Mexico -is established.

1848-The United States -annexes New Mexico.

1849-The first airstrike|air raid -in history. Austria launches pilotless balloons against the city of Venice.

1851-The first America's Cup -is won by the yacht ''America (yacht)|America''.

1864-Twelve nation -sign the First Geneva Conventions|Geneva Convention.

1875-The Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1875)|Treaty of Saint Petersburg -between Japan and Russia is ratified, providing for the exchange of Sakhalin for the Kuril Islands.

1902- Cadillac -Motor Company is founded.

1902- Theodore Roosevelt -becomes the first President of the United States to ride in an automobile.

1910- Korea -is annexed by Japan with the signing of the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1910, beginning a period of Japanese rule of Korea that lasted until the end of World War II.

1922- Michael Collins (Irish leader)|Michael Collins -Commander-in-chief of the Irish Free State Army, is shot dead during an Irish Republican Army (1922–1969)|Anti-Treaty ambush at Béal na Bláth, County Cork, during the Irish Civil War.

1932-The BBC -first experiments with television broadcasting. (See also Timeline of the BBC#1930s|Timeline of the BBC.)

1934- Bill Woodfull -of Australia national cricket team|Australia becomes the only cricket captain to twice regain The Ashes.

1941- World War II -German troops reach Saint Petersburg|Leningrad, leading to the siege of Leningrad.

1942-World War II: Brazil -Vargas Era|declares war on Germany and Italy.

1944-World War II: Romania -is captured by the Soviet Union.

1944-World War II: Holocaust of Kedros -in Crete by German forces

1949- 1949 Queen Charlotte Islands earthquake|Queen Charlotte earthquake -Canada's largest earthquake since the 1700 Cascadia earthquake

1950- Althea Gibson -becomes the first black Competition|competitor in international tennis.

1952-The penal colony -on Devil's Island is permanently closed.

1961- Ida Siekmann -dies attempting to cross the Berlin Wall.

1962-An attempt to assassinate French president -Charles de Gaulle fails.

1963-American Joseph A. Walker|Joe Walker -in an North American X-15|X-15 test plane reaches an altitude of {{convert|106|km|mi|abbr=on}}.

1966-Labor movements United Farm Workers|NFWA -and AWOC merge to become the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC), predecessor of the United Farm Workers.

1968- Pope Paul VI -arrives in Bogotá, Colombia. It is the first visit of a pope to Latin America.

1971- J. Edgar Hoover -and John N. Mitchell|John Mitchell announce the arrest of 20 of the Camden 28.

1972- Rhodesia -is expelled by the International Olympic Committee|IOC for its racist policies.

1973-The Congress of Chile -votes in favour of a resolution condemning President Salvador Allende's government and demands him to resign or else be unseated through force and new elections be called. The first demand is executed eighteen days later in 1973 Chilean coup d'etat|a bloody coup d'etat, commencing 17 years of military rule.

1978-The '' Sandinista National Liberation Front -' (FLSN) occupies national palace in Nicaragua.

1984- Murder of Brian Bishop|PC Brian Bishop -a British police officer is shot in the head by an armed robber in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. He dies from his injuries five days later.

1985- British Airtours Flight 28M|Manchester Air Disaster -sees 55 people killed when a fire breaks out on a commercial aircraft at Manchester Airport.

1989- Nolan Ryan -strikes out Rickey Henderson to become the first Major League Baseball pitcher to record 5,000 strikeouts.

1992- Federal Bureau of Investigation|FBI -Hostage Rescue Team|HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi shoots and kills Vicki Weaver during an 11-day siege at her home at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

1996- Bill Clinton -signs Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act|welfare reform into law, representing major shift in US welfare policy

2003- Alabama -Chief Justice Roy Moore is suspended after refusing to comply with a federal court order to remove a rock inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court building.

2004-Versions of '' The Scream -' and ''Madonna (Edvard Munch)|Madonna'', two paintings by Edvard Munch, are stolen at gunpoint from a museum in Oslo, Norway.

2006- Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise Flight 612 -crashes near the Russian border over eastern Ukraine, killing all 170 people on board.

2007-The Texas Rangers (baseball)|Texas Rangers -rout the Baltimore Orioles 30–3, the most runs scored by a team in modern MLB history.

2007-The Storm botnet -a botnet created by the Storm Worm, sends out a record 57 million e-mails in one day

2012- 2012 Tana River District clashes|Ethnic clashes -over grazing rights for cattle in Kenya's Tana River District result in more than 52 deaths.

Famous Birthdays

1412- Frederick II, Elector of Saxony -(d. 1464)

1601- Georges de Scudéry -French author, poet, and playwright (d. 1667)

1624- Jean Regnault de Segrais -French author and poet (d. 1701)

1647- Denis Papin -French physicist and mathematician, developed pressure cooking (d. 1712)

1679- Pierre Guérin de Tencin -French cardinal (d. 1758)

1760- Pope Leo XII -(d. 1829)

1764- Charles Percier -French architect and interior designer (d. 1838)

1771- Henry Maudslay -English engineer (d. 1831)

1773- Aimé Bonpland -French botanist and explorer (d. 1858)

1778- James Kirke Paulding -American politician, 11th United States Secretary of the Navy (d. 1860)

1800- William S. Harney -American general (d. 1889)

1800- Samuel David Luzzatto -Italian poet and scholar (d. 1865)

1827- Ezra Butler Eddy -Canadian businessman and politician (d. 1906)

1834- Samuel Pierpont Langley -American physicist and astronomer (d. 1906)

1836- Archibald Willard -American painter (d. 1918)

1845- William Lewis Douglas -American businessman and politician, 42nd Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1924)

1848- Melville Elijah Stone -American publisher, founded the ''Chicago Daily News'' (d. 1929)

1854- Milan I of Serbia -(d. 1901)

1857- Ned Hanlon (baseball)|Ned Hanlon -American baseball player and manager (d. 1937)

1860- Paul Gottlieb Nipkow -German inventor, created the Nipkow disk (d. 1940)

1860- Alfred Ploetz -German physician, biologist, and eugenicist (d. 1940)

1860- Eleonore Reuss of Köstritz -(d. 1917)

1862- Claude Debussy -French composer (d. 1918)

1867- Maximilian Bircher-Benner -Swiss physician and nutritionist (d. 1939)

1873- Alexander Bogdanov -Russian physician and philosopher (d. 1928)

1874- Max Scheler -German philosopher and author (d. 1928)

1880- Gorch Fock (author)|Gorch Fock -German author and poet (d. 1916)

1880- George Herriman -American cartoonist (d. 1944)

1882- Raymonde de Laroche -French pilot (d. 1919)

1885- Thomas Cooke (footballer)|Thomas Cooke -American soccer player (d. 1964)

1887- Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk -German politician, Minister for Foreign Affairs (Germany)|Foreign Minister of Germany (d. 1977)

1890- Cecil Kellaway -South African-American actor and singer (d. 1973)

1891- Jacques Lipchitz -Lithuanian-Italian sculptor (d. 1973)

1893- Wilfred Kitching -English 7th General of The Salvation Army (d. 1977)

1893- Dorothy Parker -American poet and author (d. 1967)

1895- László Almásy -Hungarian captain, pilot, and explorer (d. 1951)

1895- Paul Comtois -Canadian politician, 21st Lieutenant Governor of Quebec (d. 1966)

1902- Thomas Pelly -American politician (d. 1973)

1902- Leni Riefenstahl -German actress and director (d. 2003)

1902- Edward Rowe Snow -American historian and author (d. 1982)

1903- Jerry Iger -American cartoonist, co-founded Eisner & Iger (d. 1990)

1904- Deng Xiaoping -Chinese politician, 1st Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China (d. 1997)

1908- Henri Cartier-Bresson -French photographer and painter (d. 2004)

1908- Erwin Thiesies -German rugby player and coach (d. 1993)

1909- Julius J. Epstein -American screenwriter and producer (d. 2000)

1909- Mel Hein -American football player and coach (d. 1992)

1909- Lucille Ricksen -American actress (d. 1925)

1913- Leonard Pagliero -English businessman and pilot (d. 2008)

1913- Bruno Pontecorvo -Italian physicist and academic (d. 1993)

1914- Connie B. Gay -American businessman, co-founded the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (d. 1989)

1914- Jack Dunphy -American novelist and playwright (d. 1992)

1915- David Dellinger -American activist (d. 2004)

1915- James Hillier -Canadian-American scientist, co-designed the electron microscope (d. 2007)

1915- Hugh Paddick -English actor (d. 2000)

1915- Edward Szczepanik -Polish economist and politician, 15th Polish government-in-exile|Prime Minister of the Polish Republic in Exile (d. 2005)

1917- John Lee Hooker -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2001)

1918- Mary McGrory -American journalist (d. 2004)

1920- Ray Bradbury -American author (d. 2012)

1920- Denton Cooley -American surgeon

1921- Sotiria Bellou -Greek singer (d. 1997)

1921- Dinos Dimopoulos -Greek director and screenwriter (d. 2003)

1921- Tony Pawson (cricketer)|Tony Pawson -English cricketer, footballer, and journalist (d. 2012)

1922- Roberto Aizenberg -Argentinian painter and sculptor (d. 1996)

1922- Theoni V. Aldredge -Greek-American costume designer (d. 2011)

1922- Harishankar Parsai -Indian author (d. 1995)

1922- Micheline Presle -French actress

1925- Honor Blackman -English actress and singer

1925- James Kirkwood, Jr. -American playwright and author (d. 1989)

1925- Marc Bohan -French fashion designer

1928- Tinga Seisay -Sierra Leonean diplomat

1928- Karlheinz Stockhausen -German composer (d. 2007)

1929- Valery Alekseyev (anthropologist)|Valery Alekseyev -Russian anthropologist and author (d. 1991)

1929- Ulrich Wegener -German general and police officer

1930- Gylmar dos Santos Neves -Brazilian footballer (d. 2013)

1932- Gerald P. Carr -American engineer, colonel, and astronaut

1933- Sylva Koscina -Italian actress (d. 1994)

1934- Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. -American general (d. 2012)

1935- Annie Proulx -American journalist and author

1936- Chuck Brown -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2012)

1936- John Callaway (journalist)|John Callaway -American journalist (d. 2009)

1936- Dale Hawkins -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2010)

1936- Werner Stengel -German roller coaster designer and engineer, designed the Maverick (roller coaster)|maverick roller coaster

1937- Margaret Prosser, Baroness Prosser -English politician

1938- Jean Berkey -American politician (d. 2013)

1938- Paul Maguire -American football player and sportscaster

1939- Valerie Harper -American actress and singer

1939- George Reinholt -American actor

1939- Carl Yastrzemski -American baseball player

1940- Bill McCartney -American football player and coach, founded Promise Keepers

1941- Bill Parcells -American football player and coach

1942- Uğur Mumcu -Turkish journalist and author (d. 1993)

1943- Alun Michael -Welsh police officer and politician, 1st First Minister of Wales

1943- Masatoshi Shima -Japanese computer scientist, co-designed the Intel 4004

1944- Roger Cashmore -English physicist and academic

1944- Peter Hofmann -Czech-German tenor and actor (d. 2010)

1945- David Chase -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1945- Ron Dante -American singer-songwriter and producer (The Archies, The Cuff Links, and The Detergents)

1945- Erol Gelenbe -Turkish computer scientist and mathematician

1947- Donna Jean Godchaux -American singer-songwriter (Grateful Dead, Heart of Gold Band, and Jerry Garcia Band, and Donna Jean Godchaux Band)

1947- Cindy Williams -American actress, singer, and producer

1948- Eleonora Brown -Italian actress

1948- David Marks (musician)|David Marks -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Beach Boys and Delaney & Bonnie)

1949- Doug Bair -American baseball player and coach

1949- Þórarinn Eldjárn -Icelandic author and poet

1949- Diana Nyad -American swimmer and author

1950- Ray Burris -American baseball player and coach

1950- Scooter Libby -American lawyer, Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States

1951- Mary Allen -English journalist

1951- Chandra Prakash Mainali -Nepalese politician

1952- Peter Laughner -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Rocket from the Tombs and Pere Ubu) (d. 1977)

1953- Paul Ellering -American weightlifter, wrestler, and manager

1955- Chiranjeevi -Indian actor, producer, and politician

1955- Gordon Liu -Chinese martial artist and actor

1956- Paul Molitor -American baseball player and coach

1957- Steve Davis -English snooker player

1958- Colm Feore -American-Canadian actor

1958- Stevie Ray -American wrestler

1958- Vernon Reid -English-American guitarist and songwriter (Living Colour)

1959- Juan Croucier -Cuban-American singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (Ratt and Dokken)

1959- Pia Gjellerup -Danish politician, Finance Minister of Denmark

1959- Kidd Kraddick -American radio host (d. 2013)

1959- Annie Tempest -English cartoonist

1959- Mark Williams (actor)|Mark Williams -English actor and screenwriter

1960- Holger Gehrke -German footballer and manager

1961- Andrés Calamaro -Argentinian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Rodríguez)

1961- Iain Coucher -English businessman

1961- Roland Orzabal -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Tears for Fears and Graduate (band)|Graduate)

1961- Debbi Peterson -American singer and drummer (The Bangles and Kindred Spirit (band)|Kindred Spirit)

1963- Tori Amos -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer (Y Kant Tori Read)

1963- Terry Catledge -American basketball player

1964- Tom Gibis -American voice actor

1964- Diane Setterfield -English author

1964- Mats Wilander -Swedish tennis player

1964- Andrew Wilson (actor)|Andrew Wilson -American actor and director

1965- Courtney Gains -American actor and producer

1965- Chen Liping -Singaporean actress

1966- Gza -American rapper (Wu-Tang Clan)

1966- Eric Andolsek -American football player (d. 1992)

1966- Brooke Dillman -American actress

1966- Rob Witschge -Dutch footballer and manager

1967- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje -English actor

1967- Ty Burrell -American actor

1967- Alfred Gough -American screenwriter and producer

1967- Yukiko Okada -Japanese singer and actress (d. 1986)

1967- Layne Staley -American singer-songwriter (Alice in Chains, Class of '99, Mad Season (band)|Mad Season, and Sleze) (d. 2002)

1967- Bill Welke -American baseball player and umpire

1968- Casper Christensen -Danish comedian, actor, and screenwriter

1968- Paul Colman -Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Newsboys and Paul Colman Trio)

1968- Aleksandr Mostovoi -Russian footballer

1968- Elisabeth Murdoch (businesswoman)|Elisabeth Murdoch -Australian businesswoman

1968- Horst Skoff -Austrian tennis player (d. 2008)

1970- George Canyon -Canadian singer, guitarist, and actor

1970- Charlie Connelly -English-Irish author and journalist

1970- Giada De Laurentiis -Italian-American chef and author

1970- Tímea Nagy -Hungarian fencer

1970- Shaun Steels -English drummer and bass player (My Dying Bride and Anathema (band)|Anathema)

1971- Richard Armitage (actor)|Richard Armitage -English actor

1971- Natalie Ceeney -English businesswoman

1971- Craig Finn -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Hold Steady and Lifter Puller)

1971- Rick Yune -American actor and martial artist

1972- Okkert Brits -South African pole vaulter

1972- Paul Doucette -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer (Matchbox Twenty, The Break and Repair Method, and Tabitha's Secret)

1972- Steve Kline (left-handed pitcher)|Steve Kline -American baseball player and coach

1972- Pontus Schultz -Swedish journalist (d. 2012)

1972- Max Wilson -Brazilian race car driver

1973- Sornram Teppitak -Thai actor

1973- Howie Dorough -American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (Backstreet Boys)

1973- Beenie Man -Jamaican rapper and producer

1973- Kristen Wiig -American actress, producer, and screenwriter

1973- Eurelijus Žukauskas -Lithuanian basketball player

1974- Agustín Pichot -Argentinian rugby player

1974- Lee Sheppard (cartoonist)|Lee Sheppard -Australian animator

1975- Clint Bolton -Australian footballer

1975- Davor Krznarić -Croatian footballer

1975- Sheree Murphy -English actress

1975- Rodrigo Santoro -Brazilian actor

1976- Marius Bezykornovas -Lithuanian footballer

1976- Bryn Davies (musician)|Bryn Davies -American bassist, cellist, and pianist

1976- Laurent Hernu -French decathlete

1976- Randy Wolf -American baseball player

1977- Jenna Leigh Green -American actress and singer

1977- Keren Cytter -Israeli author and director

1977- Heiðar Helguson -Icelandic footballer

1978- Robert Levon Been -American singer and guitarist (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

1978- James Corden -English actor, singer, producer, and screenwriter

1978- Ioannis Gagaloudis -Greek basketball player

1978- Ed Petrie -English comedian and actor

1978- Jeff Stinco -Canadian guitarist (Simple Plan)

1979- Brandon Adams -American actor

1979- Jennifer Finnigan -Canadian actress

1979- Matt Walters -American football player

1980- Roland Benschneider -German footballer

1980- Nicolas Macrozonaris -Canadian sprinter

1981- Alex Holmes -American football player

1981- Jang Hyun-Kyu -South Korean footballer (d. 2012)

1981- Takumi Saito -Japanese actor and singer

1982- Rodrigo Nehme -Mexican actor

1983- Theo Bos -Dutch cyclist

1983- Laura Breckenridge -American actress

1983- Justin Buchholz -American mixed martial artist

1983- Jahri Evans -American football player

1983- Dani Thompson -Australian-English model and actress

1984- Lee Camp (footballer)|Lee Camp -English footballer

1984- Missy Monroe -American porn actress

1984- Lawrence Quaye -Ghanaian-Qatari footballer

1985- Kether Donohue -American actress

1985- Luke Russert -American journalist

1986- Lacie Heart -American porn actress

1986- Erika Hebron -American model, Miss Missouri|Miss Missouri 2010

1986- Keiko Kitagawa -Japanese actress

1986- Janis Vahter -Estonian basketball player

1987- Leonardo Moracci -Italian footballer

1987- Karlie Simon -English porn actress

1988- Sarah Major -New Zealand actress

1989- Chariz Solomon -Filipino actress

1990- Syque Caesar -Bangladeshi gymnast

1990- Randall Cobb (American football)|Randall Cobb -American football player

1991- Federico Macheda -Italian footballer

1991- Brayden Schenn -Canadian ice hockey player

1994- Olli Maatta -Finnish ice hockey player

1999- Dakota Goyo -Canadian actor

History of Deaths

408- Stilicho -Roman general (b. 359)

1155- Emperor Konoe -of Japan (b. 1139)

1241- Pope Gregory IX -(b. 1143)

1280- Pope Nicholas III -(b. 1216)

1304- John II, Count of Holland -(b. 1247)

1350- Philip VI of France -(b. 1293)

1358- Isabella of France -(b. 1295)

1485- Richard III of England -(b. 1452)

1553- John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland -English admiral and politician, Lord President of the Council (b. 1504)

1572- Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland -English leader of the Rising of the North (b. 1528)

1584- Jan Kochanowski -Polish poet and playwright (b. 1530)

1599- Luca Marenzio -Italian singer-songwriter (b. 1553)

1607- Bartholomew Gosnold -English lawyer and explorer, founded the London Company (b. 1572)

1652- Jacob De la Gardie -Estonian-Swedish soldier and politician, Lord High Constable of Sweden (b. 1583)

1664- Maria Cunitz -Polish astronomer (b. 1610)

1680- John George II, Elector of Saxony -(b. 1613)

1701- John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath -English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1628)

1711- Louis François, duc de Boufflers -French general (b. 1644)

1752- William Whiston -English mathematician, historian, and theologian (b. 1667)

1793- Louis de Noailles -French general (b. 1713)

1793- Cäcilia Weber -German-Austrian mother of Constanze Weber (b. 1727)

1797- Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser -French-Austrian field marshal (b. 1724)

1806- Jean-Honoré Fragonard -French painter (b. 1732)

1818- Warren Hastings -English politician, 1st Governor-General of Bengal (b. 1732)

1828- Franz Joseph Gall -Austrian neuroanatomist and physiologist (b. 1758)

1850- Nikolaus Lenau -Romanian-Austrian poet (b. 1802)

1861- Xianfeng Emperor -of China (b. 1831)

1888- Ágoston Trefort -Hungarian jurist and politician (b. 1817)

1891- Jan Neruda -Czech journalist, author, and poet (b. 1834)

1903- Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury -English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1830)

1904- Kate Chopin -American author (b. 1850)

1909- Henry Radcliffe Crocker -English dermatologist (b. 1846)

1914- Giacomo Radini-Tedeschi -Italian bishop (b. 1859)

1918- Korbinian Brodmann -German neurologist and academic (b. 1868)

1922- Michael Collins (Irish leader)|Michael Collins -Irish politician, 2nd Minister for Finance (Ireland)|Minister of Finance for Ireland (b. 1890)

1926- Charles William Eliot -American academic (b. 1834)

1933- Alexandros Kontoulis -Greek general and diplomat (b. 1858)

1940- Oliver Lodge -English physicist and academic (b. 1851)

1940- Gerald Strickland, 1st Baron Strickland -Maltese politician, 4th Prime Minister of Malta (b. 1861)

1942- Michel Fokine -Russian dancer and choreographer (b. 1880)

1946- Döme Sztójay -Hungarian general and politician, 35th Prime Minister of Hungary (b. 1883)

1950- Kirk Bryan (geologist)|Kirk Bryan -American geologist and academic (b. 1888)

1951- Jack Bickell -Canadian businessman and philanthropist (b. 1884)

1953- Jim Tabor -American baseball player (b. 1916)

1958- Roger Martin du Gard -French author, Nobel Prize for Literature|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1881)

1960- Johannes Sikkar -Estonian politician, Prime Minister of Estonia in exile (b. 1897)

1960- Eduard Pütsep -Estonian wrestler (b. 1898)

1963- William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield -English businessman and philanthropist (b. 1877)

1965- Ellen Church -American flight attendant (b. 1904)

1967- Gregory Goodwin Pincus -American biologist, co-created the Combined oral contraceptive pill|birth-control pill (b. 1903)

1970- Vladimir Propp -Russian philologist and scholar (b. 1895)

1973- Louise Huff -American actress (b. 1895)

1974- Jacob Bronowski -Polish-English mathematician, biologist, and author (b. 1908)

1976- Gina Bachauer -Greek pianist (b. 1913)

1976- Juscelino Kubitschek -Brazilian physician and politician, 21st President of Brazil (b. 1902)

1977- Sebastian Cabot (actor)|Sebastian Cabot -English-Canadian actor and singer (b. 1918)

1978- Jomo Kenyatta -Kenyan politician, 1st President of Kenya (b. 1894)

1979- James T. Farrell -American author and poet (b. 1904)

1980- James Smith McDonnell -American pilot, engineer, and businessman, founded McDonnell Aircraft (b. 1899)

1987- Joseph P. Lash -American author and journalist (b. 1909)

1989- Robert Grondelaers -Belgian cyclist (b. 1933)

1989- Huey P. Newton -American activist, co-founded the Black Panther Party (b. 1942)

1991- Colleen Dewhurst -Canadian-American actress (b. 1924)

1991- Boris Pugo -Latvian politician, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia)|Minister of Interior of the Soviet Union (b. 1937)

1994- Gilles Groulx -Canadian director and screenwriter (b. 1931)

2000- Professor Tanaka -American wrestler and actor (n. 1930)

2003- Generosa Ammon -American wife of Ted Ammon (b. 1956)

2003- Imperio Argentina -Argentinian singer and actress (b. 1906)

2003- Arnold Gerschwiler -Swiss figure skater and coach (b. 1914)

2004- Konstantin Aseev -Russian chess player (b. 1960)

2004- Angus Bethune (politician)|Angus Bethune -Australian soldier and politician, 33rd Premier of Tasmania (b. 1908)

2004- Al Dvorin -American bandleader and talent agent (b. 1922)

2004- Daniel Petrie -Canadian director and producer (b. 1920)

2005- Luc Ferrari -French-Italian composer (b. 1929)

2005- Ernest Kirkendall -American chemist and metallurgist (b. 1914)

2005- Mati Unt -Estonian author and director (b. 1944)

2006- Bruce Gary -American drummer and producer (The Knack) (b. 1951)

2008- Gladys Powers -English-Canadian soldier (b. 1899)

2009- Elmer Kelton -American journalist and author (b. 1926)

2010- Stjepan Bobek -Croatian footballer and manager (b. 1923)

2011- Ashford & Simpson|Nick Ashford -American singer-songwriter and producer (Ashford & Simpson) (b. 1942)

2011- Gudrun Berend -German hurdler (b. 1955)

2011- Jack Layton -Canadian educator and politician (b. 1950)

2011- Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller|Jerry Leiber -American songwriter (b. 1933)

2012- Nina Bawden -English author (b. 1925)

2012- Larry Carp -American lawyer (b. 1926)

2012- Charles Flores -Cuban-American bassist (b. 1970)

2012- Paulino Matip Nhial -South Sudanese military leader and politician

2012- Paul Shan Kuo-hsi -Chinese cardinal (b. 1923)

2012- Martin Shikuku -Kenyan politician (b. 1933)

2012- Jeffrey Stone -American actor (b. 1926)

2012- András József Szennay -Hungarian clergyman (b. 1921)

2013- Keiko Fuji -Japanese singer and actress (b. 1951)

2013- Ronald Motley -American lawyer (b. 1944)

2013- Jetty Paerl -Dutch singer (b. 1921)

2013- Paul Poberezny -American pilot and businessman, founded the Experimental Aircraft Association (b. 1921)

2013- Andrea Servi -Italian footballer (b. 1984)

2013- Peter Waieng -Papua New Guinea politician (b. 1966)

2014- U. R. Ananthamurthy -Indian author, poet, and playwright (b. 1932)

2014- Emmanuel Kriaras -Greek lexicographer and philologist (b. 1906)

2014- Pete Ladygo -American football player (b. 1928)

2014- Noella Leduc -American baseball player (b. 1933)

2014- John Sperling -American businessman, founded the University of Phoenix (b. 1921)

2014- John S. Waugh -American chemist and academic (b. 1929)