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Day History: August-19

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Events History

295 BC-The first Roman temple|temple -to Venus (mythology)|Venus, the Roman mythology|Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, is dedicated by Quintus Fabius Maximus Gurges (consul 292 BC)|Quintus Fabius Maximus Gurges during the Third Samnite War.

43 BC- Augustus|Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus -later known as Augustus, compels the Roman Senate to elect him Consul.

1153- Baldwin III of Jerusalem -takes control of the Kingdom of Jerusalem from his mother Melisende of Jerusalem|Melisende, and also Battle of Ascalon (1153)|captures Ascalon.

1504-In Ireland -the Hiberno-Normans|Hiberno-Norman de Burghs (Burkes) and Anglo-Norman Fitzgeralds fight in the Battle of Knockdoe.

1561- Mary, Queen of Scots -who was 18-years-old, returns to Scotland after spending 13 years in France.

1612-The " Samlesbury witches -, three women from the Lancashire village of Samlesbury, England, are put on trial, accused of practicing witchcraft, one of the most famous Witch-hunt|witch trials in British history.

1666- Second Anglo-Dutch War -Rear Admiral Robert Holmes (Royal Navy officer)|Robert Holmes leads a raid on the Dutch island of Terschelling, destroying 150 merchant ships, an act later known as "Holmes's Bonfire".

1692- Salem witch trials -In Salem, Massachusetts|Salem, Province of Massachusetts Bay, five people, one woman and four men, including a clergyman, are executed after being convicted of witchcraft.

1745-Prince Charles Edward Stuart -raises his standard in Glenfinnan: The start of the Jacobite rising of 1745|Second Jacobite Rebellion, known as "the 45".

1759- Battle of Lagos -Naval battle during the Seven Years' War between Kingdom of Great Britain|Great Britain and France.

1768- Saint Isaac's Cathedral -is founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

1772- Gustav III of Sweden -stages a coup d'état, in which he assumes power and enacts a new constitution that divides power between the Riksdag of the Estates|Riksdag and the King.

1782- American Revolutionary War -Battle of Blue Licks: The last major engagement of the war, almost ten months after the surrender of the British commander Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis|Charles Cornwallis following the Siege of Yorktown.

1812- War of 1812 -American frigate {{USS|Constitution}} USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere|defeats the British frigate {{HMS|Guerriere|1806|6}} off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada earning the nickname "Old Ironsides".

1813- Gervasio Antonio de Posadas -joins Argentina's Second Triumvirate (Argentina)|Second Triumvirate.

1839-The French government announces that Louis Daguerre -s daguerreotype|photographic process is a gift "free to the world".

1848- California Gold Rush -The ''New York Herald'' breaks the news to the East Coast of the United States of the gold rush in California (although the rush started in January).

1854-The Sioux Wars|First Sioux War -begins when United States Army soldiers kill Lakota people|Lakota chief Conquering Bear and in return are Grattan massacre|massacred.

1861-First ascent of Weisshorn -fifth highest summit in the Alps.

1862- American Indian Wars -During an uprising in Minnesota, Lakota people|Lakota warriors decide not to attack heavily-defended Fort Ridgely and instead turn to the settlement of New Ulm, Minnesota|New Ulm, killing white settlers along the way.

1895- American Frontier -murderer and outlaw John Wesley Hardin is killed by an off-duty policeman in a bar (establishment)|saloon in El Paso, Texas.

1909-The first automobile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway -

1914-The Ottoman-Bulgarian alliance is signed in Sofia -

1919- Afghanistan -gains full independence from the United Kingdom.

1927- Sergius I of Moscow|Metropolitan Sergius -proclaims the declaration of loyalty of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Soviet Union.

1934-The first All-American Soap Box Derby -is held in Dayton, Ohio.

1934-The creation of the position Führer -is approved by the Germany|German electorate with 89.9% of the popular vote.

1940-First flight of the North American B-25 Mitchell|B-25 Mitchell -medium bomber.

1942- World War II -Dieppe Raid|Operation Jubilee: The 2nd Canadian Infantry Division leads an amphibious warfare|amphibious assault by Allies of World War II|allied forces on Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France and fails, many Canadians are killed or captured. The operation was intended to develop and try new amphibious landing tactics for the coming full invasion in Normandy.

1944-World War II: Liberation of Paris -Paris, France rises against Nazi Germany|German occupation with the help of Allied troops.

1945- August Revolution -Viet Minh led by Ho Chi Minh take power in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1953- Cold War -The Central Intelligence Agency|CIA and Secret Intelligence Service|MI6 help to 1953 Iranian coup d'état|overthrow the government of Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran and reinstate the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

1955-In the Northeast United States -severe flooding caused by Hurricane Diane, claims 200 lives.

1960-Cold War: In Moscow -Russia, Soviet Union, downed American Lockheed U-2|U-2 aviator|pilot Francis Gary Powers is sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the Soviet Union for espionage.

1960- List of spacecraft called Sputnik|Sputnik program -''Korabl-Sputnik 2'': The Soviet Union launches the satellite with the dogs Soviet space dogs#Belka and Strelka|Belka and Strelka, 40 mouse|mice, two rats and a variety of plants.

1964- Syncom 3 -the first Geostationary orbit|geostationary communication satellite, was launched.

1965- Prime Minister of Japan|Japanese prime minister -Eisaku Satō becomes the first post-World War II sitting prime minister to visit Okinawa Prefecture.

1980- Saudia Flight 163 -a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar burns after making an emergency landing at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, killing 301 people.

1981- Gulf of Sidra incident (1981)|Gulf of Sidra Incident -United States fighters intercept and shoot down two Libyan Air Force (1951–2011)|Libyan Sukhoi Su-17|Sukhoi Su-22 fighter jets over the Gulf of Sidra.

1987- Hungerford massacre -In the United Kingdom, Michael Ryan kills sixteen people with a semi-automatic rifle and then commits suicide.

1989- President of Poland|Polish president -Wojciech Jaruzelski nominates Solidarity (Polish trade union)|Solidarity activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to be the first non-Communism|communist prime minister in 42 years.

1989- Radio Caroline -the offshore pirate station in the North Sea, is raided by British and Netherlands|Dutch governments.

1989-Several hundred East Germany|East Germans -cross the frontier between Hungary and Austria during the Pan-European Picnic, part of the events that began the process of the Berlin Wall#The Fall|Fall of the Berlin Wall.

1991- Dissolution of the Soviet Union -1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt|August Coup: President of the Soviet Union|Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is placed under house arrest while on holiday in the town of Foros, Ukraine.

1991- Crown Heights riot -Black groups target Hasidic Judaism|Hasidic Jews on the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn|Crown Heights in New York City|New York, New York for three days, after two black children were hit by a car driven by a Hasidic man.

1999-In Belgrade -Serbia and Montenegro|Yugoslavia, tens of thousands of Serbians rally to demand the resignation of President of Serbia and Montenegro|Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milošević.

2002- Khankala Mi-26 crash -A Russian Mil Mi-26 helicopter carrying troops is hit by a Chechens|Chechen missile outside Grozny, killing 118 soldiers.

2003-A Canal Hotel bombing|car-bomb attack -on United Nations headquarters in Iraq kills the agency's top envoy Sérgio Vieira de Mello and 21 other employees.

2003-A suicide attack on a bus in Jerusalem -Israel, planned by Hamas, kills 23 Israelis, seven of them children, in the Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing.

2005-The first-ever joint military exercise between Russia -and China, called Peace Mission 2005 begins.

2005- Southern Ontario Tornado Outbreak of 2005|A series of strong storms -lashes Southern Ontario spawning several tornadoes as well as creating extreme flash flooding within the city of Toronto and its Greater Toronto Area|surrounding communities. In Toronto, it is also dubbed the "Toronto Supercell".

2009-A 19 August 2009 Baghdad bombings|series of bombings -in Baghdad, Iraq, kills 101 and injures 565 others.

2010- Iraq War|Operation Iraqi Freedom -ends, with the last of the United States brigade combat teams crossing the border to Kuwait.

2012-A 2012 Sudan Antonov An-26 crash|plane crash -kills 32 people in Sudan.

2013-A Dhamara Ghat train accident|train accident -in India kills at least 37 people and injures over a dozen.

Famous Birthdays

232- Marcus Aurelius Probus -Roman emperor (d. 282)

1342- Catherine of Bohemia -(d. 1395)

1398- Íñigo López de Mendoza, 1st Marquis of Santillana -Spanish poet and politician (d. 1458)

1557- Frederick I, Duke of Württemberg -(d. 1608)

1570- Salamone Rossi -Italian violinist and composer (d. 1630)

1590- Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland -English soldier and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire (d. 1649)

1596- Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia -(d. 1662)

1621- Gerbrand van den Eeckhout -Dutch painter (d. 1674)

1646- John Flamsteed -English astronomer and academic (d. 1719)

1686- Eustace Budgell -English journalist and politician (d. 1737)

1689- Samuel Richardson -English author (d. 1761)

1711- Edward Boscawen -English admiral and politician (d. 1761)

1719- Charles-François de Broglie, marquis de Ruffec -French soldier and diplomat (d. 1791)

1743- Madame du Barry -French mistress of Louis XV of France (d. 1793)

1777- Francis I of the Two Sicilies -(d. 1830)

1819- Julius van Zuylen van Nijevelt -Luxembourger-Dutch politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 1894)

1835- Tom Wills -Australian cricketer and umpire, co-founded Australian rules football (d. 1880)

1843- C. I. Scofield -American minister and theologian (d. 1921)

1846- Luis Martín -Spanish religious leader, 24th Superior General of the Society of Jesus (d. 1906)

1848- Gustave Caillebotte -French painter (d. 1894)

1849- Joaquim Nabuco -Brazilian politician (d. 1910)

1853- Aleksei Brusilov -Russian general (d. 1926)

1870- Bernard Baruch -American businessman and philanthropist (d. 1965)

1871- Wright brothers|Orville Wright -American pilot, inventor, and businessman, co-founded the Wright Company (d. 1948)

1873- Fred Stone -American actor and producer (d. 1959)

1875- Mirko and Stjepan Seljan|Stjepan Seljan -Croatian explorer (d. 1936)

1876- Oscar De Somville -Belgian rower (d. 1938)

1878- Manuel L. Quezon -Filipino politician, 2nd President of the Philippines (d. 1944)

1881- George Enescu -Romanian violinist, pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1955)

1883- Coco Chanel -French fashion designer, founded the Chanel|Chanel Company (d. 1971)

1883- Elsie Ferguson -American actress (d. 1961)

1883- José Mendes Cabeçadas -Portuguese admiral and politician, 9th President of Portugal (d. 1965)

1887- S. Satyamurti -Indian lawyer and politician (d. 1943)

1889- Arthur Waley -English orientalist and sinologist (d. 1966)

1895- C. Suntharalingam -Sri Lankan lawyer, academic, and politician (d. 1985)

1899- Charlie Hall (actor)|Charlie Hall -English-American actor (d. 1959)

1899- Colleen Moore -American actress (d. 1988)

1900- Olga Baclanova -Russian-Swiss actress (d. 1974)

1900- Gontran de Poncins -French author and adventurer (d. 1962)

1900- Gilbert Ryle -English philosopher, author, and academic (d. 1976)

1902- Ogden Nash -American poet and author (d. 1971)

1902- J. B. L. Reyes -Filipino lawyer and jurist (d. 1994)

1903- James Gould Cozzens -American author (d. 1978)

1903- Lewis Sargent -American actor (d. 1970)

1904- Maurice Wilks -English engineer and businessman (d. 1963)

1906- Philo Farnsworth -American inventor, invented the Fusor (d. 1971)

1907- Hazari Prasad Dwivedi -Indian historian, author, and scholar (d. 1979)

1907- Archie League -American air traffic controller (d. 1986)

1907- Thruston Ballard Morton -American politician (d. 1982)

1911- Anna Terruwe -Dutch psychiatrist and author (d. 2004)

1912- Austin Dobson -English race car driver (d. 1963)

1913- John Argyris -Greek engineer and academic (d. 2004)

1913- Peter Kemp (writer)|Peter Kemp -Indian-English soldier and author (d. 1993)

1913- Richard Simmons (actor)|Richard Simmons -American actor (d. 2003)

1914- Lajos Baróti -Hungarian footballer and manager (d. 2005)

1914- Fumio Hayasaka -Japanese composer (d. 1955)

1915- Ring Lardner, Jr. -American journalist and screenwriter (d. 2000)

1915- Alfred Rouleau -Canadian businessman (d. 1985)

1916- Dennis Poore -English race car driver and businessman (d. 1987)

1918- Jimmy Rowles -American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1996)

1919- Malcolm Forbes -American publisher (d. 1990)

1921- Gene Roddenberry -American screenwriter and producer (d. 1991)

1924- Willard Boyle -Canadian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2011)

1925- Claude Gauvreau -Canadian poet and playwright (d. 1971)

1926- Annie Palmen -Dutch singer (d. 2000)

1926- Arthur Rock -American businessman

1926- Angus Scrimm -American actor

1927- L. Q. Jones -American actor and director

1928- Norman Brooks (singer)|Norman Brooks -Canadian singer and actor (d. 2006)

1928- Bernard Levin -English journalist, author, and broadcaster (d. 2004)

1928- Walter Massey (actor)|Walter Massey -Canadian actor (d. 2014)

1929- Ion N. Petrovici -Romanian-German neurologist and academic

1930- David G. Compton -English author

1930- Frank McCourt -American author and educator (d. 2009)

1931- Bill Shoemaker -American jockey (d. 2003)

1932- Thomas P. Salmon -American lawyer and politician, 75th Governor of Vermont

1933- David Hopwood -English microbiologist and geneticist

1933- Debra Paget -American actress and singer

1934- David Durenberger -American politician

1934- Renée Richards -American tennis player and ophthalmologist

1935- Zahir Raihan -Bangladeshi author and director

1935- Bobby Richardson -American baseball player and coach

1937- Richard Ingrams -English journalist, founded ''The Oldie''

1937- William Motzing -American composer and conductor (d. 2014)

1938- Joe Frank -American radio host

1938- Diana Muldaur -American actress

1939- Ginger Baker -English drummer and songwriter (Cream (band)|Cream, Blind Faith, Blues Incorporated, and Atomic Rooster)

1940- Johnny Nash -American singer-songwriter and actor

1940- Jill St. John -American actress

1941- Mihalis Papagiannakis -Greek educator and politician (d. 2009)

1942- Fred Thompson -American actor, lawyer, and politician

1943- Billy J. Kramer -English singer

1944- Jack Canfield -American author

1944- Buzz Kilman -American radio host

1944- Bodil Malmsten -Swedish author and poet

1944- Eddy Raven -American singer-songwriter

1944- Charles Wang -Chinese-American businessman and philanthropist; co-founder, CA Technologies

1945- Sandro de América -Argentinian singer and actor (d. 2010)

1945- Ian Gillan -English singer-songwriter

1946- Charles Bolden -American general and astronaut

1946- Bill Clinton -American politician, 42nd President of the United States

1946- Christopher Malcolm -Scottish-English actor and singer (d. 2014)

1946- Beat Raaflaub -Swiss conductor

1946- Dawn Steel -American film producer (d. 1997)

1947- Dave Dutton -English actor and screenwriter

1947- Terry Hoeppner -American football player and coach (d. 2007)

1947- Gerard Schwarz -American conductor

1948- Jim Carter (actor)|Jim Carter -English actor

1948- Tipper Gore -American author and photographer, co-founded the Parents Music Resource Center

1948- Gerald McRaney -American actor, director, and producer

1948- Tom Mullica -American magician

1948- Christy O'Connor Jnr -Irish golfer

1949- Michael Nazir-Ali -Pakistani-English bishop

1950- Graeme Beard -Australian cricketer

1950- Jennie Bond -English journalist

1950- Sudha Murthy -Indian social worker and author

1951- John Deacon -English bass player and songwriter (Queen (band)|Queen)

1951- Lillian Müller -Norwegian model and actress

1951- Gustavo Santaolalla -Argentinian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Bajofondo)

1952- Jonathan Frakes -American actor and director

1953- Mary Matalin -American political consultant

1953- Nanni Moretti -Italian actor, director, and producer

1953- Lynwood Slim -American singer and harmonica player (d. 2014)

1954- Oscar Larrauri -Argentinian race car driver

1955- Peter Gallagher -American actor and singer

1955- Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal -Dominican-English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales

1955- Ned Yost -American baseball player and manager

1956- Adam Arkin -American actor, director, and producer

1956- José Rubén Zamora -Guatemalan journalist, founded ''Siglo Veintiuno'' and ''El Periódico (Guatemala)|El Periódico''

1957- Paul-Jan Bakker -Dutch cricketer

1957- Martin Donovan -American actor

1957- Ian Gould -English cricketer and umpire

1957- Li-Young Lee -Indonesian-American poet and author

1957- Christine Soetewey -Belgian high jumper

1957- Gerda Verburg -Dutch union leader and politician

1958- Gordon Brand, Jnr -Scottish golfer

1958- Gary Gaetti -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1958- Anthony Muñoz -American football player, sportscaster, and actor

1958- Brendan Nelson -Australian physician and politician, 47th Minister for Defence (Australia)|Minister for Defence for Australia

1958- Darryl Sutter -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1959- Susan Cummings (heiress)|Susan Cummings -Monegasque-American murderer

1959- Ricky Pierce -American basketball player

1960- Morten Andersen -American football player

1960- Ron Darling -American baseball player and sportscaster

1961- Cor Bakker -Dutch pianist

1961- Jonathan Coe -English author and academic

1962- Valérie Kaprisky -French actress

1962- Raimonds Vilde -Latvian volleyball player and coach

1962- Toll Yagami -Japanese drummer (Buck-Tick)

1963- John Stamos -American actor, singer, and producer

1963- Joey Tempest -Swedish singer-songwriter (Europe (band)|Europe)

1965- Maria de Medeiros -Portuguese actress, singer, and director

1965- Kevin Dillon -American actor

1965- Kyra Sedgwick -American actress and producer

1966- Lilian Garcia -Spanish-American ring announcer and singer

1966- Lee Ann Womack -American singer-songwriter

1966- Wilco Zeelenberg -Dutch motorcycle racer

1967- Khandro Rinpoche -Indian spiritual leader

1968- Nikolaos Kaklamanakis -Greek windsurfer

1968- Mark McGuinn -American singer-songwriter

1969- Nate Dogg -American rapper and actor (213 (group)|213) (d. 2011)

1969- Kirk Herbstreit -American sportscaster

1969- Paula Jai Parker -American actress

1969- Matthew Perry -American actor, producer, and screenwriter

1969- Emigdio Preciado, Jr. -American criminal

1969- Kazuyoshi Tatsunami -Japanese baseball player

1969- Patrick Van Horn -American actor

1969- Clay Walker -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1970- Fat Joe -American rapper and actor (Terror Squad (group)|Terror Squad and Diggin' in the Crates Crew)

1970- Jeff Tam -American baseball player

1971- Mary Joe Fernández -Dominican-American tennis player and coach

1971- João Vieira Pinto -Portuguese footballer

1972- Roberto Abbondanzieri -Argentinian footballer and manager

1972- Sammi Cheng -Hong Kong singer and actress

1972- Elizabeth Wolfgramm -American singer (The Jets (band)|The Jets)

1972- Chihiro Yonekura -Japanese singer-songwriter

1972- Jamie Zubairi -English actor

1973- Carl Bulfin -New Zealand cricketer

1973- Clayton Counts -American DJ and composer (Bull of Heaven)

1973- Marco Materazzi -Italian footballer

1974- Zubayr Al-Rimi -Saudi Arabian terrorist (d. 2003)

1974- Tim Kasher -American singer-songwriter (Cursive (band)|Cursive, The Good Life (band)|The Good Life, Slowdown Virginia, and Commander Venus)

1974- Anja Knippel -German runner

1975- Chynna Clugston -American illustrator

1975- Tracie Thoms -American actress and singer

1976- Stephan Schmidt (footballer)|Stephan Schmidt -German footballer and manager

1977- Callum Blue -English actor

1977- Iban Mayo -Spanish cyclist

1977- Takahiro Yamada (musician)|Takahiro Yamada -Japanese singer-songwriter and bass player (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)

1978- Chris Capuano -American baseball player

1979- Dave Douglas (drummer)|Dave Douglas -American singer-songwriter and drummer (Relient K and Ace Troubleshooter)

1979- Oumar Kondé -Swiss footballer

1980- Houcine Camara -French singer

1980- Darius Campbell -Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

1980- Jun Jin -South Korean singer and actor (Shinhwa)

1980- Russell Kane -English comedian and actor

1980- Paul Parry -Welsh footballer

1980- Michael Todd (musician)|Michael Todd -American bass player (Coheed and Cambria)

1981- Nick Kennedy -English rugby player

1981- Percy Watson -American football player and wrestler

1982- Erika Christensen -American actress

1982- Willy Denzey -French singer

1982- J. J. Hardy -American baseball player

1982- Kevin Rans -Belgian pole vaulter

1983- Mike Conway -English race car driver

1983- Missy Higgins -Australian singer-songwriter and actress

1983- John McCargo -American football player

1983- Reeva Steenkamp -South African model (d. 2013)

1983- Tammin Sursok -South African-Australian actress and singer

1984- Micah Alberti -American actor

1984- Simon Bird -English actor and screenwriter

1984- Alessandro Matri -Italian footballer

1984- Ryan Taylor (footballer, born 1984)|Ryan Taylor -English footballer

1985- J. Evan Bonifant -American actor

1985- Lindsey Jacobellis -American snowboarder

1986- Sotiris Balafas -Greek footballer

1986- Saori Kimura -Japanese volleyball player

1986- Rúben Micael -Portuguese footballer

1986- Christina Perri -American singer-songwriter

1987- Nick Driebergen -Dutch swimmer

1987- Nico Hülkenberg -German race car driver

1987- Anaïs Lameche -French-Swedish singer (Play (group)|Play)

1987- Richard Stearman -English footballer

1988- Hoodie Allen -American rapper

1988- Kirk Cousins -American football player

1988- Travis Tedford -American actor

1988- Veronica Roth -American novelist and short story writer

1989- Romeo Miller -American rapper, actor, and basketball player

1990- Kristel Viigipuu -Estonian biathlete

1991- Nathan Lopez -Filipino actor

1994- Nafissatou Thiam -Belgian pentathlete

1996- Hsu Ching-wen -Taiwanese tennis player

1997- Joseph Castanon -American actor and singer

1998- Ella Guevara -Filipino actress

1999- Tristan Lake Leabu -American actor

History of Deaths

14- Augustus -Roman emperor (b. 63 BC)

947- Abu Yazid -Islamic rebel leader (b. 873)

1186- Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany -(b. 1158)

1245- Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence -(b. 1195)

1284- Alphonso, Earl of Chester -(b. 1273)

1297- Louis of Toulouse -French bishop and saint (b. 1274)

1493- Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor -(b. 1415)

1580- Andrea Palladio -Italian architect, designed the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and Il Redentore (b. 1508)

1646- Alexander Henderson (theologian)|Alexander Henderson -Scottish theologian and academic (b. 1583)

1654- Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller -Bohemian rabbi (b. 1579)

1662- Blaise Pascal -French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher (b. 1623)

1680- Jean Eudes -French priest, founded the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (b. 1601)

1692- John Proctor -English-American farmer (b. 1632)

1753- Johann Balthasar Neumann -German engineer and architect, designed Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (b. 1687)

1808- Fredrik Henrik af Chapman -Swedish admiral and shipbuilder (b. 1721)

1822- Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre -French mathematician and astronomer (b. 1749)

1883- Jeremiah S. Black -American lawyer and politician, 24th United States Attorney General (b. 1810)

1889- Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam -French author (b. 1838)

1895- John Wesley Hardin -American criminal (b. 1853)

1900- Jean-Baptiste Accolay -Belgian violinist, composer, and conductor (b. 1833)

1914- Franz Xavier Wernz -German religious leader, 25th Superior General of the Society of Jesus (b. 1844)

1923- Vilfredo Pareto -Italian sociologist and economist (b. 1845)

1928- Stephanos Skouloudis -Greek banker and diplomat, 97th Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1838)

1929- Sergei Diaghilev -Russian critic and producer, founded Ballets Russes (b. 1872)

1936- Federico García Lorca -Spanish poet, playwright, and director (b. 1898)

1936- Hugh Lygon -German son of William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp (b. 1904)

1937- Joe Lydon (boxer)|Joe Lydon -American boxer (b. 1878)

1945- Tomás Burgos -Chilean philanthropist (b. 1875)

1946- Bob McKinney -American baseball player (b. 1875)

1950- Giovanni Giorgi -Italian engineer (b. 1871)

1954- Alcide De Gasperi -Italian politician, 30th Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1881)

1957- David Bomberg -English soldier and painter (b. 1890)

1957- Carl-Gustaf Rossby -Swedish-American meteorologist (b. 1898)

1959- Jacob Epstein -American-English sculptor (b. 1880)

1959- Blind Willie McTell -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1901)

1963- Kathleen Parlow -Canadian violinist and educator (b. 1890)

1967- Hugo Gernsback -Luxembourg-American author and publisher (b. 1884)

1967- Isaac Deutscher -Polish-English journalist and historian (b. 1907)

1968- George Gamow -Ukrainian-American physicist and cosmologist (b. 1904)

1970- Paweł Jasienica -Polish soldier and historian (b. 1909)

1975- Mark Donohue -American race car driver and engineer (b. 1937)

1975- Jim Londos -Greek wrestler (b. 1897)

1976- Alastair Sim -Scottish-English actor (b. 1900)

1976- Ken Wadsworth -New Zealand cricketer (b. 1946)

1977- Peter Dyneley -English-Canadian actor (b. 1921)

1977- Aleksander Kreek -Estonian shot putter and discus thrower (b. 1914)

1977- Groucho Marx -American comedian, actor, and singer (b. 1890)

1979- Dorsey Burnette -American singer-songwriter (The Rock and Roll Trio) (b. 1932)

1979- Mary Millington -English porn actress and model (b. 1945)

1979- Joel Teitelbaum -Romanian-American rabbi and scholar (b. 1887)

1980- Otto Frank -German-Swiss businessman (b. 1889)

1981- Jessie Matthews -English actress, singer, and dancer (b. 1907)

1982- August Neo -Estonian-Swedish wrestler (b. 1908)

1986- Hermione Baddeley -English-American actress and singer (b. 1906)

1993- Utpal Dutt -Bangladeshi actor, director, and playwright (b. 1929)

1994- Linus Pauling -American chemist and biologist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1901)

1995- Pierre Schaeffer -French composer and musicologist (b. 1910)

1997- Cathleen Cordell -American actress (b. 1915)

2000- Bineshwar Brahma -Indian poet, author, and educator (b. 1948)

2000- Tony Parisi (wrestler)|Tony Parisi -Italian-Canadian wrestler (b. 1941)

2000- Theodore Trautwein -American judge (b. 1920)

2001- Betty Everett -American singer and pianist (b. 1939)

2001- Donald Woods -South African journalist and activist (b. 1933)

2003- Carlos Roberto Reina -Honduran politician, President of Honduras (b. 1926)

2003- Sérgio Vieira de Mello -Brazilian diplomat (b. 1948)

2005- Abraham Bueno de Mesquita -Dutch actor (b. 1918)

2005- Mo Mowlam -English politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1949)

2008- LeRoi Moore -American saxophonist and songwriter (Dave Matthews Band) (b. 1961)

2008- Levy Mwanawasa -Zambian lawyer and politician, 3rd President of Zambia (b. 1948)

2009- Don Hewitt -American television producer, created ''60 Minutes'' (b. 1922)

2010- Skandor Akbar -American wrestler and manager (b. 1934)

2011- Gun Hägglund -Swedish journalist (b. 1932)

2011- Raúl Ruiz (director)|Raúl Ruiz -Chilean director and producer (b. 1941)

2012- Ghazi al-Sadiq -Sudanese politician

2012- Donal Henahan -American journalist and critic (b. 1921)

2012- Ivar Iversen -Norwegian canoe racer (b. 1914)

2012- Maïté Nahyr -Belgian actress (b. 1947)

2012- Tony Scott -English-American director and producer (b. 1944)

2012- Edmund Skellings -American poet (b. 1932)

2013- Musa'id bin Abdulaziz Al Saud -Saudi Arabian prince (b. 1923)

2013- Russell S. Doughten -American director and producer (b. 1927)

2013- Abdelrahman El-Trabely -Egyptian wrestler (b. 1989)

2013- Abdul Rahim Hatef -Afghan politician, 8th President of Afghanistan (b. 1926)

2013- Donna Hightower -American singer-songwriter (b. 1926)

2013- José Sarria -American drag queen performer, founded the Imperial Court System (b. 1922)

2013- Lee Thompson Young -American actor (b. 1984)

2013- Cedar Walton -American pianist and composer (b. 1934)

2014- Elaine M. Alphin -American author (b. 1955)

2014- Samih al-Qasim -Palestinian poet and journalist (b. 1939)

2014- Simin Behbahani -Iranian poet and activist (b. 1927)

2014- James Foley (journalist)|James Foley -American photographer and journalist (b. 1973)

2014- Brian G. Hutton -American actor and director (b. 1935)

2014- Adyar K. Lakshman -Indian dancer and choreographer (b. 1933)

2014- Candida Lycett Green -Irish-English journalist and author (b. 1942)

2014- Odessa Sathyan -Indian director and producer (b. 1957)