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Day History: August-15

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Famous Birthdays

1171- Alfonso IX of León -(d. 1230)

1195- Anthony of Padua -Portuguese priest and saint (d. 1231)

1432- Luigi Pulci -Italian poet (d. 1484)

1575- Bartol Kašić -Croatian linguist and lexicographer (d. 1650)

1613- Gilles Ménage -French lawyer, philologist, and scholar (d. 1692)

1717- John Metcalf (civil engineer)|Blind Jack -English engineer (d. 1810)

1736- Johann Christoph Kellner -German organist and composer (d. 1803)

1740- Matthias Claudius -German poet (d. 1815)

1769- Napoleon -French general and emperor (d. 1821)

1771- Walter Scott -Scottish author, poet, and playwright (d. 1832)

1785- Thomas De Quincey -English journalist and author (d. 1859)

1798- Sangolli Rayanna -Indian warrior (d. 1831)

1813- Jules Grévy -French politician, 4th President of the French Republic (d. 1891)

1824- John Chisum -American businessman (d. 1884)

1844- Thomas-Alfred Bernier -Canadian journalist, lawyer, and politician (d. 1908)

1846- Charles Woodruff (archer)|Charles Woodruff -American archer (d. 1927)

1857- Albert Ballin -German businessman (d. 1918)

1858- E. Nesbit -English author and poet (d. 1924)

1859- Charles Comiskey -American baseball player and manager (d. 1931)

1860- Henrietta Vinton Davis -American actress and playwright (d. 1941)

1860- Florence Harding -American publisher, 31st First Lady of the United States (d. 1924)

1863- Aleksey Krylov -Russian mathematician and engineer (d. 1945)

1865- Mikao Usui -Japanese spiritual leader, founded Reiki (d. 1926)

1866- Italo Santelli -Italian fencer (d. 1945)

1872- Sri Aurobindo -Indian guru, poet, and philosopher (d. 1950)

1873- Ramaprasad Chanda -Indian archaeologist and historian (d. 1942)

1875- Samuel Coleridge-Taylor -English pianist, violinist, and composer (d. 1912)

1876- Stylianos Gonatas -Greek colonel and politician, 111th Prime Minister of Greece (d. 1966)

1877- Tachiyama Mineemon -Japanese sumo wrestler, the 22nd Makuuchi#Yokozuna|Yokozuna (d. 1941)

1879- Ethel Barrymore -American actress (d. 1959)

1881- Alfred Wagenknecht -German-American activist (d. 1956)

1882- Marion Bauer -American composer and critic (d. 1955)

1883- Ivan Meštrović -Croatian sculptor and architect, designed the Monument to the Unknown Hero (d. 1962)

1885- Edna Ferber -American author (d. 1968)

1886- Bill Whitty -Australian cricketer (d. 1974)

1890- Elizabeth Bolden -American super-centenarian (d. 2006)

1890- Jacques Ibert -French composer (d. 1962)

1892- Louis de Broglie -French physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1987)

1893- Leslie Comrie -New Zealand astronomer and academic (d. 1950)

1896- Gerty Cori -Czech-American biochemist and physiologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1957)

1896- Catherine Doherty -Russian-Canadian activist, founded the Madonna House Apostolate (d. 1985)

1896- Paul Outerbridge -American photographer (d. 1958)

1898- Jan Brzechwa -Polish author and poet (d. 1966)

1900- Estelle Brody -American actress (d. 1995)

1901- Pyotr Novikov -Russian mathematician and theorist (d. 1975)

1902- Jan Campert -Dutch journalist and critic (d. 1943)

1904- George Klein (inventor)|George Klein -Canadian inventor, invented the Motorized wheelchair (d. 1992)

1905- Emile St. Godard -Canadian dog sled racer (d. 1948)

1909- Hugo Winterhalter -American composer and bandleader (d. 1973)

1910- Signe Hasso -Swedish actress (d. 2002)

1912- Julia Child -American chef and author (d. 2004)

1912- Wendy Hiller -English actress (d. 2003)

1912- Amir Khan (singer)|Amir Khan -Indian singer (d. 1974)

1914- Paul Rand -American graphic designer and art director (d. 1996)

1916- Aleks Çaçi -Albanian author (d. 1989)

1917- Jack Lynch -Irish politician, 5th Taoiseach|Taoiseach of Ireland (d. 1999)

1917- Óscar Romero -Salvadoran archbishop (d. 1980)

1919- Huntz Hall -American actor and singer (d. 1999)

1919- Benedict Kiely -Irish journalist and author (d. 2007)

1919- Dina Wadia -English-Pakistani daughter of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

1921- August Kowalczyk -Polish actor and director (d. 2012)

1922- Leonard Baskin -American sculptor and illustrator (d. 2000)

1922- Giorgos Mouzakis -Greek trumpet player and composer (d. 2005)

1922- Sabino Barinaga -Spanish footballer and manager (d. 1988)

1923- Rose Marie -American actress and singer

1924- Werner Abrolat -Russian-German actor (d. 1997)

1924- Robert Bolt -English playwright and screenwriter (d. 1995)

1924- Phyllis Schlafly -American lawyer and activist

1925- Mike Connors -American actor and producer

1925- Münir Özkul -Turkish actor

1925- Oscar Peterson -Canadian pianist and composer (d. 2007)

1925- Bill Pinkney -American singer (The Drifters) (d. 2007)

1925- Erik Schmidt -Swedish-Estonian painter and author (d. 2014)

1926- Julius Katchen -American pianist (d. 1969)

1926- Sami Michael -Iraqi-Israeli author and playwright

1926- Kenneth Newman -English police officer

1926- John Silber -American philosopher and academic (d. 2012)

1926- Konstantinos Stephanopoulos -Greek politician, 6th President of Greece

1927- Eddie Leadbeater -English cricketer (d. 2011)

1927- Oliver Popplewell -English cricketer and judge

1928- Carl Joachim Classen -German scholar and academic (d. 2013)

1928- Malcolm Glazer -American businessman (d. 2014)

1928- Nicolas Roeg -English director and cinematographer

1929- Georgios Roubanis -Greek pole vaulter

1930- Ageeda Paavel -Estonian activist

1931- Paul McDowell (actor)|Paul McDowell -English actor and screenwriter

1932- Jim Lange -American game show host (d. 2014)

1932- Johan Steyn, Baron Steyn -South African-English lawyer and judge

1933- Bobby Helms -American singer and guitarist (d. 1997)

1933- Michael Rutter -Lebanese-English psychiatrist and academic

1934- Bobby Byrd -American singer-songwriter and producer (The Famous Flames) (d. 2007)

1934- Reginald Scarlett -Jamaican cricketer and coach

1935- Jim Dale -English-American actor, singer, and screenwriter

1935- Régine Deforges -French author, playwright, and director (d. 2014)

1935- Vernon Jordan -American lawyer, businessman, and activist

1935- Lionel Taylor -American football player and coach

1936- Rita Shane -American soprano (d. 2014)

1938- Stephen Breyer -American judge

1938- Pran Kumar Sharma -Indian cartoonist (d. 2014)

1938- Maxine Waters -American educator and politician

1938- Janusz Zajdel -Polish author

1939- Bill Wratten -English air marshal

1940- Gudrun Ensslin -German militant leader, founded Red Army Faction (d. 1977)

1941- Jim Brothers -American sculptor (d. 2013)

1941- Manolis Mavrommatis -Greek politician

1941- Lou Perryman -American actor (d. 2009)

1943- Eileen Bell -Irish politician, 2nd Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly

1943- María Rojo -Mexican actress and politician

1944- Linda Ellerbee -American journalist and author

1944- Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. -American politician, 56th Mayor of Pittsburgh

1944- R. A. W. Rhodes -British political scientist

1944- Dimitris Sioufas -Greek lawyer and politician, Ministry of Health (Greece)|Greek Minister of Health

1944- Sylvie Vartan -Bulgarian-French singer and actress

1945- Duffy Dyer -American baseball player and coach

1945- Gene Upshaw -American football player (d. 2008)

1945- Khaleda Zia -Bangladeshi politician, 9th Prime Minister of Bangladesh

1946- Tony Robinson -English actor, producer, and screenwriter

1946- William Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave of North Hill -English politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

1946- Jimmy Webb -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1947- Raakhee -Indian actress

1947- Jenny Hanley -English actress

1948- Uschi Digard -Swedish porn actress and model

1948- Patsy Gallant -Canadian singer-songwriter and actress

1948- George Ryton -Singaporean-English engineer

1949- Beverly Burns -American captain and pilot

1949- Richard Deacon (sculptor)|Richard Deacon -Welsh sculptor

1949- Garry Disher -Australian author

1949- Edward McMillan-Scott -English politician

1949- Mark B. Rosenberg -American academic

1950- Tommy Aldridge -American drummer (Motörhead, Whitesnake, Black Oak Arkansas, and Thin Lizzy)

1950- Tom Kelly (baseball)|Tom Kelly -American baseball player and manager

1950- Anne, Princess Royal -of the United Kingdom

1951- Ann Biderman -American screenwriter and producer

1951- Bobby Caldwell -American singer-songwriter

1951- John Childs (cricketer)|John Childs -English cricketer

1951- Daba Diawara -Malian politician

1951- Ranjan Gunatilleke -Sri Lankan cricketer

1952- Chuck Burgi -American drummer (Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow (rock band)|Rainbow, and Brand X)

1953- Carol Thatcher -English journalist and author

1953- Mark Thatcher -English businessman

1954- Stieg Larsson -Swedish journalist and author (d. 2004)

1954- Mary Jo Salter -American poet and academic

1956- Lorraine Desmarais -Canadian pianist and composer

1956- Freedom Neruda -Ivorian journalist

1956- Robert Syms -English politician

1957- Željko Ivanek -Slovenian-American actor

1958- Simon Baron-Cohen -English-Canadian psychiatrist and author

1958- Laurie Bembenek -American murderer (d. 2010)

1958- Craig MacTavish -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1958- Simple Kapadia -Indian actress and costume designer (d. 2009)

1958- Victor Shenderovich -Russian radio host

1958- Rondell Sheridan -American actor and director

1959- Scott Altman -American captain, pilot, and astronaut

1961- Ed Gillespie -American strategist and politician

1961- Gary Kubiak -American football player and coach

1961- Suhasini Maniratnam -Indian actress and screenwriter

1961- Arjun Sarja -Indian actor and director

1962- Tom Colicchio -American chef and author

1962- Vilja Savisaar-Toomast -Estonian politician

1963- Alejandro González Iñárritu -Mexican director, producer, and screenwriter

1963- Simon Hart -Welsh politician

1963- Lady Miss Kier -American singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer (Deee-Lite)

1963- Valery Levaneuski -Belarussian activist

1963- Lisa Opie -English squash player

1963- Jack Russell (cricketer, born 1963)|Jack Russell -England cricketer and coach

1964- Srihari (actor)|Srihari -Indian actor and producer (d. 2013)

1964- Jane Ellison -English politician

1964- Melinda Gates -American businesswoman and philanthropist, co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

1965- Rob Thomas (writer)|Rob Thomas -American author, screenwriter, and producer

1966- Scott Brosius -American baseball player and coach

1966- Shirley Kwan -Hong Kong singer, dancer, and actress

1966- Dimitris Papadopoulos (basketball)|Dimitris Papadopoulos -Greek basketball player and coach

1967- Peter Hermann (actor)|Peter Hermann -American actor

1968- Debra Messing -American actress, singer, and producer

1969- Kevin Cheng -American-Hong Kong singer and actor

1969- Bernard Fanning -Australian singer-songwriter (Powderfinger)

1969- Cris Judd -American actor, dancer, and choreographer

1970- Anthony Anderson -American comedian and actor

1970- Maddie Corman -American actress

1970- Ben Silverman -American actor, producer, and screenwriter, founded Electus|Electus Studios

1970- Maya Soetoro-Ng -Indonesian-American educator

1972- Ben Affleck -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1972- Jennifer Alexander -Canadian ballet dancer (d. 2007)

1972- Chris Morrissey (filmmaker)|Chris Morrissey -American actor and director

1972- Matthew Wood (sound editor)|Matthew Wood -American voice actor and engineer

1973- Amitabh Bhattacharjee -Indian actor

1973- Atom Willard -American drummer (The Offspring, Rocket from the Crypt, Danko Jones, and The Special Goodness)

1974- Gry Bay -Danish actress and singer

1974- Natasha Henstridge -Canadian model and actress

1974- Tomasz Suwary -Polish footballer

1975- Bertrand Berry -American football player and radio host

1975- Vijay Bharadwaj -Indian cricketer and coach

1975- Brendan Morrison -Canadian ice hockey player

1975- Kara Wolters -American basketball player

1976- Boudewijn Zenden -Dutch footballer and manager

1977- Martin Biron -Canadian ice hockey player

1977- Igor Cassina -Italian gymnast

1977- Nicole Paggi -American actress

1978- Tim Foreman -American bass player (Switchfoot)

1978- Lilia Podkopayeva -Ukrainian gymnast

1978- Stavros Tziortziopoulos -Greek footballer

1978- Kerri Walsh Jennings -American volleyball player

1979- Carl Edwards -American race car driver

1980- Brandon Harrod -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1980- Natalie Press -English actress

1981- Brendan Hansen -American swimmer

1981- Song Ji-hyo -South Korean model and actress

1981- Óliver Pérez -American baseball player

1982- Casey Burgener -American weightlifter

1982- Heather Carolin -American model and actress

1982- Tsuyoshi Hayashi -Japanese actor

1982- Cori Yarckin -American actress and singer

1983- Timati -Russian rapper, producer, and actor

1983- Jancarlos de Oliveira Barros -Brazilian footballer (d. 2013)

1984- Quinton Aaron -American actor

1985- Cogie Domingo -Filipino actor

1985- Leah Hackett -English actress

1985- Andrea Lewis -Canadian actress and singer

1985- Santiago Stieben -Argentinian actor

1986- Maria Fowler -English model and actress

1986- Natalia Kills -English singer-songwriter and actress

1986- Besik Kudukhov -Russian wrestler (d. 2013)

1987- Michel Kreder -Dutch cyclist

1988- Oussama Assaidi -Moroccan footballer

1988- Zaira Nara -Argentinian model and television host

1989- Joe Jonas -American singer-songwriter and actor (Jonas Brothers)

1989- Kristina Karjalainen -Estonian-Finnish model, Miss Estonia|Miss Estonia 2013

1989- Carlos Pena, Jr. -American singer-songwriter and actor (Big Time Rush (band)|Big Time Rush)

1989- Belinda Peregrín -Spanish-Mexican singer-songwriter and actress

1990- Nyusha -Russian singer-songwriter and producer

1990- Aglaja Brix -German actress

1990- Jennifer Lawrence -American actress

1990- Toomas Raadik -Estonian basketball player

1990- Danny Verbeek -Dutch footballer

1991- Petja Piiroinen -Finnish snowboarder

1993- Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain -English footballer

1994- Kosuke Hagino -Japanese swimmer

1994- Natalja Zabijako -Estonian figure skater

1995- Chief Keef -American rapper

1995- Yui Ogura -Japanese voice actress and singer