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Famous Birthdays

941- Lê Hoàn -Vietnamese emperor (d. 1005)

1267- James II of Aragon -(d. 1327)

1296- John of Bohemia -(d. 1346)

1360- Francesco Zabarella -Italian cardinal (d. 1417)

1397- Albert II of Germany -(d. 1439)

1489- Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck -German politician (d. 1553)

1520- Madeleine of Valois -(d. 1537)

1560- Hieronymus Praetorius -German organist and composer (d. 1629)

1602- Gilles de Roberval -French mathematician (d. 1675)

1645- Eusebio Kino -Italian priest and missionary (d. 1711)

1737- Anton Losenko -Russian painter (d. 1773)

1740- Samuel Arnold (composer)|Samuel Arnold -English organist and composer (d. 1802)

1744- Alexandrine Le Normant d'Étiolles -French daughter of Madame de Pompadour (d. 1754)

1805- Ferenc Toldy -German-Hungarian historian and critic (d. 1875)

1809- John Kirk Townsend -American ornithologist and explorer (d. 1851)

1810- Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour -Italian politician, 1st Prime Minister of Italy (d. 1861)

1814- Henri Nestlé -German businessman, founded Nestlé (d. 1890)

1821- Jay Cooke -American financier, founded Jay Cooke & Company (d. 1905)

1823- Hugh Stowell Brown -English minister (d. 1886)

1827- Lovro Toman -Slovenian lawyer and politician (d. 1870)

1839- Aleksandr Stoletov -Russian physicist and academic (d. 1896)

1845- Abai Qunanbaiuli -Kazakh poet, composer, and philosopher (d. 1904)

1856- William Willett -English inverter, founded British Summer Time (d. 1915)

1860- Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande -Indian singer and musicologist (d. 1936)

1865- Alexander Glazunov -Russian composer, conductor, and educator (d. 1936)

1868- Hugo Eckener -German pilot and businessman (d. 1954)

1869- Laurence Binyon -English poet, playwright, and scholar (d. 1943)

1872- William Manuel Johnson|Bill Johnson -American bassist (d. 1972)

1874- Herbert Hoover -American engineer and politician, 31st President of the United States (d. 1964)

1877- Frank Marshall (chess player)|Frank Marshall -American chess player (d. 1944)

1878- Alfred Döblin -Polish-German physician and author (d. 1957)

1880- Robert L. Thornton -American businessman and politician, Mayor of Dallas (d. 1964)

1884- Panait Istrati -Romanian author (d. 1935)

1888- Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark -(d. 1940)

1889- Charles Darrow -American game designer, created ''Monopoly (game)|Monopoly'' (d. 1967)

1891- Henry O'Neill -American actor and singer (d. 1961)

1890- Angus Lewis Macdonald -Canadian politician, 12th Premier of Nova Scotia (d. 1954)

1894- V. V. Giri -Indian politician, 4th President of India (d. 1980)

1895- Hammy Love -Australian cricketer (d. 1969)

1897- John W. Galbreath -American businessman and philanthropist, founded Darby Dan Farm (d. 1988)

1898- Jack Haley -American actor and singer (d. 1979)

1900- Arthur Porritt, Baron Porritt -New Zealand physician and politician, 11th Governor-General of New Zealand (d. 1994)

1902- Norma Shearer -Canadian-American actress and singer (d. 1983)

1902- Curt Siodmak -German-English author and screenwriter (d. 2000)

1902- Arne Tiselius -Swedish biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971)

1903- Ward Moore -American author (d. 1978)

1905- Era Bell Thompson -American journalist (d. 1986)

1907- Su Yu -Chinese general and politician (d. 1984)

1908- Rica Erickson -Australian botanist, historian, and author (d. 2009)

1908- Billy Gonsalves -American soccer player (d. 1977)

1909- Leo Fender -American businessman, founded Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (d. 1991)

1911- Leonidas Andrianopoulos -Greek footballer (d. 2011)

1911- A. N. Sherwin-White -English historian and author (d. 1993)

1912- Jorge Amado -Brazilian author (d. 2001)

1913- Noah Beery, Jr. -American actor (d. 1994)

1913- Kalevi Kotkas -Estonian-Finnish high jumper and discus thrower (d. 1983)

1913- Wolfgang Paul -German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1993)

1914- Jeff Corey -American actor and director (d. 2002)

1914- Carlos Menditeguy -Argentinian race car driver (d. 1973)

1918- Eugene P. Wilkinson -American admiral (d. 2013)

1919- Sacha Vierny -French cinematographer (d. 2001)

1920- Red Holzman -American basketball player and coach (d. 1998)

1923- Bill Doolittle -American football player and coach (d. 2014)

1923- Rhonda Fleming -American actress and singer

1923- Fred Ridgway -English cricketer and footballer

1923- SM Sultan -Bangladeshi painter (d. 1994)

1924- Nancy Buckingham -English author

1924- Martha Hyer -American actress (d. 2014)

1925- George Cooper (British Army officer)|George Cooper -English general

1926- Marie-Claire Alain -French organist and educator (d. 2013)

1927- Eivind Eckbo -Norwegian lawyer and politician

1927- Jean Guichet -French race car driver

1927- Jimmy Martin -American singer and guitarist (d. 2005)

1927- Vernon Washington -American actor (d. 1988)

1928- Jimmy Dean -American singer, actor, and businessman, founded the Jimmy Dean (brand)|Jimmy Dean Food Company (d. 2010)

1928- Eddie Fisher (singer)|Eddie Fisher -American singer and actor (d. 2010)

1928- Gus Mercurio -American-Australian actor (d. 2010)

1930- Barry Unsworth -English-Italian author and academic (d. 2012)

1931- Dolores Alexander -American journalist and activist (d. 2008)

1931- Tom Laughlin -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1932- Alexander Goehr -English composer and academic

1932- Gaudencio Rosales -Filipino cardinal

1933- Doyle Brunson -American poker player

1933- Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, Baroness Butler-Sloss -English judge

1933- Rocky Colavito -American baseball player

1933- Keith Duckworth -English engineer, founded Cosworth (d. 2005)

1935- Ian Stewart, Baron Stewartby -English politician

1935- Ad van Luyn -Dutch bishop

1936- P. R. Selvanayagam -Sri Lankan politician

1937- Anatoly Sobchak -Russian scholar and politician, Mayor of Saint Petersburg (d. 2000)

1938- Tony Ross -English author and illustrator

1939- Kate O'Mara -English actress (d. 2014)

1939- Charlie Rose (congressman)|Charlie Rose -American politician (d. 2012)

1940- Bobby Hatfield -American singer-songwriter (The Righteous Brothers) (d. 2003)

1940- Sid Waddell -English sportscaster (d. 2012)

1941- Anita Lonsbrough -English swimmer

1941- Kees van Kooten -Dutch comedian, actor, and author

1941- Susan Dorothea White -Australian painter and sculptor

1942- Betsey Johnson -American fashion designer

1942- Michael Pepper -English physicist and engineer

1943- Louise Forestier -Canadian singer-songwriter and actress

1943- Jimmy Griffin -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Bread (band)|Bread, Black Tie (band)|Black Tie, and The Remingtons) (d. 2005)

1943- Michael Mantler -American trumpet player and composer (Jazz Composer's Orchestra)

1943- Shafqat Rana -Indian-Pakistani cricketer

1943- Ronnie Spector -American singer-songwriter (The Ronettes)

1945- Harriet Miers -American lawyer, 31st White House Counsel

1945- Laura Spurr -American nurse and tribal leader (d. 2010)

1947- Ian Anderson -Scottish-English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Jethro Tull (band)|Jethro Tull)

1947- Anwar Ibrahim -Malaysian academic and politician, 7th Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

1947- Alan Ward -English cricketer

1950- Patti Austin -American singer-songwriter

1950- Rémy Girard -Canadian actor

1951- Juan Manuel Santos -Colombian politician, 59th President of Colombia

1952- Daniel Hugh Kelly -American actor

1952- Diane Venora -American actress

1953- Mark Doty -American poet and author

1954- Peter Endrulat -German footballer

1955- Jim Mees -American set designer (d. 2013)

1955- Mel Tiangco -Filipino journalist

1956- José Luis Montes -Spanish footballer and manager (d. 2013)

1956- Fred Ottman -American wrestler

1956- Charlie Peacock -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer

1956- Peter Robbins (actor)|Peter Robbins -American actor

1956- Perween Warsi -Indian-English businesswoman

1957- Fred Ho -American saxophonist, composer, and playwright (d. 2014)

1957- Andres Põime -Estonian architect

1958- Michael Dokes -American boxer (d. 2012)

1958- Jack Richards -English cricketer, coach, and manager

1958- Rosie Winterton -English politician, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

1959- Rosanna Arquette -American actress, director, and producer

1959- Albert Owen -Welsh sailor and politician

1959- Mark Price (musician)|Mark Price -English drummer (All About Eve (band)|All About Eve and Del Amitri)

1959- Florent Vollant -Canadian singer-songwriter (Kashtin)

1960- Antonio Banderas -Spanish actor, singer, and producer

1960- Annely Ojastu -Estonian sprinter and long jumper

1960- Kenny Perry -American golfer

1961- Jon Farriss -Australian drummer (INXS)

1962- Suzanne Collins -American author and screenwriter

1962- Julia Fordham -English singer-songwriter

1962- Alan Muraoka -American actor and director

1963- Phoolan Devi -Indian politician (d. 2001)

1963- Anton Janssen -Dutch footballer and coach

1963- Andrew Sullivan -English-American journalist and author

1964- Aaron Hall (musician)|Aaron Hall -American singer-songwriter (Guy (band)|Guy)

1965- Claudia Christian -American actress and singer

1965- Toumani Diabaté -Malian Kora (instrument)|kora player

1965- Mike E. Smith -American jockey

1965- John Starks (basketball)|John Starks -American basketball player and coach

1966- Charlie Dimmock -English gardener and television host

1966- Hansi Kürsch -German singer-songwriter and bass player (Blind Guardian and Demons and Wizards (band)|Demons and Wizards)

1967- Philippe Albert -Belgian footballer

1967- Riddick Bowe -American boxer

1967- Gus Johnson (sportscaster)|Gus Johnson -American sportscaster

1967- Lorraine Pearson -English singer and author (Five Star)

1967- Mart Sander -Estonian actor, singer, director, and author

1967- Reinout Scholte -Dutch cricketer

1968- Michael Bivins -American singer, producer, and actor (New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe)

1968- Pete Docter -American director, screenwriter, and voice actor

1968- Greg Hawgood -Canadian ice hockey player

1969- Emily Symons -Australian actress

1970- Bret Hedican -American ice hockey player and sportscaster

1970- Brendon Julian -New Zealand-Australian cricketer and journalist

1970- Steve Mautone -Australian footballer and coach

1971- Sal Fasano -American baseball player and coach

1971- Stephan Groth -Danish singer-songwriter (Apoptygma Berzerk and Bruderschaft)

1971- Roy Keane -Irish footballer and manager

1971- Mario Kindelán -Cuban boxer

1971- Paul Newlove -English rugby player

1971- Kevin Randleman -American mixed martial artist

1971- Justin Theroux -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1972- Dilana -South African-American singer-songwriter and actress

1972- Lawrence Dallaglio -English rugby player and sportscaster

1972- Angie Harmon -American model and actress

1972- Christofer Johnsson -Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Therion (band)|Therion, Carbonized, Messiah (band)|Messiah, and Demonoid (band)|Demonoid)

1972- Jake Adam York -American poet and educator (d. 2012)

1973- Lisa Raymond -American tennis player

1973- Javier Zanetti -Argentinian footballer

1974- Luis Marín -Costa Rican footballer and manager

1974- Rachel Simmons -American scholar and author

1974- David Sommeil -French footballer

1975- İlhan Mansız -Turkish footballer

1976- Roadkill (wrestler)|Roadkill -American wrestler

1976- Ian Murray (British politician)|Ian Murray -Scottish politician

1977- Danny Griffin -Irish footballer

1977- Matt Morgan (comedian)|Matt Morgan -English comedian, actor, and radio host

1978- Danny Allsopp -Australian footballer

1978- Marcus Fizer -American basketball player

1978- Chris Read -English cricketer

1978- Claire Yiu -Hong Kong model and actress

1979- Dinusha Fernando -Sri Lankan cricketer

1979- Joanna García -American actress

1979- Ted Geoghegan -American author, screenwriter, and producer

1979- Brandon Lyon -American baseball player

1979- Rémy Martin (rugby union)|Rémy Martin -French rugby player

1979- Yannick Schroeder -French race car driver

1980- Wade Barrett -English boxer, wrestler, and actor

1980- Pua Magasiva -Samoan-New Zealand actor

1980- Roxanne McKee -Canadian-English model and actress

1981- Natsumi Abe -Japanese singer and actress (Morning Musume, Dream Morning Musume, Morning Musume Sakuragumi, Def.Diva, and Nochiura Natsumi)

1981- Katherine Boecher -American actress

1981- Guillaume Elmont -Dutch martial artist

1981- Taufik Hidayat -Indonesian badminton player

1981- Yaani King -American actress

1981- Manila Luzon -American drag queen performer

1981- Malek Mouath -Saudi Arabian footballer

1981- Jon Prescott -American actor

1982- John Alvbåge -Swedish footballer

1982- Josh Anderson (baseball)|Josh Anderson -American baseball player

1982- Devon Aoki -American model and actress

1982- Katrina Begin -American actress

1982- Nicole O'Brian -American model, Miss Texas USA|Miss Texas USA 2003

1982- Shaun Murphy (snooker player)|Shaun Murphy -English snooker player

1983- Mark Bautista -Filipino singer and actor

1983- Chrisna Bootha -South African netball player

1983- Kyle Brown (soccer)|Kyle Brown -American soccer player

1983- CB Dollaway -American mixed martial artist

1983- Héctor Faubel -Spanish motorcycle racer

1983- Alexander Perezhogin -Russian ice hockey player

1983- Spencer Redford -American actress

1983- Mathieu Roy -Canadian ice hockey player

1984- Ryan Eggold -American actor

1984- Mokomichi Hayami -Japanese actor

1984- Mariel Rodriguez -Filipino television host and actress

1985- Melissa Barrera -American television host

1985- Enrico Cortese -Italian footballer

1985- Julia Matojan -Estonian tennis player

1985- Julia Melim -Brazilian-American actress

1985- Jared Nathan -American actor (d. 2006)

1985- Roy O'Donovan -Irish footballer

1986- Andrea Hlaváčková -Czech tennis player

1987- Jim Bakkum -Dutch singer and actor

1987- Ari Boyland -New Zealand actor

1988- Francesco Acerbi -Italian footballer

1989- Sam Gagner -Canadian ice hockey player

1989- Ben Sahar -Israeli footballer

1989- Brenton Thwaites -Australian actor

1990- Cruze Ah-Nau -Australian rugby player

1990- Lucas Till -American actor and producer

1991- Marcus Foligno -American-Canadian ice hockey player

1992- Go Ah-sung -South Korean actress

1992- Chanel Simmonds -South African tennis player

1993- Andre Drummond -American basketball player

1993- Yuto Nakajima -Japanese singer, dancer, and actor (Hey! Say! JUMP)

1996- Jacob Latimore -American singer, actor, and dancer

1997- Kylie Jenner -American model

1998- Diptayan Ghosh -Indian chess player